The Best Wine Bars in Chelsea

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Chelsea is a chic and culturally rich place. And with rich culture comes rich wines. When walking around one of the most luxurious neighborhoods of London, sometimes we want to take a break. Here you can find the best wine bars in Chelsea. Enjoy the flavors of some of the best vintages and labels in both the New and Old World. Sit down at any establishments on this list and order a glass of red during the winter or white for those hot summer days.

Aspen & Meursault

The Best Wine Bars in Chelsea

Aspen & Meursault is perfect for any time of the day. They serve as a wine bar, online shop, and café. During the day, enjoy the 100% Guatemalan coffee roast and its dark and nutty flavors, either black or with milk. They also serve pastries, cheese, organic bread, and house treats. The café is open until 5 pm, and it is ideal for those who want to grab a quick and warm bite, chat with friends, or even get some work and reading done. 

In the evening, indulge in natural wines and sustainable food. Chefs prepare the dishes to value biodynamic, low intervention farming methods, taking advantage of the natural flavor of each ingredient used. Cured meats, baked camembert, and morcilla are some options that can accompany your wine. 

Mustard yellow walls with small plant vases work well with the turquoise blue from the chairs. Exposed bricks take over some parts of the walls, highlighting the rustic environment of a place that praises natural ingredients above all else. 

You can order all wines by the glass in an intimate and cozy space. Savor them and notice that natural wines are delicious. Pick from the extensive list of classics, or go for unique options that make your night memorable. If you love them, purchase a bottle at the store and take it home.


The Best Wine Bars in Chelsea

28-50 only serves wines they genuinely like. They offer a collection of 15 reds and 15 whites, both bottle and by-the-glass. The list frequently changes, constantly introducing customers to some of the best grapes and labels in the market. The restaurant and wine bar is a cozy and private space where you can truly explore your passion and interest for wine, always learning something new and exploring flavors you’ve never seen before, both in the wine you drink and the food that comes to pair with it. 

The food menu changes seasonally, always offering fresh ingredients and flavors. You can go for the group menu, which serves eight to 20 people and can be designed for your party. Alternatively, choose the a la carte menu and taste dishes like Bluefin tuna with ginger, chili, and sesame as a starter. Maybe a juicy rib-eye steak or an aubergine tagine with cashew and parsley for the main course. Take the house suggestions for wine pairings and enjoy a perfectly balanced meal.  It’s certainly one of the best wine bars in Chelsea.

Find an island bar with baby-pink stools surrounding it. Warm lighting hangs from the white ceiling over the dark wood floors, and wooden wine boxes are stacked on the walls, decorating the entire dining room.

Vagabond Wines

Vagabond Wines has many locations spread all over London, all extraordinarily luxurious and successful. Find a well-curated selection of sparkling, white, red, orange, and sweet wines on the menu. They divide the wine list according to the flavor and aroma profile of the beverage. Reds can be spicy, elegant, bold, or vibrant. Whites come as rich, aromatic, or crisp. That’s how we know it is one of the best wine bars in Chelsea.  

The food menu is simple and complements the wines. For example, on the “nibbles” menu, find maple and sea salt popcorn. There’s a steak sharer made for two and many other sharing plates with cold cuts and cheese, perfect for those who want to spend a couple of hours sipping on good wine and chatting about life. Small plates include arancini balls, duck rillettes, and mushroom pate.

Vagabond Wines is the ideal place for wine lovers because it offers them the opportunity of discovering new labels and pair them with tasty food. Savor the flatbreads on the menu and how balsamic vinaigrette perfectly with an aromatic white wine. Enjoy the cozy and casual environment of the restaurant and maybe shop for wine bottles to take home after dinner!


The Best Wine Bars in Chelsea

Walk into Bottles and feel like you’ve entered an underwater coral palace. The white and light grey furniture, walls, and ceiling contrast with the aqua-blue tiles from the bar and the large lamps hanging above. Small and delicate coral-colored flowers decorate the tables and the top of the shelves, which are stacked with bottles of wine. 

On the wine menu, find careful definitions of what it means for a wine to be organic, vegan, biodynamic, or orange, for example. Learn about the difference between new world and old world wines, and what flavor profile you should expect from some of the most famous grapes. Follow the aroma and bouquet charts to capture flavor notes on the wine you choose to taste. 

The food menu is short and accompanies the wine tasting. Small bites like seared lamb raviolo and burrata bathed in a virgin bloody mary are part of the menu. Share cold cuts and cheese platters, or maybe oysters with Lambrusco mignonette. Bottles specialize in Italian flavors and offer the complete treatment for a night of good wine, food, and conversation.

The Chelsea Cellar

The Chelsea Cellar was made by friends, for friends. It is a place where you can go to enjoy good food with a bottle of wine or two. Chat with your friends and family for hours, and order another bottle. This is where people come to feel comfortable as they indulge in good food and wine, all for a reasonable price. 

On the starters menu, find Italian classics like arancini. Order a burrata with a cherry tomato salad or olive tapenade, lemon zest, and anchovies.  Mixed bruschettas, beef carpaccio, and mushrooms stuffed with spinach, ricotta, and parmesan cheese are notable options. Find classic pasta flavors like carbonara, beef ragu, and even artichoke pasta for the main dish. Tuna, duck, rib-eye… there are plenty of options for all tastes. 

The wine list has a healthy mix of white, red, and sparking options. Not too many bottles, but all of the extreme quality. Mostly from Italy, the wines pair perfectly with the meal and the chitchat. The environment inside is exceptionally cozy. The dim lighting, casual seating, and decor make you feel like you’re in a countryside cottage in Tuscany. There’s not that much ceremony here:  you’re home.

Library Bar

You will find the Library Bar inside The Lanesborough hotel in London – one of the best wine bars in Chelsea. It is considered one of the best cocktail bars in the city, with an extensive display of luxury spirits and liquors and unique and celebrated cocktail options. Aside from that, they also have a well-curated wine list, displaying white, red, and sparkling options from some of the best wineries in the world.  

The Library Bar is part of a private member’s club, made for those who enjoy the intimacy and privacy of the space, along with hotel guests. Here you can find cognacs that date back to the 1770s and celebrated champagnes and wine from different parts of the globe—the inside looks like a piece of royalty. Grey and dark green booths sit around small rounded tables. The green carpet contrasts with the brown wooden walls and thick curtains. It does feel like you’re part of the British elite, enjoying a Saturday afternoon at the country club. 

Famous labels of spirits and liquors fill up the small bar on the corner. Cocktails have unique presentation and flavor, served in small, diamond-shaped glasses or layered in a three-part glass. Enjoy natural light from the large corner windows as you converse with friends, business associates, or favorite people.

The Other Naughty Piglet

The Other Naughty Piglet is a restaurant that pours natural wines and serves seasonal and creative dishes. Here you have the option to sit at a communal table, where you can chat with strangers and leave with new friends. Regular tables and counter seats are also available. Perfect for that long Sunday lunch, in this restaurant, you get to try small dishes with fresh ingredients alongside a bottle of your new favorite wine. 

Go for the a la carte menu or try the two to three courses tasting menu. There are plenty of options, from cuttlefish lardo with pine nuts and garlic to BBQ pork belly or gurnard with tandoori butter sauce. An eclectic menu reflects the chefs’ creativity in the kitchen, with a guarantee that everything is highly flavorful and juicy. 

A casual restaurant with modern and minimalistic decor, where the flavors of the food shine above everything else. The wines, all-natural and curated to match the ever-changing menu, complement the taste of the food, pairing acidity with grease and sweetness with the condensed milk dessert. People come to The Other Naughty Piglet to leave with a belly full of wine, food, and lots of new friends. 

Cambio de Tercio

The Best Wine Bars in Chelsea

Cambio de Tercio is a Spanish restaurant in London, acclaimed by the Michelin Restaurant Guide. The site looks exactly like a family-owned business in a Spanish pueblo, serving only the best of the best. A small and cozy environment, with yellow walls and a red ceiling, simple decor and furniture, and a casual ambiance. Walk in and embrace the humility of the place, getting ready to try sensational Spanish flavors paired with the country’s most classic wines. 

Patatas Bravas, Iberian ham croquetas, salmon tartare and fried calamari are part of the tapas menu. Pulpo a la gallega, grilled octopus with olive oil, paprika, and potatoes, is part of the menu, along with a suckling pig and rabo de toro. The restaurant, being a Spanish tapas place, offers some of the best wines in the country. Find bottles of crianza, rioja, tempranillo, and other grapes and vintages. 

A warm color scheme on the walls, decorated with paintings of bullfighting and flamenco dancers, creates a warm and inviting environment. As the Spanish do, spend your entire Sunday afternoon surrounded by good company, flavorful foods, and many bottles of wine.

Enoteca Turi

Another one of the best wine bars in Chelsea is Enoteca Turi is where Puglia landed when moving to London. The restaurant, run by an Italian family since its opening in 1990, offers regional cuisine from the warm southern region of Puglia, Italy. They use seasonal and traditional ingredients to create their style of food, always paying tribute to their origins. Giuseppe Turi blends his knowledge as a sommelier with his childhood, growing up on a farm. The result is food and wine that work perfectly together, each bringing forth the best flavors and aromas of one another. 

Customers always come back for more wine from the extensive Italian cellar. The cozy and welcoming environment also helps. As for dinner, choose from one of the two set menus, perfect for private dining and big groups of people. Maybe order a la carte, tasting dishes like the pansoti pasta filled with borage, ricotta, and parmesan under a walnut sauce. Go for the roasted duck breast with crostini, cime di rapa, orange, and date purree for your second plate.

Wines come from different regions of Italy, with a healthy mix of whites, reds, and sparkling options. Here you can find the perfect match guarantee – just let Giuseppe and his team guide you through the experience!

The Bottlery

The Bottlery is perfect for those who want to eat well, with a glass of good wine right beside them and one of the best wine bars in Chelsea. Here you can find Anglo-Italian cuisine that serves dishes like Caesar and seafood salad, juicy burgers, and German wursts. Want to share a plate? Go for the garlic prawns or the beetroot and goat cheese salad. What matters is that this unpretentious place has a rich collection of wine, pairing its food with almost every bottle available. 

The wines here come from the old and the new world – find German Rieslings and French Cabernet Sauvignons, but at the same time indulge in an Argentinian Malbec or a Californian rose Zinfandel. A TV on the corner shows sports matches that people usually don’t pay attention to, too focused instead on food, conversation, and drinks. 

From the outside, the place looks like a sports bar. However, once you’re inside, you’ll notice the extensive wall showcasing wine bottles from worldwide. Wooden walls and olive-green booths highlight the Anglo environment, and a night of good wine and casual food is guaranteed. You can also find beer and cocktails at The Bottlery.

Eli’s Restaurant

The Best Wine Bars in Chelsea

Eli’s Restaurant brings southern French and Mediterranean cuisine and wines to London. Here you can taste classic Mediterranean dishes like rotisserie chicken, hummus, and couscous. The restaurant works with ingredients from the best suppliers out there, which reflects in the flavors of each dish they serve. As for the list of best wine bars in Chelsea, this one certainly makes it to the top in terms of design and decor. 

With chic and sophisticated decor, Eli’s mesmerizes all of its clients with juicy chicken dishes and wines that pair perfectly with the food. The interior design looks like provençal France during a summer afternoon. Black and white marble floors match the exposed brick walls. Pink flowers and bright green plants hang from the ceiling over the green velvet booths and blue stools. The plates and bowls look like tile art from southern Spain, brightening up the food.

Large windows allow for plenty of natural light to come in. A memorable Saturday afternoon of French food and wine is guaranteed. Here, drink one, two, or five bottles of some of the best wines of France with your friends. Enjoy the charred skin on those chicken breasts, and indulge in the bon vivant from Eli’s

The Imperial Arms

The Imperial Arms takes you back to the Victorian Era, making you feel like you’re royalty. Ideal for those who want to grab a chocolate croissant for breakfast while reading the paper or enjoy a glass of wine during brunch on Sunday.  What matters most is that here you can enjoy luxury while observing the chefs in the open kitchen, preparing healthy and light dishes that pair perfectly with anything you choose to drink. 

Inside one of the last Victorian pub-styled buildings in Chelsea, The Imperial Arms has been around for quite a while. Lately, there has been a renovation to the place, making it more modern and even more luxurious than before. The restaurant can seat 50 people, all spread across the wooden floor and surrounded by different shades of green. You can find a spacious garden with outdoor seating on the back, ideal for warm summer months. 

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast includes the classics like blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. Lunch and dinner explore the flavors of England, like fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, and even juicy beef burgers. There are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options as well. The most exciting part of the place is its wines, displayed on an expensive menu that divides them into flavor profiles.

Beaufort House

The Best Wine Bars in Chelsea

Beaufort House is one of the best cocktail bars and brasseries in Chelsea. Of course, it is also one of the best wine bars in Chelsea. The award-winning ground floor serves different menus throughout the day, from light and nourishing breakfast to flavorful and indulging dinner. The top floors are reserved for members of the Beaufort House Private Member’s Club., who can enjoy the all-day restaurant, two other bars, and a nightclub. 

There are two set menus of different prices, where you can taste starters and main dishes, pairing them with wine. The a la carte menu showcases luxurious dishes like lobster linguini with garlic, chili, cherry tomatoes, and basil. Maybe go for the venison fillet with sweet potato puree, pomegranates, thyme, and polenta. Classic flavors are prepared and presented creatively, and you will always be delighted by what the chef has prepared for you. 

The wine list is extensive and serves bottles from different vintages, countries, and flavor profiles. The place is bright and colorful, with leather booths in blue, red, and burgundy shades. Large windows let plenty of natural light in, reflecting on the copper island bar and tiled details on the floor. Grey walls allow the colors from the furniture to shine.

Wine Rooms

Wine Rooms design their food menus to complement the wines, not the other way around. All ingredients are sourced from sustainable producers and cooked to highlight their natural flavors. The result is light dishes that complement each wine they serve alongside your plate. Wine Rooms is known as one of the best wine bars in Chelsea. They have an extensive list of by-the-glass whites and reds and plenty of sparkling and dessert wine to pick from. 

The wine collection includes bottles from some of the most famous estates and producers and others from boutique winemakers that take pride in their small production. Enjoy a selection of cheeses and cured meat that complements the flavor of your wine. Order another glass and notice how the taste is different from the last one and how the food interacts with the tannins on your palate. 

All wines selected by the team come from producers who respect the grape and the terroir where they make the beverage. So, from a 5£ to a 70£ glass, you can perceive the natural flavors of the grapes and their particular aroma. Have any questions? Ask the staff; they will love to explain to you more about the beautiful world of wine.

Wine Not?

The Best Wine Bars in Chelsea

Wine Not? is a small, family-owned establishment that serves wines at a relaxed, high-end establishment. Their wine selection is crafted by expert sommeliers, bringing forth new and classic flavors, labels, and terroirs. Inside a small, home-like place, they serve a vast selection of reds, whites, roses, sparkling, and dessert wines. 

Sit on the victorian-style sofa and enjoy an evening of conversation over the small table in the center as you watch the city from the large windows at the entrance. Exposed bricks cover one of the front walls, with vintage furniture against it. Towards the back, a turquoise-colored bar leads to a small table over white tiled floors. Behind it, bottles of wine stand on a shelf, ready to be opened and appreciated. The whole place feels highly intimate, guaranteeing an exclusive service filled with information on wine. 

The food menu has crostinis, cheese, cured meat platters, and dishes meant for sharing. They serve different sizes of by-the-glass wine, so you can choose to double up on your favorite or try a few other options!

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