The Best Exclusive Clubs In London

As the birthplace of exclusive clubs, London is arguably the city to experience the best VIP and exclusive nightlife. London’s popularity with the affluent and the A-Listers means that the city is a host of exclusive member nightclubs, all offering individual, exciting, and innovative late-night experiences.

Offering everything from private table bookings and champagne to erotic burlesque performances and popcorn machines, the selection of VIP clubs London has to offer are highly unlikely to disappoint. Listed here are some of the most impressive and enjoyable venues; if you’re looking for a high-end and unique night out, these clubs are definitely the ones worth getting on the guestlist for.

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Cirque Le Soir

Best Exclusive London Clubs

Attended by Cara Delevingne, Miley Cyrus, and Leonardo DiCaprio, Cirque Le Soir is one of the most exclusive London clubs. Winner of Best London Nightclub in many London Club and Bar Awards, Cirque’s circus theme is sure to impress. The entertainment at Cirque is remarkable and exhilarating. There are dancing dwarfs wearing baby masks, fire-eaters, and burlesque dancers, to name but a few.

As well as sipping from a range of cocktails whilst eating canapes, guests at Cirque can also make use of its popcorn machine, arcade games, peepholes, and all sorts of fairground attractions. The club is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. ‘La Monday’ is most certainly the recommended night to go, having won the award for Best Night in 2015. On any given night, Cirque plays a range of house music, with ‘Hype-Hop Wednesdays’, known for playing hip-hop and R&B. If you’re looking for a unique experience with celebrities and circus entertainment, Cirque Le Soir is the place to be.

Reign Showclub

Reign Showclub

If you’re looking for a more stylish and chic night out in the VIP scene, Reign would be a popular choice. Reign Showclub London has become so popular due to its scintillating stage shows featuring aerial performances and other incredible displays. It’s a favorite with the rich and famous, with celebrities such as Justin Bieber partying at the club.

Also, they feature a mezzanine floor serving teppanyaki. At Reign, you can listen to a wide range of house and R&B music whilst drinking champagne from their iconic white glasses, which glow under the UV and LED lights. You can party at Reign on any given Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Reign is one of the best exclusive venues if you’re looking for something exclusive, elegant, and exciting.

Dolce Kensington

Dolce Guestlist & Tables

This VIP nightclub is located near the South Kensington underground station and attracts Chelsea and Mayfair clientele. Dolce Kensington opened in October 2019 and quickly became one of the best exclusive nightclubs. The venue has been intricately designed throughout by the highest level of interior designers giving this exclusive club its incredibly luxurious feel. As you walk down the staircase adorned by delicate lighting effects and glass panels, you enter the venue itself, which is based on 2 levels.

The main level hosts the large dancefloor surrounded by tables, while the higher level seats the larger VIP tables. What really sets Dolce Kensington Club London apart from other London VIP clubs is its scintillating VIP area which is decorated with a truly unique black and white zebra-style wallpaper and a collection of golden bullheads complete with horns.

The Box

the box

The Box is a nightclub experience unlike anything else. Described by themselves as “a theatre of varieties,” The Box offers more of a performance-orientated night than any others. Aimed purely at sexually open-minded clientele, once you’re inside The Box, you will enjoy a Burlesque, fetish-style erotic show, in which the acts perform sensual dances and strip teases.

Its notorious and controversial style of nighttime entertainment has attracted anyone who is anyone. Everyone from Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie to Kate Moss, Harry Styles and Emma Watson. During the show, which begins between midnight and 1 a.m. and lasts until 3 a.m., you can also order food alongside your drink. After the show, you can dance the night away. The Box is open Wednesday through to Saturday. No two nights at The Box are the same, you can find risque and indulging performances any night you go.


exclusive London club

As the winner of Best Club at The Club and Bar awards, Tape is definitely an exclusive London club worth attending. It features a stage for live performances and a separate members-only lounge. This club has taken over the VIP club scene in London in a big way and continues to be one of the most in-demand venues.

The nightclub has opened its doors to many VIPs, such as Snoop Dog, Paris Hilton, Jamie Foxx, and many more. They all have spent their night dancing to the commercial, hip-hop and R&B music played at the club. To indulge in this high-end clubbing experience, you’d have to party on a Tuesday or Friday. Saturday nights are definitely the club’s most popular. Also, they have opened their Sunday night in February 2020.


Best Exclusive Clubs In London

In place of the world-famous China White is the stylish and contemporary exclusive Libertine. When looking for a fashionable, modern, and current night out in a London members club, Libertine is great. The club is frequented by Tom Cruise and Ciara, amongst others. It welcomes you in with its soft leather seats and bright blue lights, where you can watch dancers whilst drinking champagne and listening to House music in one of its four rooms.

Libertine is open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Their ‘From Paris to London’ Saturday night is sure to deliver a chic yet electrifying night out. With such a global reputation to uphold, Libertine definitely brings a cosmopolitan, all-inclusive feel to the exclusive London nightlife scene.


exclusive London club

One of the most exclusive clubs in London is Maddox, Maddox is a private members’ club located in Mayfair since 2007. Maddox does have a reputation offering the best nights out in London. Expect a mix of contemporary with traditional music over two dancefloors. The club has a main room, green room, courtyard and a dedicated shisha lounge and smoking areas.

The club is designed for a very sophisticated selective crowd and one of the most exclusive members’ clubs in West End. Maddox has the complete package and perfect combination of restaurant, nightclub, and terrace all at one venue. The restaurant serves an Italian inspired menu, the terrace is serene and perfect for cocktails. The dance floor is encircled by cosy leather couches with an impressive glass DJ booth.


Best Exclusive Clubs In London

Don’t miss out on Tonteria which is another exclusive club we recommend! The Mexican themed bar is set to entertain with fire-eating women dressed head to toe in latex. They have masked mexican wrestlers too. Tonteria has an impressive and unique selection of Tequila, delivered to your table by a toy train on the ceiling. You can also choose from several mexican cocktails on offer, from a Tequila Slammer to their famous Frozen Margheritas.

On top of this amazing choice of drinks, Tonteria also serves delicious tapas. You’ll enjoy the club’s feel-good atmosphere similar to all sorts of A-listers. These include Jessie J, Axl Rose, Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton. Their most popular night is undoubtedly Mondays TonteMania, in which Mexican wrestlers reenact WWE championship matches. The exclusive cocktail and tapas club is also open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, to enjoy a mix of commercial, hip-hop and R&B music.


exclusive London club

Raffles is the epitome of exclusive and VIP clubbing. Extremely restrictive, Raffles is for the fortunate and the privileged of London. Founded in 1967, it is one of the oldest London members clubs on the scene. It has enjoyed success for almost half a century. If you’re looking to enjoy a night out in the only club that The Queen has attended, then Raffles is where. The Queen is not the only Royal who has attended the club!

Created for the elite of Chelsea, as a member you have access to the club, and Raffles Retreat. This is a selection of exclusive holiday destinations offered by the club. Open Tuesday through to Saturday, the weekends at Raffles are sure to be the most lively and fun. There are ften with live performances and world class DJs playing to the crowd.

Dear Darling

Dear Darling is more than just a club – it’s an experience. Representing the zenith of exclusivity, it’s the place where the city’s elite come to mingle beneath glittering chandeliers and the softest ambient lights. The music at Dear Darling is an eclectic mix, but expect a curated blend of modern chart-toppers, classic hits, and occasional live performances that ensure every night feels unique. The crowd is discerning and international, including celebrities, influencers, and socialites, all searching for a night of understated glamour.

A significant part of the club’s charm is the rich history embedded in its walls, reminiscent of an era where London’s nightlife was the world’s envy. When it comes to attire, think upscale. The dress code leans towards the sophisticated; gowns and tuxedos aren’t uncommon, and the emphasis is on elegant attire that complements the club’s lavish aesthetics.

But what truly sets Dear Darling apart is its unique features, like private booths for intimate gatherings and a terrace with breathtaking views of the London skyline, making every visit memorable.

B London

B London stands out as a beacon of contemporary luxury in the dynamic nature of London’s nightlife. Positioned in a coveted locale, this club has rapidly become the go-to spot for those with a penchant for the finer things in life. Musically, B London is always ahead of the curve. While its core beats revolve around electronic and house, the venue frequently features internationally acclaimed DJs introducing fresh, global rhythms. The clientele is a blend of London’s nouveau riche, seasoned aristocrats, and young professionals, making for an invigorating cocktail of cultures and conversations.

Modern art pieces juxtapose with vintage fixtures, creating a setting that’s both avant-garde and rooted in timeless elegance. Adhering to its trendy ethos, the dress code is stylish yet allows for individual flair. Expect tailored suits mingling with designer streetwear; it’s all about expressing oneself at their sartorial best.

A stand-out feature? The club’s panoramic rooftop offers an unparalleled view of London’s shimmering nightscape, making B London not just a place to dance but to dream.


Hidden amidst the bustling lanes of London, the Cuckoo Club offers an enigmatic escape into a realm of lavishness. Known for its iconic reputation, this exclusive venue is where luxury knows no bounds. The audience, comprising the glitterati of the entertainment world, esteemed business magnates, and global jet-setters, sets the bar high regarding charisma and style.

Dress code? Think classic glamour. While men don sharp suits, women dazzle in cocktail dresses, each ensemble echoing the venue’s commitment to style.

The club is a harmonious marriage of the old and the new. Classic rock interweaves with contemporary beats, and on special nights, jazz performers serenade guests, making it a hub for true connoisseurs of sound. 

The drinks menu is nothing short of a masterpiece. Age-old recipes meet innovative concoctions, making every sip an adventure. Their signature cocktails, often adorned with edible flowers and gold leaf, are a visually and gastronomically treat. One cannot miss the club’s subterranean lounge – a sultry, intimate setting perfect for whispered conversations and private moments.


Luxx, a jewel in London’s crown of elite clubs, promises more than just entertainment—it pledges a sensorial journey of opulence. With an ever-evolving sound profile, expect a fusion of top global hits, experimental electronica, and occasional immersive live performances that keep the aura alive and electric. 

Every inch of Luxx whispers luxury, from its crystal-adorned ceilings to the exotic marbles underfoot. The dress code is sharp and elegant. While men are often seen in tailored designer wear, women’s outfits range from haute couture gowns to chic cocktail dresses.

But the real gem of Luxx? Its VIP zones. Complete with personal butler service and an experience tailored to individual tastes, it’s the epitome of exclusivity.


As its name suggests, Tabu plays with the concept of the forbidden, seducing guests into a world where the conventional is challenged and the unexpected is celebrated. Rich velvets, shadowy corners, and bursts of golden light create a setting reminiscent of a vintage speakeasy yet with modern, avant-garde touches. This fusion echoes Tabu’s legacy—honoring the rebellious spirit of yesteryears while setting trends for tomorrow.

At the heart of Tabu’s appeal is its eclectic musical DNA. Shifting effortlessly from sultry R&B to infectious Latin beats, and then on to pulsating house rhythms, the club ensures the dance floor is perpetually ablaze. The crowd is as diverse as the music—artists, fashion icons, entrepreneurs, and passionate night owls.

Elegance is the cornerstone of the dress code. Men don finely tailored suits, often with a quirky accessory to nod to the club’s playful spirit. On the other hand, women opt for outfits ranging from sultry to sophisticated, each a reflection of individuality.

A signature feature? Their cocktails are infused with rare, global ingredients, often paired with gastronomic delights that enhance the sensory experience. Classics are reinvented with a twist, and new concoctions surprise even the most seasoned palates.

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