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Jalouse Guestlist & Tables

Discreetly located in the heart of Mayfair, the Jalouse guestlist is the most exceptional and luxurious private members club which inspires a unique social experience. Offering an environment of unparalleled beauty and impeccable service to create a stunning, contemporary yet supremely elegant space, exclusively for the world’s most talented and successful individuals this is the club to be seen at on a Thursday.

Jalouse stands for ‘jealous’ in French, and that is how people outside feel about you when you are on the Jalouse guestlist. The exclusive member’s club has been a ‘center of attraction’ of London’s rich and famous since its inception in October 2008, and why not after all the Jalouse guestlist is in a different league all together. From P Diddy to Pete Doherty you will find many celebrites spending a one off night here.

Interiors on the Jalouse guestlist are done with a lot of passion and you will find a lot of space to do your bit. There is a huge, central dance floor, featuring ceiling made of hand-carved crystal droplet. The atmosphere on the Jalouse guestlist, in one word, is ‘glamorous’. The DJ mostly spins electro rock, starting with light tunes, but as the night progresses the beats peak up your feet start tapping. The low lighting and light-reflecting ceiling crystals make you feel like you’re in Hollywood – it’s chic without being tacky, the try-hard nature of many similar establishments is glaringly absent here. There are tables scattered around the outside of the dancefloor, stacked high with ice buckets and Champagne bottles (the drink of choice here, naturally) with neat little chairs that are so clever in design you’ll hardly notice that they are there. The door staff are friendly yet efficient and the bar and waiting staff are unsurprisingly gorgeous and attractive; everything feels like it has been thought about and organised to the highest specification.

As you might expect, this upmarket club has already attracted a host of big celebrity names; Paris Hilton and Ronan Keating both attended the Friday launch and Skin from Skunk Anansie has spun a few tunes on the decks here, which is what you’d expect from this type of venue. Join the Jalouse guestlist strictly on a Saturday when you can expect to join their guests in one of the most sought after clubs on the circuit.

Jalouse Guestlist

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Open: Thursday – Friday – Saturday
Closed: Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Sunday
17 Hanover Square Mayfair London W1S 1HU | Guestlist@capitalalist.com | +44(0)2072052245

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