July Restaurant London Review: Fitzrovia’ Culinary Gem Inspired by Alsace

In April 2024, Fitzrovia welcomes a new gastronomic delight with the opening of July restaurant in London, an Alsatian-inspired restaurant and wine bar. Despite its summer-themed name, July brings warmth and cosiness to the city’s dining scene in spring. Situated at 10 Charlotte Street, this venue is the brainchild of food writer Solynka Dumas and co-founder Julian Oschmann. Their shared passion for quality dining and entertaining, forged during lockdown dinners in Berlin, has culminated in this promising establishment​​.

July promises an all-day dining experience. It starts with breakfast pastries and coffee, transitioning to a concise lunch offering. An evening menu boasts bar snacks, small plates, charcuterie, and cheese. The kitchen, led by Holly Hayes, formerly of 40 Maltby Street, focuses on nourishing, comfort-style food alongside a selection of low-intervention wines.

Expect generous, well-crafted sandwiches and homemade stews for lunch. For dinner, find a variety of smaller and larger plates designed to showcase the season’s best produce. Saturdays at July feature a signature dish of Whole Roast Fosse Meadows Chicken & Homemade Mayonnaise, shared family-style, echoing traditional French weekend lunches​​.

The wine list, created in partnership with sommelier Honey Spencer, emphasizes low-intervention wines from small European producers. This venture highlights Dumas and Oschmann’s dedication to fostering community and celebrating artisanal food and wine, as well as their commitment to sustainability and supporting small growers and producers​​.

Located in the vibrant Fitzrovia, July aims to become a neighbourhood gem where the joy of dining and the art of hospitality merge, providing a welcoming space for locals and visitors to gather and enjoy.

July Restaurant London Bookings

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July Restaurant London Cuisine, Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: French

Dress Code: Casual

Area: Fitzrovia

Address: 10 Charlotte St., London W1T 2LT

Website: https://www.july.london/

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