The Best Wine Bars in Chelsea

July 28, 2022 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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Chelsea is a chic and culturally rich place. And with rich culture comes rich wines. When walking around one of the most luxurious neighborhoods of London, sometimes we want to take a break. Here you can find the best wine bars in Chelsea. Enjoy the flavors of some of the best vintages and labels in both the New and Old World. Sit down at any establishments on this list and order a glass of red during the winter or white for those hot summer days.


The Best Wine Bars in Chelsea

28-50 only serves wines they genuinely like. They offer a collection of 15 reds and 15 whites, both bottle and by-the-glass. The list frequently changes, constantly introducing customers to some of the best grapes and labels in the market. The restaurant and wine bar is a cozy and private space where you can truly explore your passion and interest for wine, always learning something new and exploring flavors you’ve never seen before, both in the wine you drink and the food that comes to pair with it. 

The food menu changes seasonally, always offering fresh ingredients and flavors. You can go for the group menu, which serves eight to 20 people and can be designed for your party. Alternatively, choose the a la carte menu and taste dishes like Bluefin tuna with ginger, chili, and sesame as a starter. Maybe a juicy rib-eye steak or an aubergine tagine with cashew and parsley for the main course. Take the house suggestions for wine pairings and enjoy a perfectly balanced meal.  It’s certainly one of the best wine bars in Chelsea.

Find an island bar with baby-pink stools surrounding it. Warm lighting hangs from the white ceiling over the dark wood floors, and wooden wine boxes are stacked on the walls, decorating the entire dining room.

Vagabond Wines

Vagabond Wines has many locations spread all over London, all extraordinarily luxurious and successful. Find a well-curated selection of sparkling, white, red, orange, and sweet wines on the menu. They divide the wine list according to the flavor and aroma profile of the beverage. Reds can be spicy, elegant, bold, or vibrant. Whites come as rich, aromatic, or crisp. That’s how we know it is one of the best wine bars in Chelsea.  

The food menu is simple and complements the wines. For example, on the “nibbles” menu, find maple and sea salt popcorn. There’s a steak sharer made for two and many other sharing plates with cold cuts and cheese, perfect for those who want to spend a couple of hours sipping on good wine and chatting about life. Small plates include arancini balls, duck rillettes, and mushroom pate.

Vagabond Wines is the ideal place for wine lovers because it offers them the opportunity of discovering new labels and pair them with tasty food. Savor the flatbreads on the menu and how balsamic vinaigrette perfectly with an aromatic white wine. Enjoy the cozy and casual environment of the restaurant and maybe shop for wine bottles to take home after dinner!


The Best Wine Bars in Chelsea

Walk into Bottles and feel like you’ve entered an underwater coral palace. The white and light grey furniture, walls, and ceiling contrast with the aqua-blue tiles from the bar and the large lamps hanging above. Small and delicate coral-colored flowers decorate the tables and the top of the shelves, which are stacked with bottles of wine. 

On the wine menu, find careful definitions of what it means for a wine to be organic, vegan, biodynamic, or orange, for example. Learn about the difference between new world and old world wines, and what flavor profile you should expect from some of the most famous grapes. Follow the aroma and bouquet charts to capture flavor notes on the wine you choose to taste. 

The food menu is short and accompanies the wine tasting. Small bites like seared lamb raviolo and burrata bathed in a virgin bloody mary are part of the menu. Share cold cuts and cheese platters, or maybe oysters with Lambrusco mignonette. Bottles specialize in Italian flavors and offer the complete treatment for a night of good wine, food, and conversation.

The Chelsea Cellar

The Chelsea Cellar was made by friends, for friends. It is a place where you can go to enjoy good food with a bottle of wine or two. Chat with your friends and family for hours, and order another bottle. This is where people come to feel comfortable as they indulge in good food and wine, all for a reasonable price. 

On the starters menu, find Italian classics like arancini. Order a burrata with a cherry tomato salad or olive tapenade, lemon zest, and anchovies.  Mixed bruschettas, beef carpaccio, and mushrooms stuffed with spinach, ricotta, and parmesan cheese are notable options. Find classic pasta flavors like carbonara, beef ragu, and even artichoke pasta for the main dish. Tuna, duck, rib-eye… there are plenty of options for all tastes. 

The wine list has a healthy mix of white, red, and sparking options. Not too many bottles, but all of the extreme quality. Mostly from Italy, the wines pair perfectly with the meal and the chitchat. The environment inside is exceptionally cozy. The dim lighting, casual seating, and decor make you feel like you’re in a countryside cottage in Tuscany. There’s not that much ceremony here:  you’re home.

Library Bar

You will find the Library Bar inside The Lanesborough hotel in London – one of the best wine bars in Chelsea. It is considered one of the best cocktail bars in the city, with an extensive display of luxury spirits and liquors and unique and celebrated cocktail options. Aside from that, they also have a well-curated wine list, displaying white, red, and sparkling options from some of the best wineries in the world.  

The Library Bar is part of a private member’s club, made for those who enjoy the intimacy and privacy of the space, along with hotel guests. Here you can find cognacs that date back to the 1770s and celebrated champagnes and wine from different parts of the globe—the inside looks like a piece of royalty. Grey and dark green booths sit around small rounded tables. The green carpet contrasts with the brown wooden walls and thick curtains. It does feel like you’re part of the British elite, enjoying a Saturday afternoon at the country club. 

Famous labels of spirits and liquors fill up the small bar on the corner. Cocktails have unique presentation and flavor, served in small, diamond-shaped glasses or layered in a three-part glass. Enjoy natural light from the large corner windows as you converse with friends, business associates, or favorite people.

The Other Naughty Piglet

The Other Naughty Piglet is a restaurant that pours natural wines and serves seasonal and creative dishes. Here you have the option to sit at a communal table, where you can chat with strangers and leave with new friends. Regular tables and counter seats are also available. Perfect for that long Sunday lunch, in this restaurant, you get to try small dishes with fresh ingredients alongside a bottle of your new favorite wine. 

Go for the a la carte menu or try the two to three courses tasting menu. There are plenty of options, from cuttlefish lardo with pine nuts and garlic to BBQ pork belly or gurnard with tandoori butter sauce. An eclectic menu reflects the chefs’ creativity in the kitchen, with a guarantee that everything is highly flavorful and juicy. 

A casual restaurant with modern and minimalistic decor, where the flavors of the food shine above everything else. The wines, all-natural and curated to match the ever-changing menu, complement the taste of the food, pairing acidity with grease and sweetness with the condensed milk dessert. People come to The Other Naughty Piglet to leave with a belly full of wine, food, and lots of new friends. 

Cambio de Tercio

The Best Wine Bars in Chelsea

Cambio de Tercio is a Spanish restaurant in London, acclaimed by the Michelin Restaurant Guide. The site looks exactly like a family-owned business in a Spanish pueblo, serving only the best of the best. A small and cozy environment, with yellow walls and a red ceiling, simple decor and furniture, and a casual ambiance. Walk in and embrace the humility of the place, getting ready to try sensational Spanish flavors paired with the country’s most classic wines. 

Patatas Bravas, Iberian ham croquetas, salmon tartare and fried calamari are part of the tapas menu. Pulpo a la gallega, grilled octopus with olive oil, paprika, and potatoes, is part of the menu, along with a suckling pig and rabo de toro. The restaurant, being a Spanish tapas place, offers some of the best wines in the country. Find bottles of crianza, rioja, tempranillo, and other grapes and vintages. 

A warm color scheme on the walls, decorated with paintings of bullfighting and flamenco dancers, creates a warm and inviting environment. As the Spanish do, spend your entire Sunday afternoon surrounded by good company, flavorful foods, and many bottles of wine.

Enoteca Turi

Another one of the best wine bars in Chelsea is Enoteca Turi is where Puglia landed when moving to London. The restaurant, run by an Italian family since its opening in 1990, offers regional cuisine from the warm southern region of Puglia, Italy. They use seasonal and traditional ingredients to create their style of food, always paying tribute to their origins. Giuseppe Turi blends his knowledge as a sommelier with his childhood, growing up on a farm. The result is food and wine that work perfectly together, each bringing forth the best flavors and aromas of one another. 

Customers always come back for more wine from the extensive Italian cellar. The cozy and welcoming environment also helps. As for dinner, choose from one of the two set menus, perfect for private dining and big groups of people. Maybe order a la carte, tasting dishes like the pansoti pasta filled with borage, ricotta, and parmesan under a walnut sauce. Go for the roasted duck breast with crostini, cime di rapa, orange, and date purree for your second plate.

Wines come from different regions of Italy, with a healthy mix of whites, reds, and sparkling options. Here you can find the perfect match guarantee – just let Giuseppe and his team guide you through the experience!

Aspen & Meursault

The Best Wine Bars in Chelsea

Aspen & Meursault is perfect for any time of the day. They serve as a wine bar, online shop, and café. During the day, enjoy the 100% Guatemalan coffee roast and its dark and nutty flavors, either black or with milk. They also serve pastries, cheese, organic bread, and house treats. The café is open until 5 pm, and it is ideal for those who want to grab a quick and warm bite, chat with friends, or even get some work and reading done. 

In the evening, indulge in natural wines and sustainable food. Chefs prepare the dishes to value biodynamic, low intervention farming methods, taking advantage of the natural flavor of each ingredient used. Cured meats, baked camembert, and morcilla are some options that can accompany your wine. 

Mustard yellow walls with small plant vases work well with the turquoise blue from the chairs. Exposed bricks take over some parts of the walls, highlighting the rustic environment of a place that praises natural ingredients above all else. 

You can order all wines by the glass in an intimate and cozy space. Savor them and notice that natural wines are delicious. Pick from the extensive list of classics, or go for unique options that make your night memorable. If you love them, purchase a bottle at the store and take it home.

The Bottlery

The Bottlery is perfect for those who want to eat well, with a glass of good wine right beside them and one of the best wine bars in Chelsea. Here you can find Anglo-Italian cuisine that serves dishes like Caesar and seafood salad, juicy burgers, and German wursts. Want to share a plate? Go for the garlic prawns or the beetroot and goat cheese salad. What matters is that this unpretentious place has a rich collection of wine, pairing its food with almost every bottle available. 

The wines here come from the old and the new world – find German Rieslings and French Cabernet Sauvignons, but at the same time indulge in an Argentinian Malbec or a Californian rose Zinfandel. A TV on the corner shows sports matches that people usually don’t pay attention to, too focused instead on food, conversation, and drinks. 

From the outside, the place looks like a sports bar. However, once you’re inside, you’ll notice the extensive wall showcasing wine bottles from worldwide. Wooden walls and olive-green booths highlight the Anglo environment, and a night of good wine and casual food is guaranteed. You can also find beer and cocktails at The Bottlery.

Eli’s Restaurant

The Best Wine Bars in Chelsea

Eli’s Restaurant brings southern French and Mediterranean cuisine and wines to London. Here you can taste classic Mediterranean dishes like rotisserie chicken, hummus, and couscous. The restaurant works with ingredients from the best suppliers out there, which reflects in the flavors of each dish they serve. As for the list of best wine bars in Chelsea, this one certainly makes it to the top in terms of design and decor. 

With chic and sophisticated decor, Eli’s mesmerizes all of its clients with juicy chicken dishes and wines that pair perfectly with the food. The interior design looks like provençal France during a summer afternoon. Black and white marble floors match the exposed brick walls. Pink flowers and bright green plants hang from the ceiling over the green velvet booths and blue stools. The plates and bowls look like tile art from southern Spain, brightening up the food.

Large windows allow for plenty of natural light to come in. A memorable Saturday afternoon of French food and wine is guaranteed. Here, drink one, two, or five bottles of some of the best wines of France with your friends. Enjoy the charred skin on those chicken breasts, and indulge in the bon vivant from Eli’s

The Imperial Arms

The Imperial Arms takes you back to the Victorian Era, making you feel like you’re royalty. Ideal for those who want to grab a chocolate croissant for breakfast while reading the paper or enjoy a glass of wine during brunch on Sunday.  What matters most is that here you can enjoy luxury while observing the chefs in the open kitchen, preparing healthy and light dishes that pair perfectly with anything you choose to drink. 

Inside one of the last Victorian pub-styled buildings in Chelsea, The Imperial Arms has been around for quite a while. Lately, there has been a renovation to the place, making it more modern and even more luxurious than before. The restaurant can seat 50 people, all spread across the wooden floor and surrounded by different shades of green. You can find a spacious garden with outdoor seating on the back, ideal for warm summer months. 

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast includes the classics like blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. Lunch and dinner explore the flavors of England, like fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, and even juicy beef burgers. There are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options as well. The most exciting part of the place is its wines, displayed on an expensive menu that divides them into flavor profiles.

Beaufort House

The Best Wine Bars in Chelsea

Beaufort House is one of the best cocktail bars and brasseries in Chelsea. Of course, it is also one of the best wine bars in Chelsea. The award-winning ground floor serves different menus throughout the day, from light and nourishing breakfast to flavorful and indulging dinner. The top floors are reserved for members of the Beaufort House Private Member’s Club., who can enjoy the all-day restaurant, two other bars, and a nightclub. 

There are two set menus of different prices, where you can taste starters and main dishes, pairing them with wine. The a la carte menu showcases luxurious dishes like lobster linguini with garlic, chili, cherry tomatoes, and basil. Maybe go for the venison fillet with sweet potato puree, pomegranates, thyme, and polenta. Classic flavors are prepared and presented creatively, and you will always be delighted by what the chef has prepared for you. 

The wine list is extensive and serves bottles from different vintages, countries, and flavor profiles. The place is bright and colorful, with leather booths in blue, red, and burgundy shades. Large windows let plenty of natural light in, reflecting on the copper island bar and tiled details on the floor. Grey walls allow the colors from the furniture to shine.

Wine Rooms

Wine Rooms design their food menus to complement the wines, not the other way around. All ingredients are sourced from sustainable producers and cooked to highlight their natural flavors. The result is light dishes that complement each wine they serve alongside your plate. Wine Rooms is known as one of the best wine bars in Chelsea. They have an extensive list of by-the-glass whites and reds and plenty of sparkling and dessert wine to pick from. 

The wine collection includes bottles from some of the most famous estates and producers and others from boutique winemakers that take pride in their small production. Enjoy a selection of cheeses and cured meat that complements the flavor of your wine. Order another glass and notice how the taste is different from the last one and how the food interacts with the tannins on your palate. 

All wines selected by the team come from producers who respect the grape and the terroir where they make the beverage. So, from a 5£ to a 70£ glass, you can perceive the natural flavors of the grapes and their particular aroma. Have any questions? Ask the staff; they will love to explain to you more about the beautiful world of wine.

Wine Not?

The Best Wine Bars in Chelsea

Wine Not? is a small, family-owned establishment that serves wines at a relaxed, high-end establishment. Their wine selection is crafted by expert sommeliers, bringing forth new and classic flavors, labels, and terroirs. Inside a small, home-like place, they serve a vast selection of reds, whites, roses, sparkling, and dessert wines. 

Sit on the victorian-style sofa and enjoy an evening of conversation over the small table in the center as you watch the city from the large windows at the entrance. Exposed bricks cover one of the front walls, with vintage furniture against it. Towards the back, a turquoise-colored bar leads to a small table over white tiled floors. Behind it, bottles of wine stand on a shelf, ready to be opened and appreciated. The whole place feels highly intimate, guaranteeing an exclusive service filled with information on wine. 

The food menu has crostinis, cheese, cured meat platters, and dishes meant for sharing. They serve different sizes of by-the-glass wine, so you can choose to double up on your favorite or try a few other options!

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Best London Clubs on a Wednesday

July 12, 2022 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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When in London, we feel like we want to party every day of the week. Many nightclubs have unique offerings and luxury treatment for A-list individuals. From celebrities to business owners to influencers, there’s elite nightlife and the correct place to find it! In the middle of the week, sometimes we need to party. Sometimes we feel like breaking a move on the dance floor and drinking elegant cocktails. So, to be surrounded by top-tier service and people, here are the best London clubs on a Wednesday.


Best London Clubs on a Wednesday

Libertine is a reference for quality and luxury when it comes to nightclubbing. If you want to do it on a Wednesday, that’s when they hold some of their best parties. The club has been in the center of exclusive nightlife in London for quite some time now. It offers exuberant service to its members, clients, and celebrities who decide to pop up for an evening.

This is where celebrities come to party, so don’t be surprised if you spot Drake, Rihana, Steve Aoki, or Leo DiCaprio having a cocktail at a lounge right next to yours. Libertine is the classic nightclub environment. It has a dark interior illuminated by blue, purple, and red lighting. Bottles of Champagne sparkle with fireworks. Tons of people dance to house music, played by some of the best DJs in the industry. 

The club is open almost every day of the week. Each day a new DJ showcases their talent for the public to dance all night long. Elegance and luxury are the dress code for Libertine, and comfort to bounce on the dance floor for a long time. Enjoy cocktails and shots that will fire you up, and check the line-up to see who’s playing this Wednesday.


Pay a visit to Tabu and experience Tokyo nightlife without leaving Mayfair. When talking about the best London clubs to go to on a Wednesday, you cannot leave this one out . Tabu opened in October 2021, founded by a group of people who reinvented the London VIP club scene. Black and white walls and decor shine under red led-light, with Japanese manga art covering the bathroom walls. 

You’ll notice the bright lights over the staircases leading you downstairs as you enter Tabu. Neon street lights on the walls complement the design and its laid-back, back-street vibes. The club has two floors: LVL UP is a lounge bar where you can taste some of the best cocktails at Mayfair while listening to house music. Go to LVL DOWN and find the back-street-alley designed club, transporting you to the underground club scene of Tokyo. For a while, you’ll forget you’re in London.    

Celebrities and London’s elite all hang out at Tabu. Come listen to R&B, hip-hop, and some of the world’s most famous DJs today. Book a table and enjoy exclusive seating behind the dancers, who perform all night long. Graffiti covers the walls, and magazine cuttings are glued to the pillars. Everything makes you feel like you’ve entered Asia’s authentic and exclusive back alley club.

The Box 

Best London Clubs on a Wednesday

The Box defines itself as a “theater of varieties”. The instructions are simple: the door opens at 11 pm, and you should arrive no later than midnight. The show starts at 1 am. Ladies and gentlemen are expected to look their best when attending The Box. This means wearing your best attire and making sure to look elegant and luxurious for what’s about to come. Inside, find a Brunelesque- styled environment, which has been around since 2007, offering one of the most unique experiences in London. 

The place occupies a three-level building. One floor works as a reception, and the other two are where performances and magic happen almost every day of the week. Here you can find a full-service facility. They serve dinner (some of the best burgers and fries in the Soho) with cocktails and unique performances by the talented crew. 

The Box is where erotic and exotic combine. The club is made up of small stages surrounded by an explosion of red velvet curtains, hazy mirrors, and a Brunelesque cabaret vibe that excites everybody. Live music and acrobatic shows take over the stage, and the provocative dress code in The Box makes it probably the most unique club in London. To its core, it is privileged entertainment, one of the most exclusive clubs you can attend. 

Cirque Le Soir

Cirque Le Soir has some of the most VIP clientele in the world. It is definitely one of the best London clubs to go to on a Wednesday. Their motto is “If you don’t know, don’t worry,” because you will be impressed. The club is a refined environment with extravagant entertainment, cocktails, performers, and people. Find clowns dressed up like boxers, fire performers dressed in lingerie, and individuals with freaky and impressive talents, offering you a unique night out. 

The dress code is “dress to impress.” This means heels and dresses for ladies and smart, stylish attire for gentlemen. Cirque Le Soir serves London’s finest crowds, so fitting in is essential if you want to be part of the royal treatment. The club is open almost every day of the week, hosting different themed parties and inviting some of the trendiest people in the music industry to perform. 

Inside you’ll find the classic club environment. Red and blue lights shine upon the dance floor, loud music plays all night long, and VIP tables indulge in tip-tier bottle service. Drink a bottle of Jay-Z’s Armand de Brignac or watch a mariachi play some music to your table, take shots by the bar and probably bump into a celebrity. You never know what you’ll find – but don’t worry.  

Cuckoo Club

Best London Clubs on a Wednesday

Entering the Cuckoo Club is like being transported to another galaxy. The place’s interior is already worth the experience, where purple hues illuminate the environment and invite you to join in a memorable and psychedelic night. The club, which spreads over two floors, offers velvet seating and mahogany decor. Luxury takes over the design with eclectic decor and mirrors, fluorescent plants on the ceiling, and plenty of space to sit or dance all night long. 

On the ground floor, you’ll find Cosmos, which taxes inspiration from the stars and galaxy above. Enjoy Mediterranean dishes while sipping on eclectic cocktails and listening to live music. On the lower floor at The Garden, find an Alice in Wonderland-inspired space – it feels like you’ve walked through the looking glass into a parallel universe. 

Find themed nights almost every day of the week. On Wednesdays, find tequila and a live band as you enjoy dinner at the Cosmos. Move to The Garden afterward for hip-hop sets and cocktails. Order a bottle of some of the best spirits in the world, from Belvedere vodka to Tulchan gin, dance to the sound of some of the best DJs in the country, and enjoy a night out of this world. When talking about the best London clubs on a Wednesday, this is one of the main options.

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The Best Luxury Restaurants in London

June 24, 2022 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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London is the perfect city for those who want a luxurious experience. Staying at some of the top hotels in the world and shopping at high-tier stores are just part of what London has to offer. The city also hosts some of the top luxury restaurants on the planet. Trying out modern and elevated adaptations of dishes worldwide is a must! Chefs from different cultural backgrounds move to London to showcase their creative cooking, and mind-blowing dishes in environments that reflect luxurious decor and design. 

An afternoon at Mayfair and Chelsea can grant you many things to do and see. There are exclusive opportunities to purchase new items and constant exposure to the high-class lifestyle. Having lunch or dinner at a nice and elevated place for a break is crucial for completing the day. Here is a list of the best luxury restaurants in London. Indulge in class and unique aromas. 


the best luxury restaurants in london

Corrigan’s Mayfair belongs to the Irish chef Richard Corrigan, serving locally sourced game food following seasonality and praising every ingredient’s flavor, with dishes inspired by traditional British and Irish cooking. He believes that game is everything you find in nature. From this statement, one can already imagine the intricate and complex dishes served at the restaurant. 

Open for lunch and dinner, the place offers an a la carte menu and a fixed-price tasting option. The menu changes weekly according to the seasonal availability of every ingredient. Here you can explore flavors from the mountains and the ocean. Start with a spiced beef tartare served with oyster cream, nori, and tempura. Then, move to the native Scottish lobster ravioli with lobster bisque and vadouvan, a curry-like spice mixed with garlic and shallots. 

The design of the place does a beautiful job reflecting the culture of game. In each dish, you can taste the freedom of ingredients. The calming blue-toned design of the place when you first enter contrasts with the roughness of game food. It is perfect when put together with brown leather booths by the bar counter. Inside, different seating areas embrace a more robust decor, with dim lighting and darker shades of green and blue on the walls.

Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill

Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill offers some of the freshest seafood in London. Pairing Champagne with fresh oysters for lunch is not a bad idea, especially when you can pick from six different varieties and indulge in those refreshing sea flavors. The restaurant has been around for over 100 years. For the entirety of this century, they have been enchanting customers with excellent service and food.

Even though Bentley’s focuses on seafood, there are also plenty of meat and game seasonal dishes. Aside from the oysters, which you need to have as a starter, have the baked scallops with garlic and butter and the spiced foie gras with Sauternes wine on a brioche bun. Native lobsters are an option too, and the traditional fish and chips are house famous. Chefs serve the Himalayan salt-aged steak with pepper, and the parmesan gnocchi comes coated with truffles. 

The restaurant from the outside resembles a fisherman’s warehouse, with brick walls and large windows on the second floor. There is a large terrace on the front where you can sit and indulge in the fresh air with white wine for lunch. The inside feels like summer at East Hampton, indulging in luxury and colonial decor.

Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

the best luxury restaurants in London

Alain Ducasse offers contemporary french cooking, presenting an innovative approach to haute cuisine. The menu explores the best of traditional french food with modern preparation methods. It extracts flavors with precision from each ingredient and brings them forth to the table. It is one of the five restaurants in London to have three Michelin stars, owning its last one in 2020. 

The interior decor merges classic and modern ideas, illustrating the flair of Mayfair and the greenery from Hyde Park, not so far from the venue. The dining room explores the simplicity of natural materials to create an elegant and soft environment. Wood, natural fabrics, and leather take over the furniture, surrounded by hues of grey and green that shine under bright natural light.  

Here, you will find ultimate delicacies at the heart of one of London’s most famous neighborhoods. The food is produced with fresh and seasonal ingredients from french and British suppliers, a fusion that can be noticed in the dishes, especially in sauces. There is a tasting menu where you can try lobster medallions with chicken quenelles, truffles, and homemade semolina pasta. Saint-Pierre fish with artichokes and picked walnuts is also a part of the menu, and broccolis of different textures with Kristal caviar. When talking about the best luxury restaurants in London, we couldn’t leave this one behind!

Core by Clare Smyth

Clare Smyth used to be the head chef at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, leaving the job to open her venue. Today, Core is considered one of London’s best and most luxurious restaurants, with two Michelin Stars and aiming for its third. The restaurant emphasizes sustainable and natural foods, with ingredients sourced from local farmers and producers in the UK. 

The tasting menu dishes at Core cover classics from high American cuisine. Scallops cooked over wood with sea lettuce and herbs, roasted cod with bay shrimps and swiss chard, venison with pearl barley, and whisky… these are some examples of the food you will encounter at the venue. Simplicity in design contrasts with flavor and production complexity, highlighting every color and aroma of ingredients. 

Inside, find a bright and clean environment where light grey and baby green harmonize with wooden tones on the bartop and floors. The dining hall is spacious and has tables of different sizes, perfect for any client. Core can satisfy them all, from couples wanting a romantic dinner to large families celebrating a special occasion. 

Lecture Room & Library at Sketch

the best luxury restaurants in London

Sketch’s Lecture Room & Library is beauty and color waiting to be seen and appreciated by those who enjoy luxurious dining experiences. It is one of the most eclectic luxury restaurants in London. While most exclusive restaurants hold back on decor, appealing to the minimalist eye, this venue has no issue with sensorial explosions of light, aromas, and flavor.

The dinner tasting menu comes in both regular and vegetarian options. In seven dishes, you will try flavors like star-anise-infused herbal broth with asparagus, egg yolk confit in sweet Sauternes wine, carrot chantilly, and sheep ricotta – and that’s only the first plate. The same menu can come with wine pairings as well. Follow the journey with flavors like a lamb marinated with oregano and lemon paste, poached trout with hollandaise sauce and cured ham,  and the house’s famous grand desert.

Inside the restaurant, colorful and bright decorations make you feel like you’re inside an Indian palace during a wedding. Shades of pink and yellow cover the carpet on the floor and the velvet chairs. Light coming from the bright red chandelier reflects on the mirror walls. Light yellow walls contrast with the redness from curtain drapes that cover large windows.  It has three Michelin Stars, making it one of the five restaurants in London to reach such a ranking.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

the best luxury restaurants in London

Visiting a Gordon Ramsay restaurant in London is a must for culinary enthusiasts. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is one of the most popular venues run by the celebrity chef. It managed to own three Michelin Stars, making it one of the five venues in London to obtain such prestige. So, if you want to have an exclusive and luxurious experience, head to this tiny venue and try their carefully crafted food. 

Try lobster ravioli with smoked cream and hazelnut. Maybe go for the roast duck with pistachio, turnips, and cumin or the 100-day dry-aged beef with artichokes and pickled walnut. A vegetarian menu is also available. The dishes are presented on clean plates, where the natural colors of fresh ingredients light up and create perfect contrasts with one another. 

The dining room is bright and illuminated by natural light through oversized windows. White table cloths add to the classic environment of the venue, pairing with the light purple from the seats and light wood walls on the back. The inspiration table is also where you can sit and try the newest inventions from chefs!


Hide gained its first Michelin star six months after opening. Maybe it was because of their strategic location at Mayfair or their beautiful interiors and wine list. We know that all factors combined, including the menu, always enchant everybody who comes in to dine. It is definitely one of the best luxury restaurants in London. The restaurant is divided into three sections: above, ground, and below. Each one of them is distinctive and differs in its proposal somehow. 

The Above area is decorated with light grey and light wooden tones. An almost monochromatic design gives space for artistic expression in the food served. A magnificent and bold staircase lies in the middle of the ground salon, its modern design calling attention to the boldness of the restaurant’s proposal. Below, find a dark and well-packed bar where you will discover exquisite cocktails and aromas. 

Excellence in presentation is one of the core values at Hide, clearly represented on their well elaborated and colorful plates. The dishes here are anything but simple. Toast with melted cheese, poached egg, and truffles on top is an excellent way to start your meal. Move to the steamed cornish sole with mussels and eucalyptus, and finish with a zesty and caramelized dessert.


the best luxury restaurants in London

Luca is an Italian-inspired restaurant that combines classic luxury with hip trends for young people. By doing so, it has managed to attract and satisfy the crowds of London. At the same time, it maintains its posture as a grown-up, serious place. The restaurant serves fresh British ingredients, prepared with an Italian view and served beautifully and in creative ways. Eat scallops served inside a giant seashell, and you will understand what we’re talking about).

Dim lighting shines over olive-green and terracotta seats surrounded by brick walls in the main dining room. But if you’re here for lunch, sit at the terrace and enjoy the sunlight while looking at olive and jasmine trees. It feels like you’re in the back garden of an Italian summer house in Tuscany. Try a classic Italian Negroni at the bar while munching on the house-famous parmesan fries. 

There is a prix fixe menu where you allow the chefs to explore their creativity and serve you a four-course meal. The a la carte offers fresh pasta dishes like conchiglie with stracciatella, garlic, and pistachio pesto. Juicy lamb racks with garlic sauce and caramelized spring vegetables for your meat course. Maybe try a halibut with smoked eel, courgettes, and vegetable minestrone. Pair your meal with some wine, and indulge in modern Italian food that will make you want to come back for more.  

Helene Darroze at The Connaught

Helene Darroze is one of the three Michelin star luxury restaurants in London, working on fresh and seasonal products. It comes from the farmer’s market to the kitchen. Inside The Connaught hotel, this restaurant is one of the most luxurious options on this list, and eating here is experiencing the actual quality of food and experience. 

The menu is small and highlights each flavor that composes a dish, even though, at first glance, it looks like they wouldn’t go well with one another. Start with white asparagus with miso. The lobster comes with tandoori spices, carrots, and coriander—the veal pairs with cauliflower, oysters, caviar, and capers. 

The dining room is designed to look like a work of art, minimalist, and classic. The walls are crafted on wood paneling, with collages decorating them. Leather and velvet seats match the blue shades on the glass chandelier that hangs over wooden tables. Simple modernity takes over every aspect of Helene Darroze, from decor to food to the carefully crafted wine list.

Evelyn’s Table

the best luxury restaurants in London

At first glance, the most appealing part of Evelyn’s Table is probably its secrecy. Come in and find a small and straight-to-the-point wine list, carefully curated to match each dish. The house sommelier promises to take you on a unique and multi-sensorial journey, so you can just relax and let him do the work. Sakes and non-alcoholic beverages are also available. Sit at the chef’s counter, which fits 12 people, and watch a gastronomic performance. Make sure to make a reservation ahead of time. 

Evelyn’s table is one of the floors from The Blue Post restaurant, where ingredients come in fresh every day, granting unique and natural flavors that take over each dish. The restaurant is a British pub serving gourmet bar snacks that perfectly match the beer selection. Down in the wine cellar, you will find the gastronomic experience that is Evelyn’s Table: five courses and three chefs. 

The food mixes British products, French training, and Japanese techniques. The result is food that looks like art-nouveau. Find juicy lamb racks, bright green Brussels sprouts, and fresh fish displayed on beautiful plates. The space is small and intimate—a counter in front of the kitchen where you watch the action.

Jean-Georges at The Connaught

The Jean-Goerges at The Connaught is the perfect place to go if you’re a fan of truffles. Here, the simplest dishes come covered with thin shaves of black truffles. You won’t be afraid to ask for more afterward. Inside The Connaught hotel, this restaurant is ideal for every meal of the day, from sublime traditional breakfast to late-night luxurious dinners. 

Here, classic British flavors meet Southeast Asian influences, creating a colorful, eclectic, and aromatic cuisine. Every ingredient is fresh, straight from the farmers market to the kitchen, and then carefully prepared to make it to the dining room like an explosion of essences. Start with a fresh bluefin tuna tartare with avocado, radish, and ginger sauce. For your main dish, maybe a cheeseburger with black truffle mayo or a spiced crusted salmon with coconut-lime infusion, coriander, and garlic. The pizzas are also famous, and you must share one during an alfresco lunch.

The environment here is the epitome of daytime luxury. Light gray furniture is spread on an isle, surrounded by an entire glass wall that grants you a view of the outside. Small red details on the glass give it a sense of class, and so does the bar on the back, stacked with high-quality spirits.

The Ritz

the best luxury restaurants in London

The final in our list of the best luxury restaurants in London is The Ritz – classic, old-school luxury. Looking like the dining room of an old French palace, the place is an explosion of colors, textures, and feelings. The haute cuisine you find here creates a multi-sensorial experience. They require men to wear a jacket and tie while inside, and the Louis XVI themes design makes you feel like you’ve traveled back in time to dine with the monarchy. 

The Ritz has one Michelin Star, but it deserves another. The menu is seasonal and follows the lifecycle of its ingredients, constantly harvesting them at their freshest. It is inspired by the classic recipes of French chef Auguste Escoffier and his traditional French cooking methods, with a modern twist to them. Braised duck with honey, lavender, and beetroot is an example, as well as the crab dish with almonds and grape. You can choose between having a five or seven-course meal, where chefs carefully and beautifully prepare every dish.

Drink champagne before or after your meal and feel like part of the French royalty. The marble columns on the wall and the giant chandeliers hanging from a renascence painted ceiling contribute to the feeling of being somewhere entirely new.

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Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in London

May 27, 2022 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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London is a melting pot of different cultures, seen in its architecture, art, fashion, and, obviously, cuisine. The city is known for hosting some of the best chefs and restaurants globally. They always present visitors and locals with new and intriguing flavors. As international cuisines are common and famous in the city, so are the fusions they create with local culture and culinary customs. Asian fusion restaurants in London have something unique and extraordinary – the perfect combination and mixture of design, flavor, and vision.

The London palate is highly inviting to the fresh and aromatic dishes from diverse Asian countries. When those ingredients merge with English tradition, extravagant flavors come to the surface. On this list, we will provide you with 10 of the best Asian fusion restaurants spread across London. Here, you will probably find your new favorite cuisine. 


Inamo for best Asian fusion restaurants in London

Inamo is a visually stimulating restaurant with Soho, Camden, and Covent Garden units. They specialize in Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Korean cuisine. The renowned TimeOut publication in the LoveLondon awards voted the place the best brunch in Central London. They use interactive technology to create projections over the customers’ table. While waiting for your meal, you can play games, draw and color graffiti-style images. Also, customize the table surface with your art, or even watch the chef preparing meals through a live camera feed. You can also order your meals on this projection system, designed by chef Stefan Markov. 

Here, the food is a pan-Asian mixture, where flavors from different Asian cuisines combine to create something new. The house sushi and sashimi are famous, especially their Dragon rolls. The Asian tapas include Yuzu Pork Belly. Chilli and Honey Tiger Prawns is a spicy dish with some lemon on the side to squeeze over it. There are also plenty of vegetarian dishes like the Bang Bang Cauliflower, toasted with sweet and spicy sauces. The Shishito Peppers with olive oil and sea salt drizzle are popular too. The interior design of all three venues highlights the caricaturesque image of Asia. Thin wood and marble walls, a beige undertone, and dim lighting are common. 


Mommi is where fusion cuisine encounters visual art. A mixture of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine submerged in veganism, this restaurant promises fresh flavors with a unique cultural experience. The exotic decor of the establishment already mesmerizes customers. It has plates and silverware imported from Japan and a bright outdoor terrace. The interior design makes you feel like you’ve landed between Latin exploration and classic Asian vintage. Small artistic images cover the walls. The lamps give yellow lighting to the dining room, filled with red-leather booths and wooden tables and chairs. The large bar showcases diverse Latin and Asian spirits used by bartenders to create famous and creative house cocktails. The Pisco Piña Picante, made with almond syrup and fresh aji chili, is a popular choice. The Sugar Mommi, with Limoncello and watermelon syrup, is also trendy. 

The menu has a lot of vegan and vegetarian options. It also includes the classics like ceviche and tacos. The plates always have a particular house twist to them, granting aromatic and zesty notes to the dish.  The Crisp-Fried Belly Pork Bites are a popular choice. It comes with caramelized agave and toasted sweet potatoes to balance the fatness and juiciness of the meat. Also, the bottomless brunch is a blast. Here, traditional brunch dishes gain a Latino spicy twist and an Asian aromatic add-on. 


Novikov introduces Pan-Asian and Italian cuisine, each represented on a different venue floor. After ten years of operation, it is still one of the most influential restaurants in the luxury dining scene of London, and,  judging by the fact that it hosts two completely distinctive cuisines, that is an impressive accomplishment.  On the first floor, you will find the Pan-Asian restaurant, designed to resemble an Asian market with fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood exposed in the center of the salon. Cracked stone walls and bamboo chandeliers complement the decor without drifting the focus away from the food. Here you find fresh oysters, duck winglets, premium sushi, and dim sums, all carrying traditional flavors from Asia. 

Go upstairs and enter a Sicilian summer terrace decor, with charcoal textured white columns and small olive trees in the middle of the dining room. There are also fresh products exposed over wine barrels, like shiny red tomatoes and olive oil. Wooden tables and chairs match the leathered walls and brown-toned bar. A wide variety of salads, bruschettas, and fresh pasta dishes take over the menu, as well as carpaccios, meat, and fish. 


Sushisamba is probably the most beautiful restaurant on this list. It is where the Brazilian tropical feels of Copacabana meet the fresh and aromatic flavors of Japan. The environment feels like a bossa-nova video clip, with tropical plants decorating the dining room, an explosion of colors and textures on the walls and furniture, and bright daylight coming in from the large windows that cover entire walls. On the rooftop of the Heron Tower with a 360-degree panoramic view of the city, Sushisamba is a fusion restaurant that promises a lot of fun, music, and flavors. The bamboo ceiling covers the black and white tile floor, bright orange booths, and wooden furniture. Plants hover over the bar, with velvety blue stools in front of it. A large tree with red and orange leaves decorates the outdoor terrace.

Sushisamba blends Brazilian, Peruvian, and Japanese food to create sushi rows with unique flavors. The dish presentations are just as mesmerizing as the interior design, where contrasting colors complement each other. From Brazilian churrasco and moqueca to Peruvian ceviche and Japanese edamame – here you can find fresh and aromatic flavors. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, beautiful and fragrant cocktails, and sweet and balanced desserts. Samba performances are also typical!


Bintang doesn’t serve alcohol, but they allow you to bring in as much as you want, as long as you pay for corkage. But honestly, you don’t even need it. The food here is so good you wouldn’t want the flavors crossing with anything else. It started as an Indonesian and Malaysian restaurant, later developing into a Pan-Asian cuisine that celebrates classic eastern Asian foods and ingredients. They serve comforting noodles and curries in an intimate environment, exploring Filipino aromas and playing with spices. The restaurant doesn’t look fancy, with a small dining room and a humble wood bar on the back. The chairs are simple and white linens cover the tables, all surrounded by rustic brick walls. The place looks like an authentic Asian market, where you’d sit to grab a quick and simple bite. However, there is nothing simple about the food served at this family-owned restaurant.

They serve Beef Bintang dishes with an aromatic coconut and lemongrass sauce, and duck pancakes are perfect for sharing with the table. They also do Silogs all day long; breakfast skillets are served directly from the oven. The chef specials include braised fried ribs with banana barbecue sauce and the house dirty fried rice. Bubble tea is also available! 

Chino Latino

Chino Latino is a restaurant that mixes Pan-Asian cuisine with Peruvian elements, creating a multi-award-winning menu. It is one of the best Asian fusion restaurants in London. Here, the exotic dishes are always complimented by well-elaborated cocktails made by professional mixologists who bring forward Latin aromas and flavors. The restaurant is located on the first floor of the Park Plaza London Riverbank Hotel, and from there, you have a panoramic view of the River Thames from windows covering the entire wall. Inside, black furniture contrasts with the bright red lamps on the floor and mood lighting from candles. The seats and tables are low, lounge-styled, and there you can spend the evening tasting cocktails and sushi that melts in your mouth.  The bar is long and exposes plenty of international spirits and liquors that create the renowned cocktails of Chino Latino. 

The food is also out of this world. Praised for their black cod with spicy miso and sirloin steak served on hot rocks, the restaurant offers a Pan-Asian fusion menu that draws inspiration from Chinese, Japanese, and various eastern Asian cuisines. Different dim sum options are also available, from vegetable gyoza to stuffed red chili and soft shell crab. Duck breast with miso aji and lime, seared salmon belly with grapefruit miso, and wagyu are also part of the experience. Order a tasting menu if you’d like, and pair it with fresh Peruvian-inspired cocktails. Don’t forget about dessert. 


Dishoom is where Bombay found a home in London. With different units across the city, the restaurant attracts customers who end up having a fantastic time with quality Indian food, a cozy and homey environment, and friendly and welcoming staff. They’ve designed the famous King’s Cross unit to resemble an old train station. It has British colonial reminiscence and bright western Asian colors. Worn paint covers the walls behind the railway-like stairs, where you’ll find a large white clock on top. The furniture is purposely humble and brings you back to the 1920s, as people were bustling around to catch their train or have a coffee while waiting. Other units follow the idea of telling a story through its design and environment. Here, the bar serves cask and bottle-aged godown cocktails, bringing forward the Indian heritage of flavors. 

For the all-day lunch and dinner menu, pick from the chef’s special lamb-on-the-Bone stew served with naan, or choose from the wide variety of small and large dishes. Breakfast is served until 11:45, and here you can order traditional Indian and Irani cooked dishes like Kejriwal (fried eggs on chili cheese toast). Naan rolls are also a famous breakfast option. Dishoom is constantly paying tribute to classic Irani and Indian foods by serving modern versions of traditional Biryani (slow-cooked chicken on a pot), open-air marinated grills, samosas, or Roomali Roti rolls, which are prepared at the table. 


Nopi is a restaurant run by chef David Bravo from Ecuador, who brings his heritage and passion for cooking to the tables of London, fusioning his cuisine with Pan-Asian elements to create unique and bold dishes. The menu, which changes every season, embraces vegetarianism with options like the Roasted butternut squash, which comes with caramelized pumpkin seeds and green tahini. Here, elements of different cultures complement each other on the plate. The rainbow trout with apple labneh is elevated by the sweet flavors of macadamia and watercress pesto. As a main dish, the Lamb rump with the tang of cranberries surprisingly matches the roasted pepper, peanuts, and anchovies that follow suit. 

The interior is serene, not to overshadow the complexity of the flavors presented on the dishes. Cream-colored floors, white tiled walls, and large communal tables create a calm environment that welcomes any type of customer. The open kitchen also invites guests into the casual experience of healthy eating with ingredients from remote world regions. The cocktails are house adaptations of classics, where Asian herbs blend with tropical rums, and curry syrup adapts to chili jam. 


Kanishka is a Michelin-starred restaurant that celebrates the foods from North Eastern Indian states. When talking about the best Asian fusion restaurants in London, we could not leave this one behind. Here, humble dishes with elevated simplicity rely less on oils and spices, exploring the combination of fresh and quality ingredients. The result is various menus that bring forward aromatic and well-balanced flavors. For starters, pigeon breast with beetroot, amal asaar, and pistachio, or maybe a tandoori mixed grill experience. Main courses include lamb biryani with rice and pineapple or venison steak with apricot and blackberry raita. The tasting menu, which can come with wine pairings, offers scallops, chicken tikka pie with a berry compote, monkfish on banana blossoms, and goat curry with cumin. 

The restaurant has two floors and undeniable intimacy. Upstairs, turquoise decorates the bar and walls, contrasting with the black and white marble floor, countertop, and light gray furniture. Downstairs, a less formal garden-like environment can be found, with large tables perfect for group meals. The cream palate from the walls, chairs, and booths matches the green from the tables and plants hanging from the ceiling. Every dish is an explosion of simple flavors that come together to create something unique. 

Banana Tree

Banana Tree brings Pan-Asian street food to London, exploring cuisines from Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. A humble option if compared with other recommendations from this list, the restaurant has over nine units across England and keeps growing in popularity. Tailor-made for the younger crowd, they have boozy and creative drinks, hammock chairs, and DJs playing classic party hits. The restaurant offers plenty of vegan and vegetarian meals. Spicy eggplant with tamarind and coconut kari are two popular choices. If you’re a meat-eater, go for the Malaysian prawn kari or the crowd-pleaser Thai green curry. 

A laid-back and well-designed space welcomes customers. Terra-cotta brick walls match the wood tables, chairs, and stools. White bricks contrast with the green tiles on the countertops, and plants add to the tropical dry forest environment. No matter which venue you go to or the slight variations they may have on decor and design, the tables are large and can fit many people, perfect for big groups who want to come in, try some traditional eastern Asian food with beer, and have fun. Here, modern Asian food is served without taking away its original aromas and charm. 

Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in London 

London is where you’ll find some of the best Asian Fusion restaurants. The concentrated population of immigrants from Asian countries makes it the perfect spot for cultural expression, creating venues that thrive because of their aromatic dishes and modern approach to classic cuisine. 

At Capital A-List, you get the best experience possible if you’re chasing luxury and unique cultural experiences in London. Host events and book places at some of the city’s best restaurants, bars, and clubs. Our VIP concierge services allow you access to the most exclusive venues and the most significant events in the city, always keeping you informed on what is happening right now! Learn more about our services by checking out our website.

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Best Restaurants With Entertainment in London

May 27, 2022 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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London is a cultural performance on its own – The city is packed with lights, street artists, and music concerts. People from all over the world come to London to showcase their talents and grow in the industry. Performances here are never dull. It is evident then that restaurants and bars would complement the scene, offering shows and entertainment beyond just impeccable food, drinks, and service. Following, you will find some of the best restaurants with entertainment in London.

Cabaret shows, jazz music, and even circus performances make up the intriguing dining scene of London. These are places where you enjoy delicious food and creative drinks. Also, embark on a cultural adventure that complements the entire experience of the venue.


circus for best restaurants with entertainment in London

Circus is probably the most famous restaurant in London for live performances. It is a cabaret restaurant and cocktail bar that hosts live shows perfect for post-work cocktails, dinner, and late-night adventures. Here, fire-breathers with bright clothing, contortionists that balance champagne glasses on their feet, hula-hoopers, and acrobats entertain customers — a proper circus performance serving Pan-Asian food perfect for sharing. The cocktails are exotic and based on flavors and aromas from Asian cultures, ideal for a night of drinks and fun. 

They serve weekend brunches followed by excellent pop-up entertainment, showcasing their talents. At the same time, customers indulge in a three-course menu with the option of adding bottomless prosecco and mimosas to the mix. For dinner, plan to share tempura, gyoza, and tataki dishes, as well as grilled meats and curries — all inspired by traditional Asian dishes with a bit of flare and glamor to them. There are also plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. Blue and purple spotlights shine over the stage as tables surround it, granting first-seat views to mind-blowing performances. 

Dans Le Noir

Dans Le Noir is a unique sensory experience, part of the ten most original restaurants globally. It invites guests to rethink their relationship with food and its presentation by allowing them to dine in complete darkness. Here, your senses stop relying on sight and develop a mind on their own, making you taste food differently and become more aware of each feeling and flavor. Aside from dinner, they also offer workshops for team-building skills. You savor snacks and wine in the dark while working with others on fun and interactive activities that will change your perspective about human relations to the world and each other. 

The venue definitely needs to be part of the best restaurants with entertainment in London list! At Dans Le Noir, you can have a romantic dinner with a partner or with a group of friends, as well as meet new and exciting people. The expert house sommelier offers a rich selection of wines and guides you through the blind tasting process while eating one of the three tasting menus provided. Natural and organic ingredients make up the food, awakening your senses in a way never imagined before. After dinner, you can look at pictures of the dishes and finally see what caused such a harmonized flavor explosion in your mouth.


Sarastro is located inside a Victorian building, with an Arabian Nights feeling once you enter the restaurant. Dazzling artwork covers the walls, right beside opera boxes where people can sit and enjoy their meal. These boxes are designed based on architectural styles, like Gothic, Ottoman, Rococo, or English. Tapestries on the floor create a welcoming environment, and the creative and unique furniture adds to the whole exotic experience. You can enter this “old curiosity shop” decorated establishment and enjoy Mediterranean cuisine while listening to live music and watching theater performances. They display erotic artwork inside the bathrooms, a distinctive restaurant feature. 

Sarastro is the perfect place for those who love wine, food, and the opera. Feast your eyes on the decor and your palate with flavorful dishes. They are open for lunch and dinner every day of the week, hosting live performances of different styles depending on the day. There is a set menu to pick a starter and a main dish. Starters are traditional Turkish appetizers like cheese boreks, hummus, cacik, or chicken goujon. Beef short ribs and pan-fried seabass are popular options for the main course. Maybe try the Kuzu Incik, a slow-cooked lamb dish with mashed potato, gravy, and mixed vegetables. There are also vegetarian and vegan options and an a la carte menu. 

Piano Works

Piano Works is a non-stop audience-led music bar and restaurant. You can request songs by writing them down on the request slip and handing the paper to a waiter or musician onstage. And feel free to sing along as they play your favorite music. In the end, don’t forget to tip the human jukebox as you leave the place. They have a venue at West End, which has more of a club vibe to it, and one in Farrington, for those who like concerts better. With over 85 musicians employed (and many of them coming to play independently), Piano Works can surprise you with their musical repertoire and capacity to play all night long.

The Farrington unit is located inside a warehouse, fitting 400 people and always being at its total capacity. So book your table and be ready to stand up and dance with the crowd. Drink champagne, wine, beer, or classics and creative house cocktails. Eat from the gluten-free menu, the regular one (with lamb rump, 35-day dry-aged ribeye steak, and cod filet), or enjoy some brunch with the classic crowd-pleasing dishes. It is one of the best restaurants with entertainment in London.

London Cabaret Club

The London Cabaret Club celebrates British culture, both the old and the new. Here you will enjoy a fine-dining experience with exceptional service and artistic performances that illustrate different aspects of British heritage. The shows vary from the best of British pop to carnival specials and a “Queen of Roses” performance. Designers carefully prepare the costumes and choreographies, bringing life to your experience. It is located inside a Victorian house, with a 1920s decor and design that takes you back to the glory days of art, shiny gowns, and dance performances. 

Different types of tickets give you access to various amenities and services. Some only cover the entrance, while others include tapas, a bottle of champagne, or a table closer to the stage, where you can see the action. The food comes in a set menu that follows seasonal trends and flavors. During special occasions, like Halloween or Christmas, a talented team of chefs and cooks in the kitchen craft special themed menus. During carnival week, for example, staple Caribbean flavors like papaya, coconut, pineapple, and plantain make up the dishes.


Inamo is a visually stimulating restaurant with Soho, Camden, and Covent Garden units. They specialized in Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Korean cuisine and were voted the best brunch in Central London by the renowned TimeOut publication in the LoveLondon awards. The entertainment in this establishment comes with interactive technology to create projections over the customers’ tables. While waiting for your meal, you can play games, draw and color graffiti-style images, customize the table surface with your art, or even watch the chef preparing meals through a live camera feed. You can also order your meals on this projection system, designed by chef Stefan Markov. 

Here, the food is a pan-Asian mixture, where flavors from different Asian cuisines combine to create something new. The house sushi and sashimi are famous, especially their Dragon rolls. The Asian tapas include Yuzu Pork Belly or Chilli and Honey Tiger Prawns, a spicy dish with some lemon on the side to squeeze over it. There are also plenty of vegetarian dishes like the Bang Bang Cauliflower, toasted with sweet and spicy sauces. The Shishito Peppers with olive oil and sea salt drizzle are also popular. The interior design of all three venues highlights the caricaturesque image of Asia. It has thin wood and marble walls, a beige undertone, and dim lighting.


Quaglino is a restaurant and bar that offers live music seven days a week. Not bad for restaurants with entertainment in London. Here there is a different performance every day of the week, and you can check the schedule to see which one you’d like to see. Themed nights with Cuban music and individual performances with renowned artists are part of the schedule. The restaurant resembles a fancy cruise dining room. It has a stage in the front where people can gather around and dance. A large and extravagant staircase and an island bar in the middle are also included. Picture Titanic, minus the sinking boat part. 

For parties with up to eight guests, there is a sample menu where you can try whisky and maple salmon with pickled sour apple and cucumber. Maybe go for the duck liver parfait with clementine and candied walnuts. Main dishes include pork belly with carrots, garlic, onions, or even a pan-fried stone bass with artichokes and clams. Saturday brunch is also a popular option here, where the live music pairs well with buttermilk pancakes and Jersey oysters. The caviar comes with classic condiments, and the grill portion of the menu offers different dry-aged cuts of meat. The preparation and presentation of dishes are careful and intriguing, and the flavor is just as you would have imagined — but better.

Blues Kitchen

The Blues Kitchen has Brixton, Camden, Manchester, and Shoreditch units, all offering the same exceptional service and unique experience. It is a BBQ restaurant with live music and an extravagant bar. Here you can enjoy brunch, lunch, and dinner while listening to incredible R&B performances from different artists from all over Britain. Check the show schedule on their website to see which day you’d like to visit. Beer, bourbon, and live blues are a constant show, soul music brings talented artists, and back porch blues concerts come with £5 cocktails. 

The weekend brunch menu has some of the classic brunch foods like pancakes, salmon and eggs, and huevos rancheros. But they also offer house specials like buffalo cauliflower and cheeseburger spring rolls. The dinner menu has different burgers, all with succulent patties and unique condiments. The BBQ options include pork ribs and rib-eye steak. Shrimp tacos and buttermilk fried chicken are also part of the deal. The cocktails at the bar are a healthy mix of classics and house originals, with many whisky options for you to pick from.

Bunga Bunga

When it comes to restaurants with entertainment in London, Bunga Bunga does it perfectly. The venue mixes Italian pizza with live music and karaoke. It creates a fusion experience of food and performance never seen before. At their Battersea unit, you can enjoy pizza feasting menus, pizza-making classes, and karaoke nights. They have over 1000 songs to pick from and a professional stage and sound system. You’ll find live entertainment at the Covent Garden unit. Circus acts and games brought to you by Bunga hosts are part of the experience — a truly immersive dining experience. After dinner, see the stage turn into a dance floor and stay until 3 AM at the house after-party, listening to DJs play their sets. On both, be prepared for pink Prosecco weekend brunches with a lot of music. 

You can delight in breakfast-style pizzas and focaccias, the Tuscan Farmer’s breakfast, and the Roman sausage party for brunch. The dinner menu includes appetizers like garlic bread and wild mushroom, and truffle arancini. Salads are also available, and the pizza menu is extensive and filled with creative options like the Green Goddess and Julius Cheeser. Cocktails come in original glasses and impeccable presentation and flavor.


Aeronaut is probably one of the most unusual pubs in London. It celebrates the history of aviation and the discovery of flight with airborne circus and cabaret performances. The place is decorated with airplane models hanging from the blue ceiling. It is perfect for those who look for an eclectic-themed evening. They also have traditional carnival decor around the room, with vintage posters and red and white striped walls. A traditional beer garden can be found in the back, perfect for warm summer evenings. Inside, a small stage takes over the center of the dining room, where amazing circus and acrobat performances are illuminated by blue and purple lighting. 

Here you can find two-hour-long bottomless brunches with different themes that change every weekend. Experience everything from “circus brunch” to “saved by the 90’s” or even “it’s Britney, brunch” decor and entertainment. Traditional brunch dishes are served, pleasing all crowds alike. For the pub menu, find small plates like tabasco and truffled mac and cheese or squid with garlic, onions, and chili. Mains include grilled seabass, sirloin steaks, and vegan options like coconut, butternut squash, and sweet potato curry.  Sunday roasts are also popular! 

Best Restaurants With Entertainment in London

London is where you’ll find some of the best restaurants with entertainment in this world. The city is packed with artists who are ready to give out their best performances. The result of that is music, dancing, singing, and contortionism like you’ve never seen before. Now, pair that up with delicious food and cocktails, and you will have one of the most authentic and unique dining experiences of your life.

At Capital A-List, you get the best experience possible if you’re chasing luxury and unique cultural experiences in London. Host events and book places at some of the city’s best restaurants, bars, and clubs. Our VIP concierge services allow you access to the most exclusive venues and the most significant events in the city, always keeping you informed on what is happening right now! Learn more about our services by checking out our website.

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