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Tabu Club in London is a prestigious and exclusive night club known for its luxurious atmosphere, high-end clientele, and stage performers. The club was founded by the team behind nearby Reign Showclub at the site of the previous celebrity hotspot Mahiki Mayfair on Dover Street.

Tabu caters to a sophisticated crowd with discerning taste. The club features state-of-the-art sound systems, an impressive lighting setup, and a stylish interior design. The venue frequently hosts artist nights featuring some of the world’s biggest R&B & Hiphop acts. With its strict door policy and VIP table service, Tabu London offers an unparalleled nightlife experience.

Step into the hidden world of Shinjuku, Tokyo, where the party never stops! Forget about fancy London streets – this is a whole new level of fun. Get ready for a giant Pikachu, awesome performances, and surprises at every turn. It’s going to be epic!

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Tabu is like a double-decker bus, but instead of seats, it’s got two levels of fun! Upstairs is ‘Yuki’, the intimate cocktail lounge. Downstairs is the main club with tables and dancefloor. The whole vibe of Tabu is inspired by the cool, mysterious streets of big cities in Asia like Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Seoul. When you step into Tabu club London, it’s like you’re magically whisked away to a whole new world on the other side of the globe. It’s a night you won’t forget!

When you walk into the club, you can’t miss the bright neon Tabu logos shining on the stairs leading to different floors. The walls and ceilings are decorated with cool neon street signs that give off a cool back street feel. And don’t forget to check out the bathrooms – they’re covered in awesome black and white Manga cartoons! It’s a super unique touch that adds to the fun atmosphere of the club. There are also arcade machines, vending machines and other funky additions.

Tabu attracts all kinds of cool trendy guests, from famous celebrities to business people and the Instagram influencer crowd.

Since being founded in late 2021, Tabu has grown in popularity month by month. It is constantly reinventing itself to keep guests entertained and keep a fresh vibe. New performers, new artists and new special features are regularly introduced.

Tabu Club London Guestlist, Table Prices & Table Bookings

Entry Price

Tabu entry price is down to the door’s discretion.

Table Prices

Tabu tables start from £1k minimum spend for mixed groups. VIP tables are £2k minimum spend. More information on bookings at VIP table bookings

Dress Code

Tabu keeps it classy and stylish. Ladies, we recommend wearing high heels to elevate your look, while guys should opt for smart shoes to keep it sharp. Just remember, no sportswear allowed! Let’s keep it chic and sophisticated at Tabu.

Open: Wed – Thurs – Fri – Sat

Tabu Address: 1 Dover St, London W1S 4LD

Club LondonClub London

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