Michelin Star Restaurants in West London

November 18, 2022 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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West London is a luxurious dining destination. The neighbourhoods that make up this part of the city each carry their charm and flair, resulting in an elegant fusion of gastronomy, fashion, and culture. In West London, you can find a rich restaurant community where Michelin Stars have decided to land. The refinement of Michelin Star restaurants in West London brings out the best of the area.

From classic French cuisine to modern adaptations of English food, there’s always something that will brighten your evening. Find a classy crowd dining at some of the best venues in the city, and join in the experience.

The Dysart Petersham

Michelin Star Restaurants in West London

The Dysart Petersham is a family-run restaurant by Richmond Park. The staff introduces you to their passion for food and wine from the moment you walk in the door. They work with the best quality ingredients from sustainable and responsible sources. The result is fresh food, where each component plays an essential and aromatic role. Experience the flavour of old varieties and breeds of herbs, flowers, and plants as they decorate your plate.

The restaurant is located inside an Arts and Crafts building from 1904. Reformed on the inside with a blend of different wood species, the place highlights the power of nature and its influence on our wellbeing. The uncomplicated dining room decorations let the restaurant’s simplicity speak for itself. Large windows allow for plenty of natural light to come in. Outside, you can see the greenery from Richmond park. Medieval aspects on the walls reflect the craftsmanship of those behind the design. 

On the tasting menu, find turbot with truffled leek, spiced kumquat, scallop and Champagne ox tail risotto with aged rice, bone marrow, and pickled chilli.  For dessert, go for the black fig, frangipane, raspberry, sweet woodruff, and almond milk sorbet. 

Core by Clare Smyth

Clare Smyth was the head chef at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, leaving the job to open her venue. Today, Core is considered one of London’s best and most luxurious restaurants, with three Michelin Stars. The restaurant emphasises sustainable and natural foods, with ingredients sourced from local farmers and producers in the UK. 

The tasting menu dishes at Core cover classics from high American cuisine. Scallops cooked over wood with sea lettuce and herbs, roasted cod with bay shrimps and swiss chard, venison with pearl barley, and whisky… these are some examples of the food you will encounter at the venue. Simplicity in design contrasts with flavour and production complexity, highlighting every colour and aroma of ingredients. 

Inside, find a bright and clean environment where light grey and baby green harmonise with wooden tones on the bartop and floors. The dining hall is spacious and has tables of different sizes, perfect for any client. Core can satisfy them all, from couples wanting a romantic dinner to large families celebrating a special occasion. It is one of the best Michelin Star restaurants in West London

Endo at the Rotunda

Michelin Star Restaurants in West London

Endo at The Rotunda’s headline is “sushi on the clouds.” Dining here is an immersive and memorable experience, where you’ll feel like reaching for the skies with every bite.  The restaurant was created by and named after Endo Kazutoshi, a third-generation sushi master. Born in Yokohama, Japan, the chef decided to bring his expertise to West London. Today, he has one Michelin Star restaurant in his name. 

The service at The Rotunda follows the Japanese hospitality philosophy of Omotenachi, showing empathy to guests and establishing a connection between the customer and the staff. With a menu that guides you through the elements and seasonality of each ingredient, here you will feel in harmony with the sea and nature. The seasonal cocktails also take you on a journey. All drinks are prepared with Japanese ingredients and designed according to the guest’s preferences and desires. Fine wines, sake, and spirits also enrich the menu.  

Find a minimalist space on the top floor of the old Television Centre in White City. Here, the views of West London are incredible. The bright dining room is decorated with a 200-year-old wood counter. Cloud-like decorations hover above you, really taking you up to the skies. 

La Trompette

La Trompette is a restaurant serving classic British dishes with special house touches. Opened in 2001, the venue has one Michelin Star— a reflection of its dedication to serving some of the best food in West London. Although it is on the restaurant hit-list of London, La Trompette lacks the prices and formality that come with the title. The remaining aspect is delicious food, an attentive and caring staff, and a memorable experience. 

The restaurant serves a monthly dinner menu that is constantly adapted to each ingredient’s seasonality. A fix-price menu grants you three courses: starters, mains and dessert. On weekends you can also find a lunch menu. Start with a smoked suckling pig tortelloni with garden pickles, bois boudran, and aged pecorino. Move to the cod loin with summer beans, clams, and summer savoury. Finish off with an apple crumble soufflé with blackberry ice cream. 

La Trompette is a simple and casual restaurant. All dishes are presented beautifully, carrying the restaurant’s Michelin-worthy flair. Round dining tables are covered with white cloths. Wooden chairs stand over a wooden floor, and the white walls hang colourful paintings. Large windows brighten up the place with natural light, and you can watch the city buzz on the outside as you dine. 

Kitchen W8

Michelin Star Restaurants in West London

Kitchen W8 won its first Michelin Star two years after opening its door. That’s because of the special attention it receives from its head chef Mark Kempson. The venue’s goal is to be your home away from home, where you can feel comfortable and secure. 

The food served at Kitchen W8 is a blend of modern English meals with a french soul and class to them. Using simple and sustainable ingredients, the restaurant maintains its integrity and friendliness. A seasonal set menu is the star of the place, where everything comes from trusted suppliers and has exceptional flavours and aromas. There is also the option of ordering a la carte or trying a tasting menu with the season’s best offers. 

Start with cured Orkney scallops with oysters, fennel, apples, horseradish, and dill. Move to the John Dory fillet with the new season’s cepes, garlic, glazed chicken wings and thyme. For dessert, delight yourself with Marcona almond financiers, thyme roasted plums, stem ginger and vanilla ice cream. 

The dining room has minimal decor and design. Green booths press against the white and grey walls. Circular mirrors add to the simplicity of the place, where the dishes are the part that shines the most. 

Harwood Arms

Harwood Arms is the only Michelin Starred pub in London. The focus is game and wild food, with lots of character and flavour. You can find classic British dishes crafted with the best of each season’s ingredients in a relaxed and casual dining room. That way, the restaurant stays faithful to its sustainability philosophy, only souring from trustworthy suppliers and producers. 

Jake Leach, the head chef, has worked under many influential chefs in England. After travelling the world, he found a home in London where he could explore his love for game food. Along with Australian Brett Graham, Leach opened Harwood Arms. They have a rooftop vegetable garden, growing fresh and bright tomatoes, strawberries, radishes, and many other ingredients that make up the dishes that leave the kitchen. 

Taste starters like the sea bream tartare with capers, rye crackers and egg yolk. The charred mackerel fish is served with smoked eel, Jersey Royals and a parsley sauce.  As a main dish for those who are real fans of game, the Berkshire Fallow deer comes with faggot, red leaves and elderberries. Puddin desserts are the house’s speciality, so order a lemon thyme panna cotta to finish your meal. 

The River Cafe

Michelin Star Restaurants in West London

There’s nothing more Italian than a restaurant that hosts its own podcast– a perfect way to still entertain guests during the pandemic lockdown and talk like true Italians. So when doors reopened, and people searched for a nice place to chat, gossip, and eat good food, they knew they’d have to go to The River Café

As one of the Michelin Star restaurants in West London, this is the place to sit in a colourful and lively dining room and taste some Italian food classics. The menu changes seasonally, so you can try all Italy flavours while they’re at their best. In the spring and summer, taste prosciutto and melon, fried calamari with fresh red chillis, and rice and peas with mint, stock and vermouth. During winter, go for the warmer dishes like the veal shin slow-roasted in Giacomo Fenocchio Barolo with risotto Bianco and gremolata. 

There is little decor but nothing minimal about the flair and buzz of the restaurant. The wine list embraces almost every region of Italy, bringing the best grapes, blends and vintages of each. In the spacious dining room, you will find tables covered with white cloths and silver, metallic chairs around them. The windows cover an entire wall, from floor to ceiling, allowing plenty of fresh air to come in during the summer.

Chez Bruce

Chez Bruce opened its doors in 1995, serving some of the best food in West London in a relaxed yet elegant environment. They believe a restaurant should be about its customers, not celebrity chefs, managers, or the media. Because of that, they offer impeccable service in a small dining room, where every guest leaves comfortable and well attended. 

Home-made charcuterie and bread-making or slow-cooked braises are strong examples of why Chez Bruce is such a well-praised restaurant. With a modern menu inspired by classic french and Mediterranean food, the two head chefs create a blend of flavours and methods seen nowhere else in this world. With old-fashioned cooking, they manage to extract the best of each ingredient’s aromas. 

Start off with dishes like miso-glazed aubergine with ginger, puffed wild rice, sesame, shiso and soy. Move to the mains and maybe order a veal cheek with sweetbread sausage, Provençale relish, basil oil and artichokes. Finish off with baked figs with marsala parfait and crushed amaretti. 

The restaurant, with its burgundy outdoors and large windows, looks like a brasserie from the most gastronomic cities of France. Inside, find white tablecloths over small tables and minimal and classic decor.

The Ledbury

Michelin Star Restaurants in West London

The Ledbury is a two Michelin Star restaurant in the famous Notting Hill London neighbourhood. The venue promises an interactive and unique dining experience with a tasting menu-only approach. The founder here, Brett Graham, is the same brilliant mind behind the Harwood Arms, also on this list. And his goal is the same: to prioritise game and wild foods as well as the best British ingredients available. 

On the Ledbury, you won’t see the silent appreciation people expect when visiting Michelin Star restaurant. Instead, find loud conversations and a livery buzz from wealthy groups of people discovering new flavours with each dish. The service is also warm and impeccable, with the front-of-the-house staff attending to your every need (even before you realise you need it). 

It is the perfect spot to celebrate a special occasion, where you can splurge on the full-size tasting menu that makes the restaurant so famous and appreciated. On the sample menu, find classic foods like scallops with radish, seaweed and dashi.  The grilled turbot with white asparagus and trout hollandaise is also a famous dish. After that, mesmerise yourself with the milk-fed lamb with caramelised cream, wild garlic and morel.

Michelin Star Restaurants in West London

West London is an area of luxurious lifestyle. In its neighbourhoods, you can find a rich offer of culture, fashion, and of course, gastronomy. It is no surprise that some of the best restaurants in London are concentrated in this conjunction of streets and people. Here we have introduced you to the Michelin Star Restaurants in West London. From classic British cuisine with modern touches to adaptations of french and Mediterranean foods, you will always find something to enjoy. 

Order a bottle of wine, share starters with the table, and delight yourself with fresh and seasonal flavours. Design and aesthetics are present in every dish ordered, and attentive staff always comes as a given.

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The Best Wine Bars in Kensington

November 3, 2022 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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Finding good wine bars in Kensington is something you need to do in life. This London neighbourhood houses some of the most significant cultural expressions of the city, and a good glass of wine after a visit to the museum will brighten your day. Here, we chose to introduce venues that serve wines from all over the world, crafting their menu with excellence, only to present the best bottles of outstanding vineyards and vintages.

Visit any of the ten restaurants and bars on this list and enjoy some hours of mouth-watering food and spectacular service in well-designed environments. 


Wine Bars in Kensington

Mimino, the first on our list of the best wine bars in Kensington, is a Georgian restaurant. Although it doesn’t have the fanciest designs and the most sophisticated dishes, it serves some of the best Georgian food in London. Ever wondered what that’s like? 

Try some khachapuris, an artisanal bread stuffed with eggs and cheese. At Mimino, you can have varieties of it of different sizes and with some extra cheese on top if you’d like. Try the khinkali, Georgian dumpling-like dough stuffed with beef and lamb, pork, chees and herbs, pumpkin or potatoes. Shish-kebabs named mtsvadi are also a popular choice on the menu. 

However, what makes Mimino a wine bar on our list is its unique selection of Georgian wines. Although the list is small, these will be some of the most impressive wines you’ll ever try. White wines are made with Rkatsiteli grapes, showing aromas of peach and forest fruit. Blends between Rkatsiteli and Kakhetian Mtsvane offer quince aromas and a smooth finish on the mouth. 

Find the semi-sweet Tsolikouri grape from the Tvishi micro-zone and taste kiwi notes in the glass. Reds are made from Saparavi grapes from different zones, each with their particular aroma profile, body, and length.

San Pietro

San Pietro is an authentic Italian restaurant serving some of the best wines in the country. The wine menu is extensive and offers a selection of reds, whites, rose, and proseccos, all from Italy’s best regions and producers. Find affordable and refreshing bottles and also vintage bottles for over £1000. On the Super Tuscan Collection, you can find powerful blends of some of the best grapes grown in Italy. The Premium Selection presents chardonnays from Piedmont and Burgandy. 

To accompany your wine, and not the other way around, pick from the food menu and savours some of the best Italian food in Kensington. As your starter, order the oven-baked creamy burrata cheese wrapped with pancetta, served with sautéed aubergines and cherry tomatoes. Match that with a refreshing white wine, then move to the mains. The Spaghetti Vongole, with clams, garlic, chilli, cherry tomatoes, white wine sauce and parsley, is a house famous. 

Pizzas here are also spectacular, crafted in the traditional Neapolitan way. A thin crust with charred borders is a must. On top, go for the classics like the Romana, Diavola, Capricciosa or Margherita. For something special, maybe the Pizza Tartufo, mozzarella, truffle cream, 20-months cured Parma ham, cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese.


Wine Bars in Kensington

Côte is a French brasserie with over 20 units spread across London. They focus on working with fresh, seasonal and crafted dishes, highlighting the best of every ingredient used. The meat comes from responsible and ethical farmers in the UK, Ireland and South America.  Côte also has its butchery, where experts ensure that every piece of meat is perfectly cut. 

Now, what makes Côte part of our list of wine bars in Kensington is its rich collection of French wines. Here you can try wines from various regions of France, each with its particular terroir. Taste hillside sunbathed sweet grapes to classics from Champagne, Provence, Burgandy and beyond. 

Order from their seasonal menu and try a salad starter with glazed crispy duck confit, oranges, watercress, French bean and yoghurt dressing. A popular main dish is the 6-hour slow-cooked beef cheek with mushrooms, bacon lardons and potato purée. Other mains include confit pork belly, monkfish, and various cuts of steak. The vegetarian and vegan menu is also rich and flavourful. Order the crêpes with Espresso Martini syrup, coffee crème fraîche, Kahlua, vodka, chocolate sauce, and raspberries.

Enoteca Rosso

Enoteca Rosso is an Italian wine bar passionate about outstanding food and wines. They bring the classic Italian enoteca experience to London, where you can chat with friends, laugh out loud, and taste wines from various regions of the country. The food is fresh, and the pasta is homemade. The cheeses come from artisan producers, and the charcuterie is curated with extreme care. Terracotta bricks cover the walls, and wood, brass, and black iron fill up the rest of the space. 

The wine menu is curated with bottles from small and big vineyards in Italy. You will taste unique wines with particular aroma combinations and some of the Italian winemaking classics. At Enoteca Rosso, the owners are closely connected to wine producers, collecting bottles that are hard to find outside of Italy. 

As for the food, order some arancini to start, stuffed with mushroom and mozzarella, spinach and ricotta, or beef ragu. The pasta dishes present some classics like bolognese lasagna and spaghetti with tomato and basil sauce. The salads are rich and well served, and the sandwiches from the house deli are also famous among loyal customers. Cannoli and tiramisu make up the dessert menu. 

Piano Kensington

Wine Bars in Kensington

Piano Kensington is a piano bar inside the Royal Garden Hotel. Here, you will encounter musicians that sing and play your requests and their compositions. This is the ideal place to try out on a weekday for jazz fans who enjoy after-work drinks with friends. 

What makes Piano Kensington part of the best wine bars in Kensington list is the perfect blend between wine and music you find here. Aside from the cocktails, they also have a selection of outstanding wines from different parts of the world. The list may be small, but it gathers great labels from Spain, Argentina, Australia, France, Italy, and others. 

For the food, try the bar snacks and order a pizza. Here you can find comfort foods like buttermilk chicken strips with spicy sriracha dip, mini burgers, calamari with garlic, breaded prawns with chilli aioli, parmesan chips, and charcuterie boards for sharing. The pizza flavours include the classics: Diavola, Margherita, Italian sausage, prosciutto, and others.

The best part of this venue is its entire atmosphere put together. Live music always sounds better, with quality wine and cocktails on one hand and a pizza slice on the other. The place is famous and gets full very fast. If you want to attend an event, book ahead of time. 

The Kensington Wine Rooms

The Kensington Wine Rooms is probably one of the best wine bars in London. The place opened in 2009, and since then, it has been faithful to its main philosophy: good wine, food, and conversation. With over 40 wines by the glass, you can explore many different flavours and aromas from various regions of the world. A mix of famous winemakers and boutique vineyards colour the wine menu. A knowledgeable staff is always present to help you choose, in case you don’t feel like following the recommended matches on the menu. 

Order some British cheeses and Spanish meats to accompany your wine, or go for authentic dishes like the wild mushroom and black truffle tortelloni with king oysters. The pistachio-crusted lamb rack, garden peas, and cherry vine plate are also trendy. But first, order starters and share them with the table. For example, foie gras with walnuts, fig jam, and brioche should pair perfectly with a Gewurztraminer. 

Longe at the bar area, an intimate room sitting up to 40 people. There is also plenty of space to walk around and chat with others, all while exploring the world through wine. 


Wine Bars in Kensington

28-50 only serves wines they genuinely like. They offer a collection of 15 reds and 15 whites, both bottle, and by-the-glass. The list frequently changes, constantly introducing customers to some of the best grapes and labels in the market. The restaurant and wine bar is a cosy and private space where you can truly explore your passion and interest for wine, always learning something new and exploring flavours you’ve never seen before, both in the wine you drink and the food that comes to pair with it. 

The food menu changes seasonally, always offering fresh ingredients and flavours. You can go for the group menu, which serves eight to 20 people and can be designed for your party. Alternatively, choose the a la carte menu and taste dishes like Bluefin tuna with ginger, chilli, and sesame as a starter. Maybe a juicy rib-eye steak or an aubergine tagine with cashew and parsley for the main course. Take the house suggestions for wine pairings and enjoy a perfectly balanced meal. 

Find an island bar with baby-pink stools surrounding it. Warm lighting hangs from the white ceiling over the dark wood floors, and wooden wine boxes are stacked on the walls, decorating the entire dining room.

Tapas Brindisa

Tapas Brindisa is probably the best tapas bar in Kensington. Here, you can find tapas inspired by traditional Spanish home cooking. With a menu that changes each season, this venue cherishes the Spanish culture of good food, wine, and conversation. All ingredients are highly fresh and imported from small family producers around the Iberian country.  

Enjoy a large family lunch on a Sunday afternoon before taking a culture walk, or maybe grab some small plates and aperitivo after work. Even late-night dinners are welcome, where you can taste an exquisite collection of Spanish wines and authentic food. Sit on the terrace, and people watch while sipping a glass of white wine during the summer. Discover the Spanish lifestyle and hospitality—-as they say at Tapas Brindisa: “nuestra casa es su casa.”

Order cheese boards, small salads, and grilled meat. Try the Galician dairy cow sirloin steak with vine tomatoes, padron peppers, and chimichurri, for example. Small plates called picoteo are also a house speciality. Marinated anchovies and Iberian ham croquettes paired with a glass of sparkling cava wine are a good option. Taste huevos rotos, tortilla de patata, and a lot more. 

As for the drinks, here’s why this is one of the best wine bars in Kensington: Find a rich selection of wines from the best regions of Spain. Reds, whites, and cava are all sourced from famous and boutique producers. Also, taste sherry wine, dry, bold or sweet. 


Wine Bars in Kensington

Hawksmoor is the place you go to find the perfect steak. With restaurants spread worldwide, and over five units in London alone, this place is a reference for quality cuts and cooking points. It is part of our list of wine bars in Kensington because it also has a vibrant selection of wines to accompany your meal. 

As for the food, start with some oysters and maybe bone marrow and onions over sourdough toast. The house Surf ‘n’ Turf is always on guaranteed excellence: a fillet and half a lobster with garlic butter. You can also order large cuts of steak with various sides. 

At Hawksmoor, they always work with the best ingredients available, such as grass-fed, reared cattle and sustainable seafood from the British coastal areas. All fruits and vegetables are seasonal, and the grill highlights the best of each flavour and aroma. 

On the wine menu, you’ll find labels from all over the world. Reds, whites, roses, ports and sherries, and special reserve bottles are all available. Order different wines for your group and enjoy a juicy steak at one of the best wine bars in Kensington.

The Queens Arms

The Queens Arms explores truly authentic British foods and culture. Here, you can find comfort and elegance combined to create a memorable drinking and eating experience. A hidden gem and well-kept secret in Kensington, this venue is suitable for any hour of the day, under any occasion. 

Enjoy a Sunday Brunch, Tuesday lunch, or Friday night dinner at The Queens Arms. Taste dishes that celebrate traditional British cooking and ingredients, all with a unique house twist. Aside from the mesmerising wine selection, you can also order craft beer and premium spirits that become tasty cocktails. 

Order the roasted butternut squash and asparagus risotto with basil pesto and pumpkin seeds as a starter. As for the main dish, maybe go for the pan-roasted cod with king prawn, caper and samphire beurre noisette, and buttered heritage potatoes. Aged rib-eye steaks, Iberian pork, and a juicy bacon burger are also excellent options. And how about the orange polenta cake with raspberry and rosewater cream for dessert?

The wines at The Queens Arms are sourced globally, and the restaurant offers bottles with a broad spectrum of aromas, bodies, and lengths. Crispy reds and refreshing whites can be just the thing you need to make your meal perfect. 

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Best Afternoon Tea in Mayfair

October 17, 2022 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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Afternoon tea is an essential part of English culture, and in London, there are always ideal spots to indulge in tea and pastries as the sun is about to set. Nothing is better than enjoying a properly brewed gunpowder tea with a croissant, lemon tart, or any other sweet treat that complements the particular flavours of black tea. Doing so in a well-designed and beautiful environment indeed completes the experience. In London, some of the best afternoon tea is in Mayfair. The luxurious neighbourhood is known for its excellent food and wouldn’t be much different for tea. 

Gatsby’s Room at the Beaumont Hotel

Best Afternoon Tea in Mayfair

Gatsby’s Room is a popular spot to get some of the best afternoon tea in Mayfair. Located in the luxurious Beaumont Hotel, the place is decorated to truly look like a Fitzgerald novel – the 1920s European decor takes over the paintings on the walls, the cushioned beige walls, and the many books displayed on shelves across the room. Entering the tea room is like being part of the famous literary work of The Great Gatsby. The place is open from early morning until late at night. Here you can enjoy the breakfast, lunch and dinner, and afternoon tea menus, all in a comfortable, cosy, and inviting environment. 

On the tea menu, you can find a merge of classic British flavours and traditions with the novelty of American culture. There are vegan and gluten-free options for those with dietary restrictions as well. Find different offers of black tea, like the classics Earl grey and the Indian Darjeeling. Green, white, and oolong teas are also available. Herbal infusions and rare, seasonal teas add to the charm of the experience. Not up for tea? Order house cocktails like the Airmail, with rum, honey, lime, and champagne. Sandwiches, scones, and pastries complement the entire experience.


Kai is a Chinese restaurant in Mayfair paying homage to traditional Nanyang cooking. This means they explore the methods and cuisine from the southern seas of China. With a tropical climate, the area offers unique spices and flavours, which are all applied in the dishes served at Kai. Merging Chinese and English cultures, the place also offers its approach to afternoon tea. The Chinese Whispers Afternoon Tea is the place and moment where you can enjoy a cocktail, a nibble, and some chit-chatting with your favourite people. Kai Mayfair is also famous for its eclectic design and decor. The place brings you to a tea-house setting in southern China, with a classic feminine touch to the furniture and art. 

The tea menu includes infusions of black, green, white, oolong, and herbal teas, each with its eccentric flavour and property. Order macaroons with clotted cream of bao sandwiches to complement the experience. There are sets of sweets like the “Jar of Whispers & Conversations,” a jar of tea, and vanilla Sablé Breton treats shaped as symbols of memories and conversation starters. And of course, glasses and bottles of champagne should never be left out of afternoon tea time. 

Jean-Georges at the Connaught

Best Afternoon Tea in Mayfair

The Michelin star restaurant Jean-Goerges at the Connaught hotel offers a classic British afternoon tea with a house twist. The twist is an add-on of luxury to the whole experience. Here, the restaurant takes you on a journey through the seasons. Every ingredient and infusion presented to the customer highlights the best of fresh and seasonal ingredients. Teas, sandwiches, and pastries all accompany the design of the dining room. Art from Louise Bourgeois hangs on the walls, and illustrations from Jean Jullian decorate the menu. Through the stained glass, watch the life of Mayfair go by. 

Here you can dip your toes in Jean-George’s passion for East-Asian cuisine and flavours. On the afternoon tea menu, find a rich selection of teas, from classics like Earl Gret and Darjeeling Second Flush to more complex and intricate flavours like Raspberry and Rose or Jade Sword Organic. Finger sandwiches like cucumber with greek yoghurt and mint or smoked salmon with coriander complement the experience. Are you looking for something sweet? Go for the caramel, apricot tart, or the verbena and peach choux. Add a glass of Laurent-Perrier sparkling wine to the experience, and you will truly feel like part of royalty. 

The Chesterfield

Some of the best afternoon tea in Mayfair and London happens to be held inside hotels. Luxury hospitality has its way of knowing how to please the elegant crowd. At Chesterfield hotel, it isn’t any different.  Here, you will find a carnival-like setting for your afternoon tea experience. Whimsical and playful, as they describe it. Sweetshop-themed cakes, like the coca-cola flavoured one, keep you wondering what other theatrical features await you. 

Liquorice and fruit salad candy tea are two of the featured choices on the menu. You can order black, green and herbal tea blends for the most traditional types. The Lanson champagne tea is also for those who want to take it up a notch. Nibble on finger sandwiches like the honey ham, tomato chutney and cheddar cheese. Pastries and cupcakes include Reece’s peanut butter cup, drumstick macarons, and blue raspberry with bubblegum.

The setting and decor of the tea room take you to a candy wonderland. Shelves are packed with candy jars, and plenty of natural light is coming in to shine over the loose leaf tea selections. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free menus are available for those with dietary restrictions. 

The Athenaeum

Best Afternoon Tea in Mayfair

Continuing with our list of hotels that serve the best afternoon tea in Mayfair, we have the luxurious Athenaeum Hotel. Here you can enjoy a complete and creative menu for a fixed price. Indulge in sandwiches, cakes, pastries, and traditional scones. There are savoury and sweet options on the menu, pleasing all types of preferences regarding the food that follows the tea. Poacher Chaddar scones and pork and apple sausage rolls take over the savoury menu, while jam and cream are poured over the sweet options. As an upgrade, you can choose the bottomless afternoon tea and enjoy limitless prosecco for 90 minutes. 

For the tea, choose from a wide selection of black teas, botanical infusions, house-blended wellness infusions, and classic green and white teas. Strawberry and champagne mousse, pistachio and strawberry tarts, orange cake, and peach and verbena cream are some options on the menu. There are plenty of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options for those with dietary restrictions. The Audrey Hepburn-like design of the place highlights the luxury and class behind The Athenaeum philosophy. Velvet booths in bronze hues and dark wooden tables elevate the afternoon tea experience. It is a small and elegant environment, with delicious house creations from the pastry team.

10º Sky Bar

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to taste the smokiness of a mezcal cocktail while staring at the sunset over the London skyline? Well, 10º Sky Bar is the place to live that experience. Located on the 28th floor of the Hilton hotel in London, 10º Sky Bar offers a unique sensory experience. The place is named after the golden hour created by the sunset. The orange and pink rays of sunlight shine brightly from the bar’s viewpoint. 

Aside from the view of the city, there’s the place’s interior design. Large windows that cover the floor-to-ceiling walls let plenty of natural light in. Over the black marble and terracotta tiled bar, greenery dangles from the ceiling. In the dining room, velvet booths and sofas with different colours and patterns illuminate the environment, dancing with the cream walls that turn red under the dim nighttime lighting. Many plants and cushions decorate the place, and you will feast your eyes on the golden lamps and details on the small side tables. 

Enjoy the weekend afternoon tea and become part of one of London’s most authentic traditions. Order a scone or other sweet treat and savour classic teas or beverages spiked with gin or champagne.

The Biltmore Mayfair

Best Afternoon Tea in Mayfair

The Biltmore is a small luxury hotel in Mayfair, offering elegant afternoon tea for guests and visitors. Executive chef Paul Walsh has crafted an intriguing menu, highlighting the best of English tea culture and bringing unique touches to it. With fresh and heritage products from around the UK, Walsh surprises everyone with sweet and savoury treats accompanying brewed tea and even a glass or two of Champagne. 

The menu includes sandwiches like Hereford beef sirloin and horseradish over white bread or smoked salmon, lemon and chive cream over brown bread. Sweet options range from Champagne and passion fruit choux to Manjari 64% Valhrona chocolate and blood orange tarts. Plain scones come with fresh fruit jam or cream. A glass of Moet or Chandon can follow your fresh brewed tea. 

Enjoy some high-quality tea at one of Mayfair’s top luxury hotels. At The Biltmore’s Tea Room, you can find light grey and purple hues of colour, both shining under the natural sunlight. Small round tables and surrounded by couches and comfortable chairs. This is the place to spend hours on end chatting with friends. And there is also the Royal Jubilee Afternoon Tea, where you can enjoy a royal-themed event.


Claridges is a luxury hotel in Mayfair, highlighting every elegant aspect of the neighbourhood. With that philosophy, they could not possibly skip the traditional English afternoon tea. Since 1840, afternoon tea has been a vital feature of British culture, and the hotel honours its heritage with an extra house touch to the experience. At their elegant Foyer & Reading Room, Claridges serves one of the best afternoon tea in Mayfair. 

Exploring seasonal ingredients, the treats here are prepared daily. A selection of savoury and sweet goodies decorate the menu, celebrating traditional British tea snacks. Find classic finger sandwiches like cucumber, mint and lemon cream cheese on white bread. Dorrington ham with apple butter and Lollo Rosso on onion bread is also a popular choice. As for the sweets, pick from a selection of hand-made pastries. Taste chocolate sablé and pistachio praline, or maybe a tart raspberry Eton mess. 

Claridges also has a wide selection of freshly brewed teas. Try the house blend, which offers the complexity of black tea with a malty finish. There is plenty of black, green, oolong, and herbal infusions. Excellent coffee is also a part of the deal, as well as iced tea.


Best Afternoon Tea in Mayfair

Flemings is another luxurious Mayfair hotel offering a unique afternoon tea experience. Here you can try the G & TEA, where you’ll find two of the most emblematic English beverages in the same place. Enter a small, cosy room that looks like a collection of travel memories. The walls, if not covered with books and small ornaments, are painted with reflections of India. Camels and elephants pass by an exotic background. Emerald green velvet booths bring colour to the beige-toned room, standing above all else. It is a piece of Georgian design and history right in the heart of Mayfair. 

This is the perfect place to sit for hours while enjoying some tea or a gin-based cocktail. Order sweet snacks to compliment the experience. The fix-price menu includes a choice of gin, scones, sweet treat selection, and east Indian tea selection. All sourced from the best products in the UK and around the world, the teas here are intriguing and complex. There are even gin-infused teas, mixing the best of both worlds. Macarons, éclairs, and pate de fruits constantly explore seasonal ingredients to deliver fresh and loud flavours. Find also some of the classic finger sandwiches to complement your entire experience.

The Dorchester Hotel

If you’re wondering how to make the most of your day at Mayfair, The Dorchester Hotel has the answer inside their Orchid Room. Surrounded by elegance and luxury while tasting homemade cakes and sipping on tea, you will find a unique afternoon tea experience here. The head pastry chef Michal Kwan brings his creative flair to your table. Taste his tea-infused ice cream, and you will understand. 

The Orchid Room blends the traditions of English afternoon tea with a particular house touch to the experience. You can opt for the traditional afternoon tea or the champagne one, where you can indulge in glasses of Grand Cru sparkling wines from some of France’s most renowned regions and vineyards. Accompanying the tea, you’ll get finger sandwiches like egg and cheddar cheese with chive cream on brioche. The pastry selection includes elderflower and yuzu tarts, black cherry tea mousse, and an almond sponge cake with rose jam. 

When it comes to the tea, find exclusive tea blends from the house. Classic and rare blends of herbal infusions are also on the menu, along with black and green teas and caffeine-free infusions. A vegan menu is also available for those with dietary restrictions.

Best Afternoon Tea in Mayfair

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Michelin Star Restaurants in Chelsea

September 30, 2022 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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Chelsea is the London neighbourhood known for its wealthy residents and luxurious lifestyle. Here, you can find elegant stores, restaurants, and plenty of culture to explore. Michelin Star restaurants in Chelsea are a must for those who like to explore flavours and astonishing design. Each with its particular philosophy, flair, and cuisine, these restaurants always surprise visitors with an ever-changing menu. 

Here you will find some of the best Michelin Star Restaurants in Chelsea. These venues were selected based on their originality and cuisine. But of course, there is always impeccable service, unique decor, and overall experience, making them stand out among all others. 

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Michelin Star Restaurants in Chelsea

We will kickstart our list with Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. The place has conquered three Michelin stars, a classic of luxurious London dining. It is one of the best restaurants in the entire city. Serving modern French cuisine with a British touch, you can find impeccable service, superb food, and an intimate environment here. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is the first wholly owned restaurant by the chef, who established it in 1998. Since then, it has been a reference for fine dining in London. 

With a capacity of 45 people, the restaurant combines traditional and modern cooking methods, serving the food in a contemporary and elegant dining room. In the a la carte menu, you can find starters like Ramsay’s famous scallops with black fig, coconut, and oxalis. The meat is cooked to excellence to preserve the juiciness in the middle, with charred edges to add some crispiness to the beef. Main course options include 100-day-aged  Cumbrian Blue Grey with Panisse, cosberg, and pontack. 

There is also the 7-course menu prestige, from starter to dessert, at a fixed price. Sit at the chef’s table and watch the action inside the kitchen. Indulge in an exclusive tasting menu tailored for your table. There is also the 7-course menu prestige, from starter to dessert, at a fixed price. 

Claude Bosi Bibendum Restaurant

Claude Bosi Bibendum Restaurant is housed inside the Michelin House. Here, you can find the restaurant, bar, and oyster bar, each with its particular offer and design. Mosaic flooring and tiles take over the design.  The oyster bar is on the ground floor of the house. Although it specialises in shellfish, the place also serves other dishes, pleasing everyone who decides to visit. 

Outside dining options take guests to an al fresco patio in front of the building. Taste Scottish mussels and crab linguine. Indulge in fresh native lobsters and oysters. The sky, and ocean, are the limit. The Claude Bosi bar is also on the ground floor, right by the oyster bar. Here you can taste cocktails and coffee all day long, trying house specials or sticking to the classics, prepared to perfection. 

At the restaurant, on the first floor, you can find stained glass windows that shine light over the cobalt blue velvet carpet on the floor. White walls and light grey chairs elevate the elegance and simplicity of the decor. The dishes are also uncomplicated and highlight the flavours of each seasonal ingredient. Frog legs seasoned with garlic, lemon, and parsley are a good starter. Goat meat with Scotting clams and sea beet sauce is the perfect follow-up. 

Elystan Street

Michelin Star Restaurants in Chelsea

Elystan Street is all about vitality and flavour. When it comes to the best Michelin Star restaurants in Chelsea, this one could not escape the list. Here, dishes are prepared in a way that highlights the flavours of seasonal ingredients. The restaurant also curated an exciting wine list to match the pure cuisine. Classic crown pleasers merge with niche wines to create a complex and complete cellar. The service is also noticeable, where the front-of-the-house staff is professionally trained to deliver guests the best possible experience possible. 

Inside, find a minimalist and simple decor, which lets the dishes and wine stand out with their flavour. Large windows allow plenty of natural light in, and the beige walls complement the calm colour hues of the dining room. Salmon and light blue-coloured seats stand around a  wooden table and over a wooden floor. 

The set lunch menu serves a three-course meal, where you can choose between different options of dishes. For starters, a fabulous almond soup with green olives, cherry, cucumber, garlic and grapes. Chargrilled Galician octopus with coco beans, sardine vinaigrette, ratatouille, basil oil and lemon makes for a perfect main dish. For dessert, maybe caramelised wafers with raspberries, lemon verbena, and vanilla cream. The a la carte menu is also available. 

Granger & Co

Bill Granger Granger & Co Pavilion Rd Chelsea

Granger & Co brings the Australian spirit to London. Sunny, generous, and easy-going – at least, that’s how people and the venue describe it. It started as an Australian breakfast sensation, with people sharing tales and laughter over a central communal table. Today, Granger & Co has restaurants spread across Sydney, Seoul, Tokyo and London. The Chelsea unit is a popular one, where people come to enjoy delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

On the breakfast menu, you can find refreshing smoothies, juices, and shakes on the breakfast menu. Different coffees and tea variations can also help you start your day (maybe a spiced almond milk chai?). As for the food, pick from the classics like ricotta hotcakes with banana and honeycomb butter. The chilli fried egg in the house brioche, baby spinach, and spiced mango chutney with bacon or halloumi is also a fantastic option. 

Lunch meals include juicy burgers, bowls (like the grilled lemongrass chicken, shredded cabbage, holy basil, nuoc cham, and crispy shallots), coconut curry plates, chilli miso salmon, or feta rosti. For dinner, a crispy duck leg with turmeric and tamarind curry, shredded cabbage, green beans, peas, and holy basil sounds like an excellent choice. 


Michelin Star Restaurants in Chelsea

Kutir is an Indian restaurant and one of the best Michelin Star restaurants in Chelsea. Here you can taste the rich heritage and nature of India. Inside a lavish townhouse, try traditional dishes with a refined touch. The menu drafts inspiration from different parts of the world, merging them with the foresty of Indian flora and its exquisite wildlife. Kutir brings famous Indian feasts to London, with rich banquets and many celebrations. It is the time to meet and fall in love with the culture. 

Try regional and national dishes of India, all with a modern, elevated, and international touch to them. The restaurant plays with blends of flavours and aromas, serving mainly game and seafood, creating something elegant and new.  Cocktails are infused with Indian herbs and spices. The wine list is curated to match the aromas in the food. 

Order the Expeditions tasting menu and savour prawns with onion, coconut, sesame and peanut Masala. Then, explore the aromas in the pan-seared sea bass with tamarind and curry leaves. Take a look at the a la carte options of tandoor, curries, and sides. There are also vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free menus. 

No. Fifty Cheyne

No. Fifty Cheyne is the place for those who love traditional British food over an open grill. Working with fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients, the ever-changing menu explores the charred bits that bring out the best flavour. 

The a la carte menu offers fresh and light dishes like salads and seafood. Start with native lobster tortellini with heirloom tomato purée, fresh sweetcorn with sauce Americaine, and squid ink crisp. As for the grill, try the classic Surf and Turf Beef fillet with Argentinian red prawns, cognac beef bisque sauce, and butter. Follow up with traditional grill dishes for both lunch and dinner.

The restaurant acquired its wedding licence in 2021 and can host civil ceremonies in its private spaces. No. Fifty Cheyne grants you views of the Chelsea Embarkment Gardens and overlooks The River Thames. It is one of the most exclusive spots in London to host private events, fitting up to 44 guests. The blue and white façade, with pink flowers hanging across it, scream romance. Inside, a classic colonial decor remotes a Jane Austen novel. Leather seats surround white-clothed tables. Vines hug the pillars and hands from the ceiling, brightening the beige walls and wooden floor. 


Michelin Star Restaurants in Chelsea

Stanley’s is a secret garden and one of the best Michelin star restaurants in Chelsea. Set in the luxurious King’s Road, this is the ideal place to eat, drink, and relax. Here you can find classic British cuisines crafted with seasonal and fresh ingredients. Everything is colourful and light, ideal for warm summer afternoons. Inspired by English country gardens, Stanley’s sets you in the middle of contemporary greenery. You will find white blossomed trees shading striped booths and netted chairs in the courtyard. Find green hues on the walls, furniture, and the plans hanging around you. 

Host your private event at Stanley’s and enjoy their variety of canapés at the reception. Come over for lunch and taste smoked aubergine with apricots or black truffle gnocchi as a starter. The main dishes include types from barbecued beetroots with smoked goat curd and hazelnuts to a perfectly charred and juicy Flat Iron sirloin steak with capers and garlic salsa. The house cocktails include classics like bellini and espresso martinis and house specials like the elderflower collins. Press juices and a vast selection of coffee and tea are fantastic for an afternoon with friends.  

The Cadogan Arms

The Cadogan Arms brings London’s traditional pub culture to the elite’s hands. The restaurant has been around for over two centuries, serving luxurious customers from Chelsea and getting the best of English cuisine to their table. After careful restoration, the place has brought back the authentic vibes of British colonial get-togethers. The food here focuses on seasonality and traceability, where suppliers and producers are connected to the end of the thread. This is the hub of local culture with carefully selected beers, wine, and cocktails. Certainly its one of the best Michelin star restaurants in Chelsea.

Serving pub classics, The Cadogan Arms prides itself on dishes like Jersey rock oysters, buttermilk fried chicken, and boneless lamb ribs. Take these flavours and add a touch of class and freshness to them with premium ingredients and house twists. Main dishes on the a la carte menu include cider Fowey mussels with garlic, parsley, sea vegetables and crusty bread. Try also the lamb suet pudding or the market fish. There are always the traditional Sunday roasts and bar snacks to please those who seek authentic British food. Enjoy the classic decor, with warm lighting shining over crafted wood boards on the bartop, ceiling, and pillars. 

The Five Fields

Michelin Star Restaurants in Chelsea

The Kitchen Garden in the Sussex countryside provides organic, fresh, and seasonal ingredients directly to the restaurant’s kitchen. The Five Fields grows most of the produce it uses in its dishes. Traditional fruits and vegetables, rare herbs, venison, and even honeycomb all make their way to your table with minor manipulation. That’s why The Five Fields offers some of the most genuine food in the entire city of London. 

Inside the restaurant, find an intimate and elegant environment. With beige and white hues and small touches of gold and pink, the restaurant decor is calm, letting the colour of the dishes shine over the interior design. White cloths lay over the round tables, and light pink chairs harmonise with the grey walls and white ceiling. The food, presented like art on a plate, pays homage to traditional British cuisine.

A tasting menu at a fixed price takes you on a countryside journey to England. Taste roasted lobster tail with fennel and chamomile, short lamb loin with courgette and tagetes, and others. Each ingredient speaks for itself here; you can feel its natural flavours and aromas. 

The Sea The Sea

The Sea The Sea is a restaurant but also one of the best wholesale spots for fish in London. With a chef-led fish shop and seafood bar, this is a paradise for those who love to get a taste of the ocean. Here, seafood has a unique flair on the menu. On the seafood bar, find a terrace perfect for warm summer days. Taste rock oysters with shallots, beetroot vinaigrette, or shrimp tamagoyaki with almond cream and caviar. Maybe go for the dry-aged monkfish with dashi glaze and smoked caviar. Shop for fresh fish and pre-order service on the website. 

You can also choose to sit at the exclusive Chef’s Table Hackney. With 12 seats, this is a gastronomic voyage underwater. Taste fish prepared by some of the best chefs in the city, from fresh cuts to dry-aged ones. Cuttlefish with pinenuts, trout with banana miso, or langoustine with wet garlic and finger lime are some options. You genuinely feel below surface level with an oval brick ceiling and orange booths around a curved table. Minimal decor highlights the authenticity of the dishes served, where the flavour shines above everything else. 

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Luxury Cinemas in London

September 20, 2022 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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Going to the movies is usually a simple and casual thing to do. Grab the popcorn and pick a film you’d like to watch. However, there’s always the option to upgrade your experience in London. The city has dozens of elegant and unique cinemas to explore. Of all the possible options, there are the ones that come out as the best Luxury Cinemas in London.

Snack on refined foods and bring cocktails and wine bottles into the screening room. Indulge in impeccable service. Relax on oversized and comfortable sofa-like chairs. Enjoy some of the best sound systems in the world and immerse yourself into the reality of the movie you’re watching. 

Everyman’s Cinemas

We’ll kickstart our list with Everyman’s Cinemas. This is not just a single venue but a collection of 14 units spread across London. Every single movie theater from Everyman’s has its original design. They are all in different buildings with intriguing architecture and layouts so that it will be a new experience each time. Inside, find big and comfortable sofas and armchairs, delicious food and drinks, and impeccable service. Out of all the venues, the Screen on the Green in Islington is one of everyone’s favorite.

Blankets, pillows, and velvety seating await you. Order a glass of wine or maybe a warm cup of tea so you can relax and enjoy those dramas. If hungry, go for the juicy burgers or build your sundae.  You will be so impressed by the service, wine coolers,  and architecture that you may miss some movie scenes. Laying back on those cozy sofas will transport you to a new world of comfort and luxury. 

The first Everyman’s Cinema opened up over 100 years ago, and it is still a reference for luxury in the cinematic world. 


Curzon is, by far, one of the best luxury cinemas in London. It is probably the finest cinema building of the post-war period, with an intricate and elaborated interior. Built on 1912, the theater is a reference for quality art films, and you will always enjoy what is on display. It has one of the largest screens in the UK and even two royal boxes.

Here, you can watch art films, like imported Dramas from France and Indie movies from artists all over the world. Indulge on 19th-century classics. It is ideal for those who like to merge culture and class. Sit at a Royal Box and order champagne. Lounge by the bar while you wait for the movie to begin and order drinks and snacks. Enjoy the public wifi as well.

The mood lighting and evocative decor make this a unique experience. The seats are super comfortable and spacious. Watch comedy shows and music performances aside from the films. You can become a member of Curzon and have access to movie previews, talks from some of the industry experts, and exclusive screenings of the newest movies available to the public.

Electric Cinema

Electric Cinema feels like you’ve just entered a fancy theater. It opened its doors in 1910, and up to this day, it still retains its retro vibe. Although the technology and service have adapted, the theater holds an old-fashioned aura. The oval ceiling has a victorian decor and red elements ornamenting it. Red curtains cover the screen in the front of the room. Once you’re seated, they will open, and you can enjoy the show. 

The movie theater is on Portobello Road, probably one of the oldest ones in London. They also opened a unit in White City, carrying the same extravagance as the original. Here you can relax on spacious leather chairs with footstalls or lay on one of the six double beds in the front. It is the perfect spot for a classy first date. Extravagance is part of service, food, and drinks. Order cocktails from the bar and a full-on dinner.  We’re talking crispy duck leg with lentils, for example. 

You can also book the entire place for a private event, where you can fit up to 103 people and enjoy a lounge space with food and drinks. 

BFI Southbank

The BFI Southbank is one of those luxury cinemas in London offering a healthy mix of options. While you can still enjoy the latest hits in the cinematic world, you can also find cult and indie movies here. Enjoy classics like The Godfather and watch Marlon Brando in other exceptional performances. Aside from film, they also host festivals, retrospective events, and Q&As with essential people in the film industry. 

You can follow their season’s program and learn about cultures and film. Each month they explore a different genre or culture and how they are represented on the screen. From Indian women to Reggae in Jamaica, here you will learn about the universe of cinema and how it portrays the world. 

The BFI Bar and Restaurant is also perfect for a bite before or after the film. During the summer, you can enjoy their terrace and cool off with cocktails and refreshing foods. The theater has unique views of the Thames river and the Waterloo Bridge. There’s also the theater’s library, where you can learn about the moving image through their extensive collection of materials.

Film & Fizz One Aldwych

Luxury Cinemas In London

Whenever we travel, there are always those days when we are too tired to leave the hotel and do anything touristy. That’s why the Film & Fizz cinema is so unique. Located inside the 5-star One Aldwych hotel, this theater is ideal for those who are exhausted and can find quality entertainment without going out on the street. Enjoy the latest hits in the cinematic world, or go for seasonal classics like Frozen during Christmas. 

A small movie theater only fitting thirty people, Film & Fizz by One Aldwych is an exclusive experience. Aside from the movie, the ticket includes a chilled glass of Grand-Cru Champagne, sweet or salty popcorn, and a three-course meal at Indigo, the hotel’s restaurant. Let the sommelier suggest wine pairings and enjoy an after-movie dinner. It is the perfect date night for those who want a romantic and entertaining evening. 

You can opt for the Film & Fizz One Aldwych Overnight experience, where, aside from the screening and dinner, you get a night at the hotel and breakfast the following morning. Tank about a romantic escapade, huh?

Archlight Cinema

Luxury Cinemas In London

One of the main aspects of Archlight Cinema is its high-tech sound system. Inside Dolby Atmos surround sound theaters, you will immerse yourself into the experience of the movie you’re watching, with sound-proof design on the walls. The theater is located in the Battersea Power Station district. Overground trains will travel above you, and you won’t hear a thing. 

The theater is strategically placed in one of the most intriguing areas of London right now. This urban project is packed with exciting restaurants, architecture, and art – there are lots of things to do and see both before and after the movie. Once inside, indulge in food and drinks from the snack bar – cocktails, like negronis and old-fashioneds, come in small bottles. Wine and champagne bottles, homemade popcorn, and sweets are also available. Relax on the reclining seats and place your snacks on the individual tables in front of you.

During July and August, Archlight Cinema hosts outdoor screenings for those who want to enjoy the fresh summer breeze at night. An opened, six-acre space in Power Station Park, right in front of the Battersea Power Station building.

Backyard Cinema

The Backyard Cinema is a whole experience within itself. Maybe you don’t even need to watch the movie to have the time of your life. Firstly, they have bean bag seats, and you can’t get much more comfortable than that. Secondly, the theater is always themed – find old curiosity shops and Christmas lights at the end of the year. Maybe feel like you’re at the beach walking on the sanded floor in the summer. Sip refreshing cocktails while you do that in the Miami Beach theme. Soak under sunlight while watching one of the latest hits in the theaters. Each time, a whole new experience. 

After the movie, enjoy the street food and bars Backyard Cinema has in their courtyard. Immerse in the thematics of the place. Taste the Backyard Pizza and grab a cocktail at the Studio Bar. Try an Argentinian sandwich. 

In some of the thematics, there are live performances before the movie, and you embark on a unique adventure until arriving at your assigned seat before the screen. Instagramable and interactive sets are always part of the deal.

Bulgari Private Cinema

Luxury Cinemas In London

A few things speak luxury more fluently than the Bulgari brand. The Italian brand for jewelry, watches and other extravagance products marks the meaning of elegance. So, when the brand opened its hotel in London, it needed to go the extra mile to stand out as an exclusive experience. 

The Bulgari Hotel Private Cinema consists of a single screen and 47 seats inside a private room. They display many movies with modern and advanced sound and vision systems. You can pick from the hotel’s film library, which contains over 300 titles. Choose anything from an old classic like Casablanca to a modern film still in the theaters. 

Designer walls surround comfortable leather chairs. Velvet floors allow for the perfect acoustics of the place. One can host business presentations, press announcements, and movie premiers here. 4K resolution takes over the screen, and video conferencing is powered up by potent capabilities. You can also watch sports and play video games. Grab a cocktail at the outside bar and relax into a luxurious experience at the movies.


Luxury Cinemas In London

Genesis first opened its doors in 1848 as a music hall. After much remodeling and repurposing, today it is one of the best luxury cinemas in London. Aside from screening some of the most popular movies today, the theater also holds many different events and seasons. The Fragments season explores inclusivity in film, showcasing movies by underrepresented and marginalized voices. There are also Q&A sessions with some influential voices in the film industry, where you can learn more about their work and style. 

Upstairs from the movies, you can find the Kitchen. It is a place serving pizzas, nachos, and sweet potato fries – perfect for snacking during the movie. The Bar Paragon, right next to it, offers cocktails and hosts events. Live music performances, poetry reading, and free movie screenings are available. There’s also the Grindhouse Café, where you can grab a hot cup of coffee or tea, munch on a freshly baked pastry or panini, and chat with friends before the day begins. 

Genesis has a bar inside the theater room. So you can get up at any time during the movie and top your wine glass. Here, find large and cozy sofas with blankets and small tables in front for you to place your snacks.

Picturehouse Central

Picturehouse Cinemas has movie theaters spread all around the UK. In London, you can find many different units, all with their unique design, movie schedule, and a vast array of events, festivals, and Q&As with influential people from the film industry. Out of all the Picturehouse theaters, we decided to focus on one of the most beautiful ones in design.

Picturehouse Central is more about the hall and outside amenities than the screening rooms. Walk in and find a red-velveted staircase leading you downstairs. The theater rooms have comfortable, red chairs that face a large screen. On the ceiling, lightbulbs hang low and shine a golden light over your head. You can pass by a small convenience shop on the way down the stairs and purchase snacks for the movie. Aside from screening today’s popular movies, they also have special events with international, independent, or artistic films.

Stop by the first-floor restaurant and savor modern and western Korean foods. Grab pre-movie snacks, taste the sweet and spicy Bao buns with bulgogi pork or jackfruit, and sip a cocktail. There’s also the exclusive member’s bar for those who want to enjoy the most premier experience possible.

Best Luxury Cinemas in London

Here you have found some of the best luxury cinemas in London. Grab cocktails, some snacks, and sit back on highly comfortable chairs. Indulge in the latest releases in the movies, or enjoy some of the classics. Watch live performances, comedy shows, and Q&As with influential people in the industry too!

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