Mosimann’s – A Look Inside London’s Famous Members Restaurant

April 12, 2024

When one utters “Darling… I’m just popping in for a spot of lunch at a luxurious dining restaurant in Belgravia that catered to both Harry and William’s wedding; it has John Major, John Cleese and a long list of actors, writers, and politicians as regulars too. The rub is that you must be a member to even order a starter, and it catered for the Olympics, US presidents and some of the most powerful people on the planet”… One does not immediately picture warm, friendly, significantly down to earth, and not a hint of snobbery. 

Well, that’s their secret social sauce.

Mosimann's - A Look Inside London's Famous Members Restaurant

Before visiting, I made a cold call posing as someone ‘from out of town… wondering if I could potentially try the famous venue as trial.’ I was met with a wave of warmth and friendliness. There was no perceived snobbery that people might imagine from such a venue.

Weeks later, I turned up ‘as me’, and I was greeted by Mark Mosimann, who gave much more of his time than was allotted. It is evident straight away that Mark is a real people person. Mark is the Swiss-German son of the renowned 2 Michelin star chef Anton Mosimann CBE, who founded the private members’ restaurant in 1988. Back then there was no Marco or Gordan and you would find it hard to buy Olive Oil in the shops. The global food scene that makes London one of the best dining options for all budgets was in its infancy.

Mosimann’s is located in a former church and RAF club, and Mark gave me a detailed breakdown of the building’s history. He chatted fondly about his apprenticeship and experience working in some of the finest (and most challenging) kitchens in London, Paris, Europe, and China, first as a chef and then studying hospitality.

His father had never initially planned for either of his sons to take over the business and felt they would have more work-life balance in other industries. Mark organically found his way back to the family business in 2007, and he heads up the flagship restaurant. Meanwhile, his brother Philipp runs their hugely successful outside catering and events business. Which caters for Royal Weddings, Kensington Palace, DAVOS, Winter and Summer Olympics, World Cups and Monaco Grand Prix… to clumsily drop just a few names. When someone has chosen to be part of a dynasty by their own choice and passion for the family business, they bring a specific energy and commitment.

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There is a relaxed confidence and gentle humility about Mark and the restaurant… something often missing from “new cool wannabee trend-setting high-end restaurants” that are desperate to make a splash and force that anxiety on their overpaying guests. I suppose experience and knowing who you are make a person comfortable with what you do.

Mark then showed me around the private dining rooms which are available for non-members to book at a reasonable minimal cost. These range from small private single-table rooms for 2 guests (which screams proposal) to larger rooms for a celebration dinner, small party, or business lunch… one room even spies on the kitchen for those who want to enjoy the frantic energy of a busy service. 

The menu is 70% evolving and 30% keeping with the classics, such as their Risotto and Steak Tartrate, which is Mark’s favourite. As many people will dine three or four times a week, they want a healthy, lighter menu, not a heavy nine-course fine dining event.

Mark had just finalised working with a new meat supply called “The Ethical Butcher” whose mission is to reconnect people with nature and where their food comes from. It has a much lower footprint and is focused on regenerative agriculture. As King Charles is their patron, his influence in this area has been vital in shaping Mosimann’s. We spoke about the fine lines between being modern and intuitive while adhering to the traditions and ethos that have made it such a success.

Like all good restaurants and clubs, it is not just about the food but the ambiance. Naturally, the history and aesthetics of the building add to this, but it is the example set from the top down that dictates culture. When you pop by the kitchen and see a member of staff arriving for their shift, you see people smiling, and there is a general calmness throughout. Too many venues focus on the flash rather than finding the right personalities who create this. 

I roll my eyes internally when people overuse the word family to describe a business or company. A family is entirely different, and it is often quite disingenuous to pretend that a commercial entity is the same. However, Mosimann’s is a family business that serves many families. There, those family values are clearly present. 

As I enjoyed the truffle-salted nuts with my drink, I could not help but notice several signature cocktails named after famous members.

If you are not a member of Mosimann’s and would would like know more please get in touch. 

Mosimann's is a Capital A List partner venue. Members can make bookings for Mosimann's via the members login.

Peter McSweeney

By Peter McSweeney

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