The Best Restaurants in Chelsea

March 11, 2020 Capital A List – Celebrity club news


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Chelsea is home to a plethora of stunning restaurants that combine elegant and sophisticated design with some of the finest and most diverse cuisine in London. Capital A List will outline ten of the best restaurants in Chelsea with each delivering unique and inspiring dining experiences.


The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


Winner of the 2018 Kensington and Chelsea business awards, this still criminally underrated bolthole is one of the best restaurants in Chelsea — and has the plaque to prove it.
An unpresuming title doesn’t indicate the breadth and depth of the possibilities available at The Chelsea cellar. they offer delicatessen dishes and and bolstered wine menu right underfoot. Maybe next time you take the park walk, keep an eye for a slip of a entryway.

With a welcome befitting a Lewis Carroll wonderland — this petite eatery invited guests to take a whimsical trip down a white- washed staircase into the chic enclave. The Cellar celebrates its all-encompassing wine list (with over over 250 Italian names to their selection) by mounting bottles in luminescent panels that light up the pretty marble-top tables. You’re certainly not in the dark — the Cellar’s food and drink is typical of one of the best restaurants in Chelsea — it lights up the world its own little corner. Chefs Gilberto and Clea have truly outdone themselves. its all about making the biggest flourishes from the smallest packages, at the Cellar the food is pettily styled and marvellously executed as the interior: we recommend the small sharing plates for a truly intimate evening — the smashed pea brushetta and the ‘Italian Kiss’ brownie ball were just two of the morsels we enjoyed throughout our visit, their sweetness the perfect light white we sampled by the glass.

As the Chelsea Cellar delivers bottles door to door through Chelsea, we implore locals to not just visit this fantastic hidden gem, but also take advantage of this high-end service from a top-notch London bar.


The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


True to form, Bluebird soars high above the rest as one of the best restaurants in Chelsea.

Not content to simply seat guests and treat them to some of the finest food the borough – Bluebird offers three equally delightful paradigm, guests can either stick to one section or manoeuvre between all three, as we did, as the day progress. For a start, what could be more idyllic in the heart of Chelsea than Bluebird’s Courtyard Cafe. A Parisian Suntrap hedged in one side by the beatific King’s Road townhouses, and the ornate awning of the main restaurant, this cafe on-the-side serves up nutritious breakfasts. The most wholesome ingredients are served with an artisan attention to detail — from the avocado ‘big plate’ (served with chilli and toasted sourdough) to the iconic Bluebird breakfast bowl (with goji berries and bee pollen turning this yogurt into a rival sunburst of colour and sweetness — good morning indeed.)

Al fresco dining and drinks continues all day at Bluebird: their main body restaurant transforms King’s Road into the meditative depths of a fantastical woodland: the centre of the lounge opens up into a chasm of pure sky-light, with rustic beams cheerfully overgrown with fetching dressings of vine, leave foliage and roots The result is ravishing, and we’re more than glad we had all the light we can get to properly take in the lunch plates: a golden molasses of rich truffle Tagliatelle was made to savour in the sun. Not only is this one of the best restaurants in Chelsea, but the bar is nothing to ruffle your feathers at.

The Last Tyme we met Cocktail will ensure this is anything but: sipping a resplendent mix of yellow chartreuse, raspberry, honey and lemonade whilst sitting at the marble-top lounge-bar in the last dregs of a Chelsea evening is high-end wine and dining on the level of dreams. With bookings available and seasonal party events held in all weather, this heavenly restaurant will give you wings.

The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


“fiercely kind food” is the motto of this plant-based provocateur; Wulf and Lamb, one of the best restaurants in Chelsea — doesn’t even rely on the toxicity of the meat industry or anything but pure, plant, recipes and dedication to the craft of gourmet food to be so.

Hunt this fantastic, upscale venue down on Pavilion road before all tables are taken. Recommended by vogue, and hailed by conscientious foodies world-round, Franco Casolin made good from his experience at vegetarian staple Vanilla Black to further the art of making sheer, indulgent comfort food from guiltless ingredients at his own Wulf and Lamb.

The fact that the Menu is crafted with technical wit as well as experience is clear — the colours dazzle, with natural technicolor of beans and fruit popping off the pure white marble finish of the tables or even the delicate bases of tortilla and rice. One could argue the visit is replete without sampling the famed, ingenious Wulf Burger. This sizzling seaman patty and castle aioli creation is a stylish treat you wont find anything close to through the rest of Sloane square ‘veggie’ options.

The real deal is here. The stunning, fun-house range of Burritos, salads and curries show off just what happens when true artists get their hands on tofu, Thai roots and jack fruit among others. The Isle of Harris Gin and fever Tree Tonic, as well as white wine and Aperol Spritz’as to order among others, this fantastic restaurant proves wellness eating can, and will be synonymous with the upmost decadence — fine and fun eating too.

The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


Whatever Oxford can do, Mayfair does better. It’s a tale as old as time: following the block-buster success of an artisan restaurant in one high-end location, it is only a matter of when — not if — they will turn their sights to the glorious streets of South-west London town. Zheng, once a treasure only known to the University capitol, is now one of the best restaurants in Chelsea. We’re obsessed with this cosy Malaysian restaurants it’s fine attention to detail. At Zheng, the arrangement of colours, flavours and textures from across an ever-expansive inter-continental array of Asian influences is as important as the taste.

This matt black interior pops with a lime finish, if you are there for lunch take a chic table, but if you are celebrating the long evening take up the velveteen sofa space. On the plates, classic Malaysian street-food samples are re-oriented into delicate structures, enthused with sharp signatures of flavoursome seasoning. The satay skewers are a safe bet, sure to please anyone looking for substance (a selection of cucumber and meat) and spice (the peanut sauce works wonderfully to sweeten the spicy overlay).

But what makes Zheng one of the best restaurants in Chelsea is its fascination with the new. Mayfair holds nothing that stagnates, only all that flourishes on and on. Restaurant Zheng is names after a famed Chinese admiral, and invokes its guests to step into his spirit of exploration with the Chef’s choice option — simply ask your waiter to be surprised by a personalised dish and sit back, prepare to discover a course you never would have known you could enjoy so much. With lighter options of the steamed sea bass with soya sauce drizzle, or the stir fried Chinese leaves — Zheng thrives during the busy inner-city lunch hours, with spices to pick you up and carry you through the rest of your day.

If you really want to uncover something — we recommend the spicy cocktails, as masterfully created as the dinners. The Chilli Martini (with pineapple to balance out the spiced vodka kick) or the fabulous Zheng special cocktail (Rose syrup and Longan stirrup up palpable eastern mystique within a lemonade pop), are sure to make any dinner at Zheng Chelsea an adventure you won’t regret.

The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


There’s nowhere to run but Rabbit. At least, if you’re talking about the Gladwin brother’s Rabbit — one of the best restaurants in Chelsea. Inspired by the Chef-Owner’s own agricultural roots, this staple of Kings Street metamorphoses of the urban trappings; for a brief moment in time, guests are in the glen and glades of the refined British countryside. It’s all the hearty, organic excellence of country food, with the dazzling city-escape and packed energy of London right outside the door.

If It’s the soothing balm of a top-quality Special Sunday Roast you’re after (because sometimes spoons just doesn’t cut it, not in your finery) then Rabbit is one of the best restaurants in Chelsea. With a typical kings Street flourish, Rabbit breaks the mundane boundaries of a roast and instead offer bursts of flavour and fresh procure with their Tapas-esque Sunday on the Farm ‘Mouthfuls’, made to share and mix in a manner that really brings loved ones together for a fine dining experience this, and every weekend. We recommend the Build your own Bloody Mary to start you off — it will make your choices more adventurous (Horseradish and Chilli infused Vodka choices will light up the afternoon) and you’ll be glad for it, when it means encountering extraordinary renderings of farm greens (the burnt butter Radish is a sweet treat) or the Nutbourne Wood pigeon served smoky and quaint with ‘trimmings’ of white carrots and Yorkshires.

With a Vegan menu that means everyone is included, this Fine-bred Chelsea Rabbit is a rare breed, one of the best restaurants in Chelsea to find both the wild — (the vodka apple pie is dangerously good) and the comfort of something wistfully, universally ‘local’ (the mustard-honey hue brickwork and rustic wood cottage flooring and tables makes the whole fine dining moment feel like a lucky chance in your local farmer’s good graces). Rabbit invokes treasured, peaceful memories in the heart of the busy capitol. This is a neighbour that cares for you and feeds you up well, for all.

The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


For a secret escape to the French Riviera, look no further than one of the best restaurants in Chelsea, Bandol. It is ideally located on Hollywood Road and is the second French restaurant opened by the founders of Margaux in South Kensington. Bandol is reminiscent of a tasteful French villa with its classic brasserie style. It breathes calmness and grandeur into its design with its bare-brick walls clad in vines and ivy. The interior is simple elegance with a skylight bringing in natural lighting, and wooden chairs furnished with soft blue cushions. The menu contributes to the sense of rejuvenation introduced through the décor with its fresh and simple ingredients inspired by the flavours of Southern French cuisine.

Executive Chef, Zsolt Ferencz, previously of Scott’s in Mayfair, primarily showcases luxurious seafood and fish dishes that can be paired perfectly with selected wines from the Mediterranean coast. Guests should try their sharing plates of tuna sashimi with mango, pomegranate and ponzu dressing or their £12 seared tiger prawns with chili garlic. Meat dishes are also something special and include the £21 crispy duck leg complemented with an Asian salad, pink grapefruit and roasted hazelnut and the rich and decadent £18 rabbit ragu with fennel pollen. Bandol delivers as one of the best restaurants in Chelsea with its two private wine rooms. The private dining is complemented with bespoke menus, and both rooms capture the simplistic luxury of Bandol. They are the perfect setting for guests to entertain friends, family and clients.


The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


Elystan Street is the latest venue to occupy Tom Aiken’s Flagship restaurant in Chelsea. Nelson Design, behind both Ledbury and Kitchen W8 have transformed the space to create a neighbourhood favourite that seamlessly mixes informality and elegance. Elystan Street represents a new wave of restaurants that are abandoning the rigour of fine dining in favour of easy-going luxury. They have done away with tablecloths and instead inject modernity into their design with concrete tabletops, wooden furnishing and colourful pink and blue décor. Their menu also steers away from typical fine-dining traditions by replacing tasting menus with seasonal and ingredient-led menus. Elystan Street sets a new precedent for the meaning of luxury dining, making it one of our top choices for the best restaurants in Chelsea.

Two Michelin star Executive Chef, Phil Howard, balances earthiness and elegance in his contemporary British and European dishes. His innovative food makes Elystan Street the ideal choice for one of the best restaurants in Chelsea. We recommend starting with a salad of spring vegetables with a light truffle cream, followed by their new season’s lamb, fillet of Cornish turbot or the rump of Cumbrian beef. To top it off, a Crème brulee with smashed raspberries and vanilla is a delightful choice. A dining experience is simply not complete without a glass of wine, and Elystan Street understands this with their vast selection from some of the world’s finest wine makers. Guests can also choose from their list of sherries, ports, champagne and cocktails. Our favourite cocktails included the £12 marmalade martini and pomegranate bellini with E-street rhubarb sour.

The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


Chakra in Chelsea is an oasis of calm and this is embodied in its soothing teal colour palettes and abundance of vegetation throughout the restaurant. The interior is comfortable and intimate offering an uplifting experience for guests to enjoy Indian cuisine based on the traditions of the Royal Maharaja Kitchen. Chakra is one of the best restaurants in Chelsea, as their ethos of harnessing positive energy in their design is also carried into their food preparation. The Chefs have adopted classic Indian recipes, and honour high-quality, fresh and seasonal ingredients that positively impact their guests’ sense of well-being without compromising on flavour.

Chakra offers an extensive drinks menu, including wines, spirits and cocktails. Their Chakra Spice cocktail made with tequila, chili and lemonade is the perfect complement to one of their many starters and main meals. We suggest beginning with their summer salad with grilled chicken, pumpkin seeds and chilling dressing. Their Chota small plates are also delicious for a quick bite or as a tapas-style sharing meal. The £4.95 char-grilled mince lamb stuffed naan served with roasted garlic raita or the pan tossed, southern spiced chicken fillets for £7.95 are simply delicious. Chakra also has an Indian Grill section where their modern twist on traditional recipes truly shine. We recommend trying their chargrilled, sweet basil and spiced yoghurt marinated king prawns, or their signature lamb chops marinated in sun-dried ginger and pounded chili. Their Desi curry classics make Chakra one of the best restaurants in Chelsea. Be transported to the bustling city of New Delhi with their classic butter chicken tikka masala and their £14.95 slow cooked texel lamb with browned onion, Kashmiri chili and plum tomatoes.


The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


Chicama on King’s Road terrace takes its guests on a journey of the tranquil beaches of Northern Peru with its interior comprised of salvaged wood, vintage mirrors and shell pink tiles, as well as with its menu inspired by the coastal food of Peru. The cuisine is prepared from an open kitchen and with muted lighting and Latin beats echoing throughout, Chicama is one of the best restaurants in Chelsea offering its guests a vibrant and stylish sanctuary to escape the London hustle and bustle.

Chef Tiago Duarte and his team have accumulatively worked at the Chiltern Firehouse, Roka, Zuma and Sushi Samba. With their expertise, they have crafted a totally meat-free menu devoted to the seafood recipes that have shaped Peru’s national cuisine. Fish and seafood is delivered daily from Cornwall and each dish uses seasonal British produce to ensure that they are prepared with the freshest ingredients. There fresh ingredient-led ethos makes Chicama one of the best restaurants in Chelsea. For a light bite, their padron peppers and £9 popped corn monkfish cheeks with aji Amarillo may are delicious. A Larger main meal of scallop ceviche with Jerusalem artichokes and truffle milk or their salmon ceviche for £13 with smoked aji limo tiger’s milk, avocado, tomato and puffed rice are sublime. Another choice option is their trout cooked in banana leaf with a side of red quina, mango and aji limo sauce or venture their signature fish of the day grilled over a charcoal with a trio of sources including avocado, sweet pineapple and smoky aji panca chili. A plethora of cocktails, wines and whiskey are also available to accompany the vibrantly-flavoured food. An experience at Chicama would not be complete without trying one of their contemporary twists on Peru’s national drink, Pisco, whilst enjoying the open-air and foliage covered outside terrace space.


The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


What makes The Five Fields one of the best restaurants in Chelsea is its farm-to-table ethos encompassing artisanal British produce from their own garden kitchen. It is tucked just off Sloane Square and provides an intimate setting with its soothing muted tones, pale lime-washed floors, glass panels, touches of gold and sophisticated sculptures by Sophie Dickens.

In the idyllic Sussex countryside, their Kitchen Garden supplies their seasonal herbs, flowers and vegetables which are then incorporated into their seasonal dishes inspired by British cuisine as well as London’s broad cultural background. The Kitchen is headed by Taylor Bonnyman, previously from the two Michelin-starred Corton in Tribeca, New York, as well as Marguerite Keogh, whose culinary expertise includes working with the acclaimed Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley. With the top echelon of Chefs helming the kitchen, The Five Fields typifies what it means to be one of the best restaurants in Chelsea. We suggest beginning with the luxurious foie gras with Shimeji mushrooms and beetroot or the silky sea bass with rhubarb, curry and onion. The mains comprise a variety of sumptuous meat and fish dishes. Our favourites included the short rib garnished with turnip and nasturtium, the succulent pork with celeric and yeast and the fresh cod with mussels and sprouting broccoli.

The Five Fields also has an elegant private room accessible to guests for private lunches and dinners. The room has a charming view overlooking the streets of Chelsea and is decorated with warm tones illuminated by a feature fire place. Guests also have views of their extensive wine cellar, access to a cosy adjoining lounge; and have the Head Sommelier, Solene Bonhumeau, on hand to recommend the perfect wine pairings.


The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


Dinings SW3 is discreetly located on a cobbled mews in Knightsbridge and is housed within a former artist’s studio with beautiful light-filled interiors, double-height ceilings and industrial concrete walls. Its modern edge is not only typified in its design but also in its cuisine. Dinings SW3 has created its own contemporary style of Izakaya Japanese tapas by combining heritage Japanese cuisine with modern European cooking techniques. Its innovative world-class dining coupled with its unique cultural experience make it one of the best restaurants in Chelsea.

Executive Chef Masaki Sugisaki works alongside another three former Nobu colleagues and with their accumulated Japanese fine-dining experience, the cuisine does not disappoint especially with its seasonal seafood coming daily from Cornish day boats. Their exquisite approach to traditional yet modern Japanese food make it one of the best restaurants in Chelsea. Start with nibbles of wagyu beef with avocado and chili miso or £4 yellowtail with avocado and jalapeno mayonnaise. Guests can also choose from an array of Caviar and miso soups as either a starter or a light bite. Sharing plates of Shuko are some of the best for groups; and the Chef’s selection of sashimi and caviar or the assorted charcoal grilled seafood platter are simply delicious. Classic mains include the Japanese hay seared wagyu beef with porcini ponzu, as well as a wide selection of sushi and sashimi dishes prepared by expert Chefs at the elegant sushi counter. Chargrilled Sumiyaki dishes are as delicious as the rest; and include hand-dived Scottish scallops with wasabi salsa and yuzu, lobster, Spanish red prawns and a £19.5 pork shoulder. Dinings SW3 also has a vast array of classic Japanese cocktails fused with a modern twist; and include its Yu-Yake made with yuzu vodka and vanilla and their signature twist on a classic Martini. Sake is a classic Japanese delicacy and Dinings SW3 has a broad selection especially curated from Konotomo brewery. Each comes with their own subtle yet complex notes of flavour and can be paired perfectly with sushi and seafood dishes.


The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


On King’s Road and owned by Chef Joe Mercer is the sleek and sophisticated Medlar restaurant. It is one of our top choices for the best restaurants in Chelsea as its understated chic design creates the perfect backdrop for the artistry of its French cuisine. Its interior is designed by Turner and Pocock and encompasses a peaceful grey-green colour scheme with its plush green banquettes, grey raffia wall-coverings, artfully distressed mirrors and antique green lamps. Elegant and subtle artwork by Tanya Baxter Contemporary adorn the walls and enhances the feeling of easy-going luxury.

Medlar’s French cuisine classify it as one of the best restaurants in Chelsea. The food is inspired by techniques and seasonal ingredients from the British Isles and the rest of Europe. Its menu items come with fixed prices, including £53 for three courses, £45 for two courses and £32 for one course. With this is mind, begin with one of their many superb starters, including the crab ravioli with samphire, brown shrimps, fondue of leeks and bisque sauce. Mains include a variety of meat and fish dishes, we suggest trying the juicy rump of Belted Galloway with snails, stiffed Portobello, shallot puree and béarnaise or a roasted hake with datterini sauce vierge, fresh borlotti beans, sea aster and salsa verde. A decadent meal would not be complete without a desert and a glass of wine or champagne. The wine list is compiled by head sommelier, Didier Catleo with experiences at The Ledbury and Le Bistrot du Sommelier in Paris. Select from an array of wines, and vintage champagnes including a £499 1996 Dom Perignon. End with one of their finest desserts, including their Apricot financier with roast apricot, honey, olive oil dressing and ice cream.


The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


The Ivy Chelsea Garden on King’s Road mixes the elegance of a French brasserie with the homely feeling of an English country garden. It is designed by the acclaimed designer, Cecil Beaton and reflects the familiar luxury of The Ivy on West Street. It is comprised of a main restaurant, terrace and garden, and a beautiful dining room. Inside the brasserie restaurant, guests are welcomed into an indoor sanctuary of burnt orange furnishings, lively botanical prints and chic marble floors. Designed by Cameron Landscapes and Gardens, The Ivy’s terrace and garden is one of their most popular dining destinations. It offers al fresco dining all year round and is a serene enclave of greenery with its leafy trellises and antique pots home to magnolias and hydrangeas. The terrace and garden with its breathtaking foliage, arched antique mirrors, velvet chairs, and central fire pit create the perfect setting for any occasion, making the Ivy Chelsea Garden one of the best restaurants in Chelsea.

Sean Burbidge, the Executive Chef of the Ivy Collection has created a menu that combines modern British favourites with international dishes. Start with one of their many salads made to perfection with some of the freshest ingredients, or their £9.75 hand-chopped steak tartare with tabasco mustard dressing, shallot, parsley, egg yolk and toasted granary. Their mains encompass delicious fish and seafood dishes including their £19.95 seared yellowfin tuna with match noodle salad, toasted sesame seeds, wasabi sauce and a citrus ponzu dressing. Another luxurious choice is their 21-day Himalayan salt wall dry-aged, grass fed rib-eye on the bone with your choice of green peppercorn, red wine and rosemary and roasted mushroom sauce. The Ivy’s all-encompassing menu makes them an easy choice as one of the best restaurants in Chelsea. For drinks in their al fresco dining space, or as a complement to dining in the brasserie, The Ivy has a great selection of wines as well as eleven bespoke cocktails unique to its Chelsea site. Their signature Garden Royale brings an Ivy twist to a classic Espresso Martini and their Sloane Ranger is inspired by a classic vodka-based Collins.


The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


Founded by Silvio Ursini, Obica is the world’s first Mozzarella Bar that has been pioneering modern Italian fine-dining since its inception in 2004. Ten sites are located in Italy and its Chelsea site is the original London outpost located on Draycott Avenue. Since its arrival in London, three more sites have opened in Canary Wharf, Poland Street and St Paul’s. Every Obica Mozzarella Bar shares the same philosophy of food to share which is the pleasure of sharing good food with family and friends. The Chelsea Obica Mozzarella Bar site is one of the best restaurants in Chelsea, as its warm and convivial setting sets the scene to enjoy the best of Mozzarellas di Bufala, alongside high-quality Italian home-made dishes made with traditional Italian recipes. What’s more is that the dishes are prepared in-sight of guests by drawing inspiration from traditional sushi bars creating a vibrant and interactive environment for guests.

Chef Alessandro Borghese has joined Obica as creative Chef to develop a new menu that celebrates both his and Obica’s mutual passion for the best of Italian cuisine. The iconic Mozzarella Bar makes Obica one of the best restaurants in Chelsea. Guests should definitely try the bufala classica and plates of degustazione made with bufala classica, smoked bufala, burrata and ricotta di bufala. Guests can also select small plates as a starter or mains with the choice of cheese from the Mozzarella Bar. The premium cured pork salami and Scottish smoked salmon are two excellent choices. Pizza is something that Obica not surprisingly does incredibly well. Each pizza is garnished with traditional Italian ingredients, like prosciutto, organic tomato, anchovies and vegetables. One of our favourites was the prosciutto cotto with mozzarella di bufala, casatica di bufala, olives and oregano. Wine is embedded in Italian culture and at Obica every brand of wine tells a unique story with representation from renowned wineries and emerging local producers from North to South Italy.


The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


No. Fifty Cheyne is located in an idyllic cluster of quaint and leafy streets overlooking the River Thames in the heart of Old Chelsea. It is one of the best restaurants in Chelsea with its intimate dining space complete with a cosy upstairs drawing room and cocktail bar. Designed by Lambert and Brown, it offers comfort, privacy and intimacy all in one with its golden-lit interiors, glass chandeliers, sleek marble tables and colour palette of burnt sienna. The ruby-red cocktail bar and drawing room are two home-away-from-homes with picturesque views of Cheyne Gardens and the River Thames. They are the perfect sanctuaries to nestle down in an intimate setting to enjoy a drink from their carefully curated list of vintages, as well as a light bite from their upstairs menu.

In the centre of the main dining space stands a huge open grill from which Head Chef, Iain Smith, and his team prepare the finest British cuisine using the best seasonal ingredients supplied by Lake District Farmers and Pesky Fish. The A La Carte menu offers a selection of lighter salads and seafood starters followed by classic grill dishes. Begin with a salad of beetroot, heritage carrots, pickled apple and pears for £9.50. Then indulge in sumptuous dishes of native lobster and aged beef fillet with creamed spinach and smoked bone marrow. Robust grilled dishes are choice options and include pork cutlets, Sirloin, veal, rib-eye and grilled fish of the day. A Sommelier is also available to select the perfect white wine for a light and fish dish or a red for the richer meat dishes.

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The Best Italian Restaurants in London

February 21, 2020 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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London’s is home to so many Italian restaurants that are as varied as the food and wine-loving country itself. Capital A List will guide you through the best Italian Restaurants in London that encompass the cuisine and design inspiration of the rustic south through to the fashion-forward north Italy.


The Best Italian Restaurants in London


Hammersmith’s own stylish answer to the Brooklyn terrace means that locals and visitors alike looking for inter-regional and across-seasonal cuisine must head to the bank of the city for one of the best Italian restaurants in London. The River Cafe, co-founded by the late Rose Gray (one of the forebears of British cookery writing, and joyful, chatty naturalism in Michelin level cooking), is tucked into the hip of Hammersmith's Thames-side edge.

There is no such thing as homeostasis at The River Cafe. There is constant, infectiously chirpy movement: the prep of extensive anti-pasti dishes hand than across the width of the gleaming stainless steel kitchen top, the white heat of the sun bounding off the pure frosting-hue awning that extend from the gigantic windows. This palpable energy is reflected in the daily changing menu (in which the ingredients of the recipes follow the flow of summer, autumn, winter and spring).

Although the Menu is ever-shifting, rest assured the River Cafe, as one of the best Italian restaurants in London, will offer up exclusively authentic dining experience. The fixed points of wood roasted Pizza gives the dough and mozzarella combinations a smokier, darker touch that draws out the richness of the oils and fresh vegetables involved; and the special River Cafe Gelato is always available in their original, mature delicacy (we recommend combining the caramel with roasted almond with an affagato expresso twist as the perfect afternoon hit).

With plenty of garden seating arranged on the terrace at the crest of a riverside hill, and with wine to try from the top to the bottom regions of Italy — Veneto to Abruzzo — The River Cafe is as scenic as it is culinary accomplished. Image source


The Best Italian Restaurants in London


With over twenty years of experience to hand in the competitive high-end London chef environment, the owners of South Hampstead’s Fiddies stepped up to the heat of the oven and triumphed: as a result, a part-delivery special service now also offer perfect sit-down Pizza and seafood cuisine as one of the best Italian restaurants in London. At Fiddie’s the generous, familial ambience of Italian Culture is as integral to the service as the traditional combinations of those first napoleon flourishes. Guests are encouraged to sit, linger and enjoy — explaining why Fiddie’s won London’s Diner’s choice in 2016.

The Boutique shopfront and classy chessboard decor pleases the eye while the abundance of 12 inch pie (because this is the truly authentic serving), delicious House red and white wines, and special touches like the hearty vegetarian Calzone and their namesake Antipasto plates (set to blazing heights with the melding of Tuscan and spicy Salamis within olive dressage) mean that this intimate eatery is one of the best Italian restaurants in London.



If Italy is defined by one particular image, it is the sunflower. The sight recalls the sweet saying dance yellow field and towering leonine plant faces — wild happiness. If the heart of Hammersmith is the open, garden boulevard of high-end venues, then L’amarosa is the sunflower; one of the best Italian restaurants in London. For one, its an audaciously, wonderfully bright dinnertime locale. Comfortable chic seating (of buttermilk and dark chocolate theme — once again recalling the iconic ‘Italian white’ sunflower) seems to bloom beneath the central window-sill and crop back and back in intimate couplets across the wood floor.

Not only this but L’amorosa, as one of the best Italian restaurants in London, is effortlessly elite and signals life and longevity as much as the flower (especially if its recent Michelin Bib win for five-star cuisine is an indicator of anything).

At L’amorosa it seem imperative to sample the speciality after-dinner menu, from the mellowing lull of Limoncello to the kick of their spectacular God Father cocktail (Amaretto and scotch whisky). This is restaurant that knows,and owns, its accomplishments in Italian convention — certainly consider trying their selection of cheeses or their home-made, perfectly pungent Oregano Tagliatelle — it is head and shoulders above the rest.


The Best Italian Restaurants in London


One of the best Italian restaurants in London for value as well as the especial standard of food and drink is Notting Hill’s Mediterraneo. Decorating a corner that abounds off Portobello road with its eye=candy, eye-popping face, Mediterraneo is royal blue for its princely,fine dining experience. The bubbly, relaxed veneer of this neighbourhood favourite works in symbiosis with the rich, earthy dishes to offer ultimate respite.

Although the contained plaza and rustic decor within — intricate coffee tiling and parchment hue walls — is a treat, its the outside seating that renders diners part and parcel of the intoxicating energy of the eclectic Notting Hill pavements. The congenial prices don't mean that Mediterraneo skimps on quality of authenticity. With lashings of artisan bread to soak up the decadent olive oil as guests soak up the atmosphere, guests can enjoy beloved dishes at their leisure; from the Tuscan vegetable soup to the Carpaccio Beef brazed with Parmesan tang. A seasonal salad with emphasis on the latest flavours means the fresh bed beneath their addictive Chilli tiger prawns and calamari always represent the world around you, and suffuse with the senses at large. And to finish, we couldn't recommend the Mediterranean berries more.

There is no question why Mediterrano has lasted the test of time and the threat of gentrification since its opening in 1998, they were always and remain a superlative, restful experience for the soul in one of the most vibrant spots in the city.


The Best Italian Restaurants in London


However, if diners seeking the exclusive experience of Meditarraneo’s should always explore the alternative evening at its sister restaurant Osteria Basilico — a soul sibling that holds an equal precedence as one of the best Italian restaurants in London. This Notting Hill comfort on the corner welcomes guests with the exuberant swathes of sunset red and bundles of potpourri bouquets glimmer off Osteria’s collection of spotless glassware. With a winsome arrangement of chic tables in and outside by the market-road, Osteria is a place to bask in the day.

The addition of avocado to Italian dishes of basil and mozzarella showcases the way in which Osteria moves with London’s contemporary interests even as it holds through to a fabulous foundation of Tuscan-Mediterranean fare. And it truly is a place to treat yourself, their calzone comes with servings of dolcelatte cheese, the decadently sweet glue that holds perfectly homemade dough together. And with such a uniquely luminous area at every hour of the day, stay a bit longer and savour authentic expresso beneath the sunshades at Osteria or its sister Mediterraneo, the twin jewels atop of the crown of London’s Italian food. Image source


The Best Italian Restaurants in London


Experience a little corner of Tuscany at the Villa Di Geggiano on Chiswick Road. This example of the best Italian restaurant in London pays homage to the original Villa Di Geggiano, that has been the family home and winery of the Bianchi Bandinelli family in Tuscany for five centuries. The decadence and hospitality of the Tuscany Villa is mirrored at its London site, and guests first experience this as they walk through the serene garden of olive trees and enter the restaurant. The upper floor is luxurious with its members club inspired lounge spaces at which dinners are hosted frequently with live artists. A piano bar, art gallery and cigar rooms are also available to guests and each are designed with a sophisticated flair and the beauty of Tuscany in mind. The main dining space is grand and bustling and the décor is inspired by London’s art world while still maintaining a natural and comfortable ambience that is felt in the terrace area with its canopy of vines.

Villa Di Geggiano celebrates true Tuscan and Italian fine-dining cuisine and many of its ingredients are imported from the Villa to the UK. Its menu is small but perfectly formed with luxurious dishes including its cured meat selection, tagliolini with fresh crab and Tuscan sausages flown in from Siena. Its wine list includes many of its own wines especially selected from their wine estate in Tuscany and we recommend that you pair one of their delicious and organic wines with your dish of choice. Villa Di Geggiano has recreated the essence of Italy in Mayfair with its opulent interior and traditional Italian cuisine, and for this reason it is one of our top choices for the best Italian restaurants in London.


The Best Italian Restaurants in London


Sartoria is the only restaurant on the Historic Saville Row in Mayfair and this combined with its Italian heritage inspired its glamorous Italian design intertwined with quintessential English charm. David d’Almada designed the plush interior that comprises a heated terrace, Libare bar, two private dining rooms and an exquisite wine cellar. The menu designed by the renowned Chef, Francesco Mazzei, matches the elegance of the interior and is inspired by the Italian coastal region of Calabria. Italian cuisine is iconic for its simplicity but at Sartoria, the menu combines Italian cooking traditions with modern techniques to create the ultimate fine-dining experience and one of the best Italian restaurants in London.

The A La Carte menu is available for all day dining and is split into Antipasti, Primi, Secondi and Contorni, which is great for guests that would like to try a bit of everything. Start with an Antipasti of crab salad with crisp horseradish and a Primi of tagliolini with fresh lobster, Amalfi lemon, chili and basil. A veal Milanese for £33 per person it the perfect Secondi to share between two people, alongside a Contorni dish of roast potatoes or deep-fried zucchini. Your taste buds will also be transported to coastal Italy with Sartoria’s drinks list that comprises twists on classic Spritzers as well as their own in-house creations like the Little Venice for £12.50 made with Belvedere vodka, cocci americano, violette liqueur, lemon juice and egg white. Sartoria has one of Mayfair’s largest rooftop terraces and this is an ideal spot to relax with an afternoon or evening cocktail whilst watching the busy streets of the West End. Its glamorous Mayfair location coupled with its timeless design and cuisine make it one of the best Italian restaurants in London.


The Best Italian Restaurants in London


Gloria in Shoreditch is the first UK outpost for the Parisian restaurant group, Big Mama, and everything from the Italian cuisine, interior decorated with vibrant antique Italian ceramics through to the waiters dressed in candy-striped uniforms transport guests to Capri, Italy in the 50s and 60s. Gloria’s ethos is to give guests a real glimpse into Italy and this makes it one of the best Italian restaurants in London. It focuses on authenticity which is represented in its rustic interior, Italian staff and cuisine based on the freshest ingredients and home-grown recipes.

Guests can expect a taste of Italy by starting with cured meats and mozzarellas and then by moving onto their larger selection of pizzas and pastas. A highlight is the Carbonara a deux that is served from a giant cheese wheel into your bowl. This is not only delicious with its decadent and creamy cheese flavour but is also a true spectacle to behold. Another main course that is equally superb is their house special Pasta al Tartufo which is a luxurious mixture of black Molise truffle, fresh Mafalda, macarophone and button mushrooms. It would not be an accurate reflection of Italy without Pizza and Gloria does not disappoint. The pizzas are hearty and full of smoky and light flavours, and guests can select from a vast array of delicious toppings. The best part is that the kitchen serves pizzas until the early hours of the morning. Gloria naturally has a wide selection of Italian wines, but their cocktails are what define it as one of the best Italian restaurants in London. Their take on a classic Negroni is unlike anything else in London with its unique addition of porcini mushroom wine and a truffle foam.


The Best Italian Restaurants in London


Located in the heart of Marylebone is Fucina, a modern Italian restaurant that resembles more of an art gallery than the design of a conventional Italian eatery. Its modern design is perfectly encapsulated in its exposed brick ceiling that mimics the domes of a pizza oven. This artistic element is paired perfectly with its simplistic floor-to-ceiling windows that catch the light of the white walls making the space seem more expansive and welcoming. Its modern design aesthetic is also subtly carried into its simple turquoise blue seating and soft armchairs making it one of the best Italian restaurants in London for chic interiors.

The clean-cut nature of the interior is echoed in the menu which is a contemporary and honest approach to Italian cuisine. Fucina is one of the best Italian restaurants in London due to its unconventional approach to its food. They embrace simplicity as the best indicator of quality and showcase this in their open kitchen where the best organic and local ingredients are prepared. The menu is designed around sharing plates of increasing size, starting from a selection of small plates before leading into larger portions of pastas, pizzas and flame-cooked dishes. Start with the nocellara olives and the tuna tartare with spicy yellow sauce, crispy capers and green apple and end off your meal on a decadent note with the Spring lamb cutlets garnished with fried rosemary and pressed black berry jus for £26.


The Best Italian Restaurants in London


Bocconcino in Mayfair embodies the beauty of Italy with its classic cuisine, world-class service and hand-picked selection of Italian wines and thus typifies what it means to be one of the best Italian restaurants in London. Its interior is grand with soaring ceilings and black-and-white images of classic Italian scenes decorating the walls. It also imbues the expansive space with warmth with its exposed brick walls, soft wooden furnishings and tall mirrors hanging on the walls by the entrance.

Their menu offers Italian classics with a vast selection of antipasti and main dishes inspired by the diverse regions of Italy. Bocconcino is divided into two spaces, the first is the downstairs area where wood-fire oven pizzas are the speciality; and guests can expect to be a part of a buzzing and vibrant atmosphere. Each pizza is prepared daily on-site and cooked with classic techniques, with one of their signatures including the Pizza Bocconcino made with stracchino, mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and parma ham. The upstairs restaurant is more refined and is ideal for clientèle that wish for a more intimate and elegant dining experience. Alongside the delicious pizzas, their menu offers simple Italian classics with a selection of antipasti and contemporary main courses. Larger dishes include an array of fresh seafood and meat cooked over an open fire. The perfect complement to a hearty and classic Italian dish is one of the many bottles of wine sourced from winemakers in Italy’s most acclaimed wine regions as well as from small and local artisan producers. The division of the restaurant into two separate spaces, where different ambience can be experienced, make Bocconcino one of the best Italian restaurants in London.


The Best Italian Restaurants in London


Margot in the heart of Covent Garden celebrates the best of Italian food and wine against a backdrop of sophisticated and elegant décor. Its unparalleled service defines it as one of the best Italian restaurants in London. Both owners, de Tarso and Jaouen have accumulated a wealth of experience in service with the former being one of London’s most acclaimed maître d’s at The Wolseley and Scott’s in Mayfair, while the latter was previously the director at the Rivea in Knightsbridge. Therefore, with its roots Margot has excellent service levels that are both graceful and intuitive.

Margot is an excellent example of one of the best Italian restaurants in London - and this is typified in its luxurious Parisian-inspired interiors. Guests cannot help but feel elegant whilst being surrounded by deep blue banquettes, art deco copper fixtures, sleek tiled floors and a bar decorated in green glass. But the cooking is traditional Italian and is centred around quality seasonal ingredients inspired by many different Italian regions. Margot enlisted chef, Maurizio Morelli whose culinary experience includes numerous restaurants in both Rome and London as well as Briciole in Marylebone which he actually launched himself. His menu encompasses classic charcuterie, cheeses, carpaccios and tartares, pastas and larger plates of grilled meat and fish. Begin with one of their small plates of salami and cheeses whilst perusing the extensive menu. Start with a beef tartare with quail eggs, asparagus and Pecorino Sardo and for mains Pasta is where Margot really shines. One of our favourites was the crab ravioli with mascarphone, saffron sauce and cherry tomatoes for £23. It exemplifies the best of pasta dishes with its soft and cloudlike pasta and flavourful filling. For a meat-based dish the grilled and sliced ribeye steak with celeric puree and caramelised shallots for £22 is a phenomenal choice. To wash it all down, select one of their 350 bottles of wine especially curated from around the world, or one of their signature cocktails.


The Best Italian Restaurants in London


Tucked away in the basement of the Hari Hotel in Belgravia is the subterranean Italian restaurant, II Pampero. This is one of top picks for the best Italian restaurants in London with its exceptional cuisine and sophisticated setting that embodies modern and vintage Italian chic. It was designed by the admired designer, Tara Bernerd, who has perfectly captured the essence of the bygone era of Italian glamour through the all-white tablecloths, forest green furnishings and accents of gold, whilst also peppering the interior with hints of modernity through the geometric floor tiles and stylish marble-clad bar. II Pampero’s food and interior matches its prime city location within walking distance to Harrods, The Royal Albert Hall and Hyde Park.

The kitchen is helmed by Claudio Covino that once was a chef at the iconic Novikov and Locanda Locatelli. Under his supervision, everything is made from scratch and this includes the bread and pasta as well as the charcuterie which is smoked and cured in-house. II Pampero, therefore, is one of the best Italian restaurants in London as it delivers authentic Italian homemade dishes that have also been given a contemporary update. If you are in the mood for a starter as well as a main course, we recommend beginning with a fresh dish of mozzarella served with seasonal vegetables caponata which can then be followed by a rich and luxurious meat or fish dish. The stewed ox cheek delicately wrapped in parma ham and served with melted scamorza cheese for £24 or a £22 roasted salted cod fillet served with braised escarole and cannellini are excellent choices. A side dish of butter spinach, sautéed garlic broccoli or grilled asparagus as well as a glass of wine or a cocktail from their extensive lists are the perfect complements to a big and delicious meal.


The Best Italian Restaurants in London


The term Manicomio is Italian for Madhouse and this a playful reference to the Italian restaurant’s history as the Royal military asylum in Chelsea. Manicomio does not resemble any similarities, a part from its name, to the original site, but is rather one of our top picks for the best Italian restaurants in London. It is a sophisticated Italian eatery that has been serving luxury Italian fare specialising in fresh and seasonal produce and home-made pastas since 2003.

Manicomio comprises a restaurant, bar, café and terrace. The expansive terrace is one of the highlight features making this one of the best Italian restaurants in London. It is reminiscent of a rooftop restaurant in Italy with its floral views of the buzzing Duke of York Square shopping precinct. At the restaurant, notably chefs Bobby Cabral and Tom Salt serve simple Italian cuisine bursting with homeland flavours. Start with a salumi board for two for £16.50 with a selection of artisan meats and carta di musica. Pastas are plentiful and encompass ravioli, linguine, risotto and gnocchi options. One of our favourites was the market seafood risotto for £28 with tomato, chili, garlic and basil. For mains, the chefs prepare a decadent selection of fillets, meatballs, chicken and fish dishes. Their meat has been dry-aged for a minimum of 45 days to enhance the flavours and tenderness and we recommend selecting one of their Char-grilled Sirloin or Ribeye dishes with a side of grilled vegetables or tomato salad. They also have an excellent selection of wines and two highlights were the Bonny Doon and Pacific Rim Riesling.


The Best Italian Restaurants in London


In true Italian style Daphne’s in Chelsea combines the elegance of modern and classic design. Its chic surrounding, curated by Martin Brudnizki, epitomises the familiar Italian charm that one would expect whilst travelling Italy. It evokes a sophisticated yet welcoming ambience through its effortless mix of vintage Italian chandeliers, modern marble-topped bars and contemporary European art. Daphne’s is beloved by celebrities and the Chelsea elite not only for its beautiful surroundings, but also for its forty years of high-quality seasonal Italian cuisine, making it one of the best Italian restaurants in London.

Behind wrought-iron French doors is a European-style bar and dining room. Expect the service to be as elegant as the surrounds with a basket of warm bread and olive oil along with a cocktail menu inspired by Italian classics immediately brought to the table. We recommend starting with a Half century cocktail for £13 which is their Italian classic Negroni made with Plymouth Navy Gin, Campari, Cynar and aged Vermouth. The menu focuses on the best seasonal produce and Mediterranean flavours and the A La Carte menu offers a wide selection of the finest Italian staples. Start with a beef carpaccio with rocket and parmesan for £12.30, followed by one of their fish or meat dishes. The Dover Sole for £39 and Lamb Cutlets with Salmoriglio for £28.50 are two highlights that typify the superb quality of their menu. Service is second to none at Daphne’s, and with a sommelier on stand-by, guests can select a suitable wine pairing from their impressive cellar that houses a plethora of fine Italian wines. Daphne’s also has a conservatory that can accommodate up to forty guests for a private lunch or dinner and a seasonal menu can also be curated for each private function. The conservatory has a retracting roof that makes it a sublime location to host a cocktail reception during the summer-time, and further enhances Daphne's as one of the best Italian restaurants in London.


The Best Italian Restaurants in London


Harry’s Dolce Vita in Knightsbridge is stunning from the moment you look at its gold metal door adorned with bright red decorations through to when you step inside the intimate Italian restaurant with its sophisticated private club like finishes. Its classy interior incorporates rustic brass fixtures, plush vintage leather seating and wood-panelled walls lined with black and white photographs of Sophia Loren, Frank Sinatra and Nat Cole King. Harry’s Dolce Vita is the latest restaurant from the Caprice Holdings and with their success with The Ivy and Sexy Fish, it comes as no surprise that Harry’s Dolce Vita is one of the best Italian restaurants in London.

The menu pays homage to the traditions, tastes and flavours popular in Italy. Each dish has been carefully curated by Chef Director, Diego Cardoso, to ensure that they typify Italian comfort with a side of glamour. Their menu specialty is their pizza as they lovingly prove their dough for 72 hours to maximise flavors. One highlight includes the Rosso for £15.95 made with spicy peperoni, red onion, roasted peppers and fresh chili and black olives. Harry’s Dolce Vita works directly with Italian suppliers and importers and this makes their ingredients for their fish and meat dishes as authentic as a local restaurant in Milan. This is one reason why Harry's Dolce Vita is one of the best Italian restaurants in London. Meat and fish dishes include the Bistecca di Manzo ribeye and simply chargrilled seabass fillet accompanied by fennel, zucchini, lemon thyme and olive oil. Their central bar serves some of the best Bellini cocktails in Knightsbridge. This works brilliantly with their iconic dessert, the Harry’s Toadstool that not only looks amazing in the shape of a bright red mushroom, but also follows through on the flavours brimming with white chocolate, fresh raspberries, iced vanilla parfait and pistachio biscotti crunch.

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The Best Vegan Restaurants in Mayfair

February 3, 2020 Capital A List – Celebrity club news


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London’s Vegan scene has exploded in the last few years, with so many veggie friendly places to eat across the city. Capital A List is your guide to the best vegan restaurants in Mayfair.


The Best Vegan Restaurants in Mayfair


The most original dining location in London has updated its menu – subsequently becoming one of the best vegan restaurants in Mayfair. Mourad Mazouz’s quirky restoration of a sprawling Conduit Street townhouse may be more widely famed (and disbelievingly admired) for its wacky art house interior. Welcome to Sketch.

Indeed, it is a once in a lifetime dining experience, if Balamory was rolled in a toy-box and glazed with beatific artisan glaze: In the central restaurant space alone (The Gallery) pastel, clam-shaped seats riddle the paint-splashed interior cava of the space, and pop-art traverses the walls.

Sketch is a coral reef — teeming with inkblots, illustrations, chaos and live music —and there is no more interesting and electrifying place, no wonder guests need the soothing machinations of afternoon tea to stay afloat. Sketch’s afternoon tea now offers a perfect vegan supplement —for example, a dainty cauliflower breakfast dip rather than eggs.

The sultana scones don’t skimp on the indulgent doughiness of the original thing, and the Japan sencha green tea is the ideal sweet accompaniment the cake treats. This is one of the best vegan restaurants in Mayfair, bewitching you into a wonderland topsy truly tea party where plant based treats litter the delightfully chintzy decor as truly imaginative alternatives. Image source

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Mayfair


Maddox street’s own harbinger of authentic Lebanese cuisine takes the olive, spice, chickpea and garlic base ingredients to new splendid heights as one of the naturally best vegan restaurants in Mayfair — the Aline Lebanese kitchen.

An intoxicating, warm energy suffuses the space around Aline’s Kitchen area — featuring a cosy, elongated 30-seater table section of biblical proportions, where (in true environmental flourish) lush ferns grace the back of the seats and flowering fruit arrangement (the combination of Lebanese seasoning and violet petal perfume makes the air within heavenly).

Conscientious,vegan food and comfort food are not paradoxical. As proved by Aline’s, one of the best vegan restaurants in Mayfair.

We recommend enquiring about the flatbread of the day (such diverse vegan options are also,sadly, rarer outside Aline’s warm walls). Whether you prefer cold mezze (with red chilli hummus) or hot mezze (where sweet red pepper elevates the earthiness of potatoes) or have a sweet tooth (Orange blossom tea makes a heady finishing elixir) there is something for you at Aline’s.

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Mayfair


Of course Half Moon street would host a starburst of glamour in the form of the boutique Fleming Hotel. But did you know this sweet nocturne spot also includes the fabulous Ormer eatery —one of theist vegan restaurants in Mayfair.

While the chic tradition of low saturate lounge decor, Dalmatian hue carpeting, and a grownup dark-wood-walled interior advertise the tradition of Mayfair style. The cute miniature lamps at every table also make sure to make every guest booking feel like the centrepiece of a scene of classical glamour. However, Shaun Rankin’s utterly distinct, thoroughly varied vegan menu reminds us that the Ormer is also not afraid of evolution and modern progress.

The Michelin star holder’s take on a meatless tasting menu proves that quality ingredients and high-end conceptualised recipes work without waste produce —and veganism works within fine dining. The Saffron broad bean risotto ensures that refined ingredients doesn’t mean the fullness and satisfaction of a dinner course, but there is also the likes of a delicatessen chilled hibiscus soup for lighter fair. And the coconut parfait makes for a winningly innocent dessert. Of course Fleming’s Ormer won a mention for one of the top 5 restaurants in London, let alone one of the best vegan restaurant options in Mayfair.

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Mayfair


Meanwhile, Benares on Berkeley square brings some Indian flare to the best of Mayfair’s vegan restaurant scene. In a smartly exacerbatory touch — the calming cappuccino coloured tiling, and the pure, soft white of the interior (from the cloud-like bracket sweeping across the walls to the pristine tablecloths) is the only meditative element of the fabulously alive Benares. The Indian cuisine means the flavours on offer are as broiling with fiery flavour as they are confidently upscale.

No Vegan diner will feel amiss, the vegetable based menu is style with its own distinct style; not the absence of something from a main, or a cheap alteration, but real authentic infusions of flavour with plant-based energy. Jack-fruit in pickling spices, a green chilli kofta decorated with sauteed spinach and peanut, and Moorish potato and pea samosa remind off what delicious conceptions can be concocted with pure,natural ingredients.

And with such a dazzling, candlelit bar lounge sequestered above the eating area- its a good thing Benares has also created a firecracker of a vegan cocktail: the Green Spice Martini shakes vodka into a Ginger-Lemon-coriander and red chilli fusion—after all, vegans just want to have fun.

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Mayfair


Vantra Longevity was vegan before it was cool. Not just including, but innovating and thriving off the particulars of vegan cuisine since 1999, this STREET cafe— one of the absolute
best vegan restaurants in Mayfair —- doesn’t skimp on luxury,craft and enjoyment for the sake of skirting animal produce. With an emphasis on nutrition and health, this food company proves to Londoners that the lifestyle is not about restriction; there are, in actuality, too many options for just one visit at Vantra.

No lesser than other high-end venues — its about an expansive, universal experience of nourishment: sharing and caring mealtimes. With courses suffused into Raw,fermented, or steamed sub-categories depending on the average intuitive eater feels their body fancies that day — Vantra favours a buffet style serving of gourmet vegan plates. a Utopian canteen, of simplistic splendour, this boutique Mayfair shelter offers chalkboard decoration, low lighting and petite dark wood tables that fan out from the centralised through line of the buffet bar where steel cauldrons of delicious options sit prettily below their chalky labels.

If inventiveness, appealing colour coordination (beetroot purple,carrot orange,saffron yellow- oh my!) and uncanny alliteration signifies success (a la their chickpea curry, sunflower stroganoff and mixed mushroom stew) then its no wonder this is one of the best vegan restaurants in Mayfair- and the country at large. With everything gluten free in addition to meat free, and a quiet, intimate seclusive space within the bustle of Wardour street, Vantra can give you the most mindful moments, and menu, around.

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Mayfair


Tibits is a Swiss vegetarian restaurant group with 9 sites in Europe, of course they have a restaurant in London’s Mayfair which has become an increasingly popular place to eat. Tibits serves a tantalising vegan menu with a few vegetarian items too and its reputation holds it to one of the best vegan restaurants in Mayfair. Something unusual about Tibits is that you pay by the weight of your plate which means you can try a bit of everything including delectable desserts and go back for more.

Head Chef Eimantas Butorovas has been the head chef at Tibits Heddon Street for 8 years. Interestingly the founders of Tibits were the first people to open the first vegetarian restaurant in Europe – they definitely know what they’re doing. The food itself is displayed on a two tiered ‘foot boat’ with a daily changing hot and cold options to keep it seasonal. Our favourites were Mac & greens, tofu au vin, spicy sweet potato salad and the precious vegan sticky toffee pudding. Buffet lunch is priced at £2.10 per 100g and dinner for £2.30 per 100g, very well priced for one of the best vegan restaurants in Mayfair. Tibits also serves cocktails and you can book in for bottomless brunch available on the weekend – only an extra £18 for unlimited Prosecco, Bellini’s and Freedom brewery beer.

As well as food they also host events at both the Mayfair and Bankside locations including cooking workshops for kids and adults and happy hours as well as educational events in store and informational blogs can be found online. It is definitely worth checking out their website as they share the recipes of delicious food served so that you can recreate your favourite dishes from home.


The Best Vegan Restaurants in Mayfair


Ethos is found on Eastcastle Street, just a stone’s throw away from Oxford Street. Ethos is a meat-free concept restaurant where you can dine for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. At Ethos its a buffet style menu and you pay by the weight of your plate which means you’ll never have to share your partner’s food. The restaurant opened in September 2014 and now makes it name as one of the best vegan restaurants in Mayfair.

The food itself is from all over the world which can sometimes be unusual on one plate but when there are so many delicious things in sight its hard to turn down a spoonful of everything. The brightly coloured salads are complemented by the contemporary marbled tables and floors with a pop of purple tying everything together. Gracing the restaurant is silver birch trees from floor to ceiling – quite a phenomenal yet unexpected appearance. Ethos won an award for their interior design and we can see why. The food is suitable for everyone; all food is seasonal and locally sourced and meat-free, with most being dairy free, gluten-free and a selection of sugar free too. Some of our favourites included a vegetarian dish – Aloo Scotch eggs, a combination of the well known classic with a curry twist, BBQ seitan ribs which is the best vegan meat going and we savoured all the salads on offer. Not all salads from the menu were available but there was still ample selection.

Besides what they offer in store they also give an option to take food to go, they have a takeaway service and also a premium picnic hamper for two for £35, and this exemplifies one reason why they are one of the best vegan restaurants in Mayfair. To dine indoors it cost £2.50 per 100g at lunch and £2.70 at dinner time, roughly this equates to £10 well portioned lunch or up to £20 if you can’t resist. Ethos also offers a catering service and venue hire in which they can also create a specialised menu suitable for your occasion. According to the website they will be looking to open up another site in London – we can’t wait to see what this will bring.


The Best Vegan Restaurants in Mayfair


Pollen Street Social is a Michelin star restaurant run by Jason Atherton – a renowned chef in London who has worked closely with Gordon Ramsey. It is comprised of a fine dining restaurant, social bar, dessert bar and private dining area and serves a contemporary European menu. Whilst Pollen Street Social isn’t strictly a vegan restaurant they do have a fantastic selection of vegan and vegetarian main courses on the A La Carte menu as well as a vegan and vegetarian tasting menu to taste as much of Atherton’s creations as possible.

Our favourites include Tomato Tartare with Verjus Granita and crunchy croutons, and something quite unusual was the braised broccoli with a lemon puree topped with almonds. The crunchy broccoli teamed with the sweetness of the lemon was a flavour to savour. Another recommendation is the roasted celeriac Risotto with mushroom & truffle – the combination of flavours created a really tasty nutty flavour, something I’d happily have again. The standard of food is what makes Pollen Street Social one of the best vegan restaurants in Mayfair. The tasting menus can also be paired with matching wines for each course too (ranging from £91 for the classic pairing to £253 for the Iconic pairing) the wine menu is made up of well selected European and even English wines for you to try or if you prefer a seasonal cocktail there is an ample selection too.

What makes Pollen Street Social stand-out as one of the best vegan restaurants in Mayfair is its decor. It is natural with an added warmth to it, the wooden dessert bar seems the main feature with beautiful lighting ahead and with additional seating all along one side of the room with a classic vintage feel to it.


The Best Vegan Restaurants in Mayfair


Mildreds Soho branch is set on Lexington Street and it’s a popular spot for quick lunches of salads and soups or a sit down occasion to enjoy with a bit more leisure. Mildred’s have been serving hearty vegan and vegetarian internationally inspired dishes for over 25 years in London and have now secured themselves a spot on our list as one of the best vegan restaurants in Mayfair.

The ethos of Mildreds is a casual and relaxed affair where they don’t take table bookings however they always seem to manage to get everyone sat with a reasonable wait regardless of the size. The service is fast so perfect for lunches or an evening bite to eat. They also have a selection of daily changing salads, soups and quiche available at the front for a take-away if you can’t make the wait. What makes Mildreds one of the best vegan restaurants in Mayfair is their version on meat and how they imitate those delicious meaty flavours you’d think are only possible from an actual animal – however their Tandoori ‘chicken’ with dahl, carrot salad and sweet chutney gives a selection of so many flavours, our version of veggie heaven. For desserts it was a tough occasion, I would recommend trying all of them and coming back until you’ve tasted everything on the menu as each dish is delicious.

The decor at Mildred’s is nothing exceptional, its simple and canteen-like but its cheap, cheerful and has exquisite food with great selection – Mildreds have other restaurants in Camden, Kings Cross and Dalston.


The Best Vegan Restaurants in Mayfair


Whilst not strictly a vegan restaurant Malibu Kitchen serves fresh, clean-eating and healthy dishes so of course, most of these are delicious vegan or vegetarian options. Set in The Ned hotel, it is the perfect setting to enjoy a trendy meal in a deluxe restaurant. Malibu Kitchen makes up one of the 9 restaurants inside and is hard to compete with, as it shines as one of the best vegan restaurants in Mayfair.

With their infamous Taco Tuesday, they offer a set menu of 2 tacos, 1 side and a dessert served with a tequila, chilli cocktail – a great way to try a combination from the menu. For a light start we would recommend Squash & coconut soup and for something more substantial we also suggest the pulled jackfruit burger – the best imitation meat burger! Served with vegan coleslaw and sweet potato fries. Malibu Kitchen also has a great selection of fresh salads which are mostly vegan. I’d recommend going with a friend or partner and getting as much as possible to share to taste all the fresh flavours they have to offer at this Californian inspired establishment and one of best vegan restaurants in Mayfair.

The decor at The Ned is bright with beautifully marbled tables. Malibu Kitchen has a long counter in the middle and a few private booths to dine in. The green marble ties in the health factor of what they have to offer here as well as the wooden booths with lots of natural foliage splashed around the place. This all embracing restaurant invites those looking for virtuous food without the extra guilt-tag.


The Best Vegan Restaurants in Mayfair


Acclaimed chef Theo Randall opened this restaurant at the InterContinental in November 2006, this is after 25 years of specialist training with some of London’s best chefs. The last restaurant he worked for received its first Michelin star in 1997, then less than 9 years later Theo moved on to working towards his own restaurant where the quality of the food he creates has not gone unknown. Theo has a large following of dedicated foodies and from this rustic Italian menu we understand why it is one of the best vegan restaurants in Mayfair.

The menu changes daily depending on what is in season and available and whilst it isn’t strictly a vegan restaurant, it does cater for all in it’s dinner menus. The vegan menu has 3 antipasti options and our recommendation would be marinated peppers with Swiss chard and fresh borlotti beans on bruschetta or Artichoke with mushroom served with a contradicting chilli and mint sauce. For the main course there are plenty of options depending on your appetite. If you’re looking for a pasta dish then the tomato, basil and aubergine main would be ideal for a hearty Italian meal or our favourite grilled polenta with mixed mushrooms and sweet tomato.

At the InterContinental they have a great selection of masterclasses including a four course dinner with matching wine and an hour with Theo Randall himself, for £155 per person. This once in a lifetime experience illustrates why InterContintenal is one of our top picks for the best vegan restaurants in Mayfair. If you prefer a tipple, they also have a 90 minute Negroni masterclass which come with a few of Theo’s special small bites too.


The Best Vegan Restaurants in Mayfair


The Gate has been rocking London for almost three decades now, with 4 sites across London in Islington, Hammersmith, St John’s Wood and Marylebone. The Gate creates unique vegetarian and vegan food, we love their Marylebone site which was the newest addition in 2016.

Founders Adrian and Michael Daniel are brothers with a very mixed heritage of Iraqi-Indian Jewish culture. They believe that the Arabic hospitality that runs through their blood is the reason for their success as one of the best vegan restaurants in Mayfair. The restaurant itself has an earthy feel to it, the decor is a mix of olive green soft benches with lots of wood and black accents to compliment the room whilst still keeping it light with painted bare brick walls. The food follows suit, it’s light but satisfying.

Our favourites from the menu include the Green Thai Curry with shiitake mushroom, pak choi and tofu for its main components and a beautifully creamy dish with a hint of spice. We also adored the side of cauliflower as it comes with tahini dressing and sprinkled with pomegranate for a sweet crunch. All drinks at The Gate are plant-based too and they showcase an ample selection of vegan wines to accompany any dish. The Gate are now offering Bottomless Prosecco Brunches, for £32pp for 90 minutes of pleasure – we’ll be heading there this weekend to enjoy this shining example of one of the best vegan restaurants in Mayfair.


The Best Vegan Restaurants in Mayfair


Deliciously Ella opened its Deli’s doors in 2015 originally in Seymour Place but relocated to a bigger site on Weighhouse Street in 2016. The Deliciously Ella story started in 2011 when owner Ella Mills found her health deteriorating and turned towards a plant-based diet to aid recovery and help her symptoms. She was successful and is now opening Deli’s around London to help others in a similar position to her. Fast forward 4 years and she now has not only distinguished herself with one of the best vegan restaurants in Mayfair, but also has her products in supermarkets so you can try her food on the go.

Deliciously Ella started as a blog and has a huge social media following as well as very successful recipes books. Some of our favourites from the deli include: the red lentil and cauliflower dahl or sweet potato, chickpea and pumpkin curry – a recipe which is shared on her website with a large selection of others so that you can recreate the gorgeous good-for-you food. The MaE Deli has a fantastic breakfast menu too which is what makes it one of the best vegan restaurants in Mayfair.

The decor in the deli is kept light and simple with lots of wood, beautiful flowers gracing the tables and some beautiful pieces of modern art around the room. My favourite feature is the window benches to sit and watch the world go by and enjoy an Organic turmeric cold pressed cashew blend.


The Best Vegan Restaurants in Mayfair


At Rasa, they strive to give the best home-cooked Indian food, and their success has been evident. Rasa has two restaurants in London, the first restaurant was opened in Stoke Newington followed by their spot on Dering Street. Originally Rasa W1 started out as a solely vegetarian restaurant but have more recently introduced seafood and meat dishes.

The best way to dine at Rasa is by means of a feast which includes snacks, starters, curry, side dishes, rice, breads and a traditional sweet. Veg feasts are £25pp, the Vegan feast is £28 or the Non Veg is £32. Our favourite vegan picks are the Aubergine and tomato curry with a thick sauce and the Moru Kachiyathu (Mango & green banana dish cooked in yoghurt with ginger and chillies) which came highly recommended.

The decor is notably pink which of course draws the eye, there are also traditional Keralan pieces and an elegant spiral staircase. Overall, the attentive service, raved about vegetarian cuisine and decor make it one of the best vegan restaurants in Mayfair.


The Best Vegan Restaurants in Mayfair


A restaurant where you can do no wrong, for your health or the planet. Redemption Bar opened at the end of 2018, offering plant-based, gluten-free, low in sugar dishes topped off with an alcohol free bar which highlights it as one of the best vegan restaurants in Mayfair. The focus is on personal health and planet conservation by means of sustainable food consumption and business. Their Covent Garden branch sits happily in Seven Dials and has two sister stores in Notting Hill and Shoreditch. Judging by the reviews and general vibe of the place this is the type of bar that this area of London has been in need of.

We suggest trying everything on the menu but our top recommendations would be the Jackfruit tacos. If you are looking for a meaty texture then this will ‘meat’ all requirements. It’s served with salsas and creamy guac. We loved that they offer sharing platters – the perfect accompaniment for a Kombucha apple mockjito. They’ve also got an Italian antipasti style board, Vietnamese roll platter and Japanese maki rolls – all £12.95 each.

The bar itself is one precious feature that typifies why Redemption Bar is on our list of the best vegan restaurants in Mayfair. It has lots to offer minus the headache in the morning. With 4 beers and an apple cider available, kombucha on draft and sparkling wine which we were surprised as to how it really did resemble a lighter taste of the much-loved Prosecco. For dessert there are fermented nut cheese boards and a delectable range of creamy and fruity dairy free, gluten free delights.

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The Best Posh Bars in London

January 9, 2020 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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There is no shortage of posh bars in London, the city is brimming with classy bars which make any casual bar lover feel like they are living the high life. Many of the best bars in London are amongst the poshest, and therefore should not be missed out on, as they are quintessential of the quality of bars within London. Lovers of great bars everywhere will love posh London Bars. 



For a posh bar in London which screams class and style look no further than Artesian. A bar which is undeniably posh from the outstanding service to the unbeatable drinks menu that will set you ablaze with joy. This bars high calibre of excellence has been praised throughout the country, earning high praise in The Telegraph and Time Out. Furthermore they have been honoured with several prestigious awards, solidifying their position as one of the finest bars in London and certainly one of its poshest. 

Posh bars in London need to be amongst the very best within the city, and as the countless acclaim which Artesian has earned proves, there is no shortage of greatness to be found. Being named the World's Best Bar at the 2014 Spirit Awards during the Tales of the Cocktail Festival. The following year Artesian came number 1 in the World's 50 Best Bars, this is all the evidence you need to know acbout how fantastic Artesian really is. However this bar is much more than acclaim, as it only takes you the customer to realise how fantastically classy Artesian truly is. The effort taken to make the bar look as stylishly classy as possible is overwhelming, being decorated in an eye pleasing oriental style. Popping with purples, golds, and whites, the decor is gorgeous, with large windows which allow you to gaze upon the London streets and comfortable leather seats which will be hard to move from. Relaxation is the most important thing to the people at Artesian and with a style like this relaxation is guaranteed. This stylishness is what makes it one of the poshest bars in London and one of its very best. 

Naturally when attend posh bars in London you expect a high quality of drinks, fortunately at Artesian you are guaranteed the very best. Bar Manager Anna Sabastain and Head Bartender Marco Corallo have put the maximum amount of time and energy into creating and maintaining a high standard of excellence when it comes to their drinks menu. The classics that must be discovered here include, ‘Oxley and Cassis Leaf’, ‘Saint Germain and Red Carrots’, and, ‘Monkey Shoulder and Yuzu’ all for £20. A classy bar like Artesian goes for minimalism when it comes to cocktails because ultimately less is more. The cocktails are the highlight, however there is much more to glean here, being home to an excellent selection of wines and champagnes, including ‘Perrier-Jouet Blanc de Blancs NV’ and ‘Pinot Noir, Bannockburn Mt. Difficulty Central Otago, New Zealand' and much more. Spirit lovers will adore their selection of vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, and cognacs, as for beer drinkers there is ‘Partizan Pale Ale’, Peroni Nastro Azzurro’, and ‘Meantime Pilsner’ all for £7.50. These drinks are out of this world and unmissable, making you feel the posh vibe of Artesian as you consume them. 

There is no denying that when it comes to posh bars in London Artesian is one of the finest. Thanks to an undeniably beautiful decor that is stylish and comfortable, creating a true sense of class. The fantastically understated drinks menu only confirms how truly classy Artesian is. Much like all the other posh bars in London, customer care is at the forefront of Artesian’s service and it does not disappoint.

Photo source 'Artesian Bar' by Matt Brown under creative commons licence



When it comes to high class hotels, near the top off the list is The Savoy, and with that naturally come fantastic and high calibre bars. The Beaufort Bar at The Savoy being one of the finest posh bars in London, a bar which exudes charm and sophistication. The atmosphere is unmistakably the height of class thanks to a decor which oozes with the right amount of sophistication, and a drinks menu which tantalises the taste buds.

Upon entering The Beaufort Bar  you are stricken by one of the most stylishly curated decors to be found in all of London. Through its dark colours, predominantly black and brown, which contrast with dazzling gold, the bar amplifies a true sense of glamour, which takes you back to a time of cabarets and speakeasies. These contrasting elements allow every aspect of Beaufort bar to stand out gloriously, whether it be the bar, which glows vibrantly, highlighting the excellent beverages which are proudly on display. The furniture is similarly a highlight, and helps solidify it as one of the best posh bars in London. Both stylish and comfortable, the decor is amongst the finest you will find in all of London, this creates an atmosphere that is both classy and charming, creating a real sense of sophistication. The atmosphere at The Beaufort Bar meets the high standards that you would expect from a high calibre hotel such as The Savoy, which makes it unmissable.      

You enter the Beaufort Bar for the decor and atmosphere but you stay for the drinks, and as far as drinks menu’s go it certainly confirms you are in one of the great posh bars in London. The menu is entitled Interpreted Magic, and magic is the perfect name to describe this menu, and not just because of how unbelievably fantastic it is, but because it takes you through magic through the ages. This theme really livens up the menu, traditionally a magic act is opened with The Pledge, which builds anticipation for what's to come. The Beaufort Bar does this with its Cold Plates, which includes, oysters, caviar, and tuna tataki, which certainly succeed in building anticipation. Next a fantastic collection of cocktails including the Perfect Balance, named in honour of perfect balance and harmony, a cocktail made from Bacardi heritage rum, martini bitter, aecorn aromatic, and watermelon. Merlin's Madness is a particular treat, made from grey goose vodka, cynar, rinquinquin, peach liqueur, strawberry rooibos tea and lemon. Finally, Twice Shy is an unmissable delight, thanks to a combination of bacardi 4yr rum, chazalettes vermouth bianco, salted pistachio yoghurt, earl grey tea, vanilla, lime, framboise, eau de vie, and milk. Of course being one of the greatest posh bars in London they have more than just fantastic cocktails, but a wide variety of fantastic beverages. These range from the very best English sparkling wines, Grower champagnes, grands marques, wines, vodkas and rums. No expense has been spared in making certain that you have the best drinking experience possible. 

The Beaufort Bar has everything you could ever need or ask for when going to a posh bar in London, a sophisticated atmosphere and classy drinks. The decor is classically beautiful, making every perfect aspect of the bar stand out as it rightfully should. The drinks menu have been carefully selected for the perfect drinking experience, which will make sure you have the classiest time imaginable. 

Photo source 'Christmas at the Savoy' by Steve Loco under creative commons licence.



The Wigmore is of the posh bars in London which has elegant and charming written all over it, owing to a true sense of class that is unmissable. From the drinks to the atmosphere, there is nothing not to enjoy, thanks to a wonderful and ever delightful drinks menu, and a true feeling of utter relaxation. This bar is posh from top to bottom and perfectly exceptional on top of that.  

Before being one of the great posh bars in London, The Wigmore was once a banking hall. However thanks to the universally acclaimed and fantastic interior designer Martin Brudnizki, the venue has been allowed to reach its full potential. The old style of the banking hall is utilised to its fullest to create a truly modern feeling bar, being both classic and new. The bar is perfectly spacious, with its high ceiling and large drinking area, with the bar itself sitting in the centre, where you can take a good look at the fantastically exotic drinks they have displayed. The decor itself is stylish to say the least, the green walls and red seats really popping out at you. The large windows and exuberant lighting complete an image that truly feels stylish and classy. This affects the atmosphere greatly, making you feel effortlessly relaxed, which is exactly what you want and need for a posh bar in London. However the greatness does not end there, as there is the opportunity to hire private rooms. Whatever the occasion these two private rooms are perfect for privacy and relaxation, The Snug feeling particularly cosy thanks to its mohair sofas, built in TV, and separate music system. This room was built for relaxation and that is exactly what you get, however for something less intimate but just as classy, The Green Room should not be avoided. The Green Room is larger, taking up to 45 people, and similar to The Snug, has its own TV and music system, with the added bonus of a private bar. No matter what the event you a guaranteed a classy and relaxing drinking experience.      

The team at The Wigmore has made certain that the drinks menu is at the highest possible calibre of excellence. This menu being from the same team who curated the drinks menu of Artesian, so you know that it is of a high calibre. What's more the menu was overseen by none other than Michel Roux Jr himself, which has elevated the menu to true glory and acclaim. For cocktails you are spoilt for choice, each being terrifically unique, The Deluxe Gin Punch being one of the finest punches you’ll have in London, Shaky Pete’s Ginger Brew is exciting for the taste buds, and Fever Tree Meditarianian Tonic, is an unmissable exploitation of flavours. This is just a fraction of the excellent cocktails which are on display, each being more fantastic than the last. Of course if it wines that you are interested in then the selection is more than perfect, from Secateurs Chenin Blanc, Adi Badenhorst, South Africa 2016 to Les Quatres Bordeaux Superieur Rouge 2016, and a near endless supply of extraordinarily delicious wine. Finally there is the beer, which is as delightful as you would expect from such an exceptional bar, Pilsner Urquell 4.4%, Asahi Super Dry Lager 5.2%, and Harbour Helltown West Coast Pale Ale 5.8% are amongst the classics you can expect to find here. The fine choices of beverages which have been selected by The Wigmore team is what allows this to be one of the best posh bars in London. As everything feels like it has been selected in classy detail.

Posh bars in London do not come more charming than The Wigmore, a bar which has an atmosphere that is unique, feeling very classic whilst retaining a sense of modernity. Upon entering you are stricken by the fantastic atmosphere, and the drinks will keep you there to enjoy the atmosphere until closing time.



For a stkingly beautiful bar that proves itself to be one of the most stylish posh bars in London look no further that Menetta’s Mayfair Bar. The style is undeniably elegant in every way from the decor to the atmosphere, creating the ultimate feeling of relaxation. This feeling is key to Menetta’s success and is seen throughout the service, this is particularly notable in the bars fantastic drinks menu which is out of this world. 

At Menetta’s Mayfair Bar the cocktail menu has practically been reinvented, a fact which has made them one of the best cocktail bars in Mayfair. The menu has two signature cocktail sections inspired by the books of Agatha Christie, the first being The Fantasist, which contains ‘They do it with Mirrors’ made from ocho blanco tequila, creme de peche, lavender and chamomile syrup, egg white, lemon, and red  wine, a drink which is tantalising for the taste buds in every way. Then there is The Realist section, the highlight being ‘Three Lives’ a perfect mixture of dark plantation rum, Napoleon mandarin liqueur, lemon juice, orange juice, strawberry jam, and orange jam. These are just a taste of what this fantastic cocktail bar has to offer, which also includes classic cocktails with a twist. This includes ‘The Mysterious Affair’ a cocktail that contains chase England vodka, creme de mure, absinthe, lime juice sugar syrup, and fresh blackberries. Each of these classics contains tastes which are equally as wondrous as the one found here. Finally one of the great specialities of the menu is the ‘Baijiu’ a classic Chinese beverage, which has been a favourite for over 600 years, now thanks to Menetta you can find out why. Of course the options are truly endless, with a wide variety of rums, vodkas, gins, brandys, whiskeys, tequilas, lequeirs, and wines. Each of these options is home to many of the best drinks that you could ever ask for and more. The beer and cider list is equally as fantastic, having a very international feel, such as the ‘1936 biere lager’ from Switzerland, the ‘kirin ichiban lager’ from Japan, and the ‘sassy cidre brut’ From France. The drinks are just endlessly fantastic and help to establish Manetta’s as one of the best posh bars in London. 

To be one of the posh bars in London you must have a great sense of style, and thankfully Manetta’s style is truly iconic. The utilisation of velvet makes this bar very plush, something which is unique in how stylish it is. Blended with a 1930's style decor which creates a brilliant atmosphere, the walls being covered with avant-garde painting of writers from the early 20th century, such as Gertrude Stein and James Joyce. The idea behind this is that Menetta is embracing the highbrow, creating an atmosphere of thoughtful, intellectual introspection. By doing this Manetta’s is going back to its routes, as during the 1930's it was a favourite hangout of many of the great artistic minds of the time such as Agatha Christie. Thus that legacy has been brought back to life, feeling every bit of a hangout as it did back then. Thanks to comfortable, yet stylish chairs, black and gold upholstery, and cosy bar area, it is impossible not to feel relaxed. Atmosphere is key to the success of posh bars in London and Manettas’s has it in spades. Not only managing to be stylish but also relaxing, you could not ask for a better way to drink.           

Menetta’s Mayfair Bar is an unmissable experience and quintessentially part of London bar scene, being one of the very best in Mayfair alone. The drinks menu alone is enough to consider this one of the greatest posh bars in London. However that is simply the cherry on the top of a bar which is oozing with stylish atmosphere that takes you back to the 1930's and gives you the ultimate feeling of relaxation as it does so. 



Oriole is a bar that immediately takes your attention, something all the best posh bars in London do. This fantastic bar has a truly unique vibe all of its own, allowing you to leave the busyness of the outside world and experience a bar that leaves you feeling relaxed. A vibe which only improves once you see the drinks, each of which is delicious enough to keep you there past midnight. 

Preparing cocktails takes great care, not only is this true of Oriole but they have transformed the preparation of a cocktail into an art form. Furthermore they have created a menu that is definitively international, from the orient experience, ‘Cydonia Cup’, ‘Ali Shan’, ‘Hokkaido Cooler’, ‘Yonezawa’, ‘Lucknow’, ‘Solomon Fizz’, ‘Lambanog Mule’, ‘Peranakan Fizz’, ‘Sanshin Old Fashioned’ and ‘Marine Drive’. These cocktails which are brimming with taste, being deliciously fruity, and on top of that being beautifully prepared, which allows you to drink in style. Inspired by the tastes of the new worlds are ‘Olinda Collins’, ‘The Bounty’, ‘Miraflores’, ‘Bon Echo’, ‘Finca Filadelfia’, ‘Everglade’, ‘Montego Boulevard’, ‘Oaxaca’, and ‘Chichuahau’. Each of these should be tasted once, as soon as you see them you will not be able to resist the lure. One of the best ways to experience a cocktail is with someone else, fortunately at Oriole you have a fantastic choice of shared cocktails. These include: ‘Route Napoleon’, Pendjari Punch’, ‘Vestrahorn’, ‘Five Island Punch’, ‘Quintana Roo’, ‘Brule River Iced Tea’, ‘Chiang Rae’, ‘Monkey Puzzle’, and ‘Malabar Punch’. Cocktails which are perfect to share with good company and will only enhance your drinking experience. As with any great bar you also have a fantastic choice of other great beverages such as Mâcon-Villages Chardonnay, Edna Valley Pinot Noir, and 'Perrier Jouet ‘Belle Epoque’. Brilliant drinks that will satisfy any lover of a great alcoholic beverages, the choices on display truly do spoil you for choice, and is why Oriole Bar is one of the best posh bars in London. 

When it comes to atmosphere Oriole stands out from the crowd in ways that many of the other posh bars in London don't. This becomes an indisputable fact upon entering this joyous bar as you see that it celebrates all things international. The walls are decorated from wall to ceiling with a beautifully painted oriental jungle vista. This allows for a true sense of vibrancy in a setting which is truly alive, and this is put a percentage of what makes the scenery so magical. The walls are adorned with many fantastic pieces of Eastern culture, each more fascinating than the last. This really helps to build up the atmosphere which the people at Oriole are seeking to achieve. Building an identity all of its own that is truly dynamic, this is compounded by the mood of the bar. The mood at Oriole is one of pure relaxation, this is obvious by the lighting scheme, which has a dim orange hue. This completely sets you at ease as you sit back and relax with a delicious drink and enjoy your evening. Being a posh bar in London it is of course possible to hire the bar for many a fine event. They will tailor your drinking menu depending on the event, with the very best drinks from the New World, Old World, and the Orient, because customer care is at the forefront of Oriole. This is demonstrable by the fact that they will organise music for your event, even live music to help class up your evening. That is because being classy is what Oriole is all about, something all who visit there cannot deny.

Care and attention has been taken by the people at Oriole to make certain that all those who visit have the perfect time. By having a truly internationally feeling bar Oriole has ensured its status as one of the most exquisite posh bars in London.  This is a bar that truly seduces you with its undeniable charm, and keeps you there until closing time with its relaxing atmosphere and fantastic drinks. 




If you want to go to a bar in London that you can brag to all your friends about visiting, then look no further than The Bloomsbury Club. Every aspect of this bar is high end boutique, aesthetically pleasing, atmospherically delightful, and with drinks which will make it impossible to leave. There can be no denying that when it comes to posh bars in London, The Bloomsbury Club is the place to visit. 

What makes The Bloomsbury Club so great is that it truly stands out amongst the crowd, which is no easy feet. However this top of the line bar does it though great effort, whilst simultaneously making it seem effortless. The bar is shirking off the old which you see in so many London bars, whilst embracing a classic sense of Romanticism. Just look at the overall aesthetic of the bar, which seeks to escape from the busyness of our modern day lives and embrace nature. The brick walls that surround the bar are a rejection of over stylised bars, returning to a back to basics approach, whilst not embracing a classic Victorian style. Decorating this area are old fashioned candle lit lamps which strikes a nice moody tone for the bar. Compounding this is the rustic and simplistic style, which allows a subtle sense of charm. This is what allows you to escape the high stress of everyday life, however what completes this feeling is the embrace of nature. The decor being adorned with the trees and large potted plants, which grow around the walls themselves. Therefore you can enjoy your drink whilst surrounded by nature itself, forgetting all about city life. This aspect of The Bloomsbury Bar makes it truly beautiful, and creates a very relaxing and Romantic atmosphere which makes you feel like you are inhabiting a Wordsworth poem. That is why it is one of the best posh bars in London, as it is offering you something very new and unique, taking your drinking experience into nature even as you sit in the heart of London. 

The key to The Bloomsbury Club’s success is connected with embracing new ideas. As they themselves advertise, they reject Victorian notions, and explore a sense of spiritualism. Hence the heavy lean towards nature, which provides life itself. This spiritualism however is not confined simply towards the decor and atmosphere, but also the drinking experience itself. The Bloomsbury Club is home to a set of 14 cocktails, these are all inspired by famed bohemian occultist Pamela Colman Smith’s tarot cards, which corresponds to 14 different states of mind and being. This is apt, as each of these delicious cocktails will deliver different states of mind and being. Each of these drinks is designed for a different purpose and each is very effective: Persian Mist lifts your spirits, Flaming Venom banishes envy and resentment, Warrior of Venus increases courage and self-assurance, this is just a taste of what is on offer. The rich flavours in each of these drinks are truly special and will certainly put you in the right frame of mind. These cocktails are of course fantastic but are not the only highlight, with an excellent drinks menu that reminds you that you are in one of the fines posh bars in London. When it comes to single malt whiskey you are truly spoilt for choice, whether it be Highland, Orkney, or Irish Whiskey, you are guaranteed a terrific beverage. Furthermore you are spoilt for choice with a variety of gins, vodkas, tequilas, mezcals, rums, cognacs, and much more, including a brilliant selection of wines. Solidifying just how fantastic The Bloomsbury Club really is, as you will not be able to leave by the end of the night. 

The Bloomsbury Club is one of the posh bars in London which has put the most effort into creating the perfect aesthetic, feeling neither old nor new. Instead this bar aims to remove you from all the strains and stresses which city life offers, taking you back to nature. This simplicity is truly refreshing, but not quite as refreshing as the drinks which are terrific and unique. 



Great and classy hotels are almost always guaranteed to have equally classy bars, and are usually responsible for many of the best posh bars in London. Dukes is a highlight of Mayfair, being one of its best hotels with of its finest bars. The bar offers an unmistakable slice of class and style to an already classy area of London. From the drinks to the relaxing atmosphere you know that you’re in for a treat that you won’t forget when you come to Dukes bar

The drinks at Dukes bar are pure perfection, being nothing short of legendary and spectacular in how brilliantly they have been prepared, and delicious they are to consume. Easily the highlight of the drinks at this bar is the martini, which is so spectacular that even the New York Times is quoted as saying it is ‘one of the words best’. It is hard to disagree with this sentiment, as you see the almost artistically talented bar members create the perfect martini for you. Watching the maestros at work is a wonder to behold, almost as much as drinking these legendary martinis, which tastes heavenly, being one of the best things you could ever drink in Mayfair. This proves that the bar team is one of the most professional you could ever hope to ask for in one of the finest posh bars in London. They pull no punches in offering the best service a bar in London could hope to offer, professionalism being at the forefront. This is why the drinks are so fantastically and perfectly prepared, not only the martinis but also the cocktails. Similar to the martinis, the cocktails can be said to be truly world class, both in presentation and overall taste. These martinis are made with the best cognacs money can buy, allowing you to drink in true style. 

Of course if it is style you want then the Dukes bar has it in spades, being the ultimate in stylish relaxation. This is a bar which is undeniably cosy, striking the exact right balance of atmospheric charm, a place where you can sit down and relax for hours on end. The effect this has on customers in unmistakable, as the decor allows for a variety of warm feelings, no matter you mood. The walls are covered in a plethora of Victorian style paintings of famous figures and locations from the era. This has the effect of taking you away from your modern day worries, transporting you to a time before those worries. The seats are made from deep blue silk, with curtains to match, and perfectly comfortable. As for the bar itself, with its wood panelling and show of terrific drinks on display, it is the perfect representation of the style which this bar has to offer. What's more the bar has its very own drawing room for you to enjoy our drink in peace and quiet away from the world. This is one of the best ways to enjoy a drink at Dukes, however arguably the best is in the cognac and cigar garden. Here you can enjoy some truly fantastic cognacs from Remy Martin, such as the ‘Remy Martin 1738 Accord Royal’ and the Remy Martin XO Ritual’. Brilliantly these have also been paired with fantastic food such as truffles and goats cheese, which adds an extra value of excellence to your drinking experience. There are few finer ways to drink than in a bar which makes you feel as relaxed as Dukes, and therefore must be sought out. 

You will rarely find a bar which has as excellent service and drinks as in Dukes bar, the martinis are legendary for a reason. However even without this legend Dukes bar would still be considered one of the best posh bars in London that you could ever go to. The drinks and the atmosphere are at the very peak of the London bar scene, and a true highlight off the Mayfair drinking experience. 



Soho has no shortage of  great bars and is home to many posh bars in London which are easily worth a visit. However if there is one bar which must be visited then it is Bar Americain, a bar which exemplifies the very best of traditional cocktail drinking. This is a bar that is at the very pinnacle of elegance, from the moment you sit down to the moment you leave Americain makes an impression that is hard to forget. 

The word that comes to mind when describing the drinks menu at Bar Americain is classic. No stone has been left unturned in making certain that there is something to love for anyone and everyone. Cocktail lovers in particular are in for a treat, with many of the finest classic cocktails that money can buy. These include: Prince Regent, Blood and Sand, and, Between the Sheets. Each brilliantly prepared and exquisitely tasty on top of that, and this is not including the house cocktails which feature: Remember the Maine, Saratogo, American Old Fashioned, and Madam Peach. You will scarcely visit a bar in Soho where cocktails taste as good, on top of these terrific classics there is even more to discover. The Sans Alcool section includes Scottish Mist, made from smoked ginger ale, elder flower cordial, cardamom, and lime juice, Phoebe's Alexander, a mixture of seedlip spice, cacao, coconut palm sugar, and cream, and finally there is the Michelada Virgin, made with tomato juice, pice mix, and stiegl non-alcoholic beer. This is an excellent selection of cocktails, however the highlight section is Zedel Favourite. Which has an option of: Penicillin, containing chivas, 18 year old blended scotch, leon and ginger shrub, spices and honey, Paloma made with arette tequila blanco, gem and bolt mecal, three cents grapefruit soda, and lime juice, Lord and Lady Day, a mixture of sipsmith gin, lacto fermented raspberries, lemon juice, egg white, and sugar, and finally Morning Glory Fizz, which includes craigellachie, 13 year old whisky, citrus blend, egg white, absinth, sugar, and soda. Upon taking one taste of these fantastic cocktails you will fall in love with Bar Americain forever, and know that it is one of the best posh bars in London.

There is more to being a great bar than drinks of course, particularly with regards to the posh bars in London. A true sense of style is vitally  important, fortunately Bar Americain is practically made with style. This bar is classically art-deco, which makes you feel like you are drinking in the most relaxing and stylish way imaginable. The bar itself is wide, presenting to customers on the wall behind a large variety of drinks which almost reaches the ceiling. The walls of Bar Americain are what help make this bar feel so posh, thanks to its use of various shades of brown which grants the bar a warm feeling. This is similarly reflected in the ceiling, carpet and of course the furniture. The furniture itself is not only made for style but also maximum comfort, the plush leather seats are so nice to sit in that it will be hard to leave. There are few bars like Bar Americain which are as classy for a quiet relaxing drink, and the mixture of comfort and style is the reason. Completing this image is the artwork surrounding the walls, being traditionally art deco,, and very compelling to look at. The ultimate aim of this bar is to make you feel totally at ease, and thanks to the unbeatable style of Bar Americain that feeling can be felt at full force as you relax in easy comfort. 

Bar Americain has added a vital component to the Soho drinking experience, being one of the finest examples of posh bars in London. The drinks alone are worth entering this bar, as each is fantastic, each classic being made to perfection and tasting tantalisingly terrific. Completing the image of pure class is the relaxing atmosphere which puts all who enter the bar right at ease. 




For bar which offers a bit of a punch to your evening than there can be no better place than Punch Room. Posh bars in London always have a certain class to them and they don't come more classy than a bar which grants you the intimacy of a 19th century members club. Relaxation is guaranteed, especially when you are drinking from some of the best beverages that Soho has to offer, and your evening will be something to remember. 

The Punch Room provides the ultimate drinking experience in London, this will become evident once you realise that it is home to over 30 fantastic punches. Each of these punches is better than the last, the best of which is there signature gin-infused EDITION house punch. You can also expect the very best cocktails that you can hope to find in any of the posh bars in London. Each cocktail is immaculately prepared to perfection, this is not only evident in how well they taste but also how impressive they look. Each cocktail is prepared in a way that makes them a treat for the eyes, a treat which only becomes more tantalising once you take your first sip. Naturally the Punch Room has more to offer than just great punches and cocktails, as the drinks list is equally as fantastic. The bar offering a selection of terrific Japanese whiskey’s such as ‘17 year old Suntori Hibiki’ and ‘25 year old Suntori Yamazaki’ as well as American whiskeys from ‘Johnny Drum Private’ to ‘George T. Stagg’. These excellent drinks and are only a fraction of what is on offer at The Punch Room. Furthermore there is an unrivalled selection of champagnes such as ‘Dom Ruinart 2002’ and wines, from red like ‘Fleur “La  Roilette” to whites such as ‘Verdejo, Rueda’. There can be no denying that you are spoilt for choice at The Punch Room, which is why it cannot be missed out on.

You cannot go to any of the posh bars in London and ignore the fact that they all provide the very best possible atmosphere. The Punch Room has atmosphere in spades, thanks to its unmistakably relaxing vibe. This is created in large part by designing the bar around a late 19th century members club aesthetic. However that is not to say that bar feels old fashioned, as there is a modern feeling to the bar whilst still retaining that classic aesthetic. This can be seen immediately by the bar’s decor which feels refreshingly intimate. The simple yet effective use of wooden oak panelling surrounding bar, and indeed the bar itself, which sits comfortably in the corner. As for the seating, it is pure perfection, style is noticeable at once, thanks to plush leather seating, which is instantly comfortable. What's more there is a gorgeous fireplace sitting in the middle of the bar which will warm you right up even during the coldest of winters. When you get the chance, take a seat on one of the wonderfully cosy armchairs next to the fireplace for the ultimate experience in relaxation. A 19th century members club would have been nothing if not relaxing, and there is no denying that The Punch Room lives up to that legacy. However what makes it truly great is that it takes that legacy and modernises it and makes it accessible to all drink lovers.  

To relive the class and relaxation of a 19th century members club there can be no better option than The Punch Room. This is one of the quintessential posh bars in London, thanks to its uncanny ability to create a fantastic atmosphere which brings out both the past and the present in spectacular fashion. Topped off with some fantastic drinks, including one of the finest martinis you will taste in your lifetime, and The Punch Room makes for an unmissable experience. 




For a bar that feels truly timeless there can few options better than Connaught Bar, its effortless sense of elegance makes it one of the classiest posh bars in London. Thanks to an aesthetic which is evocative of the very best of British designs, this is a bar which pulls you in off  the streets. Once you are in the bar itself you are immediately seduced by drinks which will make your evening into something special. 

Connaught Bar has one of the strongest designs that can rival any of the posh bars in London. This has been achieved to uncanny effect thanks to a unique design choice, with strikings silvers and cool greys that line almost every inch of the bar. As a result Connaught Bar has a vibe off smooth stylishness, which is elegantly beautiful. What's more the bar evokes an English and Irish Cubist style, most notably during the early 20th century. Thus helping to make the bar not only look more beautiful, but feel more timeless, by taking an older style and re appropriating it for modern customers. This wonderful aesthetic is courtesy of the late great David Collins, who’s interior design work has had a huge impact on the look of many a fine bar and restaurant. Fortunately Connaught Bar is as beautiful as any of David’s work, as he has successfully created a style that brings out the best of the past and the present, to create a true sense of elegance. The effect this has on the bars visitors is grand indeed, as the bar feels very inviting, and once it has invited you in you cannot help but feel relaxed. The comfortable seating and the spacious decor will complete this sense of relaxation, and make it next to impossible for you to want to leave. 

Ultimately you come to a bar for one thing and one thing only, and that's the drinks. At a bar as great as Connaught Bar you are guaranteed something truly special thanks to menu that can be best described as uncanny. A big part of this is thanks to the mixologists who are true miracle workers, making every drink a piece of delicious art. The highlights of this excellent drinking experience are placed into The Vanguard Section: This section is split into three sub categories, Enigma, Strata, and Verve. Each of these secontions contains something for everyone, the highlight of Enigma being Benvenuti, a mixture of Plantation Pineapple Rum, Martini Ambrato, Laurent-Perrier Champagne, Nepitella Syrup. For Strata, Twin Archers is an unmissable classic made from Roku Gin infused with Sesame, Honey cress and Agave water, Amaro Montenegro. With Verve there can be no better choice than The Dusk made from Avallen Calvados, Blood orange and Grain of paradise sherbet, Laurent-Perrier Champagne, Muyu Vetiver Gris Liquor, Electric Bitter. These flavours will electrify the taste buds with excitement, and yet these are but a small fraction of the excellent drinks which are on display. Anyone who loves gin cannot under any circumstances miss the Connaught Bar Gin, a drink crafted by the great mixologist Agostino Perrone, the taste of this gin is a swirl of fantastic flavours, this drink is a celebration of what makes this one of the best posh bars in London. If you want even more gin then don't forget to visit the Martini Trolly, where you can drink your hearts desire, whether it be a dirty or a twist. Finally it is worth mentioning that there is a plethora of fantastic drinks on offer which are fantastic. Whether it be champagne, wine, whiskey, or a variety of spirits and beers, you can guarantee that you will have the best drinks that money can buy.  

There can be no denying that for a bar that is as effortlessly stylish and timeless, Connaught Bar has all that is best about the posh bars in London. The decor is beautiful, gravitating all who enter into the bars relaxing charm. This alone would be enough to make Connaught Bar a fantastic venue, however the drinks elevate it to excellence, each drink being an experience in the best of taste. 

Many of the best bars in London are undoubtedly very classy, and possess an elegance which represents the best that the London bar scene has to offer. Posh bars in London are unmissable, offering a true sense of relaxation and atmospheric excellence.          



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The Best Restaurants in Mayfair

December 9, 2019 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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With so many fantastic restaurants in London it can be difficult to find the perfect one to suit the occasion. Capital A List has outlined the very best restaurants in Mayfair so you can spend your time enjoying the food and the exquisite décors that come with it.


The Best Restaurants in Mayfair


Serving quintessential classics with utter, piquant freshness — this F&C ultimate, the Mayfair Chippy, is one of the best restaurants in Mayfair and certainly one of the most polished and exclusive renderings of the the countries great traditional comfort meal.With generous servings of halloumi, beer battered catches (from scampi to plaice, no one’s favourite is remiss) all we can say is that its more than lovely that the Mayfair Chippy has its own custom delivery special service — meaning you can sample the best food from one of the best restaurants in Mayfair from home.
But,regardless, its worth the travel to the energetic heart of Mayfair to experience the Chippy as a whole: nautical ships stools, tap table legs and the long tub-shaped interior envelops diners in the tides of their theme in the way that few restaurants manage.

Not to mention the gorgeous watercolours of aquatic life (blink and they seem to dart across the whitewash walls, borne on the back of the venues mouth-watering currents of balsamic,vinegar and salt.) The chippy has venues in central and Clapham too, but it seems utterly befitting of Mayfair
most of all: it’s Menu’s British classics such as their iconic Shepherd's pie mix perfectly with a day of traversing bond street, the echoes of English aristocracy and the leafy firmament of Hyde park itself nearby.

Mayfair chippy brings high-end refinement to humble favourites with re-imagined dishes such as the Mussel popcorn treat, the secret twist on their Mayfair Slaw and their unique vegan jack-fruit and Tofu rendering of the fish and chip go-to. And with the extensive wine and choices of Beefeater Gins on offer at the bar, get ready to enjoy and leave your land-legs far behind you.


The Best Restaurants in Mayfair


Its no surprise that one of the best restaurants in Mayfair is an extension of the areas flagship and crown jewel, the Beaumont Hotel. The stately face that towers through the ornate
and expansive brown Hart gardens is home to exclusive guests, and feeds them well with its presidential eatery, the evocatively stylish Colony grill Room.

One would imagine its what stepping inside the heady shade of an aristocrats cigar box — with sweeping,cedar-like walls,high vaulted ceilings and gilded black and white portraiture of iconic anguished celebrities and politicos trailing along at eye-level alongside the plush, plum seated booths. This New York style Grill , The Colony, is interested in fine food
and a finer atmosphere:inspired by the high-end clubbing of London’s bygone glamour era — where lunch, old sport, meant lunch-then dinner-then plenty of drinks.

The Colony Grill Room’s romantic opulence is helped by live Jazz conquered at heart of the restaurant three nights a week, but regardless of the score, its nostalgic brunch and all day a la carte provides enough of a show. Help yourself to a whisky sour or a New York Shrimp Cocktail. There’s wholesome buttermilk pancakes and malt ice-cream for a decadent treat, but the real showstopper is the Montague Grill — serving up Aberdeen Angus to share or cooked to preference, with the option (you must say yes) of a rich blue cheese sauce that is uninhibitedly fine. With a charming ‘dish of the day’ to weave the New York finish in even further (cross your fingers its a Surf’n’Turf dish day when you visit), the colony Grill room is one of the boldly thematic ,best restaurants in Mayfair, a rest-stop from cheap contemporary distractions, and a remnant of effortless, immaculate glamour.


The Best Restaurants in Mayfair


The Greenhouse’s three time Michelin star holding Head Chef Alex Dilling was born a Londoner, educated in the elite paradigm of French Gastro-minimalism, and somewhere in-between, raised in the uniquely diverse cross-cuisines of the Americas. Subsequently, as a sapling of multi-cultured seeds, he has flourished into a champion of all — returning to the roots of London to creation Edenic venue, the Greenhouse — one of the best restaurants in Mayfair.

At The Greenhouse, seasonal ingredients, under Dilling, are each treated with distinct respect for the flavour they naturally offer, rather than lost amongst less refined recipes. This is one of the best restaurants in Mayfair to experience wild and precise, naturalism and revised perfection as not opposing notions but one beautiful experience.

The Garden and the restaurant are entangled, the lines blurred between, as the blooming greenery is cultivated on plates as much as around tables; veritably vert, dew-fresh flavours take over the classical likes of souffle (pistachio, and lime flavour) and the noblest Cornish turbot is pruned to perfection with enchanting elder flower and green almond sauce. Indeed, at the Greenhouse in Mayfair you’ll feel as if you’re digesting the stunning freshness of the garden itself. Emily Young’s sculptures of spotless slate, dozing faces recall the personable yet elegantly content energy of Mayfair at large, while dining at the Tasting or Set Menu at the greenhouse will firmly centre guests back onto, and into, this lovely earth. Image source


The Best Restaurants in Mayfair


The delight is the small details at Kitty Fishers — a jewel-box of a dinner place that does with half the room what most venues fail at with double: that is, make you feel home. This iswhy its one of the best restaurants in Mayfair, this Shepard Market, Spanish infused venue is a daydream realised; once upon a time…it would have been the secret favourite of yourmost glamorous matriarch.

The spiffy decor, including rose lamps casting the petite tables in warning red, the gift of pearl-petalled flowers between plates, and the alluring intimacy of Kitty Fishers makes it the perfect afternoon escape from the manic city hours. The flavours on offer are just as tranquil — this is one of the best restaurants in Mayfair for rustic British gems. The Welsh Rarebit, the surprisingly addictive cheese and walnut ketchup and sweet treats like brown butter ice cream are all served with delicate aplomb but full plated.

Cutting to the point of superlative flavours like the refreshing cucumber sorbet, Kitty Fishers mesmerises by atmosphere and mollifies by meals in equal measure. Cocktails are shaken in a show due to the welcome proximity of the bar to diners and the friendly staff. Will you be the ‘perfect lady’ (Gin, peach creamed egg white making sweetness into an upscale tipple) or will you be a ‘Bad Kitty’ (two Gins and Elder-flower sizzling with lemon and cava)? No need to conclude; Kitty Fisher Restaurant in Mayfair straddles the line between pampered and partying, meaning anyone can be both.


The Best Restaurants in Mayfair


Located on Conduit Street, Sketch opened its doors in 2003 for the public to see its magical and mystical creation. The restaurant is owned by Algerian restaurateur Mourad Mazouz (who also owns Momo on Heddon Street) and the Head Chef Pierre Gagnaire from France, and is one of the best restaurants in Mayfair.

Sketch has 4 spectacular rooms each with its own unique theme. The Gallery a candy floss pink wrapped room honoured with artwork from David Shringley displayed around the room and on the tables in the form of crockery. The perfect spot for some afternoon tea from £59pp or enjoy their a la carte dinner options from £70pp. Our favourite to start was the Foie Gras terrine in milk chocolate coating with fig paste, beetroot syrup and red cabbage jelly. The Sketch filet de boeuf tartare main is also an excellent choice. All are served until 2am for those looking for a late night bite. Another infamous room inside Sketch is The Lecture Room serving a superior a la carte menu and their alluring 7 course tasting menu where you can sample inventive dishes such as 'Hand-Dived Scottish Scallop Mousseline' and other French and European haute cuisine (£95 for vegetarian, £120 for meat-eaters).

Sketch's Parlour is traditional looking, colourful cocktail or tea lounge for you to enjoy well-priced breakfast and lunch and their delectable array of cocktails. To season the room there is also live music to make it a full sensory experience which is exactly their purpose. A recently redesigned room is The Glade, which is somewhat of a show stopper lunch and evening drinks area. The fluffy carpet resembles a forest floor and the colour popping velvet furniture and reflective tables give a mythical and magical forest-esque setting. The final touch is the seasonally decorated bathroom eggs, probably one of the most Instagram worthy rooms ever, with multi-coloured tiles on the ceiling and individual pods makes it a delightful visit. The unique and some what percuilar customer experiences make Sketch a top contender on our list of the best restaurants in Mayfair.

If you're feeling a bit fancy or like you want to get lost in the forest at Sketch, you can book a table on their funky website, if you can work your way around it.


The Best Restaurants in Mayfair


Scott's, one of the fifth oldest restaurants in London sits on Mount Street in Mayfair. The renowned seafood restaurant and oyster bar originally started out as an oyster warehouse in 1851. Since then it's had 2 residencies initially on Coventry Street until 1967 then its Mayfair location. Scott's is an establishment known to the most glamorous people across the world, frequented by film stars, politicians and writers. Its a-list worthy clientèle are indicative of why Scott's is one of the best restaurants in Mayfair.

Scott's has ample variety when it comes to their food. Head Chef David McCarthy creates seasonal fish and shellfish menus, one of our favourites is the raved about monkfish and prawn curry. What makes Scott's one of the best restaurants in Mayfair is its tasteful Champagne and Oyster bar, so much selection to be enjoyed from leather stools to give the best view on what they have to offer. Despite seafood being the main attraction, they also have a few selected meat dishes on offer including the standard steak and chips or try the lamb rump served with soft and crispy roasted butternut with rosemary sauce which appeals to most. If you're not a meat-lover then try the vegetarian menu whether as a main or a side to accompany any dish.

Scotts and Chiristian Louboutin have collaborated to design the summer terrace and boasts beautiful hand picked flowers with a pop of colour and life. In 2006 Scotts underwent refurbishment to restore it back it to its originally contemporary glory. Martin Brudnizki Design Studio have done a fabulous job in making Scott's a traditional English dream venue and one of the best restaurants in Mayfair. Image source


The Best Restaurants in Mayfair


Helene Darroze at The Connaught serves delectable food in a beautiful setting. It has two gleaming Michelin stars to boast about and it comes as no surprise that it exemplifies what it means to be one of the best restaurants in Mayfair. Helene's restaurant is set inside The Connaught Hotel on Carlos Place, the hotel itself is a 5 star luxury chic hotel in Mayfair.

When ordering get ready for a playful start, in front of you will be the menu and the old school Solitaire marble board, leave your key components in the middle or let the chef take you on their own food journey with a 9 course tasting menu. Helene Darroze herself is an award winning chef and opened the restaurant in 2008 following the success of her restaurant in Paris - Marsan par Helene Darroze. At the London site they have created a gastronomic experience paired with the finest wines France has to offer. Our favourites from the menu include the Tandoori Scallop served with carrot and coriander for a curried seafood twist and foie gras served alongside strawberry and cherry tomatoes and a sprinkling of elderflower. Every meal needs a glass of wine to accompany it, at Helene Darroze there is the sommelier just for the occasion. For a wine pairing for each course with the 5 course tasting menu you're looking at an additional £90, not too steep for professionally chosen wines. Another option if you're a wine fanatic is The Krug Feast experience in the wine cellar which contains 15,000 bottles from outstanding producers. The Krug Feast is a spectacular 6 course menu paired with Krug cuvées in a private dining area for up to 8 guests for £8,500. The Krug Feast is surely an unforgettable experience and makes Helene Darroze one of the best restaurants in Mayfair.

Helene has recently opened another restaurant in France where they can't seem to get enough of her contemporary European cuisine and we wish her the best of luck and rest assured that it won't take long to add some Michelin stars to this one.


The Best Restaurants in Mayfair


Up on the 28th Floor, Galvin at Windows has one of the best views of London. Glavin is perfect for special occasions or perfect for those visiting London and staying at the London Hilton on Park Lane as Galvins is on the top floor. Since 2006 Galvin at Windows has already created a name for itself in the world of hospitality due to the outstanding food, attentive staff and of course the showstopper 360 degree views of London from a height. Galvin at Windows was honoured its Michelin star in 2007 which it has retained ever since, making it one of the best restaurants in Mayfair.

Galvin at Windows is a contemporary restaurant for haute french cuisine from seasonal ingredients, Head Chef Joo Won has Korean heritage and we can see his influence in the menu. Some of our favourites include the Pan-Fried Hake and Spicy Cabbage and the Vegetable Fritter and Kimchi Burger.

Chris and Jeff Galvin are brothers and the owners of Galvin at Windows, they also have 3 other restaurants in London, 2 in Edinburgh and another 2 due to open in Dubai by the end of the year. This example of one of the best restaurants in Mayfair is managed by Fred Sirieix from Channel 4 series First Dates who grew up in France and was trained to work in front of house in a Michelin-starred restaurant before working in several restaurants in London.

Not only a restaurant, The Galvin is also a bar, serving very affordable bar snacks as well as an array of spirits and cocktails. We'd recommend 22 Park Lane from their Gin menu for a sweetly affordable £16. They have lots of special packages to suit the occasion and needs of its diners, some coming with a complimentary Bellini, now how could you say no?


The Best Restaurants in Mayfair


Set in The May Fair Hotel, May Fair Kitchen is one of the 4 restaurants making up the 'Kitchen Collection'. Other Kitchens are located in Monmouth, Leicester Square both in London and Peter Street in Manchester, at these restaurants they handle authentic Peruvian, Mexican and Japanese dishes. May Fair Kitchen is the flagship Kitchen and is one of the best restaurants in Mayfair. They present delicious Spanish and Italian small plates as well as the top picks from the other restaurants menus to give the ultimate choice of spectacular food.

For tapas plates the portions are the perfect size to enable you to mix and taste different flavours from a few dishes. Our favourites include the Wild mushroom risotto with truffle oil and Italian hard cheese and the crispy-skinned sea bass from the Italian specials. Their signature Spanish claypot which is red prawns, garlic butter rice with a paprik chilli broth and roasted kale is the perfect Spanish compilation. Take advantage of the ample mixed menu on offer here and try some tacos or sashimi or if you're daring enough try the sashimi Tacos.

May Fair Kitchen has been designed with natural wooden furnishings and stone walls, the windows are huge allowing plenty of natural light to flood in, and an open plan kitchen so you can see your food being created. Each of these considerate details add to the wonderful ambience and contribute to May Fair Kitchen being one of the best restaurants in Mayfair. The outdoor terrace is the perfect place for a bit of privacy whilst sipping some of Italy and Spain's finest wines. May Fair have another branch opening later this year in Bloomsbury - we cannot wait for their Mediterranean and Japanese small plates.


The Best Restaurants in Mayfair


If you're looking for fine dining in one of London's oldest established hotels you don't have to travel far. Ormer Mayfair set inside Fleming Mayfair opened in September 2016 and is the work of TV Personality and renowned British chef Shaun Rankin.

Shaun Rankin has been known for his astounding work as a chef and is one of the salient reasons for Ormer's inclusion as one of the best restaurants in Mayfair. He has recieved 2 Michelin stars at his other restaurants and Ormer is looking to recieve the same in due course. The most afforable way to enjoy food at Ormer is with their set lunch menu, 2 courses for £27.50 or 3 for £31.50 or a tasting menu is available for £79. All food served is seasonal produce and the menu reflects Rankin's love for the Channel Islands and their fresh water lobster, scallops and oysters. Highly recommended is the Jersey Lobster for the main and apple crumble dessert which is served inside a white chocolate ball.

Ormer has an alluring dining area, with classy leather seating, dark oak pannelling and a 1930's feel to it. It also displays a contrasting contemporary geometric black and white patterned flooring - your eyes may be drawn to the floor until the food is served. Image source


The Best Restaurants in Mayfair


London's award winning Japanese restaurants ROKA makes the list as one of the best restaurants in Mayfair. It has 4 sites in Central London, Canary Wharf, Aldwych, Charlotte Street and Mayfair. The Mayfair location is just a minutes walk from the busy hub of Oxford Street and serves the finest contemporary Japanese robatayaki from this corner spot in the west-end.

Robotayaki is a method of cooking similar to a barbecue where food is cooked over charcoal. ROKA have made this a main feature in their restaurant and have a bar for customers to watch and enjoy their favorite robotayaki dishes being cooked. Our favourite is the black cod marinated in yuzu miso and eggplant in mirin, ginger and soy. Also available is the ROKA tasting menu available for £90 for a selection of the best ROKA has to offer or £170 per person which includes a half bottle of ROKA sake.

ROKA delivers delicious selections of sushi and sashimi, we recommend the softshell crab with kimchi and a chilli mayo kick, they offer a taster of 3 sashimi for £19. With elegant dining areas, ROKA also has private dining rooms available for a relaxed and elegant private dining experience. The Adzuki room is the perfect venue for a party or business dinner with a maximum capacity of 16 people, ideal for an intimate engagement.

This shining example of one of the best restaurants in Mayfair has a vivacity and buzz which is appropriate to its name - ROKA means the energy and atmosphere of meeting friends and has held this reputation since opening in February 2014.


The Best Restaurants in Mayfair


Sartoria, the only restaurant on the world-renowed Savile Row in Mayfair is one of the best restaurants in Mayfair. Inside Satoria, like the establishments on Savile Row, it is made with wonderful soft furnishings to really make you feel at home and creates a dining experience full of comfort and comfort food. It has been refurbished with the help from the acclaimed designer David d'Almada to achieve contemporary chic which reflects its location.

On the menu at Sartoria we recommend trying the fregola with a tomato base and topped with delightfully fresh assortment of shellfish and white cod. Francesco Mazzei the Head chef at Sartoria since December 2015 has created a fabulous menu with authentic Italian food with a touch of luxury and they consistently deliver a great standard of food. The wine menu shows off prestigious Italian wines with some as affordable as £18. For special occasions, guests can opt for an extravagant and luxurious £800 Aldo Conterno Granbussia.

Sartoria boasts 2 private dining rooms, beautifully decorated with an enticing red carpeted geometric design and luxury white seating and classy white tables tastefully dressed. Being one of the best restaurants in Mayfair it comes as no surprise that Sarotria also has the perfect summer terrace. A sun trap on a summers day and heated for those cooler nights.


The Best Restaurants in Mayfair


Bocconcino is set in the heart of Mayfair on the well known Berkeley Street. They serve enticing hearty italian food in a beautiful setting. This high-end pizza joint was created by restaurateur Mikhail Gokhner and opened at the end of 2014. Almost 5 years on it is a thriving traditional italian with a luxurious twist and one of the best restaurants in Mayfair.

Bocconcino is driven by its produce and specialises in wood fired pizzas, meats and fresh fish and seafood all of the highest quality. Most food is cooked over an open fire or in their wood fired pizza ovens. Our favourites include the rack of lamb with spring vegetables. It is cooked over an open fire giving it a fabulously distinct smokey flavour. Of course we also recommend the pizzas on offer and their Bocconcino Pizza with parma ham and fresh tomatoes was the right measure of soft and crispy with a salty meat addition.

The service at Bocconcino is outstanding and due to the decor we really felt like we were in the luxurious Italian countryside, not in the center of the bustling mayfair. The mustard coloured armchairs were perfect to relax in and we loved the added tree in the middle of the room which gave a sense of earthiness.


The Best Restaurants in Mayfair


At Iran Restaurant they serve the most authentic Iranian food in Mayfair. Set in Shepherd Market which is an alluring square in a peaceful area of London's Mayfair. Whilst it doesn't look like a spectacular restaurant from the outside, they let the excellence of their food speak for itself and for this reason it is part of our list of the best restaurants in Mayfair.

Their reputation and regular guests say that its the best food they've ever eaten and that it's the best Iranian place in London. Some of our favourites from the menu include the Gemah stew and the baba ganoush was a deliciously creamy texture. The service was attentive but not over bearing, this is definitely a top spot in London to head to for delicious food and Persian hospitality. Another recommendation would be the baklava for a sweat treat to finish with, the syrupy layers are a delight washed down with some persian tea.

Iran Restaurant opened in 2001 and has been thriving with its returning guests and those coming from recommendations and it doesn't fail to meet expectations as one of the best restaurants in Mayfair.


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