The Most Exclusive Bars In London

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Capital A List is your guide to finding the most exclusive bars in London that typify luxury, sophistication, and elegance. Our selection encompasses the thriving bar scene in the most sought-after London locations; Mayfair and Chelsea.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


Within the heart of the exclusive Dorchester hotel lies a unique, hidden treasure -- one of the most exclusive bars in London.
China Tang Bar brings the stunning opulence and whimsy of the Eastern past to Mayfair. Visitors are invited to enter a special corner of 1930's Shanghai - with a classical menu, live Jazz entertainment, and art-deco interiors first envisioned by China's Tang's founder and highly regarded Romantic, Sir David Tang.

The poetry is in the details. Tang's predilection for artistic flair shines throughout the venue with sweeping, dark-wood panel flooring and delicate glass entryways that reveal the dazzling puzzle-box architecture of the various dining rooms. While you relax and take in the abundance of light and bold murals behind the bar, some of London's best and brightest mixologists whip up the flavors once exclusive to the long ago and far away. The drinks are as richly transportive as the setting - with an abundance of Japanese whiskies. For the adventurous: showstoppers like the Hong Kong Glory cocktail are made to savor -- invoking long nights on the verdant slopes overlooking China's most vibrant city with the sharp bite of citrus overlaying its bourbon base.
Multimdimentiality defines the special enjoyment to be found at this remarkable bar; straddling two cities, two eras -- the ornate legacy of urban Shanghai and the exciting possibility of modern London -- and fashioning the best from both. This makes China Tang one of London's most exclusive bars and a unique place to visit.

With the boom of the 30s in mind, decadence is the exclusive focus of the bar: from the sprawling, carpeted enfolds of the private dining rooms -- Ping, Pang, and Pong, respectively -- that hold both private and corporate social bookings -- to the sheer indulgence of its dessert platter of yuzu ganache available to order for anyone seeking a bite of something unparalleled throughout the rest of Mayfair.

Although it has the gravitas of an especially exclusive hideaway -- China Tang graciously welcomes guests to the bar on a walk-in, no-reservations basis; so you'll be baring witness to one of the most exclusive bars in London, and one of the most evocative locations in the city, without the hassle.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


Unpretentious - but exclusive. Simplistic but exceptional. This is the delightful paradox of Fulham's best club, late-night bar, and restaurant.

Little Blue Door is bigger, better, and more thrillingly ambitious than its name implies. What has since become the most exclusive bar in London's Fulham was originated by a young group of flatmates for their own enjoyment, the club and its founders have since embraced the elite dining experience -- marrying five-star food, mesmerizing live music sets and incredible Barmanship with the low-key vibes of the inner-city. A multitude of exclusive VIP flourishes will be brought to what feels like one's very own front door -- with the club's generous anointing of '(flat) mates rates to the price of everything from the classic Gin and Tonic to a hearty gourmet helping of steak and chips or oysters, depending of the day of the week.

This club makes an art form of enjoying the finest things in life without losing an ounce of integrity. "Just knock" is the motto, and once you have knocked, you will be welcome into a variety of cocktails, dinner parties, bottomless brunches, or a superlative roast -- not to mention the extravagant house parties.
Located just a short way from Putney Bridge, once inside The Little Blue Door, guests will find that the homely furnishing does not belay the elite quality of the club but, in fact, enhances it, keeping it one of the most exclusive bars in London.

Classy house decor is creatively stylized to push comfort to the forefront of any evening. Punk-decorative art adorns the walls, and warm hue-colors fill the rooms overlooking Fulham's iconic streets. The dining areas are kitted with cottage-kitchen seats and wall-length benches that work a charm to make the diners within feel like this unrivaled club's nonpareil community.
This top location masterfully cuts to the heart and soul of what diners, dancers, and revelers alike want from the exclusive London experience: high energy, expertly mixed drinks, great food, and most importantly, unique memories. Little is more unprecedented or wonderful than tucking into upmarket luxuries such as the bream and sourdough "Fish + Chip" main course or the chef's popular and thoroughly opulent caramel chocolate fondant (found on the menu under "The best f**king chocolate pudding"). The sharing decanters of cocktails and "bubbles" and the special selection from the flatmates' exclusive "stash" of rum and gin-based drink options will be perfect for anyone looking to turn their lavish dinner into a lascivious night dancing in the house library.

With no limit on the luxuries guests can find behind the blue door, visitors will fall back into a time of youth, friendship, freedom, and excitement -- treated like an honorary mainstay of London's most exclusive, popular party house. Little Blue Door is the best, most exclusive bar in London for all those with a voracious hunger for life and laughter that matches their appetite for exclusive dinner options

The Most Exclusive Bars in London


Meanwhile, British tradition gets revamped and rejuvenated in The Wigmore, an exclusive bar and pub that has dazzled Regent Street's inhabitants since its first appearance.
Winner of the 2019 Diner's Choice Award, The Wigmore stands just off Oxford Street as one of the most exclusive bars in London and the perfect place to rest weary shopper's feet. An Interior exclusively imagined for the one-of-a-kind venue by Martin Brudnizki's Design studio sees the kineticism of London captured in one majestic structure. The Alehouse of the city's history meets urban; with marble surfaces, polished tap systems boasted by the bar, and eclectic patterning teeming underfoot with lush rug work and wood tiling. Luminescent green walls and plum cushioning sit in stunning formation in the outpouring of light from the plentiful windows. Additional outside seating here at one of the most exclusive bars in London means that daylight is not only invited but incorporated into the foundation of the structure -- making this fantastic eatery the best stop to linger and simmer amidst the heat and bustle of summer in the city.

Under the radiant watch of optical bulb chandeliers and at the hands of an elite drinks team, guests can sample award-winning re-workings of the best British beverages and recipes. Shandie' hop-tail cocktails' such as the renowned Tavern Bloody Mary, set the senses sizzling for summer, with Guinness kicked up a notch by the accompanying mixer of the spirit of the broadside. And if guests, while at the bar, happen to catch a craving for sophisticated twists on the British pub menu? Then the Masala spiced scotch eggs or stove top three cheese and mustard toasties, amongst other ingenious delicacies, should satisfy all.

Courtesy of the club's exclusive private rooms, guests can enjoy more intimate gatherings or hold court in their own style at The Wigmore's separate bar and sound system. Aptly named, this "Green Room" haven is sure to make its guests feel the true VIPs. Details such as this showcase why The Wigmore is a top bar to find some reprieve from the high street -- reminding us of why we love London and the diverse charm of its culture.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


Elsewhere, exclusive restaurant Quaglinos has proven unstoppable in its ability to enthuse St. James with soul. A funky Brasserie with passion and joi de vivre in every corner, this upmarket West End bar could not be perfect for music fans and VIP entertainment purveyors.

Guests from far and wide are frequently drawn to one of the most exclusive bars in London and the most spectacular Nightlife Calendar. An endless torrent of stars has shown center-stage, from American songstress Cece Peniston to UK's The Voice winner Jermain Jackson. And with new guests gracing the bar's iconic 'soul Sundays every week, the thrill of new discoveries -- and the palpable magic of dining and jiving a mere breadth away from premier live talent -- never fails to elevate evenings at Quaglinos.

This special West End brasserie is joyously and meticulously dedicated to its theme. Inspired by the musicality of its location, the menu itself -- peerlessly conceptualized by Nuno Gonclaves -- seeks to provide guests with a top-of-the-range sensory experience. A unique disco brunch, with set prices starting from less than thirty-three apiece, is sure to make the tastebuds sing -- catering with holistic pleasure in mind by combining the music of the night with the perfect accompanying flavors. Hallmarks such as the Glennis Grace peach and nectarine trifle, the Reggae suffused 'Jammin' cocktail with coconut and pineapple cordial, and the inspired blend of Tanqueray and Camomille tea ("London Callins" at the bar) are all exclusively available as part of the top dining experience in the show capital of the world.
The bar's best-made use of vogue mood lighting and cabaret furnishing envelopes the whole evening with a spectacular mystique; a hazy recollection of the elite, glamorous gatherings of the swinging soul era is manifested for guests to savor.

In terms of synthetic experience, unmatched entertainment, and a top club with an exclusive connection to its thrilling theatreland surroundings, Quaglinos is the best bar in London to not just take in but join the show. Image source


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


Rightfully hailed as the best cocktail bar Mayfair has to offer, Manetta's Bar boasts an exclusive opportunity for all those who like to think with their drink.
As one of the elite, lavish locations in London's high-end district, Manetta's joins the ranks of the most exclusive bars in London and yet stands apart as an arbiter not just of material affluence but of cerebral wealth; intellectual indulgence. With stylish sofas to lounge in and philosophize between meals and the bar's exclusive selection of literary-themed drinks, the mind will be boggled, and the senses awed. The Menus' Agathie Christie options, in particular, are genius. As pithy as they are enjoyable --these unrivaled cocktails will ensure you know you're at one of the most interesting bars in London. Try "a tale of Mystery" (Cognac, port, and brown sugar) for yourself and see.

Discreetly High-end, Manetta's bar is astutely aware of itself and its style. Taking from the harbinger of elegance and glamour that is the 1930s, Manetta's continues a gracious legacy of being one of the most exclusive bars in London -- catering to the whims of the elite, the aristocratic, the spectacular ingenue, and the artisans of London's most fascinating cultural decade. The space is filled with a plush, vibrantly shaded interior, and secluded, peaceful lounge areas. In regards to its literary connections, visitors may be forgiven for feeling they have stumbled straight onto the pages of Christie's Orient Express with the sensuality of the surroundings before them.

This is the best bar in London for the sophisticated VIP who wants to savor life. Conscientious clubbers are invited to sample Manetta's distilled Chinese beverage Baijiu range - famed for its exclusive health benefits. Or, simply sit back by the bar and soak in the refined quality of the space, the cultural referencing, and of course, the drinks.
A paradigm of class, somewhere in the borderland between mischief and indulgence -- Manetta's bar keeps everything in mind so its guests, in the end, don't have to.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


From its staggering motif to its ineffable atmosphere of magic and fantasia, Old Street has its very own dark secret. One of the most exclusive bars in London casts a long shadow over all that guests have experienced prior to it: an exclusive restaurant and VIP bar, The Alchemist unashamedly expounds and provokes the old ideas about fine dining and luxury bars as much as it relishes and improves them tenfold.

Boldly situated amongst the art galleries and architecture of London's fine traditions, this high-end rogue brings trickery, witchery, demons, and fantasy into the mix. And yet, this distinctive high-end locale is far from Hellish.

The Alchemist is somehow both one of the most exclusive bars in London and an ineffable, liminal space - closer to dreams than the reality of the work-week. A Gothic venue, it takes statement furnishing to the max -- with ornate luxury seating and treacle-lit, lilting arches. Delicacies throughout the menu are as dramatic as the cavernous interior, embracing the guests in smoke and spices. This head trip marks the perfect underworld to dip into on nights out and weekends away from routine into the exclusive joy of the unknown.
The unrivaled "Molecular madness" of its drinks selection draws upon everything from the city's finest spirits to the higher spirit of madness; at the Alchemist, what is expected is malleable, and what once could only be imagined can be felt firsthand: desserts to drink (Iced Banoffie), drinks for desserts, (Amaretto Gelato), color changing cocktails, Cavier-prosecco concoctions for the wilder foodies and VIP diners, and a Boundless Balearic Brunch on the weekend that truly might just go on forever -- if the madness is to be believed.
Spend the witching hour in style at one of the best bars in London. The Alchemist is iniquitous and irreverent, with champagne foam in its "High Tea" and drinks even served alongside their exclusive "augmented reality" app that sees visitors' glasses come alive with magic light shows at the bar before them.
Superior doesn't always mean safe -- but you may have to see it to believe it. So wander down to London's old street to discover unparalleled mixology and, in one of London's top bars, fall in trouble into luxury.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


Easily found -- at London's capital King's Cross -- but not easily rivaled, the Station Hotel's luxurious Martini Lounge, "Anthracite", stations its guests in elegance and serenity.
Proving one doesn't always have to travel far for one of the best bars in London, The Anthracite welcomes new and old visitors straight from their platforms and into an exclusive city space as quixotic as it is revelatory.

At the Anthracite, the style and comfort of its starring Martini Cocktail are encapsulated throughout the interior. Oozing low-key sophistication, expansive sofas are dotted in circular Lily-pad formations over glamorous dark wood finishes. Long marble-top tables evoke the London tunnels below; tracking alongside the walls where decorative flutes and bottles peer benevolently out at guests through floor-to-ceiling glass, their caps glinting off the lights like twilight strikes an evening train's windows.

To make the interior even more special, the unrivaled work of Gareth Reid -- Old Bailey and National Gallery contributor -- has been specially commissioned for guests of top bar Anthracite to savor: Reid's vivid character pieces fill the exclusive space with life, rendering this VIP lounge not just one of the most exclusive bars in London but a honeypot of culture and humanity amongst the city's top spots.
And on the menu, acclaimed mixologists have accumulated cocktails as artful as the glamorous decor. This is a champion bar for the travelers, observers, and wayfarers - and the drinks exclusively reflect this: Hanky Panky in Budapest (Elephants Gin and Plum), Lost in Translation (Gin, Dragon Fruit, and Johnasson inspired white wine foam), and the commuter's dream Breakfast Martini (orange and marmalade infused to taste) are remarkable specials. For the classic Martini, there remain spirits as didactic and far-reaching as the transport network of King's Cross -- from Beluga to Babicka, Ciroc to Koniks. Guests can even enjoy the exclusive taste of international intrigue (they've indulgently crafted a Bond-esque Vesper Martini) all from this lounge's elite, lavish comfort.

Catering to crowds of up to eighty in the Fireplace private party rooms, or simply the weary and worldly visitor seeking a high-end experience on the cusp of London's open arms -- the Anthracite stands out as one of the most exclusive bars in London and one of best places to see, and -- for a momentary stop -- be.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London

Artesian Bar is the Langham Hotel’s flagship cocktail lounge, offering guests the perfect spot to be surrounded by works of art and taste them in their inventive and refined cocktail list. Artesian Bar was named the Best Bar in The World for four consecutive years from 2012 to 2015, making it one of the most exclusive bars in London. The luxurious high-vaulted ceilings, dark woods, chandeliers, and leather and brass studded furniture transport guests to the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication. This classic and timeless environment is blended with an exciting and dynamic atmosphere created by their innovative approach to their cocktails.

Their cocktail list is aptly named Artesian Moments and changes seasonally to ensure guests always experience something new and exciting. The drinks are inspired by thoughtful themes, its most recent theme being pivotal moments in one’s life. Each cocktail’s flavors, fragrances, and ingredients are associated with key milestones in our lives. Naturally, the First Steps cocktail comprises flavors of milk and banana to reflect one’s formative years. While the First Rode a Bike cocktail fuses a grassy blend of gin with fresh citrus and Gangnam tops to be reminiscent of the fresh scents of the outdoors. The head bartender, Remy Savage, joined Artesian after four years at Paris’ iconic speakeasy, Little Red Door, where he was awarded the title of the World’s Most Imaginative Bartender in 2014. This achievement is definitely showcased in his sublime creation of the latest edition of cocktails in Artesian Moments. What also makes Artesian Bar so elite is its gourmet snax sample evening menu that evokes an array of flavors to compliment the cocktails and its extensive choice of wines and champagnes from around the globe.

Located in the highly sought-after Marylebone, Artesian Bar combines thought-provoking cocktail creations with an environment oozing quintessential luxury.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


Exclusivity is synonymous with Shochu Lounge, which is discreetly tucked away in the basement of the iconic Japanese Roka restaurant on Charlotte Street. It is one of the most exclusive bars in London and epitomizes the Roka style of luxury and extravagance with its vibrant and futuristic murals as well as with its flowering indoor blossoms. It showcases the best of Japan’s drinking culture with its handcrafted wooden bar lined with bottles of its namesake as well as premium Japanese whisky and spirit selections.

Shochu Lounge is iconic for its innovative cocktails, and we recommend trying one of their distilled infusions made with their namesake, Shochu. The Shochu on the Beach comprised cherry shochu, pineapple and cranberry, peach liqueur, and the Sumida Blossom, made light and flavourful with gin mare, basil, elderflower lemon, and lavender bitters are two highlights. Shochu Lounge stands outs as a unique Mayfair bar, as anything from the sister restaurant Roka upstairs can be ordered into the lounge setting. Scallop skewers with wasabi and shiso or beef, ginger, and sesame dumplings are delicious compliments to the vast array of drinks on the cocktail menu.

Shochu Lounge masterfully combines the best of a relaxed lounge setting with sophisticated Japanese-inspired décor and cocktails.

The Most Exclusive Bars in London


Descend down the iconic spiral oak staircase of the Hide restaurant in Green Park and be welcomed into the modern and minimalistic Hide Below Bar. The sleek and dimly light Hide Below is reminiscent of a Nordic cabin with its simplistic finishes and wooden surfaces. It is one of the most exclusive bars in London, and this is epitomized in its unwavering service that is as sophisticated as its surroundings. On arrival, expect to be presented with a palate cleanser on the house made with elderflower, cucumber, and gin.

With Hide’s partnership with Hedonism, they offer an impressive list of the world’s finest and rarest spirits. World-famous spirits, including Italy’s aperitivo del professore are combined with the best seasonal produce to craft exquisite cocktails. Hide Below leans toward lighter and fresher flavored cocktails by wielding both modern and classic techniques. Our favorites were the Adam & Eve cocktail at £13.50, made with a silky mix of somerset cider, brandy, Diplomatico Mantuano rum, fig leaf, and clarified milk. Native No 1 oysters at £6 each and creamy chicken liver parfait for £12 are the perfect complements to one of Hide Below’s delicious cocktails and wines.

Hide Below also houses Hide’s walk-in cellar, where guests can select their own wine pairing. This adds another facet to the multi-dimensional luxury experience guests can expect from this sophisticated and fashionable Mayfair bar.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


With unrivaled panoramic views of the River Thames, the 12th Knot rooftop bar on the 12th floor of the Sea Containers London is one of our top picks for the most exclusive bars in London. Floor-to-ceiling windows and comfortable open-plan lounge spaces make this bar idyllic for drinking cocktails whilst watching the sunset on London’s breathtaking city skyline.

12th Knot Bar reflects the vibrancy of South Bank and the modern elegance of London with its bright décor, lush greenery, live music, and DJ performances occurring most nights of the week. Its cocktail list is a creative blend of British and American-style classics. 12th Knot Bar celebrates seasonal ingredients, and this is reflected in their cocktail menu that changes seasonally to ensure that ingredients are hand-picked when they taste their best. Two favorites include the BadaBoom made with gin, grapefruit, and ‘explosive syrup’ and the Devil’s Share. For between £30 -£49 per person, seasonally-led small food plates
including a tuna taco or truffle arancini are also on offer to accompany your cocktails.

12th Knot Bar is a desirable evening location for a sophisticated clientèle, as it combines unparalleled views of London with classic interiors and a commitment to dynamic and innovative cocktails and food.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


American Bar, located in the Savoy Hotel in Covent Garden, is Britain's oldest surviving cocktail bar. It first welcomed guests in 1893, and today it retains its status as a pivotal player in the British cocktail industry by being named the World’s Best Bar at the World’s 50 Best in 2017, as well as the World’s Best again at the Tales of the Cocktail in 2018. Suffice it to say, The American Bar exemplifies what it means to be one of the most exclusive bars in London.

American Bar is timeless, elegant, and classic, threaded throughout its interior, cocktails, and American Jazz piano performances every night of the week. Its latest cocktail menu, The Savoy Songbook, plays homage to the legendary musicians and songwriters who have entertained guests at the world-famous bar in its 130-year history. Head bartender, Maxim Schulte, has transformed each of the iconic songs played at the bar into twenty cocktails so that the ingredients, styles, and spirits used in the drinks uniquely reflect the lyrics and melodies. One that standouts is the Sun, Sun, Sun cocktail based on George Harrison’s classic that will hearten any guest with its combination of light orange blossom, yuzu wine, and lime flavors. The songs reflected in the cocktail menu have also been recorded on a live album by the bar’s resident pianist, Jon Nickoll, further embedding music into the culture at The American Bar.

American Bar has remained at the forefront of the bar scene in London for over a century by celebrating its unique history of talented musicians and making this an integral component of its innovation. This remains an industry first and illustrates what makes this Mayfair bar unique.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


Similar to what one would expect from the Connaught five-star Mayfair Hotel, its bar is elegantly fashioned with silver-leaf textured walls, a period piece ceiling, and plush dark leather armchairs. Designed by David Collins, Connaught Bar is elegant, evoking the feeling of 1920s English and Irish Cubist art. What makes Connaught Bar one of the most exclusive bars in London is the flair and precision with which the dedicated mixologists conjure up innovative cocktails and transform classics with a Connaught twist. Each cocktail is so uniquely made that the Connaught Bar goes as far as giving each guest a recipe card for the chosen cocktail at the end of the night, creating an exclusive opportunity for guests to attempt their delicious cocktails at home.

Connaught Bar has a broad selection of drinks for guests to choose from, and each is made to perfection. A new cocktail collection named Essence has recently been launched and takes guests on a sensory journey aimed at showcasing the progression of the bar over the past ten years. Connaught’s Martini Trolley has a theatrical whimsy, as it is brought directly to your table and made bespoke with your choice of lavender, coriander, cardamom, ginger, grapefruit, vanilla, and licorice flavors. With the chance to be at the helm of crafting your own unique martini, the trolley is a legendary tradition that is definitely worth experimenting with.

Connaught Bar is iconic for its mixology and for some of the finest globally curated lists of champagnes, wines, and whisky, making it unique and deserving of a place on our list.



Oriole is a hidden gem of a bar in Smithfield Market, London. It is a unique and exclusive destination with a reputation for offering a luxurious and exotic experience. Oriole’s decor is heavily influenced by global cultures, creating an immersive and exciting atmosphere. The walls are adorned with intricate patterns and colorful murals, with exotic artifacts and antique furniture throughout. The dimly lit bar creates a mysterious and intimate ambiance perfect for a night out with friends or a romantic evening.

Global cultures inspire the menu at Oriole and feature a wide range of innovative cocktails, each created using unique and exotic ingredients. The bar has a reputation for pushing the boundaries when it comes to mixology, with each cocktail being carefully crafted and presented with flair. Oriole also has an impressive selection of wines and spirits, including rare and vintage bottles that are sure to impress even the most discerning connoisseur.

Oriole is a popular destination for those seeking a truly exclusive experience, with limited seating and reservations highly recommended. The bar is often fully booked, adding to its allure and exclusivity. However, those who manage to secure a table at Oriole are rewarded with an unforgettable night of indulgence, with expertly crafted cocktails, exotic decor, and an ambiance that is second to none. Overall, Oriole is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a truly unique and unforgettable night out in London.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


The elegant Blue Bird lounge bar is housed on the first floor of a 1920s former garage on Kings Road. Designed by Sagrada, who is also behind Arts Club, the lounge bar is inspired by its 20th-century industrial heritage. Industrial chic is encapsulated in the central bar made from stainless-steel bumper shields and in the miniature petrol pumps atop the bar that serve aged Old Fashioned and Negroni cocktails. A combination of hard steel with art deco-themed furniture, bright textiles, and mismatched furniture create a cozy atmosphere for evening drinks, making it one of the most exclusive bars in London.

The Bar manager, Ben Manchester, has curated an exciting cocktails list showcasing the finest locally sourced liquors. One of our favorites is the 301, made with Bluebird Gin from Portobello Road Gin. This cocktail perfectly embodies the quirky character of Blue Bird by being theatrically served in a miniature Blue Bird car. Classic cocktails have also been re-created with a Blue Bird twist, including the Gingerbread Mojito and Beaufort Beauty, made with pisco, dessert wine, passion fruit, and sloe gin. Limited edition cocktails can also be enjoyed with bar snack items, including tiger prawns aioli or olive artichoke tapenade with croutons.


The Most Exclusive Bars in London


The ground-floor cocktail bar in Beaufort House Hotel epitomizes style and glamour and is one of the most exclusive bars in London, where people come to see and be seen. Beaufort Bar stands on the hotel’s former cabaret stage, and its art deco style inspiration and drinks list are as theatrical and sophisticated as the history behind it. A team of expert mixologists intrigue and excite guests with evolving drink menus entirely unique to the Beaufort Bar.

A new drinks menu divided into Music, Magic, and Drama takes guests on a journey that celebrates luxurious grower Champagnes and English sparkling wines, gin mixes, and dramatic whiskies. The three sections have been curated by head Bartender Elon Soddu, as well as the whole Beaufort Bar Team, and each listed drink perfectly encapsulates the feeling of the theme it is associated with. The Music section is underpinned by light and bright themes and focuses on the finest champagne and sparkling wines. Magic highlights complex and intriguing gin mixes, and lastly, Drama focuses on showcasing deep and dark whiskies primarily from Scotland. The bar also has a wonderful selection of classic and signature cocktails, including watermelon martinis, spiced pear mojitos, signature Champagne punch, and over one hundred labels of premium wine. The Chancellor, a meter-high martini glass filled with a glorious Dom Perignon bottle and three Remy Martin Louis XII Cognac bottles, is also available for £1,100. This creation typifies the luxury and extravagance one would experience walking through the door of the Beaufort Bar.


Located in the trendy Shoreditch area of London, Nightjar is a speakeasy-style bar that has become a favorite among cocktail enthusiasts and music lovers. The bar is famous for its 1920s-inspired decor, featuring dark wood paneling, plush leather armchairs, and a stunning vaulted ceiling adorned with hundreds of shimmering glass bulbs. The overall effect is both glamorous and intimate, with a nod to the prohibition era that inspired its creation.

The cocktails at Nightjar are just as impressive as its decor, with an extensive menu that includes classic and contemporary drinks and a range of creative signature cocktails. The bar is particularly known for its use of unusual and exotic ingredients, such as salted caramel, beetroot juice, and truffle-infused vodka, all combined in unexpected and delicious ways.

In addition to its cocktails, Nightjar is known for its live jazz music, performed on a small stage in the corner of the bar. The music adds to the speakeasy vibe and creates an intimate and cozy atmosphere. The bar also hosts regular music events featuring a range of jazz, blues, and swing bands.

Overall, Nightjar is a must-visit destination for anyone who loves great cocktails, live music, and a touch of glamour and sophistication. With its stunning decor, creative cocktails, and live jazz music, it's no wonder that Nightjar has become one of London's most popular and exclusive bars.

Chiltern Firehouse is a luxurious bar and restaurant located in the heart of London’s Marylebone neighborhood. The bar is housed in a historic building that was once a fire station, and the venue has been transformed into a sophisticated and glamorous destination that attracts an A-list crowd of celebrities and socialites.

The decor of Chiltern Firehouse is elegant and chic, featuring plush velvet seating, gleaming brass fixtures, and stunning artwork on the walls. The bar has a warm, welcoming atmosphere, dim lighting, and a cozy ambiance that invites guests to relax and unwind.

The cocktail menu at Chiltern Firehouse is extensive and features a range of classic and contemporary drinks and a selection of innovative signature cocktails. The bar is known for its use of high-quality ingredients, and the bartenders are skilled at creating complex and delicious drinks that are sure to impress even the most discerning connoisseur.

In addition to its cocktails, Chiltern Firehouse is also known for its impressive wine list, which features a carefully curated selection of bottles from around the world. The bar also serves a range of gourmet snacks and small plates, making it the perfect destination for a sophisticated night out with friends or a romantic evening with a loved one.

Overall, Chiltern Firehouse is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a luxurious and exclusive bar experience in London. With its stunning decor, creative cocktails, and sophisticated atmosphere, it’s no wonder that the bar has become a favorite among the city’s elite.

Satan’s Whiskers is a popular bar in the hip Bethnal Green neighborhood of London. The bar has a retro, 1920s-inspired vibe, vintage decor, exposed brick walls, and a cozy, intimate atmosphere. The overall effect is stylish and welcoming, making Satan’s Whiskers a favorite among locals and visitors.

The cocktail menu at Satan’s Whiskers is creative and innovative, featuring a range of classic and contemporary drinks and a selection of house specialties. The bar is particularly known for its use of unusual and unexpected ingredients, such as smoked tea, mezcal, and lavender syrup, all combined in inventive and delicious ways.

In addition to its cocktails, Satan’s Whiskers also serves a range of craft beers, wines, and spirits, including rare and hard-to-find bottles that are sure to impress even the most discerning connoisseur. The bar also hosts regular events, such as trivia nights and DJ sets, adding to its lively and fun atmosphere.

Satan’s Whiskers is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a fun and relaxed night out in London. With its stylish decor, creative cocktails, and friendly vibe, it’s no wonder that the bar has become a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic cocktail or something a little more unusual, Satan’s Whiskers is sure to have something that will satisfy your taste buds and leave you feeling satisfied and happy.

Callooh Callay is a popular and trendy bar in London’s Shoreditch neighborhood. The bar has a playful and eclectic decor, with quirky artwork, colorful murals, and vintage furniture, creating a fun and inviting atmosphere that appeals to a diverse crowd of locals and visitors.

The cocktail menu at Callooh Callay is creative and innovative, featuring a range of classic and contemporary drinks and a selection of house specialties. The bar is known for its use of unusual and exotic ingredients, such as bacon-infused bourbon and salted caramel foam, all combined in inventive and delicious ways.

In addition to its cocktails, Callooh Callay also serves a range of craft beers, wines, spirits, and a selection of small plates and snacks. The bar has a lively and fun atmosphere, with regular events and themed nights, such as their popular “Through the Looking Glass” party, which draws a crowd of party-goers and cocktail enthusiasts alike.

Callooh Callay is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a fun and vibrant night out in London. With its playful decor, creative cocktails, and lively atmosphere, it’s no wonder that the bar has become a favorite among the city’s trendsetters and party animals. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic drink or something a little more adventurous, Callooh Callay is sure to have something that will tantalize your taste buds and satisfy you.

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