The Best Fine Dining Restaurants In London For A Romantic Night Out

May 17, 2017 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

Got a date coming up? Why not make it a night to remember. Read here for the best fine dining restaurants in London for a romantic night out.

London isn’t known for romance the way Paris is but is that due to marketing?
There are plenty of ways to have a romantic night out in The City that will leave your stomachs as full as your hearts.

You can start your night out with walks down the mews of Kensington. Or visit Saint Paul’s Cathedral and whisper sweet nothings to your lover in the whispering dome.

After that, treat yourselves to the most romantic fine dining restaurants in London.

We’re bringing you a look at our six favorite romantic restaurants in London. If you’re looking for a fine meal you can eat with your heart in your eyes, look no further.

Finish your night out with professionally thrown VIP exclusive parties at fabulous clubs. We throw them every night of the week.

fine dining restaurants in London

Fine Dining Restaurants In London

We’ll look at six different types of cuisine that will cater to whatever you and your partner are cravings. These include one of each:

  • A French restaurant
  • A modern restaurant
  • An Asian restaurant
  • A traditional restaurant
  • A Steakhouse

French Cuisine

What is more French than Les Miserables? This restaurant named itself after the heroic street urchin Gavroche.

That is not to say that the cuisine is anything a poor boy like Gavroche could have afforded. This is a true fine dining restaurant in London.

Opened in 1967, Le Gavroche is a gourmet french and seafood restaurant. It has been the recipient of two different sets of Michelin Stars.

In fact, it received three stars in the 80’s which was the highest of any British restaurant at the time. It now has two stars.

On the menu, you will find many dishes and ingredients you won’t be able to pronounce. Nor will you be able to find words for their deliciousness.

In appeal to romance? No one does it like the French.

Modern Restaurant

How could we talk about eating in London without thinking about Gordon Ramsay? We would be remiss not to mention his restaurant in Chelsea.

The restaurant is an intimate experience in itself, they only allow 45 people at a time. If you can get in, the intimate setting will lead to even more romance.

Can you imagine eating food approved by Gordon Ramsay? It is some of the best food on this planet. On the menu, you can expect to find anything from Lobster Ravioli to the Chef’s unique creations.

If you want to dine on Ramsay approved cuisine, you’ll need to plan in advance. Eating at this contemporary and famous fine dining restaurant in London will be a once in a lifetime meal.

Asian Restaurant

If you are looking for a more intense experience than delicious food only, try Buddha Bar.

This fine dining restaurant in London has an intensely decorated interior. They’re known for their fierce and delicious blends of eastern and western dishes.

What else is unique about Buddha Bar? The music they offer! The music from their restaurants have become albums and received music industry praise.

Nothing is subtle about Buddha Bar and that is on purpose. It’s all executed in an expert fashion. Nothing is not by design. The way the experience works together is matched only by their flavorful dishes.

If you would like a true Asian fusion dining experience, Buddha Bar is the place for you.

Traditional Restaurant

Wilton’s is a London original. The restaurant has been open for almost 275 years! If you and your partner enjoy history and its charm, this is the place for you.

It started as the Oyster Rooms in the 1800’s and passed down through the family until WW2. At that time, the owner decided she’d had enough of unexpected bombings and moved to Cornwall.

The restaurant sold to one of the Oyster Room’s regular customers and it has been in operation ever since. It has always been on the scene of fine dining restaurants in London.

As the previous name would suggest, you can find quality seafood here. They offer a season menu as well as an oyster bar. Meat on the carving cart changes daily.

There are also “top tables” candlelit Wilton’s, but you’d be lucky to get one. From Royalty to Rockstars, The Wilton has seen it all.

You can book a regular table online but be sure to do so in advance! When you eat at Wilson’s you’ll be taking part in history. Your (eventual) grand-kids will love that!


If you’re looking for a romantic and high-class steakhouse in London, you’re going to have to look hard. The entrance to Marco Pierre White London Steakhouse is hard to find, but their steaks are hard to top.

They have their own “master” butcher who picks only the choicest cuts. If you want to experience Marco Pierre White quality, your only choices are London City or Chelsea. There are no other steakhouses with his approval in the world.

The restaurant’s clean and crisp appeal leaves room for their food to wow you. If you can find the door, this is another once in a life time fine dining experience in London.

After Dinner

If you haven’t stuffed yourself to the point of sleepiness, London’s nightlife awaits. Once you have experienced one of these fine dining restaurants in London, its time to go out!

With all the choices of England’s capital city, choosing a club could be overwhelming. Fortunately, if you join our guestlist, we will make sure you know exactly where the best parties are.

Our parties are legendary and the clubs we host them at are top-of-the-line.

If you party with us, we can promise that you’ll have the time of your London life!


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The Best London Clubs On Monday Nights

April 24, 2017 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

Why not party like a real Londoner in one of the best London clubs on Monday! I mean let’s be honest. Nobody likes Mondays. However in London, Mondays aren’t necessarily the worst. Instead of settling in with a cup of tea in front of the TV, why not make the most of what London has to offer on a Monday night? Tonteria and Mahiki host the best parties on Mondays which are really worth dragging yourself out and starting your week with a bang! So whether you’re about in Mayfair or Chelsea, you definitely won’t be disappointed on a Monday night.

best London clubs on Monday

Mahiki club is well known as the number one celebrity hangout, as you can bump into a famous face there every night of the week. Mondays at Mahiki is definitely becoming the most popular Monday night in London at the moment and it’s the place to be if you are looking for  the best London clubs on Monday. This tiki themed club is located on Dover St. in Mayfair, literally a minute away from the Buckingham Palace. The crowd on a Monday night ranges from 18-21 as every student must come here to experience the infamous Monday madness.

You will feel like you are on holidays with tropical lush sea scenes and glowing blue lights. Topped with the mix of great music and tropical cocktails, this definitely will make your Monday night extraordinary. It would be rude to leave Mahiki without trying its best selling cocktail: the massive Treasure chest, made up of Moet and Chandon champagne, peach liqueur and brandy, served with fruit on top. It comes with many straws, so you can enjoy the drink with your friends at the same time – sharing is caring!

Get down early dressed your best, as the queues are long – a lot of young people want to step into this exotic paradise to escape Monday night blues.

best London clubs on Monday

Tonteria is also one of the best London clubs on Monday. Monday nights at Tonteria is quickly becoming one of the main nights in Chelsea. Some call Mondays the new Saturday in Chelsea and as Mahiki has proved in the West End, Londoners love for Mondays is nearly unsustainable.

Based in Sloane square the glamorous but extremely fun Tonteria club never fails to give you a Monday night to remember. Students from all around London get down here to experience the MUERTOS MONDAYS madness inspired by the Mexican Day of The Dead ( Dia de Muertos). It has extremely entertaining and electrifying vibe produced by the amazing shows, including jaw dropping outfits worn by the staff and R’n’B and Hip Hop tunes played by great DJ’s throughout the night. So why not grab a frozen Margarita and watch some Mexican wrestlers, instead of the cup of tea and TV on a Monday? And maybe if you’re lucky, your drink will be delivered to your table by a toy train! And if you haven’t guessed already, the tequila selection here is unmatched!

If you’re looking for an unforgettable start of the week, Tonteria is definitely one of the

best London clubs on Monday.

Tonteria operates a very strict door policy so to avoid disappointment, dress to impress. If you don’t look the part and adhere to the strict dress code, you could be refused entry.  
So who said Mondays have to be boring? Hop off the Monday haters bandwagon and get the most out of the best London Clubs on Monday! Whether you will chose to spend your Monday night at tropical Mahiki, or attend the crazy Mexican fiesta at Tonteria, you can be guaranteed a night you would never forget. So why not kick start your week with a little bit of madness at one of the best London clubs on Monday? 


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The Best New Exclusive Bars in London

March 31, 2017 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

best exclusive clubs in London

Balans Soho Society, Clapham Common 

Balans Soho Society opened a new brasserie in Clapham Common on March the 6th and is home to one of the best new exclusive bars in London. The original venue in Soho was established three decades ago but due to high demand the Balans team have spread their wings. The highly acclaimed Art Director and Catwalk Designer, Simon Costin, who has done work for Stella McCartney, was at the helm of the interior design.
Another reason why Balans Soho Society is one of the best new exclusive bars in London is because of their belief that ‘those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often.’ Their cocktail menu certainly holds firmly to that very statement, so prepare to be shocked in a tongue tantalizing kind of way! We also certainly recommend that you give the food a go. Why not try the crab linguine or some bacorn (bacon popcorn). Definitely try it out!
best exclusive bars in London
The Hyde Bar, Knightsbridge 
The Hyde Bar is undeniably one of the best new exclusive bars in London and opened on the 10th February this year in the luxurious Park Tower Hotel. The award winning hotel is located in the heart of Knightsbridge and attracts only first-class clientele. If you’re into your whisky, classic cocktails, cigars or gourmet burgers then this is the place for you.
The bar has already received a mountain of attention for its fine selection of international premium whiskies.  (130 to be precise) Some of their signature cocktails include a ‘Chocolate Old Fashioned’, ‘The Henley Fizz’ and a ‘Raspberry Collins’. If they don’t sound inviting then we don’t know what does. Once you’ve ordered your expertly prepared drink then why not take a step outside onto the Townhouse garden inspired Cigar Terrace where you can indulge in a sumptuous cigar. To top everything off, if you’re feeling a little peckish, it would be rude not to sample a luxury burger or two. The burgers which are exquisitely designed by Chef Pascal Proyart are really not to be missed. (One of the buns is even decorated in gold leaf) Now do you understand where we’re coming from when we say that The Hyde Bar is definitely one of the best new exclusive bars in London!
best exclusive bars in London
The Ivy Soho Brasserie 
One of the best new exclusive bars in London is situated in The Ivy Soho Brasserie which opened on 7th February this year. The bar and restaurant really exhibit Soho’s well-known exuberance. The grand area is embellished with art celebrating Soho’s music scene and the famous poet, William Blake. The vibrant interior is beautifully juxtaposed by a sophisticated aesthetic. Meanwhile the cocktail menu follows a similar contrast, where both traditional and contemporary tipples are available to refresh the palette. When you visit be sure to tuck into some of the superb modern-day British cuisine. If you go on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday they normally have a DJ playing out some smashing tunes, so don’t miss out!
best exclusive bars in London
Ralph’s Coffee & Bar, Regent Street 
On January 12th 2017, Ralph Lauren gave birth to its first ever Bar in the UK called Ralph’s Coffee & Bar. As we all know, Ralph Lauren is no stranger to high quality and class therefore I’m sure you can imagine that it’s certainly one of the best new exclusive bars in London. The bar has been inspired by New York’s Polo Bar where the likes of Woody Allen and Rihanna have been seen indulging in the delights Ralph Lauren never fails to bring.
Inside, polo sticks, hats and framed pictures adorn the dark-wood panelled walls. Why not pull up a saddle-leathered stool at the brass-topped bar and order yourself a crispy and fruity wine while you wait for your oysters on ice to arrive. So what are you waiting for? Come to this new exclusive bar for high-end after-work drinks and live the luxury!
best exclusive bars in London
Disrepute, Soho 
Disrepute opened on 15th December in the bustling area of Soho, making it one of the best new exclusive bars in London as it includes exclusive and luxurious offers to its members. The bar stands where the well-known Kingly Club used be – a scandalous club where only the rich and famous partied in the 60s, including Audrey Hepburn. There is no mistake why Disrepute mixes our capital’s cocktail culture with 1960s counterculture.
The cocktail list is like no other, complete with individual anecdotal descriptions to aid customers with their drink selection on more of an emotional level. The decor is sleek and stylish: think marble floors, brass accents and jewel-coloured furniture. If you want to impress, Disrepute is the one.
best exclusive bars in London
Swift, Soho
Another addition to our Best New Exclusive Bars in London collection is a luxurious bar called Swift. This fancy new haunt in Soho was established in December 2016 by the creators of Oriole and Nightjar. Swift is even made up of two astonishing bars which perfectly compliment each other.
The casual upstairs bar is bright, breezy and a slightly Italiano. The cocktails certainly compliment the atmosphere such as the Sgroppino which is a frothy Prosecco based delight with citrus sorbet floating like an irresistible iceberg on the surface. The the bar snack upstairs is just wonderful if your a bit peckish. On the other hand, the dimly-lighted downstairs bar is more suited for the romantic. It really shows ambiance and sophistication. You will find the drink selection is more varied and there is even a live pianist on weekends who really helps you ease into the night.
best exclusive bars in London
Kitty Hawk, South Place 
After a multi-million pound investment, Kitty Hawk opened its doors on November 17th in South Place. Home to one of the best new exclusive bars in London, Kitty Hawk has been described as a ‘Department store for dining’. The Wright & Bell group have provided a dining, drinking and retail experience all under one roof. For those of you who wish to have a bit more seclusion there’s even a private dining room where you can have artisanal cuisine and cocktails sent over to your table by the attentive bar and restaurant staff. The striking Kitty Hawk interior was curated by the Russell Sage Studio and includes exposed polished timber and hand-stitched leather furniture. There are only so many words we can say to describe this place, so we definitely recommend you go and see it for yourself!

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VIP Concierge Services In London

March 1, 2017 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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London Club Table Prices

February 10, 2017 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

London club table prices

Capital A List provides a table booking service for all London’s top clubs. For more information and quotes please visit Capital A List VIP Table Bookings or call us on 0207 2052245.



London has a lot to offer when it comes to the night life industry whether your looking to be on a guest list or trying to find out London club table prices. There is so much to offer when it comes to service. So lets see which category you fall into when it comes to the various different types of table booking clients:

Category 1: The avid club table guru – This person is highly experienced who knows the promoters and requests for his/her ‘usual’ London club table area.
Category 2 – The club table rookie – Someone who has dabbled in the kingdom of London club table luxury a handful of times but secretly wishes (s)he knew a few more tricks of the trade to get the most of the night.
Category 3 – The club table virgin – If you fall into this category you’re probably already muttering under your breath, ”London club table..?”
Whatever category you fall into don’t worry you’re going to learn a trick or two about London club table prices and why it’s definitely the best service option to use when it comes to the best service experience at exclusive clubs.
Perhaps you went to a London club last weekend and had a great time but you thought to yourself how come some groups are in their own exclusive area with their own private tables. They seemed to be having an even better time than me with drinks and sparklers all night round. Why is that I am not allowed to sit there and enjoy all the fun? Don’t worry that’s what we are all about and informing you on how to make the best of your evening as London club table prices aren’t always so daunting as you might think.
So why should you be booking London club tables instead of being on a guest list?
Firstly, you’re guaranteed entry which is such a relief when your looking forward to a great night out with friends.
Secondly, you get to skip the queue which means you have more time to get ready and less time to stress about waiting in line hoping to get in before a certain time. London club table prices aren’t exactly low-cost but if booking a table it’s going to minimize the chances of an intoxicated or not so appropriate person burning their poorly rolled cigarette on your sharpest shirt or designer dress. You then might as well go ahead and book a table to get the best out of your night.
Thirdly, you’re going to get way more privacy. If you’re going to the effort of planning a top night out, you might as well spend bit more and book a table. High-end clubs tend to be crowded particularly on weekends. Therefore if you look up the right London club table prices and book yourself the perfect table then you’re sure to relax and top up your glass every time you come back from partying on the dance floor!
Fourthly, you won’t have to fight your way to the front of the bar every time you want a drink. With table bookings the service is incredible as your drinks are already cold and chilled in an ice bucket with mixers on your table. With everything all sorted in advance you should be getting really tempted now!
Finally, although London club table prices can be a bit off putting from time to time due to the expense of them. It can actually work out cheaper if you book a table as opposed to buying cocktail after cocktail at the bar. This is because there’s often an increased mark-up for individual drinks at the bar and you’ll tend to receive a bunch of complimentary mixers at a private table too. So there’s something to think about.
London club table prices
You may be thinking: ”London club table prices are really expensive”. So here’s a scenario to make you really see the advantages of booking one. Perhaps it’s your friend’s birthday and you want to book a table at a high-end London club having just received your pay check. So what did you do instead? You’ve possibly already spent that hard-earned cash on that expensive magnum of Dom Pérignon champagne and then had a three course meal at a Michelin star restaurant.. Whereas you could have had a spectacular night booking a table at a top club and making your friends birthday nights one of the best! Don’t worry, although London club table prices aren’t really cheap as such, we’ve got a bunch of tips for you to get the prices down as low as they’ll possibly go.
Tip 1 – If you’re trying to save money don’t get lured in by the London club VIP tables:
Although you may like to be treated like absolute royalty from time to time perhaps it’s time to take a small step down from King/Queen Clubber to Prince/Princess Clubber. Although you may be tempted by the extra perks of a VIP table there can definitely be a hefty price tag attached to it. As VIP London club table prices are generally twice the price of your standard London club table prices. If you were tempted by that expensive magnum of champagne and three course meal then do yourself a favour, be wise, think twice and book a standard London club table. There are still lots of benefits though. Having said that, if you can afford to spend a bit extra on a VIP London club table prices then that’s great. We will discuss that bit later on.
Tip 2 – Don’t be afraid to scout around for a £500 table:
There’s no harm in asking if there are any clubs currently offering a table for a minimum of £500. Your getting a great deal if the club is accepting £500 a table for 5 people. So let’s get the calculator out. If you split the price between 5 then that’s only £100 per person. That’s really cheap for London club tables prices!
Tip 3 – Mix it up.
We’re not talking about giving your cocktail a stir, we’re talking about mixing your group up with guys and girls. As an all guys table is always going to be more expensive than a mixed group. London club table prices for an all male group typically comes to £200/head. So if you want to put the the price down at the same time as adding a bit of spice to your group then book on with a mixed group. London club table prices for a mixed group normally adds up to £100/head. However, if you’re an all girl group then London club table prices usually range from £50-£100/head! 
Another thing to bear in mind is that London club table prices include the drinks in the minimum spend so don’t think you’ll have to pay an additional sum for your vodka and champagne as well. At this point perhaps you’re still thinking that you don’t really have a budget and London club tables prices don’t scare you as you’re willing to splurge out so that you’re guaranteed the best night of your life! Well if that’s the case then welcome to the luxurious world of London’s VIP tables.
As well as all the previously mentioned benefits of booking a table you’re going to be treated like royalty. And rightly so, if you’re going for the steeper London club table prices. Your favourite drinks will be attentively topped up by the amazing VIP staff. You’ll have the best seats in the house; the best tables tend to be right by the DJ booth, so you’re going to be partying all night long – 100% guaranteed! When celebrities are in town there’s no doubt they’ll be hanging out right next to you. So if you want to be treated like a celebrity while mixing with them then VIP tables are a must. You’ll be getting lots of attention all night long with only the best in-house service that the club can offer! One thing is for certain though, VIP London club table prices can be a little steep. The most expensive tables are at The Box, starting at £2-5K minimum spend for 5 people but with all the exclusive benefits and first class service you’ll definitely get what you pay for! So whether you’re a club table virgin, rookie or guru; we hope you now have a more rounded insight into London club table prices and are eager to enter the exclusive world of London club tables.
We offer a fantastic range of London club table prices at various exclusive clubs around Mayfair and Chelsea so why not book your next table with us today!


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