Mahiki Tuesday Tropical Dinners With Capital A List

January 22, 2016 Capital A List – Celebrity club news


Why not treat yourself to a luxury night out and dinner this Tuesday at Mahiki. An exclusive party destination which has grown into one of London’s most famous club night spots as well providing unique cuisine that suits its all round tropical theme. With its cutting edge tiki décor, fun and unique range of cocktails and a relaxed but sophisticated atmosphere-its easy to see why its favourite going out venue for celebrities and socialites alike.

The all around hosting and service is absolutely fantastic from being greeted by friendly staff at the door to spectacular surprise celebrations of sparklers and champagne. Mahiki really does go all the way in making sure you gain the best unique nightclub experience. With the dinners starting at 9.30pm you are welcomed with a complimentary glass of champagne in array of specially branded Mahiki cutlery. Shortly afterwards a variation of delicious cuisine is brought out ranging from gourmet miniature beef burgers, crunchy spicy nachos to scrumptious sweet potato fries and chicken wings. Fulfilling your taste buds to the utmost it is a very rewarding and tasteful dining experience.

Within a few moments the restaurant starts changing to a nightclub venue as dance floor opens up and guests are welcomed to party the night away. Mahiki really does exceed all expectations with a few last surprises as hosts bring out the well know “Mahiki Treasure Chest” filled with liquor and topped with the finest champagne. Complimentary vodka and mixers are served all night to quench your thirst and fulfill your every need. The special lighting is in full affect as its lights up the dance floor and with the sounds of the latest tracks playing, Mahiki exhilarates a fun and rewarding atmosphere. With a crowd of glamorous trendsetters enjoying every moment its easy to see why this is such a popular going out venue.

So if your looking for something different and a little bit more creative book your guest list with Capital A List for an exclusive dinning experience only at Mayfair’s famous Mahiki nightclub venue. Escape from reality and enjoy a tropical night out.

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Geisha At Ramusake Wednesdays With Capital A List

November 23, 2015 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

Geisha At Ramusake Wednesdays With Capital A List

Geisha at Ramusake, in the span of just a few months, since its opening earlier this year, has come to build a reputation for providing a highly-coveted and culturally exquisite dining and nightclub experience in London. Established under the management of the creative and talented duo behind the successful Bodo’s Schloss and Mahiki, Piers Adam and Marc Burton who have given a whole new meaning to ‘festive dining’ and partying. Geisha at Ramusake is located in South Kensington and offers the perfect take on Japanese cuisine and culture.

Following what is truly a ‘festive dining’ experience is an exhilarating night of dancing, full of delicious cocktails made of vodka and, often sake that is symbolic of the club’s Japanese theme. Nothing can compare to Geisha at Ramusake’s bar which is well-stocked with a delectable range of alcoholic drinks, including a remarkable collection of wine and whisky. The spectacular performances by the Kabuki and Geisha performers is transcendental and certainly further contributes towards captivating and alluring guests towards the dancefloor. A night to remember!

You can feel the excitement in the air when first encountering the vibrant and mystical Geisha at Ramusake Blossom Room (pictured below) with its incredibly gorgeous decor where the ‘festive dining’ experience commences. Geisha at Ramusake thrives on a spontaneous, yet sophisticated vibe. The ‘festive dining’ sitting begins at 9:00 p.m. and is succeeded by dancing with the performers on the dancefloor around midnight.

Geisha At Ramusake Blossom Room

Each guest gets to witness and partake in the celebration and festivities right from the moment they are greeted by the friendly staff at the doors, followed by the waitstaff serving complimentary glasses of wine prior to the absolutely delicious meal that awaits guests. Subsequently, guests are offered an assortment of divine Japanese cuisine delicacies such as the Salmon Sashimi served with soy sauce and Wasabi, the crispy and flavorsome Izakaya style Edamame Beans and an impressive selection of sushi that is bound to leave you secretly lusting for more. And lastly, chicken wings marinated in garlic, sesame seeds and Japanese spices like yuzu. You cannot go wrong with the food and cocktails at Geisha at Ramusake as it is that good.

Guests enjoy their night, dancing away to a well-selected range of hip-hop, R&B and commercial music, joined by seductively clad Kunoichi (female ninja) dancers dancing in the middle of the dancefloor on raised platforms. That is bound to impress all who are in attendance.

Geisha at Ramusake is the place to be at for the ultimate and ideal combination of a unique dining experience followed by a festive and entertaining night out.

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10 of the best exclusive London clubs

October 23, 2015 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

As the birthplace of exclusive clubs, London is arguably the city to experience the best VIP and exclusive nightlife. London’s popularity with the affluent and the A-Listers means that the city is a host of exclusive members nightclubs, all offering individual, exciting and innovative late night experiences. Offering everything from private table bookings and champagne, to erotic burlesque performances and popcorn machines, the selection of VIP clubs London has to offer, are highly unlikely to disappoint. Listed here are some of the most impressive and enjoyable venues; if you’re looking for a high-end and unique night out, these clubs are definitely the ones worth getting on the guestlist for.

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Cirque Le Soir

Cirque Le Soir

Attended by Cara Delevingne, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West and Leonardo DiCaprio, Cirque Le Soir is one of the most popular and successful exclusive London clubs. Winner of Best London Nightclub in the 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2015 London Club and Bar Awards, Cirque’s circus theme is sure to impress. The entertainment at Cirque is remarkable and exhilarating, with dancing dwarfs wearing baby masks, fire-eaters and burlesque dancers to name but a few. As well as sipping from a range of cocktails whilst eating canapes, guests at Cirque can also make use of its popcorn machine, arcade games, peep holes and all sorts of fairground attractions. The club is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, but ‘La Monday’ is most certainly the recommended night to go, having won The London Club and Bar award for Best Night in 2015. On any given night Cirque plays a range of house music, with ‘Hype-Hop Wednesdays’, known for playing hip-hop and R&B. If you’re looking for a unique experience, laced with celebrities and circus entertainment, Cirque Le Soir is the place to be.

Reign Showclub

Reign Showclub

If you’re looking for a more stylish and chic night out in the VIP scene, Reign would be a popular choice. Reign Showclub London has become so popular due to its tintillating stage shows featuring aerial performances and other incredible displays. It’s a favourite with the rich and famous, with celebrities such as Justin Bieber partying at the club. They also feature a mezzanine floor serving teppanyaki. At Reign you can listen to a wide range of house and R&B music, whilst drinking champagne from their iconic white glasses, which glow under the UV and LED lights. You can party at Reign on any given Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Project is one of the best exclusive London clubs if you’re looking for something exclusive, elegant and exciting.

Dolce Kensington

Dolce Guestlist & Tables

Dolce Kensington Club London is the VIP nightclub located near the South Kensington underground station and attracts a Chelsea and Mayfair clientele. Dolce Kensington opened in October 2019 and has quickly become one of the best exclusive clubs in London. The venue has been intricately designed throughout by the highest level of interior designers giving this exclusive club its incredibly luxurious feel. As you walk down the staircase adorned by delicate lighting effects and glass panels you enter the venue itself which is based over 2 levels. The main level hosts the large dancefloor surrounded by tables while the higher level seats the larger VIP tables. What really sets Dolce Kensington Club London apart from other London VIP clubs is its scintillating VIP area which is decorated with a truly unique black and white zebra style wallpaper and a collection of golden bulls heads complete with horns.

The Box

the box

The Box is a nightclub experience unlike anything else. Described by themselves as “a theatre of varieties” The Box offers more of a performance orientated night than any other exclusive London clubs. Aimed purely at sexually open-minded clientele, once you’re inside The Box you will enjoy a Burlesque, fetish-style erotic show, in which the acts perform sensual dances and strip teases. It’s notorious and controversial style of nighttime entertainment has attracted anyone who is anyone, from Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie, to Kate Moss, Harry Styles and Emma Watson. During the show, which begins between midnight and 1 am and lasts until 3am, you can order burgers and fries alongside your drink, and after the show you can dance the night away. The Box is open Wednesday through to Saturday and whilst no two nights at The Box are the same, you are guaranteed and risque and indulging performance any night you choose to go.


exclusive London club

As the winner of Best Club at The London Club and Bar awards, Tape is definitely an exclusive London club worth attending. Featuring a stage for live performances and a separate members only lounge, this club has taken over the VIP club scene in London in a big way and continues to be one of the most in demand venues. The nightclub has opened its doors to many VIPs, such as Snoop Dog, Paris Hilton, Jamie Foxx and many more, all of whom have spent their night dancing to the commercial, hip-hop, R&B music played at the club. To indulge in this high end clubbing experience, you’d have to party on a Tuesday, Friday, but Saturday nights are definitely the clubs most popular. They also opened their Sunday night in February 2020.


exclusive London club

Of course, WYLD is known to be one of the most exclusive clubs in London, the club has a focus area that is a must to see. Set your eyes on the wild theme which highlights nature and sustainability at this incredible VIP London club located in Mayfair, London.

WYLD is a nature loving nightclub with sustainability at its core located in Mayfair, and is near Hyde Park Corner and Green Park Station, is a 300-capacity hot spot. Once inside, expect the unexpected with amazing wild life décor and statues in the club.

Dress Code is sexy, smart and elegant with of course high heels for the ladies and smart casual and collared shirts and shoes for the gentlemen. Dress to impress at WYLD to guarantee one of the best nights out in London.

Booking a table at WYLD is highly recommended so you can fully experience a true VIP night out at this London exclusive club. Book a table with us and join the party with exclusive celebrities, elite Londoners and A-listers.


exclusive London club

In place of the world famous China White, is the stylish and contemporary exclusive London club Libertine. When looking for a fashionable, modern and current night out in a London members club, Libertine is the right choice to make. The club, frequented by Tom Cruise and Ciara, amongst others, welcomes you in with its soft leather seats and bright blue lights, where you can watch dancers whilst drinking champagne and listening to House music, in one of their four rooms. Libertine is open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and their ‘From Paris to London’ Saturday night is sure to deliver a chic yet electrifying night out. With such global reputation to uphold, Libertine definitely brings a cosmopolitan, all-inclusive feel to the exclusive London club scene.


exclusive London club

One of the most exclusive clubs in London is Maddox, Maddox is a private members’ club located in Mayfair since 2007. Maddox does have a reputation offering the best nights out in London. Expect a mix of contemporary with traditional music over two dancefloors. The club is divided into a main room, green room, courtyard and a dedicated shisha lounge and smoking areas.

The club is designed for a very sophisticated selective crowd and one of the most exclusive members’ clubs in West End. Maddox has the complete package and perfect combination of restaurant, nightclub, and terrace all at one venue. The restaurant serves an Italian inspired menu, the terrace is serene and perfect for cocktails. The dance floor is encircled by cosy leather couches with an impressive glass DJ booth.



Tonteria is an exclusive London club not to be missed! The Mexican themed bar is set to entertain with fire-eating women dressed head to toe in latex, and masked mexican wrestlers. Evidently in keeping with the mexican theme, Tonteria has an impressive and unique selection of Tequila, delivered to your table by a toy train on the ceiling. You can also choose from several mexican cocktails on offer, from a Tequila Slammer to their famous Frozen Margheritas. On top of this amazing choice of drinks, Tonteria also serves delicious tapas. The clubs feel-good atmosphere has been enjoyed by all sorts of A-listers such as Jessie J, Axl Rose, Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton. Their most popular night is undoubtedly Mondays TonteMania, in which Mexican wrestlers reenact WWE championship matches, and the exclusive cocktail and tapas club is also open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, to enjoy a mix of commercial, hip-hop and R&B music.


exclusive London club

Raffles is the epitome of exclusive and VIP London clubbing. Extremely restrictive, Raffles is for the fortunate and the privileged of London. Founded in 1967, it is one of the oldest London members clubs on the scene, and has enjoyed success for almost half a century. If you’re looking to enjoy a night in the only club that The Queen has attended, then Raffles is where you need to be, and The Queen is not the only Royal who has attended the club. Created for the elite of Chelsea, as a member you not only have access to the club, but to Raffles Retreat, a selection of exclusive holiday destinations offered by the club. Open Tuesday through to Saturday, the weekends at Raffles are sure to be the most lively and fun, often with live performances and world class DJs playing to the crowd.

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