The Best Clubs In Mayfair

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Trust us when we tell you that these are the best clubs in Mayfair, you don’t want to miss out on going to one or all of them!


best clubs in Mayfair

By day Ganton Street is bustling with shoppers and tourists, by night it is transformed with the streets lined with the most beautiful and elite of London clubbers making their way to Cirque Le Soir.

Inside the exclusive clubs contains a range of different forms of entertainment including a popcorn machine, arcade room and fairground attractions! Of course along with all of that  you’ll be treated to performers such as dwarfs in baby masks and burlesque dancers! It’s understandable that it is extremely difficult to gain entry to this club so arrive early and don’t turn up slighlty drunk at the door to avoid disappointment!

As one of the best clubs in Mayfair you are guaranteed to have an amazing night, don’t miss out, dress to impress and dance all night watching the weird and wonderful unfold before your eyes!


best clubs in Mayfair

Get ready to party Hawaiian style, at Mahiki!  In this amazing club there will be no shortage of tropical cocktails or gorgeous people, past guests include Kelly Rowland and Lady Gaga who would most likely have savoured the famous Mahiki cocktail during their nights. This club is different, exciting and truly worth a visit!

Mahiki operate an ‘open door policy’ but you should still dress your best as it is discretionary at the door! Arrive early (10:30pm) and abide by the door policy to gain entry, we don’t want you to be disappointed! Mahiki is located close to Green Park station on Dover Street .

Enjoy one of the best clubs in Mayfair, tiki style, whilst listening to the best current music, with a Mahiki in hand!


best clubs in Mayfair

Toyroom located on Argyll Street is only a 2 minute walk from Oxford Circus station. Toy Room is  definitely up there when it comes to the best clubs in Mayfair. If you’re lucky enough to gain entry you’ll experience one of the best nights of your life!

Party with the famous and elite of London and of course don’t forget to visit Frank the Teddy -In Frank’s Bedroom! The music here is as good as the crowd Toy Room attracts with R&B and Hip Hop all night with some of the best DJ’s.

Toy Room is a celebrity hotspot so gaining entry can be tricky here, so dress smart and sexy and abide by the rules of Mayfair nightclubs; if you’re lucky enough to gain entry you’ll experience one of the best nights of your life. Toy Room does not disappoint.

best clubs in Mayfair

Everything begins with music…’ with a slogan like that for one of the best clubs in Mayfair why would you risk missing out?

Located in a popular area of Mayfair, just off Oxford Street, Tape is waiting to welcome you to join their exclusive and elite parties and show off their exclusive DJ’s in this amazing venue. Visitors and DJ’s spotted in tape include but are not limited to: Future, Sean Paul, Justin Bieber and more.

Not only does Tape have wonderful decor in their main club room they also boast a members room with a capacity of 150 as well as a recording studio for anyone wanting to check it out outside of club nights!

best clubs in Mayfair

Open throughout the week and weekends this is a great place to unwind over the week, cool music, with a mixed crowd.  Libertine (previously China White) is great whenever you decide to go, always extremely busy so it’s very important to get there early to avoid disappointment!

It’s an exclusive club with many different rooms including some more VIP areas for those celebrities you may bump into as these rooms are opened up on busy nights for everyone. This club is big, welcoming and ALOT of fun, not one to miss out on, most definitely one of the best clubs in Mayfair. 

best clubs in Mayfair

Located on the affluent Berkeley Street in Mayfair is Charlie, becoming one of the most exclusive and therefore one of the best clubs in Mayfairas well as it being dedicated and designed around the famous Charlie Chaplin! Just as the theme might suggest ushers and waiters ensure your night goes right dressed in the most amazing 1920’s attire, completing the overall feel of the Charlie Chaplin era!

Dress smart and elegant to gain entry, it is discretionary at the door but make sure dresses for the ladies and shoes and shirts for the men and getting a table always helps make the entry easier too!

Celebrities are a common sight at Charlie and its often the place people go for ‘Celebrity spotting’, regardless of the potential sighting, vist Charlie and you’ll have one of the best club experiences possible in a Mayfair club!

best clubs in Mayfair

Maddox runs some of the most infamous nights out in London, it’s signature night is on a Thursday but Maddox deserves a place in your diary every day it’s open!

A venue fit for Royalty, literally. Maddox is one of the best clubs in Mayfair, it’s a place that anyone and everyone wants to go. The simple decor and many rooms mean whatever mood or type of night you are looking for Maddox has got you covered.

With invite only rooms such as the Green Room and other exclusive rooms like Undercurrent who have seen amazing artists from the popular tech/deep house genre, Maddox is one to put on your list of places to go out in Mayfair!

Maddox will treat anyone like royalty, give it a go, we guarantee you an amazing experience!

best clubs in Mayfair

A visit to The Box should be on everyone’s bucket list. Be prepared to see the weird, the wonderful, the sexy and well the rest we’ll leave the the imagination. A unconventional club night with a show for everyone throughout the night, no phones or cameras allowed as you watch the entertainment around you.

The show times vary but usually start at midnight and end around 3am, as a late closing venue you can enjoy your fellow clubbers in a dance and drink after being amazed and intrigued by the previous events.

Tables only at one of best clubs in London, and with a more difficult door policy than most other Mayfair clubs, you must dress to impress and in turn the performers will impress and maybe even shock you.

best clubs in Mayfair

Drama is amazing! It is certainly unique compared to some of the other clubs in this list. A balcony where the sexy dancers stand and dance together to the biggest hits of today. Drama has a lot to boast about, its most beautiful location, Hilton Hotel Park Lane, photo area to take the photos you’ll only ever get in Drama and of course the extravagant mirror walls and ceilings showing you every corner of the room and the DJ box with doesn’t disappoint.

Of course considering all of these things Drama is difficult to gain access too, for a club like this is is absolutely imperative that ladies are in heels and dresses and the gentlemen in smart shirts, shoes and blazers! Past guests include Conor Maynard and many more. It would be unlikely that you don’t see any celebrity on your visit to Drama. Walk in the doors and you are automatically treated like a VIP.

Drama, one of the best clubs in Mayfair, get in touch before you miss out!

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