Lucky Cat Restaurant London

Lucky Cat restaurant in London is one of the fusions cuisine gems of our time. There is no mention of fine dining in London without uttering the name of Gordon Ramsay. With Lucky Cat, the celebrity chef explores Asian cuisine and blends it with British classics. He creates something extraordinary and powerfully flavourful. With an interior design that drafts from Tokyo’s 1930s glamour and the drinking dens of Shanghai, the restaurant is a neo-cultural hub for the most elegant diners of Mayfair. 

At Lucky Cat, you are transported to the Asian dancing scene of extravagant clubs. Here, every dish is conceived for sharing. An open kitchen serves small plates, sushi, sashimi and Robata grilled foods. Start your meal with a selection of baos like the bonito fried duck leg with spicy hoisin and pickled cucumber. A salt and pepper fried squid comes with a pistachio crust. A blend of textures and flavours dances in your mouth.

Frankensteinian versions of cocktails mix the best parts of classics to create something unusual and aromatic. The Matcha Picchu, for example, drafts the burnt-wine aspects of pisco, blending them with the earthy flavours of matcha green tea and the sourness from the lime and egg white combination. 

You can also sit at the chef’s table, a special treat in many of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. Here you sit in the kitchen’s heat, watching the magic unfold in front of you. Taste the special multi-course menu that takes you to the world’s finest flavours capitals. Try sophisticated versions of some of the most famous Asian dishes, and allow your entire body to indulge in impeccable service and savours. Lucky Cat is a unique restaurant that blends the bohemian street-food culture of Asia countries with the elegance of London fine dining. 

Lucky Cat Bookings

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Lucky Cat Restaurant London Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: Pan Asian

Dress Code: Casual

Area: Mayfair

Address: 10 Grosvenor Square, London W1K 6JP


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