The Best Rooftop Bars in West London

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Sometimes, it is good to get a panoramic view of all the buzz in a lively city like London. The lights in the buildings and the movement on the street are why the city is so famous. Rooftop bars are a great way to do that, kind of like having exclusive seats to a live and colorful performance. In this list, we will present you with the best rooftop bars in west London. Indulge in luxury, drinks, and beautiful views. 

London is filled with rooftop bars, some more casual, and a few very exclusive ones. Here, A-List individuals can for sure enjoy private time. Most of the famous rooftop bars are in central London, packed with tourists and locals alike amidst the bustling sounds of the city. However, there are some chic rooftop bars in West London, in neighborhoods like Chelsea and Paddington. These bars offer unique views of the most upscale parts of the city. The service, drinks, and food match the proposal for exclusivity.


best rooftop bars in west london -- skylark

Skylark is a rooftop bar known for its brunch and cocktails. From the 10th floor where it’s based, you can overlook Hyde Park, Little Venice, and a lot more of West London’s Skyline. Located in Paddington, the bar is one of the most popular options among the A-List brunch crowd! It has a glass roof that remains open during warm summer months and giant orange umbrellas to provide shade. The blue and white striped booths are charming and perfectly match the light pint velvet chairs. Green plants with white and pink flowers decorate the surroundings, and the environment turns into the ideal Sunday midday plan. 

Bubbles of the World and Cocktails in the Sky are a few examples of the exclusive events in Skylark. They take place almost every summer weekend. Here you can enjoy the Paddington sunset with live music. Indulge in classic and well-elaborated dishes like avocado with sourdough or cheeseburger sliders. Drink creative cocktails like the bourbon cherry sour. There is also the option to reserve the spot for private events, fitting 150 people. 

Pergola at Paddington

best rooftop bars in west london -- pergola

Next to Skylark, there is the Pergola in the Paddington neighborhood. Although it may not be an exact rooftop bar, its open ceilings and spacious ambiance perfectly mimic one. Here, the picnic-style environment merges with classic industrial decor. Large wooden tables take over the dining area, and green metal benches match the exposed ventilation ducts above. Plants also hang from the ceiling and hug the infrastructure. 

Pergola has four rotating restaurants that serve different snack-style foods, all extravagant and filling. From burgers to fried chicken and Japanese cuisine, here you can indulge in a global culinary proposal. They also have an extensive beer selection, wine list, and house cocktails. They change the decor and the menu according to the season. Here, nice summer picnic can turn into a winter wonderland or an apple-picking field. 

Pantechnicon Garden

best rooftop bars in west london -- pantechnicon

The Pantechnicon is a multi-store establishment featuring different restaurants and food shops, all with elite ingredients and products to eat and buy. Their first-floor café and second-floor nordic restaurant are already reason enough for you to visit. However, go up to the third and final floor, and you will find a winter garden that will mesmerize all of your senses. This botanical oasis has interior and exterior seating and can be enjoyed all year round. The wooden tables and seats pair up with the fur and leather cushions. The grey marble floor and large green plants also contribute to the well-illuminated environment. 

The food is inspired by Nordic cuisine, which touches on British tradition and spices. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner, where you can taste beetroot macadamia and halibut with dill and celeriac, for example. The cocktail menu changes according to the season, all inspired by nordic flavors and developed by mixologists of the area. 

Ivy Chelsea Garden

Ivy Chelsea Garden is everything you’d expect a luxurious tea-time establishment to be. When mentioning rooftop bars in west London, we cannot leave this one aside. The style marries classic colonial decor with jungle-bohemian elements, like the burnt orange booths and the dark, earthy colors on the chairs and walls. It is located in the Chelsea neighborhood, right in the heart of West London. This establishment has a vivid outdoor garden filled with plants and flowers that surround you while indulging in café-style classic snacks. They serve afternoon tea, breakfast, and an evening menu that follows the season’s flavors, always based on traditional British cuisine. 

The bar offers unique house cocktails, like the Blood Orange Margarita and the Peach Negroni. During the afternoon tea, enjoy the scones, shortbreads, and macaroons. The weekend brunch menu is also extensive, with many vegetarian and vegan options. The Ivy Chelsea Garden attends to the A-List individuals at any time of the day, always with an offer that is ideal for the moment.

Min Jiang

On the 10th floor of the Royal Garden Hotel, you will find the Min Jiang rooftop bar and restaurant. Here, you will find a fine-dining, authentic Chinese experience. Overlooking Hyde Park and with stunning views of the trees and the London skyline, in Min Jiang, you find a classic ambiance. The tables are covered in white cloths, and the red walls are decorated with different oriental vases and sculptures. 

The tasting menu also allows you to taste different flavors from China during lunch hour or dinner time. Here you have the opportunity to try the ancient Chinese recipe of wood-fired Beijing Duck. Also, taste the roasted lamb with cumin, and the famous house dim-sums in their variety of flavors and colors. Wine and sake are also part of the menu, along with cocktails like the Midnight Lotus and the oriental Mojito. 

Bluebird Café White City

bluebird café white city -- best rooftop bars in west london

Bluebird Café White City extends the original Bluebird Café in Chelsea. Here, you can find all-day eggs for your breakfast, special events, and margarita weeks. The interior design is incredibly chic, with an eclectic and elite 1950s dinner resemblance, filled with pink chairs and black and white striped round tables. The large bar in the back welcomes customers with led lighting and more pink tones on the walls. The all-day drinking and dining menu is located in the developing Television Center of West London. The stylish environment of both the indoor dining room and terrace invites guests to enjoy any hour of the day, on any occasion. 

Here, you can find the famous Flower Burger, made with purple, yellow, or green buns and traditional fillers of a regular burger.  The all-day menu has most of the crowd-pleasing classics, all prepared with an extra aesthetic notch to make every dish more presentable and picturesque. The weekend brunch serves customers with truffled arancini, artichoke tortellini, and traditional brunch foods like eggs benedict and avocado toasts. The fixed lunch menu changes every month, constantly updating the proposal to the season. Go for appetizers like the Jalapenos cheese croquettes in the evening, pairing it with a Jalisco Mule, a cocktail with tequila lime juice, and ginger beer.

No 197 Chiswick Fire Station

best rooftop bars in west london -- No 197 chiswick fire station

A place where Arizona cacti meet minimalism. No 197 Chiswick Fire Station belongs to Darwin & Wallace, who has a strong claim of sustainability on the London restaurant and bar scene. The bar cherishes the building’s fire station history by keeping the spaces open and letting lots of natural light in, perfect for summer months. The simple decor, with brown, black, and white furniture shades, matches the light pink, grey, and chalky white colors on the walls. A few black and white pictures hang on the walls, and vases with cacti decorate the space. On the back is a “secret garden” with an open ceiling to enjoy some sunlight. Although the focus here isn’t the view of the London skyline, this is a perfect location to catch some fresh air and tune off from the bustling environments of the city. 

The scratch-made menu attends to the 9 am breakfast lovers, lunch executives, post-work happy-hourers, and even those who want to grab a drink at night. Weekend all-day brunches are famous too, serving coconut chia bowls, mushrooms and beans over sourdough, caramelized banana pancakes, and the classic brunch egg and avocado dishes. The all-day menu has plenty of options for sharing – butternut squash and spinach falafels, and various crostinis are an example. Maybe pair your food with a draught beer or a house cocktail! Larger plates are also available, and there are plenty of vegan options to pick from. 

The Prince

The prince is known as West London’s most extensive beer garden. Here, dark green vines with orange and purple flowers hang from the glass ceiling and hug the white pillars spread around the establishment. The picnic-style wood tables match with the light green chairs. The led lighting that writes “food this way” creates a botanical environment that perfectly reflects the elite European spring season. In this oasis, you will find food, drinks, and a unique social experience, at any hour of the day. 

The Prince is a food and beer hub that almost takes up an entire street, made by adjacent restaurants that joined forces to create the garden, opening only during the spring and summer seasons. Each year they offer a different menu from the restaurants leading the dining scene at the time. Burgers, pizzas, temaki, and Sunday roasts are part of the experience this year, as well as creative and aesthetic drinks, excellent beer, and an extensive and well-curated wine list. 

Harvey Nichols

best rooftop bars in west london -- Harvey nichols

Harvey Nichols is a fashion, beauty, food, and wine department store. Go up to the fifth floor, and you will find the chic bar that overlooks the city’s skyline. This is one of the pretties rooftop bars in west London. Velvet chairs, booths, and barstools on different shades of pink and grey match the rosé metal tables, martini glasses, and details on the ceiling. The round, white-marble bar in the middle of the establishment displays a fine selection of liquors and spirits. Here, taking a break from your shopping spree to grab a quick drink is a must, or maybe even reserve a private space for a special celebration.

Their extensive menu offers a rich selection of wines and champagne. On the menu, you can find a cocktail list displaying classics, champagne-based drinks, fruity and aromatic options, and the cocktails of the month (like the One Time in Jalisco, made with Maestro Dobel tequila, Prucia liqueur, fresh lime juice, and pistachio syrup). Buy the Billionaire Experience and taste some of the most renowned champagnes in the world, accompanied by finger foods and a gift box to take home. The foods here are the classic bar dishes, with a touch of elegance to their presentation and flavors. They offer masterclasses and tastings for you to learn the art of mixology.

The Trafalgar St. James Hotel Rooftop Bar

On the 7th floor of The Trafalgar St. James Hotel, you will find the elegant and classic rooftop bar that overlooks St. James square. Many rooftop bars in London close off during the winter. Still, here you can enjoy year-round sunsets and cocktails, sitting close to heaters and covering yourself with the blankets provided. Also, be enchanted by the Northern Lights installations that take place during the colder months, brightening the ceiling with blue, green, and purple luminescence. The dress code at the Trafalgar St. James rooftop bar is smart casual, meaning you cannot show up on a hoodie or athletic gear. The lavish dressing of customers matches the environment, with navy blue, black, and wooden furniture. 

The food comes mostly for sharing, with pan-Asian cuisine covering lunch and dinner menus. The cocktail list, which covers classics and some house specials, adjust to the flavors of each season! Prawn Beignets and Duck Rillettes are two of the unique options served. On weekends, brunch is also available. Different rooms offer exclusive views of the city, and some may need reservations ahead of time. 

Best Rooftop Bars in West London

West London is an oasis of luxurious rooftop bars serving refined foods, drinks, and experiences. Exploring these bars is an excellent way to experience all the best that the city offers. A perfect escape from the bustling noises and movement of London, these elite establishments will undoubtedly give you a different and memorable perspective of luxury. Their unique environments and exceptional service are surely made to attend to A-List individuals searching for a good time.

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