Michelin Star Restaurants in West London

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West London is a luxurious dining destination. The neighbourhoods that make up this part of the city each carry their charm and flair, resulting in an elegant fusion of gastronomy, fashion, and culture. In West London, you can find a rich restaurant community where Michelin Stars have decided to land. The refinement of Michelin Star restaurants in West London brings out the best of the area.

From classic French cuisine to modern adaptations of English food, there’s always something that will brighten your evening. Find a classy crowd dining at some of the best venues in the city, and join in the experience.

The Dysart Petersham

Michelin Star Restaurants in West London

The Dysart Petersham is a family-run restaurant by Richmond Park. The staff introduces you to their passion for food and wine from the moment you walk in the door. They work with the best quality ingredients from sustainable and responsible sources. The result is fresh food, where each component plays an essential and aromatic role. Experience the flavour of old varieties and breeds of herbs, flowers, and plants as they decorate your plate.

The restaurant is located inside an Arts and Crafts building from 1904. Reformed on the inside with a blend of different wood species, the place highlights the power of nature and its influence on our wellbeing. The uncomplicated dining room decorations let the restaurant’s simplicity speak for itself. Large windows allow for plenty of natural light to come in. Outside, you can see the greenery from Richmond park. Medieval aspects on the walls reflect the craftsmanship of those behind the design. 

On the tasting menu, find turbot with truffled leek, spiced kumquat, scallop and Champagne ox tail risotto with aged rice, bone marrow, and pickled chilli.  For dessert, go for the black fig, frangipane, raspberry, sweet woodruff, and almond milk sorbet. 

Core by Clare Smyth

Clare Smyth was the head chef at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, leaving the job to open her venue. Today, Core is considered one of London’s best and most luxurious restaurants, with three Michelin Stars. The restaurant emphasises sustainable and natural foods, with ingredients sourced from local farmers and producers in the UK. 

The tasting menu dishes at Core cover classics from high American cuisine. Scallops cooked over wood with sea lettuce and herbs, roasted cod with bay shrimps and swiss chard, venison with pearl barley, and whisky… these are some examples of the food you will encounter at the venue. Simplicity in design contrasts with flavour and production complexity, highlighting every colour and aroma of ingredients. 

Inside, find a bright and clean environment where light grey and baby green harmonise with wooden tones on the bartop and floors. The dining hall is spacious and has tables of different sizes, perfect for any client. Core can satisfy them all, from couples wanting a romantic dinner to large families celebrating a special occasion. It is one of the best Michelin Star restaurants in West London

Endo at the Rotunda

Michelin Star Restaurants in West London

Endo at The Rotunda’s headline is “sushi on the clouds.” Dining here is an immersive and memorable experience, where you’ll feel like reaching for the skies with every bite.  The restaurant was created by and named after Endo Kazutoshi, a third-generation sushi master. Born in Yokohama, Japan, the chef decided to bring his expertise to West London. Today, he has one Michelin Star restaurant in his name. 

The service at The Rotunda follows the Japanese hospitality philosophy of Omotenachi, showing empathy to guests and establishing a connection between the customer and the staff. With a menu that guides you through the elements and seasonality of each ingredient, here you will feel in harmony with the sea and nature. The seasonal cocktails also take you on a journey. All drinks are prepared with Japanese ingredients and designed according to the guest’s preferences and desires. Fine wines, sake, and spirits also enrich the menu.  

Find a minimalist space on the top floor of the old Television Centre in White City. Here, the views of West London are incredible. The bright dining room is decorated with a 200-year-old wood counter. Cloud-like decorations hover above you, really taking you up to the skies. 

La Trompette

La Trompette is a restaurant serving classic British dishes with special house touches. Opened in 2001, the venue has one Michelin Star— a reflection of its dedication to serving some of the best food in West London. Although it is on the restaurant hit-list of London, La Trompette lacks the prices and formality that come with the title. The remaining aspect is delicious food, an attentive and caring staff, and a memorable experience. 

The restaurant serves a monthly dinner menu that is constantly adapted to each ingredient’s seasonality. A fix-price menu grants you three courses: starters, mains and dessert. On weekends you can also find a lunch menu. Start with a smoked suckling pig tortelloni with garden pickles, bois boudran, and aged pecorino. Move to the cod loin with summer beans, clams, and summer savoury. Finish off with an apple crumble soufflé with blackberry ice cream. 

La Trompette is a simple and casual restaurant. All dishes are presented beautifully, carrying the restaurant’s Michelin-worthy flair. Round dining tables are covered with white cloths. Wooden chairs stand over a wooden floor, and the white walls hang colourful paintings. Large windows brighten up the place with natural light, and you can watch the city buzz on the outside as you dine. 

Kitchen W8

Michelin Star Restaurants in West London

Kitchen W8 won its first Michelin Star two years after opening its door. That’s because of the special attention it receives from its head chef Mark Kempson. The venue’s goal is to be your home away from home, where you can feel comfortable and secure. 

The food served at Kitchen W8 is a blend of modern English meals with a french soul and class to them. Using simple and sustainable ingredients, the restaurant maintains its integrity and friendliness. A seasonal set menu is the star of the place, where everything comes from trusted suppliers and has exceptional flavours and aromas. There is also the option of ordering a la carte or trying a tasting menu with the season’s best offers. 

Start with cured Orkney scallops with oysters, fennel, apples, horseradish, and dill. Move to the John Dory fillet with the new season’s cepes, garlic, glazed chicken wings and thyme. For dessert, delight yourself with Marcona almond financiers, thyme roasted plums, stem ginger and vanilla ice cream. 

The dining room has minimal decor and design. Green booths press against the white and grey walls. Circular mirrors add to the simplicity of the place, where the dishes are the part that shines the most. 

Harwood Arms

Harwood Arms is the only Michelin Starred pub in London. The focus is game and wild food, with lots of character and flavour. You can find classic British dishes crafted with the best of each season’s ingredients in a relaxed and casual dining room. That way, the restaurant stays faithful to its sustainability philosophy, only souring from trustworthy suppliers and producers. 

Jake Leach, the head chef, has worked under many influential chefs in England. After travelling the world, he found a home in London where he could explore his love for game food. Along with Australian Brett Graham, Leach opened Harwood Arms. They have a rooftop vegetable garden, growing fresh and bright tomatoes, strawberries, radishes, and many other ingredients that make up the dishes that leave the kitchen. 

Taste starters like the sea bream tartare with capers, rye crackers and egg yolk. The charred mackerel fish is served with smoked eel, Jersey Royals and a parsley sauce.  As a main dish for those who are real fans of game, the Berkshire Fallow deer comes with faggot, red leaves and elderberries. Puddin desserts are the house’s speciality, so order a lemon thyme panna cotta to finish your meal. 

The River Cafe

Michelin Star Restaurants in West London

There’s nothing more Italian than a restaurant that hosts its own podcast– a perfect way to still entertain guests during the pandemic lockdown and talk like true Italians. So when doors reopened, and people searched for a nice place to chat, gossip, and eat good food, they knew they’d have to go to The River Café

As one of the Michelin Star restaurants in West London, this is the place to sit in a colourful and lively dining room and taste some Italian food classics. The menu changes seasonally, so you can try all Italy flavours while they’re at their best. In the spring and summer, taste prosciutto and melon, fried calamari with fresh red chillis, and rice and peas with mint, stock and vermouth. During winter, go for the warmer dishes like the veal shin slow-roasted in Giacomo Fenocchio Barolo with risotto Bianco and gremolata. 

There is little decor but nothing minimal about the flair and buzz of the restaurant. The wine list embraces almost every region of Italy, bringing the best grapes, blends and vintages of each. In the spacious dining room, you will find tables covered with white cloths and silver, metallic chairs around them. The windows cover an entire wall, from floor to ceiling, allowing plenty of fresh air to come in during the summer.

Chez Bruce

Chez Bruce opened its doors in 1995, serving some of the best food in West London in a relaxed yet elegant environment. They believe a restaurant should be about its customers, not celebrity chefs, managers, or the media. Because of that, they offer impeccable service in a small dining room, where every guest leaves comfortable and well attended. 

Home-made charcuterie and bread-making or slow-cooked braises are strong examples of why Chez Bruce is such a well-praised restaurant. With a modern menu inspired by classic french and Mediterranean food, the two head chefs create a blend of flavours and methods seen nowhere else in this world. With old-fashioned cooking, they manage to extract the best of each ingredient’s aromas. 

Start off with dishes like miso-glazed aubergine with ginger, puffed wild rice, sesame, shiso and soy. Move to the mains and maybe order a veal cheek with sweetbread sausage, Provençale relish, basil oil and artichokes. Finish off with baked figs with marsala parfait and crushed amaretti. 

The restaurant, with its burgundy outdoors and large windows, looks like a brasserie from the most gastronomic cities of France. Inside, find white tablecloths over small tables and minimal and classic decor.

The Ledbury

Michelin Star Restaurants in West London

The Ledbury is a two Michelin Star restaurant in the famous Notting Hill London neighbourhood. The venue promises an interactive and unique dining experience with a tasting menu-only approach. The founder here, Brett Graham, is the same brilliant mind behind the Harwood Arms, also on this list. And his goal is the same: to prioritise game and wild foods as well as the best British ingredients available. 

On the Ledbury, you won’t see the silent appreciation people expect when visiting Michelin Star restaurant. Instead, find loud conversations and a livery buzz from wealthy groups of people discovering new flavours with each dish. The service is also warm and impeccable, with the front-of-the-house staff attending to your every need (even before you realise you need it). 

It is the perfect spot to celebrate a special occasion, where you can splurge on the full-size tasting menu that makes the restaurant so famous and appreciated. On the sample menu, find classic foods like scallops with radish, seaweed and dashi.  The grilled turbot with white asparagus and trout hollandaise is also a famous dish. After that, mesmerise yourself with the milk-fed lamb with caramelised cream, wild garlic and morel.

Michelin Star Restaurants in West London

West London is an area of luxurious lifestyle. In its neighbourhoods, you can find a rich offer of culture, fashion, and of course, gastronomy. It is no surprise that some of the best restaurants in London are concentrated in this conjunction of streets and people. Here we have introduced you to the Michelin Star Restaurants in West London. From classic British cuisine with modern touches to adaptations of french and Mediterranean foods, you will always find something to enjoy. 

Order a bottle of wine, share starters with the table, and delight yourself with fresh and seasonal flavours. Design and aesthetics are present in every dish ordered, and attentive staff always comes as a given.

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