Ibai Restaurant London: A New Basque Steak Culinary Experience Arrives This Summer

May 16, 2024

Ibai Restaurant London: A New Basque Steak Culinary Experience Arrives This Summer

Ibai restaurant in London is a new Basque steak venue that is opening this summer. It will offer a distinctive culinary experience focused on the rich gastronomy of the French Basque region. Founded by Nemanja Borjanović of Txuleta and William Sheard, Ibai will be located at 90 Bartholomew Close, near St Paul’s Cathedral.

This new venue aims to serve high-quality Basque cuisine and enhance the understanding and appreciation of the French Basque culinary heritage in London. The choice of location and emphasis on direct farm-to-table produce underscore a commitment to authenticity and quality. This could make Ibai a standout addition to London’s diverse restaurant scene.

The restaurant will be helmed by Richard Foster, previously the executive head chef at Chiltern Firehouse. The interior design of the 80-cover restaurant aims to reflect elements of the stormy French Basque sea. It does so with semicircle banquettes and calming colour tones. For those eager to experience this new culinary destination, Ibai is anticipated to open its doors in the summer of 2024. It promises to be a treat for both meat lovers and enthusiasts of Basque cuisine​​.

Ibai Restaurant London Menu

The menu at Ibai offers a carefully curated selection of dishes that embody the rich culinary traditions of the French Basque region. Designed by executive head chef Richard Foster, the menu highlights include a range of meats, seafood, and regional specialities.

Ibai’s showcase is its selection of Txuleta beef, featuring premium cuts like Galician Blond, British Wagyu, and Black Angus. These meats are sourced directly from farms, ensuring freshness and quality. The restaurant’s controlled supply chain promises that each dish serves only the finest cuts, prepared using traditional Basque cooking methods.

The menu also boasts exquisite seafood dishes. Taste king crab rice and a tuna T-bone, offering a bite of the Basque country’s outstanding seafood cuisine. These dishes are prepared with simplicity to highlight the natural flavours of the seafood, complemented by light seasonings and herbs.

Among the unique regional offerings, guests can enjoy ‘guisante lagrima’ or teardrop peas, a delicate and flavorful dish that showcases the region’s produce. Another speciality is the boudin blanc, a white blood sausage that provides a deep, savoury flavour characteristic of Basque cuisine.

For dessert, the Gateau Basque with almond and black cherries offers a sweet end to the meal, embodying the essence of traditional Basque pastry. The cheese selection, including Ossau Iraty and Bleu des Basques, allows diners to explore the rich dairy heritage of the region.

Ibai Restaurant London Bookings

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Ibai Restaurant London Cuisine, Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: French

Dress Code: Casual

Area: City of London

Address: 90 Bartholomew Close, near St Paul’s Cathedral

Website: https://www.ibai.london/

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