Oma Restaurant London Review: Innovating Greek Cuisine in Borough Market

June 20, 2024

Oma Restaurant London Review: Innovating Greek Cuisine in Borough Market

Oma restaurant in London, a new culinary gem in Borough Market, officially opened in Spring 2024. This establishment offers an innovative twist on Greek cuisine. It comes from the creative minds behind acclaimed restaurants such as SMOKESTAK and Manteca. Restaurateur David Carter and chef Nick Molyviatis crafted an environment that marries relaxed, high-end dining with a distinctively Greek-inspired flair.

Oma stands inside the historical confines of Borough Market, one of London’s most famous food markets. This strategic location draws in food lovers from across the city and tourists looking for authentic and new dining experiences. The restaurant’s interior design is very thought-out, featuring a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere with minimal decor that highlights the dishes in the presentation. The space is described as “Greek-ish space-age,” combining traditional elements with futuristic touches.

Chef Nick Molyviatis brings his expertise and passion for Greek cuisine to the forefront at Oma. His approach involves a careful balance of traditional Greek cooking methods and modern innovations in flavour and technique. The culinary offerings are crafted to reflect Greek cuisine’s diverse and dynamic nature. It focuses on bold flavours and high-quality, fresh ingredients.

Guests at Oma can expect an immersive dining experience beyond just food. The restaurant’s location in Borough Market allows for a lively dining atmosphere. Here, the market’s energy infuses with the calm of Oma’s dining space. The attentive service and detailed attention to the culinary and aesthetic aspects of the restaurant ensure high-end quality.

Oma Restaurant London Menu

The menu at Oma celebrates Greek culinary traditions with a contemporary preparation. Diners can enjoy various dishes showcasing the richness of Greek flavours reimagined through modern culinary techniques. Signature dishes include a fresh spin on babaghanoush and other inventive takes on classic Mediterranean ingredients. The restaurant also boasts a five-star menu with specialities prepared with locally sourced ingredients.

Oma Restaurant London Bookings

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Oma Restaurant London Cuisine, Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: Greek

Dress Code: Casual

Area: City of London

Address: 3 Bedale St, London SE1 9AL


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