The Best Clubs In Mayfair

Trust us when we tell you that these are the best clubs in Mayfair, you don’t want to miss out on going to one or all of them!

Dear Darling

Dear Darling has 2 unique floors – the upstairs Living room playing house music from some of the world’s most well knows artists. The Basement downstairs plays host to the most hedonistic of performances with an R&B and Hip Hop music policy.

Since late 2023 Dear Darling has been one of the best Mayfair clubs with a A List clientele and amazing soundsystem and decor. Once visiting the club you’ll want to return to see what is in store for the next night!

With an envious location in the heart of Mayfair, set on Jermyn Street, it’s the perfect exclusive club to visit for an unforgettable night out.

Cirque Le Soir

The Best Clubs In Mayfair

By day Ganton Street is bustling with shoppers and tourists, by night it is transformed with the streets lined with the most beautiful and elite of London clubbers making their way to Cirque Le Soir.

Inside the exclusive clubs contains a range of different forms of entertainment including a popcorn machine, arcade room and fairground attractions! It’s understandable that it is extremely difficult to gain entry to this club so arrive early to avoid disappointment!

As one of the best clubs in Mayfair you are guaranteed to have an amazing night, don’t miss out, dress to impress and dance all night watching the weird and wonderful unfold before your eyes!


Best Clubs In Mayfair - Tabu

Tabu, one of the best clubs in Mayfair, is one of London’s most exciting VIP club located on the famous Dover street by Green Park. The location is very familiar as this is where Mahiki Mayfair used to be.

Expect the club to bring a unique Asian experience like none other seen in high end clubs. The guestlist at Tabu is like no other guestlist in London, the guestlist gets you access to the different levels of the high-end club which each have different vibes and entertainment. Go downstairs to find 19 tables including some VIP tables, more tables are upstairs.

The interior will catch your eye with the neon Japanese, graffiti and other Asian style decorations on the walls. As you make your way to the dancefloor you will see cages with dancers for the nightly entertainment. The upstairs of Tabu has a different style and it’s worth visiting both areas to get the full experience.

Like all the VIP clubs in London, expect to see A-listers and well-known Londoners. Book your table to avoid disappointment.

The London Reign

The Best Clubs In Mayfair

The London Reign, one of the best clubs in Mayfair, is a world of lavishness and rich charm. Located in the heart of London, this is a club like no other, be prepared to walk into a sense of indulgence, showcasing performances such as aerial acts to make your night extra glamourous.

The club features modern, luxurious interiors, bright lights, glamour, and showtime décor. The club can host to a capacity of 430 and has a variety of additions. These include integrated FUNKTION 1 sound system, function-able lighting system and Teppanyaki bar.

Of course, we wouldn’t expect anything less than a dazzling performance, where shows are customized on a weekly basis. The London Reign features a variety of circus-style performances, traditional musical acts and DJs. As well as some true daredevil stunts that will leave you astonished and really impress any guests you bring for the night. 


The Best Clubs In Mayfair

Everything begins with music…’ with a slogan like that for one of the best clubs in Mayfair why would you risk missing out?

Located in a popular area of Mayfair, just off Oxford Street, Tape is waiting to welcome you to join their exclusive and elite parties and show off their exclusive DJ’s in this amazing venue. Visitors and DJ’s spotted in tape include but are not limited to: Future, Sean Paul, Justin Bieber and more.

Not only does Tape have wonderful decor in their main club room they also boast a members room with a capacity of 150 as well as a recording studio for anyone wanting to check it out outside of club nights!


Open throughout the week and weekends this is a great place to unwind over the week with cool music.   Libertine (previously China White) is great whenever you decide to go, always extremely busy so it’s very important to get there early to avoid disappointment!

It’s an exclusive club with many different rooms including some more VIP areas for those celebrities you may bump into as these rooms are opened up on busy nights for everyone. This club is big, welcoming and ALOT of fun, not one to miss out on, most definitely one of the best clubs in Mayfair. 


best clubs in Mayfair

One of the best clubs in Mayfair is Luxx, is situated in London on the prestigious Berkeley Street. Luxx is in a very posh area of Mayfair and is surrounded by the most exclusive restaurants, casinos and private members clubs.

The owners of the club had a vision to create a club with only the best quality entertainment, service and atmosphere that meets high standards of A-listers. Enter into Luxx and be amazed by the bespoke lights, sounds and probably one of the best interior clubs in London, which highlights nothing of the best for the best.

Some nights include a famous London or international DJ creating the best vibes and atmosphere for a great night out, including a mix of the best HipHop and R&B throughout the night. Expect to dance the night away with A-listers and celebrities who dine and socialize often in Mayfair London.


Maddox runs some of the most infamous nights out in London, it’s signature night is on a Thursday but Maddox deserves a place in your diary every day it’s open!

A venue fit for Royalty, literally. Maddox is one of the best clubs in Mayfair, it’s a place that anyone and everyone wants to go. The simple decor and many rooms mean whatever mood or type of night you are looking for Maddox has got you covered.

With invite only rooms such as the Green Room and other exclusive rooms like Undercurrent who have seen amazing artists from the popular tech/deep house genre, Maddox is one to put on your list of places to go out in Mayfair!

Maddox will treat anyone like royalty, give it a go, we guarantee you an amazing experience!

The Box

A visit to The Box should be on everyone’s bucket list. Be prepared to see the weird, the wonderful, the sexy and well the rest we’ll leave the the imagination. A unconventional club night with a show for everyone throughout the night. No phones or cameras allowed as you watch the entertainment around you.

Tables only at one of best clubs in London, and with a more difficult door policy than most other Mayfair clubs, you must dress to impress and in turn the performers will impress and maybe even shock you.

Cuckoo Club

In London’s illustrious nightlife, the Cuckoo Club of Mayfair stands distinct. Since its inception in 2005, this club has etched itself as a landmark on the London clubbing map. It resonates with history enthusiasts and contemporary party lovers.

While the club buzzes every night, the pinnacle of its vibrancy can be observed on Fridays and Saturdays. These nights are a whirlwind of emotions, with the mesmerizing beats of international DJs filling the space, from pulsating techno to sultry hip-hop. And if you thought it was just about the music, think again. The club is renowned for its theatrical live performances that occasionally grace its stage. It offers an enthralling mix of dance, music, and drama.

The primary floor of the club exudes bohemian luxury. Venture downstairs, and you’re transported to a different world. The LED-lit dance floor bathes dancers in an otherworldly glow, creating an almost surreal ambiance.

When dressing for a night at the Cuckoo Club, elegance is essential. Men are often spotted in crisply tailored suits, perfectly tied ties, and perfectly polished shoes. Women grace the club in chic dresses, each more stylish than the next, paired with heels that command attention. It’s a place where fashion-forward meets the timeless, and every patron is a part of the spectacle.

Scotch Of St James

A stone’s throw from the regal streets of Mayfair, the Scotch of St. James is more than a club. It’s a living relic of London’s illustrious rock ‘n’ roll past. Since its doors first swung open in 1965, it’s been the haunt of legends. Think Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles, to name but a few.

The best times to immerse oneself in Scotch’s legendary aura are, unsurprisingly, Fridays and Saturdays. But its mid-week live sessions also offer an intimate musical experience, perfect for true aficionados.

Inside, the Scotch feels like a time capsule. Vintage posters, plush leather booths, and moody lighting transport you back to the 60s. The club’s labyrinthine layout and iconic downstairs lounge whisper secrets of legendary jam sessions and impromptu performances. The soundtrack here is a tribute to its storied past: classic rock intertwines with blues, jazz, and the occasional modern hit. This creates an auditory tapestry that’s as eclectic as the club’s history.

Attire at the Scotch speaks to its rock ‘n’ roll soul. While there’s a touch of Mayfair sophistication—men in tailored jackets and polished boots, women in chic dresses and statement accessories. The underlying vibe is undeniably rock chic. Think leather jackets, vintage tees, and a splash of attitude.

Windmill Soho

Venture into the heart of Mayfair, and you’ll discover a venue woven into the fabric of London’s entertainment history. Its origins date back to the 1930s. It’s a place that has seen the evolution of the city’s cultural and social scenes.

Today, it combines this storied past with contemporary allure, ensuring every visit feels nostalgic and new.

Mid-week is an ideal time to visit if you’re seeking a slightly subdued atmosphere, perfect for soaking in the ambiance. However, Fridays and Saturdays are undoubtedly the venue’s crescendo. Pulsating with life as live bands and DJs showcase an eclectic mix of music, from classic hits to modern chart-toppers.

The interior pays homage to its rich past. Classic art-deco touches merge with modern luxury, creating a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere. Dim lighting, plush seating, and vintage posters recall its golden era. While state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems bring it firmly into the 21st century.

As for attire, The Windmill demands a touch of sophistication. Men often lean towards sharp suits or smart-casual blazers, while women opt for elegant dresses or chic ensembles. Think classic London style with a contemporary twist.


As you navigate through Mayfair’s labyrinth of upscale establishments, Kadies emerges as a beacon of modern luxury. Though not as ancient as some of its counterparts, Kadies has quickly anchored itself as a must-visit hotspot.

The magic of Kadies is most palpable on Wednesday nights, a delightful midpoint in the week. Weekends, of course, see a surge of energy and vibrancy, making every visit a unique experience, whether you’re a first-timer or a regular.

Rich, deep hues blend with gold accents, creating a backdrop for nights filled with dancing, laughter, and memories. The club boasts a sound system that reverberates with a curated selection of tunes, spanning genres from sultry R&B to energizing house beats, ensuring there’s something for every musical palate.

Inspired by the Art Nouveau movement, Kadies’ decor is a visual feast. Swirling patterns, intricate details, and lush furnishings. It feels like you’ve entered a different era, albeit with a distinctly modern twist.

When contemplating attire for a night at Kadies, think of sophisticated glamour. For men, tailored jackets paired with chic footwear set the tone. Women often opt for cocktail dresses or sleek jumpsuits accessorized with statement pieces.

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