1864 Rooftop Bar & Kitchen London: John Lewis Unveils New Culinary Oasis on Oxford Street

July 2, 2024

1864 Rooftop Bar & Kitchen London: John Lewis Unveils New Culinary Oasis on Oxford Street

In the summer of 2024, the iconic John Lewis store on Oxford Street will elevate its customer experience by opening the 1864 Rooftop Bar & Kitchen in London. Named to commemorate the year John Lewis opened its doors, this new venture offers a blend of history, culture, and modern hospitality. Its design and offerings highlight the best of the past and the present​.

The 1864 Rooftop Bar & Kitchen occupies 7,310 square feet on the roof of John Lewis’s flagship store. It is transforming it into an elegant urban retreat. This location offers stunning views of London’s skyline and serves as a peaceful escape from the city below. The rooftop has been designed to reflect an oasis of greenery. The space features many plants and elegant design touches that create a peaceful and inviting atmosphere​.

Developed in collaboration with Benugo, which operates several other venues around London, the rooftop space can accommodate up to 200 guests. Seating arrangements include chic, greenhouse-style booths, an indoor bar, and an expansive outdoor terrace. These areas maximize the panoramic views of the city. It makes the venue ideal for everything from casual lunches to special events​​.

The opening of 1864 Rooftop Bar & Kitchen is part of John Lewis’s broader strategy to enhance the retail experience by integrating high-quality dining options. This initiative aims to delight regular shoppers and attract new visitors seeking a unique dining experience. The rooftop is designed to be a destination where customers can enjoy a meal, relax, and enjoy the views while experiencing the heritage and innovation that John Lewis continues to offer​.

The 1864 Rooftop Bar & Kitchen London Menu

The menu at 1864 Rooftop Bar & Kitchen celebrates culinary diversity and creativity. The Lobster Rolls feature a delicious mix of pickled cucumber and Marie Rose sauce, while the Seaweed Tempura Monkfish is served with a unique wild garlic emulsion. The vegan chocolate mousse offers a blend of crushed hazelnuts and olive oil for those with a sweet tooth.

The drinks menu complements the food with cocktails infused with fresh herbs grown on the rooftop. Taste the Fig Old Fashioned with Buffalo Trace Bourbon, fig liqueur, fig bitters and
maraschino cherry. Try also the Elderflower & Pear Champagne for something lighter and more refreshing.

Overall, the 1864 Rooftop Bar & Kitchen represents a significant milestone for John Lewis. It celebrates its past while looking forward to a future where dining and shopping converge in luxurious and culturally rich environments.

The 1864 Rooftop Bar & Kitchen London Bookings

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The 1864 Rooftop Bar & Kitchen London Cuisine, Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: British

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Area: Mayfair

Address: 6th Floor, John Lewis, 300 Oxford Street, London WC1 1DX

Website: https://1864rooftopbar.co.uk/

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