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Cirque Le Soir

Cirque Le Soir is the exclusive nightclub located on Ganton Street near Carnaby Street in London. It is well known for the shows it puts on during the night which feature many outrageous acts. It’s feature nights are Mondays and Wednesdays and often hosts celebrity clientele.

Cirque Le Soir is a super crazy place that’s not for the boring or shy people. It has a bunch of weird and amazing performers that are even more exciting than Lady Gaga! This club is so much more than just a regular night out in London. It’s hidden behind a black door on Ganton Street and it’s like a circus party with famous people like Leonardo DiCaprio, Rihanna and more. The club is fancy, the people are beautiful, and the entertainment is over-the-top. If you’re looking for a wild and fun time, Cirque Le Soir is the place to be!

Step right up to Cirque Le Soir, a wild and wacky circus-themed club in the heart of Mayfair! Picture this: the place is decked out in fancy Art-Deco style with lots of red, black, and gold colors. The ceilings are low, creating a cozy and exciting atmosphere. You’ll see all sorts of performers like Hula-Hoopers, freakshows, showgirls, strongmen, drag queens, magicians, and even dwarves! And get this – there’s a lady grinding a chainsaw at her waist! Talk about crazy! But don’t worry, if that’s too much for you, you can always chill out in the Funfair Area. Take some silly photos in the photobooth, play some beer pong, or chat with Zoltar the fortune teller (just don’t take his predictions too seriously!). And when you’re feeling hungry, grab some popcorn or cotton candy. It’s the perfect snack to fuel you up for more dancing and fun in the main part of the club. Get ready for a night you won’t forget!

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Cirque is well known for its incredible international DJ’s who play a massive part in keeping the party vibe going all night long. As you may have guessed, this circus-themed extravaganza is not one for the faint hearted, but the only regrets you might have about joining the Cirque Le Soir guestlist is the hangover the next morning! Known by the name of ‘LA Monday’, this particular night has a fancy-dress theme and as you can only imagine, things get pretty wild. But if work has tired you out just a bit too much, there’s always the ‘Hype-Hop Party’ on a Wednesday, ‘Censored’ every Friday and ‘Saturdays at Cirque Le Soir’ on Saturdays.

Cirque Le Soir is like the cool older sibling of Dear Darling, known for throwing the best parties on Monday nights. Can you believe it? Monday, the most boring day of the week, is actually the most exciting night at this club. Located in fancy Mayfair, all the coolest people in London come here for a wild night of music, dancing, and crazy performances. You’ll see contortionists, fire breathers, stilt walkers, burlesque dancers, snake charmers in leather, and even dwarfs! It’s like stepping into a whole new world of fun and excitement. Welcome to Cirque Le Soir London!

Cirque Le Soir is the place to be in London if you want to have a wild time. It’s a club where all kinds of people go, from the super rich to the super famous. If you love going out and having a good time, this is the spot for you. Every week, they have crazy parties that you won’t want to miss. It’s like being in a circus, with all the excitement and fun. So come on over and join the party at Cirque Le Soir!

Cirque Le Soir Guestlist, Table Prices & Table Bookings

Entry Price

Usually girls can get into the club for free before midnight if they put their names on the guestlist. But after that, they have to pay £20 at the door. Sorry, fellas, you gotta pay no matter what time you show up. It’s not our fault, we just have to follow the club’s rules!

Table Prices

At Cirque Le Soir, you can find all kinds of drinks, from regular cocktails that cost £10 to fancy champagne bottles that go for a whopping £1000! It can be pretty expensive to hang out here, but at least the drinks are really good. If you want to reserve a table, you’ll need to spend at least £1000, but if you want to go all out and get a VIP table, it’ll cost you up to £3000.

Dress Code

If you want to get into Cirque Le Soir, you gotta dress to impress! They’re super picky about what you wear, so don’t show up in sneakers or workout clothes. If you don’t follow the dress code, you might end up stuck outside while your friends party inside.

Open: Monday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday
Closed: Tuesday – Sunday
Address – 15-21 Ganton street London W1F 9BN | | +44(0)2072052245

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