The Best Japanese Restaurants in Mayfair

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Mayfair, the epitome of sophistication and refinement in London, is a paradise for discerning food connoisseurs. Nestled within its grand streets and elegant buildings are some of the city’s most exquisite Japanese restaurants, where culinary artistry and impeccable service converge. From traditional sushi bars to contemporary izakayas, the best Japanese restaurants in Mayfair are dining establishments that showcase the true essence of Japanese gastronomy. 

Prepare to be enchanted by the delicate flavors, meticulous craftsmanship, and captivating ambiance that await in these culinary gems. Mayfair’s Japanese dining scene is sure to leave an indelible impression on your palate. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned sushi enthusiast or new to the world of Japanese cuisine.

ROKA Mayfair

The Best Japanese Restaurants in Mayfair

ROKA effortlessly captures the essence of Japanese culinary excellence, blending it with a modern and vibrant ambiance. As you enter the restaurant, you are greeted by a sleek and stylish interior adorned with warm wooden accents. It pairs with soft lighting and a captivating open robata grill that takes center stage. ROKA’s design seamlessly combines traditional Japanese elements with contemporary flair, creating an atmosphere that appeals to the refined tastes of London’s upper-class individuals.

To fully savor the ROKA experience, visit on a lively evening, preferably on Thursdays or Fridays when the restaurant buzzes with energy. The expertly crafted cocktail menu is perfect for starting the evening, offering unique blends of premium spirits infused with Japanese ingredients like yuzu and matcha.

Regarding the menu, ROKA prides itself on its robata-grilled delicacies, showcasing various flavors and textures. Don’t miss the succulent Black Cod Marinated in Yuzu Miso, a signature dish that effortlessly melts in your mouth. The Wagyu Beef with Truffle Butter is an indulgent delight for those seeking an adventure, perfectly showcasing the rich umami flavors.

ROKA Mayfair embodies the harmony between tradition and contemporary dining, creating an unforgettable experience for those seeking the finest Japanese cuisine. Immerse yourself in the elegant ambiance, savor the expertly prepared dishes, and let ROKA transport you to a world where culinary artistry reigns supreme. This is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Mayfair.

Cubé – Japanese Sushi Restaurant

The Best Japanese Restaurants in Mayfair

Cubé stands as a hidden gem, beckoning sushi enthusiasts and lovers of Japanese cuisine. With its discreet entrance, the restaurant exudes an air of exclusivity, catering to the discerning palates of London’s upper-class clientele.

The interior design of Cubé reflects a perfect blend of minimalist elegance and contemporary sophistication. The sleek and intimate dining space features clean lines, muted tones, and an intimate sushi counter where skilled chefs work their magic. Soft ambient lighting enhances the tranquility, fully immersing guests in the dining experience.

The menu at Cubé showcases an impressive array of sushi and sashimi creations, each meticulously crafted with the freshest ingredients. Indulge in the Omakase experience, allowing the chefs to curate a personalized tasting menu highlighting the season’s finest flavors. For a tantalizing starter, the Hamachi Carpaccio, a delicately sliced yellowtail adorned with yuzu dressing and crispy shallots, tantalizes the taste buds with its delicate flavors. The signature Cubé Roll, a fusion of Scottish salmon, avocado, and spicy mayo wrapped in soy paper and topped with torched wagyu beef, is a true showstopper.

At Cubé, every visit is a gastronomic journey, a celebration of the artistry and precision of Japanese sushi. Immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere, surrender to the masterful creations, and allow Cubé to transport you to a world of refined flavors and culinary elegance.


Kiku is a timeless haven for those seeking an authentic Japanese dining experience and one of the best Japanese restaurants in Mayfair. With a history of over 40 years, Kiku has established itself as a culinary institution, captivating guests with its dedication to preserving the essence of traditional Japanese cuisine.

Kiku’s menu showcases a symphony of flavors, artfully crafted to delight the senses. Begin your culinary journey with delectable appetizers like the delicate Edamame Beans or the crispy Ebi Tempura. For a truly immersive experience, indulge in the Kaiseki tasting menu, where beautifully presented dishes unfold, highlighting the harmony of textures and flavors.

Traditional sushi and sashimi take center stage at Kiku, showcasing the expertise of their skilled sushi chefs. The Omakase experience allows the chefs to curate a personalized journey, introducing you to the freshest seasonal ingredients and lesser-known delicacies. Delight in the melt-in-your-mouth Otoro (fatty tuna) nigiri or savor the subtle sweetness of the Hokkaido Uni (sea urchin) sashimi. To complement your meal, explore Kiku’s extensive sake collection, carefully curated to enhance the flavors of each dish. From crisp and refreshing varieties to full-bodied and aromatic options, the knowledgeable staff at Kiku can guide you in selecting the perfect pairing.

Kiku is more than just a restaurant; it is a gateway to Japan’s authentic flavors and traditions. Immerse yourself in the tranquil atmosphere, savor the delicate creations, and let Kiku transport you to a realm of timeless elegance and culinary excellence.

Chisou Sushi and Izakaya

The Best Japanese Restaurants in Mayfair

Chisou Sushi and Izakaya beckons diners with their fusion of traditional Japanese flavors and modern, chic ambiance. With a passion for delivering an authentic dining experience, Chisou has become a go-to destination for sushi purists and those seeking a trendy, upscale atmosphere.

As you enter Chisou, you are greeted by an inviting and stylish interior, blending traditional Japanese elements with contemporary design. The sleek wooden furnishings, soft lighting, and elegant decor create a sophisticated and relaxed ambiance, making it an ideal choice for a memorable evening out or a business gathering. Chisou Sushi and Izakaya boast a lively atmosphere, particularly during weekends and evenings when guests can soak in the vibrant energy of the restaurant. Whether you’re seeking an intimate dinner for two or a gathering with friends, Chisou’s lively ambiance sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience at one of the best Japanese restaurants in London.

The menu at Chisou offers an array of sushi and sashimi delicacies, showcasing the artistry of skilled sushi chefs. From traditional favorites like the pristine Nigiri Sushi, featuring fresh fish atop hand-pressed rice, to innovative rolls such as the Dragon Roll, a delightful fusion of eel, avocado, and tobiko, each dish exemplifies the perfect balance of flavors and textures. For those looking to explore beyond sushi, Chisou’s Izakaya-style dishes offer an irresistible selection of small plates perfect for sharing. Indulge in the delectable Wagyu Beef Skewers, tender and marinated to perfection, or savor the crisp and flavorful Vegetable Tempura.


Tokimeite is a culinary gem showcasing Japanese cuisine’s true artistry. When you enter this elegant restaurant, you are transported to a world of refined sophistication and gastronomic delight. The interior design of Tokimeite is a harmonious blend of contemporary elegance and traditional Japanese aesthetics. Clean lines, warm lighting, and carefully selected furnishings create an intimate and inviting atmosphere. The exquisite attention to detail, from the handcrafted ceramics to the beautiful flower arrangements, further enhances the dining experience, making Tokimeite a favorite among upper-class clientele.

The menu at Tokimeite is a symphony of flavors carefully curated to showcase the best of Japanese gastronomy. Start your culinary adventure with the indulgent Tokimeite Bento Box, a beautifully presented assortment of seasonal delicacies that changes regularly to offer a variety of flavors and textures. Regarding sushi, Tokimeite takes pride in its exquisite selection of nigiri and maki rolls. From the velvety texture of the Toro (fatty tuna) to the delicate sweetness of the Hokkaido Scallop, each piece of sushi is a testament to the precision and skill of the sushi chefs.

For a unique twist, explore Tokimeite’s Omakase menu, where the chef crafts a personalized tasting experience based on the day’s freshest ingredients. Be prepared to be delighted by unexpected flavor combinations and exquisite presentations that elevate Japanese cuisine to new heights.

Tokimeite offers an extensive selection of sake to accompany your meal, showcasing a range of flavors and styles. Allow the sommelier to guide you in selecting the perfect sake pairing, enhancing the nuances of each dish and elevating your dining experience. Tokimeite epitomizes the art of Japanese culinary mastery, offering an unforgettable journey through the flavors and traditions of Japan. Immerse yourself in the sophisticated ambiance, savor the meticulously crafted dishes, and let Tokimeite ignite your senses with its culinary brilliance.

Umu Restaurant

The Best Japanese Restaurants in Mayfair

Umu Restaurant presents a journey through the art of Japanese haute cuisine. This is another of the best Japanese restaurants in Mayfair. Revered for its commitment to sourcing the finest seasonal ingredients locally and from Japan, Umu has garnered acclaim as a premier destination for authentic kaiseki dining. Step into Umu and immerse yourself in an environment that seamlessly blends contemporary elegance with Japanese aesthetics. The understated luxury of the minimalist decor, soothing earth tones, and subtle lighting create an atmosphere of refined sophistication. Attention to detail is evident throughout, from the exquisite tableware to the artful floral arrangements, enhancing the overall sense of refinement.

To experience the unparalleled culinary offerings of Umu, reservations are strongly recommended. Opt for a weekday lunch or dinner to savor the serene ambiance and fully appreciate the artistry of the chef’s creations. The menu at Umu revolves around kaiseki, a culinary tradition that harmonizes seasonal ingredients in a multi-course feast. Each meticulously crafted dish is a masterpiece, reflecting the skill and creativity of the chef. Begin your journey with tantalizing appetizers such as Ankimo (monkfish liver) with caviar, or savor the delicate flavors of the Sashimi platter, showcasing the finest, impeccably sliced fish.

For the main courses, be enchanted by the Grilled Wagyu Beef adorned with Sansho Pepper or succumb to the delicate Steamed Sea Bass complemented by Yuzu Sauce. Umu’s sushi offerings delight the senses with delectable choices like the melt-in-your-mouth Toro (fatty tuna) nigiri or the exquisite Hokkaido Uni (sea urchin) sushi.

Yazu Sushi

Located in the heart of Mayfair, Yazu Sushi offers a unique dining experience combining traditional Japanese cuisine’s elegance and modern culinary innovation. With its chic and vibrant atmosphere, Yazu Sushi appeals to those seeking a fresh take on Japanese flavors while still honoring the essence of the country’s rich culinary heritage.

As you enter Yazu Sushi, you are greeted by a sleek and stylish interior adorned with artistic touches that reflect a contemporary aesthetic. The vibrant color palette, clean lines, and tasteful decor create an inviting space that sets the stage for an elevated dining experience. The menu at Yazu Sushi showcases a delightful array of traditional Japanese dishes with a modern twist. Begin your culinary journey with an assortment of innovative starters, such as the Crispy Tuna Tataki topped with tangy ponzu sauce or the Tempura Avocado Rolls, a delightful fusion of creamy avocado and crunchy tempura batter.

The sushi selection at Yazu Sushi is a true highlight, featuring a variety of creative rolls and meticulously crafted nigiri. Treat yourself to the vibrant Rainbow Roll, boasting an assortment of fresh fish, or explore the unique flavors of the Dragon Roll, a compelling combination of eel, avocado, and spicy mayo. Yazu Sushi offers an array of flavorful hot dishes for those seeking a departure from sushi. Indulge in the savory delights of the Teriyaki Glazed Black Cod or savor the tender and aromatic Beef Tenderloin with Garlic Sauce.

Yazu Sushi, one of the best Japanese restaurants in Mayfair, brings a contemporary twist to traditional Japanese cuisine, enticing diners with its innovative flavors and stylish ambiance. Immerse yourself in the chic surroundings, savor the expertly crafted dishes, and let Yazu Sushi transport you on a culinary adventure that combines the best of both worlds.

The Best Japanese Restaurants in Mayfair – Ikeda

Ikeda invites you to embark on a journey of refined Japanese flavors in an oasis of tranquility. With a commitment to preserving the true essence of Japanese cuisine, Ikeda has gained a reputation for its impeccable attention to detail and dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients. The interior of Ikeda exudes understated elegance, reflecting the traditional aesthetics of Japan. The clean lines, warm wooden tones, and subtle lighting create a serene atmosphere that transports you to a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The intimate seating arrangements and attentive service contribute to the sense of exclusivity and make Ikeda an ideal choice for private dinners or special occasions.

The menu at Ikeda showcases the artistry of Japanese cuisine with a focus on traditional flavors and techniques. Begin your culinary exploration with the delicate and beautifully presented Sashimi Platter, featuring an assortment of the freshest fish sourced from the best suppliers. Alternatively, indulge in the perfectly balanced Yakitori skewers grilled with succulent meats and vegetables.

Ikeda is renowned for its exceptional sushi offerings. Each piece is meticulously crafted, showcasing the skill and precision of the sushi chefs. From the velvety texture of the Toro (fatty tuna) to the subtle sweetness of the Hokkaido Uni (sea urchin), the sushi at Ikeda truly reflects the restaurant’s dedication to excellence. In addition to sushi and sashimi, Ikeda offers a range of other classic Japanese dishes, such as Tempura and Sukiyaki, prepared with the utmost care and attention to detail. The flavors are carefully balanced, allowing the natural ingredients to shine.

Ikeda presents a serene haven where the traditions of Japanese cuisine are honored and celebrated. Immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance, savor the exquisite flavors, and let Ikeda transport you to the heart of Japan through its exceptional culinary offerings.


Roji invites you to embark on a culinary adventure that harmoniously blends the rich traditions of Japanese cuisine with a contemporary twist. Step into Roji and be greeted by an atmosphere buzzing with energy and excitement. The vibrant decor, modern furnishings, and dynamic lighting create a rich, trendy setting that appeals to those seeking a modern take on Japanese dining. This is certainly one of the best Japanese restaurants in Mayfair. The open kitchen concept allows you to witness the culinary artistry firsthand, adding a touch of theater to your dining experience.

The menu at Roji, among the best Japanese restaurants in Mayfair, showcases a delightful fusion of traditional Japanese flavors and contemporary culinary techniques. Start your culinary journey with tantalizing small plates like the Crispy Tofu Bites or the Chili-Garlic Edamame, which offer a delightful balance of textures and flavors.

Roji’s sushi creations are a true testament to the chef’s creativity. From the visually stunning Rainbow Dragon Roll, featuring a medley of colorful ingredients, to the Spicy Tuna Tartare Roll with a fiery kick, each sushi roll is a fusion of tradition and innovation, satisfying both the palate and the eye. Beyond sushi, Roji offers a range of delectable dishes that showcase the diversity of Japanese cuisine. Indulge in the succulent Yakitori skewers, grilled to perfection with tantalizing sauces, or savor the bold and aromatic flavors of the Miso Glazed Black Cod.

Roji boasts an impressive selection of handcrafted cocktails and artisanal sake to complement your meal to complement your meal. Expert mixologists can guide you in selecting the perfect libation to enhance your dining experience, offering unique flavor combinations and creative presentations.

The Best Japanese Restaurants in Mayfair – KOYN

KOYN presents a captivating culinary experience that showcases the harmonious union of Japanese and Mediterranean cuisines. As you step into KOYN, you are welcomed into a world where East meets West, with a sophisticated blend of Japanese and Mediterranean design elements. The sleek and contemporary decor, accentuated by subtle nods to both cultures, creates an ambiance that exudes modern elegance and intrigue. Whether you unwind at the stylish bar or settle into the intimate dining area, KOYN promises an unforgettable dining experience that transcends borders.

The menu at KOYN is a symphony of flavors, skillfully combining the best Japanese and Mediterranean culinary traditions. Begin your journey with tantalizing starters like the Tempura-style Calamari infused with Japanese spices or the Mediterranean-inspired Tuna Carpaccio drizzled with a zesty citrus dressing. Each bite unveils a harmonious marriage of tastes, offering a glimpse into the innovative fusion that KOYN embraces.

KOYN’s sushi creations are a true highlight, bridging the gap between two cultures with every roll. The Maki rolls, expertly crafted with a fusion twist, invite you to explore new combinations of flavors that surprise and delight you. Indulge in the delicate and flavorful Nigiri topped with Mediterranean-inspired ingredients, such as marinated olives or sundried tomatoes, for an unforgettable taste sensation.

Main courses at KOYN continue to impress, seamlessly blending Japanese and Mediterranean influences. Experience the succulent Grilled Miso-Marinated Sea Bass, elevated by Mediterranean herbs and a touch of umami from miso. Alternatively, savor the Charcoal-Grilled Lamb Chops adorned with a savory Japanese-Mediterranean glaze, showcasing the culinary creativity that defines KOYN.

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