Michelin Star Restaurants in Mayfair

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A Michelin star restaurant in London’s Mayfair neighbourhood is the epiphany of luxury. People already know Michelin restaurants for their sophistication and unique cuisine. They also serve dishes that are prepared and served in intriguing ways. In a Neighborhood where expectations are high, and everything is of uttermost quality, dining at one of these restaurants is like sipping on Champagne that tastes like the night sky filled with stars. 

Here you will find 10 of the best Michelin star restaurants in Mayfair. Call ahead and make a reservation. Prepare yourself for a meal of class, with rich aromas and flavours. Indulge in an inventive interior design, from minimalistic decor to full-on colour splashes. 

Hélène Darroze At The Connaught

Michelin Star Restaurants in Mayfair

Helene Darroze is a three Michelin star restaurant that works on fresh and seasonal products. Basically, they have a farm-to-fork philosophy. Inside The Connaught hotel, this restaurant is one of the most luxurious options on this list. Eating here is experiencing the actual quality of food and experience. 

The menu is small and highlights each flavour that composes a dish, even though, at first glance, it looks like they wouldn’t go well with one another. Start with white asparagus with miso. The lobster comes with tandoori spices, carrots, and coriander—the veal pairs with cauliflower, oysters, caviar, and capers. 

The dining room looks like a work of art, minimalist and classic. The walls are crafted on wood panelling, with collages decorating them. Leather and velvet seats match the blue shades on the glass chandelier that hangs over wooden tables. Simple modernity takes over every aspect of Helene Darroze, from decor to food to the carefully crafted wine list. 

Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

Alain Ducasse offers contemporary french cooking, presenting an innovative approach to haute cuisine. The menu explores the best traditional french food with modern preparation methods. It extracts flavours with precision from each ingredient and brings them to the table. It is one of the five restaurants in London to have three Michelin stars, owning its last one in 2020. 

The interior decor merges classic and modern ideas. It illustrates the flair of Mayfair and the greenery from Hyde Park, not so far from the venue. The dining room explores the simplicity of natural materials to create an elegant and soft environment. Wood, natural fabrics, and leather take over the furniture, surrounded by hues of grey and green that shine under bright natural light.  

Here, you will find ultimate delicacies at the heart of one of London’s most famous neighbourhoods. The food is produced with fresh and seasonal ingredients. From French and British suppliers, a fusion can be noticed in the dishes, especially in sauces. There is a tasting menu where you can try lobster medallions with chicken quenelles, truffles, and homemade semolina pasta. Saint-Pierre fish with artichokes and picked walnuts is also a part of the menu, and broccolis of different textures with Kristal caviar.

Sketch Lecture Room & Library

Michelin Star Restaurants in Mayfair

Sketch’s Lecture Room & Library is beauty and colour waiting to be seen and appreciated by those who enjoy luxurious dining experiences. Most exclusive restaurants hold back on decor, appealing to the minimalist eye. This venue, however, has no issue with sensorial explosions of light, aromas, and flavour.

The dinner tasting menu comes in both regular and vegetarian options. In seven dishes, you will try flavours like star-anise-infused herbal broth with asparagus, egg yolk confit in sweet Sauternes wine, carrot chantilly, and sheep ricotta – and that’s only the first plate. The same menu can come with wine pairings as well. Follow the journey with flavours like a lamb marinated with oregano and lemon paste, poached trout with hollandaise sauce and cured ham,  and the house’s famous grand desert.

Inside the restaurant, colourful and bright decorations make you feel like you’re inside an Indian palace during a wedding. Shades of pink and yellow cover the carpet on the floor and the velvet chairs. Light coming from the bright red chandelier reflects on the mirror walls. Light yellow walls contrast with the redness from curtain drapes covering large windows.  It has three Michelin Stars, making it one of the five restaurants in London to reach such a ranking.


Hakkasan is inspired by art and ancient traditions. Whether that’s in their wine philosophy, creative cocktails or delicate patisserie, all we know is that they excel at blending the old and the new. The dishes here are inspired by ancient gastronomy customs from the East, adapted to modern-day techniques and palates. Here, authentic Cantonese recipes embrace contemporary preparation methods and presentation, creating flavours that travel through time. 

Hakkasan is also a place for wine lovers. Here one can find over 400 wines from different parts of the world, from classics to exclusive vintage options. Not a fan of wine? That’s okay. The cocktails here are extremely artistic expressions of modernity, where the six-house options enchant everybody through all five senses. Regarding the food, be ready to try the patisserie techniques at Hakkasan, where chefs mix traditional preparation methods with modern technology to create distinctive pastries.  

The interior design of the place complements its timely cuisine. Opulence and intimacy unite in dark wooden screens, dim lighting, and traditional Chinese motifs. Find blue and golden shades of light and decor. An extensive and rich bar and up-beat ambience music help you get in the mood for luxury. Eastern sensuality has found a home in London. 

Pied à Terre

Michelin Star Restaurants in Mayfair

Pied á Terre is one of the first Michelin star restaurants in Mayfair, London. Founded in 1991, the restaurant has gathered 30 years of history, luxury, and many unique and intriguing dishes. Here, you can find classic French cuisine with aspects of Greek heritage, a blend that dances on the tastebuds of everyone who comes in to dine. The restaurant won many awards over the years, including the No1 Vegan tasting experience in the UK. Its sustainability approach is also worth noticing – using systems and processes that save energy and water while still being economically efficient. 

Regarding the food, Pied á Terre excels in crafting dishes made with fresh and refined products. The intimate knowledge of the staff and passion for cooking, as well as the heritage of the cuisine on display, adds an extra touch to everything that arrives at your table. Find lunch and dinner tasting menus, both omnivore and vegan. Some options are pan-fried liver with nectarines, mint and peas, or beetroot meringue with pistachio. An extensive wine list complements the experience. Labels and vintages from all over the world pair with the freshness of the food. 


Marano‘s primary focus is quality of service. That’s the primary distinction that granted the Mayfair restaurant’s first Michelin star only four months after its opening. Exquisite food and wine also played a big part in this achievement. A distinguishable feature is making guests feel welcome and at home while still playing with luxury.

The heritage of the Murano cuisine comes from Italy, merging Italian culinary traditions with fresh products from the UK and the rest of Europe. The informal atmosphere of the restaurant brings “fun” rather than “fine” dining to the table. The meu, which allows diners to pick any number of dishes in any order they choose, complements the entertaining aspect of the venue. There are vegetarian and vegan menus available, as well as a set lunch menu. 

Indulge in Italian wines that pair perfectly with your dish. Maybe start with the sea trout mi-cuit with watercress, pickled onion and oyster leaf, followed by a potato agnolotti with pecorino, guanciale and mint. Then, order from the fish or meat menu for the secondo piatto, tasting turbot with Tahitian vanilla, white asparagus, and pork crumb, or maybe a lamb loin with romesco olives and piquillo pepper. 

Le Gavroche

Michelin Star Restaurants in Mayfair

Le Gavroche opened in London in 1967 and is now an institution for classic French haute cuisine. As the first London restaurant to win a Michelin star (and then two and three), this venue is a reference for quality food, service, and class. Many famous chefs have passed through Le Gavroche’s kitchen before opening their businesses, including Gordon Ramsay, Bryn Williams, and Monica Galetti. Even after 50 years of operation, the restaurant still maintains its high standards for excellence, which is why it has been at the heart of the UK luxury dining scene for so long. 

With an a la carte and a 7-course tasting menu, Le Gavroche adapts its cuisine and presentation to match modern times while maintaining traditional service values. The classic French cuisine shows up in dishes like the butter-poached lobster tails with grilled asparagus or the roasted veal loin with peas, onions and gem salad. For dessert, the classic French patisserie comes as caramel tarts with macerated cherries and yoghurt sorbet, for example. 

Inside you’ll find a classic dining scenario. White cloths cover round tables, surrounded by red-velvet seating and colonial-style carpets on the floor. Olive green walls contrast with wooden details on corners, and a sense of tradition takes over the air. When covering Michelin star restaurants in Mayfair, we could not leave Le Gavroche behind!


Hide gained its first Michelin star six months after opening. Maybe it was because of their strategic location at Mayfair or their beautiful interiors and wine list. All factors combined, including the menu, permanently enchant everybody who comes in to dine. The restaurant is divided into three sections: above, ground, and below. Each one of them is distinctive and differs in its proposal somehow. 

The Above area is decorated with light grey and light wooden tones. An almost monochromatic design gives space for artistic expression in the food served. A magnificent and bold staircase lies in the middle of the ground salon, its modern design calling attention to the boldness of the restaurant’s proposal. Below, find a dark and well-packed bar where you will discover exquisite cocktails and aromas. 

Excellence in presentation is one of the core values at Hide, clearly represented on their well-elaborated and colourful plates. The dishes here are anything but simple. Toast with melted cheese, poached egg, and truffles on top is an excellent way to start your meal. Move to the steamed cornish sole with mussels and eucalyptus, and finish with a zesty and caramelised dessert. 

Kai Mayfair

Michelin Star Restaurants in Mayfair

Kai Mayfair is the highest-ranked Chinese restaurant in London. Serving lunch and dinner seven days per week, this venue is famous for blending traditional flavours and techniques with modern trends and technology. At Kai Mayfair, you can find light and aromatic dishes that transport you to luxurious eating in China and other Eastern cultures. 

With cuisine inspired by Southern China traditions, Kai Mayfair mixes the eastern and western world into their plates, with little touches of individuality that make its food eccentric. With a floral and light-coloured decor, the place manages to stay delicate even if being on the other spectrum of minimalism. Freedom of exploration is a mantra at this restaurant, where tradition never holds anyone back but instead gives them a north to which flavours should be created in the kitchen. 

Yee Sangs, which are raw fish salads, start the dinner menu. Find seabass with sweet plum and ginger vinaigrette, salmon and yellowtail with sweet chilli and pickled archar. For the main course, pick from a vast array of seafood and meat options, like the tiger prawns with crisp curry leaves and a dressing of lemon, chilli, Indian and Chinese flavours. Maybe go for the soy and honey marinated roast lamb, lightly spiced with red chillies, shallots, garlic and coriander.

Afternoon tea is also a famous offer at Kai Mayfair. It definitely contributes to its status as one of the best Michelin star restaurants in Mayfair.


Veeraswamy is UK’s oldest Indian restaurant. With a heritage from 1926, this is a place that blends fine and classic Indian food, exceptional service, and refined decor. The menu respects Indian traditions by serving recipes that pay homage to its homeland ingredients while adding modern and western elements to it. The cuisine mimics the food served in palaces and gourmet homes in India, with the finest preparation and attention to detail. 

Inside Veeraswamy, you can find luxurious decor and lavish interior design. Shades of gold and brown cover the walls, with a hazy mirror ceiling and plenty of natural light from large windows on the front wall. White wooden furniture contrasts with the colourful glass chandeliers above the dining tables. It brings forward the opulent and extravagant scenery of Maharaja palaces in the 1920s.

The food in Veeraswamy, as mentioned above, fusions ancient and refined Indian traditions with modern taste and technology. Find comfort food and exotic flavours on a menu that is constantly adapted to each ingredient’s seasonality. Taste prawn curry with coconut and kokum flowers, or maybe a Patiala lamb shank slow-cooked for 6 hours, with marrow sauce. Plenty of vegetarian options are also available. 

Michelin Star Restaurants in Mayfair

The Mayfair neighbourhood in London already exhales luxury. Dining at a restaurant here is like peaking on class and fine dining, especially in those venues that have been celebrated with Michelin stars, highlighting the quality of their food, design and service. Here you have been presented with some of the best Michelin star restaurants in Mayfair. Call ahead, make a reservation, and indulge in rich aromas and flavours, exquisite wine and cocktails, and unique and fancy environments. 

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