The Best Champagne Bars In London


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Capital A List recommends the best champagne bars in London to take your friends for that exclusive night out. There is no doubt that champagne is one of the finer things in life that we all love, however, with the vast amount of champagne bars spread across the capital, it may be confusing to choose one which suits your needs.

It is our job to help you decide on a bar that will provide not only the finest champagne, but also the best experience as a whole.


Best Champagne Bars In London

The only thing any respectable contemporary city-goer should be hunting for is a good drink.

We recommend poaching one for yourself by heading to Westminster’s elegant The Rubens at the Palace Hotel. There, you’ll find that one of the best champagne bars in London — The Leopard Bar — has not only doubled the lavish expanse of it’s jungle-cat print interior but doubled down on it’s impeccable drinks service; offering visitors over thirty options on their Champagne menu.

With so many choices it could be easy to fall prey to feeling overwhelmed — if that’s the case, we recommend trying the Leopard’s Bar’s fantastic champagne cocktails. The Bellini white peach puree adds the most delicate touch of sweetness of a classic fizz, and Twinkle will put one in your eye as it immaculately recalls the fragrant warmth of far-away grasslands by stirring VKA vodka and lemon juice with elderflower cordial.

The Leopard Bar certainly makes use of bold visuals as part of the late-night experience. Donald Grieg‘s authentic bronze renderings of the titular creatures lounge in a nook just over guest’s tables, and pose between the cabinets of dazzling whisky displays. If that doesn’t spike your heart rate than the dynamic marching call of live jazz and swing music will. A grand piano, just metres from the opulent brown leather sofa-seat, is just one classy detail that compliments the entire atmosphere.

But this is one of the best Champagne bar’s in London not just for the leonine grace of it’s interior but for the experiences available. Go wild with sharing platters of sushi, or enjoy a flute of champagne and the heralded wagyu steak and which with a set menu for two. A Champagne tasting experience that incorporates drink choices at the recommendation f the manager and a live, mesmerising showcase of sabrage bottle-opening ceremonies (yes – you can actually see the bubbles brought forth at the cutting whim of a sabre sword) will make anyone feel thoroughly spoiled at this high-end bar.

In the spirits of its motive, any visit to this bar will leave you feeling like the cat that got the cream.


Best Champagne Bars In London

Luxury doesn’t have to be formal. If you’ve ever wondered what a hipster take on the devil’s wine, or If you’re just looking for one of the best champagne bars in London — try Callooh Callay. A harbinger and long-time (since 2008, exactly) investor in the joyous party-scene of the East-end, Shoreditch’s Callooh Callay — and it’s relaxed front bar — will shake you up and let you bubble over in all the right ways.

Sink into the chatter and clamour– Callooh Callay is the party and the afterglow all in one. Cavernous but comfortable, this low-lit enclose features bright candy-coloured stools that pop like magnum corks. The Main bar and the chic low-rise tables are lit gorgeously by empty tankard-candles, giving the bar a dreamy sheen through which to admire the palatial structure of bottles stacked against the rustic brickwork. You’ll feel part of an exclusive mirage, and although Calooh Callay is known and awarded for its cocktails, this included rather than excludes the enjoyment of great champagne.

Champagne and Fizz creations are among the most creative you will ever try. The five star Joe will make the sweetest Bellini cower in deference: Fino sherry, luxardo maraschino liqueur and citrus sherbet makes this prosecco mixer the ultimate indulgence. On the other hand, you could try the sophisticated Belladonna — a sweeping diva of a beverage complete with no less than Moet and Chandon Champagne with Tanquery, aprtivio, lemon, sugar and Merlet trois citrus.

For those who favour their fizz more straightforward, they can order a dry Moet and Chandon, or consider the rose equivalent as they snack on the Cajun fires and seasonal popcorn flavour available at the friendly bar. There’s even an Italian classic available in the form of vintage prosecco.
The goodwill of the walk-in bar, (more intimate parties are welcomed with reservations in to the comforting back lounge) as the arty twists on the drink make this one of the best champagne bars in London, not just Shoreditch.

Best Champagne Bars In London

Want to sip bubbly on the beach like the true far-flung socialite but can’t afford the air-fair? Have no fear, tropical glamour is thriving at its finest along — of all things– Portabello road. On Notting Hill the sun rises and sets on Trailer Happiness — a bar that promises true sophisticated escapism. Shrouded in the heady, honey-soaked opulence of a post-prohibition jamboree.: psychedelia print curtains, a Tiki bar-top and the mesmeric sway of the beaded curtain entryway rippling with new and anew visitors will transport you into a world as golden and warm as cava to the taste.

This is one of the best champagne bars in London to try new fizz in old bottle; that is to say, if you hadn’t mixed Rum with your bubbly before — you haven’t yet lived. Winner of best bar during ThinkRum’s 2018 competition, Trailer Happiness promises a party like you’ve just escaped the clutches of everyday drab — just a plain glass won’t do.
The sweltering style and sheer fun of Caribbean collides with Parisian grace when Trailer Happiness’s Jezebel’s Blush serves veuve clicquot champagne shaken with their speciality rum and transcendentally sweet creme de peche – with the spiced syrup kick rising on the bubble to send over the ocean and into the tropics embrace. Not feeling peachy? Try it with a soothing honey syrup and lime juice instead with the Airplan cocktail.

But if Rum just isn’t your thing, this is still a perfect getaway for classical champagne drinkers. The Polynesian princess beverage just adds vodka with a swish of raspberry and watermelon for flavour.

If you want to escape a typical cool London evening but but cant bear to leave your Champagne credentials – Trailer Happiness is the stop for you, partying like there’s nothing but the sea and the waves up ahead. Visit now, and just make sure to hold on to your coconuts.

Best Champagne Bars In London

Granted, this one is a bit of a trick. But we care about you, our Capital A list members — and sometimes caring requires that we stimulate you push you to experience the most dynamic, exclusive offerings of London evening-life beyond even your wildest dreams.
Scout London, then. One of the best Champagne bars in London — in theory.

A champagne bar is not just a bar that serves champagne but a state of being — with drinkers and drink-makers in flawless fluid tandem.
A perfect Champagne Bar balances refined drink craftsmanship, pride in the beverage weaved like gossamer around every flute handed over to you, and the excitement of knowing that every sip of a drink, really truly prepared by a master, will taste like the first.
In this sense, Hackney’s Scout London is this and more. A braggadocios basement that matches minimalist decor and whitewashed foundations with swathes of graffiti; an experiment in sustainability that fashions its menu on the foraged and fresh homegrown produce of the day with a zero waste policy; this bar is one big toast to the planet.

Anyone who enjoys Champagne enjoys high quality, and depth of detail in the flavour of their drink. This is why you should risk all convention to try whatever fizzes at Scout, Ldn, artisan mixologists ferment their own combination of ingredients: like the heavenly rain dance: Wood Sorrel, Cacao Butter Tanquery Gin, Hazelnut, Little Blanc, Tio Pepe from the Plant / Bush Section of the nature themed menu and “served fizzy” by the shakers and makers.
Hipster Champagne-proxies like this are at their most admirable at Scout — each glass served exquisitely crisp on ice that catches every startled breath in chrysalis at the rim. (Shout out to those ice-caps)

High-end bar-hopping is a way of life, subsequently, we must cater to everyone. And everyone cater to exciting new re imaginings of classic city experiences. So head to scout No waste, pro-earth, plant-based approximation of champagne the city has to offer.
With two hour table booking slots (just enough to try and test what freshly cauldron-broiled creation appeals to you), Scout London is perfect, green-planet stop-over in the conduit of activity that is Hackney central; cheers to the world.

Best Champagne Bars In London

And it’s no surprise that the toast of the town, London’s West-End Regent Street — would have one of the best champagne bar’s in London, Aqua Spirit.
Toast to the good old showbusiness days like the haughty starlet and dandy thespians coming down from a drafty evenings in the wings at this theatrical location. A galaxial halo of three tiered lights that dazzles above the round-table bar in the middle of the room is just one of the many elements of Aqua Spirit that makes every guest feel a star — even those just stopping for a tipple.

It was once said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication; at Aqua spirit, the champagne is poured simply and true — and when the Terrace opens from 3pm onward there is nothing more sophisticated than sitting with a glass on the cusp of Soho — lounging between the twinkle of the skyline and the the twinkle-toed shenanigans lighting up the histrionic streets, restaurants and stage doors below.

Winner of the bar of the year in the London lifestyle awards, Aqua Spirit serves delicate snacks of Japanese cuisine to spice up your champagne experience; wasabi shrimp. salmon sashimi and candy-like helpings of edamame beans settle the stomach and equip quests to sip well into the evening.
On of the best champagne bars in London to catch live music while you toast, the DJ’s that drop by every weekend at Aqua Spirit are sure to shake and stir you – (or just leave that to the bartenders). Top your tipple with glitz and glamour by booking here.

Best Champagne Bars In London


Renowned as Europe’s longest champagne bar measuring in at 96 metres long, St Pancras Brasserie and Champagne Bar by Searcys has an array of heavenly bubbles from all around the world that are certain to impress and is definitely one of the best champagne bars in London. Located on the top floor of the international station where the Eurostar train arrives and departs, this champagne bar welcomes tourists and those kick-starting or returning from their travels to a glass of bubbly as they step onto the platform in London.

During the day natural sunlight beams through the glass ceiling, illuminating the bar to give a refreshing contemporary feel. As the sun goes down the warm lighting provided by the lamps at each table give a cosy ambience, making you feel snug while sat in the enormous train terminal. It is the perfect setting for private chats and as it reaches after work hours the vibe becomes more lively making it ideal for group gatherings.

If you are hungry then tuck into one of their comforting dishes that oozes traditional British flavours. Their Lake District beef is a favourite as it has been house-aged for 45 days, making the meat so tremendously tender that it will melt in your mouth. Or if you are visiting during breakfast hours try their Rainy Lane yoghurt with spiced Williams pear, pomegranate and granola to give you your energy boost for the day.

Every month they offer a deal of three different champagnes served in 50ml glasses for only £22.50, which is ideal if you’re indecisive and want to try a small selection of their champagne collection. Spectacular service is what makes St Pancras Brasserie and Champagne Bar one of the best champagne bars in London. With a ‘press for champagne’ button provided on the table, you never have to leave your seat for a top-up.

Not only this but you are also provided with soft blankets and fan heaters, and if that doesn’t warm you up enough then the heated leather seats definitely will! So if you are looking to sit back, relax and enjoy a glass of champagne while watching the hustle and bustle of London life go by then St Pancras Brasserie and Champagne Bar is the perfect spot for you.


Best Champagne Bars In London


Does the combination of cheese and champagne get your taste buds tingling? If you answered yes then there is only one place you should be heading to and is one of the best champagne bars in London. Champagne and Fromage not only serves specially sourced grower champagne made by award-winning independent producers, but they also have a wide selection of more than 50 different types of the best cheeses to complement your sparkling champers. The cheeseboards are accompanied by a variety of cooked meats and breads so there is something for everyone’s taste.

The French inspired champagne bar, shop and bistro has won over 25 awards for their high quality and unique bubbles, which is surely an indication that you won’t be disappointed. The affordable prices also make Champagne and Fromage accessible to everyone, with prices ranging from £54 to £154. Try the Lacroix vintage champagne with Foie Gras to experience the sensational flavours bounce around your mouth, leaving you wanting more.

Whether you’re coming in for a light bite and casual socialising over a glass of bubbly or just to pick up some delicious cheese and champagne on your way home, Champagne and Fromage is not to be missed. They also offer weekly champagne tasting sessions and afternoon tea, setting them apart from other competitors and making them one of the best champagne bars in London. There are three Champagne and Fromage bars which are located in Brixton Village Market, Covent Garden and Greenwich, so if you’re after a traditional French experience then make sure to visit one of their branches.


Best Champagne Bars In London


From first impressions, you already know you are in for a treat as you step inside Bob Bob Ricard. As you walk in, your eyes will naturally want to wander around the whole room to take in every little detail of the 20’s art decadence inspired bar. Bob Bob Ricard is definitely one of the best champagne bars in London. The restaurant is set in the style of the Orient Express train, with booths that can seat up to four people. You will find cobalt blue leather seats and matching plush velvet curtains that separate the booths to add a sense of privacy. The gold trim detail around the tables, seats and bar shines as it reflects the low lighting, adding to the expensive feel.

The colours of the interior tie together to create a luxurious colour palette that is very pleasing to the eye. With that being said, they don’t want it to be a pretentious bar therefore aim for a relaxed atmosphere. However, an elegant dress code is still required.

The stunning Soho restaurant opened in 2008 and is now recognised for serving a combination of the most luxurious English and Russian dishes, cooked by 2 Michelin star Chef, Eric Chavot. We recommend the sole fish with lobster and champagne veloute at a reasonable price of £32.50.

Along with the incredibly delicious food, you will also find outstanding champagne. The champagne collection ranges from £72 for the cheapest bottle, up to £595 for a bottle of the lovely Cristal Rosé. Four types of champagne are also available as 125ml glass servings which is perfect for the people that want to take it easy.

A pink ‘press for champagne’ buzzer is provided in every booth and with it being in arms reach, it is guaranteed that your glass is never empty during your visit. No wonder Bob Bob Ricard is known for pouring more champagne than any other restaurant in the United Kingdom, making it one of the best champagne bars in London!


Best Champagne Bars In London


Tucked away in a 5-star hotel near Covent Garden, Beaufort bar oozes luxury and charm, giving you every reason to visit the Savoy hotel with it being one of the best champagne bars in London. A dramatic art decor setting is created with the use of black walls and furniture, and brought to life with rich gold detailing. The theatrical lighting against the dark interior and gold finishing creates a glamorous environment that naturally sets you into your classy persona.

The bar is set where the cabaret stage of the hotel once played host to many famous figures. However, still to this day live entertainment and nightly performances take place in the Beaufort bar, with Cabaret and Burlesque shows scheduled monthly.

Their extraordinary collection of vintage and non-vintage champagne is like no other. Each bottle is bursting with flavour, making you savour every last drop. They have carefully selected champagnes that are perfect for before, during and after your meal so it isn’t difficult for you to find one to complement your palette. As the luxurious setting suggests you will also find a much more expensive price tag compared to other champagne bars.

If you’re one to splash the cash or wanting to celebrate in style, then try the Salon, Brut, Le Mesnil champagne on ‘The Giants’ menu for a mighty £6,000, although you might wake up with a massive hole in your pocket and a big regret. With this being said, you can still get much cheaper options such as the Ridgeview ‘Cavendish, Brut NV, which is only £75 a bottle. Their cocktail menu is just as impressive as their champagne menu, with a wide variety of cocktails inspired by, and paying tribute to, the Savoy’s most remarkable guests.

The combination of the luscious champagne with exciting performances gives an unforgettable experience, making Beaufort bar one of the best champagne bars in London. It was even awarded the title of Best International Hotel Bar at Tales of the Cocktail in 2015, so undoubtedly deserves a visit. Open Monday-Saturday from 5pm-1am, it’s guaranteed that you will leave Beaufort bar feeling like royalty after the lavish service you have just experienced. However, reservations are only accepted from Monday to Thursday so keep that in mind. This truly is an exclusive London bar.


Best Champagne Bars In London


Discover this picturesque bar as you climb 42 floors of the former Natwest Tower and enjoy one of the best champagne bars in London. Vertigo 42 takes first place as London’s highest champagne bar and is now recognised as one of the best champagne bars in London. The simplistic setting makes Vertigo 42 perfect for relaxed gatherings with friends and colleagues, or a romantic evening that will most definitely impress your date.

They also offer an event space for private parties and events with a capacity of up to 200 people, which will certainly leave your guests amazed. Colourful leather chairs and stools are dotted around creating a laid-back vibe with a smart/casual dress code to go with it. The floor to ceiling windows display a panoramic view of London that spreads out along the horizon (depending on how good your eyesight is).

Their champagne menu is impressive as it consists of a variety of high quality fizz. If you are only wanting a glass, then there are 7 types of champagne you can choose from. Laurent-Perrier champagne flight is a favourite and you are able to try three different kinds for £45. The light food menu compliments the bubbles as there are dishes such as pan roasted tiger prawns with a dill mayonnaise, which goes down perfectly with a wash of champagne.

If you plan to visit in the evening, then expect a busier atmosphere as during the later hours the view becomes much more vibrant and colourful. Take in the incredible view while you sip on your sparkling champagne, with the twinkling London lights in the distance.

Even if you’re scared of heights, the divine champagne and panoramic view of London’s skyline will make it worth it, even just for the Instagram worthy picture! Reservation is required so make sure to book in advance to save disappointment.


Best Champagne Bars In London


Texture is a Michelin star restaurant and champagne bar located in Portman Square and is definitely one of the best champagne bars in London. Texture has won awards for their extraordinary champagne and wine, combined with their flavourful European and Scandinavian fusion dishes.

Along with their spectacular champagne and food, a beautiful elegant setting completes the package. The homely interior consisting of warm nudes and duck egg blue, tied together with dark wood furniture, creating a very relaxing setting and making you feel at ease. The long sofas make it ideal for group meet ups and there are 30 seats around the bar if you’d rather have some alone time.

With an extensive collection of over 140 diverse champagnes, you will definitely find one at Texture that will blow you away. What makes Texture unique and one of the best champagne bars in London is the small little details, such as the notes given with every glass of champagne.

These notes are designed to teach each visitor about the history, culture and production processes that the champagne underwent before it ended up in the glass they are drinking from.


Best Champagne Bars In London


The name gives a big clue of what to expect at this small bar and diner – champagne and hotdogs! Bubbledogs has fused these two favourites together in the hope that they will never go out of style and is considered one of the best champagne bars in London. Not only that but when you think of champagne bars, you think of fancy pretentious places where everything is sparkly and costly. Well Bubbledogs is notorious for breaking tradition and convention and doing things the modern way, earning its title as one of the best champagne bars in London.

Founder Sandia Chang and her Michelin star chef husband, James Knappet, wanted to create a drinking and dining experience that is comfortable and fun, while catering for everyone. Unlike the other expensive bars Bubbledogs is incredibly affordable, with Raventós i Blanc, De Nit, being the cheapest bottle at only £38. The most expensive champagne on the menu, David Léclapart, l’Apôtre, comes in at only £135 for the bottle.

They offer five champagnes by the glass, with bubbledog’s own label Collin-Guillaume, Rosé, at only £10.50. There are nine delicious hot dogs that you can choose to complement your champagne which are all handmade from scratch everyday using only the best ingredients. Some are simple and ordinary while others are much more adventurous, such as the guest hot dog which consists of chilli lime sauce, satay sauce, mango chutney, yogurt, cucumber and coriander salad.

Our favourite is the Mac Daddy which has macaroni and cheese, crispy onions and bacon bits generously layered on top of the hot dog and costs a reasonable £8.50.

Bubbledogs is located on Charlotte Street in Fitzrovia, and usually gets booked up so it is best to book a table in advance so you are not left disappointed. If you are looking for a balance between high standards yet a comfortable and casual atmosphere, Bubbledogs is definitely a winner.


Best Champagne Bars In London



It is undeniable that London’s skyline is filled with spectacular skyscrapers, with The Gherkin being the most iconic of all. Recently in 2018, the people at Searcys transformed the dome situated 40 floors up at the top of this stunning building into Iris Bar by Searcys, gaining its name from its iris shaped peak. The breath-taking 360-degree view, paired with divine bubbly and a great atmosphere, is what makes Iris Bar one of the best champagne bars in London.

The sleek interior and clever architecture scream classiness, which is also reflected in the crowd that you will find here. Either take a seat right at the sky-high windows to get the best view, or settle down on one of the tables that are dotted around. Visit Iris bar during sunset on a summers day for an unforgettable experience, as the warm colours of the sky beam through the window and will certainly leave you feeling in awe. Londoners flock here not only to enjoy the outstanding view of the capital, but to also enjoy the wonderful selection of champagne on offer.

Found in the heart of London, Iris bar is the perfect social hub, and what better way to get mingling than by cheersing over a glass of fizz. Specialising in champagne a full page on the drinks menu is dedicated to their exquisite bubbly, with prices ranging from £65 to £780, so there’s something for everyone’s budget. 3 champagnes are available by the glass for those that told themselves they will only go out for one drink.

They also have an impressive wine and cocktail menu, with every cocktail named after an area of London to make their menu that little bit more exciting. If you plan to head there in a group then you should consider going for one of their bar packages to ensure you get your money’s worth.

There are 4 packages available ranging from £160 to £235 so you can choose one to suit your group. If you get hungry then you will find the Helix restaurant just one floor below which serves impeccable modern British dishes that are so photogenic you won’t be able to resist getting your phone out to take a picture. We recommend the confit Suffold chicken, slow-cocked Burford brown egg and sweetcorn for starters, line-caught wild bass, octopus and sea vegetable for main, and lemon tart, meringue, raspberries and crème fraiche ice cream for dessert.

The restaurant is open 12pm-9pm, and the bar is open to the public from 11am-11pm, Monday to Saturday. However due to high popularity they do not allow walk-ins, therefore reservations have to be made beforehand.


Best Champagne Bars In London


Whether you’re looking for a spot to enjoy a drink with some friends, or maybe a date, or somewhere to have a boogie, or even all three at once, Amuse Bouche is the place you are looking for and is one of the best champagne bar in London. Acknowledged mainly for their inexpensive yet exquisite champagne, this champagne bar is fun and less pretensions than others which makes it one of the best champagne bars in London.

You will find that the atmosphere is much more laid-back and friendly, with live music on the weekends to get you in the mood to get merry and party!

Located in Parsons Green, Amuse Bouche bar offers approximately 30 types of champagne on their menu, 11 of which are available by the glass. Our personal favourite is the Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque champagne at £174 for the bottle.

A small menu of tapas style plates is also offered if you are wanting a light bite to go with your champers. Try the parmesan and truffle croquettes with yuzu mayo to accompany your bubbles. Both the food and drink are good value for money which makes Amuse Bouche that little bit better. However, if you are looking for more than just a nibble then head upstairs to their sister restaurant, Claude’s kitchen, for outstanding food cooked by award-winning chefs.


Best Champagne Bars In London


Located in one of London’s hotspots, Claridge’s Bar  in Mayfair is home to one of the best champagne bars in London. What gives it this this title is not only the rare bubbly that they have on offer, but also the extremely polished service. The mixologists pay careful attention to detail, creating each drink with care to guarantee that they taste even better you’re your expectations. A rare champagne they have possession of at the moment is the champagne of Charles Heidsieck, with 4 different types on offer. They are available as 175ml glass servings from £25 to £48, or as 750ml bottles costing between £100 to £190 a bottle.

If you are eager to try this extraordinary bubbly, then make sure to head down before the end of June as it will then be taken off the menu. As you flick through the menu you begin to realise how enormous their collection is, with 17 pages dedicated just to champagne you really are spoilt for choice.

As there is so much to choose from, you will definitely find a bottle that suits your price range. A splendid food menu is also available with a wide variety of options, from classic sandwiches to lavish caviar, you won’t be able to resist.

The art-decor inspired bar, designed by David Collins, looks very fashionable as the natural nudes combined with deep burgundy and dark furniture counterbalance to create a timeless setting. It is spacious and ideal for any type of situation, whether that be coming here in a group or alone. The bar can get busy with hotel guests and other visitors, and as it operates a no reservation policy, it is best to get there early to guarantee a seat.


Best Champagne Bars In London


If Claridge’s main bar gets a bit too hectic then don’t worry as they have a much smaller bar, The Fumoir, tucked away in a different part of the hotel and is one of the best champagne bars in London. Thierry Despont designed this hidden gem with idea of a jewellery box as inspiration. This is reflected by its bijou size that can hold a maximum of 12 guests at a time, creating an intimate setting. The dark and opaque aubergine décor contrasts with the brightly lit drinks cabinet and captures your attention as it illuminates the bar.

If this hasn’t caught your interest than the mixologist preparing your drink certainly will as he stands in the centre of the black marble horseshoe bar. Watch carefully as he dashes different spirits and flavors, creating a beautiful concoction that will certainly bedazzle you. As well as the mind-blowing cocktails, you will also find astonishing champagne, with 7 being available by the glass. However, the champagne cocktails are what makes

The Fumoir bar one of the best bars in London as they are like no other. Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée is mixed with other exciting elements to create the most perfect cocktails. Our favourite is the Goldfinch which consists of Bacardi superior, fermented passion fruit, yuzu, golden syrup, orange flower and citrus, at £21 a glass.

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