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The London Nightclub and Nightlife guide

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We’ve seen almost every part of nightlife in London and have probably seen all of London’s nightclub secrets too! We wanted to create a quick guide to show you the best/top London nightclubs that you can possibly visit!
These venues are wild, and not for the faint of heart. If dancing on tables, partying with celebrities and mixing with beautiful people is not your thing go back!

1. Movida London

This club has become an icon within the London clubbing scene representing power, money, celebrity guests, and the very beautiful. They have a regular intake of famous faces including ‘The Saturdays’, ‘Pixie Lott’, ‘Ashton – JLS’, ‘Tulisa Contostavlos’, ‘LMFAO’, ‘Ed Sheeran’, ‘Rihanna’ and many more.

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2. Chinawhite

In the past the club was witness to parties including the likes of Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix, and has now relocated the venue to restore Chinawhite at the head of the club scene in London. No stranger to more up to date celebrity sightings recently including ‘Prince Harry’ and ‘Drake’.

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3. Mahiki

Why bother going on holiday when you can enjoy the tiki vibes on Mayfairs Dover street!? Completey tropical the sound of bird song welcomes you as you head into the venue. The decor is strictly bamboo and the clientele are laid back, friendly, and there is no sign of a bad mood even ‘Katy Perry’ after her recent split was seen having a whale of a time.

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4. Cirque Du Soir

Welcome to the freakish french nightly circus where anything goes. Don’t be surprised if a midget suddenly jumps up on to your table and starts jumping up and down or if a dancer starts pouring hot wax all over herself. Absolutely wild things go down into this club which is why ‘Rihanna’ loves it but certainly not a place to take your mum!

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5. Jalouse

Straight from Paris the French creators behind this brand hit success when they opened the clubbing sensation translated into English as ‘jealous’. The scene is overwhelming when the venue is in full swing with partygoers dancing on tables and platforms whilst the crystal ceilings pulse to the music played out by celebrities like ‘Calvin Harris’ and ‘LMFAO’.

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6. Aura Mayfair

Conceived by a heady mix of London entrepreuners Aura has secured it’s spot as one of Londons busiest and most desired haunts. Open almost every night of the week the club is rammed with celebrities parting the red velvet ropes on a nightly basis. The queue can be severe though – Although ‘Madonna’ never seems to queue!

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