The Best Fine Dining Restaurants In London For A Romantic Night Out

Got a date coming up? Why not make it a night to remember. Read here for the best fine dining restaurants in London for a romantic night out.

London isn’t known for romance the way Paris is but is that due to marketing?
There are plenty of ways to have a romantic night out in The City that will leave your stomachs as full as your hearts.

You can start your night out with walks down the mews of Kensington. Or visit Saint Paul’s Cathedral and whisper sweet nothings to your lover in the whispering dome.

After that, treat yourselves to the most romantic fine dining restaurants in London.

We’re bringing you a look at our six favorite romantic restaurants in London. If you’re looking for a fine meal you can eat with your heart in your eyes, look no further.

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fine dining restaurants in London

Fine Dining Restaurants In London

We’ll look at six different types of cuisine that will cater to whatever you and your partner are cravings. These include one of each:

  • A French restaurant
  • A modern restaurant
  • An Asian restaurant
  • A traditional restaurant
  • A Steakhouse

French Cuisine

What is more French than Les Miserables? This restaurant named itself after the heroic street urchin Gavroche.

That is not to say that the cuisine is anything a poor boy like Gavroche could have afforded. This is a true fine dining restaurant in London.

Opened in 1967, Le Gavroche is a gourmet french and seafood restaurant. It has been the recipient of two different sets of Michelin Stars.

In fact, it received three stars in the 80’s which was the highest of any British restaurant at the time. It now has two stars.

On the menu, you will find many dishes and ingredients you won’t be able to pronounce. Nor will you be able to find words for their deliciousness.

In appeal to romance? No one does it like the French.

Modern Restaurant

How could we talk about eating in London without thinking about Gordon Ramsay? We would be remiss not to mention his restaurant in Chelsea.

The restaurant is an intimate experience in itself, they only allow 45 people at a time. If you can get in, the intimate setting will lead to even more romance.

Can you imagine eating food approved by Gordon Ramsay? It is some of the best food on this planet. On the menu, you can expect to find anything from Lobster Ravioli to the Chef’s unique creations.

If you want to dine on Ramsay approved cuisine, you’ll need to plan in advance. Eating at this contemporary and famous fine dining restaurant in London will be a once in a lifetime meal.

Asian Restaurant

If you are looking for a more intense experience than delicious food only, try Buddha Bar.

This fine dining restaurant in London has an intensely decorated interior. They’re known for their fierce and delicious blends of eastern and western dishes.

What else is unique about Buddha Bar? The music they offer! The music from their restaurants have become albums and received music industry praise.

Nothing is subtle about Buddha Bar and that is on purpose. It’s all executed in an expert fashion. Nothing is not by design. The way the experience works together is matched only by their flavorful dishes.

If you would like a true Asian fusion dining experience, Buddha Bar is the place for you.

Traditional Restaurant

Wilton’s is a London original. The restaurant has been open for almost 275 years! If you and your partner enjoy history and its charm, this is the place for you.

It started as the Oyster Rooms in the 1800’s and passed down through the family until WW2. At that time, the owner decided she’d had enough of unexpected bombings and moved to Cornwall.

The restaurant sold to one of the Oyster Room’s regular customers and it has been in operation ever since. It has always been on the scene of fine dining restaurants in London.

As the previous name would suggest, you can find quality seafood here. They offer a season menu as well as an oyster bar. Meat on the carving cart changes daily.

There are also “top tables” candlelit Wilton’s, but you’d be lucky to get one. From Royalty to Rockstars, The Wilton has seen it all.

You can book a regular table online but be sure to do so in advance! When you eat at Wilson’s you’ll be taking part in history. Your (eventual) grand-kids will love that!


If you’re looking for a romantic and high-class steakhouse in London, you’re going to have to look hard. The entrance to Marco Pierre White London Steakhouse is hard to find, but their steaks are hard to top.

They have their own “master” butcher who picks only the choicest cuts. If you want to experience Marco Pierre White quality, your only choices are London City or Chelsea. There are no other steakhouses with his approval in the world.

The restaurant’s clean and crisp appeal leaves room for their food to wow you. If you can find the door, this is another once in a life time fine dining experience in London.

After Dinner

If you haven’t stuffed yourself to the point of sleepiness, London’s nightlife awaits. Once you have experienced one of these fine dining restaurants in London, its time to go out!

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