The Best Clubs In Mayfair

August 25, 2017 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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Trust us when we tell you that these are the best clubs in Mayfair, you don’t want to miss out on going to one or all of them!

By day Ganton Street is bustling with shoppers and tourists, by night it is transformed with the streets lined with the most beautiful and elite of London clubbers making their way to Cirque Le Soir.

Inside the exclusive clubs contains a range of different forms of entertainment including a popcorn machine, arcade room and fairground attractions! Of course along with all of that  you’ll be treated to performers such as dwarfs in baby masks and burlesque dancers! It’s understandable that it is extremely difficult to gain entry to this club so arrive early and don’t turn up slighlty drunk at the door to avoid disappointment!

As one of the best clubs in Mayfair you are guaranteed to have an amazing night, don’t miss out, dress to impress and dance all night watching the weird and wonderful unfold before your eyes!

Best Clubs In Mayfair - Tabu

Tabu, one of the best clubs in Mayfair, is one of London’s most exciting VIP club located on the famous Dover street by Green Park. The location is very familiar as this is where Mahiki Mayfair used to be.

Expect the club to bring a unique Asian experience like none other seen in high end clubs. The guestlist at Tabu is like no other guestlist in London, the guestlist gets you access to the different levels of the high-end club which each have different vibes and entertainment. Go downstairs to find 19 tables including some VIP tables, more tables are upstairs.

The interior will catch your eye with the neon Japanese, graffiti and other Asian style decorations on the walls. As you make your way to the dancefloor you will see cages with dancers for the nightly entertainment. The dancers are dressed in Asian style clothing with of course bright lights. The upstairs of Tabu has a different style and it’s worth visiting both areas to get the full experience.

Like all the VIP clubs in London, expect to see A-listers and well-known Londoners. Book your table to avoid disappointment.

The London Reign, one of the best clubs in Mayfair, is a world of lavishness and rich charm. Located in the heart of London, this is a club like no other, be prepared to walk into a sense of indulgence, showcasing performances such as aerial acts to make your night extra glamourous.

The club features modern, luxurious interiors, bright lights, glamour, and showtime décor all come together to make you feel like a star. Expect to dance the night away and be wowed with pyro cannons, jellyfish tanks, flying acrobatics and confetti – yes please! The club can host to a capacity of 430 and has a variety of additions such as, integrated FUNKTION 1 sound system, function-able lighting system and Teppanyaki bar.

Of course, we wouldn’t expect anything less than a dazzling performance, where shows are customized on a weekly basis. The London Reign features a variety of circus-style performances, traditional musical acts and DJs, as well as some true daredevil stunts that will leave you astonished and really impress any guests you bring for the night. A table booking is recommended and we you can expect to feel truly pampered and party like a star.

Everything begins with music…’ with a slogan like that for one of the best clubs in Mayfair why would you risk missing out?

Located in a popular area of Mayfair, just off Oxford Street, Tape is waiting to welcome you to join their exclusive and elite parties and show off their exclusive DJ’s in this amazing venue. Visitors and DJ’s spotted in tape include but are not limited to: Future, Sean Paul, Justin Bieber and more.

Not only does Tape have wonderful decor in their main club room they also boast a members room with a capacity of 150 as well as a recording studio for anyone wanting to check it out outside of club nights!

Open throughout the week and weekends this is a great place to unwind over the week, cool music, with a mixed crowd.  Libertine (previously China White) is great whenever you decide to go, always extremely busy so it’s very important to get there early to avoid disappointment!

It’s an exclusive club with many different rooms including some more VIP areas for those celebrities you may bump into as these rooms are opened up on busy nights for everyone. This club is big, welcoming and ALOT of fun, not one to miss out on, most definitely one of the best clubs in Mayfair. 

best clubs in Mayfair

One of the best clubs in Mayfair is Luxx, is situated in London on the prestigious Berkeley Street. Luxx is in a very posh area of Mayfair and is surrounded by the most exclusive restaurants, casinos and private members clubs.

The owners of the club had a vision to create a club with only the best quality entertainment, service and atmosphere that meets high standards of A-listers. Enter into Luxx and be amazed by the bespoke lights, sounds and probably one of the best interior clubs in London, which highlights nothing of the best for the best.

Some nights include a famous London or international DJ creating the best vibes and atmosphere for a great night out, including a mix of the best HipHop and R&B throughout the night. Expect to dance the night away with A-listers and celebrities who dine and socialize often in Mayfair London.

Maddox runs some of the most infamous nights out in London, it’s signature night is on a Thursday but Maddox deserves a place in your diary every day it’s open!

A venue fit for Royalty, literally. Maddox is one of the best clubs in Mayfair, it’s a place that anyone and everyone wants to go. The simple decor and many rooms mean whatever mood or type of night you are looking for Maddox has got you covered.

With invite only rooms such as the Green Room and other exclusive rooms like Undercurrent who have seen amazing artists from the popular tech/deep house genre, Maddox is one to put on your list of places to go out in Mayfair!

Maddox will treat anyone like royalty, give it a go, we guarantee you an amazing experience!

A visit to The Box should be on everyone’s bucket list. Be prepared to see the weird, the wonderful, the sexy and well the rest we’ll leave the the imagination. A unconventional club night with a show for everyone throughout the night, no phones or cameras allowed as you watch the entertainment around you.

The show times vary but usually start at midnight and end around 3am, as a late closing venue you can enjoy your fellow clubbers in a dance and drink after being amazed and intrigued by the previous events.

Tables only at one of best clubs in London, and with a more difficult door policy than most other Mayfair clubs, you must dress to impress and in turn the performers will impress and maybe even shock you.

WYLD near to Hyde Park Corner in central London, Mayfair, is one of the best clubs in Mayfair. The club was opened by the previous owners of Drama Park Lane – the club that previously was situated where WYLD is. The theme of WYLD is ‘Hedonism With A Heart’ which emphasizes what the club is all about – environmental sustainability and the wild nature.

Entering WYLD, whether you are on the exclusive guestlist or reserved a VIP table, upon entering the club, be amazed at the captivating wonderland that is enchanted by the splendid foliage along the ceilings and walls, the interior will take your breath away. Other highlights of WYLD include the decorative wallpapers with a jungle-style theme and the eye-catching silver puma statue located underneath the cocktail bar, and an incredible throne shaped into a large snake.

Nature is the centre of the club, expect large LED trees where the opposite side of the venue contrasts the wild rainforest decor and the hi-tec nightclub vibes for a really great night out in Mayfair.

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The Best London Clubs On Thursday Nights

July 24, 2017 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

We always choose the best clubs on every night of the week so here are the best London clubs on Thursday. No more waiting for the weekend!

Located on Argyll Street only a mere 2 minute walk from Oxford Circus station. Toy Room is definitely up there when it come to the most exclusive clubs in central London. Celebrities can be spotted frequently here which explains the difficult door policy but if you’re lucky enough to gain entry you’ll experience one of the best nights of your life. Toy Room does not disappoint!

Party with the famous and elite of London and of course don’t forget to visit Frank the Teddy -In Frank’s Bedroom! The music here is as good as the crowd Toy Room attracts with R&B and Hip Hop all night with some of the best DJ’s.

Dress to impress and we guarantee you an unforgettable night in Toy Room, truly one of the best London clubs on Thursday. 

best London clubs on Thursday

DSTRKT is without a doubt one of the best London clubs on Thursday because the exclusive atmosphere starts before you even step a foot inside as the grand entrance is something to be admired and definitely leaves an impression!

Located near Piccadilly Circus station and not much further from Leicester Square station it is in the perfect location. Arrive early to miss queues and make sure you are dressed to impressas you will be seated at one of the luxurious tables inside.

DSTRKT has had many celebrity guests in the past from Rihanna to Lindsey Lohan! The interior of this club doesnt disappoint from the glamourous guests to the exclusive VIP bar made of precious stone!

DSTRKT is a place that makes everyone feel like a star, be sure not to miss out!

best London clubs in London

Get ready to party Hawaiian style at Mahiki! In this amazing Hawaiian themed club there will be no shortage of tropical cocktails or beautiful people, past guests include Kelly Rowland and Lady Gaga who would most likely have savoured the famous Mahiki cocktail during their nights.

Mahiki operate an ‘open door policy’ but that doesn’t mean don’t dress to impress! Heels and dresses for the ladies and shirts and shoes for the gentlemen! Arrive early (10:30pm) and abide by the door policy to gain entry, we don’t want you to be disappointed. Mahiki is located close to Green Park station on Dover Street .

Enjoy one of the best London clubs on Thursday  in tiki style, listening to the best current music, with a Mahiki in hand!

best London clubs on Thursday

Maddox runs some of the most infamous nights out in London, it’s signature night is on a Thursday so it deserved a place on the list of best London clubs on Thursday! 

A venue fit for Royalty, literally. Maddox is one of the most exclusive clubs in Mayfair, it’s a place that anyone and everyone wants to go.  The minamilst decor and many rooms mean whatever mood or type of night you are looking for Maddox has got you covered. With their past guests including royalty and countless A-List celebrities, getting inside can be challenging. Dress code for ladies is smart so dresses and heels and for gentlemen it’s smart as well.

Maddox will treat anyone like royalty, give it a go, we guarantee you an amazing experience!

best London clubs on Thursday

Tonteria quite literally translates to ‘nonsense‘. As you may have heard there is a tequila train for those of you who would like to board and embrace a night full of nonsense. Tonteria is one for the tequila lovers, cocktails created with tequila at the heart and many sharing cocktails such as ‘The Tequila Slammer’ (drink at your own risk).

Located next to Sloane Square station in the affluent and grand Chelsea area. Your night is guaranteed to be filled with sophistication, so heels and dresses are essential for ladies and gentlemen should be wearing shoes and shirts, to avoid disappointment arrive early!

Tonteria deserves a place on the best London clubs on Thursday, its different, exclusive, classy and of course who doesn’t want to party like they are in Mexico, just leave your flip-flops at home!

best London clubs on Thursday

Drama is amazing! It is certainly unique compared to some of the other clubs in this list. A balcony where the sexy dancers stand and dance together to the biggest hits of today. Drama has a lot to boast from its location at Hilton Hotel Park Lane, to the photo area, to the extravagant mirror walls and ceilings showing you every corner of the room. Plus lets not forget the amazing DJ box which doesn’t disappoint!

Of course considering all of these things Drama is difficult to gain access too. For a club like this it is absolutely imperative that ladies are in heels and dresses and the gentlemen in smart shirts, shoes and blazers!Past guests include Conor Maynard and many more and it  would be unlikely that you don’t see any celebrity on your visit to Drama. Walk in the doors and you are automatically treated like a VIP.

Drama is one of the best London clubs on Thursday, so get in touch before you miss out!

best London clubs on Thursday


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The Most Expensive Cocktails In London

June 8, 2017 Capital A List – Celebrity club news


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We’re sharing the most expensive cocktails in London. Drink the finest cocktails that all of London has to offer after reading this post!

What is it about fancy bars that always fill you with an air of sophistication? Imagine sitting in a dimly lit room dressed to the nines while drinking expensive cocktails.

That’s the dream, isn’t it? Everybody wants to live in the lap of luxury.

London has several spots just like the one described above. While they’re known for their excellent quality and their level of class, they’re also known for the hefty price tag on their drinks.

We’re taking a dive into the most expensive cocktails London has to offer!

expensive cocktails

The Most Expensive Cocktails in London

Ready to experience the best in alcoholic luxury – or at least read about it?

Keep reading to find out the most expensive cocktails London has to offer.

The B&B King – Purple Bar

Purple Bar may be a great place to grab a drink due to its aesthetic and atmosphere. It isn’t necessarily categorized as affordable, but with luxury like that, nobody’s really expecting it to be.

Typical cocktails at Purple Bar are typically priced in the 14-pound range. However, there’s one diamond located on that menu: the B&B king.

While all the cocktails at Purple Bar can boast expensive and luxurious ingredients, the B&B king takes it to an entirely different level.

It’s a twist on a popular drink from the 1940s. As such, it’s mixed using 1940 Martell Extra and a bottle of 1940 Benedictine.

The B&B King boasts a hefty price tag of 490 pounds, but it may be worth it to step back in time a few decades.

The Sazerac – American Bar

For the next of our expensive cocktails, we’re taking a step up and heading to American Bar at the Savoy Hotel.

Similar to Purple Bar, the Savoy isn’t known for its affordable drinks. If you’re on a budget, you’re likely to avoid it. This hotel bar is in the lap of luxury, so it makes sense that their menu would reflect that.

The most expensive cocktail on their menu, the Sazerac, goes for about 5000 pounds.

The menu states that it’s an upscale version of an Old Fashioned, sort of a remix on an old favorite.

It claims that the drink’s roots reach all the way back to the early 19th century.

The drink itself is made from Sazerac de Forge from 1857. This is a classic brandy which was in heavy use in the era. Pernod Absinthe from the 1950s is added to the mix, along with bitters from the 1900s.

Daiquiri – American Bar

We’re going to stick around at American Bar for the next of our expensive cocktails. Similarly to the Sazerac, the hotel bar’s daiquiri also sports a hefty price tag.

It’s somewhat more affordable than the Sazerac, and will net you a receipt for 600 pounds.

Their recipe tends to lean toward the classics, and the staff makes sure the rum is evident in every drink you take. However, they understand that the lime needs to add that refreshing zing, just enough to sweeten it.

The daiquiri at American Bar even goes so far as to speak to the quality of the ice they use to chill the drink.

If that’s not dedication, then what is? With such care toward the ingredients, this definitely deserves a place on our list of London’s most expensive cocktails.

Salvatore’s Legacy – Playboy Club

While American Bar’s daiquiri may have come as a relief from four-budget numbers, this drink is going to get us jumping right back up there.

While the Playboy Club may not exactly inspire images of class and sophistication, the Salvatore Bar is an oasis in a desert of sleaze and showing off.

If you’re looking for something that will just make you feel more refined, expensive cocktails are the way to go. In particular, the Salvatore’s Legacy will help you get where you need to go.

Salvatore’s Legacy comes with a price tag of 5,500 pounds. However, that price speaks to the ingredients of the drink.

What goes into this elixir? The 1770s Close de Griffier Vieux Cognac, along with 1770 Kummel liqueur. Dubb Orange Curacao from circa the 1860s along with bitters from the 1900s go on to top off this luxurious drink.

Diamond Cocktail – Sheraton Park Hotel

The Diamond cocktail from Sheraton Park Hotel has a 4,350-pound price tag attached to it. You know, so you don’t get your hopes up too quickly.

What makes it fetch that price? It could have something to do with the real diamond that’s included with the drink.

That’s right. You read correctly. Don’t adjust your screen. A real diamond.

The stone can be customized. You can swap it out for another stone of your choice if you’d like.

However, the ingredients in the drink also help throw it to astronomical heights. There’s a blend of several types of cognac, each reaching about $1000 per bottle. It also includes Charles Heidsieck Vintage 2001 champagne.

While these may not be on the menu or budget of the everyday customer, they’re a great option for special occasions, tourists, or if you’re just ready to splurge.

Think about it: you deserve something nice. When was the last time you drink a cocktail that had a diamond resting on the bottom?

Check out these exclusive, sophisticated bars and dive right into luxury.

Any hot new elite cocktails we’ve missed? Need a recommendation? Contact us!

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The Best Fine Dining Restaurants In London For A Romantic Night Out

May 17, 2017 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

Got a date coming up? Why not make it a night to remember. Read here for the best fine dining restaurants in London for a romantic night out.

London isn’t known for romance the way Paris is but is that due to marketing?
There are plenty of ways to have a romantic night out in The City that will leave your stomachs as full as your hearts.

You can start your night out with walks down the mews of Kensington. Or visit Saint Paul’s Cathedral and whisper sweet nothings to your lover in the whispering dome.

After that, treat yourselves to the most romantic fine dining restaurants in London.

We’re bringing you a look at our six favorite romantic restaurants in London. If you’re looking for a fine meal you can eat with your heart in your eyes, look no further.

Finish your night out with professionally thrown VIP exclusive parties at fabulous clubs. We throw them every night of the week.

fine dining restaurants in London

Fine Dining Restaurants In London

We’ll look at six different types of cuisine that will cater to whatever you and your partner are cravings. These include one of each:

  • A French restaurant
  • A modern restaurant
  • An Asian restaurant
  • A traditional restaurant
  • A Steakhouse

French Cuisine

What is more French than Les Miserables? This restaurant named itself after the heroic street urchin Gavroche.

That is not to say that the cuisine is anything a poor boy like Gavroche could have afforded. This is a true fine dining restaurant in London.

Opened in 1967, Le Gavroche is a gourmet french and seafood restaurant. It has been the recipient of two different sets of Michelin Stars.

In fact, it received three stars in the 80’s which was the highest of any British restaurant at the time. It now has two stars.

On the menu, you will find many dishes and ingredients you won’t be able to pronounce. Nor will you be able to find words for their deliciousness.

In appeal to romance? No one does it like the French.

Modern Restaurant

How could we talk about eating in London without thinking about Gordon Ramsay? We would be remiss not to mention his restaurant in Chelsea.

The restaurant is an intimate experience in itself, they only allow 45 people at a time. If you can get in, the intimate setting will lead to even more romance.

Can you imagine eating food approved by Gordon Ramsay? It is some of the best food on this planet. On the menu, you can expect to find anything from Lobster Ravioli to the Chef’s unique creations.

If you want to dine on Ramsay approved cuisine, you’ll need to plan in advance. Eating at this contemporary and famous fine dining restaurant in London will be a once in a lifetime meal.

Asian Restaurant

If you are looking for a more intense experience than delicious food only, try Buddha Bar.

This fine dining restaurant in London has an intensely decorated interior. They’re known for their fierce and delicious blends of eastern and western dishes.

What else is unique about Buddha Bar? The music they offer! The music from their restaurants have become albums and received music industry praise.

Nothing is subtle about Buddha Bar and that is on purpose. It’s all executed in an expert fashion. Nothing is not by design. The way the experience works together is matched only by their flavorful dishes.

If you would like a true Asian fusion dining experience, Buddha Bar is the place for you.

Traditional Restaurant

Wilton’s is a London original. The restaurant has been open for almost 275 years! If you and your partner enjoy history and its charm, this is the place for you.

It started as the Oyster Rooms in the 1800’s and passed down through the family until WW2. At that time, the owner decided she’d had enough of unexpected bombings and moved to Cornwall.

The restaurant sold to one of the Oyster Room’s regular customers and it has been in operation ever since. It has always been on the scene of fine dining restaurants in London.

As the previous name would suggest, you can find quality seafood here. They offer a season menu as well as an oyster bar. Meat on the carving cart changes daily.

There are also “top tables” candlelit Wilton’s, but you’d be lucky to get one. From Royalty to Rockstars, The Wilton has seen it all.

You can book a regular table online but be sure to do so in advance! When you eat at Wilson’s you’ll be taking part in history. Your (eventual) grand-kids will love that!


If you’re looking for a romantic and high-class steakhouse in London, you’re going to have to look hard. The entrance to Marco Pierre White London Steakhouse is hard to find, but their steaks are hard to top.

They have their own “master” butcher who picks only the choicest cuts. If you want to experience Marco Pierre White quality, your only choices are London City or Chelsea. There are no other steakhouses with his approval in the world.

The restaurant’s clean and crisp appeal leaves room for their food to wow you. If you can find the door, this is another once in a life time fine dining experience in London.

After Dinner

If you haven’t stuffed yourself to the point of sleepiness, London’s nightlife awaits. Once you have experienced one of these fine dining restaurants in London, its time to go out!

With all the choices of England’s capital city, choosing a club could be overwhelming. Fortunately, if you join our guestlist, we will make sure you know exactly where the best parties are.

Our parties are legendary and the clubs we host them at are top-of-the-line.

If you party with us, we can promise that you’ll have the time of your London life!


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The Best London Clubs On Monday Nights

April 24, 2017 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

Why not party like a real Londoner in one of the best London clubs on Monday! I mean let’s be honest. Nobody likes Mondays. However in London, Mondays aren’t necessarily the worst. Instead of settling in with a cup of tea in front of the TV, why not make the most of what London has to offer on a Monday night? Tonteria and Mahiki host the best parties on Mondays which are really worth dragging yourself out and starting your week with a bang! So whether you’re about in Mayfair or Chelsea, you definitely won’t be disappointed on a Monday night.

best London clubs on Monday

Mahiki club is well known as the number one celebrity hangout, as you can bump into a famous face there every night of the week. Mondays at Mahiki is definitely becoming the most popular Monday night in London at the moment and it’s the place to be if you are looking for  the best London clubs on Monday. This tiki themed club is located on Dover St. in Mayfair, literally a minute away from the Buckingham Palace. The crowd on a Monday night ranges from 18-21 as every student must come here to experience the infamous Monday madness.

You will feel like you are on holidays with tropical lush sea scenes and glowing blue lights. Topped with the mix of great music and tropical cocktails, this definitely will make your Monday night extraordinary. It would be rude to leave Mahiki without trying its best selling cocktail: the massive Treasure chest, made up of Moet and Chandon champagne, peach liqueur and brandy, served with fruit on top. It comes with many straws, so you can enjoy the drink with your friends at the same time – sharing is caring!

Get down early dressed your best, as the queues are long – a lot of young people want to step into this exotic paradise to escape Monday night blues.

best London clubs on Monday

Tonteria is also one of the best London clubs on Monday. Monday nights at Tonteria is quickly becoming one of the main nights in Chelsea. Some call Mondays the new Saturday in Chelsea and as Mahiki has proved in the West End, Londoners love for Mondays is nearly unsustainable.

Based in Sloane square the glamorous but extremely fun Tonteria club never fails to give you a Monday night to remember. Students from all around London get down here to experience the MUERTOS MONDAYS madness inspired by the Mexican Day of The Dead ( Dia de Muertos). It has extremely entertaining and electrifying vibe produced by the amazing shows, including jaw dropping outfits worn by the staff and R’n’B and Hip Hop tunes played by great DJ’s throughout the night. So why not grab a frozen Margarita and watch some Mexican wrestlers, instead of the cup of tea and TV on a Monday? And maybe if you’re lucky, your drink will be delivered to your table by a toy train! And if you haven’t guessed already, the tequila selection here is unmatched!

If you’re looking for an unforgettable start of the week, Tonteria is definitely one of the

best London clubs on Monday.

Tonteria operates a very strict door policy so to avoid disappointment, dress to impress. If you don’t look the part and adhere to the strict dress code, you could be refused entry.  
So who said Mondays have to be boring? Hop off the Monday haters bandwagon and get the most out of the best London Clubs on Monday! Whether you will chose to spend your Monday night at tropical Mahiki, or attend the crazy Mexican fiesta at Tonteria, you can be guaranteed a night you would never forget. So why not kick start your week with a little bit of madness at one of the best London clubs on Monday? 


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