The Best Lounge Bars in London

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London lounge bars are heralded as some of the best in the world and are renowned for their simply exquisite and unique designs as well as food and drinks. With a vast array of options, Capital A List will share a coveted list of the best lounge bars in London.

The Best Lounge Bars in London

For the ultimate tropical oasis in the heart of Upper Street Islington, look no further than Laki Kane, one of the best lounge bars in London. It brings the aloha spirit of the Caribbean in its carnival of colors, unforgettable cocktails, and thriving music and entertainment. It is the ideal urban retreat to decompress after work or relax over the weekend with friends. As you enter you are immediately drawn into the easy-going island spirit with its rush roofing, dangling ropes, palm prints, and green plants covering each corner of the lounge bar. Tropical paraphernalia could not be more exquisite in this relaxed setting and is complemented perfectly by the rhythmic beats of Caribbean music.

What’s more is that each table is fitted with call buttons for service, meaning that you can call on tiki-dressed waitrons at any time for a re-fill of your choice. Now there is nothing more that embodies the relaxed feeling of a beach retreat than that. Each cocktail is rum-based, with a selection of rums across the globe. The name Laki Kane stems from the lucky (Laki) sugar cane (kane) converted over time into the delicious rums used in their cocktails.

Co-owner Georgi Radev, a former Mahiki bar manager, has designed the cocktail list. His experiences definitely shine through in the spectacular cocktails that are made with only the best exotic ingredients, unrefined sugars, and world-class rums. The signature Laki Kane cocktail, made with fruity and fresh passionfruit, coconut water, sugar cane juice, and of course, premium rum, will transport your taste buds to the sunshine and soft sands of the Caribbean beaches. Each drink is also served in custom-made ceramics that typify that island feeling.

They also make their own bespoke rum in the upstairs bar, The Spiced Dry Rum Club. This area is dedicated to teaching lucky guests Laki Kane’s unique re-distillation process. Guests can also learn how to make their own spiced rums with specialist help from £70. The kitchen is helmed by renowned chef Michael Moore and is inspired by the fresh and flavourful food of the tropics. Dishes of fried and marinated chicken wings and crispy squid served with Thai-style chili dip are wonderful complements to the sunshine-soaked cocktails and interiors.

Laki Kane truly exemplifies a beach escape from its easy-going music to its tropical-inspired design, cocktails, and food, and cannot be missed out as one of the best lounge bars in London.

The Best Lounge Bars in London

Exploring the world has never been as easy as at Mr Fogg’s Residence in Mayfair. The delightful and quizzical story goes that the adventurer Phileas J. Fogg filled his Mayfair home to the brim with antiquities collected after his 80-day trip around the globe. This whimsical story has been materialized into a number of adventurous lounge bars that transport guests to the Victorian era and to magical destinations throughout the world.

Locations in Covent Garden and Liverpool Street (Mr. Fogg’s Tavern, Gin Parlour, and Society of Exploration, amongst others) also typify the thrill-seeking, wonderfully peculiar, and eccentric nature of Mr. Fogg’s Residence whilst also cultivating their unique guest experiences. Mr. Fogg’s is the sister brand to the prestigious Cahoots and Barts bars, and guests that have been to either will definitely experience the same attentive service and eccentric atmosphere.

The story of Mr. Fogg’s Residence centers on the idea that the famed adventurer opened his home to the public to give them a glimpse into his daring life. The lounge captures this perfectly with its homely and studious design and is one of the best lounge bars in London. Polished wood-panelled walls evoke the warmth and intimacy associated with an antique home. This cosy atmosphere is enhanced with ceilings, walls, and shelves adorned with relics, artifacts, and exotic creatures traceable to different cultures across the globe. The delectable range of cocktails and light bites only enhances the visual satisfaction and desire for adventure stirred by the glorious design.

The signature cocktail list follows Phileas J. Fogg’s worldly travels and is as outgoing, innovative, and bizarre as the adventurer himself. One of our favorite cocktails was ‘Upon Kiouni the Elephant’ primarily due to the anecdote attached to it. The story follows Mr. Fogg’s and his fellow travelers who commandeered an elephant to traverse the city of Bombay, India. The story illustrates the effort of a team, and as such, the cocktail is for a group of up to six guests. The flavors of Botanist gin, white wine, orange liqueur, cinnamon, elderflower cordial, and fresh lychee juice are wonderfully light and botanical – the perfect drink for a warm summer day.

Mr Fogg’s Residence is as unique as it comes and brings back a childlike wonder for the world. Guests are plunged into a mystifying world full of curiosity, adventure, and spirited cocktails – and we cannot think of a better example of one of the best lounge bars in London.

The Best Lounge Bars in London

Mix creativity and eccentricity together, and the outcome is Looking Glass Cocktail Club. It is located in the trailblazing center of creativity, Shoreditch, and occupies a haunt on the flourishing Hackney Road. Guests step through the ‘looking glass’ into a secret den of kaleidoscopic Louis XVI furniture, vintage art pieces, and plush brocade fabrics. The space takes guests on a whimsical journey where high-end meets debauchery in the most memorable ways, making this one of the best lounge bars in London.

Guests can expect to walk into a speak-easy setting where the lighting is dimmed, and top-notch house music reverberates throughout every crevice of the space. Intoxicating entertainment will make you feel as if you really have walked into another world. Looking Glass takes an artistic approach to its entertainment by intertwining its live music with performance art, and this not only adds to the electric atmosphere but also brings a bit of fun to its sophisticated cocktails. The cocktails are created to the highest standard in the ‘underland’ – the laboratory where talented mixologists produce homemade syrups, bitters, and liquors as the flavors for the cocktails. This fresh and thoughtful way of producing cocktails makes Looking Glass a stand-out choice for one of the best lounge bars in London. The list is divided into cocktails, absinthe, and wine and beer. Their current cocktail list is inspired by revolutions across the globe that have inspired and changed society as a whole.

The ‘Changing Perception’ cocktail is enlivened by the feminist revolution with reference to Ada Coleman, the first head bartender of the American Bar at The Savoy Hotel in 1903. It pays homage to her famous ‘Hanky Panky’ cocktail by producing a unique distilled version playing up herbal and dry flavors. It uses distilled hanky panky, Portobello road gin, and white vermouth and adds a light touch of orange bitters. Another great option is Moore’s Law which plays on the current tech revolution by incorporating coffee and spiced flavors. Spiced Guinness reduction is mixed with a fizz of soda to balance out the powerful flavors of cognac.

Looking Glass is edgy yet refined, and this playful mix is perfectly encapsulated in its eccentric design and entertainment offset by its classic and high-end cocktail creations. Its dual personality works wonderfully for its Shoreditch location, where creativity blends seamlessly with corporate.

The Artesian is, without a doubt, one of the best lounge bars in London, and it’s easy to see why. Nestled within the Langham Hotel, this legendary bar has won numerous awards for its innovative cocktail selection and luxurious interior design.

The cocktail selection at The Artesian is truly something to behold. The bar is known for its unique and creative drinks, which use unexpected ingredients and flavors to create an unforgettable drinking experience. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic cocktail or something more experimental, their expert mixologists will craft the perfect drink.

The story of The Artesian is just as impressive as its cocktail selection. Originally opened in 1893, the bar has undergone several transformations over the years but has always maintained its reputation as one of the most glamorous and sophisticated drinking destinations in London. Today, the bar boasts a sleek and contemporary design that seamlessly blends old-world elegance with modern luxury.

The interior design at The Artesian is simply stunning. From the crystal chandeliers to the marble bar, every detail has been carefully curated to create a space that exudes opulence and glamour. The bar also features a stunning aquarium filled with exotic fish, which adds a touch of whimsy to the overall design.

So, what makes The Artesian one of the best cocktail bars in London? For starters, the quality of the drinks is unbeatable. But it’s not just the cocktails that make this bar so special. It’s the atmosphere, the history, and the attention to detail that make it a truly unforgettable experience. Whether you’re looking for a romantic date spot or a place to celebrate a special occasion, The Artesian is the perfect destination.

The Connaught Bar is one of the best lounge bars in London, offering a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere that’s perfect for a night out. This Mayfair bar is renowned for its innovative cocktails, expertly crafted by skilled mixologists.

The cocktail menu at The Connaught Bar is truly impressive, featuring a range of classic drinks with a modern twist, as well as original creations that you won’t find anywhere else. One of their signature cocktails is the “Connaught Martini”, made with a special blend of gin and vermouth and garnished with a single green olive. Another popular drink is the “Mulata Daisy”, which combines rum, lime, and grapefruit for a refreshing and zesty flavor.

The bar’s sophisticated decor is just as impressive as the drinks themselves. The space is adorned with plush velvet seating, elegant lighting, and a stunning backlit bar. The bartenders themselves are also impeccably dressed, adding to the overall sense of glamour and luxury. But what really sets The Connaught Bar apart from other cocktail bars in London is its attention to detail. From the hand-carved ice cubes to the bespoke glassware, every aspect of the drinking experience has been carefully considered. This level of craftsmanship and care makes The Connaught Bar one of the best in the city.

Whether you’re a cocktail aficionado or just looking for a memorable night out, The Connaught Bar is a must-visit destination in London. With its exceptional cocktails, luxurious decor, and impeccable service, it’s no wonder this bar has become a go-to spot for the city’s most discerning drinkers.

The Best Lounge Bars in London

The next bar on our list of the best lounge bars in London is the Goring Bar, housed in The Goring Hotel in the fashionable Belgravia. The Goring Hotel was named the best city hotel in England by the prestigious Hoteliers Top 100 in 2018. This comes as no surprise as the hotel is the only one to hold a royal warrant proceeding it hosting a dinner for the Middletons before the 2011 royal wedding.

The Goring Bar, similar to the hotel itself, is designed in Victorian-era fashion, and this ties in with its overall charm of being pristine, very elegant, and a stately location. The design is opulent to the core with its rich palette of deep reds, yellows and golds, wingback chairs, crystal chandeliers, and marble floors. The famed Russell Sage designed everything. A grand piano sits center stage from which a resident pianist sets a soothing atmosphere; this chic feature adds to The Goring Bar being one of the best lounge bars in London.

Another great feature is the terrace that looks over the large manicured garden bursting with lush flowers and shrubbery – a peaceful and secluded spot to absorb nature and restore after the busyness surrounding the Victoria area.

The menu celebrates British-made spirits and adds a variety of herbs grown from The Goring’s own private garden. They even have an herb expert, Jekka McVicar, who has overseen the planting of more than one hundred different herbs to be used in The Goring cocktails. The current seasonal cocktail menu is based on the long history of The Goring and the many favorites that have been enjoyed since 1920. The Rosehip Royale is an adaption of the regal Pimm’s Royale and is crafted with Pimm’s No.6, Sacred Rosehip Cup, champagne, and light flavors of strawberries, cucumber, mint, and rose. The New Cuban is a modern take on the worldly beloved Mojito.

The Goring Bar has elevated their adaption with botanical flavors of strawberry and champagne. Other components of Havana Club rum, mint, and lime cordials have remained to stay true to the tradition of this all-time favorite drink. The lounge has a delicious selection of nibbles with one of their fabulous cocktails, wines, or champagnes. A club sandwich, burger, cured meat platters, and salads, among other light dishes, are presented beautifully with wonderful flavors.

The Goring Bar is a sublime destination to bask in the forgotten times of queens and kings and the indulgent luxury that came with it. This is one of the best lounge bars in London, and from day to evening, guests can enjoy the spoils of a five-star luxury setting.

The Best Lounge Bars in London

The Light Room between Leicester Square and China Town is a hidden treasure sparkling day and night. It is one of three distinct spaces spanning three floors in Ku Leicester Square. The Light Lounge occupies the first floor and welcomes guests into an exclusive members club setting with its elegant and light décor. This example of the best lounge bars in London is decorated with glass surfaces that reflect the shapes and lights of marvelous crystal chandeliers. The space is adorned in lux dark tones with turquoise and yellow banquette seating and post-modern wall art. Stylish wrap-around lounge booths cradle the space creating intimate enclaves to enjoy their wonderful bespoke cocktails, premium beers, wines, and spirits.

During the day, The Light Lounge is a superb hide-out from a busy lifestyle and is bathed in natural light from its large windows. For a relaxed afternoon, we suggest finding one of their window seats on the corner and peering over the bustling street where Newport Place meets Lisle Street. In the evenings, The Light Lounge lives up to its name and transforms into a constellation of moody light, and the buzzing atmosphere grows only stronger with DJ performances every Friday and Saturday. Dapper bartenders are on stand-by to whip up classic favorites, but guests are also implored to sample their new creations or to challenge the bartenders to craft bespoke cocktails based on their favorite tipples. This demonstration of master mixology makes The Light Lounge one of the best lounge bars in London.

On the menu, one of our favorites was the Nuclear Pina Colada served in hurricane glass. It is a twist on the classic and adds a kick with Plantation 5YO, green chartreuse, coconut pure and pineapple juice, and milk. It is also garnished beautifully with mint, dehydrated pineapple, and lime. Other fantastic spins on classics include its Pisco and Pear Sour and the delicious Easy Street, a twist on the popular English Fizz.

The Light Lounge is complemented by two other spaces, including the Ku Bar and The Klub – both of which are trendy haunts guests should venture to after spending time at the wonderfully elegant Light Lounge.

The Best Lounge Bars in London

Soaring 12 stories high atop the Double Tree by Hilton is the Savage Garden – one of the best lounge bars in London. Everything about this rooftop bar destination is ‘savage’ from its brilliantly untamed cocktails and food to the theatrics of its interior. It boasts two terraces with breathtaking city views of The Shard, The Gherkin, and St Paul’s Cathedral. Its location captures a playful yet slick atmosphere bolstered by its unexpected design. Reflective and scored surfaces juxtapose the sleek velvet furniture and marble floors, creating a desirable conundrum of opulence and urban style.

The acclaimed Gorgeous Group crafts cocktails and epitomize Savage Garden’s wicked and indulgent ethos, and make it one of the best lounge bars in London. The signature Flambard Colada is an amazing choice. It was inspired by the first Tower of London Prisoner, Ranulf Flambard, who escaped his inevitable doom by persuading the guards to become intoxicated. This funny anecdote illustrates Savage Garden’s humor and light-heartedness, which is also apparent in its design and overall atmosphere. The Flambard Colada speaks to its dark comedy story with its feisty Havana Club 3YO rum and light pineapple, cucumber, Ayala champagne, and wormwood ingredients. Classic Daiquiris, Bloody Marys, and Negronis are also expertly crafted with a savage twist. Savage Garden also has an extensive list of champagne, white wines, roses, red wines, and spirits, and each is prepared with that same spirited and dangerous undertone.

Savage Garden also delivers an indulgent list of food exhibiting unexpected flavors and presentations. Guests can select sharing plates, feasting boards, mains, and light bites. Groups should try their spectacular Carnivorous sharing plate that comes complete with coconut beef short ribs, roasted poussin, classic beef sliders, and black garlic mayo fries. Dishes of tempura oysters, sesame prawn toast with bacon jam, and buttermilk chicken sliders are delectable options that rage with flavor. Light snacks of salted and caramelized nuts, lemon verbena olives, and fries add the necessary substance to the deliciously dangerous cocktails.

Savage Garden delivers on its promise to be an exciting and daring rooftop terrace destination. It blends elegance with uninhibited fun, and its resident DJ performances from Wednesdays to Saturdays only enhance its already festive atmosphere. For any occasion, this lounge bar is one of the best in the thriving Central London location.

The Best Lounge Bars in London

Housed beneath the famed Cinema sign in Dalston is the coveted secret cocktail bar – Ruby’s. It is renowned for its exceptionally quirky atmosphere evoked by its three different venues inside. First is the recently added Ruby’s Bar and Lounge, inspired by the 1950s working man and is one of the best lounge bars in London. This is felt in its copper and industrial walls set against ruby red seating. The second space is an intimate cocktail bar embodying the 1920s with its glazed bricks, distressed walls, and original wooden floors. The upstairs bar is another great spot imbued with the ideals of romantic 1960s Parisian fashion with its gold and cream colors and antique brass finishes. Each space epitomizes Ruby’s idea of transporting guests back to simpler times of yesteryear, and each evokes this marvelously in their design and in their different atmospheres.

With so many spaces to explore at Ruby’s, the lounge space is the perfect spot to start the evening with its comfortable setting of mish-mash tables and chairs. It also has its own fully set up DJ and sound system playing the best of disco, R&B, and club classics. Cocktails are divided into premium, experimental, and classic. From the premium selection, the sour monk is an excellent choice. It is made luxuriously with Courvoiser, VSOP, Benedictine, and lemon and topped with a delicate egg white. The experimental range is wonderful and different, and one of our favorites was The Pink One. It is made with Koko Kanu, Fraise de Bois, coconut mix, and fresh strawberries.

Classics range from Pina Coladas, Aperol Spritz, and Mojitos to Margaritas, and a selection of white and red wines, beers, and fizz also decorate the drinks menu. Light snacks of grilled olives and salted almonds are the perfect addition to your choice of cocktail, which could be eccentrically served in Original Manchester milk bottles or tin cups. Once guests have relaxed in the lounge space and have had a couple of tipples, the other bars can be explored to experience another fascinating interpretation of history in both design and cocktails.

Ruby’s Bar is a treasure trove of quirky experiences and offers guests the opportunity to travel through time from the 1920s to the 1950s and 1960s all in one night!

If you’re looking for a truly luxurious and stylish lounge bar in London, look no further than The Blue Bar. Those who have had the pleasure of visiting this bar can confidently say it’s one of the best in the city.

The cocktail menu at The Blue Bar is a true masterpiece, featuring a range of classic and contemporary drinks expertly crafted by their talented mixologists. One of the favorites is the “Lavender Margarita”, which combines tequila, triple sec, lime, and lavender syrup for a deliciously floral and refreshing drink. Another standout cocktail is the “Blue Bar Collins”, which combines gin, lemon, sugar, and soda for a zesty and effervescent experience.

But it’s not just the cocktails that make The Blue Bar so special. The interior design is simply stunning, with a sleek and modern decor accented by pops of vibrant blue. The bar is a work of art, with a beautiful illuminated display of spirits that sets the stage for a memorable night out.

The Blue Bar is located in the Berkeley Hotel, and the impeccable service is a reflection of the hotel’s five-star reputation. The bartenders are friendly and knowledgeable and will happily recommend drinks based on your preferences.

The Blue Bar is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for the best lounge bars in London. With its exceptional cocktails, stunning decor, and top-notch service, it’s no wonder this bar has become a favorite among locals.

If you’re in search of a unique and unforgettable cocktail experience in London, look no further than Oriole. This speakeasy-style lounge bar is tucked away in Smithfield and offers a truly one-of-a-kind atmosphere and cocktail menu that’s sure to impress even the most seasoned drinkers.

The cocktail menu at Oriole is inspired by the exotic and far-flung destinations that adventurers and explorers once explored. Each drink is crafted with precision and care and features a range of interesting and unexpected ingredients. One standout cocktail is the “Bermuda Triangle”, which combines dark rum, grapefruit, falernum, and absinthe for a deliciously tropical and spicy taste. Another must-try is the “Cape Verde”, which features gin, aperitif, and a special blend of African botanicals for a unique and flavorful experience.

But it’s not just the cocktails that make Oriole one of the best lounge bars in London. The decor and atmosphere are just as impressive, with a cozy and intimate setting perfect for a night out with friends or a special date. The bar is dimly lit and features a mix of vintage and modern decor, adding to the speakeasy vibe. Live music is also a regular feature at Oriole, with talented musicians performing everything from jazz to world music.

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