Best Wine Bars in the City of London

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London is home to an impressive array of wine bars that cater to oenophiles and casual drinkers. From cosy, tucked-away gems to sophisticated, modern spaces, the best wine bars in the City of London offer a diverse selection of vintages from around the globe. These come accompanied by expert advice, delicious pairings, and a welcoming atmosphere.

New Street Wine

Best Wine Bars in the City of London

New Street Wine is a captivating blend of London’s rich past and present. It’s hosted inside a historic Old Bengal Warehouse, built in 1771 by the East India Company. This boutique wine shop and bar is part of the esteemed D&D London collection. With an impressive portfolio that spans London, Paris, New York, and beyond, D&D London, co-founded by David Loewi in 2006, has established itself as a beacon of fine dining and exceptional hospitality experiences. Supported by leading UK equity house LDC since April 2013, D&D’s commitment to excellence matches its dedication to sustainability. From ethically sourced food products to minimizing energy and water consumption, New Street Wine embodies these values. They offer an eco-conscious wine-drinking experience.

New Street Wine’s setting is within the city’s oldest surviving warehouse of its era. The venue is part of a modern dining and drinking destination. The place also includes Fish Market, New Street Grill, and Old Bengal Bar. The wine list invites guests to the world’s most celebrated vineyards. Here, aficionados and novices can indulge in a spectrum of wines. Taste everything from the rare and exotic to beloved classics, each telling its own story of heritage, terroir, and craftsmanship.

New Street Wine offers an unmatched ambience, perfect for a casual after-work drink, a personal celebration, or savouring a discovery.

Website: New Street Wine

Address: 16C New Street, EC2M 4TR

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Fox Fine Wines & Spirits

Best Wine Bars in the City of London

Fox Fine Wines and Spirits is inside a landmark building at the crossroads of London Wall and Moorgate. It marries the charm of its past with contemporary wine culture. The site, which once housed the world-renowned Fox Umbrella Shop, has become a haven for wine enthusiasts.

The Shop invites patrons into a world where over 350 lines of wine adorn the shelves. Each of these are thoughtfully selected to cater to various occasions. The original woodwork and the ground floor’s ambience create an inviting environment. This is where guests can relish their choice of wine, be it by glass or bottle. Despite its bustling nature, the shop’s three tables and standing space welcome drop-ins.

Ascending to the first floor, guests will discover The Restaurant at Fox. it is a bright space designed for casual dinners or private celebrations. The menu offers a blend of traditional favourites and contemporary culinary delights, complemented by the staff’s expert wine recommendations. With seating for up to 25 guests, this venue promises an intimate dining experience. It is available for lunch and dinner bookings from Monday to Friday.

The Lounge on the top floor provides the perfect backdrop for those seeking a more laid-back setting. Its eclectic mix of furniture and private nooks fosters a relaxed atmosphere for enjoying a meal or a bottle of wine. Offering the full menu of wine and food available throughout the building, The Lounge caters to various preferences and occasions.

Website: Fox Fine Wines & Spirits

Address: Fox Fine Wines, 118 London Wall, London EC2Y 5JA

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56 Wine Bar and Shop

Best Wine Bars in the City of London

56 Wine Bar and Shop is a portal to exceptional winemaking. This unique venue was founded by a family deeply rooted in viticulture. It directly brings the essence of their Provencal vineyard, Château De La Cômbe, to the city’s wine lovers. The family revitalized a boutique vineyard known for challenging the rosé-dominant region with outstanding reds and whites, winning international awards.

The essence of 56 West Smithfield is its community of winemakers. The wine list, though succinct, is meticulously curated, featuring wines that embody their unique character and remarkable flavour profiles. 56 West Smithfield offers an authentic and intimate wine-tasting experience by fostering partnerships with family-owned and boutique wineries. The selection celebrates the diversity and richness of global winemaking, inviting patrons to explore flavours true to their terroirs.

As direct importers, 56 Wine Bar and Shop offer world-class wines at their original winery prices. These are augmented by a nominal corkage fee for those wishing to relish their choices on-site. The setting is designed for relaxation and exploration, with lounge sofas and the traditional tasting room. 56 Wine Bar and Shop stands out not only for its exceptional wines but also for its commitment to bringing a slice of winemaking heritage to the heart of London.

Website: 56 Wine Bar and Shop

Address: 56 W Smithfield, London EC1A 9DS

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El Vino Fleet Street 

Best Wine Bars in the City of London

El Vino Fleet Street celebrates London’s rich journalistic history as one of the best wine bars in The City of London. It is located at what was once the hub of the nation’s newspaper industry. Frequented by journalists and known for its lively atmosphere, El Vino retains its historic charm and caters to a modern clientele. It offers an extensive selection of wines and delicious food offerings.

This esteemed wine bar has a unique wine list, including many exclusives directly shipped by the bar. You can enjoy a glass in the ground-floor bar or plan to purchase a bottle to savour at home. El Vino provides an unmatched selection that appeals to connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

The food menu focuses on modern cooking and small plates, tapas, sandwiches, and seasonal specials. Each dish uses seasonal ingredients, ensuring top quality and flavour that keeps customers returning. Behind the selection of wines and the curated menu stands the expertise of Davy’s Wine Merchants. James Davy and his wine-buying team are at the helm, ensuring that every bottle at El Vino represents the best quality and variety.

El Vino is not just a place to dine and wine — it’s a venue rich with character, history, and a vibrant atmosphere. It is the ideal spot for catching up with friends and colleagues or hosting a private event.

Website: El Vino Fleet Street 

Address: 47 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1BJ

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Bedales at Leadenhall

Right beneath the cobblestone alleyways of the Victorian Leadenhall Market, Bedales at Leadenhall offers a distinctive dining and wine-tasting experience. This venue is famous for its carefully curated wine list that showcases a blend of classic wine regions and intriguing, lesser-known discoveries. This diversity ensures that every visit to Bedales is a new adventure, guided by knowledgeable staff who are passionate about sharing their expertise.

The food menu at Bedales is designed with sharing in mind. Featuring a range of dishes that perfectly complement the wine selection, guests can expect to indulge in diverse and rich flavours. The emphasis on shared plates reinforces Bedales’ philosophy of bringing people together over good food and exquisite wine.

Beyond being a wine bar and restaurant, Bedales at Leadenhall is a wine education and appreciation hub. It hosts the popular Wine & Cheese Pairing Workshop, WSET Courses, and bespoke Wine Workshops. It is an ideal venue for novice wine enthusiasts and seasoned connoisseurs looking to deepen their knowledge. The setting is equally suited for private parties, corporate events, and intimate wine tastings.

Website: Bedales at Leadenhall

Address: 55 Leadenhall Market, London EC3V 1LT

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Bottles takes you on an unparalleled journey into the heart and soul of wine and food, where the discovery is endless, and every taste tells a story. This is a sanctuary for wine lovers who crave a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world’s finest wines, with a special emphasis on the rich and diverse offerings from Italy. This unique wine bar and restaurant is the brainchild of passionate sommeliers committed to showcasing sustainable, independent, organic, and biodynamic producers.

With a meticulous focus on Italy, Bottles handpicks an array of wines that represent the best, most unique, and sometimes the most delightfully eccentric examples of what this country’s vineyards offer. However, their curiosity doesn’t stop at the Italian border; the wine list also includes an eclectic selection from around the globe.

It is one of the best wine bars in The City of London, but Bottles is more than just a wine bar. It’s an experience that marries the world of wine with the art of Italian cuisine. The menu offers a contemporary take on regional Italian dishes, from artisan meats and cheeses to inventive twists on classic recipes. The ambience at Bottles reflects a harmonious blend of rustic charm and rock ‘n’ roll style. This convivial setting breathes new life into the wine-tasting experience, making it accessible, enjoyable, and engaging for everyone.

Website: Bottles 

Address: 67 Brushfield St, London E1 6AA

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Hithe + Seek

Embark on a journey of taste and exploration at Hithe + Seek, a uniquely interactive bar and kitchen. This isn’t your typical bar; it’s a sanctuary for the curious and adventurous, where the art of discovery takes center stage.

The venue boasts a collection of 80 meticulously selected wines, presenting a tantalizing treasure map that navigates through beloved classics to the uncharted terrains of novel flavours. This diverse wine list is divided into two segments: “Hithe,” featuring familiar favourites for those who seek comfort in the known, and “Seek,” dedicated to unveiling hidden gems for the explorers eager to expand their palates.

Complementing the wine selection, the cocktail menu offers a playful twist on classics. From the first sip, these imaginative drinks promise a departure from the mundane. Executive Chef Fabio De Paolis’s food menu harmonizes with the ethos of Hithe + Seek, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between food and drink. Designed for sharing, each dish is the perfect pairing.

Abundant daylight floods through full-length windows, offering views of landmarks such as Shakespeare’s Globe and Tate Modern. The modern finishes and cosy seating create an intimate vibe, perfect for relaxed conversations and memorable moments.

Website: Hithe + Seek

Address: 60 Upper Thames St., London EC4V 3AD

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Steam Wine Bar

Best Wine Bars in the City of London

Since 2005, Steam Wine Bar has been in London’s financial district, a testament to the vision of Michael Fairbanks and Stephen Chenery. It was born from the desire to establish a wine bar that perfectly reflects the gastronomic preferences of its clientele. Steam is committed to fostering a welcoming environment and operates under the guiding principle of treating customers as patrons and friends. This ethos has not only preserved the cherished connections formed in its early days but has also allowed the bar to continually attract new faces.

At Steam, the experience extends beyond mere consumption. The bar prides itself on offering a selection of wines and dishes that cater to the discerning tastes of its guests. Whether you’re a long-standing regular or a first-time visitor, Steam Wine Bar invites you to step into an atmosphere of familiarity and warmth, where the hustle of the City fades away.

This enduring establishment emphasises personal connections and tailored service and encapsulates what it means to be more than just a wine bar. Steam Wine Bar is a sanctuary for those searching for a place that feels like home.

Website: Steam Wine Bar

Address: 1 St George’s Ln, London EC3R 8DJ

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St Swithin Wine Shippers

Best Wine Bars in the City of London

St. Swithins Wine Shippers distinguishes itself with its unique combination of state-of-the-art wine-tasting technology and a historic setting on St. Swithins Lane. Just a brief walk from the Bank of England and Cannon Street stations, it offers a wine-shopping and tasting experience catering to casual enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

The venue proudly showcases its Enomatic machines, featuring 48 wines ready for tasting every weekday. These advanced systems allow customers to explore a wide variety of wines from around the globe, offering the flexibility to sample small tastes or indulge in fuller glasses, thereby broadening one’s wine palate interactively and engagingly.

Thanks to the Coravin wine extractor, St Swithins Wine Shippers presents an exceptional opportunity to savour Grand Cru wines by the glass. This allows the wine aficionado to experience tasting legendary names and vintages without the commitment of purchasing an entire bottle. The Tasting Terrace, operating in all weather conditions, offers selected platters and nibbles designed to complement the wine selection.

In addition to the tasting experience, St Swithins Wine Shippers provides a vast selection of wine-related gifts making it one of the best wine bars in The City of London. The shop also offers a curated selection of accessories for the wine connoisseur, including Riedel glassware, decanters, wine books, corkscrews, cigars, and Coravin machines.

Website: St Swithin Wine Shippers

Address: 11-12 St Swithin’s Ln, London EC4N 8AL

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The Amicable Society of Lazy Ballerinas

Best Wine Bars in the City of London

The Amicable Society of Lazy Ballerinas is a sanctuary for the senses, located on Fleet Street amid the echoes of the city’s publishing legacy. Here, the belief is that wine tasting should be free from rules and enjoyable, making it an inviting space for seasoned connoisseurs and curious novices.

At the core of Lazy Ballerinas is an expansive wine menu, curated to span the globe and present wines that inspire and delight. Whether you’re in the mood for a bold red, a crisp white, or something sparkling, the knowledgeable staff are ready to guide you to your perfect drop, accompanied by expertly paired small plates that enhance the tasting experience.

Lazy Ballerinas offers a wine flight program that allows guests to taste different varietals and regions. By choosing a three-wine flight from the ’75ml by the glass’ options, visitors can delve deeper into the nuances of wine, exploring varied tastes and textures at a more accessible price point. This approach not only democratizes the wine-tasting process but also encourages experimentation and discovery in a relaxed and sociable setting.

The food menu, featuring a selection of mezze and charcuterie platters alongside delectable small plates, is designed to complement the wine selection perfectly. Every dish is carefully chosen to enhance the flavors of the wines.

Website: The Amicable Society of Lazy Ballerinas

Address: 50 Fleet St, Temple, London EC4Y 1BQ

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