London VIP Clubs Bottle Sizes

November 1, 2016 Capital A List – Celebrity club news



There’s more to bottle sizes than meets the eyes. While having a good time in one of London VIP clubs it doesn’t require you to be a bottle connoisseur but it does tell something about your character. If you’re a frequent guest at some of the best clubs and enjoy bottle service at your table, you’d probably be interested in knowing a little bit more about London VIP club bottle sizes.

I bet you didn’t know that each bottle size has its name? Interestingly enough, most of the wine and champagne bottle size names were inspired by Biblical characters, like Methuselah, which means literally the “Oldest Man”, or Nebuchadnezzar who was “King of Babylon”.

Wine and champagne bottles come in different shapes and sizes, from the light and small ones, to the ones that can hold up to 40 regular bottles with fortified glass this is all seen at exclusive London VIP clubs.

Whether you’re an outgoing person who just wants to impress a group of friends , or a wanna-be bartender, knowing a little something about bottle sizes can come in handy especially when your at one of the top London VIP clubs. Here you will find out about all different bottle sizes and shapes, their names and other important details that you would find in one of London VIP clubs. Let’s take a look at some the bottle sizes and their name equivalents:

If we’re talking champagne bottle sizes, the smallest bottle is traditionally called Quart and it holds no more than 0.1875 or 0.2 litres — which is not enough to get you boozy, you’ll agree.

Our London VIP club bottle sizes story moves on to half a bottle, more specifically 0.375 litres, called Demie. After Demie comes Standard, which we all know well, and which holds 0.750l.

A Magnum holds 1.5 litres, and twice the size of Magnum is his rival called Jéroboam which holds 3 litres. Jéroboam is followed by his brother Réhoboam, which holds 4.5 litres of champagne. If you think that the story ends with Réhoboam you couldn’t be more wrong.

Methusaleh holds even 6 litres of your favorite liquid, or 8 regular 0.750 bottles. Every now and then, there is that special occasion when booking a VIP club table in London that calls for your favourite champagne, wine or spirits to come in a larger bottle like Methusaleh.

Then we move on to the magnificent Salmanazar or “Assyrian King”, which contains up to 9 litres, or 12 regular bottles, and his cousin Balthazar which contains 12 litres or 16 bottles.

A bottle containing 15 litres is called Nebuchadnezzar, who was actually “King of Babylon”. The name Solomon, or “the King Solomon, the wisest of all men” righteously so belongs to the bottle containing as much as 15 litres or 20 regular bottles.

Three more names are left, and these are the biggest bottle sizes you can imagine at luxurious London VIP clubs.

Namely, Sovereign holds up to 26.25 litres, which equals to 35 regular bottles. Sovereign is followed by Primat, which contains just a little bit more — 27 litres.

Last but definitely not the least, his majesty Melchizedek which holds an amazing 30 litres or 40 regular bottles. With all these great options it’s easy to see why you will have an exclusive and spectacular night out any London VIP clubs.

So now you know the score with London VIP club bottle sizes, if you’re looking to celebrate a night at one of our London VIP clubs with a Magnum or maybe a Nebuchadnezzar then visit VIP Table Bookings to book a table with us.

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The Types Of People In Clubs Found In London

October 11, 2016 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

As someone who has dealt with all sorts of types of people at clubs I have found that no matter what night and where you are there will always be certain people you encounter on your evening. Whether you’re a party animal or just someone who enjoys a casual drink, one of the common factors everyone experiences, for better or worse, are their interactions with others enjoying the night scene. We are never sure where they come from or how they go from these night alter egos to functioning adults during the day time. All we know is that they truly enrich our clubbing experience.

Before even getting into the club you are forced to engage with one of the many types of people at clubs, the bouncer. Now you never know for sure how they will be, at times they are your best friends at others your worst enemy. I have found that being courteous, polite and most importantly not drunk helps with dealing with them. However sometimes it feels like you just have a target on your back and can’t seem to win. To make it in the nightclub you have to submit yourself to a thorough inspection of your ID, an invasive pat down and search and sometimes even an interrogation session. Then at  last you’ve made it through security and are ready to have fun with your friends. That is what you thought until it turns out your friend forgot her ID again. You are then introduced to the next type of person at a club or rather not at the club since she is never let in. She will always tag along with your group when heading out but never seem to remember that her baby face and youthful demeanour will set off alarms at security. Unfortunately there is always that awkward moment where as a group you have to decide who will accompany her back to her house which is inexplicably far away. Only to grab her ID and go back to the club and then be told that there is no more entry.

After having narrowly avoided ending the night in martyrdom buying a drink is the next priority. Here we can see two types of people in clubs that being the two gentlemen who are always by the bar. The one who seems to have a limitless flow of cash coming from his bank account and in the opposite end of the spectrum the guy who never seems to have any money. Even though they both thrive at hanging next to the bar they do so in very different ways. The first loves to buy drinks for everyone in eyesight, I mean why not he’s having a good time and so is everyone else. The sensible thing to do is to contribute to that with free drinks. Especially since he seems to have a bank account with more digits than an international phone number. The latter is more of a taker than a giver, he has perfected the art of happening to be at the bar when his friends are there. ‘I forgot my bank card at home’ , ‘It’s pay day tomorrow so I’ll pay you back then’ and ‘I’ll get the next round’ appear to be his catchphrases. He always seems to promise you he will pay you back at a later date yet he never seems to actually follow through with it. I mean, it is understandable we are living in a recession however sometimes we do wish he would just be honest and direct about wanting a drink bought for him. He’s nice to have around on a night out and that is definitely worth buying him a drink every now and then, right?


One of the many types of people in clubs are actually found outside. Have you ever gone out to the smoking area for the second or third time just to find the same exact person outside in the same position chain smoking cigarettes. The purpose for this type of person at a club to go out is unknown. They don’t seem to be out with friends since they are always alone, yet they seem to begrudge the atmosphere inside the club as they are never found in there. Avoiding loud music and crowded dance floors, they seem to prefer quieter more social areas. This is where they can converse and get better acquainted with the other guests at the club – who are just trying to sneak a quick cigarette before their favourite song comes on.

Speaking of the dance floor: that’s where the mass population of the club is found as well as the next type of person at a club. This girl is the first on the dance floor and the last one out. Without any formal dancing experience this girl’s moves on the dance floor are no joke. It seems that no one wants to be the one dancing next to her as she raises the bar on what is considered acceptable nightclub dancing. Even though some might think she is just there to show off her dancing skills ( much like any other Londoner) she is really there for much needed weekend dance therapy and is one of the exciting types of people in clubs.

Even though the dance floor is buzzing, you have to remember the more desolate region known as the ‘edge of the dance floor’. That is where all the older men who want to flirt with the dancing girls, but actually hate to dance, stand. They on look the masses watching to see if they can catch anyone’s eye. Of course if you are a pretty girl they are a source of free drinks however it can be hard to shake them off afterwards. Which is why the girls bathroom is always full since it is a sanctuary from the guys trying to chat them up. This is where you find the final type of person at a club, the girl who is always giving you compliments. If you ever need a self esteem boost – the best place to go is the girls bathroom. It exists in complete contrast to the men’s room, where silence is key and you only communicate through awkward head nods. The female bathrooms foster a sense of community and comradery. You see this girl isn’t just one person but rather just whoever happens to be in the toilet at that given time and compliments you on your appearance. She is the girl we should all aspire to be more like and is is much needed when it comes to the many types of people in clubs.

Nights out can be unpredictable however I find that we can always count on encountering these types of people at a club during our night out. Some of them are our friends, some complete strangers and sometimes they might even be ourselves. But the types of people at a club you encounter are what pushes your evening from fun to a great story to tell your friends the next morning.

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How dating apps compare to meeting people in clubs

September 2, 2016 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

Capital A List


In the 21st Century our dating culture has drastically changed. As the “Digital Generation” we’ve now become more immersed into the online world more than ever before, and it’s affecting all areas of our lives: work, friends and especially love. Dating apps has transformed how we date and there seems to be a growing number of people who rely on using apps rather than sticking to the traditional method of going out to bars and clubs to meet new people. But is this shift a good thing? And which method works best? Lets see how dating apps compare to meeting people in clubs.

In the beginning dating apps were seen as something you would hide from your friends, known for being used for casual meet ups and flings but it’s now been accepted more by the wider society as one of the most popular ways to find partners, with even celebrities such as Ed Sheeran and Katie Perry trying them out.

There has been an explosion of dating apps in recent years, all offering particular services for particular people, with Tinder being the most popular. Since releasing in September 2012 it has amassed over 50 million users and continues to dominate the dating app scene. It is interesting to see how dating apps compare to meeting people in clubs with this particular app. In a study by dating and relationship expert Jessica Carbino, there have been some interesting statistics about the people who use Tinder. It was discovered that Men are 3 times more likely to swipe “like” (46% of cases) than women (14%) and in terms of gender, men outnumber women by 60:40.

In relation to what men and women are drawn to when evaluating a possible match, the assumption was that the most attractive people get the most likes and matches but this is not always the case. Carbino states that: “People are trying to access compatibility on not just a physical level but a social level”. By analysing a number of details within a profile picture in a matter of seconds they are able to take subconscious notes about their social circles, level of confidence and interests before they swipe. So it gives people who are not seen as “physically attractive” or are looking for personality rather than looks a better chance of finding a match for them. This is interesting to see the difference of how dating Apps compare to meeting people in clubs. So what are the pros and cons of using dating apps such as Tinder as opposed to meeting in clubs?

There are so many advantages with using Tinder. With 10 million users daily and 26 million matches, it’s much easier & quicker to search a large amount of people which is perfect for busy people on the go and therefore gives you a higher chance of finding a match. One of the pressures of meeting new people is being rejected, which is one of the nice things you don’t have to deal with when using dating apps and big factor when it comes to how dating apps compare to meeting people in clubs.

The great thing about online dating is you can question your ‘match’ as much as you want to find out more about their personality and what your common interests are before deciding to meet them in person. Online dating is great for people who are shy, unsociable or uncomfortable at approaching strangers in a public places. Therefore you can take it at any pace you like until you feel ready to meet.

You can easily filter your searches for people such as location or age which gives you more time to focus on only the criteria of people you’re looking for. This is interesting to discover when it comes to how dating apps compare to meeting people in clubs.

There are some disadvantages of Tinder as you may be able to filter your searches but it’s not always easy to see if someone is looking for a serious relationship or a fling, so it can be a hit or miss initially. That being said, people can be dishonest, so there’s also a chance of being stood up by a failed meeting

Seeing someone only by their profile picture and given name means you still don’t know if they are who they really say they are, so fake profiles are abundant. It also means it’s difficult to assess them as a person, e.g. their height, sound of their voice and their behaviour in real life. Not knowing much about their physical attributes might mean it takes longer to develop a real connection with a person, unlike a “spark” you might get upon meeting them face to face. Therefore there is a big difference on how dating apps compare to meeting people in clubs. Although it may be an advantage to have so many matches with people, it means you will need more time to talk to all of them and therefore it might take longer for you to meet up with them, delaying the whole process.

Too much of a good thing can end up having consequences, such as addiction. Ellen Carpenter, a neuroscience professor at UCLA, explains that dating apps give you the same effects as playing a mobile game. “It does this by hijacking the brain’s pleasure centre, located in the prefontal cortex”. So every time you get a match, it gives you a hit of dopamine – the happy hormone that makes you feel euphoric. “You then associate that pleasurable feeling with a ping on you phone.” Therefore you will want to keep repeating the same action to get the same feeling again. Also because your phone is constantly with you, it’s easily accessible anytime which can lead to you swiping left and right during inappropriate times.

There may be an increase of people using dating apps in comparison to meeting in clubs, bars and clubs. These are still places that offer a bit of everything under one roof: Fun with friends, drinks, great music and opportunities to interact with the opposite gender. Some people still prefer to rely on finding a match at parties and events but why is this the case?

Lets compare meeting people in clubs versus dating apps. The advantages are that unlike dating apps, you can see what they really look like right away (something they cannot lie about) and sense immediately if you feel a physical connection to them. This is already a big difference when it comes to how dating apps compare to meeting people in clubs as you don’t know how they are in person. The great thing about clubbing is having your closest friends with you. They can be your best asset, to give advise and help see who is most suitable for you.
Suddenly bumping into someone or being approached unguarded can be exciting and unexpected. Especially if you feel a physical attraction/connection to them, you will know straight away if you like them, and see how they behave/interact with other people. Being out there in a social environment gets you out of your comfort zone and socializing with new people you probably would never have tried to talk to whilst having a fun night in a great venue.

There are some disadvantages as well as most of the time, girls or guys won’t be going to clubs alone. So if you want to look for a date without a large group of your friends getting in the way then clubs can be quite tricky. Whereas dating apps are the complete opposite so it is interesting to see the difference of how dating apps compare to meeting people in clubs. Also the dreaded fear of rejection is another factor. It’s embarrassing, painful and is one of the main reasons people don’t approach each other in a public places especially when it’s in front of each other’s friends. Its also equally embarrassing if you’re the one being approached and you’re not interested.

There’s always the chance of people drinking too much, behaving inappropriately when dancing and changing from polite and charming to not yourself in a matter of a few minutes. It can easily turn a great night out into a bad one.
Just like dating apps, it’s still just as difficult to know if someone is looking for a relationship or a fling and all intentions can change especially when alcohol is involved.

Clubs are often a little too loud so it can be hard to sit and talk properly with a potential date. So if you want to have a long deep conversation, a quiet bar would be best. Dating apps have given people another way to find love. It may have started out not being favoured but now it’s embraced by all types of people and is now a more acceptable method for dating. Apps like Tinder will continue to help pave the way to connect with people with those they would never have met under normal circumstances.

I don’t think this sudden shift will ruin the club culture. Many people will still go to bars and clubs to have a good time, just maybe not necessarily for dating. But life is all about taking chances and trying new things so there’s no doubt that there will still be brave suitors out there trying their best to approach people. Whether you’re looking for a fling or a meaningful relationship, it seems that dating apps and meeting in clubs can work out pretty well, some even using both methods or more than one dating app to increase chances. So its good to see how dating apps compare to meeting people in clubs.

Trying to find your true love in this day and age can be a challenge but with new options constantly being discovered, people now have more choices than ever before. This will hopefully leave them one step closer to finding their true match.

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Why people go to nightclubs from a psychological perspective

August 19, 2016 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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Best exclusive London bars for a first date

July 29, 2016 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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With London being the third biggest city in Europe with more than 8 million citizens, it is very multicultural and offers much to discover and see. However, sometimes you just need a nice and cosy place to meet someone very special out of these 8 million people. We present to you the best exclusive London bars for a first date.
A first date is always stressful as you have probably just met this person once in a club or through online dating like Tinder- so maybe not even once. Nevertheless, you want to get to know this person. There are many things you have to deal with, such as finding a suitable outfit, an appropriate welcome gesture, decent communication topics - or even just a date you both can agree on. With this article, you will never have problems inquiring about an adequate location to go to again! You want to impress your date, so the place should be memorable and exciting yet comfortable and quiet so that you can communicate easily.  Maybe have a little distraction to help avoid pressure. We recommend dressing up, not just to impress your date but also for entry purposes in these exclusive bars.


Cahoots is a hidden gem in the heart of London's Soho district. Stepping into this quirky bar is like entering a time capsule that transports guests back to the 1940s, recreating the atmosphere of a vintage London tube station. The bar specializes in creating cocktails inspired by the era, paying homage to classic recipes with a modern twist. For example, the "Spivs & Saucy Trollops" combines bourbon, gingerbread syrup, apple juice, and lemon, creating a sweet and spiced concoction. The "Victory Gimlet" features gin, lime juice, sugar, and cucumber, offering a refreshing and tangy sip.
Cahoots is ideal for a first date because of its nostalgic charm and immersive setting. The unique atmosphere sets the stage for conversation and creates an intimate and playful ambiance. Whether sipping on expertly crafted cocktails, enjoying the live jazz music, or simply soaking up the vintage vibes, Cahoots guarantees a memorable and enchanting experience for any couple embarking on a first date in London.

Experimental Cocktail Club

Our next recommendation would be the Experimental Cocktail Clubin Chinatown, Soho. In this bar you don't have to worry about the start of the conversation, considering that they have a huge menu with a lot of different drinks and cocktails you and your date might want to explore together. The location itself is incredibly suitable for a first date. The lightning is dimmed there is calm background music and the seating areas are very comfortable- so it is a perfect place to get to know each other. The staff are very pleasant and the interior and the menu have a Parisian touch which makes the place even more cosy. If the date works well you might want to extend the casual drinks to a more committed dinner on the floor upstairs which has a very romantic feeling through its lighting and the clandestine atmosphere. There's even a piano! You can sit back and relax as the bar has a 3 am license. You can plan your date for any day of the week although you might want to book a table in advance as it is one of the best exclusive London bars for a first date.


Soho Sky Terrace

The Soho Sky Terracewould be a great place for a date between April and September at the Courthouse Hotel you can enjoy the view and the amazing cocktails during the day or watch the stars together at night.  Can you imagine something more romantic? Whilst enjoying your drinks and snacks you can listen to some Mellow groove which ensures a quiet but relaxed atmosphere and still gives you the opportunity to talk one on one. It is open between Tuesday and Saturday from 3 pm until 10:30 pm and is located right by Oxford Circus station so it should be a venue everyone can agree on. The white furniture creates a modern feel and every group or couple has its own little area which gives you a lot of privacy meaning you should be able to communicate without any awkwardness. One advantage of this bar is that you can expect exclusive drinks but also normal drinks such as beers or ciders at appropriate prices. It is one of the best exclusive London bars to go to if you like going on your dates during the daytime, watching the stars at night or just prefer a lot of privacy during the first date.


Purl hides in the bustling neighborhood of Marylebone in London. The bar's name is derived from an old English term meaning "to sip slowly and quietly," reflecting its focus on creating a sophisticated and relaxed drinking experience. Purl was founded by mixologist Tristan Stephenson. He is known for his cocktail expertise and passion for reviving classic recipes with a contemporary twist. The interior of Purl is reminiscent of a Victorian-era apothecary, with its dimly lit space, vintage furnishings, and antique curiosities.
The intimate seating arrangements and cozy corners provide a perfect setting for an intimate and memorable first date. The cocktail menu at Purl is a testament to the bar's dedication to craftsmanship and creativity. Each libation is a work of art, expertly prepared using high-quality ingredients and unique flavor combinations. For example, the "Smoky Old Fashioned" infuses whisky, lapsang souchong tea, and homemade spice bitters for a rich and smoky twist on a classic.


Oxo Tower

The Oxo Toweroffers you not just one but three locations where you can plan your first date: The Restaurant, the Brasserie and the Bar. So depending on the mood you can decide if you prefer a relaxed lunch on the 250 ft outdoor terrace, drinks in the stylish cocktail bar or a romantic dinner in front of the London skyline at night. From each of these places you can enjoy the panoramic view out of the 8th floor of the iconic Southbank building. Keir Berry and Jeremy Bloor will amaze you and your date with a typical British cuisine on all seven days a week. The terrace is perfect if you want to set your date on a sunny day during daytime as you can enjoy some drinks or a light lunch where you can become acquainted with the person. If you prefer a date at night then Oxo Tower is the best exclusive London bars for a first date with its luxurious interior, amazing cocktails, dimmed lighting, quiet music and of course the view!  You can get to know each other in a really comfortable and relaxed place without any pressure but you will definitely impress your date. 


Juju has become the place to be in Chelsea’s bar scene with it being recognized for its elegant and stylish interior, the best and most creative cocktails and a very relaxing atmosphere. So it might be one of the best exclusive London bars for a first date especially if you or your date lives in the South of London. It is open in the evening hours between Tuesday and Saturday and is located in the heart of Chelsea. You can learn a lot about each other whilst enjoying cocktails and a tapas dinner in a very intimate place until the DJ starts at 10 pm. You might want to dance the to the amazing music after drinks or just continue your conversation whilst enjoying the atmosphere. JuJu is one of the favourite cocktail bars in London and has won a lot of awards in the past. The music is commercial, RnB and hip hop but still so quiet that you can talk without screaming at each other. You can share a tapas menu with your date and explore one of the bar’s own cocktail creations like the "Juju Midnight." This bar is very suitable if you looking for a truly elegant and intimate atmosphere- perfect for a first date. 


Sky Gardens

Watching the sunset together 150 meters above the city must be the most romantic date you can imagine- Sky Garden makes this possible! You might forget to talk whilst enjoying this incredible view but you will definitely impress your date and have a mutual memory forever. After being impressed by the spectacular views you can have a drink at the Sky Pod Bar and finally start your conversation. They have a private area which is available for 10-50 guests with the bar offering you bar snacks and the most exclusive cocktails. It is the perfect place for a little intimacy and sharing each other’s secrets. According to the motto “the more you pay, the worse the view”, the visit to the Sky Gardens is indeed free but it is highly recommended to book a slot in advance.During this time you can join the Sky Pod Bar without booking a table but if you would like to invite your date to dinner as well you should reserve a table in one of the Restaurants. Sky Garden is one the best exclusive London bars for a first date if your looking for a romantic and special experience. 



Sketch is located in a 18th century building in Mayfair and was the dream of “Momo” Mazouz who wanted to establish a center which combines art, music and food. This is in fact the most interesting place for a date with so much such variety. There are four different spaces you can choose from and every place is unique. You can either enjoy a relaxed afternoon tea or a European cuisine dinner from the world's best chefs. Like it was the wish of “Momo”, you have three date opportunities in the same place: First you can have a look at all the rooms and the art that you can find there, and even if you don’t have to go you should have a look in the bathrooms ( You have probably never seen something like this before) Then you can choose a restaurant where you would like to eat and after you have the opportunity to listen to great music in the bar.  This might be not a very romantic date but it is definitely an interesting and exciting one that you and your date will remember. It is recommended to reserve a table and plan your visit in advance as its one of the best exclusive London bars for a first date.

Aqua Shard

This exclusive London bar for a first date is located on the 31st floor of the Shard which is the highest building in Western Europe. Even if your visit to the Shard needs to be planned in advance you don’t have to reserve a table in this stunning atrium bar. If you are not a professional in knowing the different kinds of drinks and cocktails that is no problem because the friendly staff will help to explain all the drinking opportunities that are available. Aqua Shard could be just part of one of the many places to visit within one evening as the prices also include the view. So even if you just stay for one drink you will definitely impress your date as he/she will be very grateful for this amazing pre-drinks idea. The elegant bar, exclusive drinks, dimmed lighting and also incredible view will ensure a good mood during the first date and might increase your chances for a second one! This exclusive bar might be the most impressing and exciting idea for a first date so you should take a very special person.

Happiness Forgets

Happiness Forgets is tucked away in Hoxton Square. It is known for its intimate and low-key atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for a first date in London. From the smooth and balanced "Old Fashioned" to the refreshing and citrusy "Bramble," each drink is perfectly crafted, ensuring a delightful experience for cocktail enthusiasts.
Its cozy and intimate ambiance sets Happiness Forgets apart as an ideal spot for a first date. The dimly lit space, complemented by its intimate seating arrangements, creates an atmosphere that fosters conversation and connection. The unpretentious and welcoming nature of the bar encourages a relaxed and comfortable environment, allowing daters to focus on getting to know each other without distractions. The bar boasts a simple yet stylish interior, with exposed brick walls, dark wood accents, and a well-stocked bar. The laid-back atmosphere and unassuming design contribute to the bar's charm, making it an ideal setting for a casual and enjoyable first date.


Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Shoreditch, Nightjar stands as a captivating hidden gem renowned for its 1920s speakeasy ambiance and masterfully crafted cocktails. The allure of the bar as an ideal first-date venue lies in its enchanting ambiance. Step into the dimly lit space and be transported to a bygone era of glamour and romance. The vintage-inspired decor, plush seating, and intricate details create an intimate and captivating atmosphere that sets the stage for a memorable evening. Each drink is a work of art, showcasing a fusion of flavors and techniques. The "Penicillin" cocktail, a smoky blend of scotch whisky, lemon, ginger, and honey, is a standout choice. The "Bramble" combines gin, blackberry liqueur, lemon juice, and a touch of sugar over crushed ice for a refreshing option.

Scarfes Bar

Scarfes Bar, inside the elegant Rosewood London hotel, invites you to indulge in a world of refined cocktails and timeless sophistication. Stepping into this exquisite destination is like entering an artist's sanctuary, where the walls come alive with the vibrant and whimsical illustrations of the renowned caricaturist Gerald Scarfe. Drawing inspiration from classic recipes while infusing their own creative twists, the bartenders skillfully blend fine spirits and handpicked ingredients to craft extraordinary libations. From the velvety depths of the "Scarfe's Negroni" to the irresistible balance of the "Piccadilly Sour," each cocktail is an ode to perfection.
Scarfes Bar is a haven of refined elegance, adorned with opulent furnishings, warm lighting, and a treasure trove of literary classics. The intimate atmosphere, complemented by live jazz melodies, sets the stage for a truly enchanting first date. Let Scarfes Bar be the backdrop to your first date, where every sip, every glance, and every moment are filled with magic and possibility.
These are the ten best exclusive bars for a first date specially selected as they offer something unique and special, so you and your date can share an unforgettable experience together. These exclusive bars are working together with the world's best chefs or bartenders have a creative and luxurious interior or just offer you an amazing view above our loving city. So don't miss out on going to one of these exclusive and high-end bars today! 

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