The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in London

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London is home to exquisite restaurants typifying the stylish and modern flair of the city. With a backdrop of sophisticated décor and high-quality cuisine, many London restaurants are revered as ideal places outside of the office to entertain clients, to close business deals and to have intimate meetings covering important business decisions. Capital A List is your guide to the best restaurants for business lunch in London.

The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in London

After one of the best restaurants for business lunches in London? Look no further than up — it’s right over your head. Coq D’Argent and its sky garden dining zone hover over Londoners like a benign blimp of style and sophistication.

St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, and South Bank all sit within a relative distance of Coq D’argent, and it’s impressive shadow — meaning that you would be doing business not just in a superlative sightseeing spot but in the center point of the city’s legendary corporate and social connections. Coq D’argent has taken full advantage of its regal stationing to render itself one of the most unique and best restaurants for business lunches in London, specifically.

The heated bar and terrace hosts over one hundred standing — ideal for speaking events that the restaurant itself often assists with its own screens and microphones. And there is no better place to play corporate host or hold an informative speaking event — with the gardens neat, diamond-ed walkways and chic low-rise hedgerows emphasising the majestic scale of the cityscape that envelopes the foreground of corporate proceedings. The iconic gherkin and shard silhouettes make perfect characters in any Bank-side location shoot that aims to promote a company’s image as a part of the city’s pulse.

Down within the venue itself, the Coq D’argent lunch menu should bring luxury to any business venture and raise company morale; Boquet prawns, classic Baerii Cavier, and full-bodied Vegan and gluten-free options will keep things charmed for even the most idiosyncratic of businesses — and appetizing breakfast options such as the Avocado and Almond on toast out in the boutique patio will stimulate the mind busying itself with a business brunch between colleagues.
For more light-hearted company antics, there are terrace drinks. A Tanquery “Summer Spritzer” Aperol blend is professionally equipped to gratify hard-working Londoners, making Coq D’argent one of the best restaurants for business lunch in London simply because it knows where the individuals of a business may work hard — they must equally play hard.

Gathering on a dizzying monolith of exclusivity on London’s bank side? Certainly.

Tucked away in London’s upscale Mayfair district, BiBi emanates an aura of history and luxury. The tower, a heritage property, echoes London’s Georgian architectural legacy, lending BiBi an air of timeless elegance.

North Indian cuisine is celebrated at BiBi, but it’s not just any rendition. Chef Patron Chet Sharma, a protege of some of Europe’s best kitchens, brings dishes inspired by his grandmother’s traditional cooking. Guests are often taken aback by the ‘Duck and Pistachio Kebabs,’ a must-try, and the ‘Tandoori Broccoli’ seasoned with a unique spice mix, unveiling layers of taste with each bite.

Entering BiBi is akin to walking into a regal yet welcoming home. Vintage wooden panels line the walls, punctuated by vibrant Rajasthani tapestries. The seating – a mix of velvet-upholstered chairs and carved wooden benches – offers a comfortable yet intimate setting. The most notable is the “Maharaja’s Booth,” a semi-private enclave ideal for discreet business discussions.

Natural sunlight filters through the arched windows during the day, while in the evening, the space is lit by handcrafted brass lanterns, creating a warm, golden glow. The ambiance strikes a delicate balance between luxury and ease, making business guests feel valued and at ease.

In BiBi, every detail, from the meticulously curated menu to the handpicked decor elements, is a testament to quality and authenticity.

Situated in the sophisticated St. James’s Market, Ikoyi offers a culinary experience that merges London’s cosmopolitan spirit with the pulsating energy of West African flavors. Established by childhood friends Jeremy Chan and Iré Hassan-Odukale, Ikoyi’s foundation is a testament to their shared Nigerian heritage and their passion for introducing an avant-garde take on West African cuisine to London’s discerning diners.

Ikoyi’s menu is a thrilling journey into the heart of West Africa. Dishes like the ‘Plantain with Raspberry Salt’ or the ‘Jollof Rice with Smoked Bone Marrow’ showcase Chan’s ability to surprise and delight with his innovative spins on traditional recipes. Sourcing rare ingredients from across West Africa, Ikoyi’s cuisine delivers an unparalleled intensity and depth of flavor.

Stepping inside, guests are met with an interior that mirrors the menu’s sophistication. The earthy tones of terracotta tiles contrast beautifully with the vibrant West African art pieces adorning the walls. The geometric wooden patterns and modern lighting fixtures give it a contemporary edge, while the intimate seating arrangements, draped in rich textures, make it ideal for confidential business discussions. The rhythmic Afrobeat tunes in the background, paired with the restaurant’s signature aromatic scents, set a refreshing tone for any business engagement. 

The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in London

It seemed inevitable that after being a protegee (surviving and even thriving) under the blazing tutelage of Gordan Ramsay, achieving her own MBE in services to hospitality, and making a portent name for herself — Angela Hartnett would go on to open her own fine restaurant. What you may be slightly more surprised to find is that Murano, the Michelin star-anointed grand creation of its chef-patron, is not just a monolith of British excellence but actually a relaxed and robust venue to have a civilized riot; so, in fact, one of the best restaurants for business lunch in London.

The menu of Murano was co-designed by Hartnett, who went to Lord Ashcroft International Business School herself. Corporate events are welcome in the eatery of someone who will know and respect the institution of business as much as the craft of delicious, artisan food. The Italian-inspired dishes (from her mother’s side influence) and the best British ingredients she was raised in have formed the perfect collaboration – a perfect idea for any outstanding business party to revel in. Indeed, British and European, land and sea, the distinctly new and the distinctly familiar are all expertly crafted as one in dishes like the Pea and Wild garlic soup with a delicious smoked trout crostini, or the polenta cake heightened with the heady sweet, tartness of raspberry rose.

With an “approachable” motto, This is one of the best restaurants for business lunches in London when the company favors a more intimate or informal gathering. The is not just down to the = earthy aesthetic (green tiling, a poetic line of trees lining the entryway), and the homely, comforting richness of favorites like the Gnocchi with pecorino cheese and tomato oil. The Caravan selection of fine wines (we recommend the Codreiu rene rostaling white) will help anyone unwind decadently. The Chef’s table’ private area even seats a party of 12 behind a curtain. Not only this, but Murano’s menu allows guests to choose a la carte dishes in any order they wish — the perfect liberty to take outside the formal structure of office hours.

For the company that wants to cut loose and knows the key to productivity is the infusion of fun and frivolity in the spaces between — Murano restaurant in Mayfair is the best place to brunch in London.

The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in London

Galvin La Chapelle has a prime city location just off Bishopsgate and is one of the best restaurants for business and entertaining clients. It is the third restaurant Chris and Jeff Galvin opened, following the success of Galvin Bistrot de Luxe and Galvin At Windows.

Galvin La Chapelle is lavishly designed inside a Grade II converted Victorian chapel. Its interior décor matches its grand exterior with its high-vaulted ceilings and wall arches and its spacious and open floor design. Its opulent design aesthetic is injected with elements of modernity seen in its glass-enclosed seating area raised above the rest of the dining space, an ideal restaurant to have a business meeting in London.

The seamless juxtaposition between traditional and new luxury is also carried through in its contemporary French cuisine, earning Galvin La Chapelle a Michelin Star. Highlights on the menu include its signature lasagne of Dorset crab with creamy beure blanc and pea shoots, as well as the wild sea bass served with cockles, sea beets, and oysters.

Galvin La Chapelle offers businesses the best location for business and inspires and impresses clients with rich and opulent French cuisine and interior design.

The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in London

City Social, located in the heart of London’s financial district and on the 24th floor of the iconic skyscraper Tower 42, can be classified as one of London’s best restaurants for business lunches, meetings, and dinners. Its sleek and professional décor inspired by art deco is complemented by the clean finishing of wall-to-ceiling windows showcasing panorama views of London’s landmark skyscrapers, including the iconic Gherkin and Heron Tower. The best seats are against the windows, with deep and curved leather booths creating private and quiet corners for intimate business meetings. City Social also has two private dining areas with their own private entrances allowing business clientèle private rooms to discreetly celebrate their successes or to host corporate events.

The head Chef, Paul Walsh has worked closely with the Michelin star chef, Jason Atherton to curate creative yet simple dishes showing the finer side of English cuisine. The menu includes the traditional English Shepard’s pie, cooked salmon fillet lightly poached and served with a salad of fennel and celeriac and rich Lobster accompanied by chips cooked in duck fat and garnished with tomato puree.

With the backdrop of the stunning city skyline and equally fantastic dishes, City Social offers a location suited to both quick business lunches and dinners, as well as luxurious spaces for more formal business events.

The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in London

Take a glass elevator to the 38th and 39th floors of Heron Tower, and you will find yourself walking into the natural oasis of Sushisamba. Sushisamba embraces an earth-to-sky motif adeptly captivated in its 360-degree panoramic views of London and bamboo latticed ceiling draped with hanging lights and living plants and flowers.

Sushisamba is iconic for its intercontinental fusion of Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian cuisine, design, and music. With a trio of appetizers, guests can experience Peru with the proffers cancha seviche, a collection of crunchy corn kernels dipped in a sharp citrus-based dressing. The Brazilian influence is seen in the fish taquitos, and lastly, Japan is represented in the green bean tempura spears with a pot of black truffle aioli.

Sushisamba has recently reintroduced its Omakase menu, making it one of the best restaurants for business lunches. This set menu includes crispy yellowtail taquitos, sea bass tempura, and wagyu gyoza with smoked emulsion and heritage carrots. The menu is ideal for business clientèle that wish to have a quick meal in a stunning environment, as it is based on the Japanese tradition of letting the chef select your order. Large platters at £45 each can be ordered for big business functions and feature five different meats, including grilled hanger steak, rib-eye, pork tenderloin, chorizo, and linguica served with chimichurri.

With the interior reminiscent of a greenhouse adorned in living foliage and a sophisticated ambiance evoked by artwork inspired by the 20th century, Sushisamba is the best restaurant for any business occasion.

The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in London

For a taste of Hollywood standard cuisine, there is no better location than Cut at 42 Park Lane. Cut is one of 20 fine dining restaurants opened by the celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, best known as the talent behind the feasts at the past 23 Oscar Award ceremonies.

Cut is an elegant destination for business and delivers Hollywood glamour in its plush leather sofas, marble flooring, and high-raised ceilings. It softens the dark interior with wooden paneling and slatted windows, bringing beautiful views of Hyde Park and much-needed light into the rooms. It has luxurious table arrangements and semi-private booths, suited to the needs of an exclusive business clientèle, including Michael Morley, head of wealth management UK at Deutsche Bank.

Cut is an American-styled steakhouse, and each of the starters, side dishes, and sauces cluster around steak as the main focus. Guests can expect to spend between £40 – £190. They can select tasting plates of American, British, and Australian sirloin and Shanghai lobster infused with Asian spices and a classic and rich Japanese wagyu steak.

Cut’s prime location in Hyde Park and its sophisticated and Hollywood-inspired cuisine and interior have catapulted this restaurant onto our list of the best restaurants for business lunch in London.

The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in Londonn

Step back into time and enter one of the grand cafés of old Europe at The Delaunay in Covent Gardens. This up-scale café is the creation of Chris Corbin and Jeremy Kings, following the success of the Wolseley; a similarly inspired European café located in the heart of London.

The opulence featured in classic European style echoes in The Delaunay’s mix of green leather banquette seating, dark wood paneling, black and white marble floors, and antique mirrors. The table arrangements are spaciously divided among the restaurant creating a classy and comfortable environment for business.

The Delaunay is divided into a café, bar area, main dining room, and a counter serving savories, cakes, coffees, and takeaways. Each room and the menus have been specially designed to allow for all-day dining. On the menu, guests can select from a variety of European-inspired dishes, with breakfast options including the Viennese with a spread of smoked ham, salami, gouda, boiled egg and rye bread, and the Viennoiserie with strawberries and cream doughnut. Lunch and dinner dishes include four different types of schnitzel, five types of wurstchen, as well as an array of Crustacea dishes.

The Delaunay is a place where guests can experience elegant surroundings and excellent food at any time of the day, and for this reason, it is classified as one of London’s best restaurants for client meetings, be it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in London

With over a century of experience, Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill is one of our top picks for the best restaurants for business lunches and dinners in London. It first opened in 1916, and is still located in the very same old Victorian building in Mayfair, just off Regent Street. It has become a favorite of Linda Jackson, the CEO of Citroen, and with its interior and cuisine remaining as sophisticated and polished as ever, it is not difficult to understand her choice.

The classic and celebratory atmosphere is encapsulated perfectly at the original marble oyster bar, where oysters are shucked with theatrical speed. Oysters, whether freshly shucked, cooked Vietnamese-style, or garlic baked, are inherently a must-have. Oysters start from £2.50 and are recommended to be followed by a classic combination of battered and fried fish and chips. For guests looking for a richer and more refined dish, there is also a selection of caviar dishes to choose from, as well as the perfectly grilled langoustines and scallops served with a plate of broad beans, crispy pork, parma ham, toasted cashew nuts, and blood orange.

Two private dining rooms, seating between 14 – 60 people, are also available for private events and serve as another important reason why Bentley’s Oyster Bar &Grill is one of London’s best restaurants for business lunches and dinners.

The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in London

With an iconic South Bank location overlooking St Paul’s Cathedral and the Thames River, OXO Towers is on the list of the best restaurants for business lunch in London. Its stunning city views are only enhanced by the vibrant live Jazz and piano performances that can be enjoyed inside and outside the restaurant on its 250-foot terrace.

For quick business lunches and meetings, OXO Tower accommodates an express lunch menu for as little as £18, available from Sunday – Friday. Into the evening, guests can opt for a tasting menu, priced between £85 – £130, including six courses and a paired glass of wine, expertly selected from their list of over 800 wines. Whether it be a business lunch or dinner, OXO Tower delivers the same level of exquisite cuisine, incorporating delicacies from all across the globe. The Scottish scallops and Chateaubriand steak and a Korean-style roast duck leg with spring onion pancake and kimchi are two highlights.

The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in London

Located in the converted Grade II-listed Westminster Library is one of London’s most popular and grand restaurants, The Cinnamon Club. Its old-school members’ club atmosphere, evoked in the bookshelves lining the main dining room as well as an upstairs gallery, is one of the iconic features making The Cinnamon Club one of the best restaurants for business lunch in London. The intimate lighting, dark wood paneling, and spacious table arrangements add an additional layer of sophistication to the formal dining space, creating the ideal environment for business.

The uniqueness of the interior décor is complemented by innovative and nouvelle Indian cuisine that focuses on game and fish-based dishes. With a team of 18 chefs headed by Vivek Singh, the dishes are layered with complex and intricate flavor profiles and stunning presentation, which ultimately justifies the premium price of about £75 per meal. The Cinnamon Club delivers on its promise of curating imaginative dishes with its tender milkfed lamb, which is exclusive to the restaurant. It also displays a knack for re-inventing classic Indian cuisine with its popular tandoori wild Spencer Gulf king prawn dish flavored with coconut ginger sauce and also in its Old-Delhi-style butter chicken on the bone.

The Cinnamon Club also prepares feasting plates, making it one of the best restaurants for business lunch in London on a larger scale. At the table, guests are presented with a whole rack of Romney Marsh Lamb carved and served table-side. The Cinnamon Club is also an expert in mixology, and with its three-tiered walnut gin trolley, formal business dinners can become more fun with a cocktail or two.

The Best Restaurants for Business Lunch in London

The elegant and poetic Dalloway Terrace is located in the converted terrace space of The Bloomsbury Hotel. It is one of the best restaurants for business lunches in London, with its secluded and intimate location hidden behind a line of hedging and just minutes from the bustling Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. It is a perfect and cozy indoor-outdoor terrace space, offering a calm oasis, with intimate candlelit rooms decorated with foliage climbing the walls and hanging from the ceilings.

The menu has been devised by head chef Hans Louis and offers plenty of British favorites, including fish and chips and rabbit stew. The food is simple yet decadent in flavors and presentation, with daily specials including crayfish mac and cheese and grilled poussin. Other highlights on the menu include the Dublin Bay prawn cocktail with Marie sauce and other fish options, including a plate of seared tuna with soy and ginger dressing.

Dalloway Terrace also has a wide selection of meat and vegetarian options, seen in its European steak tartar, Aberdeen Angus dry-aged beef, classic burger, and club sandwiches.

Dalloway Terrace offers all-day dining, located on a secluded secret garden terrace. It is one of London’s best-kept secrets and offers its clients an intimate and quiet break away from the office, making it one of the best restaurants for business lunch in London, including meetings and dinners.

London has a plethora of restaurants perfectly suited to business needs encompassing sleek and elegant interior design, private and intimate dining spaces, and complemented perfectly with sophisticated and world-class cuisine. Here we have delineated the top restaurants in London that are the best for business, be it for a quick morning business meeting or a longer business meeting, lunch, or dinner.

Synonymous with the best of British beef, Hawksmoor has firmly established itself as a stalwart in London’s dining scene. Founded by Will Beckett and Huw Gott, Hawksmoor has become the paragon for steak enthusiasts, drawing locals and international visitors to its various London locations, including Covent Garden, Spitalfields, and Borough.

At its core, Hawksmoor celebrates British produce. Their steaks, sourced from grass-fed native cattle, are impeccably cooked, producing flavors that resonate with depth and character. Beyond steak, the menu is a rich tapestry of British culinary heritage. Dishes such as the ‘Old Spot Belly Ribs’ or the ‘Dorset Crab on Toast’ reflect Hawksmoor’s commitment to sourcing the finest British ingredients. Their famed ‘Triple Cooked Chips’ and innovative cocktails are often the talk amongst regulars.

Visually, Hawksmoor interiors exude a sense of timeless elegance. Housed primarily in refurbished historic buildings, each location is replete with character. From exposed brick walls and plush leather seating to the warm ambient lighting created by vintage chandeliers, the atmosphere effortlessly weaves the charm of old-world London with a touch of modern finesse.

The spacious yet intimate settings and impeccable acoustics ensure that business conversations remain private. With attentive staff who understand the nuances of serving corporate clientele, Hawksmoor provides an environment where business can be conducted seamlessly over a meal.

Situated in the heart of London’s financial district, The Listing Bar offers a unique blend of culinary prowess and sophisticated design, making it a prime location for business lunches. The cuisine showcases modern British with a twist, incorporating fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. One could start with a delectable crab and avocado salad, followed by the succulent roast chicken with wild mushroom risotto, and round it off with an irresistible passion fruit panna cotta. Every dish speaks of the chef’s attention to detail, ensuring a delightful gastronomic journey.

The design of The Listing Bar exudes understated elegance. Its spacious interiors are adorned with sleek furnishings, ambient lighting, and subtle artworks that reflect London’s vibrant culture. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with natural light, and provide diners with a view of the bustling city. This chic yet comfortable setting provides an ideal backdrop for business discussions, allowing conversations to flow seamlessly.

In essence, The Listing Bar is not just a restaurant – it’s an experience. Whether you’re looking to impress a client or simply enjoy an upscale meal, this is the place where business and pleasure harmoniously intertwine.

A stone’s throw from the historic Covent Garden Piazza, Frenchie Covent Garden is a gastronomic gem that brings Parisian flair to the heart of London. Originating from the vibrant Rue du Nil in Paris, Frenchie’s London outpost is the brainchild of chef Gregory Marchand, whose culinary journey has taken him from France to London to New York and back.

Frenchie’s menu is an ode to Marchand’s travels, offering diners a contemporary twist on classic French cuisine. Guests can delve into delights such as the ‘Duck Foie Gras with Rhubarb and Crispy Amaranth’ or the ‘Cornish Cod with Wild Garlic and White Asparagus.’ While rooted in the French tradition, every dish carries an undertone of international influences, making each bite a global journey.

The interior of Frenchie Covent Garden is a harmonious blend of vintage Parisian charm and London’s modern elegance. Exposed brick walls juxtapose against marble countertops, while gold accents shimmer under the soft glow of pendant lighting. The open kitchen offers a touch of theatre, allowing diners to peek into the culinary magic behind the scenes.

For business lunches, Frenchie strikes a perfect chord. The ambiance, neither loud nor subdued, offers a conducive discussion environment. With meticulous attention to detail, the staff ensures that every need is catered to, allowing business professionals to focus on their conversations.

Marrying the romanticism of Paris with the dynamism of London, Frenchie Covent Garden is an exceptional choice for those seeking a business lunch venue that promises both culinary excellence and a touch of je ne sais quoi.

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