The Best Wine Bars In Mayfair

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London is famous for the exclusivity of its Wine Bars with Mayfair being home to many of the very best. Below we have listed the best Wine Bars in Mayfair, not only with exclusive and rarest vintages but the ambience and service for a truly memorable experience.

Best Wine Bars in Mayfair

Situated within the heart of Mayfair’s Shepherds Market, Shepherd Market Wine House is undoubtedly a hidden gem in London and one of the best Wine Bars in Mayfair. Customers find a unique wine list, hand-selected by the Manager and Head Sommelier, Loïc Le Roux, incorporating wines from regions across the world, exhibiting the exquisite flavours ‘the world of wine’ has to offer. Aside from the renowned wine list, Shepherd Market Winehouse also caters to individual tastes by offering a selection of premium bottled beer, fine grape liquors, Scotch, and cigars – adding something slightly different to their menu.

Their website says, “Every great wine deserves a perfect pairing.” The Wine Bar also offers customers a small menu consisting of ‘nibbles,’ both Cheese and Charcuterie platters, and seasonal winter specials, such as ½ a Camembert or a Hot Vacherin Mont, which, when paired with the perfect wine, complement each other wonderfully.

With its vibrant yellow exterior, the wine bar is unmissable – the softer yellow tone of the interior,, however,, promotes a cozy, relaxed ambiance where customers can enjoy hand-picked delicacies from across the world complimented by excellent food accompanied by a relaxed ambiance.

Best Wine Bars in Mayfair

In terms of incorporating excellent wines with fine dining, HIDE restaurant is the only name to consider. Owned by Michelin star chef Ollie Dabbous and Hedonism Wines, together they have collaborated to create an exceptional wine list that highlights the elegance and sophistication of HIDE.

The shop itself holds regular wine-tasting events where guests get an insight into the manufacturing and selection of the vast selection available for purchase within the store.

The team at Hedonism Wines ensures that their knowledge and experience in the industry pass on to customers, enabling them to purchase their desired bottle/s of wine. Over the years, experts have bought over 6,500 bottles of wines/spirits for the business, hand-selecting each to ensure the wines on sale uphold the company’s reputation of excellence.

Within the partnership, Hedonism Wines and Ollie Dabbous (HIDE) have collaborated to create a unique ‘delivered to your table’ service that allows guests to pre-order, or order whilst dining, a bottle from the Hedonism shop, which will then be directly delivered from the store to the table. This unique service makes the exquisite dining experience at HIDE memorable for customers as diners can contribute to the excellence of their dining experience through the extensive selection of fine wines Hedonism Wines can offer, adding a unique touch to their dining experience they won’t get elsewhere, making it one of the best Wine Bars in Mayfair.

Best Wine Bars in Mayfair

The Remedy may not be a prescribed medicinal cure, but they believe that a glass of their carefully sourced, fine wines complemented by a dish from their menu, ‘can just about cure anything!)

The Remedy is a wine bar with a difference. Instead of working with mass-market wineries, The Remedy brand itself is ‘quality obsessed ‘, sourcing their wines from small producers. Located on Cleveland Street, the Remedy promotes a relaxed, cosy atmosphere inspired by ‘the traditional enotecas of Europe, presenting their customers with a weekly updated wine list of rare, fine wines manufactured by small producers that are unlikely to be available for purchase elsewhere, which is why we have branded The Remedy as one of the Best Wine Bars in Mayfair.

Not only does the Remedy offer a unique ‘weekly wine list,’ but it also offers customers a varying food menu, which chages weekly. The menu offers a selection of dishes that will complement the customer’s wine of choice. The ingredients for these dishes are local, which maintains the unique selling point of the business, which is being ‘quality obsessed’. One of our favourites on the menu (week commencing 7/10/19) is the Tuna Tartare, which complements each other beautifully when partnered with white wine. There are also meat options such as Prosciutto di Parma and a Pork Chop paired with Chicory and vegetarian options such as Kidney Bean pate, complementing the wines exceptionally.

Best Wine Bars in Mayfair

Being the oldest wine bar in London, it is inevitable that we included Gordon’s as one of the best Wine Bars in Mayfair. Established in 1890 by Angus Stafford Gordon and sold to Luis Gordon in the 1970s, Gordon’s to this day continues to be run by Luis’s son, Simon. Family-run Gordon’s Wine Bar has quenched the thirst of thousands of Wine lovers for over 100 years. Gordon’s Wine Bar has developed an award-winning wine list featuring some spectacular additions, including Red and White wines, Sparkling wines, fortified wines (such as Sherries and Dessert wines), and a Vegan/Organic selection.

To accompany the wine list, Gordon’s Wine Bar has a unique menu with a ‘create your own’ aspect where customers can select up to three cheeses from the menu, which features a variety of cheeses from across Europe; there are also cold plates which display traditional British dishes such as a variety of Salads and also a Tapas menu to ensure there are dishes which compliment an individual’s wine choices.

In Kipling House, the authenticity of the rustic Wine Bar is upheld by its interior. Held in an underground cellar surrounded by candlelit tables and stone walls decorated with old photographs and dated newspaper clippings, the Wine Bar promotes an ambience like no other. There is also outdoor seating upstairs on WaterGate Walk, where customers can enjoy Gordon’s Wine Bars’ vast selection of fine wines and their delicious accompaniments.

For those interested in the history of Kipling House, in the 1680s, Kipling House was home to Samuel Peyps, known for writing one of Britain’s most infamous dairies, which provides an insight into critical historical events that took place during the 17th century. Aside from being a wonderful wine bar, Gordon’s Wine Bar also has their own shop where customers can purchase wines from the store, along with vouchers and merchandise, which adds that extra touch to the Wine Bar, differentiating it from the others. Image source

Best Wine Bars in Mayfair

The Comptoir cafe is a cafe ‘by day’ and an exclusive Wine Bar ‘by night’. With an extensive wine list with over 500 wines available, chosen by owner Xavier Rousset, who in 2002 won the UK Ruinart Sommelier of the Year and has also worked as Head Sommelier in Raymond Blancs Le Manior aux Quat’saisons. The wine shop is located on the lower level of the cafe and displays an exceptional array of bottles, with over 100 bottles of champagne and 1800 bottles of wines from around the world. Each bottle is available for purchase. In addition to this, Comptoir has a selection of Zalto wine glasses, decanters, and Coravin wine systems to entice customers.

Comptoir also offers customers a varied menu of delicious courses throughout the day, one of our favourites being the Caramelised Onion and Goats Cheese puff pastry tart (found on the A La Carte menu), when complemented by a beautiful white wine from the wine list, makes the perfect pairing.

Within the Wine Cellar, guests can book exclusive tasting sessions with winemakers from across the world, each with a different speciality. These wine-tasting events are organised monthly, the next being held on the 13th of November by Kooyong Wines, hosted by Chief Winemaker Glen Hayley; this experience allows customers to gain an insight into the wine production industry and experience new flavours from across different regions across the world, an experience very few can claim they have had and why Comptoir is one of the best Wine Bars in Mayfair.

Best Wine Bars in Mayfair

Regarding simplicity, 28/50 highlights the importance of fine wines by serving 15 red wines and 15 white wines by the glass carafe and bottle at one time. By limiting the choice on the menu but changing its content frequently, returning guests can experience new wines that are of different styles and made from different grapes every visit. The wine bar is also a restaurant providing diners with delicious courses, each full of a unique combination of flavours, which can pair with one of the 30 red/white wines available upon recommendation from one of the experienced staff.

Exceptional wine tastings happen at 28/50 for their customers to learn more about why the chosen wines appear on the menu and their background, learning about their production and journey from grape to bottle, a unique experience making 28/50 one of the best Wine Bars in Mayfair. These wine tastings have limited space and are available upon request before booking, a unique, valuable experience for wine lovers alike!

28/50 also has a unique aspect to their business in that they have relationships with wine collectors who have given the wine bar access to their collections to sell rare, mature wines which are rarely available in restaurants and wine bars across London, adding a unique element to 28/50.

Best Wine Bars in Mayfair

If you take a walk down the beautiful spiral staircase of Fortnum and Masons to the Lower Ground Level, you will come across the ‘Oasis of the food store’, one of the best Wine Bars in Mayfair, hidden amongst the spectacular food hall is the exclusive Wine Bar 1707. Bringing a unique experience to their guests, the Wine Bar allows customers to order any bottle from the extensive wine list displayed in the wine department on the same floor, charging a £10 corkage fee. The wine list comes hand in hand with a food menu designed to complement the wines on display to customers.

Guests are welcome to browse the extensive wine store before joining 1707 Wine Bar to see the exceptional quality available to purchase. A relaxed ambience with an elegant interior, polished wood walls and a grey marble bar promotes a sophisticated, cosy atmosphere. With impeccable service, the staff are full of knowledge and experience in the Wine industry, providing customers with insight into the different regions and grapes each wine comes from.

A Wine Bar with sophistication and class, surrounded by London’s finest foods, in one of London’s infamous Department stores, which showcases only the best of the best.

In the alleys of St. Christopher’s Place, Angélique’s Wine House emerges as a gem in the Mayfair area, blending French Provencal charm and contemporary London flair. With a sister location at the Shepherd Market Wine House, Angélique’s reputation precedes it, promising an amazing wine experience. Upon entering Angélique’s, you find the bars of Southern France, thanks to its stylish design. The bar’s atmosphere has old-world charm and modern sophistication.

The bar has a collection of 200 carefully selected wines, showcasing a range that caters to both the novice and the connoisseur. The champagne selection is particularly noteworthy, featuring labels like Piper Heidsieck, and is perfectly complemented by an assortment of cocktails for those seeking variety. The food menu features a delectable array of gourmet cheeses and charcuteries. Whether you opt for a rich, creamy Brie or a robust, flavorful salami, each bite elevates your palate.

The outdoor terrace at Angélique’s is a coveted spot, offering an idyllic setting for after-work gatherings or afternoons with friends. Here, you can indulge in the essence of the South of France – a blend of luxury, comfort, and culinary delight, all without the need to travel.

BeBeMe Wine Bar & Shop is inside the innovative Mercato Metropolitano sustainable food halls. It is not just a wine bar; it’s a celebration of sustainability, heritage, and quality, all delivered in an enviably relaxed setting. This latest gem in London’s wine scene breaks the mould by offering a unique, sustainable way to enjoy wine. BeBeMe’s innovative approach allows patrons to savour their chosen wine inside the bar or take a bottle home from the shop.

BeBeMe’s wine selection is a curated journey across the globe. It features everything from the crisp, refreshing notes of a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc to the deep, complex flavours of a Californian Cabernet Sauvignon. Each wine is a story of its origin, reflecting the unique grape varieties and sustainable production methods from around the world. The team behind BeBeMe travels extensively to source wines from the best bio-friendly family wineries, ensuring that each glass poured is a delight to the senses and kind to the environment.

The bar’s cosy, intimate setting is perfect for unwinding after a day’s exploration in London, whether you’re a local or a tourist. The no-booking policy for smaller groups adds to the casual, welcoming vibe, making it an ideal spot for spontaneous gatherings.

Brooks Mews Wine House, a relatively recent entrant to Mayfair’s wine scene, offers wine enthusiasts a distinct and refined experience. Opened in the summer of 2021, the bar is tucked away behind the illustrious Claridge’s Hotel in a quaint cobbled street blossoming with new culinary and drink ventures.

Transformed from a former carriage workshop, Brooks Mews Wine House spans two floors. The ground floor celebrates the art of winemaking, featuring a vast wine wall with an extensive collection of nearly 150 wines from around the globe. This impressive display serves as the focal point of the space. The upstairs mezzanine has vibrant prints of flora and fauna. The area has luxurious banquettes, inviting guests to sink in and savour their wine in a cosy setting. The mezzanine can also host private functions, accommodating up to 50 guests.

The food menu focuses on artisanal French and Italian cheeses and charcuteries, perfect for sharing and pairing with the wines. Seasonal specialities, like the ‘Burratina’, add a touch of gastronomic delight to the experience. This dish, featuring a small burrata cheese with seasoned tomatoes on toasted bread, encapsulates the fusion of simplicity and sophistication that characterizes the venue.

The Black Book, at the intersection of Old Compton Street, is a cornerstone of London’s West End wine culture. The venue’s past as TRADE, a members’ club for the hospitality industry, laid the foundation for its unique identity. The club’s famed “Black Book,” once a confidential notebook of fine and rare wines, became so adored by guests that it inspired the wine bar’s name and ethos.

At The Black Book, you’ll find an outstanding ‘by-the-glass’ wine in a walk-in Coravin Cellar. The wine list, crafted with a ‘no rules, no borders, no restrictions’ philosophy, is a passionate tribute to the joy of wine. In collaboration with Coravin, The Black Book offers many global selections.

Historically, a “Black Book” in Soho was a confidential notebook for important contacts and addresses. The Black Book wine bar reimagines this concept, housing a curated collection of exceptional wines. This collection includes limited-quantity offerings from iconic producers, vineyards, and vintages. Like the wine list, the food menu comes with care and attention to detail, ensuring a harmonious pairing with the wines. It’s important to note that The Black Book’s wine list changes daily. This ensures a fresh and exciting experience with each visit, though some wines may not be available on any given day.

Antidote Wine Bar & Wine Shop celebrates over 15 years of delighting its patrons. Spread over two floors, Antidote offers a cozy and vibrant atmosphere. The venue’s charm heightens its outdoor terrace, inviting guests to enjoy their wine under the open sky. The wine selection at Antidote is a thoughtful curation of organic and biodynamic wines, primarily sourced from small artisans in France and beyond.

Combining its impressive wine offerings, Antidote’s menu celebrates seasonal produce. The menu is refreshed weekly, showcasing the finest ingredients of the season. Whether it’s a light snack or a full meal, the dishes pair perfectly with the wine selection. Antidote’s dedication to quality, sustainability, and seasonal produce makes it much more than just a wine bar. It is a destination for those who appreciate the finer things in life and a haven for those who seek a wine and dining experience that is both exquisite and ethically conscious.

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