The Best Outdoor Restaurants In London

May 4, 2021 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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With summer on its way, it’s time to look forward to the best of London’s outdoor hospitality options. London is one of the top cities in the world for exclusive restaurants. Below is a list of the best outdoor restaurants in London, which surely won’t disappoint.


Angler - The Best Outdoor Restaurants In London


Within walking distance from Moorgate station and run by head chef, Gary Foulkes, is Angler. With over two decades of experience working in some of the most prestige Michelin-Starred restaurants all over the UK, not forgetting working with some of the most acclaimed chefs, Foulkes has continued to create his reputation by focusing on his own exclusive and distinctive cooking techniques. With a sophisticated and fine dining feel on the inside and Angler’s rooftop terrace and bar overlooking the city skyline on the outside, it’s hard for this not to be known as one of the city’s serene hidden gems and indeed one of the best outdoor restaurants in London.

Producing picture perfect plates of food and specializing in impeccable British seafood dishes, the menu stars some of the most pleasing and unusual combinations. The A ’la Carte menu features the likes of; Cuttlefish Bolognese with flavoursome basil rigatoni, roasted Monkfish with parsnip cream and Orkney Scallops served on a bed of lightly curried cauliflower. If you want to experience the full capacity of Mr Foulkes’s creations, the tasting menu with paired wines is very much recommended too.


Cinnamon City Kitchen


Situated in Devonshire Square, just off Liverpool street and inspired by classically trained Indian chef Vivek Singh, is one of London’s finest modern Indian restaurants, Cinnamon Kitchen. By incorporating fusions and spices with the finest ingredients Vivek has created a number of modern but classically delicious Indian dishes. Understandably, with Vivek’s global reputation in mastering Indian fine dining, author of six books and host of live cookery events, no wonder he is one of the most inspiring chefs of his generation.

After refurbishing a former warehouse and converting it into a graceful, chic and stylist dining area, we can understand as to why customers want to dine at this atmospheric and attentive to detail haven. Whether it be sitting outside in the terraced area just by the entrance of the restaurant, or seated inside in the low dimmed, sleek setting surrounded by unique original feature of the warehouse itself, ‘Cinnamon Kitchen City’ is definitely among the best outdoor restaurants in London and a place worth checking out.

The menus offer carefully source Indian spices with seasonal ingredients, making sure you don’t go home disappointed! Starters include several typical Indian delights, such as; Samosa or crispy kale and spinach Chaats, to even Chicken Tikka and Cheese Nann and Kerman spiced Ox-Cheek pickle. This is then followed by variety of tasty fusion curries, spiced meats and fishes with a selection of appetising side dishes. Mouth-watering or what!


Circolo Popolare


In the heart of some of London’s busiest streets, situated just off Fitzrovia is the vibrant Sicilian Trattoria, Circolo Popalare. Although, this is not necessarily an outdoor restaurant, diners won’t be disappointed as the outdoors scenery is virtually brought indoors. The lavish interior boasts walls lined with countless vintage spirit bottles, dimmed lit hanging festoon lights and also greenery, which stretches up the walls and across the ceiling.  You’ll be able to experience traditional dishes with a twist, using both seasonal and organic ingredients which are carefully put together making sure each mouth of food is a volcano of flavour. 

The menu offers an endless list of Italian specialities, once again bringing you a taste of Italian culture to our very own London suburbs. The delightful menu is equally as lavishing to the restaurant’s settings, featuring metre long pizzas (particularly good for sharing), tasty pasta and meat dishes, not forgetting the irresistible list of sweet desserts. If you’re not a big fan of coffee, we’d recommend the ‘Limonemisu’ which is basically an Amalfi lemony take on an Italian classic, which is nicely complemented with a single shot of limoncello. This is an almighty treat! 


Dalloway Terrace - The BEst Outdoor Restaurants In London


Just steps away from Covent Garden and Oxford street, featuring some of the most magical and stylish interior elements is Dalloway Terrace. Fulfilled with an artistic ambiance to reflect 20th Century Bloomsbury, this alfresco diner is definitely one to try. The elegant and poetic English atmosphere is based in a secluded and romanticized secret garden, which is idealistic all year round. Just imagine a fairy-tale like, white and cheerful setting from Narnia, and this is where you’ll be eating some of the most inviting foods.

Dalloway Terrace well known for its outdoorsy setting serves menus for breakfast, brunch, afternoon tea as well as lunch and dinner, making it open all day long. That’s why we believe it is indeed one of the best outdoor restaurants in London. The menu selection exaggerates colourful, light and refreshing flavours suitable for the latter. For all you cheese lovers, the oozing ‘Le Gruyere Premier Cru Fondue’ with homemade toasted rosemary focaccia, pickles and fingerling potatoes is one of many which is very temping. If this doesn’t take your fancy, undoubtedly there will be a dish that will…ranging from; Cotswold Chicken Breast, Winter Squash Risotto, Thai Green Pumpkin Curry or even Roasted Wild Venison. You’ll be fooled if you don’t go dine at this magical retreat!




Establishing its name in the famous Shoreditch and inspired by Bombay in the 1930’s is Dishoom, Taking influence from Iran and Persia, this charming but ‘a little rough around the edges’ restaurant embraces the element of imperfection. The interior is renounced for its vintage dark wooden décor, dimmed lighting and snug seating, whereas the exterior is the most impressive providing an outdoor shaded veranda with comfy brocade sofas, all of which are surrounded by exotic plantation, antique cultural furniture’s and faded old-fashioned photographs.

If this doesn’t wooh you enough, the multi-award-winning menu surely will, producing affordable Indian street food with digs of quality and style. Typical cuisines are slow cooked and layered with aromatic traces from the origins itself, providing some of the most dark and rich flavours. Some popular favourites is the tender and juicy ‘Lamb Raan,’ (a leg of lamb marinated by a number of herbs and spices, then braised overnight before being flame-grilled, sliced and served with a home-made mint chutney and freshly baked roomily roti) or ‘the Dishoom Chicken Tikka,’ (a family heritage using marinades of sweet vinegar, ginger juice, turmeric, garlic and fresh green chillis). Tempting is an understatement!




Located in the heart of Mayfair, this inclusion into our list of the best outdoor restaurants in London, and inspired by the stoves of the legendary Heston Blumenthal ‘The Dinner’ lies Fallow. Both Will Murray and Jack Croft, who are well known for their prestigious and culinary awards in cooking are the masterminds behind the scenes, helping run and sustain this sublime gem.

Guest are greeted by the open kitchen dinning area and beautiful aromas of freshly cooked British cuisine at your finest. When arriving at Fallows, you can choose between indoor seating surrounded by a modern and contemporary interior or seating on the outdoor terrace fulfilled by greenery and the busy streets of Mayfair.

Customers have a choice of a selection of delicious and appetising starters such as; ‘juicy corn ribs with a dash of lime’ or even, mouth watering ‘January king cabbage, with gun-powdering garlic and tasty chestnuts.’ The mains on the other hand, offer a large array of plant base, meat and fish choices. Depending on what takes your fancy, one of my particular favourites would be the unique and packed full of flavour ‘plant burger,’ with vegan cheese, lettuce and shallots, all of which are nicely complimented by a wine of your choice.




Located at the very top of the Hoxton hotel in the Southwark and boasting one of London’s biggest oyster lists is the impressive Seafood restaurants Seabird. Consisting of a coastal but chic interior with an impressive marble bar, not forgetting the well know outdoor rooftop seating with breath taking views of the city, diners are able to experience the fresh and fragrant flavours of Southern Europe. The restaurant has a wonderful sensation right from the outset and it is no wonder it is ideal for a romantic date-night out for all you love-birds! The New-York themed rooftop, with snug white and beige sofas, candle lit tables and as mentioned outstanding views surely must tick all the boxes.

In addition to the restaurants outstanding features, ‘Seabird’ also manages to ‘wow’ customers with their small plates of delicious and tender octopus or even signature specials like ‘the Afternoon Sea,’ fulfilled with fresh and wholesome selections of oysters, langoustines, clams and prawns. This delightful ship is definitely the captain of the sea!


Villa Di Geggiano - The Best Outdoor Restaurants In London


With over 50 years under the management of the Bianchi Bandinelli family, providing superb hospitality and flavoursome foods and wines is Villa Di Geggiano. Inspired by Tuscan heritage, particularly from the enchanting hills of Chianti Classico, the Bandinelli’s bring a taste of Tuscany to the heart of London’s W4. The beauty is not only in the dining room experience, which remains intimate adjourned by residential contemporary artworks and a grand piano, it also lies in the open-air terrace which is shaded by Sangiovese vines making it a perfect ‘all year-round’ dining experience.  Definitely one of the best outdoor restaurants in London.

The menu prides itself using a selection of the finest imported ingredient from there very own Tuscan villa and farms, employing tradition techniques to master the essence of Italian cuisine. The foods range on the menu entice homemade yet attentive to detail plates, which are full of flavour and delicious with every bite. One particular favourite is the ‘Tagliatella Al basilico con pesto di pistacchi e limone, blu do bufala,’ which is freshly home-made green Basil tagliatelle pasta, served with a unique yet delicious pistachio and lemon pesto, nicely garnished with a sprinkle of Blu Bufala cheese. The best way to explain it, is a mouthful of heaven! 


River Cafe - The Best Outdoor Restaurants In London


Known for its exquisite Michelin star food and equally good outdoor riverside terrace, is the long-standing The River Cafe. Placed in the borough of Hammersmith in a former oil storage warehouse, which specializes in culinary Italian cuisine. Although the surrounding area has developed over the year, the restaurant itself still feels like a hideaway, surrounded by with vibrant greenery and overlooking the famous River Thames.

Adding to the buzzing and wonderful atmosphere is the excellent daily changing menu, offering a wide range of delicious Italian foods. Whether it be an Antipasti, Primi, Secondi or even a sweet Gelati, this award-winning outdoor restaurant really does spoil you for choice! Not only does the restaurant have a huge choice of outstanding plates of food, they also provide set-menus with expertly selected wines from all over Italy. Just from personal choice, one admirable wine would be the ‘Roero Arneis’ which a ‘vini bianchi’ produced in the Piedmont region.




If you are looking for a more intimate and romantic outdoor environment to dine at, the south American inspired restaurant YOPO at the Mandrake Hotel is the place to go! Taking influence from his journey through the likes of Argentina, Chile and Peru, head chef and mastermind behind the culinary dishes, George Scott-Toft has incorporated the finest indigenous native ingredients into his own interventions, producing some of the most inviting dishes. In contrast with the indulgent foods, ‘YOPO’, is well known for its remarkable interiors of golden velvet seating, marble flooring and elements or artistry, not forgetting the even more so lavishing and dreamlike outdoor setting known as the ‘Jurema Terrance’ which also follows on from the South American theme. With hand woven seating, an all-over wooden feel and drapes of green ivy all around, it’s no wonder this is one of London’s popular hangout spots.

Moving onto the food at YOPO uses devised combinations and experimental ingredients to produce only the finest and refined plates. Ranging from ‘Parmesan Tapioca with Pumpkin seed Salsa’, ‘Devonshire Crab with Corn, ‘Oscietra and Tostadas’, to even ‘500 grams of juicy and succulent dry aged Sirloin with Girolles,’ all of which are accompanied by a selection of the finest native wines. This stunning setting truly does fulfil the needs for all! We vote this as one of the best outdoor restaurants in London.


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The Best Rooftop Bars In Mayfair

March 9, 2021 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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In the upscale district of Mayfair surrounded by elegant georgian townhouses, luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants is home to some of the best rooftop bars in Mayfair. Come on, let’s celebrate the occasion with a delicious cocktail and sweet words…

In between Berkley Square and The Ritz is home to one of Mayfair’s most stylist settings, named Mayfair Terrace. This chic and sleek hangout is one of the best rooftop bars in Mayfair, offering an intimate setting with cosy and sung lounge seating on the terrace, which is surrounded by several fireplaces ideal for the cold, brisk winter months. Depending on the occasion, the open-air enclave fulfilled with stunning scenery, wooden elements and candle lit tables offers a place perfect for a drink or two.


The lounge bar and terrace menu offer a selection of rare snacks and Japanese influence tacos too. A particular favourite being the Seabass sashimi with dried Miso which is nicely complimented by rocoto chili paste and a citrus plant called, Yuzu. Scrumptious that’s for sure! The classic drinks menu with the addition of signature cocktails, fortified wines and spirit selection from Peruvian, Mexican, Japanese and Mediterranean influences makes the experience even more satisfying. Exotic and quirky ingredients help shape the flavoursome beverages ranging from bee pollen cherry, grapefruit oils, 12-year-old infused rum, agave syrup, to even a Matcha Green tea rim. For all you smokers, the menu also provides a selection of cigars ranging from light, medium and full flavours. What a night to remember!

Just off Regents Street is the opened air chillout hotspot, Aqua Spirit. Practically a paradise for blue-sky drinkers. The venue boasts barrels of style and certainly delivers the quality too. The interior itself has been tastefully decorated, using wooden décor, stunning large chandelier-like dimmed lighting which overhangs the bespoke and circular bar. This centre piece itself is surrounded by high top tables with lavish red seating to match, overlooking views of the spectacular London skyline.


The drinks menu is equally delightful, ranging from fine wines, tempting cocktails and unique Asian-influenced inventions, which will really get your taste buds flowing. The unusual combinations of ingredients such as green tea infused liquors, flavoured sake and homemade saffron infused vanilla helps to put new twists onto classics, adding an element of distinctive character. In addition to the luscious cocktails, the snack bar is ideal particularly for those who might feel a bit peckish. Following on from the Asian theme, tasty treats like chili garlic tempura prawns and salted edamame beans really will make your mouth water.

On the outskirts of Mayfair is the cocktail bar named ‘The Roof Top St. James.’ With a stunning view of London’s iconic skyline, this venue is ideal for a cheeky girl’s night out! Guests are greeted by a kind and pleasuring team of staff who’s aims are to make sure you are having a great time. With a white marble bar, dark brown hand-woven seating and sparkling clean wine glasses, the interior gives more of an alfresco dining experience taking inspiration from both Korea and Japan. This being said, if you are tempted to book an area on the rooftop itself it is best to request this prior to attending, as spaces are very limited. Following from the modern interior, the exterior provides comfortable sofa seating, candlelight glasses tables and an additional chic bar top facing the view to just shut off, enjoy the atmosphere and unwind!


The drinks menu at this stunning bar, range for delicious signature cocktails, crisp brut champagnes and various wines, spirits and liquors. One’s favourite being the ‘Coral Reef’ containing a blend of coconut and pineapple rum, Lychee Puree, coconut milk, a citrus mix, finished with the perfect element of an editable flower.

Alto - The Best Rooftop Bars Mayfair

Perched on top of Selfridges, one of London’s most famous department stores is the sublime Alto by San Carlo. Taking inspiration from the stunning region in Italy and surrounded with greenery and floral arrangements, this dime brings a taste of Italy to our very own London. Alto isn’t just one of the finest spots for Italian al-fresco dinning, it’s also home to the most beautiful outdoor terrace areas too and is one of the best rooftop bars in Mayfair, fulfilled with essence of both vision and charm. Guests are greeted by outgoing and friendly waiters, not forgetting some top-quality produce to match too.


The menu offers a wide range of tasty treats with selections of traditional appetisers and classic nibbles. You really can’t go wrong which you choose from the menu because it is all very delicious. The drinks menu is also very tempting, not only serving typical Italian cocktails such as; ‘Bellini Veneziana,’ ‘Aperol Spritz’ or Alto’s Fizz, this hidden gem also offers a selection of Italian wines, prosecco’s and beers from the North, South and Central regions. The ‘Barbera Di Asti’ is a Piedmontese classic enhancing a ruby red colour fulfilled with a rich, indulgent taste with hints of vanilla and toasted bread. You won’t be disappointed!

Radio Rooftop - The Best Rooftop Bars In Mayfair

In the cultural heart of London, just steps away from the respected Covent Garden and within easy reach of Mayfair is the ‘Radio Rooftop Bar.’ Up on the 10th floor of MC London with eye catching views of the River Thames and London’s skyline, this is a go-to place for a casual lunch date with your fellow colleagues or a night full of romance with your other half to admire the breath-taking sunset. The rooftop itself is an arousal of class and satisfaction. Every bit of detail seems to be just perfect! From brown and beige sofas, wooden candle lit tables, grey granite décor and naturalistic greenery, not forgetting the ideal lighting to match, this place works a treat. The service is equally pleasant and friendly making your best intention is at heart.


The menu adds to the lovely scenery, no matter day or night. Not only is there a signature cocktail, non-alcoholic and selection of cocktails section, there is also pages of sophistication depending on what takes your fancy. From champagnes, wines, Irish whiskies, cognacs and many more, Radio Rooftops main aim is to satisfy customer’s needs. This trendy rooftop bar is a definitely a place suitable for any occasion.

Another of the best rooftop bars in Mayfair is on one of Mayfair’s prestigious roads, Park lane. It's home to the admirable Bar 45. Based in 45 Park Lane hotel and well known for its 1920’s feel, the interior itself makes a huge statement consisting of dark wooden furniture, dimmed lighting, red leather bar stool seating and a very snug and intimate atmosphere. The sixties-style bar is also nicely complimented by a showing assortment of spirits and liquors, just looking at them really gets your heart pumping for a good night! This divine bar is also well known for its high-topped Terrance exterior which overlooks the heart of Mayfair. Ideal especially in the summer months, the glass tables and more sophisticated modern exterior creates a nice dynamic for all of you love birds out there.


The bar itself has a delicious range of nibbles and bites but even more so has better cocktails. Depending whatever takes your fancy, whether it be ‘a taste of London’, hand-crafted cocktails or even ‘the world’s rarest teas in modern ceremony,’ I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. The cocktail, ‘Devil in Disguise’ consisting of Don Julio Reposado, passion fruit, smoked Kashmiri and chilli salt is a peculiar combination but definitely mind blowing-ly tasty. Don’t be fooled by the name its worth a try!

Sanctum Soho - Best Rooftop Bars In Mayfair

Just a few doors down the road from Aqua Spirit is the remarkable rooftop terrace, Karma Sanctum. With a name like that you know it’s going to be Karma that’s for sure. Located in one of London’s most prestige hotels, up on the top floor lies a haven retreat. One word being, extraordinary! The terrace roof itself consists of three interconnecting areas. Firstly, there’s an inside bar with classy and chic elements, then there is a covered lounge with a warm fireplace and residential area and finally the retractable roof outside area providing a luxury jacuzzi and great atmosphere, perfect for partying and escaping the busy streets of London.


Varying from Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut and moving up the scale to the well-respected Dom Perignon, Karma Sanctum really has the bubbles for every occasion. If champagne doesn’t take your fancy, I’m sure the sharing cocktails will, as they are particularly a great way to mingle and really get the party started. One to try is ‘Strawberry Frozen Daiquiri’ using a mixture of fresh strawberries, rum, lime juice and sugar. Make sure you bring your swimwear to not miss out on all the fun!

Not far from the heart of Mayfair, in London’s famously known vibrant streets of the west-end is LSQ Rooftop. Providing the perfect setting for a chilled out casual lunch or even an evening catch up with some friends, this is a venue to impress! Located on the 9th floor in London’s Hotel Indigo, the view from this entry into the best rooftop bars in Mayfair is truly remarkable. If you’re seated on the inside, you will find yourself surrounded by tall glass windows, oak flooring and blue seating and bar front to match, really making you feel like you are on top of the world. On the other hand, if you’re seated outside on the balcony, the feeling if more contemporary and laid back.


menu varies from classic cocktails, to passionately created seasonal signature cocktails. Expert mixologists are happy to help guide you to find the perfect drink to suit your pallet, making sure you have a great time too. Following on from the rooftop theme, ‘Room with a view’ is a deliciously strawberry and rum infused delight, or even better if you really fancy raising the bar, ‘Rooftop Highball’ combining the stronger stuff such as Absinthe, Kettle One Vodka, Chambord, Raspberry with a touch of bitter lemon. I can already feel the heat!

Madison - The Best Rooftop Bars In Mayfair

Our final venue in the list of best rooftop bars in Mayfair is just 15 minutes away from Mayfair and overlooking all the baroque glories of St. Paul’s cathedral. Designed in the seventeenth century by Sir Christopher Wren, Madison Rooftop’s buzzing atmosphere and delightful views makes it the ideal location for a drink or two. The surroundings bring a taste of Manhattan to London, with ceiling high glass windows, beige lounge seating, stone flooring and shaped shrubs to add a sense of class to the setting. One of the few places in London when scenery, quality and quantity come all together.


Not only known for serving fine contemporary British and European cuisines, Madison is also known for its cocktail bar. The menu delivers a wide variety of Tequilas, rums and whiskeys from all over the world but more spectacularly offers many traditional and also contemporary twist cocktails.’ Barrel Aged Rum Old Fashioned’ is one to keep an eye out for, containing Havana 7 years rum, port, gomme and bitters. Time flies when you’re having rum!

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The Best Rooftop Restaurants in London

January 5, 2021 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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Across London there are rooftop restaurants providing diners with spectacular views across the beautiful London skyline. Below we have listed the The Best Rooftop Restaurants in London, that are truly unmissable.


Coq D-Argent - The Best Rooftop Restaurants in London


Coq D’Argent is London’s spectacular French Rooftop Restaurant with panoramic views across the City of London. Providing only the very best French Cuisine to diners, Coq D’Argent is a stylish, fine dining experience, guaranteed not to disappoint, and this is why we believe it is one of The Best Rooftop Restaurants in London.

Just a short distance from major London attractions such as The Tower of London and St Paul's Cathedral, Coq D’Argent is not only convenient, but an unforgettable experience for diners and their guests. During weekdays the restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, on Saturdays the restaurant is open for Brunch and Dinner and Sunday, open only for Lunch. Head Chef Damien Rigollet has created the A La Carte menu at Coq D’Argent incorporating only the finest ingredients, developing a variety of French Flavours, each with a contemporary edge.

Coq D’Argent also hold events each month, giving diners unique experiences each with different themes. Last Month (November), Coq D’Argent hosted an Alpine Brunch. A delicious experience where diners could indulge into a luxurious Cheese Fondue, served with accompaniments such as a Charcuterie platter and New Potatoes. No doubt the New Year will bring lots of new, unique dining events for guests to enjoy the finest French cuisine whilst gazing across the Beautiful sights of the City of London.

Along with the exceptional food and views across some of London's most renowned Landmarks, Coq D’Argent provides their guests with an award winning wine list created by their Head Sommelier Andres Ituarte. In 2018, Coq D’Argent won the “Award of Excellence” for their wine list, giving us another reason to include Coq D’Argent as one of The Best Rooftop Restaurants in London.


The Aviary


Found on the 10th floor of the beautiful new Montcalm Royal London House Hotel, in Finsbury Square, Aviary Rooftop Terrace and Bar is renowned for its wonderful views and fine dining. Working closely alongside artisanal suppliers, The Aviary Roof Terrace and Bar source their ingredients used to create courses from their exceptional menu from family run businesses in the United Kingdom, with the aim to support small British businesses and reflect the excellence of British produce.

In Regards to The Aviary’s menu, the combinations of flavours along with their exquisite presentation and variety of dishes makes it one to remember, regardless of which time your reservation is made for, both the Breakfast and Main menu are full of unique flavours and options for diners with particular tastes or requirements.

The Aviary Rooftop and Terrace have introduced 'Igloo’s' to their venue, a fabulous addition making the restaurant even more memorable for their guests, and this is why we believe that the Aviary Rooftop Terrace and Bar is one of The Best Rooftop Restaurants in London. ‘Skye-Line Igloos with Talistar’ provides diners with beautiful views of the London Skyline whilst sipping on sensational cocktails under the stars. The Restaurant also provide dining within these Igloos, which can be found on the 9th floor. There are three packages, Bronze (priced at £250), Silver (priced at £295) and Gold (priced at £350) available, presenting guests with exquisite plates delivered fresh from the kitchen, as well as a dedicated Bar Tab throughout the duration of their Igloo experience.


Sushi Samba - The Best Rooftop Restaurants in London


From the bottom floor of the Heron Tower, you are whisked up to the 39th Floor in a glass elevator, to what has been described as ‘Sushi Heaven’, Sushi Samba. Sushi Samba, City, has beautiful Panoramic Views of the City of London, featuring the highest dining terrace in Europe. A haven for Sushi lovers, Sushi Samba provides diners with the finest, Japanese/Brazillian cuisine in the most incredible setting, the interior is simple, yet effective, with the ceiling intertwined with a display of Bamboo, creating an intimate ambience for diners, whilst towering over the beautiful London Skyline providing spectacular views from both the restaurant and terrace.

Diners are in for a treat with delicious culinary creations delivered from The Open Kitchen and Fiery Robata Grill. The Sushi Samba menu is full of a combination of Japanese, Brazillian and Peruvian cuisine, catering for every taste and preference. Aside from the Sushi items on the menu (which are just divine), Sushi Samba have included Small Plates, Large Plates (both featuring meat, fish and vegetarian dishes) and Robata (fresh ingredients prepared over a traditional Japanese Charcoal Grill, served on Peruvian Skewers).

In Regards to the Sushi, it goes without saying that the Sushi Dishes available at Sushi Samba are in a league of their own. The combination of flavours are exceptional, our favourite was the 'Tiger Maki' (Crab Meat, prawn Tempura, Wasabi Mayo, Beetroot yoghurt and Eel Sauce). We also cant go without mentioning the Green Bean Tempura, found under the Aperitivos section, served with Black Truffle aioli, just delicious.

For the very best views of the London Skyline and a taste of one of London’s best Rooftop Restaurants, Sushi Samba certainly isn’t one to miss.




Found at the top of One New Change, with spectacular views looking over St Paul's Cathedral and London's SkyLine is Madisons. Renowned for having beautiful views across London and being one of the top social spots in London for dining and drinking, Madison’s certainly is one of the Best Rooftop Restaurants in London.

At Madisons there are five menus, each dedicated to a particular event/time of the day with specifically designed dishes featured across them all. The A La Carte menu has a selection of culinary masterpieces, one of those being The Roasted Rump of Lamb, served with Dauphinoise Potatoes (cannot go without mentioning how delicious these were!), minted pea puree, confit Shallots and a Seaweed Relish, each addition on the plate complementing each other beautifully.

One of the other Menus at Madison’s is called 'Beats N Brunch'. Every Saturday between 12-3pm, Madison’s host a brunch, costing £30 for two courses or £35 for three (including a glass of Moet & Chandon), the restaurant organizes a DJ to serenade diners whilst dining in one The Best Rooftop Restaurants in London.

Madisons are organisie wonderful events for their guests. This festive season Madisons have introduced the ‘Little Lodges’, where guests can purchase tailored packages (depending on how many guests) including a food menu, and a wonderful ‘pod’ for the evening, overlooking the magnificent St Paul's Cathedral, and London's SkyLine. Image source


The Lighterman


One of London’s newest additions, Coal Drops Yard Kings Cross, is home to a handful of new, excellent restaurants, each bringing a unique taste and ambience to London. The Lighterman, found on the Eastern side of Granary Square is a pub/dining room set across three floors, serving diners seasonal, modern British produce with European influences.

Opening onto Granary Square, the Ground Floor of the restaurant is open throughout the day, offering diners breakfast, lunch and dinner, with seating both indoors and outdoors, decked with equipment to adapt to all weathers. The Alfresco Dining is found on the first floor, featuring glass walls and a wraparound terrace, giving diners panoramic views of Granary Square and the new Coals Drop Yard, Kings Cross.

Serving seasonal, sustainable produce throughout their menu, The Lighterman offers both a Breakfast Menu and an All Day Menu. The Breakfast menu offers something for everyone, whether that be something light such as their ‘Coconut Oat Porridge’ or something from their ‘hearty’ section, which features their take on a ‘Full English’. Their All Day menu also features some absolute delights. To start, The Kidderton Ash Goats Cheese Parcel, served with onion jam, watercress and a Walnut Dressing was the perfect size and a delicious dish. For the main course The Seared Black Bream exceeded all expectations, served alongside Bubble and Squeak, and complemented by a Lemon and Dill Butter, was absolutely delicious.

The Lighterman is the perfect rooftop restaurant for an informal, yet stylish and, of course, delicious meal.


The Oxo Tower - The Best Rooftop Restaurants in London


The award-winning Oxo Tower Wharf is home to one of The Best Rooftop Restaurants in London. The Oxo Brasserie is found on the eighth floor of the Oxo Tower, with spectacular views across London. Their focus is on flavour and quality, ensuring their menus, food and service exceed customer expectations, making them one of The Best Rooftop restaurants in London.

The Oxo Restaurant provides diners with an intimate, fine dining experience. The Menus are designed by Head Chef Jeremy Bloor, using the finest, British produce to create exceptional dishes. The Oxo Restaurant is ideal for special occasions, for a beautiful, relaxed yet formal setting, with wonderful views across the River Thames and London, serving diners the very best British cuisine, with contemporary influences. For the Main Course, The John Dory, accompanied with Lobster Mash, Soya Beans, Samphire and Lobster Emulsion stood out. Presented beautifully, the dish was cooked to perfection, a culinary masterpiece of flavours.

A unique element to this restaurant, making it stand out even more, is their extensive wine list featuring over 800 different wines. Hand selected by the Head Sommelier Diego Muntoni, the wine list (subject to seasonality and availability) features some of the worlds finest wines, hand selected to ensure diners have a chance to taste some of the worlds very best wines in one of The Best Rooftop Restaurants in London, dining from an excellently prepared menu, exceeding diners expectations. Image source


Boundary Rooftop


With views across East London and The City, Boundary Rooftop Bar and Grill is one of London's hidden gems, and definitely one of The Best Rooftop Restaurants in London.

Suitable for all weathers, Boundary Rooftop Bar and Grill has a heated glass orangery open all year round, diners are presented with a seasonal menu. In the summer months, The Boundary Rooftop Bar and Grill design their menu incorperating meditteranian influences, featuring delicious grilled meats and fish, as well as some Southern French influences such as Tapenade and a Charcuterie. In the Winter season, The Boundary Rooftop Bar and take inspiration from the Alpine Regions, including a delicious Cheese Fondue and a melting raclette, served over certain dishes. The Cheese Fondue was divine, the taste of the Alpine Regions, accompanied with the perfect additions to dip into the fondue, dining in one of the Best rooftop Restaurants in London, what more could you want?

The Boundary Rooftop Bar and Grill is one of London's more relaxed rooftop bars. The orangery is decorated with fairy lights, and grey ‘tree-like’ decor, bringing a cosy ambience for diners The seating is covered with a very comfortable, white fur rug, perfect for long, lazy lunches, sipping cocktails and eating delicious food from the seasonal menu. Image source


Sky Garden - The Best Rooftop Restaurants in London


In 2015, 20 Fenchurch Street, one of London's Commercial Skyscrapers became home to The Sky Garden. The spectacular englassed dome of the Sky Pod Bar, with beautiful, west-facing views over the City of London is one of the Best Rooftop Restaurants in London, not only for its spectacular setting and views, but for the ambience, service and excellent dishes the restaurant provides.

The Sky Pod bar is an all day drinking and dining venue, with beautiful views, service and food. Below the Sky Pod bar is The Fenchurch Restaurant. The Fenchurch Restaurant is for London's most discerning diners, creating excellent courses from their British inspired menu, presented beautifully. The Fenchurch Restaurant, along with the Sky Pod Bar is one of The Best Rooftop Restaurants in London for the simple reason of the variety of choice that is offered to guests.

Providing diners with a British inspired menu, accompanied by the exceptional wine list The City Garden Bar, also found at the The Sky Garden has been awarded the Best Award of Excellence (2019) from the Wine Spectator Awards. Situated in one of the highest Gardens in London, once again giving diners excellent views of the London Skyline The Sky Garden has also gained two AA Rosettes.

The Sky Garden is also open as a ‘vibrant place of Leisure’, allowing members of the public to go to the top and enjoy the spectacular views, and cocktail creations. The Sky Garden is definitely one of The Best Rooftop Restaurants in London, the ambience, the food and the service is undeniably fantastic. In terms of fine dining and a beautiful experience, The Sky Pod bar and its exceptional features is certainly one of London's Best rooftop restaurants.


Mercer Roof Terrace


The City of London has many hidden gems, serving exceptional food and beverages to their guests, one of those is the Mercer Roof Terrace. Located on Garlick Hill, London, the Merecer Terrace has floor-to-ceiling Glass Doors which open up London's Skyline, where diners can dine from Modern British Cuisine, with the finest British ingredients, whilst looking across at London's Landmarks such as St Paul's Cathedral and The shard.

The Mercer Roof Terrace have three menus, each designed for different times of the day or different occasions. The first is their weekday menu. Their weekday lunch menu, with three starters, three mains and three deserts, their weekday menu highlights the excellence of British produce and British Cuisine. The second menu is their Lunch and Dinner Menu, a larger menu, showcasing the exceptional creations that are created from British Produce and British influence, that The Mercer Roof Terrace can give to diners. Even though the menu is larger, the quality is still the same, serving the highest standard of food to their guests. The highlight of the experience was certainly the Orkney Scallops, served with Smoked Celeriac, Braeburn Apple and Black Oil, the flavours of the Orkney Scallops combined with the accompaniments was exceptional.

The Mercer Roof Terrace have also introduced an Afternoon Tea, served in true British Style. The Afternoon Tea has been inspired by the Historic Guilds and Merchants that once used to line the banks of the River Thames, to honour these people The Mercer Rooftop Terrace have created pastries influenced by each theme, one of those is ‘The Great Fire of London’, Kirsch soaked chocolate bun, milk chocolate Ganache, cherries and white chocolate. This unique addition of having a British Themed afternoon Tea makes The Mercer Terrace one of the Best Rooftop Restaurants in London as their British Influence and exceptional food makes it an unforgettable visit.


Alto by San Carlo - The Best Rooftop Restaurants in London


On top of one of London's famous department stores lies Alto by San Carlo. Selfirdges, is home to a Chic, Italian Restaurant, serving delicious Italian Cuisine whilst overlooking the Rooftops of both Oxford Street and Regent Street. Found in countries across the world, Alto by San Carlo has been serving the finest Italian Cuisine since opening in 1992, when Carlo Distefano opened the first Alto by San Carlo in Birmingham.

Serving delicious Italian favourites to diners such as a wonderful Bruschetta and Antipasto boards, as well as unique street fried foods such as Scicillian Aranncini, each bursting with an exceptional combination of Italian flavours, Alto by San Carlo certainly knows how to do Italian delicacies. In regards to their pasta dishes, they’re just outstanding, with a variety of different flavours, meat and pasta styles used in each dish. The Tagliatelle Bolognese was most definitely one of the best Bolognese dishes I have ever tried, slow cooked for six hours, the rich tomato sauce was complimented the mince and pasta beautifully. If you're a pizza lover, this is the place to come. Fresh, light and full of flavours, a handful of different combinations of pizza toppings, each as delicious as each other.

Alto By San Carlo display their knowledge and excellent culinary skills in each dish, making it one of The Best Rooftop Restaurants in London.


Roofftop At St James


The Rooftop St James' is a beautiful rooftop space in central London, serving alfresco drinks and dining. With beautiful views of Trafalgar Square, this lively, glamorous rooftop venue is one of the Best Rooftop Restaurants in London.

As well as their A La Carte menu which features delicious dishes, serving a combination of British and European flavours, The Rooftop St James’ has a bottomless brunch for £45 partnered with Veuve Clicquot. Throughout the brunch Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label will be free flowing, alongside the delicious brunch menu which features both sweet and savoury options aswell as sharing platters, this rooftop restaurant isn’t one to miss.

Cocktails are key aspect to the Rooftop St James’, there is a variety of different cocktails which display a unique blend of different flavours. These cocktails can be enjoyed on the terrace, with spectacular views across London. For guests requiring a private space, The Rooftop St James’ have their own private dining space which can seat up to 14 guests at one time, with unparalleled views of Trafalgar Square, this room is ideal for celebrating a special occasion in the heart of London.

Alto By San Carlo display their knowledge and excellent culinary skills in each dish, making it one of The Best Rooftop Restaurants in London.


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The Best Cocktail Bars In Kensington

November 10, 2020 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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Known as the Royal Borough, Kensington is a go-to place when looking for a night out. Below is a list of the best cocktail bars in Kensington which we are sure you won’t be disappointed by. 


The Best Cocktail Bars In Kensington


Launched in September 2016 in London’s prestigious nightlife scene, is Alberts. Based on Old Brompton road and usually a private member only club, its recently opened doors for a limited amount of time to non-members too. Also known as The Royals' favourite members club and a hotspot for countless celebrities, Alberts aim is to revive the atmosphere of Kensington’s once famed old world glamour. Extending over three floors the club offers various services, on the first floor consisting of an all-day restaurant and bar, on the second a private events room and spectacularly on the third floor, a penthouse champagne bar which is perfect for any occasion. The atmosphere  flourishes between English charm and Italian passion by being flooded with geometric patterns, deep velvets and brass tones.

Whether it be for a glass of bubbly, a deep aromatic red wine or a classic, well mastered cocktail this dime is worth visiting whilst you can and certainly one of the best cocktail bars in Kensington. If you’d like to raise the bar, the shots and ‘to the point’ selection is one to keep an eye out for. Ranging from, Tequila Smile, The Godfather, Chow Chow, to even Cheese Cake, Apple Pie and a shot called Oaxaca Rocket…the list is beyond belief.



Famous for being the location of the Rollings stones ‘Beggars Banquet’ album cover in 1968, the luxurious Bar 190 in the heart of London is the place to sit back and enjoy a nice cocktail whilst paying tribute to the rock ‘n’ roll vibes of the Rolling Stones. Situated in the The Gore London – Starhotels Collezione, the lavish furniture and original wooden boudoir décor stand out in the bar, all surrounded by memorabilia and prints on the walls from the night itself.

Not only does the bar have a notably large range of spirits, whiskies and rums, the creative cocktail dominates the scene with its large variety ranging from classics to botanical and citrus infusions. There are also special cocktails named after the famous stars and artists linked to the musicians such as; Purple Rain, Sympathy with the Devil, Gin’s N’ Roses and One night in Marrakech. You can also purchase some tasty snacks with the bar food menu. The octopus, potatoes and paprika is one of our favourites!


The Best Cocktail Bars In Kensington


On Fulham road, hidden away behind a secret door in the Italian Restaurant ‘Goat Chelsea’, is the small and intimate members only bar, Chelsea Prayer Room. From Thursday to Saturday the doors open to both men and women seeking a classy, dimmed lit setting for a late-night drink. In the den, you’ll be seduced by the cosy, confidential atmosphere and breath taking scenery. The booze-filled lookalike study reminds me of a Victorian guilty secret with dark brown leather chesterfield sofas, oak bookcases filled with various spirits and a back-wall of a stunning, scenic mural, not forgetting a jazzy soundtrack to compliment the latter.

Within this hidden gem, the first thing you’ll notice is that most of the spirits are presented in vintage medical bottle adding to the attractive style. The cocktail menu is variety of traditional classics with exceptional twists and intoxicating names. For whiskey lovers, “The Gentleman’s Sour,” is one recommended trying. With a blend of whisky, Tennessee honey, apricot, lemon and egg white, this signature drink served with crushed ice is a must try at what we consider one of the best cocktail bars in Kensington!



Originally launched as a gourmet hot-dog hang out in 2014, Dirty bones off Sloane square has gradually evolved its reputation to being an existing restaurant, one of the best cocktail bars in Kensington and private lounge. Open seven days a week including happy hour running’s, the entertainment thrives with pinball machines and a converted photo booth, completed with a live DJ scene giving the environment a quirky and fun retro feel. The atmosphere is so inviting and waiters add to the ambience by being cheerful and engaging too. This New York inspired haven aims to bring the best of The Big Apple over to our very own London!

If you are not tempted by a juicy gourmet burger, homemade mac and cheese or even the famous chicken and waffles, I’m sure undoubtedly one of Dirty bones inventive and playful cocktails will take your fancy. The never-ending drinks menu delivers a diverse selection of cocktails with the addition of low alcoholic options too. Served in a rocks glass, ‘Mutt’s Nuts, consisting of Woodford Reserve Bourbon, apple, cinnamon, infused maple syrup and Angostura bitters is like drinking up America all in one. If this doesn’t woo your boat, the ‘Uptown Spritz,’ with gin, Aperol, Campari, lemon, grapefruit bitters and ginger ale will for sure add that tang which is missing.


The Best Cocktail Bars In Kensington


On the corner of Old Brompton Road in South Kensington lies a stylist and boisterous street bar named Eclipse. It’s been a late-night local favourite since opening its doors in 2002 and is very well established within the charming borough. It is not just nice; it is delightful as inside there is a perfect balance between comfortable low-slung lounge seating and an outside terrace which is ideal throughout the summer months. If you’re looking for an all-round night out there is also an intimate and vibrant nightclub in the basement where you can dance the night away.

Bar staff are known for preparing a variety of delicious renowned cocktails. Fresh fruits also play a significant role in the menu and some of the drinks are even served in the fruits themselves. One of the signature best-selling cocktails is known as the ‘Eclipse Martini,’ consisting of fresh watermelon, Kettle One vodka and kaffire lime leaves, which is served in an elegant glass with a piece of the mouth water watermelon itself. Whilst sipping away on the summer terrace, there are also some tasty Mediterranean and Asian nibbles to compliment your order.



With a name like Evans & Peel Detective Agency, you might be thinking what the…? Detective Agency? Yes, on the skirts of Kensington lies arguably the most interesting bar of them all. The secretive and discrete bar has a decorative interior creating a Sherlock Homes Impression. Customers feel like they are in a game of Cluedo with book cases in every corner, old glass cabinets, original bricked walls and wooden furniture to add to the scene. When entering the premises, guests are given a menu which reminds me of a detective case load. They call it the ‘Gentleman’s code.’

Not only is there a food and snacks menu, the tipping point for this phenomenal bar is within the drinks. Each beverage is distributed in a section, either the Moonshiners (illegal distillers), Bootleggers (the smugglers and distributors) and finally the Special Cases (rare vintage). Adding to this suspense, there is; the Case: name of the drink, Bounty: price, Profile: key elements and Notes: detailing what exact spirits are in the drink itself. The whole atmosphere feels like a surreal fantasy and is worth seeking a night out for, especially if you are looking to have some mystery fun!



Located in The Kensington Hotel and greeted by the inviting sounds of a lively atmosphere where people are having fun is K-Bar which is one of the best cocktail bars in Kensington. Launched in 2016 and inspired by the atmosphere of a gentlemen’s club this warm and inviting space is known for serving the finest, luxury cocktails within the Royal Borough. Whether it be early evening or returning from a night out this top- notch venue is the right place to go too.

Guests are welcomed by quality hotel customer service, with the addition to the impressive bar front interior. Deep grained oak lines the space which is nicely complemented by royal blue and racing green upholstery, dimmed lighting and modern polished brass back bar display. The high standards are set with deluxe, expertly mixed cultural cocktail menu ranging from the likes of Italy, Spain, France, Germany and many more. The ‘Foot of the Mountain’ is one to try. Made up from Amaro Di Angostura, Ketel One, La Penca, Rose and Hazelnut, this cocktail imparts a tart cherry, tannin, dried flowered infused delight.


The Best Cocktail Bars In Kensington


In the heart of Kensington lies Ricco Lounge and club. Open four days a week this stylist and chic Art Deco is an inspired space for both the cultured and creative, licensed until 3am. The venue is simply gorgeous and the service by the staff are very accommodating too. Guests are greeted by a unique and classy layout of jade and reddish coloured sofas, dimmed lit lighting and blacked out walls, giving a jazzy feel. Adding to the elegant interior, there is a stage to watch live music and a house DJ who for sure brings the vibes of the evening.

Moving on to the drinks, Ricco’s skilled mixologists have learnt to embrace classic cocktails, adding a sense of unique Ricco spirit too. Depending on what takes your fancy there is no doubt that the drinks menu will fulfil your desires. Make sure you try, ‘Black Ricco.’ The unique combination of Whisky, Crème de Cassis, bramble jam, various fruits and flowers, not forgetting cracked black pepper is just one of many too good to be true.



The Botanist is an iconic bar and restaurant based in Sloane Square. Not only does the venue serve a modern European menu, they have also come a firm favourite for champagne, masterful mixology and signature botanical cocktails. The seven day a week busy hotspot is a good environment to start your night, especially because customers can watch their drinks being made. With a colourful flowery exterior and an interior adorned with various hand painted Sloane’s Caribbean illustrations, not forgetting the breath-taking pewter bar, this near ideal setting is a perfect retreat for a long over-due catch up with friends or family.

If you’re a fan of a good quality Mojito, ‘You Say Sage I Say Mojito’ is one to die for. Consisting of Pampero Blanco, Wray and Nephew, Lime and a hint of fresh pineapple this refreshing, fruity option is just one on the list of many! There is also the ‘Piscochio Manazana Sour,’ which is an aromatic blend of La Diablada Pisco, Green Chartreuse, Manzana Verde, lemon juice, pistachio syrup and egg white. An adventurous treat that is bespoke that’s for sure! If cocktails aren’t your cup of tea, there is also a variety of aged rums and whiskey to try.



With a name like Zuaya you know it going to be exotic! Discovered by Spanish twins Alberto and Arian Zandi, this impressive hidden gem not only gives customers a Latin American dining experience but more recognisably an upscale cocktail extravaganza too. Situated in Kensington high street and drawing inspiration from Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Peru, the venue is adorned with hanging plants and flowers, shades of browns and beiges, dimmed lighting with the addition of golden accents. The bar oasis is home to velvet plush seating, surrounded by sounds of either a live jazz band or DJ to add to the refreshing vibrant atmosphere at one of the best cocktail bars in Kensington.

Whether it be choosing an option from the extensive bar menu or seeking the expertise from Zuaya’s mixologists or sommelier, you’ll be sure to find your perfect drink. Guests are enticed to sit back, enjoy ambient sounds and have a wonderful evening. The drinks menu conveys a unique flavour experience and allows customers to discover something complete different. ‘Anejo Huichol’ is exclusive to Zuaya and is a masterpiece combining Mezcal reserves. Mezcal is a distilled spirit made from Agave. If you like to be bold, come and immerse yourself with this wild Mexican spirit!


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The Best Private Members Clubs in Mayfair

August 5, 2020 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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London is home to some of the most exclusive, luxurious Private Members Clubs. Mayfair is home to many that are included in that list. Below we have listed the 10 Best Private Members Clubs in Mayfair.


The Best Private Members Clubs in Mayfair

Established in 1868, The Savile Club is one of Mayfairs exclusive Private Members Clubs. Found in one of London's 18th century houses, The Savile Club is rich with Victoian influences, creating a desirable, relaxed ambience.

The Savile Club Members have access to some of the best facilities found in a members club in London. A wonderful aspect of the Members club is their Courtyard and Terrace, a social area for Members to interact with one another or relax in a tranquil environment. Situated on the ground floor of the Members Club, The Courtyard and Terrace is a also a space used for receptions, barbeques and private parties during the summertime. A unique feature of The Savile Club is its Ballroom, a feature not usually found in London's Private Members Clubs. A beautiful space flooded with daylight used to hold special events. The Ballroom is connected to the ‘ old staircase’, commonly used in films, this addition to one of the best Private Members Clubs in Mayfair is simply beautiful.

In Regards to food, The Savile Club’s Michelin Star Chef Michael James upholds the creativity of the Private Members Club within his exceptional Menus, The Club and A La Carte menus. The Wine List at the Savile Club displays the very best wines from the very best countries in regards to wine production. Each month there's a new hand-selected ‘House’ wine chosen by the Wine Committee through a blind taste test, so each month a new ‘house wine’ is determined through this process, so Members can expect new flavours and tastes every month.

For those who wish to stay the night, The Savile Club has 25 bedrooms, refurbished to a five-star standard. The six newest rooms ‘The Mews Collection’ are innovative rooms inspired by The Savile Club's comfort. Image source


The Best Private Members Clubs in Mayfair


Renowned for its exclusivity and elegance, Annabels, Mayfair is not only one of the Best Members Clubs in Mayfair, but in London also. Gaining a new home in 2018, Annabel's is situated 46 Berkeley Square, in a spectacular Grade 1 Listed Mansion House.

On the Second Floor of the Private Members Club, Matteo’s, Annabel’s newest restaurant is found. Matteo’s is an excellent Italian restaurant, serving the very best Italian Cuisine accompanied by the finest Italian Wines. A second beautiful aspect of Annabel's is their Rose Room located on the Ground Floor, a room designed by Martin Brudnizki, a beautiful, relaxed ambience created for Members to dine. The third aspect to the members club is The Garden, open across all four seasons, Annabel's Garden is a beautiful space to dine in all weathers and times of the day, with a one-of-a-kind retractable glass roof, The Garden is certainly an unmissable aspect to the Private Members Club.

Annabel's is home to the most sought-after nightclub in the world. The Nightclub and Jungle Bar is an exotic, exclusive venue which attracts some of the most famous names in the United Kingdom and across the world. The interior of the nightclub is inspired by Wenzel Peter’s ‘The Garden of Eden’, the intricate details amongst the display of foliage and array of colours is truly beautiful. The Nightclub and Jungle Bar is a unique aspect making Annabel's one of The Best Members Clubs in Mayfair. Image source


The Conduit Club


The Conduit is a Private Members Club with a social purpose found in Mayfair. Aimed at bringing together Social Entrepreneurs to tackle the social problems we each face in our day-to-day lives. The Conduit opened in September 2018, set across eight floors, designed to bring together Members in different social settings, whether that be the basement (an intimate venue with live entertainment) or the 6th floor Terrace (featuring a bar and comfortable seating for members)

In regards to dining, The Conduit sources their produce from sustainable sources, ensuring the majority of their food is from in and around The British Isles, upholding their ethos of tackling social problems. The All-Day dining menu for The Conduit was designed by Leonardo Pereia (two-michelin star chef), full of delicious dishes, suited for all desired tastes. In regards to drink, The Conduit has three drink menus, each with different themes designed by Walter Pintus, one of the most respected Mixologists in London, each as sustainable as the other reducing waste and further enhancing The Conduit’s ethos to tackle social problems.

With over 3000 members The Conduit is a private Members club with a unique ethos to attract new Members. Even though the Private Members Club was founded and is based in London, Members come from 84 different countries, each striving for social change. The Conduit organise Community Talent Partnerships with two social enterprises Brigade and Good Hotel, both work with those who have experienced homelessness/long-term unemployment etc and teach them crucial skills in hospitality, which has led to 7 hires, whether that be chef’s or front of house staff.

The Conduit is certainly a Private Members Club with a difference, with the aim for social change and its unique ethos makes it one of The Best Private Members Clubs in Mayfair.



The Arts Club


Founded in 1863, The Arts Club was established to provide a space for those who share a passion for the Arts Literature and Science. Since undergoing a renovation in 2011, the club remains a social place for those interested in the contemporary cultural life in London. Since the opening of The Arts Club, with the vision to create a social space for people who had professional or amateur relationship with the arts, it has welcome a variety of names such as Charles Dickens, Joseph Rudyard Kipling and Oscar-Claude Monet through their doors.

A unique aspect to The Arts Club is Lanserhof. A state-of-the-art health and wellbeing facility, offering Members preventative medicine, rehabilitation, nutritional, physical and holistic wellbeing. The facilities available include MRI scans, Doctors Appointments, physiotherapy sessions etc - also featuring a private members gym, equipped with innovative equipment to enhance a members training/performance.

Hidden below The Arts Club, on the ground floor of the venue is Leo’s, a discreet, exclusive nightclub for Members. Members can dine from 7:30, with their meals accompanied by live performances throughout the night, the venue later turns into a nightclub, where members can dance the night away with live, headline performances. As Well as acting as a restaurant/nightclub, Leo also hosts the weekly events - aimed at influencing, inspired and furthering the knowledge of their Members. The venue is also available for Members to hire from Sunday-Wednesday.

The Arts Club operates three membership types. The first is The Full Membership, open to applicants over the age of 30, this provides access to the full privileges of the club, the annual fee is £2000, and there is a joining fee of £2000 also. The second is ‘Second Person Membership’, to qualify for this, applicants must have a spouse/partner that is already a member of the club - this membership has an annual fee of £1250 with no joining fee. The final Membership is ‘The Young Person’ Membership, for those under the age of 30, The Young Person Membership is an annual payment of £1000 and a £1000 joining fee.



The Best Private Members Clubs in Mayfair


In regards to fine dining and fine wines, 67 Pall Mall is the ideal Private Members Club for this. 67 Pall Mall aims to share their passion and fascination of fine wines with their members. 67 Pall Mall offers a diverse wine menu, offering 4,440 wines from 42 different countries.

Formerly a Banking Hall, 67 Pall Mall has been transformed into a 21st Century haven for the oenophile. Throughout the three floors, the interior highlights the wealth and sophistication behind 67 Pall Mall, providing an ideal space for members to share their passion for the world of wine.

67 Pall Mall’s Members have access to a variety of different facilities throughout the club. The first being ‘The Members Lounge’, furnished with historic oak-paneling and beautiful south-facing windows, The Members Lounge has the perfect, relaxed ambience for Members to enjoy over 500 wines on offer ‘by the glass’, aiming to entice new Members by having some of the rarest and finest wines in the world. At the rear of the Members Lounge is The Wine Library, holding thousands of bottles of wine, stored in bespoke cabinets, held at the optimum temperature, Members can book informal tasting sessions for up to six guests. ‘The Lutyens Room’ is a private dining room which can seat up to 14 guests. Similarly, ‘The Marlborough Room’, seating a maximum of 14 guests, can be used for private meetings or private dining. ‘St James’ Room’ is a large, contemporary events space found in the downstairs of 67 Pall Mall, Ronan Sayburn MS is Head of wine at 67 Pall Mall, The St James’ Room is often used to host his regular wine tastings and wine masterclass events. This space can also be used for private hire to accommodate wine tasting events held by Members - seating 60.

Found in the basement of 67 Pall Mall is their state-of-the-art Wine Cellar. This space holds thousands of both the Clubs collection and Members wine collections at the perfect temperature of 13-14 degrees. Within the Cellar is an aspect known as the ‘Strong room’, built in 1934, the Strong Room is a space where some of the finest and rarest wines in the world are stored, ensuring the safety of longevity of the wines.


The Best Private Members Clubs in Mayfair


Hidden amongst the alleys of Mayfair’s Shepherds Market is one of the most exclusive Private Members Clubs in London, 5 Hertford street.

In terms of intimacy and exclusivity, 5 Hertford Street is most definitely London's most sought-after Private Members Clubs, yet few succeed, welcoming the likes of Royalty and HollyWood stars through their doors. Designed as a luxurious space for the highest-paid socialites and members of society, the secrecy of 5 Hertford Street is what attracts its members.

The interior of the Private Members Club was designed by Rifat Ozbek, incorporating beautiful patterns and colour schemes, giving 5 Hertford Street it’s trademark and style. Upstairs, the decor is a combination of traditional British Elegance with vibrant patterns and designs. Downstairs, the infamous LouLou's nightclub is decorated with beautiful autumn tones and patterns, incorporating orange, yellow and brown designs to create a comfortable, yet perfect ambience for one of London's most discreet, exclusive nightclubs.

Upstairs Members can relax and enjoy the exclusivity of the venue, whereas downstairs is LouLou’s. A nightclub for the A Listers, with the likes of Prince William and Leonardo Dicaprio being a part of their guestlist. For an intimate, salubrious Private Members Club, 5 Hertford Street is certainly one to consider.



The Best Private Members Clubs in Mayfair


Open for 24 hours a day, 24 Mayfair is of Mayfair’s newest business clubs. Incorporating oriental influences with a western style - inspired by The Golden Age of Hollywood, to create a beautiful interior, in keeping with the excellence of the new addition to Private Members Clubs in Mayfair.

The Bar at 24 Mayfair is open 24 hours a day, allowing Members to socialise in a relaxed ambience, across a beautiful array of wines and spirits in one of London's exclusive Private Members Clubs. The Restaurant at 24 Mayfair provides Members with cuisine from across the world, showcasing the very best of international cuisine using the finest ingredients. The Restaurant also features a Teppanyaki Bar, known for being ‘a theatre of live cooking’, creating delicious small plates for Members to enjoy.

24 Mayfair have recently added a new addition to their club. The new Colony Club is an area for Members to experience gaming at its very best. Open 24 hours a day, The Colony Club features Gaming favourites such as Poker, BlackJack etc, providing Members with a beautiful new space to enjoy gaming in one of the Best Private Members Clubs in Mayfair.


The Best Private Members Clubs in Mayfair


For the past 130 years, The University Women's Club has acted as an escape for women from the stressful London life. Founded by the pioneers of Education for women, University Women's Club has provided a space for like-minded women each coming from different social backgrounds, with different interests, to have access to a library and intellectual events, as well as being able to Network with each other.

The University Women's Club features The Library, which is a space for Members to have access to a comfortable environment, ideal for working, or an escape from day-to-day life with to read. Members have access to the resources available in The University Women's Club’s Library. The Club also features a dining room, located on the ground floor which opens out across their tranquil terraced garden. Throughout the year The Head Chef prepares and creates fresh, seasonal courses, each bursting with a unique combination of flavours.

The ClubHouse has 22 bedrooms, all designed to suit an individual's requirements. The University Women's club has always focussed acting as a retreat for women to come and escape from the busy, stressful lifestyle that comes hand in hand with London life. Providing a traditional British space for working women to relax and unwind, producing intellectual events, designed for different age groups, to enhance and build their knowledge on different influential topics.


The Best Private Members Clubs in Mayfair


Since 1973, Marks Club located underneath Hix Soho has welcomed both men and women through its doors, acting as a retreat from the City of London, providing outstanding service and facilities for their Members. Known for hosting fashion events, Marks Club has been used as a venue to host launches of some of the biggest names in British fashion, for example in October 2014 Vivenne Westwood launched her Autobiography at the club.

Head Chef Ben Hughes serves a traditional English Cuisine to Members, whether that be an exceptional afternoon tea display, or an item from the A La Carte Menu. Acting as a venue for both Business and pleasure, Marks Club has a Drawing Room, three, beautiful private Dining Rooms and a covered Terrace. Members are able to hire these rooms for private functions/dining, three unique rooms. The Garden Room, decorated in a forest green, with a display of The Marks Club art across the walls. The second room for private hire is The Indian Room, located on the second floor of the Private Members Club. Featuring its very own ornate bar, the walls are decorated with artwork commissioned in 2015 from artist Sarah Graham. The third private dining space, located on the third floor is The Circus Room, decorated with soft yet vibrant colours, The Circus Room seats up to 12 guests around its central oval table. Image Source

For simplicity and sophistication, Marks Club is certainly one of the Best Private Members Clubs in Mayfair to consider.


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