Lucky Cat Roof Terrace Restaurant London Review: The City’s Highest Restaurant by Gordon Ramsay

May 23, 2024

Lucky Cat Roof Terrace Restaurant London Review: The City's Highest Restaurant by Gordon Ramsay

In February 2025, your dining scene will ascend to new heights with the opening of Lucky Cat Roof Terrace Restaurant in London, Gordon Ramsay’s highest restaurant yet. It will be located on the 60th floor of 22 Bishopsgate, the city’s tallest office building. This ambitious venture will redefine high-end dining in London, offering breathtaking views and a top-notch culinary experience.

Gordon Ramsay’s new establishment at 22 Bishopsgate is a multi-faceted culinary destination. It is a magnet for food lovers and those seeking a unique dining experience in the sky. It will be a new version of Lucky Cat, the chef’s successful Asian-inspired restaurant. The location is part of its allure, offering panoramic vistas across London’s metropolis. It arguably has some of the best views any restaurant in the city could boast.

The addition of the Gordon Ramsay Academy within the same building further enriches this venue, setting it apart as a centre for culinary excellence and education. This initiative reflects Ramsay’s commitment to nurturing new talent and the broader culinary arts, providing a space where aspiring chefs can learn and grow under the guidance of one of the world’s most renowned chefs.

The design of the restaurants will undoubtedly match their elevated setting. Modern, chic, and sophisticated interiors will appear, with seating arranged to maximize the stunning views available at such an altitude. The Lucky Cat Roof Terrace will become a spot for evening entertainment, offering cocktails and music in a stylish outdoor setting high above the city.

Gordon Ramsay’s new culinary chapter at 22 Bishopsgate will become a landmark destination. It combines his culinary expertise with a location that offers both altitude and attitude.

Lucky Cat Roof Terrace Restaurant London Menu

The Lucky Cat restaurant at 22 Bishopsgate is expected to serve a menu inspired by Asian cuisine. Dishes are designed to offer a fresh take on traditional flavours infused with the innovative touches characteristic of Ramsay’s style. Patrons can look forward to a variety of handcrafted sushi, sashimi, and other Asian specialities.

Below Lucky Cat, the Bread Street Kitchen & Bar will cater to a different palate, focusing on Ramsay’s take on modern British and international dishes that are robust, satisfying, and crafted to appeal to a diverse audience. This venue will likely serve everything from gourmet burgers and steaks to artisanal salads and desserts, all prepared with the precision and flair expected of a Gordon Ramsay restaurant.

Lucky Cat Roof Terrace Restaurant London Bookings

Capital A List members can make bookings for Lucky Cat Roof Terrace below.

Lucky Cat Roof Terrace Restaurant London Cuisine, Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: Japanese

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Area: City of London

Address: 22 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4BQ


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