Best Restaurants With Entertainment in London

May 27, 2022 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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London is a cultural performance on its own – The city is packed with lights, street artists, and music concerts. People from all over the world come to London to showcase their talents and grow in the industry. Performances here are never dull. It is evident then that restaurants and bars would complement the scene, offering shows and entertainment beyond just impeccable food, drinks, and service. Following, you will find some of the best restaurants with entertainment in London.

Cabaret shows, jazz music, and even circus performances make up the intriguing dining scene of London. These are places where you enjoy delicious food and creative drinks. Also, embark on a cultural adventure that complements the entire experience of the venue.


circus for best restaurants with entertainment in London

Circus is probably the most famous restaurant in London for live performances. It is a cabaret restaurant and cocktail bar that hosts live shows perfect for post-work cocktails, dinner, and late-night adventures. Here, fire-breathers with bright clothing, contortionists that balance champagne glasses on their feet, hula-hoopers, and acrobats entertain customers — a proper circus performance serving Pan-Asian food perfect for sharing. The cocktails are exotic and based on flavors and aromas from Asian cultures, ideal for a night of drinks and fun. 

They serve weekend brunches followed by excellent pop-up entertainment, showcasing their talents. At the same time, customers indulge in a three-course menu with the option of adding bottomless prosecco and mimosas to the mix. For dinner, plan to share tempura, gyoza, and tataki dishes, as well as grilled meats and curries — all inspired by traditional Asian dishes with a bit of flare and glamor to them. There are also plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. Blue and purple spotlights shine over the stage as tables surround it, granting first-seat views to mind-blowing performances. 

Dans Le Noir

Dans Le Noir is a unique sensory experience, part of the ten most original restaurants globally. It invites guests to rethink their relationship with food and its presentation by allowing them to dine in complete darkness. Here, your senses stop relying on sight and develop a mind on their own, making you taste food differently and become more aware of each feeling and flavor. Aside from dinner, they also offer workshops for team-building skills. You savor snacks and wine in the dark while working with others on fun and interactive activities that will change your perspective about human relations to the world and each other. 

The venue definitely needs to be part of the best restaurants with entertainment in London list! At Dans Le Noir, you can have a romantic dinner with a partner or with a group of friends, as well as meet new and exciting people. The expert house sommelier offers a rich selection of wines and guides you through the blind tasting process while eating one of the three tasting menus provided. Natural and organic ingredients make up the food, awakening your senses in a way never imagined before. After dinner, you can look at pictures of the dishes and finally see what caused such a harmonized flavor explosion in your mouth.


Sarastro is located inside a Victorian building, with an Arabian Nights feeling once you enter the restaurant. Dazzling artwork covers the walls, right beside opera boxes where people can sit and enjoy their meal. These boxes are designed based on architectural styles, like Gothic, Ottoman, Rococo, or English. Tapestries on the floor create a welcoming environment, and the creative and unique furniture adds to the whole exotic experience. You can enter this “old curiosity shop” decorated establishment and enjoy Mediterranean cuisine while listening to live music and watching theater performances. They display erotic artwork inside the bathrooms, a distinctive restaurant feature. 

Sarastro is the perfect place for those who love wine, food, and the opera. Feast your eyes on the decor and your palate with flavorful dishes. They are open for lunch and dinner every day of the week, hosting live performances of different styles depending on the day. There is a set menu to pick a starter and a main dish. Starters are traditional Turkish appetizers like cheese boreks, hummus, cacik, or chicken goujon. Beef short ribs and pan-fried seabass are popular options for the main course. Maybe try the Kuzu Incik, a slow-cooked lamb dish with mashed potato, gravy, and mixed vegetables. There are also vegetarian and vegan options and an a la carte menu. 

Piano Works

Piano Works is a non-stop audience-led music bar and restaurant. You can request songs by writing them down on the request slip and handing the paper to a waiter or musician onstage. And feel free to sing along as they play your favorite music. In the end, don’t forget to tip the human jukebox as you leave the place. They have a venue at West End, which has more of a club vibe to it, and one in Farrington, for those who like concerts better. With over 85 musicians employed (and many of them coming to play independently), Piano Works can surprise you with their musical repertoire and capacity to play all night long.

The Farrington unit is located inside a warehouse, fitting 400 people and always being at its total capacity. So book your table and be ready to stand up and dance with the crowd. Drink champagne, wine, beer, or classics and creative house cocktails. Eat from the gluten-free menu, the regular one (with lamb rump, 35-day dry-aged ribeye steak, and cod filet), or enjoy some brunch with the classic crowd-pleasing dishes. It is one of the best restaurants with entertainment in London.

London Cabaret Club

The London Cabaret Club celebrates British culture, both the old and the new. Here you will enjoy a fine-dining experience with exceptional service and artistic performances that illustrate different aspects of British heritage. The shows vary from the best of British pop to carnival specials and a “Queen of Roses” performance. Designers carefully prepare the costumes and choreographies, bringing life to your experience. It is located inside a Victorian house, with a 1920s decor and design that takes you back to the glory days of art, shiny gowns, and dance performances. 

Different types of tickets give you access to various amenities and services. Some only cover the entrance, while others include tapas, a bottle of champagne, or a table closer to the stage, where you can see the action. The food comes in a set menu that follows seasonal trends and flavors. During special occasions, like Halloween or Christmas, a talented team of chefs and cooks in the kitchen craft special themed menus. During carnival week, for example, staple Caribbean flavors like papaya, coconut, pineapple, and plantain make up the dishes.


Inamo is a visually stimulating restaurant with Soho, Camden, and Covent Garden units. They specialized in Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Korean cuisine and were voted the best brunch in Central London by the renowned TimeOut publication in the LoveLondon awards. The entertainment in this establishment comes with interactive technology to create projections over the customers’ tables. While waiting for your meal, you can play games, draw and color graffiti-style images, customize the table surface with your art, or even watch the chef preparing meals through a live camera feed. You can also order your meals on this projection system, designed by chef Stefan Markov. 

Here, the food is a pan-Asian mixture, where flavors from different Asian cuisines combine to create something new. The house sushi and sashimi are famous, especially their Dragon rolls. The Asian tapas include Yuzu Pork Belly or Chilli and Honey Tiger Prawns, a spicy dish with some lemon on the side to squeeze over it. There are also plenty of vegetarian dishes like the Bang Bang Cauliflower, toasted with sweet and spicy sauces. The Shishito Peppers with olive oil and sea salt drizzle are also popular. The interior design of all three venues highlights the caricaturesque image of Asia. It has thin wood and marble walls, a beige undertone, and dim lighting.


Quaglino is a restaurant and bar that offers live music seven days a week. Not bad for restaurants with entertainment in London. Here there is a different performance every day of the week, and you can check the schedule to see which one you’d like to see. Themed nights with Cuban music and individual performances with renowned artists are part of the schedule. The restaurant resembles a fancy cruise dining room. It has a stage in the front where people can gather around and dance. A large and extravagant staircase and an island bar in the middle are also included. Picture Titanic, minus the sinking boat part. 

For parties with up to eight guests, there is a sample menu where you can try whisky and maple salmon with pickled sour apple and cucumber. Maybe go for the duck liver parfait with clementine and candied walnuts. Main dishes include pork belly with carrots, garlic, onions, or even a pan-fried stone bass with artichokes and clams. Saturday brunch is also a popular option here, where the live music pairs well with buttermilk pancakes and Jersey oysters. The caviar comes with classic condiments, and the grill portion of the menu offers different dry-aged cuts of meat. The preparation and presentation of dishes are careful and intriguing, and the flavor is just as you would have imagined — but better.

Blues Kitchen

The Blues Kitchen has Brixton, Camden, Manchester, and Shoreditch units, all offering the same exceptional service and unique experience. It is a BBQ restaurant with live music and an extravagant bar. Here you can enjoy brunch, lunch, and dinner while listening to incredible R&B performances from different artists from all over Britain. Check the show schedule on their website to see which day you’d like to visit. Beer, bourbon, and live blues are a constant show, soul music brings talented artists, and back porch blues concerts come with £5 cocktails. 

The weekend brunch menu has some of the classic brunch foods like pancakes, salmon and eggs, and huevos rancheros. But they also offer house specials like buffalo cauliflower and cheeseburger spring rolls. The dinner menu has different burgers, all with succulent patties and unique condiments. The BBQ options include pork ribs and rib-eye steak. Shrimp tacos and buttermilk fried chicken are also part of the deal. The cocktails at the bar are a healthy mix of classics and house originals, with many whisky options for you to pick from.

Bunga Bunga

When it comes to restaurants with entertainment in London, Bunga Bunga does it perfectly. The venue mixes Italian pizza with live music and karaoke. It creates a fusion experience of food and performance never seen before. At their Battersea unit, you can enjoy pizza feasting menus, pizza-making classes, and karaoke nights. They have over 1000 songs to pick from and a professional stage and sound system. You’ll find live entertainment at the Covent Garden unit. Circus acts and games brought to you by Bunga hosts are part of the experience — a truly immersive dining experience. After dinner, see the stage turn into a dance floor and stay until 3 AM at the house after-party, listening to DJs play their sets. On both, be prepared for pink Prosecco weekend brunches with a lot of music. 

You can delight in breakfast-style pizzas and focaccias, the Tuscan Farmer’s breakfast, and the Roman sausage party for brunch. The dinner menu includes appetizers like garlic bread and wild mushroom, and truffle arancini. Salads are also available, and the pizza menu is extensive and filled with creative options like the Green Goddess and Julius Cheeser. Cocktails come in original glasses and impeccable presentation and flavor.


Aeronaut is probably one of the most unusual pubs in London. It celebrates the history of aviation and the discovery of flight with airborne circus and cabaret performances. The place is decorated with airplane models hanging from the blue ceiling. It is perfect for those who look for an eclectic-themed evening. They also have traditional carnival decor around the room, with vintage posters and red and white striped walls. A traditional beer garden can be found in the back, perfect for warm summer evenings. Inside, a small stage takes over the center of the dining room, where amazing circus and acrobat performances are illuminated by blue and purple lighting. 

Here you can find two-hour-long bottomless brunches with different themes that change every weekend. Experience everything from “circus brunch” to “saved by the 90’s” or even “it’s Britney, brunch” decor and entertainment. Traditional brunch dishes are served, pleasing all crowds alike. For the pub menu, find small plates like tabasco and truffled mac and cheese or squid with garlic, onions, and chili. Mains include grilled seabass, sirloin steaks, and vegan options like coconut, butternut squash, and sweet potato curry.  Sunday roasts are also popular! 

Best Restaurants With Entertainment in London

London is where you’ll find some of the best restaurants with entertainment in this world. The city is packed with artists who are ready to give out their best performances. The result of that is music, dancing, singing, and contortionism like you’ve never seen before. Now, pair that up with delicious food and cocktails, and you will have one of the most authentic and unique dining experiences of your life.

At Capital A-List, you get the best experience possible if you’re chasing luxury and unique cultural experiences in London. Host events and book places at some of the city’s best restaurants, bars, and clubs. Our VIP concierge services allow you access to the most exclusive venues and the most significant events in the city, always keeping you informed on what is happening right now! Learn more about our services by checking out our website.

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The Best Rooftop Bars in West London

April 29, 2022 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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Sometimes, it is good to get a panoramic view of all the buzz in a lively city like London. The lights in the buildings and the movement on the street are why the city is so famous. Rooftop bars are a great way to do that, kind of like having exclusive seats to a live and colorful performance. In this list, we will present you with the best rooftop bars in west London. Indulge in luxury, drinks, and beautiful views. 

London is filled with rooftop bars, some more casual, and a few very exclusive ones. Here, A-List individuals can for sure enjoy private time. Most of the famous rooftop bars are in central London, packed with tourists and locals alike amidst the bustling sounds of the city. However, there are some chic rooftop bars in West London, in neighborhoods like Chelsea and Paddington. These bars offer unique views of the most upscale parts of the city. The service, drinks, and food match the proposal for exclusivity.


best rooftop bars in west london -- skylark

Skylark is a rooftop bar known for its brunch and cocktails. From the 10th floor where it’s based, you can overlook Hyde Park, Little Venice, and a lot more of West London’s Skyline. Located in Paddington, the bar is one of the most popular options among the A-List brunch crowd! It has a glass roof that remains open during warm summer months and giant orange umbrellas to provide shade. The blue and white striped booths are charming and perfectly match the light pint velvet chairs. Green plants with white and pink flowers decorate the surroundings, and the environment turns into the ideal Sunday midday plan. 

Bubbles of the World and Cocktails in the Sky are a few examples of the exclusive events in Skylark. They take place almost every summer weekend. Here you can enjoy the Paddington sunset with live music. Indulge in classic and well-elaborated dishes like avocado with sourdough or cheeseburger sliders. Drink creative cocktails like the bourbon cherry sour. There is also the option to reserve the spot for private events, fitting 150 people. 

Pergola at Paddington

best rooftop bars in west london -- pergola

Next to Skylark, there is the Pergola in the Paddington neighborhood. Although it may not be an exact rooftop bar, its open ceilings and spacious ambiance perfectly mimic one. Here, the picnic-style environment merges with classic industrial decor. Large wooden tables take over the dining area, and green metal benches match the exposed ventilation ducts above. Plants also hang from the ceiling and hug the infrastructure. 

Pergola has four rotating restaurants that serve different snack-style foods, all extravagant and filling. From burgers to fried chicken and Japanese cuisine, here you can indulge in a global culinary proposal. They also have an extensive beer selection, wine list, and house cocktails. They change the decor and the menu according to the season. Here, nice summer picnic can turn into a winter wonderland or an apple-picking field. 

Pantechnicon Garden

best rooftop bars in west london -- pantechnicon

The Pantechnicon is a multi-store establishment featuring different restaurants and food shops, all with elite ingredients and products to eat and buy. Their first-floor café and second-floor nordic restaurant are already reason enough for you to visit. However, go up to the third and final floor, and you will find a winter garden that will mesmerize all of your senses. This botanical oasis has interior and exterior seating and can be enjoyed all year round. The wooden tables and seats pair up with the fur and leather cushions. The grey marble floor and large green plants also contribute to the well-illuminated environment. 

The food is inspired by Nordic cuisine, which touches on British tradition and spices. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner, where you can taste beetroot macadamia and halibut with dill and celeriac, for example. The cocktail menu changes according to the season, all inspired by nordic flavors and developed by mixologists of the area. 

Ivy Chelsea Garden

Ivy Chelsea Garden is everything you’d expect a luxurious tea-time establishment to be. When mentioning rooftop bars in west London, we cannot leave this one aside. The style marries classic colonial decor with jungle-bohemian elements, like the burnt orange booths and the dark, earthy colors on the chairs and walls. It is located in the Chelsea neighborhood, right in the heart of West London. This establishment has a vivid outdoor garden filled with plants and flowers that surround you while indulging in café-style classic snacks. They serve afternoon tea, breakfast, and an evening menu that follows the season’s flavors, always based on traditional British cuisine. 

The bar offers unique house cocktails, like the Blood Orange Margarita and the Peach Negroni. During the afternoon tea, enjoy the scones, shortbreads, and macaroons. The weekend brunch menu is also extensive, with many vegetarian and vegan options. The Ivy Chelsea Garden attends to the A-List individuals at any time of the day, always with an offer that is ideal for the moment.

Min Jiang

On the 10th floor of the Royal Garden Hotel, you will find the Min Jiang rooftop bar and restaurant. Here, you will find a fine-dining, authentic Chinese experience. Overlooking Hyde Park and with stunning views of the trees and the London skyline, in Min Jiang, you find a classic ambiance. The tables are covered in white cloths, and the red walls are decorated with different oriental vases and sculptures. 

The tasting menu also allows you to taste different flavors from China during lunch hour or dinner time. Here you have the opportunity to try the ancient Chinese recipe of wood-fired Beijing Duck. Also, taste the roasted lamb with cumin, and the famous house dim-sums in their variety of flavors and colors. Wine and sake are also part of the menu, along with cocktails like the Midnight Lotus and the oriental Mojito. 

Bluebird Café White City

bluebird café white city -- best rooftop bars in west london

Bluebird Café White City extends the original Bluebird Café in Chelsea. Here, you can find all-day eggs for your breakfast, special events, and margarita weeks. The interior design is incredibly chic, with an eclectic and elite 1950s dinner resemblance, filled with pink chairs and black and white striped round tables. The large bar in the back welcomes customers with led lighting and more pink tones on the walls. The all-day drinking and dining menu is located in the developing Television Center of West London. The stylish environment of both the indoor dining room and terrace invites guests to enjoy any hour of the day, on any occasion. 

Here, you can find the famous Flower Burger, made with purple, yellow, or green buns and traditional fillers of a regular burger.  The all-day menu has most of the crowd-pleasing classics, all prepared with an extra aesthetic notch to make every dish more presentable and picturesque. The weekend brunch serves customers with truffled arancini, artichoke tortellini, and traditional brunch foods like eggs benedict and avocado toasts. The fixed lunch menu changes every month, constantly updating the proposal to the season. Go for appetizers like the Jalapenos cheese croquettes in the evening, pairing it with a Jalisco Mule, a cocktail with tequila lime juice, and ginger beer.

No 197 Chiswick Fire Station

best rooftop bars in west london -- No 197 chiswick fire station

A place where Arizona cacti meet minimalism. No 197 Chiswick Fire Station belongs to Darwin & Wallace, who has a strong claim of sustainability on the London restaurant and bar scene. The bar cherishes the building’s fire station history by keeping the spaces open and letting lots of natural light in, perfect for summer months. The simple decor, with brown, black, and white furniture shades, matches the light pink, grey, and chalky white colors on the walls. A few black and white pictures hang on the walls, and vases with cacti decorate the space. On the back is a “secret garden” with an open ceiling to enjoy some sunlight. Although the focus here isn’t the view of the London skyline, this is a perfect location to catch some fresh air and tune off from the bustling environments of the city. 

The scratch-made menu attends to the 9 am breakfast lovers, lunch executives, post-work happy-hourers, and even those who want to grab a drink at night. Weekend all-day brunches are famous too, serving coconut chia bowls, mushrooms and beans over sourdough, caramelized banana pancakes, and the classic brunch egg and avocado dishes. The all-day menu has plenty of options for sharing – butternut squash and spinach falafels, and various crostinis are an example. Maybe pair your food with a draught beer or a house cocktail! Larger plates are also available, and there are plenty of vegan options to pick from. 

The Prince

The prince is known as West London’s most extensive beer garden. Here, dark green vines with orange and purple flowers hang from the glass ceiling and hug the white pillars spread around the establishment. The picnic-style wood tables match with the light green chairs. The led lighting that writes “food this way” creates a botanical environment that perfectly reflects the elite European spring season. In this oasis, you will find food, drinks, and a unique social experience, at any hour of the day. 

The Prince is a food and beer hub that almost takes up an entire street, made by adjacent restaurants that joined forces to create the garden, opening only during the spring and summer seasons. Each year they offer a different menu from the restaurants leading the dining scene at the time. Burgers, pizzas, temaki, and Sunday roasts are part of the experience this year, as well as creative and aesthetic drinks, excellent beer, and an extensive and well-curated wine list. 

Harvey Nichols

best rooftop bars in west london -- Harvey nichols

Harvey Nichols is a fashion, beauty, food, and wine department store. Go up to the fifth floor, and you will find the chic bar that overlooks the city’s skyline. This is one of the pretties rooftop bars in west London. Velvet chairs, booths, and barstools on different shades of pink and grey match the rosé metal tables, martini glasses, and details on the ceiling. The round, white-marble bar in the middle of the establishment displays a fine selection of liquors and spirits. Here, taking a break from your shopping spree to grab a quick drink is a must, or maybe even reserve a private space for a special celebration.

Their extensive menu offers a rich selection of wines and champagne. On the menu, you can find a cocktail list displaying classics, champagne-based drinks, fruity and aromatic options, and the cocktails of the month (like the One Time in Jalisco, made with Maestro Dobel tequila, Prucia liqueur, fresh lime juice, and pistachio syrup). Buy the Billionaire Experience and taste some of the most renowned champagnes in the world, accompanied by finger foods and a gift box to take home. The foods here are the classic bar dishes, with a touch of elegance to their presentation and flavors. They offer masterclasses and tastings for you to learn the art of mixology.

The Trafalgar St. James Hotel Rooftop Bar

On the 7th floor of The Trafalgar St. James Hotel, you will find the elegant and classic rooftop bar that overlooks St. James square. Many rooftop bars in London close off during the winter. Still, here you can enjoy year-round sunsets and cocktails, sitting close to heaters and covering yourself with the blankets provided. Also, be enchanted by the Northern Lights installations that take place during the colder months, brightening the ceiling with blue, green, and purple luminescence. The dress code at the Trafalgar St. James rooftop bar is smart casual, meaning you cannot show up on a hoodie or athletic gear. The lavish dressing of customers matches the environment, with navy blue, black, and wooden furniture. 

The food comes mostly for sharing, with pan-Asian cuisine covering lunch and dinner menus. The cocktail list, which covers classics and some house specials, adjust to the flavors of each season! Prawn Beignets and Duck Rillettes are two of the unique options served. On weekends, brunch is also available. Different rooms offer exclusive views of the city, and some may need reservations ahead of time. 

Best Rooftop Bars in West London

West London is an oasis of luxurious rooftop bars serving refined foods, drinks, and experiences. Exploring these bars is an excellent way to experience all the best that the city offers. A perfect escape from the bustling noises and movement of London, these elite establishments will undoubtedly give you a different and memorable perspective of luxury. Their unique environments and exceptional service are surely made to attend to A-List individuals searching for a good time.

Here at Capital A-List, we make sure to give the best experience possible for those chasing luxury in London. Host events in luxurious places and book tables at the most upscale restaurants, clubs, and bars with our premier membership! Our VIP concierge services allow you access to the most exclusive venues and the most significant events in the city, always keeping you informed on what is happening right now! Learn more about our services by checking out our website.

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Best Cocktail Bars In London

April 8, 2022 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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London is home to some of London’s best cocktail bars in London Capital A List have put together a guide to the best cocktail bars in London.

best cocktail bar london

At The Savoy its all about the attention to detail to give you the best glamorous cocktail experience in London at one of the award winning bars – Beaufort Bar.

The Beaufort Bar is nothing but luxurious with the added dramatic jet-black and burnished gold décor. The creative mixologists shake up classic and newly elegant creative styled house cocktails made with an element of drama. Not to mention Beaufort Bar has one of the most extensive fabulous choices of champagne in London, by glass or bottle – perfect for all special occasions or for simply just dining in style.

The five-star menu, is illustrated as a tunnel-book, that pays tribute to the long history of The Savoy and some of its famous guests – namely Katherine Hepburn to name a few, who in her time was rejected from hotels due to her now popular fashion sense. Try the cocktail that was inspired by the famous actress – Incognito, a masculine mix of Patron Anejo Tequila, Averno and Martini Rubino with popcorn and walnut.

For a full glamourous day out in London, start off with the famous afternoon tea at The Savoy inspired and created by Gordan Ramsey, head to The Beaufort for a luxurious afternoon of cocktails and finally dine like the stars.

the coral room

The Coral Garden, is one of the best cocktail bars in London, is an intimate bar in Central London, located just 3 minutes away from Tottenham Court Road station.

The Coral Garden is equipped with heaters and a botanical canopy with cosy fireplace, just perfect for those cold days. The experts have put together a carefully curated afternoon tea to a 5-course feast with cocktails and canapés.

The Coral Room was designed by the acclaimed Martin Brudnizki, the vibrant grand salon bar reflects an exquisite country house transported to the city. The versatility of The Coral Room is sure to make it an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of Central London.

Open from midday daily, The Coral Room provides the perfect setting during the day for a lunch, afternoon tea, cocktails and wine, transforming itself into a lively cocktail bar in the evenings.

Moving onto the bar, the cocktails are inspired from England. Each cocktail combines local ingredients: Kentish cobnuts, Bramley apples, violets, rhubarb, rosehips – let you embark on an English journey.

best cocktail bar in london

Demon, Wise & Partners, a classic cocktail bar, is one of the best cocktail bars in London, just situated beneath a pub – The Arbitrager in the heart of The City of London on Throgmorton Street.

Reservations are a must at this superb location, and is a seated only venue. Expect fabulous canapes, cocktails, beers, wines and spirits from Demon, Wise & Partners.

A must try is the popular Demon and the Wise; two drinks using exceptional spirits, one reflecting there inner wickedness and daring characteristics, the other showing maturity of years, wisdom and complexity. Very unique that the team have a motto where each drink will be made 100 times, after that, it will be replaced by another recipe.

The super popular drink DEMON #25, is a smokey and flavourful Old Fashioned, with Laphroaig 10yo Sherry Cask, Lambeth Walk Porter reduction and Angostura bitters. The WISE #23, a decadent Armangnac Sazerac, made with Lauvia Armangnac Hors D’age, Peychaud’s bitters, Angostura bitters, sugar and absinthe.

 Bourne & Hollingsworth

One of the best cocktail bars in London, the Bourne & Hollingsworth, a venue to guarantee an entertained and fun night, be amazed at the setting to a host of notorious stories, the perfect venue to meet for after-hours drinks.

Try one of the cocktails, designed to tease you a little and let the music boost your mood. The cocktail menu will tease you with, Yo Ho Ho – spiced & Aged Rum stirred down with banana liqueur and butterscotch syrup, finished with old fashioned bitters.

Try the famous Smoked Blood Orange Margarita, tequila & Mezcal shaken with grapefruit liqueur, fresh lime & blood orange syrup, or try the Homebrew Punch, peach & raspberry gin, rose vermouth and bergamot liqueur blended with lemon verbena & berry tea cordial and topped with bubbles. Finally, the Star of Fitzrovia with vanilla vodka, coconut rum, Galliano shaken with passion fruit juice, pineapple juice and fresh lime juice. Topped with coconut & vanilla cream.

One of the best cocktail bars in London
Burlock Rum Room, is a hidden 1930’s Havana-Style basement bar making this venue one of the best cocktail bars in London.

Perfectly located close to Oxford Street, this hidden basement bar is a Rum haven for the keen Rum drinkers. We don’t expect anything less that the rum is Caribbean and of course premium. The bar is a true inspiration of Cuba’s rum history, walk in and be delighted to the 1930’s Havana-styled walls of Burlock that display stunning vintage prints, a sipping salon corner with authentic retro hairdryers and also a grand house veranda making it the ultimate Rum Room in London.

Burlock is mainly all about Rum, but there is a wide selection of cocktails with and without Rum. Cocktails include, signature Daiquiris, Gunfire, Painkiller, Mojito’s and of course beers, ciders and wines. We suggest going for tasty tacos and bar snacks paired with a good rum cocktail.


Purl London, has been open since 2010 in Marylebone. The word purl comes from an old English drink consisting of warm ale, gin, wormwood and spices.

Purl is known for being innovative with culinary techniques that tell a story of each and every cocktail on the menu. Expect drinks that will blow you away on every sensory level, using aroma, fogs, airs, foams, food, bespoke glasses and liquid nitrogen to bring the drink to life and transport you to another place or time.

Go for the music themed nights of swing/jazz/blues or funk. Fridays are themed jazz music nights.

The drinks menu also caters for wine drinkers and serves three flavours of wine – red, white and pink. The venue also boosts a selection of craft beers and great canapes and bar snacks.

Purl and the expert mixologists offer cocktail masterclasses that will teach you all the techniques used to mix up some super drinks using food, smoke and foam to name a few.

apple and pears bar

Apples & Pears Bar, is a lovely cocktail bar just tucked away behind a graffiti covered shutter at the Aldgate East end of Brick Lane.

Walk in and feel the music to be eclectic and lively, playing everything from soul, funk, old school hip hop and 80s/90s party classics at the weekends and midweek, live acoustic sessions. Great for cold nights out with outdoor heating available.

The cocktail menu includes, No Whey Jose – Mexicana meets Tropicana: fruit and fiery with just a touch of smoke. Not A Negroni – Bitter, boozy with a splash of forest fruits and woken up with Prosecco. Cococabana – A surprisingly light but boozy-banoffee fizz. French Connection – Like a night out at the Moulin Rouge for your mouth.

Definitely a night to remember with great vibes, cocktails and music to start or end of the weekend.

The Proofing Room, a very popular destination in London, is one of the best cocktail bars in London, is the ultra-slick basement cocktail bar in Soho.

This underground cocktail bar is known for having a bespoke seasonal cocktail menu, which is rather unique and inspiring. Expect the cocktail menu to include, the Nikka Highball (Nikka whisky, kummel, absinthe, peach, orange, soda), and Sweet Pea & Elderflower (vodka, sweet pea, elderflower, bitter lemon), the Coconut Butter Old Fashioned (bourbon, coconut butter, bitters).

The Proofing Room also has a great bar food menu to go with the cocktails, on the menu expect quails’ scotch eggs with honey-whisky mustard mayo, and whisky-cured salmon charcoal macarons, roquefort, grape and walnut truffles.

One of the best cocktail bars in London Nine Lives

Nine Lives is a hidden gem, located in the Victorian basement of No.8 Holyrood Street, is packed full of incredible cocktails, great vibes & a killer soundtrack.

The name Nine Lives refers to an ethos of salvation – unveiled treasures, nothing wasted and of course, everything lovingly sourced. As you can imagine, the drinks menu is designed by the superb bar team. The team have created all cocktails and drinks with a passion and creative inspirational spirit.

Start your weekend the right way with the great music and sound systems that are perfect for some after-dark listening, drinking and dancing.

Nine Lives also has a great food menu, all fresh and seasonal, try the popular seafood tacos, with the sun-kissed flavours of 70s Southern California. Chef ‘El Tigre’ from Guadalajara, Mexico, created this dish from his childhood memories in Mexico.

One of the best cocktail bars in London

Callooh Callay is guaranteed to deliver high quality drinks and service, has won numerous awards including the Top 50 Cocktail Bars 2022, 2019, Top 500 Bars 2021, 2020, 2019, with Imbibe’s Best Drinks List 2020, Best International High Volume Cocktail Bar at Tales of the Cocktail 2016 and Top 4 Best Int’l High Volume Cocktail Bar 2019, 2018 and 2015, not to mention Worlds Best Cocktail Menu in 2012 and have been named in Drinks International’s World’s 50 Best Bars in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016.

Cocktail Masterclasses are taught by the very skilled bartenders, know all the tricks and learn how to make classic hit cocktails of your choice. We wouldn’t expect anything less than fabulous spirits, quality ingredients, and bartending equipment

The cocktail menu has many delights such as Bruja Verde made with Bruxo X Mezcal – Ancho Reyes Verde – Tío Pepe Sherry – Italicus Bergamot Rosolio – Coriander – Lime – Saline – Tonic. The Fist Bump is made with Brugal 1888 Rum – Bacardi Ocho Rum – Smith & Cross Rum – Triple Sec – Lime – Orgeat – Absinthe – Raspberry. Not foregetting the popular High Five with Banana Rum – Rumbar Gold Rum – Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum – Sugar – Lemon.

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Best Clubs in London on a Sunday

March 9, 2022 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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London is home to some of London’s best clubs on a Sunday. Capital A List have put together a guide to the best clubs in London.

London’s best clubs on a Sunday wyld

One of the best London clubs on a Sunday is WYLD, conveniently located in the heart of Mayfair, near Hyde Park Corner in central London which used to be a club called Drama. WYLD is from the same owners of Drama, and have specked this club to be environmentally sustainable and incorporate a nature themed décor.

Walk into an enchanted world with glorious foliage along the ceilings and walls, included in the decorative wallpapers are a jungle-style theme and the eye-catching puma statue that cannot be missed underneath the cocktail bar. Nature and wild life are the theme for the club where a large LED tree towards the far end of the club juxtaposes the wild rainforest vibe and the hi-tec nightclub vibes.

WYLD Club London is the perfect venue to dance the night away in a unique setting for high society partygoers in London. Its strict guest list and exclusive table reservation make WYLD the ideal VIP club for those looking for a VIP night out. WYLD will surely be an unforgettable night out with friends.


Tape, one of the best clubs in London on a Sunday, is an exclusive nightclub offering a sophisticated party experience for an exclusive a-list, global crowd. Expect only the best music from internationally famous and well-known DJs. The music is always ahead of the trends, playing the best and new music, combining hip hop and pop, but it is flexible and changes depending on the DJ.

If you love to party and love great music, then Tape is the place you need to be on a Sunday. Tape is located by Hanover Square in Mayfair. Of course, expect nothing less of dancing to great music and socializing with the best crowd.

Not only is Tape a club but also has a recording studio that offers members of the club a bespoke artwork and music collectables service. Members can also make use of the clubs private member’s lounge for artists to hang out, work and meet like-minded souls.

best club in london on a sunday

One of the best clubs in London on a Sunday has to be Libertine located conveniently near Oxford Street. Expect a nightclub with an amazing atmosphere and an even more amazing line up of performance artists and an impressive guest list of celebrities and A-listers such as Rihanna, Steve Aaoki, Kate Moss, Gigi Hadid, Rita Ora, Drake, Niall Horan and Jason Derulo.

Libertine is from the creators of the famous members only club, Chinawhite, the team have strived to provide the most luxurious nightclub experience in London. Walk in to this lavish ultra-modern club with three interlinked dancefloors, Reason & Mankind cocktail lounge and an exclusive VIP private area. The interior will awaken your senses, with custom-made oak tables, metallic upholstery and glowing multicolour lighting with a fifty-foot screen.

If you want the ultimate night out at Libertine, make sure to book a table, or even book the whole London club for your private event or party.

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Best Fine Dining Restaurants In London

March 1, 2022 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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London is home to some of London’s best fine dining restaurants in London. Capital A List have put together a guide to the best fine dining restaurants in London.

Best Fine Dining Restaurants In London

Da Terra, one of the best fine dining restaurants in London, was awarded its first Michelin star in 2020 and then soon after they received their impressive and well deserved second Michelin star in 2021.

The restaurant is located in a modern posh Victorian hotel, walk in and be invited with a cocktail at the bar before you have your gourmet surprise.

Head Chef, Rafael Cagali, originally from São Paulo in Brazil with an Italian background, Rafael started his career in London at the age of 21 with an impressive career at The Fat Duck by Heston Blumenthal to then opening Fera at Claridges. Cagali’s unique cuisine is inspired by the flavours of his roots and influences of his culinary experiences throughout his career.

The next Chef, Mark Tuttiett knowns as Rafael’s right-hand man, comes with much culinary experience to add to the impressive kitchen team. Chef Paulo Airaudo, the business partner, was born in Argentina, expanded his portfolio at some very impressive restaurants including Arzak in San Sebastián, The Fat Duck in London and Magnolia in Italy.


One of the best fine dining restaurants in London – Pidgin, opened in 2015 with the concept to serve a weekly changing menu and to never have the same dish. Pidgin located in East London, is a small cosy restaurant hidden in a vibey busy area.

The menu, is a four-course set menu with wine pairings, is simply really just creative modern British dishes. Expect the menu to deliver nothing but an array of different textures and flavours that are so unique and never to be repeated. The wine pairings, of course, also change weekly based on the menu created by Chef Dan Graham.

Chef Dan Graham has created many dishes including dishes inspired with British Asian influences, including a peach of a Viognier from Languedoc. The week we experienced had these dishes on the menu: barbecued squid, kimchi served with an autumn vegetable ‘salad’ with jasmine rice broth, followed by roast quail with creamed corn and herby ‘green sauce’, then glazed apple bread pudding with sticky miso butterscotch sauce to end off the dining experience.

Owners James Ramsden and musician Sam Herlihy came up with the weekly menu concept while hosting a supper club and wanted to recreate the enjoyable experience fine dining style. Pidgin is a must try and since the menu changes weekly you can dine frequently.

Best Fine Dining Restaurants In London

Club Gascon, one of the best fine dining restaurants in London, is a Michelin-starred contemporary French restaurant with imaginative plates of food moved by the gastronomy of southwest France.  The restaurant opened in 1998 and has received numerous rewards, including 3 AA rosettes and a Michelin star that was first awarded in 2002, and which has been retained every year since

Club Gascon is located just off of London’s historic Smithfield Market in Clerkenwell. Dine in a former Lyon’s Tea house still with many original features including the dramatic marble facades along one side of the dining room. 

The kitchen is led by the talented Chef-patron Pascal Aussignac, who strives to showcase the traditional Gascon flavours in a contemporary and innovative style. Chef Pascal’s “Le Marché” tasting menu changes seasonally and makes use of the best available produce from suppliers in the UK and France.  This tasting menu is a seven course tasting menu with a shorter five course version also available and of course can be paired with wine.

Expect a wine list to take you on a voyage across southwest France featuring well known and excellent vintages.


The Michelin star Galvin La Chapelle’s, is one of the best fine dining restaurants in London, conveniently located in walking distance from Liverpool Street station. Walk in and be intrigued by the large arched windows, high stone ceilings and stylish interiors provide the perfect backdrop to a traditional modern French inspired menu.

The restaurant was first awarded a Michelin star in 2011, and has retained it since. A menu that is fresh, seasonal and local is all sourced from the local markets in London.

The menu comprises of some top dishes such as Lasagne of Dorset crab with beurre Nantais & pea shoots and Ballotine of Var salmon, avocado cream & Royal Oscietra caviar on toast for starters. Mains include, Tagine of Bresse pigeon, couscous, confit lemon, aubergine purée & harissa sauce and Fillet & slow cooked rib of Cumbrian beef, watercress, potato crumb & alliums. Saving the best for last, desserts are irresistible, Apple tarte Tatin & Normandy crème fraiche and the Raspberry soufflé, crumble & raspberry coulis are must trys.

best fine dining restaurants in London

Restaurant Story, is one of the best fine dining restaurants in London, was created by Chef Tom Sellers as he tells his story and the story of British food through an ever-evolving tasting menu of seasonal dishes. The restaurant gained its first Michelin star after five months of opening in 2013 and its second Michelin star in 2021.

Chef Tom Sellers is the Head Chef, trained at some of the world’s best restaurants including Restaurant Tom Aikens, Noma and Per Se. His food is predominantly British, using seasonality to lead a menu that invokes memory and brings a narrative to each plate.

Jonathan, Head Sommelier, has also worked at The Ritz, Social Eating House and Orwells. Jonathan carefully selects wines that are intriguing and champions the people and provenance behind each drink on our list.

The innovative talents and creativity of Chef Tom Sellers leaves an unforgettable impression.


One of the best fine dining restaurants in London is Otto’s, which has been voted over the years as one of the best French restaurants in London. Otto’s is a classic, sophisticated and dreamy French fine dining restaurant. A definite if you are looking for something romantic.

A must try for wonderful French food and expect nothing less than an outstanding lunch or romantic dinner. Of course, the restaurant offers an exceptional wine list that is sought after. The menu focuses on the traditional and classic French cuisine, and not forgetting Gallic fine dining. It is no surprise that Otto’s French Restaurant in London was nominated in the most recent World Restaurant Awards.

On the classic French menu for entrées, you can expect to indulge in dishes like Homard et sa Bisque, Lobster Bisque and Lobster Soufflé aux Fromage de Chèvre, Sauce aux Herbes Fraiches, Double Baked Goat’s Cheese Souffle and Herb Sauce Demi-douzaine d’Escargots à la Bourguignonne. For mains or ‘plats’, try the Pâtes Fraiches Maison aux Cèpes et Truffe and Home-Made Fresh Pasta with Cep Mushrooms and Truffle Steak de Veau de Corrèze à l’Os aux Morilles.

A wide range of patisseries are available to end off your French dining experience such as the classic Crème Brûlée, Tarte Tatin and  Grand Marnier Souffle, Raspberry Coulis Moelleux au Chocolat et à l’Orange.

one of the best fine dining restaurants in London

Awarded 3 Michelin stars, Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, is one of the best fine dining restaurants in London for their contemporary French cuisine and impeccable service. Be invited to a contemporary, light and stylish informal setting with three unique dining rooms tailored for different occasions – la table Lumiere, salon Prive and salon Park Lane.

Guests have the option to choose among a stunning collection of Hermès china sets, dine in style with the Puiforcat silverware and Saint-Louis crystal, used exclusively for Table Lumière. With its high ceilings, and plenty of natural light, Salon Park Lane conveys an atmosphere of serenity. Turn any event into an unforgettable experience.

Executive Chef Jean-Philippe Blondet creates the cuisine with a modern and polished approach, with of course using current seasonal produce from British and French suppliers.

The Chef has carefully crafted a Tasting Menu with hand-dived sea scallop, cauliflower, citrus and caviar marinated sea bass, green meat radish, pistachio, samphire and Sichuan pepper lobster medallion, chicken quenelles, Périgord truffle and homemade semolina pasta line-caught turbot, Jerusalem artichokes, sunflower seeds, tarragon saddle of venison Kalibos cabbage and pumpkin served with an assortment of French cheeses.

Four Seasons

The Amaranto restaurant located in the Four Seasons London hotel in Mayfair, can be described as a light and airy space, the menu is specially created by Executive Chef Henry Brosi who will take you on a culinary journey. The restaurant boosts a private dining room and sun-filled semi-private Captain’s Table for an intimate romantic dining experience.

Conveniently located in close proximity from Park Lane and Piccadilly, enjoy an al fresco dining experience with a menu of classic dishes to be complemented by specialty cocktails created by Bar Manager Ivan Arena.

The menu is an a la carte style menu, expect dishes from caviar, served with blinis, sour cream and chives, light starters and salads such as the classic Caesar salad and pasta dishes like the gnocchetti and lobster linguine made with a spicy shellfish sauce. Mains and from the grill include sea bass fillet and dover sole all sourced locally. Desserts and cheese for your last course, you will be tempted by the Seven Sins and apricot and caramel cake.


For fine dining, Murano in Mayfair, is a must try. The restaurant opened in 2008 and successfully within 4 months achieved a Michelin Star, followed by 4 AA Rosettes. Murano is one of the few restaurants to hold 4 AA rosettes and was included in the Good Food Guide’s Top 50 restaurants for 2015.

Behind all the success is Angela Hartnett, executive chef, is one of the UK’s most loved and talented chefs and restaurateurs. Angela has launched Amaryllis in Scotland; Verre in Dubai; Menu and The Grill Room at The Connaught, with Gordon Ramsay. Angela has two cookbooks to her name, Cucina (2007) and Angela’s Kitchen (2011).

The private room, seating up to 12 guests, features a retractable curtain and a window offering a direct view into the kitchen which is perfect for any dining occasion.

The team at Murano have a selection of set menus and for those wanting a more interactive experience, Angela and her team will devise a tasting with matching wines as part of a Chefs Table experience.

best fine dining restaurants in London

One of the best fine dining restaurants in London is Behind, an intimate Michelin star fish-focused restaurant run by chef Andy Beynon. Behind is an intimate, small cosy 18-seater for lunch and dinner.

Behind is chef Andy Beynon’s first restaurant that opened in October 2020. Impressively only after 20 days’ the restaurant was awarded its first Michelin Star. Andy has had some incredible experience, he spent 15 years working in some of the best Michelin star restaurants.

This intimate restaurant offers one dinner and one lunch sitting, with all diners served their food at the same time. Be intrigued with a full view of the kitchen and are fully immersed in the dining experience. We love that the chef offers diners a chance to see ‘behind the scenes’ in the kitchen, with all courses served to them by the Chefs.

The 8-course tasting menu is fish-focused, seasonal, and utilises some of the best of British produce and is served by the chefs that created and prepared your dish.

The 8-course tasting menu includes; brambles, juniper, sour apple skin, native lobster muffin, oyster taco, gentleman’s relish, mushroom ‘tea and toast’, crab, jelly, plum, cardamom, roasted Hake, cockles, sherry, guinea fowl, pumpkin and seed and lastly for dessert the chocolate, salted pine and ricotta.

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