KOYN Thai Restaurant London: Bringing Authentic Thai Flavors to Mayfair This Summer

May 24, 2024

KOYN Thai Restaurant London: Bringing Authentic Thai Flavors to Mayfair This Summer

KOYN Thai restaurant in London, a new venture by restaurateur Samyukta Nair, will open in Mayfair this summer. It offers a unique dining experience blending traditional Thai flavours with a modern culinary approach. To launch on June 16, 2024, KOYN Thai will stand beneath the existing KOYN Japanese restaurant, starkly contrasting its fiery and bold Thai dishes.

The collaboration with Paris-based, Bangkok-born chef Rose Chalalai Singh is at the heart of KOYN Thai’s concept. Chef Rose is known for her celebrated home-style Thai cooking. She brings an authentic touch to the menu, drawing inspiration from her experiences and heritage. The ambience of KOYN Thai complements the intensity and richness of its dishes with décor that reflects the warmth and welcome typical of Thai culture.

For those interested in experiencing this blend of traditional Thai cooking with a modern twist, KOYN Thai promises to be a noteworthy addition to London’s dining offerings this summer.

KOYN Thai Restaurant London Menu

The restaurant’s concept springs from a shared passion between Nair and Singh for Thailand’s rich flavours and culinary traditions.

The restaurant will feature a variety of small plates inspired by different regions across Thailand. The culinary journey begins with small plates, like the toasted coconut pomelo salad. This salad combines the sweetness of pomelo with the crunch of toasted coconut. It offers a fresh and vibrant start to the meal.

The Chiang Mai platter is highlighted. It includes spicy homemade pork sausage, capsicum nam prik, sticky rice, and crackling pork skin. This dish showcases the rustic and hearty flavours of Northern Thailand. Seafood enthusiasts can look forward to the river prawn choo chee. It is a dish laden with aromatic spices and creamy coconut sauce that reflects the coastal influences of Southern Thailand.

Reflecting Chef Rose’s innovative spirit, the menu also features wild garlic, green chili, and Thai basil ‘escargots,’ a creative take on a classic French dish reimagined with Thai flavors. The southern Thai crab curry with wild betel leaf bush is another standout, offering a deep dive into the complex and bold flavours that Thai cuisine is celebrated for.

KOYN Thai is a cultural bridge that brings the authentic and diverse flavours of Thai cuisine to London’s dynamic food scene.

KOYN Thai Restaurant London Bookings

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KOYN Thai Restaurant London Cuisine, Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: Thai

Dress Code: Casual

Area: Mayfair

Address: 38 Grosvenor St, London W1K 4QA

Website: https://koynrestaurants.com/thai-restautrant-mayfair-london/

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