The Best Rooftop Bars In London

October 2, 2018 Capital A List – Celebrity club news


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Capital A List recommends the best rooftop bars in London to visit and enjoy with your friends. With such a variety of luxurious rooftop bars offering spectacular views of the city and each so unique in their own way, you will definitely want to visit these highly recommended venues!


best rooftop bars in London


Surely a restaurant possessing the sought after Michelin star, an extensive seafood range and the blessed oversight of globe-traversing Chef Gary Foulkes is in no need of any other, ulterior surprises. Apparently not, as Angler dazzles even further with the reveal of it's terrace as one of the best rooftop bars in London.

The Angler Terrace sits atop the South Place Hotel like an obelisk to high-end taste, looking out over the West on behalf of its guests as it offers snacks (try the giant chilli-corn for a pop of heat amidst the creepers) and cocktails to all. As part of a rightly swaggering partnership with none other than Cambridge Gin Distillery, the Angler terrace is one of the best rooftop bars in London to sample world-class Cambridge Dry Gin - utilised as a mature peer to coconut, lime and pineapple in fruity tease Nerbana Colada, or elsewhere as a perfect partner to Kaffir Lime; the Angler terrace proves there are countless ways to enjoy good Gin -- especially when you're housed in what closely resembles an acutely stylish Fish Tank: complete with storming-sea-hue marble-top bars, sprouting poppers of foliage and a funky narrow glass bound interior that traps Londoners in with the sun in an extremely pleasing display of skyline authority.

best rooftop bars in London


Formerly the Rumpus Room, 12th knot hasn't changed so much as to no longer be one of the best rooftop bars in London. In fact, we would say revisit this old haunt if you're in need of a reminder why the stunning south bank high-rise location deserves to be cherished.

Open later until 1 or even 2 in the morning - 12th knot invites in the skyline to trickle in between it's open lounge area like a shot through the bloodstream. Curlicued sofas and low tables sit far enough apart to allow for large parties apiece, as well as for the natural light and fabulous view to take precedence. A fashionable crown to Sea Containers, 12th knot exclusively invites a top-notch street food vendor to take over the twelfth floor every Tuesday (for example, the indomitable Ugly Dumpling company served up an array of sweet and savoury edibles of the authentic Asian dough treat). And the party doesn't end on Tuesdays -- the middle of the week is raised to dizzying, joyous heights with 12th knot hosting live performers, and DJ's on a Wednesday.

One could forget it's not just a a winner for food and show performances -- this is, after all, one of the best rooftop bars. They take cocktail requests, so ask for anything you like, but just make sure you don't go without trying their magical travel-themed (because what else could a venue like 12th knot be if not for sailors and wayfarers, in spirit) beverages There may be no better drink to sip on while standing, gone midnight, struck by the full-frontal force of the city rendered into one magnificent ink-blot, than the milky-whey creation (a sweet take on Russian taste that mixes Finlandia Vodka with whey, pineapple and citrus.)

best rooftop bars in London


Pergola-on-the-roof has done more than right by plenty of unloved or under-used London locales -- polishing them up and rolling them up into funky, bombastic drinking and eating spaces. But Pergola atop Olympia may be -- as well as one of the best rooftop bars in London -- one of the creative team's best ideas yet.

A botanical theme has grown widely out from the filaments of the Olympia's roof -- you can take in the lush garden from giant day-beds, or have a mosey around beneath a cross-sectioned, floating chequerboard of glass window-panels and dangling vines that encompasses a tree-house walkway. To match the grid work overhead is the collection of griddles that cook up smashed patties (served medium and delicious) available for guests to tuck into at tables at Pergola or take away off-site. But we don't know why you would just to eat elsewhere, with the bar open and flourishing in the light of the day and the cool breeze of night. And Smashburger isn't the only option, its just one of three restaurants pergola perched on rooftop bar -- there's also Mamalam Chinese (we recommend the Happiness Salad, living up to its name with a spiritedly sweet soy dressing) or the continuously barbecuing Salt Shed serving pastrami with an array of sauces.

The fabulous range of choices, seating and hours available at Pergola means its not just on the roof but sealed at the top of our heads as one of our favourite London bars.

best rooftop bars in London


It is said that its best, In life, to follow the wild and the colourful. We can't disagree, as to enjoy your life on a given evening just follow the Lambeth road; through the bright swashes of neon green, pink and yellow that decorate a spiralling staircase up to Waterloo's Bar Elba -- one of the best rooftop bars in London.

No wonder the London Eye can't help but peek through the mist at this excellent sky-high platform. Bar Elba invokes the sleepover parties that illuminated our childhood, with a slanted bedroom-attic style roofing that protects it's beachy decor from the cold. A self-described party island, bar Elba is close enough to a topical planet in of itself- hanging between the clouds like a bombastic bodega bauble. At the bar, shooters and classic mixes are available, but Elba's self-celebratory Sex on The Elban Beach is a winner -- stirring up the best kind of trouble with melon liqueur, vodka and chambord.

With punchy disclaimers about the drinks under each line of the menu, and two for one of these select cocktails between 4pm and 6pm Sunday to Wednesday, Bar Elba is one of the best rooftop bars in London to learn or try something new.

best rooftop bars in London


Labelled with artful humility as "the loft" by locals, this terrific topper of low-key, high-end Wimbledon Pub the Alexandra is one of the best rooftop bars in London to party indoors or outdoors.

Perfectly garnering the unpretentious, but thoroughly charmed South-west Rugby spirit, the Alexandra rooftop combines the homely and the chic to a tee. Any rooftop to a part-time sports pub would be replete without colourful quirks like the ornate fire-place shell that takes up a section of the outdoor walling, the eye-catching graffiti plumage or the crate-assembled, garden-shed-evocative bar. Sit in The Loft at Alexandra in Wimbledon to savour the afterglow of a good match or else just chill -- as it prides itself on being a centre-point for the community, this bar accommodates every mood, weather and guest.

The star of the Loft's sharing menu (perfect for families or parties alike) is without a doubt the Vegan Salsa (bean chilli and hearty servings of potato skins warms the soul on a lat afternoon spent lounging far above ground), and a selection of milkshakes are served boutique, as sweetly pretty as the West London view. For more lively ventures, the Loft also provides all the classic cocktails, with everything from the Moscow Mule with Ketel One Vodka, a good old Mojito or the moreish Rhubarb Fizz with little bird Gin served to excellence by welcoming mixologists.

best rooftop bars in London


The Rooftop St James is a luxurious rooftop bar and one the best rooftop bars in London. This venue is  located at the top of the Trafalgar Hotel offering cocktails, spirits and Asian small plates accompanied by the backdrop of London’s compelling skyline. The Rooftop is opened all year round, complete with blankets, heaters and a retractable roof, which means that guests can enjoy the stunning views of Trafalgar Square during any weather conditions.

The creatively crafted cocktails take inspiration from the historical background of London, try the ‘Gunpowder Plot’ cocktail with Sipsmith VJOP, Mondino Amaro, Grapefruit Bitters and Woodsmoke Smoke which makes your cocktail disappear behind a cloud of smoke, creating an out of this world effect. The extensive drinks menu will cause you to become spoilt for choice with a huge range of gin, vodka, whiskey and rum.

There are a range of Asian-infuse dishes to compliment the eclectic drinks including lamb cutlets topped with a plum and sesame glaze and baby ribs matched with honey, treacle and sesame.

These light dishes are a perfect accompaniment to the cocktails and add a dash of culinary luxury to the elegant atmosphere. The Rooftop of St James is widely regarded as one of the best rooftop bars in London due to the luxurious views projected directly towards Admiral Nelson and Trafalgar Square; this chic rooftop bar is definitely worth a visit.


best rooftop bars in London


The Radio Rooftop Bar is located in the Strand on the 10th floor of the ME London hotel and is definitely one of the best rooftop bars in the city. This bar provides its guests with a magical rooftop retreat that offers views of the changing colours of the sky over London, a perfect summer spot for evening drinks. The minimalist monochrome decor creates a chic and classy atmosphere, paralleled with a highly prestigious crowd.

The Summer Garden Menu has transformed radio into an ultimate inner-city oasis with tropical based cocktails finished with floral touches. Try the ‘Elder flower Delight’ consisting of St Germain, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Elder flower Syrup with mint leaves and a lime peel.

The summer themed cocktails perfectly compliment the sharing platters which showcase a range of foods including black truffle cheese balls oozing with melted goodness, tiger prawns paired with a spicy mango relish and mini-burgers accompanied with a range of flavoursome dips. If this is a special occasion then you should certainly opt for the group packages, which are completed with Florangeries, available to book for groups of up to 12 guests.

The Covent Garden Florangerie offers views of Westminster and the Strand and includes welcome cocktails, two bottles of Star of Bombay Gin, a choice of pressed juices and sharing plates. The larger Riverside Florangerie overlooks Somerset House and landmarks such as the shard and offers welcome cocktails, bottles of Patron Silver Tequila, cold pressed juices and sharing plates. The prices for the packages are high, ranging from £400-£950 but this is easy to understand as Radio is a truly fashionable drinking destination offering 360 views of the twinkling city lights, making this one of the best rooftop bars in London.

best rooftop bars in London


Sky Garden is situated on the entire top floor of 20 Fenchurch Street with cleverly constructed architecture of an enlarged glass dome with panoramic views of the horizon of the city of London. Sky Garden offers dining and drinking options with the Darwin Brasserie and Fenchurch Restaurants preparing a range of delicious and exquisite dishes. The Sky Pod Bar is exquisitely decorated with beautiful plants and flowers, making you feel as though you are walking in a garden of dreams. Sky Gardens is one of the best rooftop bars in London and offers dramatic views over the city, permitting its guests to watch London come alive and turn from day to night.

The wonderful views are paralleled with an extensive menu offering a plethora of Champagne choices ranging from a bottle of Moët & Chandon Imperial NV (£87.00) to Dom Pérignon Vintage Rose, 2003 (£698.00). Additionally, the botanical cocktails are filled with unique flavours with the Dutch Twist Cocktail that consists of Belvedere Vodka, Passion Fruit Puree, Mint Syrup and Soda Water, this will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth.

If you want to opt for something unique then the Salt and Pepper cocktail is definitely worth a try, it is infused with Ocho Blancho Tequila, Pineapple Puree and Black Pepper Syrup.

The creative cocktails can be accompanied with a range of beautifully presented sharing platters in case you become peckish with the Seafood Platter being the ultimate favourite. This platter consists of a range of fresh fish including Smoked Scottish salmon, prawn cocktail, herring rollmops, crab pâte and mixed seafood served with sourdough bread & garlic mayonnaise. The idyllic gardens and unparalleled views make the Sky Garden one of the best rooftop bars in London, make sure that you book a table as no trip to London is completed without visiting the Sky Garden.

best rooftop bars in London


If you are looking for a sophisticated rooftop experience then the Aviary is the perfect place for you and is rated as one the best rooftop bars in the city. The Aviary prides itself as ‘London’s premier rooftop bar, restaurant and terrace with added altitude’. This rooftop bar is perched up on the 10th floor of the Montcalm Hotel in Finsbury Square, an excellent location with idyllic views over the landscape of London.

The venue itself screams luxury with simplistic interior and modernist furniture, projecting an air of elegance enabling guests to sit down, relax and take in the beautiful views. The Aviary offers cocktail innovation that you’ve never seen before by taking inspiration from traditional sweet shops with a number of witty named cocktails. Some favourites include the ‘Son of a Peach’ infused with bulliet burbon, crème de peche, Laphroaig, apricot and lemon’ and the ‘Rhubarb & Rumble’ containing Chase Rhubarb vodka, Aperol, rhubarb bitters, orange marmalade, egg white and lemon. These tantalising cocktails are mouth-wateringly tasty with extravagant ingredients, which make this one of the best rooftop bars in London.

There is also a comprehensive wine, spirits and champagne list, with great depths of flavours, making you spoiled for choice.

This is the perfect place for summer evenings however, if the London weather isn’t on your side then head inside to the indoor dining area and explore the dinner menu that won’t disappoint your pallet. There are a range of dishes ranging from well-seasoned prime cut steaks to lighter alternatives such as the sea bass accompanied with crispy squid and charred spring onions. Enjoy the array of array of food and drinks whilst admiring the sparkling lights amongst London’s skyline.

best rooftop bars in London


Madison is one of London’s best rooftop bars and restaurant located in the heart of the city by overlooking the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral. This bar has been voted as the second most ‘Instagrammed Spot’ in London so get your phone ready to capture the breath-taking views across the City’s skyline. The professional mixologists shake up a storm to produce killer cocktails that will blow you away. Be sure to order the ‘Sixth Member’ that incorporates Belvedere vodka with peach, mango juice and lemon juice. The ‘Under the Tree’ features a delicious banana infused Rum, a hint of lemon and sugar topped with a pineapple juice.

There are a range of sharing cocktails for groups with the ‘Pornstar Martini’ combining Absolut Elyx, vanilla syrup and Prosecco with a passion fruit finish. The sharing cocktails will set you back £100 however, you and your friends are able to enjoy the refreshing taste together which makes the price tag worth it. The Sunday Sessions at Madison’s make the experience even more outstanding with show-stopping in house DJ’s and Saxophonists playing into the night on the terrace from 2-8pm.

This is accompanied by a three-course meal with the ‘best road in the city’ for £42 including a bottle of wine – this is a wonderful way to end your busy weekend, don’t you agree?

Madison is one of the best rooftop bars in London due to its atmospheric venue with impeccable drinks, delicious food and an amazing ambience. We are sure that you’ll love every second of it, what are you waiting for?

best rooftop bars in London


Set in the heart of the city Coq d’Argent is well known for its classic French cuisine, extensive wine menu, cocktail collection and incredible rooftop garden. This venue is also a vantage point to explore the spectacular views of London and is rated as one of the best rooftop bars in London. The eclectic and diverse wine list takes in the world with an extensive collection, which have been carefully selected and classically arranged by different countries and regions. The assortments of wines have maintained the French origins of this venue with the reds originating from Bordeaux and the whites from Burgundy, adding to the authenticity of this rooftop paradise.

The culturally diverse wines span across 60 pages of the drinks menu and have been awarded the ‘Best Award of Excellence of 2018’ by the Wine Spectator – if you’re a lover of fine wine then this is the perfect place for you.  The cocktail menu is inspired by 1920’s Paris with a range of luxurious ingredients such as the ‘Green Breeze’ containing Hendricks’s gin, apple and lime juice, fresh cucumber, house made ginger and honey syrup to add a hint of richness to finish. The ‘Snap Frost’ is also very popular and is mixed with Ciroc vodka, lillet blanc, white vermouth and is sweetened with a vanilla sugar.

For those who are opting to not drink cocktails then the ‘mocktail’ menu will certainly satisfy your cocktail cravings with the ‘Natural Habitat’ infused with fresh chilli, grapefruit, fresh mint, agave nectar and a fever-tree ginger beer – so refreshing that you will feel like you’re in a tropical paradise. Coq ‘dArgent showcases heavenly French and European brasserie-style cuisine with a grill menu served on the roof terrace from 11.30-3pm on Monday-Friday featuring classics such as the beef fillet steak served with French fries, provencal tomato and a green peppercorn sauce.

The roof garden boasts fantastic views over the city’s skyscrapers with a perfectly kept grass, emulating a countryside setting to the terrace as you admire the views of St Paul’s and the Gherkin. Coq d’Argent is a real surprise with luxurious flourishes and you should most certainly give it a go.

best rooftop bars in London


Jin Bo Law is one of the newest additions to rooftop bars in London located on the 14th floor of Dorsett City Hotel in Aldgate – the perfect location with unbeatable views of the City and rated as one the best rooftop bars. The interior screams opulence with a modern chic design with contemporary furnishings blending well with the dark marble floor. From its terrace you are able to gaze at famous London landmarks such as The Shard, The Gherkin and The Walkie Talkie Building, which feel like as though they are at touching distance. The Asian inspired cocktail menu makes Jin Bo Law one of the best rooftop bars in London by taking you ‘through a journey of mixology, transforming the most unique ingredients into unexpected treasures’.

The ‘Butterfly Punch’ combines Belvedere vodka with lillet blanc with a harm hint of Jasmine tea and five spice honey and the ‘Dragon Air’ pairs patron silver tequila with apricot brandy and lillet blanc topped with suze and orange bitters.These awe-inspiring cocktails consist of decadent flavours that will take your taste buds on an Asian voyage that you will never forget.

This rooftop bar really does make a statement and is the perfect destination for after work drinks for you and your friends to enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of London.

best rooftop bars in London


The Capeesh Sky Bar is a sumptuous cocktail and champagne bar 48 floors up on the top of Pan Peninsula in London’s docklands, making you feel like you are high in the stars. Capeesh pride themselves on creating ‘exquisite cocktails, scrumptious canapés and unbelievable panoramic views of London’ and we couldn’t agree more. The professional mixologists create exquisite martini, rum, gin and vodka cocktails blended with a refreshing mix of magnificent ingredients that you can sip perched atop the rooftop.

If you are looking for a destination for your birthday then Capeesh is the perfect place for you and will make your birthday night truly unforgettable by offering a range of VIP packages. These bespoke packages range from a £80 Wine Package with 2 bottles of house wine and cheese and meat platters to the Sky VIP Package for £500 with 2 bottles of premium house spirits, 3 bottles of prossecco and a range of canapés including perfectly fried crab claws and tasty chicken.

These bespoke platters will keep the energy flowing and the atmosphere on a high note to make you feel on top of the world. If you become peckish then grab a canapé menu and choose from the large range of Italian inspired dishes made with fresh and seasonal ingredients.

The sharing platters are the perfect way for you and your party to enjoy the succulent flavours together. Try the mixed platter comprising of calamari fritti, chicken wings, cured meat, mixed Italian cheese and chips. Capeesh Sky Bar is considered as one of the best rooftop bars in London due to the superb quality of Italian food, creative cocktails and 360-degree panoramic views over the capital.

best rooftop bars in London


The Golden Bee is an exquisite bar and one the best rooftop bars in London. The venue that has recently unveiled a new rooftop terrace nestled between the financial district and the vivacious area of Old Street, in the heart of Shoreditch. The rooftop terrace is a private sanctuary projecting an opulent and VIP atmosphere with its own exclusive bar serving seasonal and classic cocktails. With a retractable roof, heaters, blankets and an enchanting fire pit situated in the middle of the terrace to keep you warm on the colder evenings.

There are ranges of interesting cocktails that really push the boundaries ranging from long-standing favourites such as the pornstar martini and espresso martini to a more unique range. If you dare to go for something different then you should certainly opt for the ‘Angel Crush’ with Bombay Sapphire gin blended with a zesty elder flower cordial, Cointreau liqueur, pineapple and lime juice and topped with fresh basil – dangerous but drinkable!

If you’re a sushi lover then we recommend that you pre-order sushi platters to your table with our favourite being the ‘Golden Bee Super Party Box’ for £270 containing a large assortment of different nigiri, maki and sashimi – a perfect accompaniment to the refreshingly blended cocktails.

The Golden Bee brings an exciting and refined experience to Shoreditch with a sophisticated interior and resident DJ’s creating fantastic vibes, make sure that you’re ready to dance into the night. This really is one of the best-hidden secrets of Shoreditch, make sure that you book a table soon to soak up the sun, sip the beautifully made cocktails and enjoy the stunning views of the urban area of Shoreditch.


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The Best Japanese Restaurants In London

August 29, 2018 Capital A List – Celebrity club news


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Birthday Night Out In London

May 17, 2018 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

So, it’s finally back round to that time of the year and the daunting process of having to organise your birthday night out in London.  It’s the one time a year for you to celebrate in the most stylish way you can making everything all about you. And what better place to do it than London.

Being the ‘City that never sleeps’ you have clubs of every genre so with all these decisions to choose from we thought we’d give you a helping hand planning your birthday night out in London.

birthday night out in London

To start off we have the place that shines so brightly through its darkness of the circus. Cirque Le Soir started its journey in 2009 and quickly became the most talked about club in London and is definitely the best for a birthday night out in London . Here you are welcomed into a world of things you can only imagine in fairytales; fire-breathers, contortionists, freak shows and many more to make your birthday night out in London unforgettable.

Any of the most extravagant things you demand the club will conjure up to make your experience that extra special. Through booking a table you will get the complete VIP service and front row seats to watch all the weirdness and experience firsthand the magicians dark magic.

Treat yourself to bottles of the finest champagne whilst you take in the surroundings and dance your night away until three am. Situated on Ganton Street it’s just a couple minutes’ walk from Oxford Circus station so a prime London location and known for being a red alert celeb hot spot so who knows who you may bump into just to top off your Birthday celebrations!

birthday night out in London

From the creators of Cirque le Soir and Drama comes The London Reign Show club, bringing a self-proclaimed mix of Las Vegas and Moulin Rouge to London’s West End. What more would you want to celebrate your birthday night out in London? Hosting specially curated original and innovative events four nights a week. This is a must-visit venue if you are looking to impress your friends. Dress to impress is nothing more than what this club represents so be certain to pick out your best attire!

As London’s first Show club, Reign features stunning interiors with two performance stages showcasing dazzling theatre acts, aerial artists, dancers, musicians and much more, breaking boundaries and producing magical moments with every glimpse of the stage.

The club is split into two levels – with the main floor and the members mezzanine level, all accentuated by an impressive sweeping staircase and intricate chandeliers. Booking into Reign is the best way to fully immerse yourself in this incredible experience and celebrate your birthday night out in London the classiest way possible.

birthday night out in London

Tape, winner of Best Club at the London Bar and Club awards and Best Late Venue at the World Lifestyle Awards is a celebrity favourite, hosting Mick Jagger, Rita Ora and Justin Bieber, with performances from Drake, The Weeknd and John Legend, to name a few. Made up of Tape London and Little Tape and the VIP club area with a world-class recording studio. Tape promises to deliver a night like no other, issuing a magnetic appeal to creatives and artists alike.

With themed Hip hop nights on Tuesdays, Fridays showcasing the best of House, Disco and R&B and Saturdays featuring unannounced artists and impromptu performances. You are guaranteed to love the elegant and elite atmosphere. All these nights to celebrate your birthday night out in London leaves you spoilt for choice!

birthday night out in London

When celebrating your birthday night out in London you want nothing but the best. So why not choose to spend your night at winner of the ‘Best Boutique Club London’ chosen by The London Club awards 2016 and 2017! Montezuma situated in the heart of Chelsea and leaves no room for disappointment. The gold Aztec themed décor lights up the place and gives the club an elegant glow. It never fails to provide the best Hip Hop and R’n’B Dj’s to dance the night away.

Forever going that extra mile to make birthdays extra special you will be spoilt with the best champagne, exotic cocktails and sparklers on tap just, so nobody forgets whose birthday it is!

birthday night out in London

Situated on Mayfair’s exclusive Park Lane, featuring a shark-shaped disco ball, silver bridge and a hall of mirrors, Drama is brought to you by the names behind Cirque le Soir and Mahiki. Loved by celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Campbell and Rihanna, and a surprise one-off DJ performance by Usain Bolt, Drama has it all.

Featuring constantly changing walls with street artists commissioned every two-months and scented bathroom wallpaper (cherry for the men, banana for ladies).

Each visit will provide a new experience, cultivating an environment catered to each guest. Hosting events from Thursday to Sunday each week, Drama is a place for thrill seekers, those wishing to indulge in a high-end night out; it is a one-off event space quite like no other. Definitely making it the perfect place to celebrate your birthday night out in London.

birthday night out in London

The list of perfect birthday nights out in London wouldn’t be completed without the world famous Mahiki a unique Tiki-themed club and a longstanding Royal favorite, said to be the inspiration behind Prince Harry’s wedding reception. It has also welcomed the much-anticipated and newest member of the Mahiki franchise to High Street Kensington in November 2017.

Playing host to exclusive nights from Tuesday to Saturday each week, it is the ultimate party destination with tiki-themed décor , treasure chests and fresh fruit cocktails to perfectly complement the Polynesian food of Puffer fish. A definite must for a fantastic birthday night out in London.

Choosing any of these venues is a sure way to ensure an individual and unforgettable birthday night out, hosted in one of London’s most elite clubs. With just a taste on what’s for offer it’s something nobody wants to miss out on for the perfect birthday night out in London.

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Paris VIP nightlife

April 30, 2018 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

The Paris VIP nightlife is spectacular and is one of the best cities to party in.  With a large variety of bars and clubs, it is definitely recommended if you want the opportunity to spend a great evening with world-famous DJs, perfect service and memorable places. There is so much to choose from! 

Paris VIP nightlife

One of the best nightclubs and a definite favourite amongst celebrities is  L’Arc. It’s a mondial legend of Paris VIP nightlife. The atmosphere is fabulous and the location is perfect. The nightclub can be found on the top of the famous Champs-Elysees. It’s really luxurious with the garden terrace offering a wonderful view of the city. The marble dance floor is spectacular and is originated from the famous Lenny Kravitz who is in love with the city.

You will find a smoking room inside and you can book VIP tables in order to spend the best night possible in the club! They organise lots of parties, after shows and prestigious events every week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Then for those who want to eat a delicious dinner before the partying. Just a few steps away is the Victoria Restaurant. The atmosphere is very cosy, hype and ideal to for having  dinner with your friends before dancing!

If you want to stay around The Champs-Elysees then the next club we recommend is Le Queen. Originally a gay club it’s now a very famous nightclub institution which attracts crowds every week and is one of the best Paris VIP nightlife clubs. The interior is very beautiful and gives you the adrenaline needed to dance all night long.

The club is open everyday and you will even find Disco Queens on Monday which is lots of fun. A lot people like going to this club as the atmosphere is spectacular and such a different place to go out to. A definite must see!


Then VIP Room is also one of the biggest Paris VIP nightlife clubs to go out to.  Located in Rivoli Street, this club is generally described as “a magic place” with sensational animations, dancers, numerous evenings with a themes, huge balls and more. The music is mainly commercial and quite selective with a dress code. Definitely try this club out if you are looking for something spectacular and different.


Another incredible place is the Matignon which hosts the elite and is one of the best Paris VIP Nightlife clubs to go out to. The club is located underneath and on the ground floor. There is also a beautiful restaurant. The place was conceptualised by Charles Tassin. It’s both modern and traditional and was inspired by the “Bal du Siecle” of Charles De Beistegui. You will find gold bullion and beautiful armchairs in the basement called “school playground”.

This club will transport you into an artistic and intimate atmosphere. This is a real temple of party and the exclusive clubs often organises special events. Having already hosted several private parties.

In Paris there are a lot of amazing place to go out out to. It has become more difficult to impress the public but the Matignon is successful in how different and exclusive it is. With a variety of music, delicious cocktails that are top quality and amazing cuisine. It is definitely one of the best places to dine in and is open everyday except Sunday.


Chez Raspoutine is also a great Paris VIP Nightlife club in the centre of the town and is  located in the heart of the gold triangle next to the Champs-Elysées. This legendary Russian cabaret was conceptualised by the artist Erté and created in 1965. The name was chosen because of Grigori Raspoutine- a famous mystic pilgrim. This amazing monument with a baroque decoration is now classed as a Historic Monument and it is a mythic place for the Paris nightlife.

These last past few years it has become one of the most popular clubs of Paris. It was acquired by Laurent de Gourcuff in 2010 who refurbished it but kept the traditional spirit of the place and its exclusive character.

The Raspoutine club has a main room all in red and gold, with alcoves, passageways, velvet fur, beautiful sculptures, red seats and many details which have been very carefully planned. It definitely leaves an impression! You can’t forget a night at this smart and sophisticated place, with deep house or electronic music from only the best DJs.

A lot of stars also love this place and are regular customers including Serge Gainsbourg, L’Aga Khan and Edith Piaf.  Chez Raspoutine is definitely one of most exclusive clubs to go out to in Paris.


Then we have the Le Montana club which is very selective and cosy and is located in an old hotel in Saint Germain-Des-Pres. One of the best Paris VIP nightlife clubs to go out to. It’s known as the place of “beautiful people.” Kate Moss and the Prince are going there for Fashion Week plus other celebrities including Alain Chabat, Gilles Lellouche, Melvil Poupaud.

You will meet people easily at this exclusive club and the atmosphere is great as well. The dance floor is also covered with arched ceilings. A definite must see for everyone who wants to have a great time in Paris.


Lastly, The Baron club is an old hostess bar and has become one of the best Paris VIP nightlife places to go out to since 2004. The name is the same but the atmosphere, codes and decor is all really different. It’s the perfect place for young and beautiful people who want to have a good night dancing until the early morning.

The club had a role in two famous movies “L’amour dure trois ans” and “Les Petits Mouchoirs” by Guillaume Canet. The atmosphere is relaxed but chic and elegant.

You can listen to music of the 80’s or fantastic electronic music depending on the night you come. Their incredible cocktails and delicious wine are all spectacular. The Baron club is definitely recommended for anyone looking for a fun and exclusive night out!

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The Best Clubs In London On Tuesday

March 22, 2018 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

At the beginning of the week if we’re not careful it’s easy to forget to have fun, so why not try out one of the best clubs in London on Tuesday. After a very long day at work, you just want to enjoy a night out with friends or meet some new people! Fortunately, London is the city which never sleeps and hosts some of the best parties everyday of the week!

Tuesday does not escape this rule and there are some incredible options for those looking to go out partying.

The best clubs in London on Tuesday

You could for example go to The Box in Soho which is definitely one of the best clubs in London on Tuesday. This is a very unique place which features an incredibly entertaining experience such as beat boxing, acrobats and more… And also great music thanks to amazing DJs and a lot of live performances! Very lively on Tuesday, it is highly recommended at the beginning of the week to have your dose of positive vibes!

This is such a sexy and creative place to go on Tuesday, just come in and let yourself be transported by this unexpectedly luxurious world of cabaret fun and burlesque.

The best clubs in London on Tuesday

Another good place to enjoy your Tuesday night is Mahiki Kensington and is recommended as one of the best clubs in London on Tuesday! A lot of people love going there on Tuesday because parties are always memorable! This is a place with tasty food and also very good vibes. Their cocktails are adventurous and delivered in a very fun way. You will feel like you’ve been projected in to Polynesian atmosphere thanks to coconuts, palms, exotic flowers and big dark wooden tables!

Join the many people who came, as you, to avoid the blues of Tuesday and to share a fun and memorable night! This is a “must go” for a successful Tuesday evening, you will find it unique!

The best clubs in London on Tuesday

Another club which is among the top on Tuesday nights is Tape, reputed for being one of the top of the VIP venues, ideal if you want to party with comfort and style. It is described as “the central hub of celebration and creativity”. This club is known for having hosted many celebrities such as Lewis Hamilton,, Rihanna and Justin Bieber. Musicians are talented, the place is fantastic, atmosphere is good and staff are efficient, friendly and pretty.

Highly recommended for Tuesday to avoid blues and discover an unreal and fabulous place and maybe… meet one of your favorite celebrities! It is definitely considered one of the best clubs in London on Tuesday. 

The best clubs in London on Tuesday

The last club we are going to advise is Reign, one of the most popular clubs in the West-End and one of the best clubs in London on Tuesday. This club has an amazing atmosphere which seems to be a mix between Moulin Rouge and Las Vegas. For sure, your Tuesday night will become memorable in this new show-club which is ideally located in Piccadilly.

You will probably need a guestlist because a lot of people like going there on Tuesday… And when you see the atmosphere, you’ll understand why!


As you can see, there are a lot of places to dance on Tuesday, you don’t need to wait for the weekend. There are always people motivated to party in London!

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