Best Bars in Mayfair 

March 23, 2023 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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Mayfair is one of the most luxurious and famous neighbourhoods in London, and the best bars in Mayfair reflect all the elegance that takes place here. The beauty of a cocktail is its capability of bringing us incomparable joy and lightness of spirit. A well-crafted cocktail does that, but it also brings a touch of creativity, uniqueness, and aesthetic pleasure. However, an excellent bar goes beyond the exceptional quality of its drinks. It also counts on impeccable service and a well-designed environment, transporting you somewhere new and exciting.

Here, we will introduce you to the best bars in Mayfair. Whether inside a 5-star hotel or on the corner of a busy street, these bars will provide you with the best experience possible, rinsed in luxury and splashed with elegance. 

Claridge’s Bar

Best Bars in Mayfair 

Inside the 5-star Claridge Hotel, you will find the Champagne bar. It is one of the best bars in Mayfair, working with only the best quality ingredients and the best service imaginable. Inside an art-deco interior, you can taste premium bottles of champagne and well-crafted cocktails. The place has an extensive menu. It showcases rare labels of champagne and spirits so you can gift your tastebuds with unique flavours. 

The cocktail menu offers a mix of timeless classics and house originals. Order a negroni or an old fashioned and sense the attention to detail on the temperature and dilution of the drink. The bartender can also craft any of the world-classics your request. As for house specials, taste The Mayfair cocktail. It is made with Hennessy VSOP, Carpano Antica, Laphroaig 10yo, and Amaretto Dissarono. The Coconut Drop is a blend of Bombay Premium Cru, St. Germain, Dry Vermouth, coconut, and lime for something a little fresher. 

The Claridge’s bar also carries a rich collection of prohibition whiskeys. Very few selected American distilleries produced these bottles during the prohibition era. Take a sip and sense flavours you’ve never tried before. Visit the Fumoir and the Painter’s Room for different environments and enjoy an exceptional flavours and design evening.

Donovan Bar

The Donovan Bar is a cocktail bar inside Brown’s Hotel in London. It is the place for those who genuinely know how to appreciate a well-crafted cocktail. Salvatore Calabrese, a leading name in the cocktail world, created it. Blending timeless classics with his original combinations, the expert has created an exclusive menu that explores impeccable flavours and aromas. Today, customers can indulge in some of his original creations. 

The Donovan Bar is intimate and sophisticated, with dim lighting shining over wooden floors and teal seats. In a 1960s photography-themed room, you can lounge on velvety booths by the windows. Lose yourself in deep conversations and complex drinks. Photographs by Terence Donoval decorate the grey walls. Labels of some of the best spirits and liquors in the world stand behind the L-shaped bar. 

Order the fresh and vibrant Wilde Nights. It is made with Black Bush Irish whiskey, green Chartreuse, homemade apple vermouth, a spray of absinthe, Acqua Bianca, and a splash of Champagne. To get close to the classics, go for the Breakfast Martini, where you’ll taste Bombay Sapphire gin, Cointreau, lemon juice, and orange marmalade. The menu features many unique and creative cocktails and some well-known classics like Aviation, Negroni, and Brandy Alexander. We recommend The Donovan Bar as one of the best bars in Mayfair.

10º Sky Bar 

Best Bars in Mayfair 

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to taste the smokiness of a mezcal cocktail while staring at the sunset over the London skyline? Well, 10º Sky Bar is the place to live that experience. Located on the 28th floor of the Hilton hotel in London, 10º Sky Bar offers a unique sensory experience. 

Aside from the view of the city, there’s the place’s interior design. Large windows that cover the floor-to-ceiling walls let plenty of natural light in. Over the black marble and terracotta tiled bar, greenery dangles from the ceiling. In the dining room, velvet booths and sofas with different colours and patterns illuminate the environment. They dance with the cream walls that turn red under the dim nighttime lighting. 

Cocktails like the Only Us carry flavours of sweet wine, Kinobi gin, Suze, jasmine, and peach soda. Others are more bitter, with Cocchi Dopo Teatro vermouth, Campari, and mezcal, a different take on the classic Negroni. Enjoy the weekend afternoon tea and become part of one of London’s most authentic traditions. Order a scone or other sweet treat and savour classic teas or beverages spiked with gin or champagne.

Dukes Bar

The Dukes Hotel, famously beloved by Princess Diana, is home to the iconic Dukes Bar, one of the best bars in Mayfair. For the past 35 years, Dukes Bar has redefined the martini and crafted it to become a modern classic. Dukes’ martini and the atmosphere within which it is prepared and served epitomises the suave, timeless and sophisticated characteristics of James Bond.

Dukes Bar London exudes a traditional British ambience decorated with a mahogany panelled bar, intimate lighting and walls covered with portraits and prints. With a cocktail in hand, guests can sink into an emerald green velvet armchair and feel the warmth emanating from the marble fireplace. 

As expected, martinis are the heart of the cocktail menu and come in the most cinematic way imaginable. Guests get their martini with their choice of 15 different types of gin, but also actively engage in the process of its creation. Choose from one of seven signature martinis, like the Vesper Martini made of No. 3 Gin, Polacki vodka, Angostura bitters and Sacred Dukes Exclusive Amber Vermouth. Another favourite option is the ‘Miss Moneypenny’ comprised of Russian standard vodka, triple sec, lime and mixed with passion fruit juice instead of cranberry juice which traditionally accompanies cosmopolitans.

The Connaught Bar

Best Bars in Mayfair 

The Connaught Bar is one of the best bars in Mayfair, inside the Connaught Hotel. It was designed by David Collin’s studio in reference to Queen Victoria’s 7th child, Arthur, Duke of Connaught. The walls are textured in platinum leaf, and its design is based on English and Irish Cubist art of the 1920s. 

Here you can witness first-hand your martini being crafted for you. Connaught’s Martinis are always ‘quietly stirred’ and never shaken and are made especially fitted for your tastebuds.

The cocktail menu is made from tradition, history and innovation. It takes limited edition champagnes, spirits and liqueurs all mixed carefully to create a unique experience for every sip. Some of the Connaught Classics include ‘Fleurissimo’, which takes a champagne cocktail and adds a refined twist with ingredients such as Remy Martin Vsop, home-made Connaught bitters and Laurent-Perrier Champagne. 

The Essence menu is designed by the mixologists of Connaught bar and is split into three different sections taking you through Foundation, Finesse and Flair. It’s been inspired for over ten years and takes you on a sensory journey into what makes the Connaught Bar.

Mr Fogg’s Residence

Mr Fogg’s Residence is one of many bars that tell the story of Mr Phileas Fogg and his journey around the world. The fictional bar adds a light-hearted feel to the city as it tucks itself off Berkeley. A doorman greets you in a long coat at the entrance to take your reservation. Mr Fogg’s resembles the cross between a living room and an old boy’s club with a Victorian feel. 

Décor consists of bookcases, a gramophone and random objects layering the walls and furniture representing Mr Fogg’s adventures. His hot air balloon spreads itself over one of the corners of the room, which you can drink in the form of a cocktail. The informal atmosphere leaves your mind to fly with the fairies and imagine your own stories behind each artefact. 

The cocktail menu has a story of every country Mr Fogg managed to visit on his 80-day trip. With his highly in-trained staff, you can summon up exactly the drink you want with the base of your choice with all the classic cocktails available to be whipped up. Brewed ales are also available, and Mr Foggs has teamed up with Hendricks gin and Veuve Clicquot champagne to provide the most exotic range of flavours.

Le Magritte at the Beaumont

Best Bars in Mayfair 

Le Magritte at the Beaumont Hotel is a reflection of the American tradition that took place in London and Paris in the 1920s. One of the best bars in Mayfair, this bar was taken over by ex-pats who diluted sadness and art in coupe glasses. These bars have become a staple of poetry, literature, and well-crafted cocktails.  Le Magritte carries the essence of Hemingway, Picasso, Fitzgerald, Sinatra, and many other revolutionaries in the world of art. Adopting walnut-panelled interiors and early 20th-century paintings, the bar takes you back to when everything was possible. 

Le Magritte specialises in bourbon and American whiskeys, crafting aromatic cocktails or simply serving them neat. Lounge on the terrace among greenery and rattan armchairs. Snack on light dishes that harmonise well with the wooden flavours of your drink. Indulge on a cuban cigar and have deep conversations with people who share the same interests as you. 

Order classics like the Old Fashioned, Negroni, Boulevardier, and Martini. For something unique and creative, go for the Pilgrim 1966. It is made with aba pisco, yellow chartreuse, muyu chinotto nero, lime juice, and passion fruit. The Speak Whisky to Me is a blend of lakes no.5 whisky, amaro lucano, red wine cordial, and Angostura bitters. In no time, you will also become an artist. 

Dickie’s Bar

Dickie’s Bar is one of Corrigan’s famous and elegant venues. It is also one of the best bars in Mayfair for its luxurious environment, impeccable service, and creative cocktails. The menu here is simple, seasonal, and sumptuous, as the bar describes itself. Find the quietness and nature of Ireland in the bustling neighbourhood of Mayfair, and play with flavours that dance in your mouth. 

What used to be a hunting lodge is now a cosy and welcoming bar. With wooden interiors and leather seating, this place feels like a winter paradise for those who enjoy a whisky neat after a day of hunting. The extensive bartop separates customers from the vast selection of spirits and liquors from all over the world. 

Taste the house Sticky Toffee Old Fashioned for a unique interpretation of a classic. Roasted Pecan infused Remy Martin 1738, fig, toffee, and chocolate combine to create something unusual and extraordinary. The Vermouth and Tonic highlight the beauty in simplicity with chamomile-infused Mancino Bianco, St. Germain, and tonic. All cocktails explore home-grown ingredients from the British Isles, and the seasonal produce grants a fresh and special flavour to the drinks. 

The Luggage Room

Best Bars in Mayfair 

There’s no such thing as too many Speakeasy bars in the world. Especially if they are located inside the old luggage room of the Marriott Hotel. Hence the name of the place: the Luggage Room bar. It is a secret worth sharing, according to them. As one of the best bans in Mayfair, this is an elegant spot to grab a drink and feel the energy of the American prohibition era.

Inside, find an intimate and dimly lighted place. Cream walls, leather booths and dark wooden floors take you back to the classic decor of hidden bars from the 1920s. Marble details on the stairs and the floor complement the design. Juleps, cobbles, and fizzes are a strong suit at the Luggage Room. 

Aside from that, find well-balanced cocktails that work with different spirits and flavour profiles. A rum-based punch is fruity and robust all at once. The whisky Nog is the perfect solution for a cold winter night. The Pink Lady, a clever twist of the classic White Lady cocktail, delivers gin, grenadine, applejack, lime juice and the creaminess of the egg white foam. Behind the bar, there’s a rich display of spirits and liquors, as well as renowned champagne and wine labels from different parts of the world. 

Comptoir Cafe & Wine

Comptoir is a cafe by day and a wine bar by night, offering us the best of both worlds. This is one of the reasons why it is one of the best bars in Mayfair. The other reasons don’t fall shy behind: different rooms offer unique and elegant designs, the wine list is extensive and extremely well-curated, and the food is mouth-watering, to say the least. 

The wine shop at Comptoir is Mayfair’s best-kept-secret. On the lower-ground floor of the restaurant, you can find a collection of over 1,000 bottles of rare and premium wines. A selection of vintage Madeiras, numerous bins of champagne, and labels from around the world decorate the place. Purchase one to take home, or drink it upstairs with some food to make the experience even more memorable. 

The place looks like a Mediterranean wine shop, with an open space, tiled floors, wooden tables, and plenty of natural light. Sit outside with a portion of jamon Iberico and feel like you’re enjoying your vacation time in a small spanish town. Take part of wine tastings and learn about specific grapes and regions, discovering how each one impacts the final flavours of wine. 

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What to Wear to a Club

March 23, 2023 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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London has some of the best VIP clubs in the world. The city’s luxurious lifestyle is clearly expressed in these opulent spaces, where people connect and dance with like-minded individuals. In places like these, you are surrounded by London’s elite, so giving out the best impression is essential. A lot of people, because of that, struggle with picking what to wear to a club. How high should your heels be, and is a polo shirt okay for entering these particular environments? 

Club night is one of the most fun weekend activities out there. A few things in life top the feeling of arriving at a place and sensing the music enter your body. Ordering drinks, chatting and dancing with friends and flirting with attractive people are definitely part of the deal. A lot of people wait the whole week to be able to move until sunrise. With the weekend preparations come opening the wardrobe and picking the ideal outfit for the night. Here we will help you with tips on what to wear to a club so that you are always stylish, no matter where you go.

What Men Should Wear to the Club 

What to wear to a club

Dressing up for men has always been easier than it is for women. Because of that, clubs usually tend to be stricter with them regarding dress codes. However, it should take a little time for a guy to figure out what he’s wearing to the club. For VIP clubs, the attire is always a bit more formal; most times, sneakers and a t-shirt won’t cut it.   

A men’s club attire is stylish and fits the club’s dress code standards. Depending on the club you go to, some regulations are applied. Make sure to check that out in case they require special attire like blazers. However, most of the time, clubs need a casual business look that is minimal and easy to find. 

For men who don’t want to invest much in preparations, a button-down shirt with jeans and dress shoes works just fine. Sometimes, even a simple v-neck shirt is enough. Adding a blazer makes the outfit ideal, and you will undoubtedly get in anywhere. Choosing a stylish and mature look gives the impression that you have plenty of money in your pockets, which clubs simply love.

Try to stick to solid colours to make it easier. Black, navy blue and grey usually blend well with any other colour, making it easier to pick what to wear. Darker colours are harder to stain, so you don’t need to worry about spilling drinks on your shirt.  

Avoid wearing athletic apparel and other items that break club dress codes, like sandals and flip-flops, graphic T-Shirts, and hats. However, they may let you in if you already announce that you’re buying bottle service at the door. 

On the other side of the spectrum, wearing too formal outfits can get you in. However, you are most likely to feel uncomfortable during the whole night, especially if you try to dance in a suit. 

What about Urban Fashion?

Urban fashion teethers in the line of acceptable, depending on where you go. Urban fashion is entering the realm of luxury. That’s thanks to certain brands that have opened the doors for casual attire to be seen as elegant and wealthy. These outfits depend a lot on the latest popular trends, and you always need to be on top to enter clubs. 

Certain clothes depend more on the brand than their style. A pair of Gucci high tops can get you into many clubs. You get a fresh and modern look if you pair it with a denim jacket and ripped blue jeans. 

Usually, clubs that cater to younger audiences will be the ones that let you in. More traditional venues still hold you accountable to the dress code, and a fashionable attempt might not be so welcome. Again, it all depends on where you’re going, and you can always check a place’s social media to see what people are wearing inside.

What Women Should Wear to the Club 

What to wear to a club

For women, picking an outfit for the club is a much more complex task. However, because women tend to be more adventurous and creative with their outfits, there aren’t many regulations about what they can and cannot wear. 

Even with looser regulations, choosing what to wear to a club can still be challenging for girls. Clothes that are too formal will make you feel overdressed, and you risk not getting in by dressing too casually. There also needs to be a balance between being well-dressed and cosy to look good but still dance all night long without feeling uncomfortable. 

Despite all the duality and grey areas, some essential clothing items will allow you to enjoy your night without worrying too much about anything. The most important thing is to dress upscale —  choose outfits that flatter your figure and look good with your body shape. Slim dresses, skinny jeans, wide-legged jumpsuits… these are all perfect for a night out at a club. 

Another essential aspect of what to wear to a club is the accessories, as these make a lot of difference by elevating any outfit. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces can make your outfit look more elegant and even allow you to dress down a bit. Also, bring a nice bag with you, small enough to fit the essentials, so you don’t need to carry extra weight. 

As for shoes, heels, boots, and classy sneakers are always the best option. Heels are always the safest choice, as they are always classy. However, for those women who cannot stand on high heels for too long, a nice pair of boots or some trendy and elegant sneakers will allow you to dance all night long without any pain on your feet. 

The most important thing is that you are comfortable with your chosen outfit. Having some essential clubbing looks is always a good idea, so you don’t need to overthink when it’s time to party. As for men, check out the social media of the club you are going to, and see what other people are wearing inside. This should guide you to how dressed up you need to be. 

What to Wear to a Club

Choosing what to wear to a club doesn’t need to be complicated. For VIP clubs in London, fancier and more elegant attire is usually mandatory, and dressing up can make you feel good about yourself. Above, we’ve given you a quick guide to dress up for going to one of these venues — fancy clothes, but not too fancy that you’re uncomfortable and can’t actually enjoy the night.

At the end of the day, it really depends on the club and how strict its regulations are. Check their social media accounts to see what other people wear, basing your outfit choices on that.

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Best Champagne and Oyster Bars in London

March 10, 2023 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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A few things speak luxury louder than the combination of champagne and oysters. A timeless match, these two delicacies harmonise excellently, bringing freshness and uttermost indulgence to any meal. The best champagne and oyster bars in London know how to cherish such a combination, offering only the freshest and tastiest oysters along with top-tier bottles of Champagne. 

Explore the ocean flavours of oysters and the bubbly feeling of champagne. Dwell in these restaurants’ intricate designs and decor, and enjoy the rest of the menu, which is just as delicious as the starters.

Bentley’s Oyster Bar and Grill

Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill is a restaurant that offers some of the freshest seafood in London. Pairing Champagne with fresh oysters for lunch is not bad, especially when you can pick from six different varieties and indulge in those refreshing sea flavours. The restaurant has been around for over 100 years, always enchanting customers with excellent service and food.

The restaurant shucks over 1,000 oysters daily, so we know they must be good. Rock and native oysters take over the entire first page of the menu, and you can order them single or by the dozen. Aside from the oysters, you need to have, as a starter, the baked scallops with garlic and butter and the spiced foie gras with Sauternes wine on a brioche bun. 

Even though Bentley’s focuses on seafood, there are also plenty of meat and game seasonal dishes.  Chefs serve Himalayan salt-aged steak with pepper, and the parmesan gnocchi comes with truffles. On the first Sunday of each month, enjoy the Beef and Oyster Club. Pay a fixed price and savour a starter, main, and dessert dish with wine pairing.

J Sheekey Atlantic Bar

Best Champagne and Oyster Bars in London

J Sheekey is a restaurant in the heart of Covent Garden that has been serving delicious seafood for over 100 years. It specialises in fish, shellfish, seasonal game, and of course, oysters. With a late-victorian charm, J Sheekey has five connecting rooms decorated with pictures of 20th-century actors. It used to be the favourite place among theatre performers, who would come over for oysters and champagne after a performance. Today, it still holds its theatrical flair and reputation among industry workers. 

The restaurant’s oyster selection is at the top of the a la carte menu. Order from a wide variety of species, like Lindisfarne, Jersey, Carlingford, Rossmore Native, or mixed oysters served with spicy boar sausage. You can get famous house combos like the six Jersey oysters with a glass of Henriot Brut or Moët Grand Vintage 2013. J Sheekey only serves the best champagne to harmonise with its fresh oyster and other seafood. 

The cobalt blue and pink façade of the restaurant is a powerful contrast of colours that expresses the flair of the place. The terrace follows the same colourful explosion, while the interior has a more serious, down-to-earth palate and decor. 

Claude Bodi Bibendum

Claude Bosi Bibendum Restaurant is housed inside the Michelin House. Here, you can find the restaurant, bar, and oyster bar, each with its particular offer and design. Mosaic flooring and tiles take over the design.  The oyster bar is on the ground floor of the house. Although it specialises in shellfish, it also serves other dishes, pleasing everyone who decides to visit. 

Outside dining options take guests to an al fresco patio in front of the building. Taste Scottish mussels and crab linguine. Indulge in fresh native lobsters and oysters paired with glasses of champagne. The sky, and ocean, are the limit. The oysters, from six different species, come with shallot vinegar. This is undoubtedly one of the best champagne and oyster bars in London, which you can prove from your first slurpy taste. 

The Claude Bosi bar is also on the ground floor, right by the oyster bar. Here you can taste cocktails and coffee all day long, trying house specials or sticking to the classics, prepared to perfection. At the restaurant, on the first floor, you can find stained glass windows that shine light over the cobalt blue velvet carpet on the floor. White walls and light grey chairs elevate the elegance and simplicity of the decor. 


Best Champagne and Oyster Bars in London

Scotts is one of the best champagne and oyster bars in London. The restaurant works with the market’s finest fish, shellfish, and seasonal game in the posh neighbourhood of Mayfair. It opens midday and is the perfect spot for a Sunday brunch blend of oysters and sparkling wine. As a matter of fact, that’s their speciality. 

The place was initially opened as an oyster warehouse in 1851 and is one of the five oldest restaurants in London. Today, Scott’s is one of London’s most luxurious and glamorous venues, hosting movie stars, politicians and famous writers. It was here that Ian Fleming discovered the dirty martini, shaken, not stirred, which later inspired his famous character James Bond’s cocktail preferences. 

Order from the rich selection of oyster species on the menu. Lindisfarne Rocks, Ostra Regal, Jersey Rocks, and Gillardeau oysters are available examples. Taste the tempura-fried oyster with ponzu aioli and pickled fennel for a unique flavour. Pair it with a glass of  Perrier-Jouët Blanc de Blancs N.V., a premium champagne that dances in your mouth. Aside from oysters, find caviar, shellfish, raw dishes, lobster, fish on the bone, and various cuts of meat. 


Seabird has one of London’s longest oyster lists. It is perfect for those wanting to taste different varieties of this luxurious food. A rooftop restaurant in Southwark, Seabird delivers unique dishes inside a glamorous environment. Mediterranean-inspired plates take over the menu, and city views complement your experience. 

Find Spanish and Portuguese influences on the dishes, and pair your fresh food with some of the most premium champagne bottles in the market. With a sea-to-table philosophy, Seabird works with the freshest seasonal ingredients possible. The oyster menu always features native seasonal options and many rocks choices. Find popular choices like Lindisfarne, Ostra Regal, Jersey No.3, and many others. The list is extensive, and you may want to try everything. 

Find an all-day menu with other delicious food options and a brunch menu that blends ocean flavours with breakfast classics. Sparking wine options include Cava Brut Nature NV from Spain, Classic Cuvée from England, and Grand Brut NV from France. The list is carefully curated to harmonise with the oysters, and you won’t be disappointed. During oyster happy hour, you get special prices on the unit, along with €7 martinis. 

The Oysterman Seafood Bar and Kitchen

Best Champagne and Oyster Bars in London

The Oysterman was the project of two friends who started hosting premium oyster bars at weddings and events. In 2016, they decided to open their restaurant, specialising in the British isles’ finest and freshest oysters and seafood. Today, their venue sits among the best champagne and oyster bars in London. 

Here you can find daily fresh oysters that are served individually, and you need to check the blackboards to see which options will be served. Aside from that, there are many different options for dressed oysters. Taste oysters marinated in pickled cucumber and green apple, jalapeño and dill, spicy buffalo sauce and kosho, and other options. These flavour blends grant you a unique taste in your mouth, something you won’t find anywhere else. 

After indulging in a mix of oysters and champagne, you can also order from the a la carte menu. Try the langoustine bisque risotto with cornish mussels, basil sauce and garlic chives. The place is fresh and bright, just like its food, with plenty of natural light coming in and shining over the dishes. A light colour palate explores exposed bricks and charcoal white walls, with wooden furniture and an exposed kitchen where the oysters are open and dressed.

St Pancras by Searcy Brasserie and Champagne Bar

Best Champagne and Oyster Bars in London

St Pancras by Searcy invites you on an aesthetic journey back to the golden era of European rail travel. Unwind in the restaurant’s velvet booths and order a glass of champagne from their expensive collection. The “press for champagne” bottom on your table allows you to order as many as you’d like. Obviously, it needs to come with some oysters for you to have a downright luxurious experience. 

Order caviar to upgrade your meal, and taste the seafood dishes from the kitchen. Taste rock oysters bathed in Mignonette sauce, lemon and tabasco. Blend their fresh flavours with the bubbles of the champagne and let the experience take you back to the late 19th century. 

The design of the place, inside a train station, follows the urban and classic decor of when rail travel was at its peak. The island bar is surrounded by booths and small tables close to it. The small, open space matches the intimate and delicate proposal of the menu. Whether you’re taking a train or just came by to taste from one of the best champagne and oyster bars in London, one thing is sure: your experience will be unique, fun, and mouth-watering.

Randall and Aubin

Randall and Aubin is an Anglo/French Brasserie specialising in seafood and champagne. Open since 1996, the restaurant is a well-known institution, hosting celebrities and food lovers who come to enjoy fresh oysters and a juicy steak. Working with seasonal products and local suppliers, the restaurant constantly innovates its menu, always serving flavourful and creative dishes. Under its glittering disco ball, you can enjoy unpretentious luxury, champagne, and over-the-top humour. 

Here, the old and the new merge to create uniqueness. 18th-century chandeliers glitter next to a disco ball, and daily specials is written on a chalkboard under the marble bar. Order from the a la carte menu, and don’t miss the shellfish platter. Succulent and fresh oysters come with Dorset crab, shrimp, clams, mussels, and whelks. With a bottle of champagne by your side, this turns into the perfect meal. 

Caviar, grilled fish, and roasted meat also decorate the menu. The french onion soup is a house favourite, and the blend of french and British food is something comfortable and edgy all at once. Dine inside a small and intimate space with a friendly and lively staff. Dwell on the presentation of dishes and melt over their flavour. 

Chiltern Firehouse

Chiltern Firehouse is a London restaurant focusing on seasonal and healthy eating. With American inspiration in the dishes, decor, and overall accent of the place, this venue makes you feel like you’ve walked into a 1950’s colonial house in the southern United States. The place’s vibe already hints towards its rich seafood selection, especially oysters. 

The old firehouse still holds the fireman’s poles and the wall tiles intact. The panelled white walls complement the Victorian environment of the place. The dining room has black and white tiles on the floors, supporting the light wood furniture and elongated black marble bar top. Burgandy-leathered booths surround round tables, and circular lightbulbs dangle from the ceiling with warm lighting.

Start your meal with 1/2 dozen oysters and a glass of Moët & Chandon. Since the fresh flavours of seasonal oysters, let them balance out with the bubbles from the champagne. The mains include house specials like the forty-eight-hour chicken with citrus marinate or the hot-smoked trout salad with fennel, spring greens, apple, and green goddess dressing. The entire menu works to promote healthy eating with fresh flavours and ingredients.

The Oyster Shed

Best Champagne and Oyster Bars in London

The Oyster Shed sits on the riverbank of the Thames. It is one of the best champagne and oyster bars in London because it blends water views with fresh seafood and high-quality bubbly wine. As a matter of fact, the restaurant won the National Pub & Bar Awards 2022 for Best Pub in the City of London. With a bright interior and spacious environment, The Oyster Shed makes you feel luxurious and free, sitting in an elegant pub-like ambience. It is the perfect place to eat while looking at the Tower of London and the Shard. 

With a British-inspired seasonal menu, The Oyster Shed delights all guests with a seafood-driven approach. The oysters come with lemon and red wine shallot vinegar, highlighting the ocean flavours inside the shells. The daily selections bring the freshest options to your table, exploring popular species like the Atlantic Edge, Whitstable, and Killough Bay oysters. The cooked oyster platter comes with Rockefeller oysters seasoned with herby butter, crispy bacon, and golden breadcrumbs.

It is an unpretentious but elegant space, with a large terrace that captures the warm weather river breeze. The turquoise-blue bar contrasts with the wooden floor and industrial ceiling. The tables are placed by floor-to-ceiling windows, where you can observe the river from its northern bank. 

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Affordable Member Clubs in London

February 23, 2023 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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The epiphany of luxury is being able to access it with privacy and uttermost elegance. There’s no better way to reach that than with a private member’s club. You can meet like-minded people and indulge in intricate conversations with a membership. Dwell on excellent service and goods, and enjoy your time to the best of its capacity. Also, not all member clubs need to be expensive to be exclusive and excellent. The best affordable member clubs in London offer you top-notch amenities, service, and networking opportunities so that people from different social classes can mingle and connect.  

Here we will present ten of the best affordable member’s clubs in London.

Soho House 40 Greek Street

Soho House 40 Greek Street is one of the best affordable member clubs in London. It started in 1995, and since then, it has been connecting young people. The founder of the place, Nick Jones, was the owner of the Café Boheme restaurant. It stands on the first floor. After being offered the townhouse above, Jones turned it into something special: a private club for regular artists and actors at his restaurant. 

A couple of decades later, Soho House became what it is today: an institution of good food and drinks and unique and artistic people. Inside a Georgian house in Soho, the first of many Soho Houses was born. Today, they have units in Notting Hill, Berlin, New York, and some other elegant locations. 

As a member, explore the international and mouth-watering restaurants of the club. Make use of the studio spaces with screenings and artistic pop-ups. Host your private events in dining rooms, gardens, bars and ballrooms. Find quiet and calm spaces to get work done and network with others. Buy vintage, unique furniture at Soho Home and decorate your apartment. The possibilities are endless.

Mortimer House

Affordable Member Clubs in London

Mortimer House is in the heart of Fitzrovia. It is the place for members to collaborate, create, and unwind, all under the same roof. The site has hospitality as its core value, meaning they pay special attention to high-quality service and the best amenities possible to make members feel at home. The art-deco building that hosts Mortimer House carries beautiful and intricate designs in its interior. Filled with social and well-being spaces, this is the ideal spot for people to feel connected to themselves and each other while enjoying a visually stimulating ambience. 

Filled with different workspaces, Mortimer House helps its members focus and work in a well-designed and clean environment. Work out at the house gym and take classes such as yoga, TRX, and even private training sessions. There are Private Studies for teams to meet and work together. Individual desks in communal spaces also offer a fully-furnished place that suits all needs. 

Taste Italian dishes in the Living Room & Den or at the Rooftop Bar & Terrace. Find flavours that blend Mediterranean freshness with Middle Eastern boldness, and indulge in cocktails, snacks, and full meals. You can also request “room service” that attends to all places inside the house.

The Groucho Club

Affordable Member Clubs in London

The Groucho Club is a conviviality space created for those who enjoy art and modernity. It is an arts & media private member’s club formed in the 1980s. Initially, it was made up of young women who saw it as an antidote for the classic gentlemen’s clubs. Today, it houses all who exhale literature, art, and media, celebrating the bohemian community of young artists in London. It is one of the most popular places for members of the creative industries to network and learn from one another. 

As a member of The Groucho Club, you have access to seventeen bedrooms that can host you during your London travels. Sip on creative and well-prepared cocktails at the club’s modern bar, and indulge in its colourful and loud decor. Also, dine at one of the two restaurants and enjoy Sunday roasts, breakfast, pizzas, and beautifully presented dishes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. Host a  private event even if you’re not a member — the staff can adjust private rooms to fit any configuration desired, from dinner parties to launches or roaring parties for hundreds of guests. 

This is one of the best affordable member clubs in London, where young creatives can find a home and like-minded people to share their craft. 

The Twenty-Two

The Twenty-Two is a hotel and one of the best affordable member clubs in London. Here, patrons are encouraged to use their membership spaces for working and studying just as much as socialising. Enjoy the Living Room space to rest and connect with art and like-minded young individuals. Take a break from life’s hectic pace to relax and chat about life and dreams. The terrace is the perfect place to drink and dine, where you can indulge in the hotel’s renowned restaurants and mouth-watering food that blends Mediterranean and British culinary arts. 

The Twenty-Two is an intricate design place where people experience an impeccable and intimate space. The music room allows you to listen to live music inside a timeless environment. The restaurant and bar host patrons and hotel guests alike, where both can indulge in seasonal and delicious dishes. The food has the least amount of intervention possible, and the cocktail list blends classics and house originals to create something curious and unique. Attend pop-ups and art expositions. Host your private dinner, party, or meeting surrounded by the 18th-century old-France decor. Membership perks include discounts, room and restaurant booking preferences, and a tailored programming calendar.  

The Curtain

The Curtain is one of the best affordable member clubs in London. It is a place that blends work and fun, business and culture, all to create an environment perfect for people to grow and cross borders. By becoming a member, you will have access to spaces like the terrace and rooftop pool, where you can indulge in summer sunlight, cocktails and snacks. Make use of the co-working space and work/study in a clean and fully-equipped environment. Enjoy the well-curated calendar of live events and workshops. Work at the club’s gym and participate in wellness programs and talks—network with like-minded individuals who all share a passion for exclusivity and development. 

As a part of the Mondrian Shoreditch hotel, The Curtain offers rooms in a modern and minimalistic hotel with exclusive amenities and an intimate environment. Lounge at the Rose Bar and enjoy the speak-easy decor that blends with classic and original drinks. Get 20% off the rooftop bar food and beverages, as well as in BiBo Shoreditch, one of the most luxurious restaurants in London. Indulge in blowout parties and special events. 

This is one of the best deals for those who want to grow and mingle with class and style.

M Den

Affordable Member Clubs in London

M restaurant on Threadneedle Street is Martin Williams’s first multifaceted venue that comprises the award-winning M Grill restaurant, M Den private members lounge, destination bar, wine-tasting room, private dining, and event spaces. Its private lounge is similar to M Den in Victoria and attracts only the elite. Abundant light descends from its lofty ceilings. Its walls are adorned with a rotating selection of art, and the rest of the interior is plush and sophisticated. Its underlying ethos is similar to its sister site, with its design cultivating the perfect space for members to change between business and pleasure quickly. 

By day, the M Den Threadneedle club London can be a discreet space for business, and by night it transforms into the ultimate drinking den. Members can enjoy the perks of a 10-seat screening room, an entertainment system and a pool table. They can also indulge in the finest drinks from the Belvedere Martini trolley and light yet sumptuous snacks from the wagyu bites bar menu. Upstairs discreetly hidden behind a door, members will find the ‘The Locker Room’, an intimate and private games room complete with a private bar, premium TV screens, personal bottle lockers, PlayStation and a foosball table.

The Ministry

Out of all affordable private member clubs in London, The Ministry is the best for those who want to work, connect, and build a healthy lifestyle. Inside a 50,000-square-foot warehouse, this club has become one of the best places in the city to find an efficient and clean workspace. Here you can get your own private office, which you can decorate however you want. It is fully furnished and has plenty of layout options. Individual desks are also an option for those working alone, where you can share an environment with other talented people. 

Take advantage of meeting rooms and common spaces to grow your business and network, and enjoy a clean and well-designed space. Snack and dine at the club’s café, where you can taste fresh pastries, soups, sandwiches, and healthy dishes. Everything is prepared with fresh ingredients and incredible flavours, inspired by British classics with international touches. 

Enjoy the on-site gym and take classes with London’s top instructors, nourishing your body and mind. Indulge in world-class workout equipment, great sound systems, and highly modern technology. Do HIIT, floor barre, yoga, and mobility, and then dwell in a post-workout sauna treatment…. it is all available for members of The Ministry.

Keystone Crescent

Keystone Crescent is a unique private member club hidden below the streets of Kings Cross. It has a cosy and well-designed lounge, serving unique cocktails until 4 am. Here, you will find a talented and outstanding team of bartenders who have crafted an intricate cocktail menu for club members. This is the place for those who enjoy socialising while sipping on high-quality drinks, knowing how to appreciate them. 

By paying a £5 monthly fee, cocktail lovers can sit at the speakeasy-themed bar and indulge in drinks and good conversation with like-minded people. Enjoy drinks such as the Cherry Blossom, made with gin, hibiscus tea, yuzu liquor, pink pepper, cherry syrup, and lemon. Some classics like Penicillin and the Old Fashioned can carry house twists, making them even more delicious. 

Take part in cocktail-making master classes, gin and whisky tastings, and cocktail & pizza parties. You can host a private event here with plenty of champagne and canapes. Hire a private DJ or listen to live music while enjoying an intimate and well-designed environment. Attend members’ mixers every first Thursday of the month to network and mingle with other free-spirited individuals. 

The House of Koko

The House of Koko carries a 122-year legacy, alive until today, through an exclusive yet affordable member club experience. Members can find modern design, cocktail bars, restaurants, a roof terrace and vinyl rooms inside an immersive space. Explore the secret speakeasy room and indulge in well-crafted cocktails and mouth-watering food. Meet other club members and network with like-minded individuals who search for an exclusive good time. 

Built in the same Victorian building as the previous live music and club institution, here you can find a glittering incarnation of the history and prestige of Koko. As an extension of the Koko nightclub, the member’s club carries its house venue’s flair and party environment. Enjoy the day and night menus of Café Koko and catch amazing views of London from the Fly Tower viewing space. 

The House of Koko mimics a “backstage” environment, where a show’s exclusivity takes place. In a 19th-century theatre, the place blends bold colours and patterns to create an immersive and unique experience. If you’re a musician, take advantage of the recording studio and piano room, where you can practice your skill and release them to the world. 

Members also get exclusive access to secret shows in the main theatre, as this is one of the vest affordable members clubs in London. 

The Conduit

The Conduit is an affordable member club in London made for changemakers and entrepreneurs. You can find entrepreneurs, civil society leaders, activists and policymakers gathered here to change the world. According to them, The Conduit “is a collaborative community of people committed to creating a just, prosperous and sustainable future.” There is no better place to connect with people who want to create a positive and sustainable impact. With members from all over the world, The Conduit helps you nourish long-lasting friendships. 

Aside from networking, you can also enjoy a variety of perks as a member.  Enjoy the restaurant’s food and indulge in dishes prepared with sustainable ingredients. They source products from small-scale, local producers, vouching for sustainability and regional impact. Attend over 150 events focused on networking, community building, leadership development, and well-being. Discuss and discover solutions for world problems, and expand your mind beyond imagination. 

There is always a clean and fully-equipped environment for small-scale companies, freelancers and individual workers. Make use of the club’s workspaces, which accommodate all working styles. Collaborate with like-minded individuals and discover new passions and ways to improve the world. 

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Luxury Brunches in London

February 9, 2023 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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London is a city that calls for late night-outs, which means we all crave a hefty and delicious brunch the next day. A late breakfast with some bottomless mimosas is the solution for morning birds. No matter the goal, the best luxury brunches in London offer impeccable food and drinks, mesmerising decor, and an incredible time. 

When the brunch craze settled in the bustling neighbourhoods of London, some venues stood out. Their elegant interior design and decor merged with creative and classic dishes, highlighting the best side of brunch. Here, we present some of these restaurants so you know where to find the best late-morning meals. 

Duck & Waffle

Luxury Brunches in London

Duck & Waffle plays with a blend of different European cuisines. It focuses on sustainable and seasonal ingredients to create its breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner menus, which are served 24 hours daily. The menu is developed for sampling and sharing, where conviviality plays a vital role in the restaurant’s values. Sit at the “inside out” bar and order from their mouth-watering cocktail menu. Watch the open kitchen as cooks move left and right to craft intricate and complex dishes. 

The weekend brunch menu at Duck & Waffles starts with bacon-wrapped dates, served with manchego cheese and mustard. It is the perfect combo of sweet and savoury, waking up your taste buds. The eggs menu is extensive, where you can savour classics like eggs florentine or something creative like the Duck Congee dish, with confit duck, eggs, spring onion, ginger, hazelnuts, and hot sauce. 

Taste foie gras creme brulee, lobster rolls, caramelised banana waffles, almond, raspberry, and lemon tart. Sip on a Paloma cocktail to freshen up with some tequila and watermelon. Maybe upgrade the bitterness of a traditional negroni with a shot of espresso by ordering the Ristretto Negroni. And remember to enjoy the London skyline through the large restaurant windows.  

Granger & Co

Granger & Co serves one of the best luxury brunches in London. It has five locations around the city: Chelsea, Clerkenwell, King’s Cross, Marylebone, and Notting Hill. Each has a particular design and small menu variations. Still, they all carry the sunny Australian essence of Granger & Co. With balanced and refreshing dishes, this is the perfect spot to come with friends for that elegant hungover meal. 

Freshen with a golden smoothie made with mango, turmeric, pineapple, and aloe vera. Order ricotta hotcakes with banana and honeycomb butter. Try the chilli fried egg on top of a brioche, served with a watercress and tamarind plum chutney, bacon, or halloumi. Every item on the menu is highly creative and crafted with care. With a bright design and a lively environment, this venue promises a unique and delicious brunch experience. Sit at the bartop or at a table by the window, watching the city as you sip on hot coffee. 

Taste the house grilled cheese and its green kimchi open sandwich. Order something substantial, like a shrimp burger with lemongrass dressing, aioli, and shaved radish salad. Sip on a grapefruit and coriander margarita, or a fig leaf spritz, with parafante, sparkling riesling, and soda. 


Luxury Brunches in London

Coya is a Peruvian restaurant in the heart of Mayfair, born from the spirit of adventure. It offers clients excellent food and an immersive Latin American cultural experience. From the artwork decorating the place to the Latin music surrounding the environment, this place is perfect for those who want a complete sensory experience from one of Latin America’s best-acclaimed gastronomic cultures. Here, dishes are intense and complex in flavour but simple in their presentation and preparation. 

It also serves one of the best luxury brunches in London. The chefs craft traditional Peruvian dishes using Spanish, Japanese and Chinese techniques, resulting in a mix of authentic and contemporary cooking and food. The brunch menu is trendy, where you will find light dishes like the tiraditos de hiramasa, made with kingfish, dashi, chives, and truffle oil. Order corn tortillas with shrimp crackers and guacamole, or taste the Arroz Nikkei with Chilean sea bass, rice, lime, and chilli. 

The Pisco Bar is also perfect for grabbing a well-designed cocktail with authentic Peru flavours. There is also the possibility of joining the Member’s Club, where you can enjoy live music and Peruvian cuisine inside a Latin American-inspired dining room. 

The Wolseley

Bill Granger Granger & Co Pavilion Rd Chelsea

The Wolseley serves one of the best luxury brunches in London. In the elegant Mayfair neighbourhood, this café-restaurant captures the essence of European glamour while still capturing hues of British heritage. The dining room, which used to be a car showroom, is now an ample space where people can dine, drink, and laugh. Find a timeless proposal on the menu and interior design, where the 1920s glory is thoroughly explored.

Brunch at The Wolseley was described by A. A Gill as “stoic optimism.” It may be because of the homemade warm and crisp croissants, pain au chocolat, or cannelés bordelais. Move down to the menu and find eggs benedict, florentine, and royale. Order grilled kipper with mustard butter or devilled lamb kidneys for something more unique.

The all-day menu includes soups, salads, crustacea and caviar. Fruit, yoghurt and cereals are present for those who prefer something lighter, and some coffee and tea are always welcome during the best meal of the day. Ice cream coupes are perfect for the sweet-toothed.  Indulge in a bloody mary cocktail made with the house spice mix, or maybe a French 75 to feel the bubbly wonders of Champagne. 

Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

Luxury Brunches in London

Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings is an anthology of environments and propositions. Here, you can enjoy the restaurant, cocktail bar, greenhouse, and late-night club. Each of these ambiences excels in interior design, creating serene and cosy spots for any time of the day. Cocktail parties and business lunches find a home at Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings and those willing to party until late at night. With an easy-going elegance, this venue also provides one of the best luxury brunches in London. 

The weekend brunch here comes with different bottomless options, and what’s better than that? Bloody Marys, Bellinis. Spritz and fizz can be a permanent part of your meal. Pair them with crab pretzel rolls with poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, pickled cucumber and fries. Order the full English breakfast if you’re hungry or avocado toast just to nibble on something. Pancakes, chocolate brownies and french toast are perfect for satiating your sweet tooth. 

There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options for those with dietary restrictions. The vegan falafel burger comes with beetroot, hummus, cucumber, mint yoghurt, and sriracha dressing. Indulge in a complete brunch inside a beautifully decorated environment, and explore all the Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings spaces.


Pachamama is the Peruvian equivalent of Mother Earth. With two small units in Marylebone and Shoreditch, this bar + kitchen serves one of the best luxury brunches in London. Blending Peruvian flavours with British ingredients, it works on a sharing menu system and lots of Pisco sours to kickstart the day. 

Pachamama has a party atmosphere and a menu that explores all the ecosystems of Peru – the sea, mountains, Andes, and amazon forestry. At the Shoreditch unit, the restaurant even works with the Chifa cuisine, which blends Peruvian and Chinese traditions to create something unique and delicious. 

The bottomless brunch options include prosecco or mimosas. Along with the bubbles, taste pork belly chicharrones with miso glaze and tomato salsa. Order the sweet potato waffles with English berries, honey cream and yacon syrup. Get the sea bass ceviche or the ‘pollito a la brasa, a grilled chicken dish with lemon and thyme. Burnt pears and honey inside a filo pastry with burrata ice cream completes your meal, and so does a strong shot of espresso. 

Don’t forget to taste at least one Pisco Sour, made with the traditional Peruvian grape spirit, lemon, and egg whites – a must-drink. 


Luxury Brunches in London

Wagtail is a rooftop bar that serves one of the best luxury brunches in London. Inside a mesmerising art-deco building, you can get unparalleled views of the London skyline, all while indulging in cocktails, delicious food, and good company. Spread across two floors, the restaurant has two terraces to enjoy warm summer days. For the colder months, a heated and covered rooftop bar awaits you. 

For the weekend brunch menu, start with a 3 oyster course, followed by a bloody mary shot. Order the artichoke risotto or Wagyu rib-eye with a fried egg and truffle hollandaise sauce as the main course. Crab cakes benedicts or salt-roasted beetroot with sourdough and tofu aioli also brighten the menu. All dishes are creative and well-crafted by a talented kitchen staff. 

You can opt for a bottomless brunch experience with bottles of Della Vite Superiore DOCG or Rosé Prosecco. For dessert, try the walnut and apple cake or the pumpkin creme brulée for when the autumn leaves start to fall.  Listen to live music and stick around for the after-party, which goes on until late in the day. 


Dishroom is where Bombay found a home in London. With different units across the city, the restaurant attracts customers with a fantastic time with quality Indian food, a cosy and homey environment, and friendly and welcoming staff. The famous King’s Cross unit is designed to resemble an old train station, with British colonial reminiscence and bright western Asian colours. Worn paint covers the walls behind the railway-like stairs, where you’ll find a large white clock on top. 

The furniture is purposely humble and brings you back to the 1920s, as people were bustling around to catch their train or have a coffee while waiting. Other units follow the idea of telling a story through their design and environment. Here, the bar serves cask and bottle-aged godown cocktails, bringing forward the Indian heritage of flavours. 

Breakfast is served until 11:45, and here you can order traditional Indian and Irani-cooked dishes like Kejriwal (fried eggs on chilli cheese toast). Naan rolls are also a famous breakfast option. Dishroom is constantly paying tribute to classic Irani and Indian foods by serving modern versions of traditional Biryani (slow-cooked chicken on a pot), open-air marinated grills, samosas, or Roomali Roti rolls, which are prepared at the table. 


Luxury Brunches in London

Quaqlino’s is a restaurant and bar that offers live music seven days a week. Here there is a different performance every day of the week, and you can check the schedule to see which one you’d like to see. Themed nights with Cuban music and individual performances with renowned artists are part of the schedule. The restaurant resembles a fancy cruise dining room, with a stage in the front where people can gather around and dance, a large and extravagant staircase, and an island bar in the middle: picture Titanic, minus the sinking boat part. 

Saturday brunch is popular here, where the live music pairs well with buttermilk pancakes and Jersey oysters. The caviar comes with classic condiments, and the grill portion of the menu offers different dry-aged cuts of meat. The preparation and presentation of dishes are careful and intriguing, and the flavour is just as you would have imagined — but better. 

Go for the bottomless champagne brunch and pair it with eggs Florentine, Royale or Benedicts. If you want to go lighter, order the beetroot and Granny Smith salad with apples, goat’s cheese mousse, hazelnuts, and sorell. Another popular option is the house brunch burger, with streaky bacon, red Leicester, pickled gherkins, red onion marmalade, and Sriracha mayo.


Conde Nast Traveller stated that Ochre was the best new restaurant in London. Focusing on seasonality, traceability and provenance, it makes a statement towards sustainability and ethical cooking. Find contemporary European cuisine in the weekend brunch and weekly lunch and dinner menus. With a creative cocktail bar and DJs playing after-hour sets, this experience is worth waiting on the list for. 

Start your weekend brunch with a pomegranate bellini or a bloody mary prepared at your table. Main dishes include eggs royale, American-style pancakes, spiced lamb burgers, and a charred cauliflower steak. The popular Sunflowers Cocktail, a house favourite, includes turmeric-infused mezcal, apricot liquor, lime juice and agave syrup. Once you’ve placed drink orders, nibble on salted caviar with chives and sour cream. As a starter, order a sweet potato and English pea samosa. 

Ochre is a place of conviviality and good food. Listen to live music while sipping refreshing drinks and indulging in high-quality foods. All ingredients are traced back to their source, and the menu showcases where everything came from. The dining room, intimate and elegant, introduce you to an exclusive dining experience.  

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