The Best Lounge Bars in London

August 7, 2019 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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London lounge bars are heralded as some of the best in the world and are renowned for their simply exquisite and unique designs as well as food and drinks. With a vast array of options, Capital A List will share a coveted list of the best lounge bars in London.

The Best Lounge Bars in London

For the ultimate tropical oasis in the heart of Upper Street Islington, look no further than Laki Kane, one of the best lounge bars in London. It brings the aloha spirit of the Caribbean in its carnival of colors, unforgettable cocktails, and thriving music and entertainment. It is the ideal urban retreat to decompress after work or relax over the weekend with friends. As you enter you are immediately drawn into the easy-going island spirit with its rush roofing, dangling ropes, palm prints, and green plants covering each corner of the lounge bar. Tropical paraphernalia could not be more exquisite in this relaxed setting and is complemented perfectly by the rhythmic beats of Caribbean music.

What’s more is that each table is fitted with call buttons for service, meaning that you can call on tiki-dressed waitrons at any time for a re-fill of your choice. Now there is nothing more that embodies the relaxed feeling of a beach retreat than that. Each cocktail is rum-based, with a selection of rums across the globe. The name Laki Kane stems from the lucky (Laki) sugar cane (kane) converted over time into the delicious rums used in their cocktails.

Co-owner Georgi Radev, a former Mahiki bar manager, has designed the cocktail list. His experiences definitely shine through in the spectacular cocktails that are made with only the best exotic ingredients, unrefined sugars, and world-class rums. The signature Laki Kane cocktail, made with fruity and fresh passionfruit, coconut water, sugar cane juice, and of course, premium rum, will transport your taste buds to the sunshine and soft sands of the Caribbean beaches. Each drink is also served in custom-made ceramics that typify that island feeling.

They also make their own bespoke rum in the upstairs bar, The Spiced Dry Rum Club. This area is dedicated to teaching lucky guests Laki Kane’s unique re-distillation process. Guests can also learn how to make their own spiced rums with specialist help from £70. The kitchen is helmed by renowned chef Michael Moore and is inspired by the fresh and flavourful food of the tropics. Dishes of fried and marinated chicken wings and crispy squid served with Thai-style chili dip are wonderful complements to the sunshine-soaked cocktails and interiors.

Laki Kane truly exemplifies a beach escape from its easy-going music to its tropical-inspired design, cocktails, and food, and cannot be missed out as one of the best lounge bars in London.

The Best Lounge Bars in London

Exploring the world has never been as easy as at Mr Fogg’s Residence in Mayfair. The delightful and quizzical story goes that the adventurer Phileas J. Fogg filled his Mayfair home to the brim with antiquities collected after his 80-day trip around the globe. This whimsical story has been materialized into a number of adventurous lounge bars that transport guests to the Victorian era and to magical destinations throughout the world.

Locations in Covent Garden and Liverpool Street (Mr. Fogg’s Tavern, Gin Parlour, and Society of Exploration, amongst others) also typify the thrill-seeking, wonderfully peculiar, and eccentric nature of Mr. Fogg’s Residence whilst also cultivating their unique guest experiences. Mr. Fogg’s is the sister brand to the prestigious Cahoots and Barts bars, and guests that have been to either will definitely experience the same attentive service and eccentric atmosphere.

The story of Mr. Fogg’s Residence centers on the idea that the famed adventurer opened his home to the public to give them a glimpse into his daring life. The lounge captures this perfectly with its homely and studious design and is one of the best lounge bars in London. Polished wood-panelled walls evoke the warmth and intimacy associated with an antique home. This cosy atmosphere is enhanced with ceilings, walls, and shelves adorned with relics, artifacts, and exotic creatures traceable to different cultures across the globe. The delectable range of cocktails and light bites only enhances the visual satisfaction and desire for adventure stirred by the glorious design.

The signature cocktail list follows Phileas J. Fogg’s worldly travels and is as outgoing, innovative, and bizarre as the adventurer himself. One of our favorite cocktails was ‘Upon Kiouni the Elephant’ primarily due to the anecdote attached to it. The story follows Mr. Fogg’s and his fellow travelers who commandeered an elephant to traverse the city of Bombay, India. The story illustrates the effort of a team, and as such, the cocktail is for a group of up to six guests. The flavors of Botanist gin, white wine, orange liqueur, cinnamon, elderflower cordial, and fresh lychee juice are wonderfully light and botanical – the perfect drink for a warm summer day.

Mr Fogg’s Residence is as unique as it comes and brings back a childlike wonder for the world. Guests are plunged into a mystifying world full of curiosity, adventure, and spirited cocktails – and we cannot think of a better example of one of the best lounge bars in London.

The Best Lounge Bars in London

Mix creativity and eccentricity together, and the outcome is Looking Glass Cocktail Club. It is located in the trailblazing center of creativity, Shoreditch, and occupies a haunt on the flourishing Hackney Road. Guests step through the ‘looking glass’ into a secret den of kaleidoscopic Louis XVI furniture, vintage art pieces, and plush brocade fabrics. The space takes guests on a whimsical journey where high-end meets debauchery in the most memorable ways, making this one of the best lounge bars in London.

Guests can expect to walk into a speak-easy setting where the lighting is dimmed, and top-notch house music reverberates throughout every crevice of the space. Intoxicating entertainment will make you feel as if you really have walked into another world. Looking Glass takes an artistic approach to its entertainment by intertwining its live music with performance art, and this not only adds to the electric atmosphere but also brings a bit of fun to its sophisticated cocktails. The cocktails are created to the highest standard in the ‘underland’ – the laboratory where talented mixologists produce homemade syrups, bitters, and liquors as the flavors for the cocktails. This fresh and thoughtful way of producing cocktails makes Looking Glass a stand-out choice for one of the best lounge bars in London. The list is divided into cocktails, absinthe, and wine and beer. Their current cocktail list is inspired by revolutions across the globe that have inspired and changed society as a whole.

The ‘Changing Perception’ cocktail is enlivened by the feminist revolution with reference to Ada Coleman, the first head bartender of the American Bar at The Savoy Hotel in 1903. It pays homage to her famous ‘Hanky Panky’ cocktail by producing a unique distilled version playing up herbal and dry flavors. It uses distilled hanky panky, Portobello road gin, and white vermouth and adds a light touch of orange bitters. Another great option is Moore’s Law which plays on the current tech revolution by incorporating coffee and spiced flavors. Spiced Guinness reduction is mixed with a fizz of soda to balance out the powerful flavors of cognac.

Looking Glass is edgy yet refined, and this playful mix is perfectly encapsulated in its eccentric design and entertainment offset by its classic and high-end cocktail creations. Its dual personality works wonderfully for its Shoreditch location, where creativity blends seamlessly with corporate.

The Artesian is, without a doubt, one of the best lounge bars in London, and it’s easy to see why. Nestled within the Langham Hotel, this legendary bar has won numerous awards for its innovative cocktail selection and luxurious interior design.

The cocktail selection at The Artesian is truly something to behold. The bar is known for its unique and creative drinks, which use unexpected ingredients and flavors to create an unforgettable drinking experience. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic cocktail or something more experimental, their expert mixologists will craft the perfect drink.

The story of The Artesian is just as impressive as its cocktail selection. Originally opened in 1893, the bar has undergone several transformations over the years but has always maintained its reputation as one of the most glamorous and sophisticated drinking destinations in London. Today, the bar boasts a sleek and contemporary design that seamlessly blends old-world elegance with modern luxury.

The interior design at The Artesian is simply stunning. From the crystal chandeliers to the marble bar, every detail has been carefully curated to create a space that exudes opulence and glamour. The bar also features a stunning aquarium filled with exotic fish, which adds a touch of whimsy to the overall design.

So, what makes The Artesian one of the best cocktail bars in London? For starters, the quality of the drinks is unbeatable. But it’s not just the cocktails that make this bar so special. It’s the atmosphere, the history, and the attention to detail that make it a truly unforgettable experience. Whether you’re looking for a romantic date spot or a place to celebrate a special occasion, The Artesian is the perfect destination.

The Connaught Bar is one of the best lounge bars in London, offering a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere that’s perfect for a night out. This Mayfair bar is renowned for its innovative cocktails, expertly crafted by skilled mixologists.

The cocktail menu at The Connaught Bar is truly impressive, featuring a range of classic drinks with a modern twist, as well as original creations that you won’t find anywhere else. One of their signature cocktails is the “Connaught Martini”, made with a special blend of gin and vermouth and garnished with a single green olive. Another popular drink is the “Mulata Daisy”, which combines rum, lime, and grapefruit for a refreshing and zesty flavor.

The bar’s sophisticated decor is just as impressive as the drinks themselves. The space is adorned with plush velvet seating, elegant lighting, and a stunning backlit bar. The bartenders themselves are also impeccably dressed, adding to the overall sense of glamour and luxury. But what really sets The Connaught Bar apart from other cocktail bars in London is its attention to detail. From the hand-carved ice cubes to the bespoke glassware, every aspect of the drinking experience has been carefully considered. This level of craftsmanship and care makes The Connaught Bar one of the best in the city.

Whether you’re a cocktail aficionado or just looking for a memorable night out, The Connaught Bar is a must-visit destination in London. With its exceptional cocktails, luxurious decor, and impeccable service, it’s no wonder this bar has become a go-to spot for the city’s most discerning drinkers.

The Best Lounge Bars in London

The next bar on our list of the best lounge bars in London is the Goring Bar, housed in The Goring Hotel in the fashionable Belgravia. The Goring Hotel was named the best city hotel in England by the prestigious Hoteliers Top 100 in 2018. This comes as no surprise as the hotel is the only one to hold a royal warrant proceeding it hosting a dinner for the Middletons before the 2011 royal wedding.

The Goring Bar, similar to the hotel itself, is designed in Victorian-era fashion, and this ties in with its overall charm of being pristine, very elegant, and a stately location. The design is opulent to the core with its rich palette of deep reds, yellows and golds, wingback chairs, crystal chandeliers, and marble floors. The famed Russell Sage designed everything. A grand piano sits center stage from which a resident pianist sets a soothing atmosphere; this chic feature adds to The Goring Bar being one of the best lounge bars in London.

Another great feature is the terrace that looks over the large manicured garden bursting with lush flowers and shrubbery – a peaceful and secluded spot to absorb nature and restore after the busyness surrounding the Victoria area.

The menu celebrates British-made spirits and adds a variety of herbs grown from The Goring’s own private garden. They even have an herb expert, Jekka McVicar, who has overseen the planting of more than one hundred different herbs to be used in The Goring cocktails. The current seasonal cocktail menu is based on the long history of The Goring and the many favorites that have been enjoyed since 1920. The Rosehip Royale is an adaption of the regal Pimm’s Royale and is crafted with Pimm’s No.6, Sacred Rosehip Cup, champagne, and light flavors of strawberries, cucumber, mint, and rose. The New Cuban is a modern take on the worldly beloved Mojito.

The Goring Bar has elevated their adaption with botanical flavors of strawberry and champagne. Other components of Havana Club rum, mint, and lime cordials have remained to stay true to the tradition of this all-time favorite drink. The lounge has a delicious selection of nibbles with one of their fabulous cocktails, wines, or champagnes. A club sandwich, burger, cured meat platters, and salads, among other light dishes, are presented beautifully with wonderful flavors.

The Goring Bar is a sublime destination to bask in the forgotten times of queens and kings and the indulgent luxury that came with it. This is one of the best lounge bars in London, and from day to evening, guests can enjoy the spoils of a five-star luxury setting.

The Best Lounge Bars in London

The Den in St Martins Lane Hotel is an elegant lair for anyone seeking a respite. It is located in the heart of Covent Garden and is a peaceful enclave designed with classic British oak panelling and a country club atmosphere. The furniture is comfortable and cozy and sets the ideal tone to sit back with a book, play a couple of board games and relax with friends with marvelous Gin and Tonic cocktails. It is one of the best lounge bars in London, as it is exactly what it is intended to be – a home away from home where comfort and luxury are the two key elements of the guest experience.

The witty and eccentric wall art hanging on the walls offsets the old-school country club feel with a bit of modernity and playfulness. This wonderful juxtaposition between tradition and irreverence tones down the seriousness typically associated with lounge bars and rather allows guests to make the space their own playground.

Settle into one of The Den’s comfortable leather sofas and enjoy their afternoon tea and nibbles. Scrumptious light bites include focaccia with garlic, rosemary, and thin slices of delicious prosciutto. For guests that prefer sweet treats, The Den has plenty of mouth-watering delights. The chocolate hazelnut dacquoise glazed in chocolate and sprinkled with almonds is a wonderful choice and can be paired with one of their many tea-infused sundown cocktail teas. The Den is a great starting point for a night of spontaneous fun. The St Martins Lane Kitchen, a new pop-up restaurant at the hotel, is a great spot to transition to after the Den for elegant dishes celebrating the best Asian flavors.

After relaxing at The Den and having a quick bite at the restaurant, those seeking the evening to be enlivened by live music and entertainment should look no further than the discreet and mysterious Blind Spot speakeasy bar. It is in the St Martins Lane Hotel behind a faux boutique tea counter. For guests in the know, this speakeasy thrives in the evening with music gathered from cities across the globe, as well as cocktails and nibbles inspired by 25 worldly destinations. Escape to the colorful city of Madrid or the quaint towns of Morocco through soulful music, cuisine, and cocktails.

What makes The Den perfect for the list of the best lounge bars in London is the variety of experiences open to guests. During the summer, The Den partners with Veuve Clicquot champagne to offer guests a jungle-esque terrace decorated with foliage, butterflies, and festive neon lights. Botanical cocktails can be sipped whilst overlooking the tranquil setting, or for exceptionally hot days, Ruby Violet ice creams are pure bliss. The Den is warm, relaxing, and elegant and offers guests the perfect spot to enjoy the rest of St Martins Lane’s amazing amenities.

The Best Lounge Bars in London

The Light Room between Leicester Square and China Town is a hidden treasure sparkling day and night. It is one of three distinct spaces spanning three floors in Ku Leicester Square. The Light Lounge occupies the first floor and welcomes guests into an exclusive members club setting with its elegant and light décor. This example of the best lounge bars in London is decorated with glass surfaces that reflect the shapes and lights of marvelous crystal chandeliers. The space is adorned in lux dark tones with turquoise and yellow banquette seating and post-modern wall art. Stylish wrap-around lounge booths cradle the space creating intimate enclaves to enjoy their wonderful bespoke cocktails, premium beers, wines, and spirits.

During the day, The Light Lounge is a superb hide-out from a busy lifestyle and is bathed in natural light from its large windows. For a relaxed afternoon, we suggest finding one of their window seats on the corner and peering over the bustling street where Newport Place meets Lisle Street. In the evenings, The Light Lounge lives up to its name and transforms into a constellation of moody light, and the buzzing atmosphere grows only stronger with DJ performances every Friday and Saturday. Dapper bartenders are on stand-by to whip up classic favorites, but guests are also implored to sample their new creations or to challenge the bartenders to craft bespoke cocktails based on their favorite tipples. This demonstration of master mixology makes The Light Lounge one of the best lounge bars in London.

On the menu, one of our favorites was the Nuclear Pina Colada served in hurricane glass. It is a twist on the classic and adds a kick with Plantation 5YO, green chartreuse, coconut pure and pineapple juice, and milk. It is also garnished beautifully with mint, dehydrated pineapple, and lime. Other fantastic spins on classics include its Pisco and Pear Sour and the delicious Easy Street, a twist on the popular English Fizz.

The Light Lounge is complemented by two other spaces, including the Ku Bar and The Klub – both of which are trendy haunts guests should venture to after spending time at the wonderfully elegant Light Lounge.

The Best Lounge Bars in London

Soaring 12 stories high atop the Double Tree by Hilton is the Savage Garden – one of the best lounge bars in London. Everything about this rooftop bar destination is ‘savage’ from its brilliantly untamed cocktails and food to the theatrics of its interior. It boasts two terraces with breathtaking city views of The Shard, The Gherkin, and St Paul’s Cathedral. Its location captures a playful yet slick atmosphere bolstered by its unexpected design. Reflective and scored surfaces juxtapose the sleek velvet furniture and marble floors, creating a desirable conundrum of opulence and urban style.

The acclaimed Gorgeous Group crafts cocktails and epitomize Savage Garden’s wicked and indulgent ethos, and make it one of the best lounge bars in London. The signature Flambard Colada is an amazing choice. It was inspired by the first Tower of London Prisoner, Ranulf Flambard, who escaped his inevitable doom by persuading the guards to become intoxicated. This funny anecdote illustrates Savage Garden’s humor and light-heartedness, which is also apparent in its design and overall atmosphere. The Flambard Colada speaks to its dark comedy story with its feisty Havana Club 3YO rum and light pineapple, cucumber, Ayala champagne, and wormwood ingredients. Classic Daiquiris, Bloody Marys, and Negronis are also expertly crafted with a savage twist. Savage Garden also has an extensive list of champagne, white wines, roses, red wines, and spirits, and each is prepared with that same spirited and dangerous undertone.

Savage Garden also delivers an indulgent list of food exhibiting unexpected flavors and presentations. Guests can select sharing plates, feasting boards, mains, and light bites. Groups should try their spectacular Carnivorous sharing plate that comes complete with coconut beef short ribs, roasted poussin, classic beef sliders, and black garlic mayo fries. Dishes of tempura oysters, sesame prawn toast with bacon jam, and buttermilk chicken sliders are delectable options that rage with flavor. Light snacks of salted and caramelized nuts, lemon verbena olives, and fries add the necessary substance to the deliciously dangerous cocktails.

Savage Garden delivers on its promise to be an exciting and daring rooftop terrace destination. It blends elegance with uninhibited fun, and its resident DJ performances from Wednesdays to Saturdays only enhance its already festive atmosphere. For any occasion, this lounge bar is one of the best in the thriving Central London location.

The Best Lounge Bars in London

Housed beneath the famed Cinema sign in Dalston is the coveted secret cocktail bar – Ruby’s. It is renowned for its exceptionally quirky atmosphere evoked by its three different venues inside. First is the recently added Ruby’s Bar and Lounge, inspired by the 1950s working man and is one of the best lounge bars in London. This is felt in its copper and industrial walls set against ruby red seating. The second space is an intimate cocktail bar embodying the 1920s with its glazed bricks, distressed walls, and original wooden floors. The upstairs bar is another great spot imbued with the ideals of romantic 1960s Parisian fashion with its gold and cream colors and antique brass finishes. Each space epitomizes Ruby’s idea of transporting guests back to simpler times of yesteryear, and each evokes this marvelously in their design and in their different atmospheres.

With so many spaces to explore at Ruby’s, the lounge space is the perfect spot to start the evening with its comfortable setting of mish-mash tables and chairs. It also has its own fully set up DJ and sound system playing the best of disco, R&B, and club classics. Cocktails are divided into premium, experimental, and classic. From the premium selection, the sour monk is an excellent choice. It is made luxuriously with Courvoiser, VSOP, Benedictine, and lemon and topped with a delicate egg white. The experimental range is wonderful and different, and one of our favorites was The Pink One. It is made with Koko Kanu, Fraise de Bois, coconut mix, and fresh strawberries.

Classics range from Pina Coladas, Aperol Spritz, and Mojitos to Margaritas, and a selection of white and red wines, beers, and fizz also decorate the drinks menu. Light snacks of grilled olives and salted almonds are the perfect addition to your choice of cocktail, which could be eccentrically served in Original Manchester milk bottles or tin cups. Once guests have relaxed in the lounge space and have had a couple of tipples, the other bars can be explored to experience another fascinating interpretation of history in both design and cocktails.

Ruby’s Bar is a treasure trove of quirky experiences and offers guests the opportunity to travel through time from the 1920s to the 1950s and 1960s all in one night!

If you’re looking for a truly luxurious and stylish lounge bar in London, look no further than The Blue Bar. Those who have had the pleasure of visiting this bar can confidently say it’s one of the best in the city.

The cocktail menu at The Blue Bar is a true masterpiece, featuring a range of classic and contemporary drinks expertly crafted by their talented mixologists. One of the favorites is the “Lavender Margarita”, which combines tequila, triple sec, lime, and lavender syrup for a deliciously floral and refreshing drink. Another standout cocktail is the “Blue Bar Collins”, which combines gin, lemon, sugar, and soda for a zesty and effervescent experience.

But it’s not just the cocktails that make The Blue Bar so special. The interior design is simply stunning, with a sleek and modern decor accented by pops of vibrant blue. The bar is a work of art, with a beautiful illuminated display of spirits that sets the stage for a memorable night out.

The Blue Bar is located in the Berkeley Hotel, and the impeccable service is a reflection of the hotel’s five-star reputation. The bartenders are friendly and knowledgeable and will happily recommend drinks based on your preferences.

The Blue Bar is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for the best lounge bars in London. With its exceptional cocktails, stunning decor, and top-notch service, it’s no wonder this bar has become a favorite among locals.

The Luggage Room is a hidden gem among the best lounge bars in London. Located in the heart of Mayfair, this bar is tucked away behind an unassuming door, adding to its exclusive and intimate atmosphere.

As you step inside, you’ll be transported to a bygone era of elegance and sophistication. The decor is inspired by the golden age of travel, with vintage suitcases and trunks adorning the walls and a stunning art deco bar that serves as the centerpiece of the room.

The cocktail menu at The Luggage Room is just as impressive as the decor, featuring a range of creative and expertly crafted drinks that are sure to impress even the most discerning of drinkers. One standout cocktail is the “Smoke & Mirrors”, which combines mezcal, sherry, raspberry, and lime for a smoky and tart flavor. Another popular drink is the “Luggage Room Collins”, which combines gin, lemon, sugar, and soda for a classic and refreshing taste.

But what really sets The Luggage Room apart from other cocktail bars in London is its intimate and exclusive atmosphere. The bar is relatively small, with only a handful of tables and seats available, which makes for a more personalized and attentive experience. The Luggage Room is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a unique and luxurious cocktail experience in London.

If you’re in search of a unique and unforgettable cocktail experience in London, look no further than Oriole. This speakeasy-style lounge bar is tucked away in Smithfield and offers a truly one-of-a-kind atmosphere and cocktail menu that’s sure to impress even the most seasoned drinkers.

The cocktail menu at Oriole is inspired by the exotic and far-flung destinations that adventurers and explorers once explored. Each drink is crafted with precision and care and features a range of interesting and unexpected ingredients. One standout cocktail is the “Bermuda Triangle”, which combines dark rum, grapefruit, falernum, and absinthe for a deliciously tropical and spicy taste. Another must-try is the “Cape Verde”, which features gin, aperitif, and a special blend of African botanicals for a unique and flavorful experience.

But it’s not just the cocktails that make Oriole one of the best lounge bars in London. The decor and atmosphere are just as impressive, with a cozy and intimate setting perfect for a night out with friends or a special date. The bar is dimly lit and features a mix of vintage and modern decor, adding to the speakeasy vibe. Live music is also a regular feature at Oriole, with talented musicians performing everything from jazz to world music.

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Soho Members Club

June 27, 2019 Capital A List – Celebrity club news


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Experience the pinnacle of exclusivity with some of the finest home-away-from-home haunts that London has to offer. Capital A List sheds light on some of the city’s best kept secrets with its guide to the best regarded venues in our Soho Members Club guide.


Soho Members Club


Century Club is a haven in the middle of Soho. It offers its members a relaxed atmosphere to socialise with friends, sophisticated work areas for meetings, and a fantastic selection of food and beverages. In 2001 Century Club opened on Shaftesbury Avenue to reveal classy cocktail lounges, a New York inspired brasserie called the Tap Room and the show-stopper of all; Soho’s largest rooftop terrace with a retractable glass roof. This rooftop terrace offers views across London’s skyline, and is one of many features making Century Club an amazing Soho Members Club.

For its 2,500 members Century Club has designed all the rooms with luxurious soft furnishings and tasteful lighting to hold you captive in each room. The contemporary and unique rooms are used for hosting events such as networking, private screenings, talks and complimentary live showcase performances of music, film and comedy. Recent events include a drinks tasting with Chase Distillery & Burlesque Idol – the most prestigious burlesque competition. Another fantastic perk associated with this Members Club in Soho is its dedicated art program with two rotating exhibitions and permanent art from several renowned artists. Additionally Century Club has reciprocal Private Members Clubs all across the world to bring you a sophisticated home from home when you’re travelling for work or pleasure. Stop in at Los Angeles, New York, Cape Town, Munich, Vancouver and Singapore to meet the extended team and club family, and make use of their renowned facilities.

All memberships have a £250 joining fee then an annual membership of £750. This Members Club in Soho also offers an under 30s membership to entice young working professionals. This is £400 a year, and for anyone wanting to have their partner as a member as well, there is a joint membership for £1350. With the membership you may be accompanied by 4 guests at any time to take advantage of the ‘wonderfully varied & sophisticated facilities’.


Soho Members Club


The Court is one of the newest additions to The Soho Private Members Club family. It offers their members world-class food and drink from their Michelin-starred chef and educated bar staff. The Court has an iconic musical heritage. This Soho Members Club was previously the famous Bag O’Nails music venue where revered artists like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Kimi Hendrix once frequented the stage. With their luxurious Gatsby-esque style, The Court promises to keep their rich musical history alive with nightly show performances at the piano stage.

Marble tables, beautifully designed walls and flooring and luxe furnishings are all thanks to Bradley Theodore. Bradley is also the resident artist accented by Nikki Tibbles seasonal flowers ensembles. There is also Tom Sellers, of Michelin-starred restaurant Story, who has developed the food menu and they are lucky enough to call Ryan Chetiyawardana (aka – man behind the World’s Best Bar) their house mixologists. This top echelon team makes this members club one of the most desired in Soho and with its annual membership starting from £600 per person, we have no doubt that it will stand-out among the more established clubs.

Soho Members Club


All Bright is a Soho Members Club like no other. It was designed by women for women. It recently opened on Maddox Street to give women in London a place to network, unwind and become inspired by many of its members. All Bright expands over 5 floors and each has its own vibe.

On the first floor you are welcomed by the bright restaurant and bar area. Move up a level and you will be met by a whole floor dedicated to your well-being. If you’re there to work up a sweat in the fitness studio or relax in the hands of someone else, All Bright offers holistic wellness rooms for physical, emotional & spiritual treatments. It also has a beauty salon for blow-drys or luxurious facials. As the nature of this Members Club in Soho is for working women there is a floor dedicated to everything business. There are areas for group or individual work, mentoring and members also get access to All Bright’s Career Coach. The space also doubles as a spot for socials in the evenings. If you fancy eating with a view then head to the 4th floor where you can eat and relax in the members lounge with a full time bar and restaurant to serve your needs then move onto the large roof terrace where you’ll encounter the stunning views of London. Ascending one more floor we reach the loft space, a haven for event and entertainment whilst retaining a laid back weekend vibe about it. Regular events are held here with an assortment of live music, comedy, live podcasts, professional development workshops and self care seminars. This Members Club in Soho also has their own Academy, a 10 week digital programme created to help give women the confidence, skills and network to achieve their life and career goals.

The All Bright community are powerful and inspirational, with all types of people including CEO & Founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills, Bumble dating app and Cath Kidston, fashion designer. To be part of the refreshing scene at All Bright Members Club Soho you must apply for one of three memberships; multiclub, standard, under 30’s.


Soho Members Club


The Groucho Club is a world-renowned arts and media Private Soho Members Club. It was launched in the 1980’s by a group of mostly women publishers as an antidote to the stuffy prevalence of gentlemen’s clubs during that time. This Soho Members Club remains a bastion for the arts and literature with its private events for members and non-members. An exceptional event dedicated to its bohemian clientèle is its acclaimed annual Short Film Festival. This phenomenal Members Club is also celebrated for its numerous restaurants, bars, party room hire and exclusive member services. There are also DJ sets every Thursday and Friday, making it easy for members to shift from work to play.

Each room in the Groucho Soho Members Club has their own unique name. Examples include, The Mary Lou Room, The Mackintosh Room and The Gennaro Room. Coming from an art and design heritage, each distinct room is also adorned in classical art works.


Soho Members Club


The House of Barnabas is a not-for-profit Private Soho Members Club which really stands out from the rest due to its social ethos’ and commitment to London as a community about the people. Set in a Grade I listed property on Greek Street the club’s main focus has been their Employment Academy which supports homeless people to find work and to break the cycle of homelessness in London which is ever increasing. The members of the club are people motivated by positive social change and are taking steps forward themselves to make the change.

The House of Barnabas is a creative, innovative and cultural haven which truly embraces what London is today. The club strives to create a fair and equal society. This particular Members Club in Soho is a place for its members to relax, discuss ideas and for like-minded people to interact. It is also passionate about the arts, and have regular events including music performances, workshops and their own festival – Embassy. Most of the artwork displayed is for sale where a percentage of the profit goes to supporting the work they do, another way of supporting their charity. They even have a podcast running on SoundCloud with modern ideas of looking at an old school way and the changes that are coming about.

To be a part of this ‘public minded’ Members Club in Soho, there is a once off joining fee of £250 and a donation of £100. The standard membership is £700 per annum and for under 35’s, its £325 per person with an option to pay monthly or as a once-off payment of £6025. What makes The House of St Barnabas a shining example to all Members Clubs in Soho is it’s social awareness of London. It provides a solution whilst also creating an affordable hub for people who want the same.


Soho Members Club


Blacks was founded in 1992 by Tom Bantock. It was named Blacks as a contrast from Whites Gentlemens Club. Dean Street is known as a centre of arts & media, which is reflected in the types of people you will meet at Blacks. Applications to this Soho Members Club are exclusive to people that showcase extraordinary personality and an infectious interest in others. Blacks is a place to relax, discuss and play. Its moody décor and classic furniture set the scene as the traditional Georgian town house windows flood light into the large rooms. These rooms can be hired out privately for bespoke events where they will create menu’s specifically suited to your audience and you can choose the room to match the mood.

The classic Georgian town house was built by the apprentice of architect Sir Christopher Wren who built St Paul’s Cathedral. Since then it has been home to Charles Fortnum of Fortnum & Mason. Blacks also used to be home to a supper club in the 18th Century to innovators of art and it wishes to retain that same feel where conversation frequents topics of wine, fashion and art. It is also a place to bring your dog to sit in front of the open fires while you dine and relax with friends. The menu at this renowned Members Club in Soho is known for being seasonal and fresh. The food is traditional English cuisine and rib eye steak with thick cut chips and chimichurri comes highly recommended or the vegetarian option of mushroom & Butternut Wellington.

Blacks is treasured as an iconic Soho Members Club and this partly due to its prime Dean Street location and the precious history surrounding the building itself. To be a part of the action it is £525 per person or £300 per head for under 30s, accompanied with a joining fee of £250.


Soho Members Club


Set in a 270 year old Soho town house, The Union Club is a cherished, all-embracing and authentic space. The club opened in September 1993 by an ex North Sea oil rigger; and by chefs, Pete Cross and Carolyn Dawson. The team salvaged the semi derelict property and turned it into a reputable Soho Members Club. Union Club has grown through its infancy and is now 26 year old. In 2015 the club expanded into a 4 story warehouse space next door and has created more versatile space for private event hire as well as a wedding venue.

Gracing the building is a sweet spot of sun and a roof terrace, perfect for midday lunch in the sun or evening drinks with friends. The Union Club has a passion for wine with three in-house wine specialists. They also champion their wine passion with regular wine-pairing hosted events. Executive chef Carolyn and head chef Hamish make everything fresh on-site, including pasta, bread, cakes, tarts and puddings. Carolyn’s background is homely modern English cooking delivered with flair. From Soho to Kew Gardens market, The Union have a place in the market regularly where they serve soups, salads and tarts so that their public can get a taste for what the club holds. This fine Members Club Soho establishment also showcases their food talent at the Soho Food Feast which is a community event supporting the local schools. For private functions and events, classic catering can be provided. To be a part of The Union the standard membership starts at £600pa or £50pm or for the under 30’s its £420pa or £35pm.


Soho Members Club


Soho House is a collective of two houses in London, the Dean St location and Greek St. The local membership includes both London locations.

On the top floor of the Dean Street site is the library bar and live music space. This Soho Members Club is fashioned with classic English style and charm. Other rooms are the Club Bar; an elegant place for all-day eating and drinking with an adjoining terrace. Another spectacular room is the Club Red with terracotta walls and traditional looking armchairs. The Club Green room is perfect for meetings and socialising. Then the Club Blue room; an intimate spot to relax and socialise. Club Yellow is the show stopper with views overlooking Dean Street and the House Kitchen. The room has a large open kitchen surrounded by stools so you can watch and maybe learn a thing or two from the front row seats. The cuisine is Modern British and complements the quintessential British interiors. An additional room open to members is The sitting room. It is filled with vintage sofas, antiques and contemporary British art. The Drawing room is the heart of this prestigious Soho Members Club with its luxurious bar and lounge spaces, perfect for meetings and time with friends. It is adorned with classic banqueting and gorgeous features, including a fireplace and fantastic chandelier.

It is rare that any central London location has an outdoor area, at the Soho House there is an outdoor courtyard with luxury seating. It also has a Courtyard cafe which serves both coffee and cocktails depending on the time of day. In the basement there is an intimate cinema room, with 43 velvet chairs and foot rests and next door there is the cinema bar.

Soho House Members Club is for people working in the creative industries which is reflected in their dress code. We love that the local membership gives access to both London clubs in Dean St and Greek St, for £1030 per person or £520pa for under 27’s. For access to Soho Houses across the world, membership is £1700pa & £950 for U27’s + one off joining fee of £250 or £450.


Soho Members Club


Quo Vadis is a restaurant and Private Members Club on the reputable Dean Street in Soho. Quo Vadis was founded in 1926 and the building itself had an usual history – once a notorious Soho brothel and in the mid 19th century it was also the home of Karl Marx , the philosopher and socialist. Later in life the building was found in the hands of Italian Pepino Leoni who gave 26-29 Dean Street its name. In its lifetime it has also been owned by Marco Pierre White – an acclaimed chef – and now Sam and Eddie Hart, who are also the owners of the Spanish Barrafina restaurants across London. They have brought class and elegance to each establishment.

Their reputation for excellent food is upheld in the Quo Vadis restaurant too. Whilst the Hart brothers specialise in Spanish cuisine Quo Vadis’ menu is notably English cuisine with their specialities of a pie of the day, fish and chips and luxury slices of veal. They also have a pre-theatre set menu available for just £21 for two courses. The light pours in through colourful stained glass windows into a natural setting of wooden floors and white linen tables in the restaurant. In the rest of this particular Members Club in Soho there are rich navy lounge areas to enjoy an Old Fashioned or a glass of Chardonnay – there are sporadic pops of colour throughout the Georgian townhouse. Being in the heart of Soho there is always something going on. At Quo Vadis they have an array of events including LGBTQ+ DJ’s and the Negroni Championships. The most popular membership options at Quo Vadis range from their full membership for £550 a year and the under 30’s at £350 + £150 joining fee.


Soho Members Club


Library sits on St Martin’s Lane in Soho. With its central location its merely a stones throw away from all the action taking place in the city. This Soho Members Club is compromised of the Arboretum -which works in partnership with Library – and has shared work spaces as well as boardrooms and meeting rooms for business, a fine-dining restaurant, plant based deli, and a pizzeria. Library boasts 5 bars including a retro speak-easy basement – a hub for entertainment. Lots of private members club are now featuring fitness and well-being studios and introducing classes and Library even has meditation pods which sound divine. Library members have 20% off the boutique hotel rooms they have available which is great for members and non members, non members will get a temporary membership for the duration of their stay.

With the Library membership you’ll get a lot of value, its not just entry to the seven storey building that you’re paying for. Library have a members networking and events programme, complimentary theatre tickets, access to reciprocal clubs around the world and international events and benefits too. This exclusive Members Club in Soho gives members complimentary library books to keep them busy on their downtime. The annual cost is £1100 for the full membership or £700 for the under 30’s for year 1 which drops to £450 for the renewal in year 2, but if you want to check out the Library just for the day they have an option for that too! Just £30 to use all the facilities here.

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The Best Restaurants in the City of London

May 30, 2019 Capital A List – Celebrity club news


Capital A List Membership includes access to exclusive clubs and bars, and priority restaurant bookings in addition to many other benefits. For more information please visit Capital A List Membership.


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London’s thriving restaurant culture is globally acclaimed and showcases a variety of sophisticated interior designs that create the perfect backdrop for the finest cuisine. With a diverse array of options to choose from, Capital A List will illuminate the best restaurants in the city of London.


The Best Restaurants in the City of London


Perched on the 38th and 39th floors of the Heron Tower is Sushi Samba City – a natural and chic dining oasis most famous for its intercontinental fusion of Japanese, Brazillian, and Peruvian cuisine. It soars above the rest with one of Europe’s highest outdoor dining terraces. Its sky-high 360 panoramic views of London make this restaurant one of the best in the city of London. Its earth-to-sky motif is also embodied in its floor-to-ceiling windows, offering great views for guests that prefer to enjoy the beauty of Sushi Samba’s inside restaurant. The interiors evoke the colours, feelings and atmosphere of Brazil’s annual Carnival celebration. The space is brightly lit with signature mango, red, lime, and gold colours. Its bamboo latticed ceilings draped in lights and living plants offset the whimsy of the bright colours and imbue the space with a natural and calm ambiance.

Sushi Samba has two outposts in London, including its City and Covent Garden restaurants and international sites in Miami, Las Vegas, and Amsterdam. Each fuses Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian style and cuisine to be evocative of bustling cities like Sao Paulo, where this cultural assimilation blossoms in all aspects. As a starter, the crispy taquitos are an excellent small plate to share between two people. One of our favourites was the yellowtail made with avocado and roasted corn miso. They have a raw selection that champions their Japanese influence. Their £15 Tuna dish is delicious and comes with pomegranate, maiz morado, wasabi peas, and basil. The perfect main dish for a big celebration is their £129 Japanese wagyu ishiyaki. It requires 48 hours’ notice and is one of the highest quality Kobe beef extravagantly served from a steaming hot stone with dipping sauces and pickled plums.

While overlooking the awe-inspiring London skyline, enjoy a £14 Samba Sour, a modern twist on a traditional Pisco Sour. If cocktails do not tickle your fancy, the central sushi bar also offers an extensive wine and sake list.

Sushi Samba is one of the best restaurants in the City of London for fusion cuisine. It combines Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian cuisine effortlessly and illustrates this integration in its design, music, and atmosphere. It exudes the utmost sophistication and class and should be counted as a top choice for any celebration.


The Best Restaurants in the City of London


Duck & Waffle is known for its playful approach to everything from its cuisine and operating hours to its ambiance. It blends the aesthetics of London’s glorious views from the 40th Floor of the Heron Tower with award-winning architecture by the acclaimed CetraRuddy. It is one the best restaurants in the city of London as it delivers luxurious dining experiences with an injection of fun, and its unusual 24-hour dining typifies this. Guests can expect to be welcomed through the doors to soak in the morning sunrise and watch the evening colours soften as the sun slowly sets in the evening.

This city of London dining treasure strikes the perfect balance between formality and modernity in its design. Traditional materials, including polished white marble, ceramic tiles, and faux distressed wood, are enlivened by a contemporary theme of stainless steel and frosted glass.

Duck & Waffle also takes an atypical and fun approach to its menu, showcasing why this is considered one of our top choices for the best restaurants in London. It is designed for sampling and sharing plates making the jovial atmosphere between guests the focal experience! The cuisine is traditional British with an unexpected twist of European influence. Ingredients are sourced locally and seasonally; showcasing Duck & Waffles’ ethos of luxury dining. The all-day menu is simply delightful, with a selection of snacks, freshly baked bread, small plates, and table meals. We recommend selecting their £45 whole roasted corn-fed chicken suitably for groups of 2-3. It comes with ratte potatoes, summer greens, and herbs. Another great choice is their colossal chateaubriand. It is 700g and is perfect for small groups of three with its delicious choice of chimichurri, green peppercorn, Roquefort, and wood sorrel sauces. The table meals are mostly sharing plates and embody Duck & Waffle’s attitude of creating a homely destination where fun, luxury, and festivity collide beautifully.


The Best Restaurants in the City of London


Tucked just on the outskirts of the bustling Liverpool street lies Canto Corvino – the third luxury restaurant the iconic Manicomio Restaurant group opened. Canto Corvino is authentically Italian in its cuisine, but its design is inspired by the wonderful history of its Spitalfields location. The interior has a warehouse and industrial aesthetic to draw on the trading heritage of Spitalfields. The hard and rustic design elements are offset by romantic pieces that imbue the space with the right amount of warmth and elegance. Corvino effortlessly balances hard and soft, catering for formal corporate clientèle whilst still creating the ultimate dining destination for joyous celebrations. This consideration for all types of clientèle makes it one of the best restaurants in the city of London.

Canto Corvino means ‘a song of raven’, and the harmonious connotation is encapsulated in the central bar area, which wraps around the space and dazzles with bold and ornate colouring. Guests are sure to be drawn to the bar, as they would a beautiful song and the dapper mixologists are always on hand to whip up some fantastic classic cocktails and their master creations. The fluidity between the central bar and the rest of the space makes Canto Corvino one of the best restaurants in the City of London.

Acclaimed Tom Salt helms the kitchen and has designed breakfast, lunch, light bites, aperitivo, dinner, and weekend brunches menus. As it’s a traditional Italian restaurant, one can expect to find delicious mains of pasta, meat, and fish. Traditional pasta dishes are modernised elegantly. The decadent Lobster Ravioli is one of our favourites and comes with fresh lime leaves and dashes of ginger, chili, and garlic. The meat and fish dishes are either prepared on a natural wood charcoal grill or in a clay oven. The charcoal grill gives off rustic flavours reminiscent of traditional Italian cooking. One of our favourites was a classic chicken dish with aubergine, wild garlic, and saffron Panzanella. For guests that desire an excellent steak, Canto Corvino will not disappoint with its rump, sirloin, and ribeye selection that has been dry-aged for 65 days! No meal would be complete without a dessert – Canto Corvino has a delicious array of Tiramisu, homemade ice creams and sorbets, and cheese boards to fill any gap.


The Best Restaurants in the City of London


On the ground floor of the historical Lloyds Bank building lives Hispania – a restaurant that embodies Spain’s vibrant lifestyle, design, and gastronomy. Hispania is one of the best restaurants in London, partly due to the spectacular interiors designed by the acclaimed interior designer and antique dealer Lorenzo Castillo. He has succeeded in designing a Spanish emporium where every inch showcases both the subtle and bold beauty of Spanish design.

Hispania is luxurious with its spacious and lofty ceilings and two floors joined by a sweeping and palatial marble staircase. Designer Castillo mixes the whimsical Spanish style reflected in its geometric floor tiling with more traditional bank features nodding to the history of the venue. This juxtaposition between patterned Spanish design with the formality of Victorian-esque features, including the ornate steel pillars peppered throughout, helps create an easy and fun climate of fine dining.

The menu is devised by award-winning chef Marcos Moran, who believes in offering his guests only the most authentic Spanish experience. He is part of a culinary dynasty with his family having run the renowned Michelin-starred restaurant Casa Gerardo for five generations. His natural flair and professional experiences have given him the freedom to be creative and understand the value of the quality of the ingredients. On the menu, Spanish classics include delicious ham croquettes and octopus carpaccio made with a famous “fabada” – a unique bean stew with chorizo and black pudding. Another classic is the Salmorejo – a tomato soup mixed with bread, dry tuna, grapes, and black rice with cuttlefish and prawns. Each bite reflects Hispania’s care and love for Spain and its food-loving culture. This simple yet powerful underlying ethos towards its cuisine, service, and style makes it one of the best restaurants in the city of London.

At the bar, guests can experience the tradition of Madrid’s great classic bars through both the Spanish design and the classic drinks. Wines are sourced especially from the most revered vineyards in Spain’s most traditional wine areas. Guests do not need to travel to the traditional Rioja, Galicia, and Ribera, to name a few, but are instead given a taste of their wonderful Spanish culture and wines right at the glorious Hispania.


The Best Restaurants in the City of London


With picturesque views of St Paul’s, Madison is a modern and sociable “Manhattan style” rooftop bar and restaurant that is the perfect place for almost any occasion. With umbrellas, heaters, and cosy sofas, Madison provides comfort all year round. It is one of the best restaurants in the city of London, and it is advised to book in advance as it can get rather busy, particularly during the summer months.

With prices ranging from £35 to £55 per person, you will be spoilt for choice from their range of British/European options. From the Madison triple duck burger to the lobster roll or perhaps a lighter option from a wide variety of vibrant salads, you will surely find something that takes your fancy. They are open for brunch, lunch, and dinner, so Madison has got you covered whether you want a daytime bite to eat with friends or some after-work dinner and cocktails.

Over the weekends, an encore to their standard Friday night DJ, they host Soul Sundays with the talented resident DJ Dee Ayaji Trio playing the funkiest beats. Sundays wouldn’t be complete without a roast, offering three courses with all the trimmings and half a bottle of wine for £38 per person.

Overall, with the city views, attentive service, fantastic music, and flavorsome food, Madison is an excellent choice for one of the best restaurants in the city of London.


The Best Restaurants in the City of London


M Threadneedle Street is an award-winning grill restaurant in the heart of London, which also features a wine-tasting room, cocktail bar, and private members’ lounge. Precision and taste come to mind, which is not surprising when the executive chef of M’s is Michael Reid, who was Le Gavroche and Ramsey trained. Known for serving the finest cuts of steak from around the world, including Argentina, France, Japan, and the US, they also have a superb wine list to complement each dish.

Prices range from £19.50 for an Argentinian rump steak to £75 for a Blackmore Waygu sirloin cut. To tingle your taste buds further, add a topping such as foie gras and a selection of sauces, including Maytag blue cheese or black garlic aioli. Although seen as a traditional steakhouse, they also offer a delicious sake-marinated black cod and spring green risotto, which would appeal to almost all vegetarians. Featured in the UK’s 15 healthiest restaurants in Epicure magazine, the range of breakfast options will meet the needs of the health-conscious among us.

The interior as you walk in is modern, stylish, and contemporary, providing a suitable ambiance for group dining, business meetings, or even a romantic setting. As the winner of Best London bar and Grill 2017, M’s restaurant will not disappoint steak lovers and is classified as one of the best restaurants in the city of London.


The Best Restaurants in the City of London


Stylish and simplistic, reminiscent of a Taipei tea house, Yauatcha is brought to you by the man responsible for the Wagamama and Busuba Eathai chains. After the success of Yauatcha Soho, another branch was opened in the city just by Liverpool Street station. This is superb Cantonese food with an influence of European culinary techniques.

Specialising in Dim Sum, there is a wide variety of delicious mouth-watering options on offer, including scallop shui mai (£10), char siu bun (£6), or wagyu beef puff (£12). Or try one of their rich, intense noodles, such as braised yangchun noodles with roast duck (£16). Their extensive tea lists from light to robust, so you can experience the taste of some different flavors than usual. Their Asian-infused cocktail menu will make you want to stay for drinks. These are not your average cocktails, whether you want something fruity and fresh such as a pink and tonic, or perhaps something intense and complex, like an Asian daiquiri.

It is a popular restaurant choice amongst those working in the city, making it one of the best restaurants in London. With additional seating outside for the summer evenings, you will not be let down by this hotspot.


The Best Restaurants in the City of London


Angler, a Michelin-starred restaurant on the top of South Place Hotel in Moorgate, focuses on producing sustainable seafood from British waters. Paying attention to the presentation of the plates, Gary Foulkes prides himself on bringing the best ingredients for seafood lovers but also doesn’t neglect both meat and vegetarian dishes. This is truly phenomenal modern British dining and typifies what it means to be one of the best restaurants in the City of London.

The success of Angler is due to his experience working in Michelin-starred restaurants for over 20 years. And it is no wonder he is dedicated to only showing the best standards of food as he started his career under the supervision of Gary Rhodes and then went on to work for many more chefs successful in their own right, such as John Campbell at the Vineyard at Stockcross.

Although the menu is not extensive and the portions are small, the food is innovative and tasteful. For starters, the monkfish with blood orange, taramasalata, and Greek basil (£16) has a full-bodied aroma. For mains, we suggest trying Newlyn cod with new-season garlic, morels, and line-caught squid (£36). Or if you are struggling to decide as they all sound inviting, the tasting menu starting at £70 per person, features some delectable dishes, such as rabbit cannelloni with Scottish langoustine, morels, and black garlic. Angle also boasts an impressive wine and cocktail menu.

The interior is sophisticated with plush salmon sofas, mirrored walls and ceilings, and white table linen. As well as offering elegant warm fine dining service, they are no stranger to hosting the best rooftop terrace parties with live DJs during the summer. With a lively atmosphere and the best music, it is also a great place for groups and comes in strong as one of our top picks for the best restaurants in the city of London.


The Best Restaurants in the City of London


Bravas Tapas serves a selection of dishes, whether it be meat and poultry, seafood, or vegetarian, you will taste a range of rich Spanish and Mediterranean flavors full of intensity. Located on St Katherine Dock, this independent restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the city of London as it is dedicated to bringing a relaxed environment with Spanish rustic décor to give that mood of real authenticity. You will be sure to get authentic Spanish food because the chef that brings you this delicious menu is Victor Garvey, an American chef who previously worked in Spain, and also Bal Thind, a restaurateur, and investor in Hakkasan.

Prices are reasonable, and as tapas, your taste buds can sample a bit of everything. On the menu, they have foie gras, which has a rich buttery flavor and comes with bellota ham, cherries, and homemade brioche (£11). The fresh salmon “rulada” with shoestring potato finished with a spicy citrus garnish (£9) has a fresh tangy taste and crisp texture when you bite into it. You will adore the distinctive array of flavors within each dish. It wouldn’t be a proper Spanish/Mediterranean feast without sangria, or the other range of cocktails available.

The service is attentive with a smile but not intrusive. It has a great lively atmosphere in the evenings and is perfect for meeting up with groups of friends. We think this is the place if you want to experience something with more cultural settings without breaking the bank.


The Best Restaurants in the City of London


Located next to Tower Bridge, Coppa Club Tower Bridge is considered one of the best restaurants in the city of London and is the place to unwind and watch the world go by on the terrace. The menu features versatile European food and offers small sharing plates or mains. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, fussy eaters will not leave hungry. There is something for everyone, whether it is pizza, pasta, meat, or salad. The kiln-smoked salmon on sourdough tastes fresh and divine. Or the courgette fritti is fantastic with the paprika flavors. The choice of wines, beers, and classic cocktails is not limited and is carefully selected. Coppa Club is excellent value for money, and mains range from £7.95 to £18.45.

Experience the cozy, heated arctic-inspired glass igloos on the terrace during the cold days of winter and make yourself comfortable with the sheepskin rugs and warm blankets provided. The gentle lighting and soothing music add the perfect touch. Booking is strongly advised for this remarkable dinner setting which can fit up to 10 people. If you are not lucky enough to be seated in the calm relaxing settings of the igloos, then don’t be put off because the seating inside still accommodates a vibrant ambiance. With the long glass windows, you can still look across and take advantage of the city sights illuminated.


The Best Restaurants in the City of London


La Tagliata City is a sophisticated and calm Italian restaurant located on Liverpool Street, with its modest surroundings, it has been open since 2014. It is a top choice for the best restaurants in the city of London due to its commitment to providing the freshest ingredients to create traditional dishes; your taste buds will be tingling with excitement. The owners, Carlo, Lorenzo, and head chef Antonio Tonelli take influence from their childhood memories and traditions, bringing you a real taste of Italian food. What is also impeccable about La Tagliata City is that everything from the bread, sauces, and pasta is homemade from ingredients delivered fresh in the morning.

Each week there will be a few different dishes as the chef likes to bring something unique to the menu. If you are fortunate enough to visit during truffle season, you may get to taste this delicious Italian delicacy embellished on your dish.

For starters, we suggest trying the fresh homemade bread (£4) and tuna tartar with avocados, strawberries, and lemon juice (£11.50). The tuna tastes so fresh in your mouth you will be gasping for your next bite. The selection of pasta is so exhilarating it is easy to be indecisive. For an Italian classic, the linguine alla carbonara (£13) is perfect with the strong but not overpowering aromas of the guanciale and pecorino cheese. Pastas can also be ordered as a small plate if you want to opt for one of the meat or fish dishes. Their carefully handpicked wine list will not disappoint true wine lovers. If you have saved room for dessert, you must try the tiramisu (£7). The rich intense flavours of the espresso coffee and the crunchy savoiardi biscuits will impress those of you with a sweet tooth.

Guests are treated with exceptional service and pride themselves on bringing you a welcoming experience. The interior is smart and simple, with Italian artwork on the wall it gives you a homely feel. If you want real homemade comfort food with authenticity, look no further than this example of one of the best restaurants in London.


The Best Restaurants in the City of London


A short walk from Tower Bridge, you will find Café Spice Namaste, a family-run Indian restaurant that strives to produce the best Indian flavors mastered by Cyrus Todiwala, the man behind this well-known establishment. Located in a 19th-century former courthouse, they want to give guests a heartedly welcome, hence the word “namaste”. Born and raised in Bombay, Cyrus has embarked on a journey that has given him the culinary skills and knowledge today that has satisfied the pallet of royalty, presidents, and celebrities alike.

It is one of the best restaurants in the city of London, as it isn’t your average Indian restaurant serving the typical dishes such as korma or tikka masala that you would usually order. It’s completely different. It has a special touch. Cyrus aims to bring to you a new approach to Indian cuisine. The Goan prawn curry (£20), for example, has a sweet coconut taste but with a medium spice. Or, if you want something less spicy, opt for the Malabar chicken curry served with saffron rice (£19). As you immerse yourself in these deep flavours, you will realise you haven’t experienced real Indian food until you came here. Also on the menu is a range of small and big sharing plates if there is a group of you who want to be adventurous. Another option is the tasting menu starting from £40 per person.

The décor is rather bright with green and yellow drapes across coloured pane glass windows. With white table linen and blue upholstery chairs, you get a real Indian vibe. Popular amongst city workers, this is one of the best restaurants in the city of London that you ought to try.


The Best Restaurants in the City of London


If you love Thai food, try one of the best restaurants in the city of London, Som Saa – it will take you to another level of this cuisine. Andy Oliver, who is primarily known for appearing on the 2009 series of Masterchef, delivers authentic modern Thai cooking. We suggest the Thai-style fried chicken leg with crispy garlic (£8.75), which is flavorsome with a crispy texture, and then delve into something more classic with a twist like the massaman curry of cornish duck leg with quince (£14.50). The tantalizing aromas of the dishes are to die for, not to mention the vibrant colours of the presentation. Their cocktail list is enticing with their hard-to-find Thai ingredients. The dragon’s milk is sweet and full of richness with the coffee liqueur. Or if you prefer something sharper, then the Muay Thai kick is the one. They also have an excellent range of wines to pair with your food.

It is smart but simple inside with rustic oak tables and chairs. The staff is helpful and accommodating. Prices are reasonable considering the quality and precision of the dishes, and you won’t find Thai food as good as this anywhere else in London.


In the heart of Notting Hill, the Ledbury is one of London’s most esteemed and well-regarded restaurants. This Michelin-starred restaurant offers modern European cuisine with a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients. Chef Brett Graham and his team beautifully present and expertly prepare dishes.

The interior of The Ledbury is sleek and sophisticated. It has warm wood tones and elegant lighting, creating a welcoming and intimate atmosphere. The restaurant boasts an extensive wine list, carefully curated by the knowledgeable sommelier to complement the dishes.

The menu at The Ledbury changes regularly to reflect the seasons and availability of the freshest ingredients. However, some signature dishes have become synonymous with the restaurant. For example, the flame-grilled mackerel with smoked eel, Celtic mustard, and shiso has become a firm favorite with diners. Other standout dishes include the roast quail with pickled blackberries and foie gras and the poached turbot with mussel cream, grilled leeks, and caviar.

The Ledbury is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for exceptional modern European cuisine in London. The attentive service, stunning presentation, and remarkable flavors are sure to impress even the most discerning diners.

Core by Clare Smyth, located in the fashionable neighborhood of Notting Hill, is a two-Michelin-starred restaurant that has quickly become a culinary destination in London. The founder of the place is Clare Smyth, a renowned chef who previously worked at the three-Michelin-starred Restaurant Gordon Ramsay.

The restaurant’s name reflects Smyth’s culinary philosophy: to create dishes that focus on the core ingredients, allowing their natural flavors to shine. The menu at Core by Clare Smyth is modern British, featuring seasonal produce sourced from small, local farms.

The restaurant’s interior is elegant and understated, with a neutral color palette and contemporary design. The main dining room is spacious with natural light. The kitchen is open and visible to diners, adding an extra element of excitement to the dining experience.

The menu at Core by Clare Smyth changes frequently, but some standout dishes have become signature offerings. The Loch Duart salmon with avocado, kohlrabi, and wasabi is a beautiful and flavorful dish that perfectly balances the richness of the salmon with the fresh, crisp flavors of the vegetables. The roasted duck with cherries, turnips, and black garlic is another highlight, with the tender, succulent meat perfectly complemented by the sweetness of the cherries.

The service at Core by Clare Smyth is attentive and knowledgeable, with the staff providing detailed explanations of each dish and the ingredients used. The restaurant is an exceptional dining experience showcasing the best modern British cuisine in an elegant and welcoming atmosphere.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, located in the prestigious Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, is a two-Michelin-starred restaurant that offers a unique and innovative dining experience. Historical British recipes inspire the restaurant’s menu, reinterpreted with a modern twist by Chef Director Ashley Palmer-Watts, in collaboration with famed chef Heston Blumenthal.

The restaurant’s interior is sleek and modern, with clean lines and contemporary design elements. The dining room’s centerpiece is a large, open kitchen, where diners can watch as a skilled team of chefs expertly prepares their meals.

The menu at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal features a range of dishes that draw inspiration from different periods of British history. The signature dish is the Meat Fruit, a visually stunning and delicious appetizer that consists of a chicken liver parfait coated in mandarin jelly, shaped to look like a mandarin. Other standout dishes include the roasted quail with confit lemon and grilled onion and the slow-cooked short rib of beef with smoked anchovy and onion puree.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal is an exceptional dining experience that combines historical inspiration with modern techniques and flavors. The restaurant’s attention to detail, innovative menu, and expertly prepared dishes make it a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a truly exceptional dining experience in London.

Gymkhana is an Indian restaurant in the upscale neighborhood of Mayfair in London. The restaurant’s name comes from the popular gymkhana clubs during the British Raj, and the interior design reflects the colonial Indian atmosphere of the time.

The history of Gymkhana dates back to 2013, when chef Karam Sethi wanted to showcase the diverse and complex flavors of Indian cuisine in a modern and upscale setting. Since then, the restaurant has become one of the most popular Indian restaurants in London, with a menu that blends traditional Indian flavors with modern techniques.

The menu at Gymkhana features a range of dishes inspired by different regions of India. Some standout dishes include the tandoori masala lamb chops, with yogurt, ginger, and cumin marinate and tandoor oven cooking, and the butter chicken curry, a rich and flavorful dish favorite among diners. The restaurant is also famous for its excellent selection of kebabs, biryanis, and bread, all expertly prepared and flavorful.

The interior of Gymkhana is elegant and sophisticated, with dark wood paneling, brass accents, and plush leather seating. The atmosphere is lively and bustling, with an open kitchen that allows diners to watch as the chefs expertly prepare each dish. Gymkhana is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for exceptional Indian cuisine in London. The restaurant’s commitment to quality ingredients, expert preparation, and beautiful presentation make it a standout choice.

The Clove Club, located in the trendy neighborhood of Shoreditch, is a modern British restaurant that has quickly become one of London’s most highly regarded dining destinations. The restaurant is in a converted Victorian townhouse, with an intimate dining room that features exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and elegant decor.

The menu at The Clove Club centers around seasonal British ingredients, with an emphasis on creative and innovative flavor combinations. Diners can choose from a range of tasting menus, which change frequently to reflect the best of each season. Some standout dishes include the hand-dived scallop with cucumber and dill, the aged beef with mushroom and watercress, and the buttermilk pudding with strawberry and olive oil.

The service at The Clove Club is exceptional, with the knowledgeable and attentive staff providing detailed explanations of each dish and the ingredients used. The restaurant also offers an impressive wine list, with a focus on natural and biodynamic wines that pair perfectly with the menu.

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The Most Exclusive Bars In London

April 26, 2019 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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Capital A List is your guide to finding the most exclusive bars in London that typify luxury, sophistication, and elegance. Our selection encompasses the thriving bar scene in the most sought-after London locations; Mayfair and Chelsea.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


Within the heart of the exclusive Dorchester hotel lies a unique, hidden treasure -- one of the most exclusive bars in London.
China Tang Bar brings the stunning opulence and whimsy of the Eastern past to Mayfair. Visitors are invited to enter a special corner of 1930's Shanghai - with a classical menu, live Jazz entertainment, and art-deco interiors first envisioned by China's Tang's founder and highly regarded Romantic, Sir David Tang.

The poetry is in the details. Tang's predilection for artistic flair shines throughout the venue with sweeping, dark-wood panel flooring and delicate glass entryways that reveal the dazzling puzzle-box architecture of the various dining rooms. While you relax and take in the abundance of light and bold murals behind the bar, some of London's best and brightest mixologists whip up the flavors once exclusive to the long ago and far away. The drinks are as richly transportive as the setting - with an abundance of Japanese whiskies. For the adventurous: showstoppers like the Hong Kong Glory cocktail are made to savor -- invoking long nights on the verdant slopes overlooking China's most vibrant city with the sharp bite of citrus overlaying its bourbon base.
Multimdimentiality defines the special enjoyment to be found at this remarkable bar; straddling two cities, two eras -- the ornate legacy of urban Shanghai and the exciting possibility of modern London -- and fashioning the best from both. This makes China Tang one of London's most exclusive bars and a unique place to visit.

With the boom of the 30s in mind, decadence is the exclusive focus of the bar: from the sprawling, carpeted enfolds of the private dining rooms -- Ping, Pang, and Pong, respectively -- that hold both private and corporate social bookings -- to the sheer indulgence of its dessert platter of yuzu ganache available to order for anyone seeking a bite of something unparalleled throughout the rest of Mayfair.

Although it has the gravitas of an especially exclusive hideaway -- China Tang graciously welcomes guests to the bar on a walk-in, no-reservations basis; so you'll be baring witness to one of the most exclusive bars in London, and one of the most evocative locations in the city, without the hassle.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


Unpretentious - but exclusive. Simplistic but exceptional. This is the delightful paradox of Fulham's best club, late-night bar, and restaurant.

Little Blue Door is bigger, better, and more thrillingly ambitious than its name implies. What has since become the most exclusive bar in London's Fulham was originated by a young group of flatmates for their own enjoyment, the club and its founders have since embraced the elite dining experience -- marrying five-star food, mesmerizing live music sets and incredible Barmanship with the low-key vibes of the inner-city. A multitude of exclusive VIP flourishes will be brought to what feels like one's very own front door -- with the club's generous anointing of '(flat) mates rates to the price of everything from the classic Gin and Tonic to a hearty gourmet helping of steak and chips or oysters, depending of the day of the week.

This club makes an art form of enjoying the finest things in life without losing an ounce of integrity. "Just knock" is the motto, and once you have knocked, you will be welcome into a variety of cocktails, dinner parties, bottomless brunches, or a superlative roast -- not to mention the extravagant house parties.
Located just a short way from Putney Bridge, once inside The Little Blue Door, guests will find that the homely furnishing does not belay the elite quality of the club but, in fact, enhances it, keeping it one of the most exclusive bars in London.

Classy house decor is creatively stylized to push comfort to the forefront of any evening. Punk-decorative art adorns the walls, and warm hue-colors fill the rooms overlooking Fulham's iconic streets. The dining areas are kitted with cottage-kitchen seats and wall-length benches that work a charm to make the diners within feel like this unrivaled club's nonpareil community.
This top location masterfully cuts to the heart and soul of what diners, dancers, and revelers alike want from the exclusive London experience: high energy, expertly mixed drinks, great food, and most importantly, unique memories. Little is more unprecedented or wonderful than tucking into upmarket luxuries such as the bream and sourdough "Fish + Chip" main course or the chef's popular and thoroughly opulent caramel chocolate fondant (found on the menu under "The best f**king chocolate pudding"). The sharing decanters of cocktails and "bubbles" and the special selection from the flatmates' exclusive "stash" of rum and gin-based drink options will be perfect for anyone looking to turn their lavish dinner into a lascivious night dancing in the house library.

With no limit on the luxuries guests can find behind the blue door, visitors will fall back into a time of youth, friendship, freedom, and excitement -- treated like an honorary mainstay of London's most exclusive, popular party house. Little Blue Door is the best, most exclusive bar in London for all those with a voracious hunger for life and laughter that matches their appetite for exclusive dinner options

The Most Exclusive Bars in London


Meanwhile, British tradition gets revamped and rejuvenated in The Wigmore, an exclusive bar and pub that has dazzled Regent Street's inhabitants since its first appearance.
Winner of the 2019 Diner's Choice Award, The Wigmore stands just off Oxford Street as one of the most exclusive bars in London and the perfect place to rest weary shopper's feet. An Interior exclusively imagined for the one-of-a-kind venue by Martin Brudnizki's Design studio sees the kineticism of London captured in one majestic structure. The Alehouse of the city's history meets urban; with marble surfaces, polished tap systems boasted by the bar, and eclectic patterning teeming underfoot with lush rug work and wood tiling. Luminescent green walls and plum cushioning sit in stunning formation in the outpouring of light from the plentiful windows. Additional outside seating here at one of the most exclusive bars in London means that daylight is not only invited but incorporated into the foundation of the structure -- making this fantastic eatery the best stop to linger and simmer amidst the heat and bustle of summer in the city.

Under the radiant watch of optical bulb chandeliers and at the hands of an elite drinks team, guests can sample award-winning re-workings of the best British beverages and recipes. Shandie' hop-tail cocktails' such as the renowned Tavern Bloody Mary, set the senses sizzling for summer, with Guinness kicked up a notch by the accompanying mixer of the spirit of the broadside. And if guests, while at the bar, happen to catch a craving for sophisticated twists on the British pub menu? Then the Masala spiced scotch eggs or stove top three cheese and mustard toasties, amongst other ingenious delicacies, should satisfy all.

Courtesy of the club's exclusive private rooms, guests can enjoy more intimate gatherings or hold court in their own style at The Wigmore's separate bar and sound system. Aptly named, this "Green Room" haven is sure to make its guests feel the true VIPs. Details such as this showcase why The Wigmore is a top bar to find some reprieve from the high street -- reminding us of why we love London and the diverse charm of its culture.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


Elsewhere, exclusive restaurant Quaglinos has proven unstoppable in its ability to enthuse St. James with soul. A funky Brasserie with passion and joi de vivre in every corner, this upmarket West End bar could not be perfect for music fans and VIP entertainment purveyors.

Guests from far and wide are frequently drawn to one of the most exclusive bars in London and the most spectacular Nightlife Calendar. An endless torrent of stars has shown center-stage, from American songstress Cece Peniston to UK's The Voice winner Jermain Jackson. And with new guests gracing the bar's iconic 'soul Sundays every week, the thrill of new discoveries -- and the palpable magic of dining and jiving a mere breadth away from premier live talent -- never fails to elevate evenings at Quaglinos.

This special West End brasserie is joyously and meticulously dedicated to its theme. Inspired by the musicality of its location, the menu itself -- peerlessly conceptualized by Nuno Gonclaves -- seeks to provide guests with a top-of-the-range sensory experience. A unique disco brunch, with set prices starting from less than thirty-three apiece, is sure to make the tastebuds sing -- catering with holistic pleasure in mind by combining the music of the night with the perfect accompanying flavors. Hallmarks such as the Glennis Grace peach and nectarine trifle, the Reggae suffused 'Jammin' cocktail with coconut and pineapple cordial, and the inspired blend of Tanqueray and Camomille tea ("London Callins" at the bar) are all exclusively available as part of the top dining experience in the show capital of the world.
The bar's best-made use of vogue mood lighting and cabaret furnishing envelopes the whole evening with a spectacular mystique; a hazy recollection of the elite, glamorous gatherings of the swinging soul era is manifested for guests to savor.

In terms of synthetic experience, unmatched entertainment, and a top club with an exclusive connection to its thrilling theatreland surroundings, Quaglinos is the best bar in London to not just take in but join the show. Image source


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


Rightfully hailed as the best cocktail bar Mayfair has to offer, Manetta's Bar boasts an exclusive opportunity for all those who like to think with their drink.
As one of the elite, lavish locations in London's high-end district, Manetta's joins the ranks of the most exclusive bars in London and yet stands apart as an arbiter not just of material affluence but of cerebral wealth; intellectual indulgence. With stylish sofas to lounge in and philosophize between meals and the bar's exclusive selection of literary-themed drinks, the mind will be boggled, and the senses awed. The Menus' Agathie Christie options, in particular, are genius. As pithy as they are enjoyable --these unrivaled cocktails will ensure you know you're at one of the most interesting bars in London. Try "a tale of Mystery" (Cognac, port, and brown sugar) for yourself and see.

Discreetly High-end, Manetta's bar is astutely aware of itself and its style. Taking from the harbinger of elegance and glamour that is the 1930s, Manetta's continues a gracious legacy of being one of the most exclusive bars in London -- catering to the whims of the elite, the aristocratic, the spectacular ingenue, and the artisans of London's most fascinating cultural decade. The space is filled with a plush, vibrantly shaded interior, and secluded, peaceful lounge areas. In regards to its literary connections, visitors may be forgiven for feeling they have stumbled straight onto the pages of Christie's Orient Express with the sensuality of the surroundings before them.

This is the best bar in London for the sophisticated VIP who wants to savor life. Conscientious clubbers are invited to sample Manetta's distilled Chinese beverage Baijiu range - famed for its exclusive health benefits. Or, simply sit back by the bar and soak in the refined quality of the space, the cultural referencing, and of course, the drinks.
A paradigm of class, somewhere in the borderland between mischief and indulgence -- Manetta's bar keeps everything in mind so its guests, in the end, don't have to.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


From its staggering motif to its ineffable atmosphere of magic and fantasia, Old Street has its very own dark secret. One of the most exclusive bars in London casts a long shadow over all that guests have experienced prior to it: an exclusive restaurant and VIP bar, The Alchemist unashamedly expounds and provokes the old ideas about fine dining and luxury bars as much as it relishes and improves them tenfold.

Boldly situated amongst the art galleries and architecture of London's fine traditions, this high-end rogue brings trickery, witchery, demons, and fantasy into the mix. And yet, this distinctive high-end locale is far from Hellish.

The Alchemist is somehow both one of the most exclusive bars in London and an ineffable, liminal space - closer to dreams than the reality of the work-week. A Gothic venue, it takes statement furnishing to the max -- with ornate luxury seating and treacle-lit, lilting arches. Delicacies throughout the menu are as dramatic as the cavernous interior, embracing the guests in smoke and spices. This head trip marks the perfect underworld to dip into on nights out and weekends away from routine into the exclusive joy of the unknown.
The unrivaled "Molecular madness" of its drinks selection draws upon everything from the city's finest spirits to the higher spirit of madness; at the Alchemist, what is expected is malleable, and what once could only be imagined can be felt firsthand: desserts to drink (Iced Banoffie), drinks for desserts, (Amaretto Gelato), color changing cocktails, Cavier-prosecco concoctions for the wilder foodies and VIP diners, and a Boundless Balearic Brunch on the weekend that truly might just go on forever -- if the madness is to be believed.
Spend the witching hour in style at one of the best bars in London. The Alchemist is iniquitous and irreverent, with champagne foam in its "High Tea" and drinks even served alongside their exclusive "augmented reality" app that sees visitors' glasses come alive with magic light shows at the bar before them.
Superior doesn't always mean safe -- but you may have to see it to believe it. So wander down to London's old street to discover unparalleled mixology and, in one of London's top bars, fall in trouble into luxury.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


Easily found -- at London's capital King's Cross -- but not easily rivaled, the Station Hotel's luxurious Martini Lounge, "Anthracite", stations its guests in elegance and serenity.
Proving one doesn't always have to travel far for one of the best bars in London, The Anthracite welcomes new and old visitors straight from their platforms and into an exclusive city space as quixotic as it is revelatory.

At the Anthracite, the style and comfort of its starring Martini Cocktail are encapsulated throughout the interior. Oozing low-key sophistication, expansive sofas are dotted in circular Lily-pad formations over glamorous dark wood finishes. Long marble-top tables evoke the London tunnels below; tracking alongside the walls where decorative flutes and bottles peer benevolently out at guests through floor-to-ceiling glass, their caps glinting off the lights like twilight strikes an evening train's windows.

To make the interior even more special, the unrivaled work of Gareth Reid -- Old Bailey and National Gallery contributor -- has been specially commissioned for guests of top bar Anthracite to savor: Reid's vivid character pieces fill the exclusive space with life, rendering this VIP lounge not just one of the most exclusive bars in London but a honeypot of culture and humanity amongst the city's top spots.
And on the menu, acclaimed mixologists have accumulated cocktails as artful as the glamorous decor. This is a champion bar for the travelers, observers, and wayfarers - and the drinks exclusively reflect this: Hanky Panky in Budapest (Elephants Gin and Plum), Lost in Translation (Gin, Dragon Fruit, and Johnasson inspired white wine foam), and the commuter's dream Breakfast Martini (orange and marmalade infused to taste) are remarkable specials. For the classic Martini, there remain spirits as didactic and far-reaching as the transport network of King's Cross -- from Beluga to Babicka, Ciroc to Koniks. Guests can even enjoy the exclusive taste of international intrigue (they've indulgently crafted a Bond-esque Vesper Martini) all from this lounge's elite, lavish comfort.

Catering to crowds of up to eighty in the Fireplace private party rooms, or simply the weary and worldly visitor seeking a high-end experience on the cusp of London's open arms -- the Anthracite stands out as one of the most exclusive bars in London and one of best places to see, and -- for a momentary stop -- be.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London

Artesian Bar is the Langham Hotel’s flagship cocktail lounge, offering guests the perfect spot to be surrounded by works of art and taste them in their inventive and refined cocktail list. Artesian Bar was named the Best Bar in The World for four consecutive years from 2012 to 2015, making it one of the most exclusive bars in London. The luxurious high-vaulted ceilings, dark woods, chandeliers, and leather and brass studded furniture transport guests to the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication. This classic and timeless environment is blended with an exciting and dynamic atmosphere created by their innovative approach to their cocktails.

Their cocktail list is aptly named Artesian Moments and changes seasonally to ensure guests always experience something new and exciting. The drinks are inspired by thoughtful themes, its most recent theme being pivotal moments in one’s life. Each cocktail’s flavors, fragrances, and ingredients are associated with key milestones in our lives. Naturally, the First Steps cocktail comprises flavors of milk and banana to reflect one’s formative years. While the First Rode a Bike cocktail fuses a grassy blend of gin with fresh citrus and Gangnam tops to be reminiscent of the fresh scents of the outdoors. The head bartender, Remy Savage, joined Artesian after four years at Paris’ iconic speakeasy, Little Red Door, where he was awarded the title of the World’s Most Imaginative Bartender in 2014. This achievement is definitely showcased in his sublime creation of the latest edition of cocktails in Artesian Moments. What also makes Artesian Bar so elite is its gourmet snax sample evening menu that evokes an array of flavors to compliment the cocktails and its extensive choice of wines and champagnes from around the globe.

Located in the highly sought-after Marylebone, Artesian Bar combines thought-provoking cocktail creations with an environment oozing quintessential luxury.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


Exclusivity is synonymous with Shochu Lounge, which is discreetly tucked away in the basement of the iconic Japanese Roka restaurant on Charlotte Street. It is one of the most exclusive bars in London and epitomizes the Roka style of luxury and extravagance with its vibrant and futuristic murals as well as with its flowering indoor blossoms. It showcases the best of Japan’s drinking culture with its handcrafted wooden bar lined with bottles of its namesake as well as premium Japanese whisky and spirit selections.

Shochu Lounge is iconic for its innovative cocktails, and we recommend trying one of their distilled infusions made with their namesake, Shochu. The Shochu on the Beach comprised cherry shochu, pineapple and cranberry, peach liqueur, and the Sumida Blossom, made light and flavourful with gin mare, basil, elderflower lemon, and lavender bitters are two highlights. Shochu Lounge stands outs as a unique Mayfair bar, as anything from the sister restaurant Roka upstairs can be ordered into the lounge setting. Scallop skewers with wasabi and shiso or beef, ginger, and sesame dumplings are delicious compliments to the vast array of drinks on the cocktail menu.

Shochu Lounge masterfully combines the best of a relaxed lounge setting with sophisticated Japanese-inspired décor and cocktails.

The Most Exclusive Bars in London


Descend down the iconic spiral oak staircase of the Hide restaurant in Green Park and be welcomed into the modern and minimalistic Hide Below Bar. The sleek and dimly light Hide Below is reminiscent of a Nordic cabin with its simplistic finishes and wooden surfaces. It is one of the most exclusive bars in London, and this is epitomized in its unwavering service that is as sophisticated as its surroundings. On arrival, expect to be presented with a palate cleanser on the house made with elderflower, cucumber, and gin.

With Hide’s partnership with Hedonism, they offer an impressive list of the world’s finest and rarest spirits. World-famous spirits, including Italy’s aperitivo del professore are combined with the best seasonal produce to craft exquisite cocktails. Hide Below leans toward lighter and fresher flavored cocktails by wielding both modern and classic techniques. Our favorites were the Adam & Eve cocktail at £13.50, made with a silky mix of somerset cider, brandy, Diplomatico Mantuano rum, fig leaf, and clarified milk. Native No 1 oysters at £6 each and creamy chicken liver parfait for £12 are the perfect complements to one of Hide Below’s delicious cocktails and wines.

Hide Below also houses Hide’s walk-in cellar, where guests can select their own wine pairing. This adds another facet to the multi-dimensional luxury experience guests can expect from this sophisticated and fashionable Mayfair bar.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


With unrivaled panoramic views of the River Thames, the 12th Knot rooftop bar on the 12th floor of the Sea Containers London is one of our top picks for the most exclusive bars in London. Floor-to-ceiling windows and comfortable open-plan lounge spaces make this bar idyllic for drinking cocktails whilst watching the sunset on London’s breathtaking city skyline.

12th Knot Bar reflects the vibrancy of South Bank and the modern elegance of London with its bright décor, lush greenery, live music, and DJ performances occurring most nights of the week. Its cocktail list is a creative blend of British and American-style classics. 12th Knot Bar celebrates seasonal ingredients, and this is reflected in their cocktail menu that changes seasonally to ensure that ingredients are hand-picked when they taste their best. Two favorites include the BadaBoom made with gin, grapefruit, and ‘explosive syrup’ and the Devil’s Share. For between £30 -£49 per person, seasonally-led small food plates
including a tuna taco or truffle arancini are also on offer to accompany your cocktails.

12th Knot Bar is a desirable evening location for a sophisticated clientèle, as it combines unparalleled views of London with classic interiors and a commitment to dynamic and innovative cocktails and food.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


American Bar, located in the Savoy Hotel in Covent Garden, is Britain's oldest surviving cocktail bar. It first welcomed guests in 1893, and today it retains its status as a pivotal player in the British cocktail industry by being named the World’s Best Bar at the World’s 50 Best in 2017, as well as the World’s Best again at the Tales of the Cocktail in 2018. Suffice it to say, The American Bar exemplifies what it means to be one of the most exclusive bars in London.

American Bar is timeless, elegant, and classic, threaded throughout its interior, cocktails, and American Jazz piano performances every night of the week. Its latest cocktail menu, The Savoy Songbook, plays homage to the legendary musicians and songwriters who have entertained guests at the world-famous bar in its 130-year history. Head bartender, Maxim Schulte, has transformed each of the iconic songs played at the bar into twenty cocktails so that the ingredients, styles, and spirits used in the drinks uniquely reflect the lyrics and melodies. One that standouts is the Sun, Sun, Sun cocktail based on George Harrison’s classic that will hearten any guest with its combination of light orange blossom, yuzu wine, and lime flavors. The songs reflected in the cocktail menu have also been recorded on a live album by the bar’s resident pianist, Jon Nickoll, further embedding music into the culture at The American Bar.

American Bar has remained at the forefront of the bar scene in London for over a century by celebrating its unique history of talented musicians and making this an integral component of its innovation. This remains an industry first and illustrates what makes this Mayfair bar unique.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


Similar to what one would expect from the Connaught five-star Mayfair Hotel, its bar is elegantly fashioned with silver-leaf textured walls, a period piece ceiling, and plush dark leather armchairs. Designed by David Collins, Connaught Bar is elegant, evoking the feeling of 1920s English and Irish Cubist art. What makes Connaught Bar one of the most exclusive bars in London is the flair and precision with which the dedicated mixologists conjure up innovative cocktails and transform classics with a Connaught twist. Each cocktail is so uniquely made that the Connaught Bar goes as far as giving each guest a recipe card for the chosen cocktail at the end of the night, creating an exclusive opportunity for guests to attempt their delicious cocktails at home.

Connaught Bar has a broad selection of drinks for guests to choose from, and each is made to perfection. A new cocktail collection named Essence has recently been launched and takes guests on a sensory journey aimed at showcasing the progression of the bar over the past ten years. Connaught’s Martini Trolley has a theatrical whimsy, as it is brought directly to your table and made bespoke with your choice of lavender, coriander, cardamom, ginger, grapefruit, vanilla, and licorice flavors. With the chance to be at the helm of crafting your own unique martini, the trolley is a legendary tradition that is definitely worth experimenting with.

Connaught Bar is iconic for its mixology and for some of the finest globally curated lists of champagnes, wines, and whisky, making it unique and deserving of a place on our list.



Oriole is a hidden gem of a bar in Smithfield Market, London. It is a unique and exclusive destination with a reputation for offering a luxurious and exotic experience. Oriole’s decor is heavily influenced by global cultures, creating an immersive and exciting atmosphere. The walls are adorned with intricate patterns and colorful murals, with exotic artifacts and antique furniture throughout. The dimly lit bar creates a mysterious and intimate ambiance perfect for a night out with friends or a romantic evening.

Global cultures inspire the menu at Oriole and feature a wide range of innovative cocktails, each created using unique and exotic ingredients. The bar has a reputation for pushing the boundaries when it comes to mixology, with each cocktail being carefully crafted and presented with flair. Oriole also has an impressive selection of wines and spirits, including rare and vintage bottles that are sure to impress even the most discerning connoisseur.

Oriole is a popular destination for those seeking a truly exclusive experience, with limited seating and reservations highly recommended. The bar is often fully booked, adding to its allure and exclusivity. However, those who manage to secure a table at Oriole are rewarded with an unforgettable night of indulgence, with expertly crafted cocktails, exotic decor, and an ambiance that is second to none. Overall, Oriole is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a truly unique and unforgettable night out in London.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


The elegant Blue Bird lounge bar is housed on the first floor of a 1920s former garage on Kings Road. Designed by Sagrada, who is also behind Arts Club, the lounge bar is inspired by its 20th-century industrial heritage. Industrial chic is encapsulated in the central bar made from stainless-steel bumper shields and in the miniature petrol pumps atop the bar that serve aged Old Fashioned and Negroni cocktails. A combination of hard steel with art deco-themed furniture, bright textiles, and mismatched furniture create a cozy atmosphere for evening drinks, making it one of the most exclusive bars in London.

The Bar manager, Ben Manchester, has curated an exciting cocktails list showcasing the finest locally sourced liquors. One of our favorites is the 301, made with Bluebird Gin from Portobello Road Gin. This cocktail perfectly embodies the quirky character of Blue Bird by being theatrically served in a miniature Blue Bird car. Classic cocktails have also been re-created with a Blue Bird twist, including the Gingerbread Mojito and Beaufort Beauty, made with pisco, dessert wine, passion fruit, and sloe gin. Limited edition cocktails can also be enjoyed with bar snack items, including tiger prawns aioli or olive artichoke tapenade with croutons.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


The ground-floor cocktail bar in Beaufort House Hotel epitomizes style and glamour and is one of the most exclusive bars in London, where people come to see and be seen. Beaufort Bar stands on the hotel’s former cabaret stage, and its art deco style inspiration and drinks list are as theatrical and sophisticated as the history behind it. A team of expert mixologists intrigue and excite guests with evolving drink menus entirely unique to the Beaufort Bar.

A new drinks menu divided into Music, Magic, and Drama takes guests on a journey that celebrates luxurious grower Champagnes and English sparkling wines, gin mixes, and dramatic whiskies. The three sections have been curated by head Bartender Elon Soddu, as well as the whole Beaufort Bar Team, and each listed drink perfectly encapsulates the feeling of the theme it is associated with. The Music section is underpinned by light and bright themes and focuses on the finest champagne and sparkling wines. Magic highlights complex and intriguing gin mixes, and lastly, Drama focuses on showcasing deep and dark whiskies primarily from Scotland. The bar also has a wonderful selection of classic and signature cocktails, including watermelon martinis, spiced pear mojitos, signature Champagne punch, and over one hundred labels of premium wine. The Chancellor, a meter-high martini glass filled with a glorious Dom Perignon bottle and three Remy Martin Louis XII Cognac bottles, is also available for £1,100. This creation typifies the luxury and extravagance one would experience walking through the door of the Beaufort Bar.


Located in the trendy Shoreditch area of London, Nightjar is a speakeasy-style bar that has become a favorite among cocktail enthusiasts and music lovers. The bar is famous for its 1920s-inspired decor, featuring dark wood paneling, plush leather armchairs, and a stunning vaulted ceiling adorned with hundreds of shimmering glass bulbs. The overall effect is both glamorous and intimate, with a nod to the prohibition era that inspired its creation.

The cocktails at Nightjar are just as impressive as its decor, with an extensive menu that includes classic and contemporary drinks and a range of creative signature cocktails. The bar is particularly known for its use of unusual and exotic ingredients, such as salted caramel, beetroot juice, and truffle-infused vodka, all combined in unexpected and delicious ways.

In addition to its cocktails, Nightjar is known for its live jazz music, performed on a small stage in the corner of the bar. The music adds to the speakeasy vibe and creates an intimate and cozy atmosphere. The bar also hosts regular music events featuring a range of jazz, blues, and swing bands.

Overall, Nightjar is a must-visit destination for anyone who loves great cocktails, live music, and a touch of glamour and sophistication. With its stunning decor, creative cocktails, and live jazz music, it's no wonder that Nightjar has become one of London's most popular and exclusive bars.

Chiltern Firehouse is a luxurious bar and restaurant located in the heart of London’s Marylebone neighborhood. The bar is housed in a historic building that was once a fire station, and the venue has been transformed into a sophisticated and glamorous destination that attracts an A-list crowd of celebrities and socialites.

The decor of Chiltern Firehouse is elegant and chic, featuring plush velvet seating, gleaming brass fixtures, and stunning artwork on the walls. The bar has a warm, welcoming atmosphere, dim lighting, and a cozy ambiance that invites guests to relax and unwind.

The cocktail menu at Chiltern Firehouse is extensive and features a range of classic and contemporary drinks and a selection of innovative signature cocktails. The bar is known for its use of high-quality ingredients, and the bartenders are skilled at creating complex and delicious drinks that are sure to impress even the most discerning connoisseur.

In addition to its cocktails, Chiltern Firehouse is also known for its impressive wine list, which features a carefully curated selection of bottles from around the world. The bar also serves a range of gourmet snacks and small plates, making it the perfect destination for a sophisticated night out with friends or a romantic evening with a loved one.

Overall, Chiltern Firehouse is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a luxurious and exclusive bar experience in London. With its stunning decor, creative cocktails, and sophisticated atmosphere, it’s no wonder that the bar has become a favorite among the city’s elite.

Satan’s Whiskers is a popular bar in the hip Bethnal Green neighborhood of London. The bar has a retro, 1920s-inspired vibe, vintage decor, exposed brick walls, and a cozy, intimate atmosphere. The overall effect is stylish and welcoming, making Satan’s Whiskers a favorite among locals and visitors.

The cocktail menu at Satan’s Whiskers is creative and innovative, featuring a range of classic and contemporary drinks and a selection of house specialties. The bar is particularly known for its use of unusual and unexpected ingredients, such as smoked tea, mezcal, and lavender syrup, all combined in inventive and delicious ways.

In addition to its cocktails, Satan’s Whiskers also serves a range of craft beers, wines, and spirits, including rare and hard-to-find bottles that are sure to impress even the most discerning connoisseur. The bar also hosts regular events, such as trivia nights and DJ sets, adding to its lively and fun atmosphere.

Satan’s Whiskers is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a fun and relaxed night out in London. With its stylish decor, creative cocktails, and friendly vibe, it’s no wonder that the bar has become a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic cocktail or something a little more unusual, Satan’s Whiskers is sure to have something that will satisfy your taste buds and leave you feeling satisfied and happy.

Callooh Callay is a popular and trendy bar in London’s Shoreditch neighborhood. The bar has a playful and eclectic decor, with quirky artwork, colorful murals, and vintage furniture, creating a fun and inviting atmosphere that appeals to a diverse crowd of locals and visitors.

The cocktail menu at Callooh Callay is creative and innovative, featuring a range of classic and contemporary drinks and a selection of house specialties. The bar is known for its use of unusual and exotic ingredients, such as bacon-infused bourbon and salted caramel foam, all combined in inventive and delicious ways.

In addition to its cocktails, Callooh Callay also serves a range of craft beers, wines, spirits, and a selection of small plates and snacks. The bar has a lively and fun atmosphere, with regular events and themed nights, such as their popular “Through the Looking Glass” party, which draws a crowd of party-goers and cocktail enthusiasts alike.

Callooh Callay is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a fun and vibrant night out in London. With its playful decor, creative cocktails, and lively atmosphere, it’s no wonder that the bar has become a favorite among the city’s trendsetters and party animals. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic drink or something a little more adventurous, Callooh Callay is sure to have something that will tantalize your taste buds and satisfy you.

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The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in London

March 4, 2019 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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London is home to exquisite restaurants typifying the stylish and modern flair of the city. With a backdrop of sophisticated décor and high-quality cuisine, many London restaurants are revered as ideal places outside of the office to entertain clients, to close business deals and to have intimate meetings covering important business decisions. Capital A List is your guide to the best restaurants for business lunch in London.

The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in London

After one of the best restaurants for business lunches in London? Look no further than up — it’s right over your head. Coq D’Argent and its sky garden dining zone hover over Londoners like a benign blimp of style and sophistication.

St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, and South Bank all sit within a relative distance of Coq D’argent, and it’s impressive shadow — meaning that you would be doing business not just in a superlative sightseeing spot but in the center point of the city’s legendary corporate and social connections. Coq D’argent has taken full advantage of its regal stationing to render itself one of the most unique and best restaurants for business lunches in London, specifically.

The heated bar and terrace hosts over one hundred standing — ideal for speaking events that the restaurant itself often assists with its own screens and microphones. And there is no better place to play corporate host or hold an informative speaking event — with the gardens neat, diamond-ed walkways and chic low-rise hedgerows emphasising the majestic scale of the cityscape that envelopes the foreground of corporate proceedings. The iconic gherkin and shard silhouettes make perfect characters in any Bank-side location shoot that aims to promote a company’s image as a part of the city’s pulse.

Down within the venue itself, the Coq D’argent lunch menu should bring luxury to any business venture and raise company morale; Boquet prawns, classic Baerii Cavier, and full-bodied Vegan and gluten-free options will keep things charmed for even the most idiosyncratic of businesses — and appetizing breakfast options such as the Avocado and Almond on toast out in the boutique patio will stimulate the mind busying itself with a business brunch between colleagues.
For more light-hearted company antics, there are terrace drinks. A Tanquery “Summer Spritzer” Aperol blend is professionally equipped to gratify hard-working Londoners, making Coq D’argent one of the best restaurants for business lunch in London simply because it knows where the individuals of a business may work hard — they must equally play hard.

Gathering on a dizzying monolith of exclusivity on London’s bank side? Certainly.

Tucked away in London’s upscale Mayfair district, BiBi emanates an aura of history and luxury. The tower, a heritage property, echoes London’s Georgian architectural legacy, lending BiBi an air of timeless elegance.

North Indian cuisine is celebrated at BiBi, but it’s not just any rendition. Chef Patron Chet Sharma, a protege of some of Europe’s best kitchens, brings dishes inspired by his grandmother’s traditional cooking. Guests are often taken aback by the ‘Duck and Pistachio Kebabs,’ a must-try, and the ‘Tandoori Broccoli’ seasoned with a unique spice mix, unveiling layers of taste with each bite.

Entering BiBi is akin to walking into a regal yet welcoming home. Vintage wooden panels line the walls, punctuated by vibrant Rajasthani tapestries. The seating – a mix of velvet-upholstered chairs and carved wooden benches – offers a comfortable yet intimate setting. The most notable is the “Maharaja’s Booth,” a semi-private enclave ideal for discreet business discussions.

Natural sunlight filters through the arched windows during the day, while in the evening, the space is lit by handcrafted brass lanterns, creating a warm, golden glow. The ambiance strikes a delicate balance between luxury and ease, making business guests feel valued and at ease.

In BiBi, every detail, from the meticulously curated menu to the handpicked decor elements, is a testament to quality and authenticity.

Situated in the sophisticated St. James’s Market, Ikoyi offers a culinary experience that merges London’s cosmopolitan spirit with the pulsating energy of West African flavors. Established by childhood friends Jeremy Chan and Iré Hassan-Odukale, Ikoyi’s foundation is a testament to their shared Nigerian heritage and their passion for introducing an avant-garde take on West African cuisine to London’s discerning diners.

Ikoyi’s menu is a thrilling journey into the heart of West Africa. Dishes like the ‘Plantain with Raspberry Salt’ or the ‘Jollof Rice with Smoked Bone Marrow’ showcase Chan’s ability to surprise and delight with his innovative spins on traditional recipes. Sourcing rare ingredients from across West Africa, Ikoyi’s cuisine delivers an unparalleled intensity and depth of flavor.

Stepping inside, guests are met with an interior that mirrors the menu’s sophistication. The earthy tones of terracotta tiles contrast beautifully with the vibrant West African art pieces adorning the walls. The geometric wooden patterns and modern lighting fixtures give it a contemporary edge, while the intimate seating arrangements, draped in rich textures, make it ideal for confidential business discussions. The rhythmic Afrobeat tunes in the background, paired with the restaurant’s signature aromatic scents, set a refreshing tone for any business engagement. 

The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in London

It seemed inevitable that after being a protegee (surviving and even thriving) under the blazing tutelage of Gordan Ramsay, achieving her own MBE in services to hospitality, and making a portent name for herself — Angela Hartnett would go on to open her own fine restaurant. What you may be slightly more surprised to find is that Murano, the Michelin star-anointed grand creation of its chef-patron, is not just a monolith of British excellence but actually a relaxed and robust venue to have a civilized riot; so, in fact, one of the best restaurants for business lunch in London.

The menu of Murano was co-designed by Hartnett, who went to Lord Ashcroft International Business School herself. Corporate events are welcome in the eatery of someone who will know and respect the institution of business as much as the craft of delicious, artisan food. The Italian-inspired dishes (from her mother’s side influence) and the best British ingredients she was raised in have formed the perfect collaboration – a perfect idea for any outstanding business party to revel in. Indeed, British and European, land and sea, the distinctly new and the distinctly familiar are all expertly crafted as one in dishes like the Pea and Wild garlic soup with a delicious smoked trout crostini, or the polenta cake heightened with the heady sweet, tartness of raspberry rose.

With an “approachable” motto, This is one of the best restaurants for business lunches in London when the company favors a more intimate or informal gathering. The is not just down to the = earthy aesthetic (green tiling, a poetic line of trees lining the entryway), and the homely, comforting richness of favorites like the Gnocchi with pecorino cheese and tomato oil. The Caravan selection of fine wines (we recommend the Codreiu rene rostaling white) will help anyone unwind decadently. The Chef’s table’ private area even seats a party of 12 behind a curtain. Not only this, but Murano’s menu allows guests to choose a la carte dishes in any order they wish — the perfect liberty to take outside the formal structure of office hours.

For the company that wants to cut loose and knows the key to productivity is the infusion of fun and frivolity in the spaces between — Murano restaurant in Mayfair is the best place to brunch in London.

The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in London

Galvin La Chapelle has a prime city location just off Bishopsgate and is one of the best restaurants for business and entertaining clients. It is the third restaurant Chris and Jeff Galvin opened, following the success of Galvin Bistrot de Luxe and Galvin At Windows.

Galvin La Chapelle is lavishly designed inside a Grade II converted Victorian chapel. Its interior décor matches its grand exterior with its high-vaulted ceilings and wall arches and its spacious and open floor design. Its opulent design aesthetic is injected with elements of modernity seen in its glass-enclosed seating area raised above the rest of the dining space, an ideal restaurant to have a business meeting in London.

The seamless juxtaposition between traditional and new luxury is also carried through in its contemporary French cuisine, earning Galvin La Chapelle a Michelin Star. Highlights on the menu include its signature lasagne of Dorset crab with creamy beure blanc and pea shoots, as well as the wild sea bass served with cockles, sea beets, and oysters.

Galvin La Chapelle offers businesses the best location for business and inspires and impresses clients with rich and opulent French cuisine and interior design.

The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in London

City Social, located in the heart of London’s financial district and on the 24th floor of the iconic skyscraper Tower 42, can be classified as one of London’s best restaurants for business lunches, meetings, and dinners. Its sleek and professional décor inspired by art deco is complemented by the clean finishing of wall-to-ceiling windows showcasing panorama views of London’s landmark skyscrapers, including the iconic Gherkin and Heron Tower. The best seats are against the windows, with deep and curved leather booths creating private and quiet corners for intimate business meetings. City Social also has two private dining areas with their own private entrances allowing business clientèle private rooms to discreetly celebrate their successes or to host corporate events.

The head Chef, Paul Walsh has worked closely with the Michelin star chef, Jason Atherton to curate creative yet simple dishes showing the finer side of English cuisine. The menu includes the traditional English Shepard’s pie, cooked salmon fillet lightly poached and served with a salad of fennel and celeriac and rich Lobster accompanied by chips cooked in duck fat and garnished with tomato puree.

With the backdrop of the stunning city skyline and equally fantastic dishes, City Social offers a location suited to both quick business lunches and dinners, as well as luxurious spaces for more formal business events.

The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in London

Take a glass elevator to the 38th and 39th floors of Heron Tower, and you will find yourself walking into the natural oasis of Sushisamba. Sushisamba embraces an earth-to-sky motif adeptly captivated in its 360-degree panoramic views of London and bamboo latticed ceiling draped with hanging lights and living plants and flowers.

Sushisamba is iconic for its intercontinental fusion of Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian cuisine, design, and music. With a trio of appetizers, guests can experience Peru with the proffers cancha seviche, a collection of crunchy corn kernels dipped in a sharp citrus-based dressing. The Brazilian influence is seen in the fish taquitos, and lastly, Japan is represented in the green bean tempura spears with a pot of black truffle aioli.

Sushisamba has recently reintroduced its Omakase menu, making it one of the best restaurants for business lunches. This set menu includes crispy yellowtail taquitos, sea bass tempura, and wagyu gyoza with smoked emulsion and heritage carrots. The menu is ideal for business clientèle that wish to have a quick meal in a stunning environment, as it is based on the Japanese tradition of letting the chef select your order. Large platters at £45 each can be ordered for big business functions and feature five different meats, including grilled hanger steak, rib-eye, pork tenderloin, chorizo, and linguica served with chimichurri.

With the interior reminiscent of a greenhouse adorned in living foliage and a sophisticated ambiance evoked by artwork inspired by the 20th century, Sushisamba is the best restaurant for any business occasion.

The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in London

For a taste of Hollywood standard cuisine, there is no better location than Cut at 42 Park Lane. Cut is one of 20 fine dining restaurants opened by the celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, best known as the talent behind the feasts at the past 23 Oscar Award ceremonies.

Cut is an elegant destination for business and delivers Hollywood glamour in its plush leather sofas, marble flooring, and high-raised ceilings. It softens the dark interior with wooden paneling and slatted windows, bringing beautiful views of Hyde Park and much-needed light into the rooms. It has luxurious table arrangements and semi-private booths, suited to the needs of an exclusive business clientèle, including Michael Morley, head of wealth management UK at Deutsche Bank.

Cut is an American-styled steakhouse, and each of the starters, side dishes, and sauces cluster around steak as the main focus. Guests can expect to spend between £40 – £190. They can select tasting plates of American, British, and Australian sirloin and Shanghai lobster infused with Asian spices and a classic and rich Japanese wagyu steak.

Cut’s prime location in Hyde Park and its sophisticated and Hollywood-inspired cuisine and interior have catapulted this restaurant onto our list of the best restaurants for business lunch in London.

The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in Londonn

Step back into time and enter one of the grand cafés of old Europe at The Delaunay in Covent Gardens. This up-scale café is the creation of Chris Corbin and Jeremy Kings, following the success of the Wolseley; a similarly inspired European café located in the heart of London.

The opulence featured in classic European style echoes in The Delaunay’s mix of green leather banquette seating, dark wood paneling, black and white marble floors, and antique mirrors. The table arrangements are spaciously divided among the restaurant creating a classy and comfortable environment for business.

The Delaunay is divided into a café, bar area, main dining room, and a counter serving savories, cakes, coffees, and takeaways. Each room and the menus have been specially designed to allow for all-day dining. On the menu, guests can select from a variety of European-inspired dishes, with breakfast options including the Viennese with a spread of smoked ham, salami, gouda, boiled egg and rye bread, and the Viennoiserie with strawberries and cream doughnut. Lunch and dinner dishes include four different types of schnitzel, five types of wurstchen, as well as an array of Crustacea dishes.

The Delaunay is a place where guests can experience elegant surroundings and excellent food at any time of the day, and for this reason, it is classified as one of London’s best restaurants for client meetings, be it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in London

With over a century of experience, Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill is one of our top picks for the best restaurants for business lunches and dinners in London. It first opened in 1916, and is still located in the very same old Victorian building in Mayfair, just off Regent Street. It has become a favorite of Linda Jackson, the CEO of Citroen, and with its interior and cuisine remaining as sophisticated and polished as ever, it is not difficult to understand her choice.

The classic and celebratory atmosphere is encapsulated perfectly at the original marble oyster bar, where oysters are shucked with theatrical speed. Oysters, whether freshly shucked, cooked Vietnamese-style, or garlic baked, are inherently a must-have. Oysters start from £2.50 and are recommended to be followed by a classic combination of battered and fried fish and chips. For guests looking for a richer and more refined dish, there is also a selection of caviar dishes to choose from, as well as the perfectly grilled langoustines and scallops served with a plate of broad beans, crispy pork, parma ham, toasted cashew nuts, and blood orange.

Two private dining rooms, seating between 14 – 60 people, are also available for private events and serve as another important reason why Bentley’s Oyster Bar &Grill is one of London’s best restaurants for business lunches and dinners.

The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in London

With an iconic South Bank location overlooking St Paul’s Cathedral and the Thames River, OXO Towers is on the list of the best restaurants for business lunch in London. Its stunning city views are only enhanced by the vibrant live Jazz and piano performances that can be enjoyed inside and outside the restaurant on its 250-foot terrace.

For quick business lunches and meetings, OXO Tower accommodates an express lunch menu for as little as £18, available from Sunday – Friday. Into the evening, guests can opt for a tasting menu, priced between £85 – £130, including six courses and a paired glass of wine, expertly selected from their list of over 800 wines. Whether it be a business lunch or dinner, OXO Tower delivers the same level of exquisite cuisine, incorporating delicacies from all across the globe. The Scottish scallops and Chateaubriand steak and a Korean-style roast duck leg with spring onion pancake and kimchi are two highlights.

The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in London

Located in the converted Grade II-listed Westminster Library is one of London’s most popular and grand restaurants, The Cinnamon Club. Its old-school members’ club atmosphere, evoked in the bookshelves lining the main dining room as well as an upstairs gallery, is one of the iconic features making The Cinnamon Club one of the best restaurants for business lunch in London. The intimate lighting, dark wood paneling, and spacious table arrangements add an additional layer of sophistication to the formal dining space, creating the ideal environment for business.

The uniqueness of the interior décor is complemented by innovative and nouvelle Indian cuisine that focuses on game and fish-based dishes. With a team of 18 chefs headed by Vivek Singh, the dishes are layered with complex and intricate flavor profiles and stunning presentation, which ultimately justifies the premium price of about £75 per meal. The Cinnamon Club delivers on its promise of curating imaginative dishes with its tender milkfed lamb, which is exclusive to the restaurant. It also displays a knack for re-inventing classic Indian cuisine with its popular tandoori wild Spencer Gulf king prawn dish flavored with coconut ginger sauce and also in its Old-Delhi-style butter chicken on the bone.

The Cinnamon Club also prepares feasting plates, making it one of the best restaurants for business lunch in London on a larger scale. At the table, guests are presented with a whole rack of Romney Marsh Lamb carved and served table-side. The Cinnamon Club is also an expert in mixology, and with its three-tiered walnut gin trolley, formal business dinners can become more fun with a cocktail or two.

The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in London

The elegant and poetic Dalloway Terrace is located in the converted terrace space of The Bloomsbury Hotel. It is one of the best restaurants for business lunches in London, with its secluded and intimate location hidden behind a line of hedging and just minutes from the bustling Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. It is a perfect and cozy indoor-outdoor terrace space, offering a calm oasis, with intimate candlelit rooms decorated with foliage climbing the walls and hanging from the ceilings.

The menu has been devised by head chef Hans Louis and offers plenty of British favorites, including fish and chips and rabbit stew. The food is simple yet decadent in flavors and presentation, with daily specials including crayfish mac and cheese and grilled poussin. Other highlights on the menu include the Dublin Bay prawn cocktail with Marie sauce and other fish options, including a plate of seared tuna with soy and ginger dressing.

Dalloway Terrace also has a wide selection of meat and vegetarian options, seen in its European steak tartar, Aberdeen Angus dry-aged beef, classic burger, and club sandwiches.

Dalloway Terrace offers all-day dining, located on a secluded secret garden terrace. It is one of London’s best-kept secrets and offers its clients an intimate and quiet break away from the office, making it one of the best restaurants for business lunch in London, including meetings and dinners.

London has a plethora of restaurants perfectly suited to business needs encompassing sleek and elegant interior design, private and intimate dining spaces, and complemented perfectly with sophisticated and world-class cuisine. Here we have delineated the top restaurants in London that are the best for business, be it for a quick morning business meeting or a longer business meeting, lunch, or dinner.

Synonymous with the best of British beef, Hawksmoor has firmly established itself as a stalwart in London’s dining scene. Founded by Will Beckett and Huw Gott, Hawksmoor has become the paragon for steak enthusiasts, drawing locals and international visitors to its various London locations, including Covent Garden, Spitalfields, and Borough.

At its core, Hawksmoor celebrates British produce. Their steaks, sourced from grass-fed native cattle, are impeccably cooked, producing flavors that resonate with depth and character. Beyond steak, the menu is a rich tapestry of British culinary heritage. Dishes such as the ‘Old Spot Belly Ribs’ or the ‘Dorset Crab on Toast’ reflect Hawksmoor’s commitment to sourcing the finest British ingredients. Their famed ‘Triple Cooked Chips’ and innovative cocktails are often the talk amongst regulars.

Visually, Hawksmoor interiors exude a sense of timeless elegance. Housed primarily in refurbished historic buildings, each location is replete with character. From exposed brick walls and plush leather seating to the warm ambient lighting created by vintage chandeliers, the atmosphere effortlessly weaves the charm of old-world London with a touch of modern finesse.

The spacious yet intimate settings and impeccable acoustics ensure that business conversations remain private. With attentive staff who understand the nuances of serving corporate clientele, Hawksmoor provides an environment where business can be conducted seamlessly over a meal.

Situated in the heart of London’s financial district, The Listing Bar offers a unique blend of culinary prowess and sophisticated design, making it a prime location for business lunches. The cuisine showcases modern British with a twist, incorporating fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. One could start with a delectable crab and avocado salad, followed by the succulent roast chicken with wild mushroom risotto, and round it off with an irresistible passion fruit panna cotta. Every dish speaks of the chef’s attention to detail, ensuring a delightful gastronomic journey.

The design of The Listing Bar exudes understated elegance. Its spacious interiors are adorned with sleek furnishings, ambient lighting, and subtle artworks that reflect London’s vibrant culture. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with natural light, and provide diners with a view of the bustling city. This chic yet comfortable setting provides an ideal backdrop for business discussions, allowing conversations to flow seamlessly.

In essence, The Listing Bar is not just a restaurant – it’s an experience. Whether you’re looking to impress a client or simply enjoy an upscale meal, this is the place where business and pleasure harmoniously intertwine.

A stone’s throw from the historic Covent Garden Piazza, Frenchie Covent Garden is a gastronomic gem that brings Parisian flair to the heart of London. Originating from the vibrant Rue du Nil in Paris, Frenchie’s London outpost is the brainchild of chef Gregory Marchand, whose culinary journey has taken him from France to London to New York and back.

Frenchie’s menu is an ode to Marchand’s travels, offering diners a contemporary twist on classic French cuisine. Guests can delve into delights such as the ‘Duck Foie Gras with Rhubarb and Crispy Amaranth’ or the ‘Cornish Cod with Wild Garlic and White Asparagus.’ While rooted in the French tradition, every dish carries an undertone of international influences, making each bite a global journey.

The interior of Frenchie Covent Garden is a harmonious blend of vintage Parisian charm and London’s modern elegance. Exposed brick walls juxtapose against marble countertops, while gold accents shimmer under the soft glow of pendant lighting. The open kitchen offers a touch of theatre, allowing diners to peek into the culinary magic behind the scenes.

For business lunches, Frenchie strikes a perfect chord. The ambiance, neither loud nor subdued, offers a conducive discussion environment. With meticulous attention to detail, the staff ensures that every need is catered to, allowing business professionals to focus on their conversations.

Marrying the romanticism of Paris with the dynamism of London, Frenchie Covent Garden is an exceptional choice for those seeking a business lunch venue that promises both culinary excellence and a touch of je ne sais quoi.

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