The Best London Clubs With Entertainment

The Best London Clubs With Entertainment
Capital A list presents its guide to the best London clubs with entertainment as they are world-renowned for their lavish setting, high-class crowd and stunning interior, but their captivating entertainment is the main event that draws in so many guests from all over the world. Whether you’re looking to go out at the start or end of the week, there is a VIP venue designed for everyone, offering unique, exhilarating and chic late-night experiences – everything you need to have on a perfect night out in the Capital.
Listed below are some of the most spectacular venues London has to offer. If you are looking for a high-end yet eccentric night out, look no further; these clubs are worth getting on the guest list.
Tonteria Mondays:
Party away those Monday blues at London’s Tonteria! Offering a Mexican Madness theme, the club certainly does not disappoint, from a toy train delivering an array of mouthwatering cocktails and shots directly to your table to snake charmers and performers covered in glow-in-the-dark body paint. The enthralling performers arrive in style with large traditional Mexican skull heads and lucha libre masks alongside outstanding fire dancers dressed in latex attire. Performers and waiters also appear wearing Day of the Dead-inspired face paint and invite guests to get their face painted and join in the festivities! As Tonteria is one of the best London clubs with entertainment, it’s not hard to see why it attracts royals such as Prince William, Pippa Middleton and celebrities including Jessi J. A visit to Tonteria is certainly a night you won’t forget, so join us at Muertos Mondays to experience anything but a typical club.
The Box: (Tables only)
Certainly not for the faint-hearted, The Box has become known for its exhilarating and explicit entertainment ranging from exotic dancers, fire eaters and even acrobats. From its shocking sexual acts to raunchy cabaret shows attracting many celebrities and royals, including Kate Moss, Keira Knightly and even Prince Harry. While performers entertain in barley-there outfits and cause outrage and laugh amongst the elite. The Box has quickly become one of the best London clubs with entertainment and the hottest new venue around, constantly teasing you with guilty pleasures, ready to push the boundaries to the utmost. Entertainment is not the only thing that will entice you, as the golden and red theatre interior and lightning definitely set the mood. So if your looking for a decadent and daring night out filled with surprises and mystery, then The Box is the club for you!
Cirque Le Soir: (Tables only)
This one-of-a-kind outrageous club has quickly become a celebrity playground haunt with its Moulin Rouge-inspired interior to exhilarating entertainment, including showgirls, fire breathers, gymnasts, clowns, dwarves and drag queens. Anyone who is anyone has witnessed this thrilling and decadent club, from the likes of Cara Delevingne and Rihanna to Miley Cyrus. This circus-themed club will sure to keep you busy from fortune telling to shocking and dangerous acts and even a decadent popcorn machine for your absolute pleasure. It’s a world of its own with everyone in fancy dress and keeping to their act- they are sure to entertain you and make for an unforgettable night out. Not to mention the club is famous for its outstanding international DJs as well as its fancy dress and censored night outs. Reopening this week, be welcomed to wonderland by the Ringmaster and enjoy a night of guilty pleasures only at Cirque Le Soir. (Rated as one of the best London clubs with entertainment).
Club 41 Friday and Saturdays:
This recently relocated luxurious club centrally located in Kensington is the new hype and place to be if you want an exclusive night out. You will feel like a royal from its Parisian decadence with stunning lighting interior as well as high-class service with waiters ensuring you receive the best treatment. From international DJs to the best R&B, Hip Hop and Commercial house music, it’s easy to see why this premium club is becoming so popular. Expect to be entertained in the early morning hours, from exciting Cabaret Dancers in feathers outfits to exciting electronic violinists playing to the beat of the music. Not to mention its exciting range of cocktails on offer! Whether you’re booking a table, on a guest list or celebrating a birthday, you can expect a night of extravagance at Club 41, as it’s definitely one of the best London clubs with entertainment!
Fabric Friday and Saturdays:
Fabric is never not making a noise. At least, that’s how they describe themselves. A club that is so aware of its rave potential should definitely be on the list of best clubs with entertainment in London. They have been around since 1999 and have been voted the best club in London in 2007 and 2008, coming in second place in 2009 and 2010. Here you can find great sound systems and the best amenities possible. It is the perfect place to visit if you’re a fan of electronic music. Here, international and world-renowned DJs are more than glad to be guest performers, and you can find something exciting to listen to every weekend. There are three rooms at Fabric, each with its sound system. Two of these are meant for hosting live performances, while the third is a dancefloor strictly for those who want to rave until the sun comes up. The dress code is casual, so wear comfortable sneakers and come over to listen to music that makes your entire body move. You can find the week’s line-up on their website. A rich blend of different takes on electronic music allows you always to discover something new. 
Ministry of Sound Friday and Saturday:
Ministry of Sound is perfect for those who enjoy house music. As a matter of fact, it is the first club solemnly dedicated to that. Inspired by the richness of the New York clubbing scene, this is one of the best London clubs with entertainment. Since 1991, the club has hosted some legendary names in house music, like Bass Jackers and Illenium. Spread across four rooms, each with their own sound system, the club allows you to voyage across different performances.
Inside The Box room, find a design that makes sound optimal. The towering speaker stacks and the triple thick absorbing walls make the experience unique. It is as if your body is one with the music. The 103 room is perfect for catching live performances, and the Baby Box room offers an intimate experience. The Loft, the last room of the club, is where you catch record labels and promoters as they are getting ready to take off. With disco-themed nights and electronic orchestras playing at after-parties, this is one of the best places to come dance in London.
XOYO Everyday:
XOYO is a club that stays open until 3 am on weeknights. It is perfect for those who want to treat a Wednesday like a Saturday, partying until the after-hours and dancing until the lights turn on. Open since 2010, the club is known as one of the best entertainment spots in London. It offers an eclectic mix of music genres, so everyone is welcome, depending on the night. With a casual dress code, you can wear comfortable sneakers that allow you to bounce on the dancefloor for hours on end. 
They also ask you not to take pictures inside so the experience remains unique, and people outside wonder why you got home so late on a Tuesday. The Saturday Pleasurehood parties allow you to listen to house and disco music, and Tuesdays host raves that stay packed until it is time to go home.
Printworks Weekends:
Printworks has a unique vintage atmosphere, making it stand out among all other best London clubs with entertainment. Located inside what used to be the largest printing factory in Western Europe, this warehouse-like environment is a hub of good music, pretty people, and a fantastic time. Here you can still see old printers from that time — so maybe treat it like a tiny museum on your breaks between dance moves. The original aesthetics of the space now blends with the dynamic array of events that take place. The result is a stunning environment that invites you to enjoy the best things in life. 
The club has a live stage and an electronic stage so that both vibes are attended to. First opened in 2017, this is a relatively new addition to the London clubbing scene, and it has made a pretty good impression since the beginning. Their seasonal-music series showcases the best electronic music, and with live performances, it creates a welcoming environment for the city’s eclectic party scene. 
Village Underground is located inside a renovated warehouse at an abandoned tube station. Because of its unique and eclectic setting, it has become one of the best London clubs with entertainment. Open since 2007, the club has already hosted world-famous DJs and performers, who always get the place packed with people who enjoy good music and life in general. 
Aside from music, Village Underground hosts live theatre performances and art expositions. Above the main venue, you can even find a co-working space that houses artists, architects, filmmakers, photographers, producers and startups, all working side by side to boost creativity and art. It is truly an eclectic place, made for all types of people to come and enjoy the beauty of artistic expression, no matter its form. 
With a casual dress code, this is where you come to feel part of a creative community, aside from listening to high-quality music with a fantastic sound system. Watch live performances and attend an art exposition. Dwell on the painted murals and take pictures with all the colours surrounding you. Party until the break of dawn and meet like-minded people. 
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