Piraña Restaurant London: A New Culinary and Espresso Martini Experience in Mayfair

June 14, 2024

Piraña Restaurant London

The opening of Piraña restaurant in London will take the city’s cocktail scene to new heights this summer. This is a new venue brought to life by the Strongarm Hospitality Group. Located on St James’s Street, the place promises to offer a blend of entertainment and dining with a strong emphasis on cocktails. And there is an especially dedicated espresso martini menu.

Piraña aims to deliver sophisticated Nikkei cuisine alongside an innovative cocktail selection. It includes variations of the espresso martini, such as Choco & Orange, Tiramisu, and a Mezcal interpretation​.

The restaurant will occupy a one-storey space with a floating 12-seat private dining room. It offers views over the main restaurant, providing an ideal setting for special occasions. The design will complement the area’s dynamic and upscale atmosphere, making it a perfect fit for Mayfair and its dining scene.

With the rising popularity of themed cocktail experiences, as evidenced by events like the Espresso Martini Festival celebrated in London, Piraña’s focus on this beloved cocktail is timely and likely to attract locals and tourists looking for a night out in the city.

This new venture by Strongarm Hospitality Group, known for their prominence in London’s nightlife with venues like The London Reign and Yûki, signifies an exciting expansion into themed dining experiences that merge high-quality cuisine with exceptional mixology. Piraña will likely become a key player in London’s luxury dining and entertainment scene, offering a fresh and exciting approach to the traditional dining experience.

Plus, coffee and drinks –– who doesn’t love that?

Piraña Restaurant London Menu

The menu at Piraña will blend traditional Japanese-Peruvian dishes, known as Nikkei cuisine. The dedicated espresso martini menu is particularly notable, featuring creative takes on the classic cocktail. This emphasis on a specific cocktail variety is a unique aspect that sets Piraña apart in London’s dining scene. Including innovative espresso martini flavours like Choco & Orange and Tiramisu reflects a trend towards specialized cocktail experiences, enhancing the overall dining experience and making the place stand out with its uniqueness.

Piraña Restaurant London Bookings

Capital A List members can make bookings for Piraña below.

Piraña Restaurant London Cuisine, Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: Nikkei

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Area: Mayfair

Address: St James’s Street

Website: https://www.strongarmhospitality.com/

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