Luxury Wine Tastings in London

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London is one of the best cities in the world for wine tasting. The English capital has a vibrant gastronomic scene, accompanied by high-quality wines from all over the world. In luxury wine tastings in London, you will be able to find bottles and labels from some of the world’s most renowned producers. Savour everything from fresh pinot grigios to a tawny and bottle-aged Sangiovese. 

A few things speak luxury louder than wine. There is a certain elegance to swirling the purple-hued liquid inside a thin and shinny, elongated glass. Sniff it and let the aromas take over your senses. Sip the wine and let the tannin astringency dry up the corners of your mouth.  During a wine tasting, you can savour outstanding bottles of reds, whites, and sparkling wines. And there are some places in London that grant you the most out of that experience. 

28º – 50º

Luxury Wine Tastings in London

28º-50º only serves wines they genuinely like. They offer a collection of 15 reds and 15 whites, bottles, and by-the-glass. The list frequently changes, constantly introducing customers to some of the best grapes and labels in the market. The restaurant and wine bar is a cosy and private space where you can truly explore your passion and interest in wine. Learn something new and explore flavours you’ve never seen before.

The food menu changes seasonally, always offering fresh ingredients and flavours. Take the house suggestions for wine pairings and enjoy a perfectly balanced meal. You can go for the group menu, which serves eight to 20 people and can be designed for your party. Alternatively, choose the a la carte menu and taste dishes like Bluefin tuna with ginger, chilli, and sesame as a starter. 

Head over 28º – 50º for lunch and enjoy one of their famous wine tastings. You can try Grand Crus, Rhone Valley, and Burgandy wines from some of the best producers in those regions. Find an island bar with baby-pink stools surrounding it. Warm lighting hangs from the white ceiling over the dark wood floors. Wooden wine boxes are stacked on the walls, decorating the entire dining room. 


Bedales is a small and casual-looking venue hiding in Leadenhall Market. Over the years, this place has built an exceptional reputation as an independent, family-owned wine bar. The sommeliers here are highly knowledgeable and will teach you everything they know about the world of wine (or at least everything you will have time to learn during your tasting). 

You have the option to follow the self-guided path to wine-tasting, where you will be the boss of your discoveries. Considered one of the best wine-tasting spots in all of London, Bedales collects bottles from all over the world and can show you an entirely new experience when it comes to wine. Arrive and be greeted with a glass of sparkling wine. Sit at the table and receive three other glasses of carefully selected options to taste. Watch the introductory video to learn the basics of tasting wines and identifying their primary aromas. Savor the wines and make your notes about sweetness, body, primary to tertiary aromas, and much more.

Virtual and private wine tastings are also available. They have options like chorizo in white wine or Moroccan lamb cutlets; all prepared to pair with the house wines—order canapes, cured meats, and dishes to share with the rest of the group. 

Berry Bros & Rudd

Luxury Wine Tastings in London

Berry Bros & Rudd has special care for french wines, but it doesn’t stop them from exploring and offering an array of vinos from all over the world. Californian, Spanish and German wines are also part of their extensive portfolio. This venue houses England’s oldest wine merchants, with a collection of over 500 wines. The sommeliers here are also highly knowledgeable about everything wine-related, and they will grant you an excellent education on everything you might want to know. 

Berry Bros & Rudd hosts dozens of unique wine tasting events, from Christmas reds to wines from specific regions of France, and even some introductions on Spanish wines, for example. Seasonal lunches are held, where you can pair different wines with a multi-course meal. Book a tutored tasting and get an introduction to wines from Burgandy, Champagne, Bordeaux, and many others. Maybe get the one-day intensive wine school and leave feeling like a true wine connoisseur. 

The cellars in this venue are pretty old, dating back to the late 17th century. You can sniff the history on those brick walls and taste it in the wines. Sip wine under the same roof where Lord Byron and Queen Elizabeth II once came to savour the beverage. 

Hedonism Wines

Luxury Wine Tastings in London

Hedonism Wines is so comfortable with its title as one of the best wine places in London that they even offer wine-tasting sessions for free. Here you can book vineyard showcases and an introductory tasting session of some classic reds. So, if you’re a beginner who’s only dipping your toes into the wine world, this might be an excellent way to start. 

Once more confident, book their private tasting sessions, where the house sommelier will attend to your preferences when building the wine list for the evening. The venue is Mayfair, where luxury and class are part of daily life. Travel the world with wines from France, Italy, California, and other famous wine-producing regions. Taste reds, whites, and sparkling wines and finish with sweet, fortified vinos.

Hedonism Wines has six enomatic wine dispensers, those tanks that can preserve wines after they’ve been opened. Because of that, they can offer a wide variety of bottles for you to taste without the fear of losing them to oxidation. Savour some of the finest wines in this world, and let the sommelier guide you through flavour profiles and their complexity. Have authentic luxury wine tastings in London at Hedonism Wines.

Humble Grape

Humble Grape is one of the best wine-tasting experiences for those who want to get closer to the source of it all. They serve organic wines from small, family-run vineyards from different parts of the world. From the best-acclaimed regions of France to german riesling batches, Humble Grape sommeliers are experts in selecting the best of the best. The chain specializes in sustainable wines and serves them over wine-tasting dinners in their units. Get a complete, fun, and informal education on wine’s core properties. 

Aside from the wines, the place offers traditional and seasonal British dishes. The food pairs perfectly with the 30 wines by the glass and the over 400 bottles of biodynamic and natural vino. Humble Grape is hidden in crypts below the St. Bride’s Church. The decor and setup of the place are just as intriguing as its location: recycled cork walls and a bar top made with Champagne racks. 

The goal of Humble Grape is to grant its clients a unique and authentic wine tasting experience. Here, customers get to discover new flavours through hand-crafted tasting wines from these small producers. Pay only for the wine you’re drinking, with no distributors or agents getting mark-up over it.

London Wine Academy

Luxury Wine Tastings in London

London Wine Academy is one of the oldest independent wine schools in England. They offer many different wine tasting experiences, from Masterclasses to premier tasting courses. Here, the sommeliers and wine experts tailor the event according to your preferences and desires. So you can have a basic introductory course for your corporate event or a more complex and in-depth tasting for your group of wine enthusiast friends. 

The sommeliers and wine educators at the London Wine Academy are very up-to-date on the trend in the global wine industry. They are devoted to making the world of wine more understandable and accessible to their clients. On top of that, they also offer to train your staff for the correct service of wine, that being for a restaurant, catering company, or any other. You can also opt to give a wine-tasting course as a gift to a loved one – a unique way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary.

Different venues across London offer one-day courses and masterclasses on different types of wine. Pick the one closest to you and embark on a journey packed with tannins and acidity. 

Wine not?

Wine Not? is a small, family-owned establishment that serves wines at a relaxed, high-end establishment. Their wine selection is crafted by expert sommeliers, bringing new and classic flavours, labels, and terroirs. Inside a small, home-like place, they serve a vast selection of reds, whites, roses, sparkling, and dessert wines. 

Sit on the victorian-style sofa and enjoy an evening of conversation over the small table in the centre as you watch the city from the large windows at the entrance. Exposed bricks cover one of the front walls, with vintage furniture against it. Towards the back, a turquoise-coloured bar leads to a small table over white tiled floors. Behind it, bottles of wine stand on a shelf, ready to be opened and appreciated. The whole place feels highly intimate, guaranteeing an exclusive service filled with information on wine. 

The food menu has crostinis, cheese, cured meat platters, and dishes for sharing. They serve different sizes of by-the-glass wine, so you can choose to double up on your favourite or try a few other options!


Luxury Wine Tastings in London

The first thing you’ll notice about Skylon is its design. Floor-to-ceiling windows cover the walls and grant you excellent views of the south bank. The central island bar, with rustic grey marble, lays under a golden metal chandelier. Natural light shines over the white-clothed tables and pink blossoms decorating the dining room. Aside from an impeccable meal and unique cocktails here, you can embark on the wine flight. 

When it comes to luxury wine tastings in London, you cannot miss this experience. Taste five specially selected wines, each accompanied by bar snacks, all while overlooking the South Bank. This is one of London’s most unique wine-tasting experiences, and it might just be the perfect gift for any wine lover you know. 

The regular wine menu has a wide variety of wines from around the world. Here you can find Canadian Ice Wine and Hungarian Tokaji, some of the most exclusive wines. Taste English sparkling wines and notice their acidity. Order Chamblis from Burgandy or a classic Bourdeaux blend. 

The restaurant, offering grills and traditional English food, has established its reputation as a leading example of quality hospitality in London. The views paired with the design and exceptional service only add to the intriguing wines you’ll get to taste.


Walk into Bottles and feel like you’ve entered an underwater coral palace. The white and light grey furniture, walls, and ceiling contrast with the aqua-blue tiles from the bar and the large lamps hanging above. Small and delicate coral-coloured flowers decorate the tables and the top of the shelves, which are stacked with bottles of wine. 

Learn about the difference between new world and old world wines and what flavour profile you should expect from some of the most famous grapes. On the wine menu, find careful definitions of what it means for a wine to be organic, vegan, biodynamic, or orange, for example. Follow the aroma and bouquet charts to capture flavour notes on the wine you choose to taste. 

The food menu is short and made to accompany the wine tasting. Small bites like seared lamb raviolo and burrata bathed in a virgin bloody mary are part of the menu. Share cold cuts and cheese platters, or maybe oysters with Lambrusco mignonette. Bottles specialize in Italian flavours and offer the complete treatment for a night of good wine, food, and conversation. 

Wine Unearthed

Luxury Wine Tastings in London

Wine pairs with cheese like Romeo with Juliet and gin with tonic. Because of that, finding a luxury wine and cheese tasting venue is pretty close to reaching the golden pot at the end of a rainbow. Wine Unearthed is one of the best places in London to pair these two delicacies on a day-long wine tasting. Although the place has a casual look and design, it has surprised visitors for over 15 years with high-quality bottles and informative guided tastings. 

Wine Unearthed offers 15 wines and a 3-course meal to pair the beverage with. In the course, you will learn how to taste wine like a professional, discover the secrets behind the swirling of the liquid inside the glass, and make the most out of the sniffing and tasting of the wine. Learn about how producers make wine and what differentiates a red from a white or rose. Compare unoaked and oaked wines and see how bottle ageing can affect the beverage’s flavour. Finish off with fortified wines like port and sherry, also learning about how they are produced. 

A wine-tasting day is a perfect gift for any wine lovers you want to surprise. 

Luxury Wine Tastings in London

Here you have found some of the best luxury wine tastings in London. In a wine tasting course, you learn about wines from all over the world. Discover interesting facts about the process of making wine, from the vineyard to the bottle. Explore different aromas and flavours and what influences them. Taste red, white, and sparkling wines and compare their acidity, body, and flavour complexity.

In these London luxury wine tastings, you will make the most out of your experience.

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