The Best Posh Restaurants In London

March 8, 2018 Capital A List – Celebrity club news


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The Best Places To Take Clients In London

February 7, 2018 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

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If you are looking for the best places to take clients in London, look no further than this, the perfect guide to all the most exciting and unique venues, with something to suit everyone. From clubs with late night live shows to exquisitely themed restaurants, this list has everything you will need when deciding where in London to take your client out to.

If you’re looking for the best, out of ‘The Box’, unforgettable night out, look no further than these iconic London clubs. From perfect cocktails, to unbelievable shows these 3 are guaranteed to please.

While all of our clubs provide a phenomenal experience, these 3 step outside the box and offer more than just a club, they offer a transportation to a world of cabaret, burlesque and all things weird and wonderful.

The best places to take clients in London


The Box, a hotspot for celebrity sightings in Soho is the self proclaimed ‘Theatre of Variety’, and an iconic spot which pushes the boundaries of cabaret and shows the more promiscuous, twisted side of London. This exclusive Soho members club is definitely one of the best places to take clients in London. Set up as a 19th century theatre the art deco furnishing and extravagant live shows make it the perfect place to take the client who likes to think outside ‘The Box’.

The sister to the club of the same name in Manhattan, it had a reputation to uphold from the minute it opened its doors, to create an entertainment that will be unforgettable and see how far they can push themselves.

A place that is to be seen to be believed, found in the corners of Soho, The Box is a sure to impress venue, with a decadent drinks menu, food served until late at night, and a cabaret of quirky until 3AM. Just remember to dress up in your best glamour and reserve your place beforehand!


The best places to take clients in London


If your client is looking for something a little different, consider Cirque le Soir, a staple club of Soho, and we would go as far to say, the whole city! Boasting 4 themed club nights a week, there is something here guaranteed to please everyone.

Their Mondays consist of the ‘most unorthodox’ party you will find in the city, and the best way to start a week off, with celebs and socialites regulars of this event, it is not one to be missed. However, if your client isn’t with you on a Monday, fear not as on Wednesday’s Cirque le Soir caterers to the Hip Hop fans with their Hype Hop night, dubbed as London’s original hip hop party.

For your client who is a little more adventurous, we suggest Censored, Cirque’s Friday night, offering a more edgy, unadulterated burlesque experience, with something exciting happening everywhere you look. Every Saturday, they host their reintroduced dark take on the traditional circus, Bordel. Expect theatricals, booze and an unbelievably after party. However, to avoid disappointment, a table booking is more than suggested, and remember to dress smart! The VIP club is really worth visiting and one of the best places to take clients in London. 


The best places to take clients in London


The club Reign, located next to Piccadilly Circus station, while only having been opened last September has already made itself a huge name on the London clubbing scene, and it’s not hard to see why. Offering shows containing everything from fire-breathers to acrobatics, the club does everything it can to preserve that vintage circus feel and make their customers forget where they actually are.

A definite must see and one of the best places to take clients in London. Self proclaimed as a mix of ‘Las Vegas and Moulin Rouge’, the club takes acrobatics and makes it look effortlessly sexy and exciting. But this comes as no surprise when you find out the creators are those also behind Cirque le Soir. This staple venue is a must attend show for anyone looking to impress, just remember, ladies in heels and gents in smart shoes. 

If you’re looking for something slightly more intimate, London’s sophisticated bar scene might be what you’re looking for. We have handpicked some of the best bars of the city that all have a little twist of something vintage to give your client an unforgettable experience!


The best places to take clients in London


Cahoots bar is a must for anyone with a love for anything vintage and is one of the best places to take clients in London. Inspired by the 1940’s, it makes you forget that you are actually in modern day Soho. And if a 40’s themed bar still isn’t special enough for you, this one is disguised as a tube station, and the theme continues once you enter the platform, to an underground vintage tube ride.

The decor is all themed accordingly, with tube seats, and suitcase tables, and vintage galore adoring this disused underground station. Our recommendation is to take your client on a Saturday, were they offer their Squiffy Picnic, with the poison of your choice and a picnic basket brimming with uniquely British treats. If that wasn’t enough, every Saturday they provide a classic British music experience, with swing music and war era themed costuming and sounds. This is the ideal unique place to take a client to show them what being British really is.


The best places to take clients in London


From the creators who brought you Cahoot’s, comes Bart’s, another period themed staple of the city which is one of the best places to take clients in London. Their motto, ‘speakeasy, drink hard’. Set in the 1920’s as a prohibition style bar set up American gangsters, the bar well and truly commits to its theme. Nestled in Sloane Avenue secretly hidden as a block of apartments, to keep the cops from raiding the place a password is required on entry (P.S. don’t worry, if you book with us, we’ll make sure you know it!). With their menu intricately designed as a comic book, it shows off their collection of signature cocktails, which comes with a hefty price tag, but pack a punch and are well worth it!

If the sharers aren’t your thing, you could go for one of their many exquisitely designed individual cocktails, of which you have plenty to choose from. However, if you don’t want to step out of your comfort zone too much, they offer a full selection of all the classic cocktails, from Bloody Mary’s to Cosmos.

If you’re a bit peckish, they also offer an intimate but delicious selection of Japanese food. Now, if for some reason you still don’t think this is enough for your client, you could take them to their weekly Criminali-Tea event on Saturday. This weekly event, disguised as an adventure of secret messaged to sneak in and avoid the cops, is the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and once you make it in, you are rewarded with their illicit liquors and a selection of their teapots with a twist and classic snacks.

But they warn you, the cops are always on the lookout, so be prepared for a raid!


The best places to take clients in London


For something that can be the best of both worlds, look no further than Sketch which is one of the best places to take clients in London. During the day it is a top Victorian themed townhouse which is one of the city’s best tea rooms, and by the evening you enter a decadent cocktail venue, so whatever you client wants, this place can offer it. Opened by an award winning figure of the bar scene and a Michelin star chef, this venue offers the elegant, upper scale location that is perfect to show off to a client. With 5 different rooms, you can come here for an exquisite breakfast, a standout brunch or an unforgettable evening meal.

The Gallery, boasting daily afternoon tea, and evening meals served up until 2am every day except Sundays, is the perfect venue to show off the avant garde side of London.

The decor, following a baby pink theme, looks like something straight out of a Wes Anderson movie, and is sure to impress any guest, and to top it all off, and showing its namesake, the walls are adorned as a gallery of elegant art by British artist David Shrigley, which have just been replaced this January, guaranteed to catch the eye of any avid fan of the arts.

The Lecture Room, a perfect spot for a your avid diner offers an exquisite michelin starred dining experience, the Parlour, their late night cocktail bar with a resident DJ, The Glade, a woodland wonderland themed late night bar, or, or the East Bar, their lounge bar with a DJ which revolves around the theme of modern art, there is something for every kind of client here.


The best places to take clients in London


For a client looking for more of drinks, dinner and a show, consider booking at Bunga Bunga, in Covent Garden. With each day having a different kind of show, from musical theatre, burlesque, to variety shows, any fan of theatre and Italian food will have no problem having fun in this venue. It’s easy to see why it is one of the best places to take clients in London.  And it doesn’t just stop there, you can have your dinner and a show then stay for their late night cocktail nights, with DJ’s playing until 2:30.

To make things a bit more convenient, when you buy your tickets to any show, the price of your dinner is also included in your ticket! Even if you just want to take your client for drinks, they will be spoiled for choice by their decadent cocktail and drinks menu, but don’t just take our word for it, try if for yourself!

Or, for something a bit more special, some of London’s top restaurants might be something to consider. We have chosen 3 of our favourite restaurants that offer a decadent experience but also offers a little something extra for that extra special client.


The best places to take clients in London


For one of the most lavish dining experiences you and your client will ever have, book at Aqua Nueva, where the highly rated restaurant doesn’t just serve spectacular foods, but spectacular views to go with it from their stunning rooftop terrace. It’s not hard to see why it is one of the best places to take clients in London. 

Their menu, influenced by Spanish small plates, is one of the most appealing menus in the city, with food ranging from tuna empanadas to poached ducks eggs, there is something to please everyone here, so your client can pick a few of their favorite dishes, and tuck in! Everything about this restaurant screams luxury, and is the perfect spot for a client who wants to experience the best that London has to offer.


The best places to take clients in London


Sea Containers, located on the South Bank, is the perfect venue for dining at any time of the day, from breakfast, to brunch to evening dinner, this place has it all. You can also get fantastic views from this restaurant, which overlooks the Thames river with a riverside terrace to enjoy their locally produced gourmet dining with a view.

One of the best dining experiences they have to offer is their brunch menu, where you can buy bottomless Bloody Mary’s, Mimosas, or Bellini’s to go with your unique choices of brunch, for a business dining experience at a restaurant your client will never forget. To top it all off, we suggest trying one of their hard shakes, a milkshake with a twist, or more accurately, a shot. A definite must see and one of the best places to take clients in London. 


The best places to take clients in London


Mahiki Kensington, a Chelsea staple, is a well known haunt of celebs and socialites ancd is the perfect place to show your client where the famous and the royals spend their free time! With locations not only across the country but across the world, Mahiki is a venue everyone should go to at least once, but we guarantee if you go once, it won’t be your only visit! Their restaurant, Pufferfish, is inspired by everything Polynesian, offering a beautiful pan-asian menu with everything from oysters to sushi rolls.

This restaurant shows how London can incorporate and take influence from around the world and transform it into a decadent dining experience.

If that wasn’t enough, Mahiki also operates as one of London’s most well known clubs, so after you client has filled up on their Polynesian paradise meal, they can drink and dance the night away in the club. This is why Mahiki Kensington is one of the best places to take clients in London!


Any client would be thrilled to be taken to any one of these classic London venues, and the choice of which one, is up to you. Whatever their preference and tastes, we are sure this list caters for every pleasure!


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Manetta’s Bar

January 18, 2018 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

Manetta's Bar

Manetta’s Bar

For a truly lavish and luxurious experience, head down to Manetta’s bar, located in the iconic Fleming’s Hotel, in Mayfair, a 3 minute walk from Green Park station, it is an up and coming staple of the opulent drinking scene. Open until 11PM every day of the week (1AM if you’re a guest), if a decadent drinking experience is what you’re looking for then look no further.

Manetta’s bar adorns an art deco theme, everything about the bar screams luxury vintage, with a hint of a prohibition era bar, from the geometric patterns interior and the vintage bar high chairs. The perfect spot for a luxury night out that also almost transports you to another era, think of flappers and 20’s theme paintings on the walls. The bar attracted a sophisticated crowd, and there’s no wonder why. From the interior to the lavish drinks menu, this bar has it all for a luxury crowd. And the location adds no surprise to this too. Located in the prominent Flemings hotel in the heart of Mayfair, the hotel has it all and the bar is no exception.

Another staple of Manetta’s bar is it’s literary influence. The bar itself was an influence for a quote in a book by Sarah Helm, and the quote perfectly captures the essence of the bar, that it is “lively but with quiet secluded corners”. The beauty of this is easy to see, if you are interested in a more outgoing and vibrant night this is for you, but if you’re looking for a quieter more intimate drinking experience this can also be found, adding to the statement that this bar has everything. In addition to this, some of their drinks are inspired by famous authors, especially Agatha Christie, with cocktails named after quotes by her, and they even created a specialised cocktail menu to celebrate the release of Murder on the Orient Express.

And if Agatha Christie inspired drinks aren’t your thing, then there are plenty other drinks guaranteed to please at Manetta’s bar, with cocktails inspired by other authors such as James Joyce and Gertrude Stein, and if a literary inspiration isn’t for you, they have a selection of classic cocktails, wines and spirits with something to please everyone. As if that was enough, they also boast a specialist selection of bar food and burgers. Manetta’s bar is not one to be missed, so don’t miss out and make sure you book a table, and make the most of your experience at this beautiful bar.


Manetta’s Bar Dress Code & Address


Dress Code: Smart Casual

Area: Mayfair

Address: Mayfair London Apartments, Flemings Mayfair, 7-12 Half Moon St, Mayfair, London W1J 7BH


1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (3 votes, average: 4.67 out of 5)


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The Best Clubs In Chelsea

November 8, 2017 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

We host nights and events at the best clubs in Chelsea, clubs that will guarantee a great time, any night of the week. Here are the most exclusive clubs to go out to in Chelsea:

best clubs in Chelsea

Fancy a night out to an award-winning club? Then head down to Montezuma, awarded for two consecutive years as the ‘Best Boutique Club London’ in 2016 and 2017 by The London Club Awards. Every Friday and Saturday, Montezuma provides some of London’s best R&B, Hip Hop and Commercial music all night long to its sexy, young and fresh guests.
Immerse yourself in the Aztec themed club named after the last Aztec emperor Montezuma II! The golden interior provides a lavish feel to the club where you will be dancing all night long to the best music provided by top DJs. The music and drinks go hand in hand, from lavish cocktails to champagne, the bar will suit whatever taste you fancy.
Located a few minutes walk from South Kensington station, it is safe to say Montezuma is one of the best clubs in Chelsea.

best clubs in Chelsea

Raffles is one of the best clubs in Chelsea, an exclusive and luxurious members-only club located on Kings Road. Its mystery and secrecy attract the elite and the wealthy to splash their money. Raffles is not a place to be shy! Its exclusivity has remained since its opening in the 1960’s and since then has welcomed regular visits from the likes of celebrities, politicians and aristocrats.
As a member of Raffles (or lucky enough to be a members guest), you’ll hear music from some of the best DJ’s around playing R&B, Pop, Electro and Indie in the club. Come and experience the exclusivity of Raffles Tuesday to Sunday each week.
If you love the idea of an exclusive and sophisticated night out, rubbing shoulders with London’s finest on a Thursday night, Raffles is for you.

best clubs in Chelsea

For a unique night out in Chelsea, Embargo Republica is the place to go out to any night of the week and one of the best clubs in Chelsea. Embargo Republica, previously known as Embargo 59, is regarded as one of Chelsea’s finest for its unique ambience.
This unique Cuban themed club gives off a cool and contemporary vibe with its luxury jazz club feels. Once you enter through the clubs clever and secret cigar shop entrance, you are met with a distinctive Cuban themed cocktail list like no other on the Kings Road. During the night you’ll be hitting the dance floor with Embargo’s infamous DJ’s playing all the best current songs, and fitting music from live bands to get you in the mood.

best clubs in Chelsea

Fancy a change of era? Maggies on Fulham Road will give you a flashback to the 80s with its Margaret Thatcher themed boutique members club. Being one of the best clubs in Chelsea, its iconic Thatcher-theme will provide a quirky vibe to your night.
Open in the evenings from a Tuesday to Saturday, Maggies serves up the best cocktails and drinks you forgot even existed – and that includes Babycham! Even the décor in Maggies is unforgettable, with giant Rubiks Cubes used as tables as well as Maggies famous speeches playing in the toilets. To set this club aside from its Chelsea neighbours, their resident DJ plays an array of classic 80’s throwback hits that will keep you dancing all night long.

best clubs in Chelsea

Another of the best clubs in Chelsea would be Alberts. Named after Prince Albert, this private members club and restaurant is located in South Kensington where it represents the ‘best of British’ with its classic décor. The members club and restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday where it lives up to its reputable first class standard as one of the best clubs in Chelsea.
Sticking to the theme of Prince Albert, the bar provides a unique and historic choice of spirits, including whiskies from the years of Alberts birth and death (1891 & 1861 respectively).
Alberts provides both first class cuisine and entertainment – eat, drink and dance the night away for a hefty £500 yearly membership.

best clubs in Chelsea

For ‘Award Winning Cocktails’, JuJu Chelsea is the place to be Monday to Sunday. Being one of the best clubs in Chelsea, JuJu Chelsea is situated on Kings Road where it exudes elegance and sophistication in the heart of Chelsea.
Having won ‘Best Late Night Bar 2013’, ‘Best Mixology 2012’ and ‘Best Bar 2011’ at the London Club and Bar Awards there is no surprise when people say it is the ‘it’ place to be.
Enjoy your night drinking specialist cocktails made by the best in London along side music from their great resident DJ immersed in JuJu Chelsea’s sophisticated vibe. Their specialty is big parties so they can always ensure the perfect night out in Chelsea. For something different in Chelsea, JuJu Chelsea is the place to go!

best clubs in Chelsea

This list of best clubs in Chelsea would not be complete without mentioning Mahiki Kensington. Located in Kensington (also Mayfair) this Hawaiian themed club is one known all over London – it is the place to be Monday to Saturday.
Due to its popularity in London, expect to be partying alongside celebrity clientele while you are there. It has gained its popularity through its exotic theme with its Tiki style bar, Polynesian décor and flamboyant cocktails. If you love your exotic cocktails, then this is the place to be in Chelsea to experience a unique ambience and decoration like no other in London. It is the kind of pacific haven you would never imagine to be found on Kensington High Street. Alongside your Hawaiian themed cocktails you’ll be dancing to the DJ’s floor fillers which are hits after hits! Everyone needs to experience a Mahiki night out.
Decided where you are going? Join us for a night out in Chelsea!

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The Best Clubs In London For Halloween

September 12, 2017 Capital A List – Celebrity club news

The most anticipated event of the year is coming soon, so don’t miss the opportunity to become anyone you want for one night at one of the best clubs in London for Halloween! Here are the most frightfully and fabulous Halloween parties in London 2017.

best clubs in London for Halloween

This year the holiday of evil forces will be no less colourful than in previous years. One of the best clubs in London for Halloween and to celebrate the most frightening night of the year is definitely The Box. The club is famous for its not ordinary performances, so you can imagine how shattering the Halloween performance in this club will be. A glamorous cabaret atmosphere of this playhouse will make your Halloween night even more perfect, while flowing red velvet, gold details and candlelight will transfer you to a real spooky house with a secret room. So you definitely don’t want to miss this party! With a strict Halloween dress code policy, there aren’t many better places to celebrate the scariest holiday.
As one of the most mysterious places, it’s very hard to get inside. The ‘Theatre of Varieties’ certainly prepares unforgettable shows for you where you probably won’t sleep calmly for a few nights after at least. So go and see what fantastic beasts are hiding in ‘the box’ this year.


The best clubs in London for Halloween, where you can try to chase ghosts or seduce a naughty witch is definitely Cirque Le Soir. One of the most talked about venues and a ‘must have’ to visit if you don’t want to miss out on all the Trick Or Treat action! Located on Ganton Street, this exclusive club is famous for it’s outrageous acts, VIP customs and memorable parties. Cirque le Soir is a home to London’s elite and international clientele, celebrities, singers and actors. So be ready to meet Lady Gaga or Lindsay Lohan in their Halloween costumes. While sipping your bloody cocktails, you will see the mystical and marvellous acts unfold. Be warned that this venue is difficult to enter, so table bookings are recommended. Be prepared for an unforgettable performance of burlesque dancers and a special Halloween show!
Don’t forget to wear something terrifying but at the same time sexy. Let’s see who is going to be wearing the most spectacular outfit and the scariest makeup! And if you survive after this party, let me know as I won’t believe you!


Whom you want to be this year stealthy vampire or a sneaky zombie decided by you, but the best club in London where you can show your nasty nature is Tonteria. Tonteria is not a type of venue to shy away from hosting a huge Halloween party. There is no better way to get into the Mexican Halloween themed party spirit than to celebrate the darkest holiday at this plays.
Expect the unexpected throughout the night and be ready to explore your spooky fantasies. No doubt that dress code is essential, so impress everyone with your sexy Halloween outfit!
It can’t be denied how good is the music there – commercial, underground hip hop and RnB.If you want to celebrate Halloween in a very posh and selective venue, Tonteria is a real hotspot of London best clubs. So put on your most ghoul-tastic outfit and head over to Tonteria.


Get ready for the fright of your life at one of the best clubs in London for Halloween which is of course, Drama. Once inside the club you won’t be disappointed as you will see and feel the nightmarish atmosphere of  Halloween. The night will turn around with huge Halloween DJ sets as well as RnB and Hip Hop music. Located in a heart of Mayfair, Drama is famous for its exclusive parties, secret London celebrity hangout and fancy nights. Last year a ‘Haunted Disney World’ was a theme for Halloween, let’s see what a dark surprise they prepared this year. So be ready, dress up and don’t forget your fake blood! Come party with us and book a table or join our guest list!
Drama is definitely a top recommendation for the best Halloween club nights in London. The venue has a 300-capacity and the dress code is smart and elegant. But it is Halloween, so don’t forget to put on your scary mask. This party for sure will ‘become a drama’ that you won’t forget.


Step into the darkness with one of the best clubs in London for Halloween, Mahiki. This place has the spookiest parties in town this year. Last year Mahiki transferred into a motel and presented ‘Mahiki Motel Massacre’! We are pretty sure that this year Mahiki won’t be less haunting on its guests and will prepare something more exciting and, of course,  more terrifying. If you want to be a part of it, don’t forget to dress smart and hauntingly sexy. Arrive early at 10.30 to get inside this mystical world. The cocktail menu has prepared something special for you on this night including Zombie cocktails and the staff will serve the drinks in ghoulishly delightful costumes. Don’t miss the opportunity to try the most tasty cocktails served in Tiki mugs, coconut shells and treasure chests.
One thing is for sure, this is an ultimate party destination for Halloween 2017. So don’t forget to check the best haunted party in Mayfair! The venue is located at the corner of Dover Street and Piccadilly in the Mayfair. Get in touch with us to book a table or to join the guest list.


Then don’t miss out on one of the best clubs in London for Halloween which is definitely Toy Room! You can expect a horror show and be ready to explore a whole new Toy Room look. This boutique club will definitely create an elite clubbing experience for a Halloween night, which you won’t forget. Located just 2 minutes from Oxford Street station, it is an exclusive R&B club. Be ready to dance all night and drink fashionable cocktails. Fancy dress is essential for this one. So put your best dress, heels and, of course your Halloween accessories on. Due to demand, table bookings are highly recommended.
As one of Mayfair’s hottest destinations, Toy Room should be definitely on your list for one of the best Halloween club parties! There will be a top line-up of DJ’s and lots of scary goings-on all through the night. Also don’t forget to check the famous club symbol “Frank the Teddy”. If you want to have a memorable Halloween night out at Toy Room, contact us to book a table!

best clubs in London for Halloween

This Halloween will definitely not be boring at all, only spook-tacular. Are you ready? Join us for an extremely fearful and haunting night out!


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