Best Champagne Bars in Mayfair

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Mayfair stands as an emblem of luxury, history, and unparalleled sophistication. It’s no wonder this prestigious enclave boasts some of London’s most exceptional champagne bars, each offering a unique blend of heritage, ambiance, and world-class bubbles. Dive into our curated list of the best Champagne bars in Mayfair and embark on a sparkling journey of elegance and indulgence.

Champagne Room at the Connaught

Best Champagne Bars in Mayfair

Stepping into the Champagne Room at the Connaught is like embarking on a voyage into a world of sheer elegance. This intimate space, adorned with Italian marble, bronze accents, and bespoke handmade furniture, seamlessly marries tradition with modernity. The illuminated champagne display that lines the room exudes glamour and sophistication.

The Champagne Room’s history is deeply intertwined with the Connaught Hotel itself. Opened in 1815 as the Prince of Saxe Coburg Hotel and later rebranded as the Connaught, this timeless establishment has been a prestigious retreat for royalty, dignitaries, and celebrities.

The Champagne Room showcases an enviable list, featuring exclusive bottles from renowned houses such as Louis Roederer, Dom Perignon, and Krug. Moreover, it is one of the few bars serving the Connaught’s cuvée, an exquisite selection that caters to both the champagne novice and connoisseur.

To complement your drink, a unique selection of canapés and hors d’oeuvres await. Each bite has been meticulously curated from delicate oysters to the finest beluga caviar to enhance your champagne experience.

What sets the Champagne Room apart is its distinctive mix of historic charm, opulent surroundings, and unparalleled service. This blend of elements makes the Champagne Room at the Connaught a gem among Mayfair’s champagne bars, offering a uniquely sumptuous journey into the world of champagne.

China Tang at The Dorchester 

Best Champagne Bars in Mayfair

China Tang at The Dorchester invites guests into a realm where East meets West in an explosion of glamour and taste. Its striking interiors transport you to 1930s Shanghai, with its lacquered panels, intricate carvings, and an array of Chinese art – a true testament to the luxury of a bygone era.

Having opened its doors in 2007, China Tang quickly rose to fame under the guidance of Sir David Tang, the renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist. His vision was to create an authentic Cantonese experience that paid homage to his heritage within one of London’s most prestigious hotels, The Dorchester.

The champagne list is superb, presenting the world’s finest such as Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, and their house champagne, Laurent-Perrier. Each selection perfectly balances the richness of their culinary delights. A highlight of China Tang is its extensive food menu. Offerings such as the signature Peking Duck and Dim Sum selection take you on a gastronomic journey through China. Here, the bubbles aren’t just a side note but a carefully chosen enhancement to the food’s flavor profiles.

What sets China Tang apart is its commitment to preserving the art of Chinese cuisine while offering an impressive selection of champagne. This fusion of cultures gives it an edge in Mayfair’s champagne bar scene. Whether you’re indulging in a vintage bottle of Dom Perignon or savoring their famed dumplings, China Tang at The Dorchester ensures an experience steeped in grandeur and authenticity.

Manetta’s Bar 

Best Champagne Bars in Mayfair

Walking into Manetta’s Bar is like stepping into a luxurious tale of the 1930s, where glamour and literary intrigue meet. With its rich velvets, original artwork, and dim, atmospheric lighting, the bar exudes an ambiance reminiscent of when it was a favorite haunt for writers and artists seeking inspiration and solace.

Nestled within the iconic Flemings Mayfair Hotel, Manetta’s Bar has a rich history dating back to the 1850s. Its name pays homage to an era when the bar was the rendezvous spot for a glittering roster of artists and bohemians, including Agatha Christie and James Joyce.

As for the offerings, Manetta’s does not disappoint. Their champagne selection is expertly curated, featuring renowned labels such as Billecart-Salmon, Laurent-Perrier, and Ruinart. Each champagne is selected to stand alone in its excellence and beautifully complement its diverse menu.

The gastronomic journey at Manetta’s Bar combines sophisticated bar snacks and small plates. This makes it one of the best Champagne bars in Mayfair. Think smoked salmon blinis, truffle arancini, and artisan cheese selections – perfect companions to your glass of champagne. It’s a place where every sip feels like a toast to the luminaries of the past, and every visit feels like a step into a timeless tale of glamour.

The Wine Bar at Fortnum & Mason

Best Champagne Bars in Mayfair

The Wine Bar at Fortnum & Mason is where tradition meets luxury in a stunning harmony of taste and ambiance. The bar’s design echoes an air of elegant antiquity with its mahogany paneled walls, intimate booths, and soft, warm lighting, presenting a welcoming setting amidst the bustling energy of London.

Part of the iconic Fortnum & Mason department store that has been a British institution since 1707, the Wine Bar offers a wine and champagne selection as impressive as the store’s historical lineage. Here, tradition is honored, but innovation is welcomed with open arms.

The bar boasts an extensive champagne list featuring celebrated houses like Dom Pérignon, Bollinger, Pol Roger, and Fortnum’s label champagne. The bar also presents a remarkable selection of English sparkling wines for those seeking to explore beyond the traditional. The menu is equally enticing, showcasing the best of British produce. From Fortnum’s famous Scotch eggs to luxurious caviar dishes, there’s something to satisfy every palate, each word expertly paired with the extensive champagne and wine offerings.

The Wine Bar at Fortnum & Mason has a quintessentially British charm blended with an exceptional selection of champagnes. It embodies the sophistication of Mayfair and the rich history of Fortnum & Mason, making it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking to experience the pinnacle of luxury in London.

London Calling at Selfridges

Best Champagne Bars in Mayfair

Housed in the iconic Selfridges department store, London Calling uniquely blends chic contemporary style and British charm. The bar boasts a sleek, minimalist design with monochromatic tones punctuated by vibrant art pieces and panoramic views of bustling London. This contrast provides a visually stunning atmosphere, making it a stylish retreat in the city’s heart.

London Calling’s ties to Selfridges – a beloved institution since 1909 – adds a layer of historical significance. The bar, however, is a fresh and modern addition, reflecting the department store’s ability to remain at the forefront of style and innovation.

Their champagne selection is extensive and exceptional, spotlighting labels like Taittinger, Perrier-Jouët, and their bespoke Selfridges Selection Champagne. This careful curation promises a luxurious tasting journey that extends beyond the ordinary.

The food menu at London Calling complements the champagne selection flawlessly. From truffle-infused popcorn to a classic British plowman’s board, every dish is designed to enhance the effervescence of the bubbles. The place’s striking design, historical setting, and exclusive champagne selection offer a unique blend of novelty and nostalgia.

The Rivoli Bar

The Rivoli Bar at The Ritz is where time-honored elegance and high-class sophistication intertwine, offering a quintessential London champagne bar experience. With its opulent interiors, boasting gold leaf and Lalique glass, the bar is a dazzling jewel box that harks back to the gilded age of cocktails and champagne.

The Rivoli Bar is an intrinsic part of The Ritz, a hotel synonymous with luxury since its inception in 1906. Frequented by Churchill and de Gaulle, its walls have seen history unfold, adding an undeniable aura of prestige and intrigue.

The bar presents a distinguished champagne list, spotlighting renowned houses such as Moët & Chandon, Bollinger, and Veuve Clicquot. For those seeking an exclusive experience, they also offer a Louis Roederer Cristal Brut – a truly special sip.

Complementing the fine bubbles, the Rivoli Bar offers a menu replete with caviar selections, artisanal cheese boards, and exquisite canapés. Each delicacy is thoughtfully curated to elevate the champagne-tasting journey.

What sets the Rivoli Bar apart as one of the best champagne bars in Mayfair is its timeless elegance, historical significance, and the sheer quality of its champagne selection. It embodies The Ritz’s essence – an unyielding commitment to luxury and attention to detail. Here, every flute of champagne feels like a toast to a bygone era of glamour, making your visit not just a drink but an experience steeped in history and elegance.

Claridge’s Bar

Best Champagne Bars in Mayfair

Claridge’s Bar offers an intimate sanctuary in the heart of Mayfair. This is where classic elegance and contemporary style come together in perfect harmony. The interior is a luxurious composition of leather banquettes, polished nickel, and a stunning marble bar. It is a setting that whispers of refined taste and understated glamour. We rank it as one of the Best Champagne Bars in Mayfair.

The bar at Claridge’s Hotel has played host to the world’s elite since the 19th century. Its storied past adds an extra layer of allure to the charming setting.

An impressive champagne selection on offer celebrates the best of French vineyards. Labels like Krug, Ruinart, and Dom Pérignon feature prominently. But for those seeking an ultra-luxe experience, the Louis Roederer Cristal Rosé is a tempting option.

The food offerings are as exquisite as the champagnes. The place offers gourmet snacks and nibbles that range from Jamón Ibérico to luxurious caviar selections. It is all designed to accentuate the flavors of the accompanying bubbly.

What makes Claridge’s Bar one of the best champagne bars in Mayfair is its delicate balance of history and modernity, alongside an unparalleled champagne selection. This unique blend makes each visit a luxurious experience and a delightful journey of flavors. Whether celebrating a special occasion or seeking a quiet moment of indulgence, Claridge’s Bar guarantees a champagne experience as exceptional as its historic surroundings.

The Luggage Room

Upon entering The Luggage Room, you are immediately transported to a world reminiscent of the 1920s. This is when decadence was the order of the day. Its design features dark mahogany, leather seating, and antique curiosities. It creates an ambiance that is as sophisticated as it is nostalgic.

Housed in the historic London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square, The Luggage Room was once just that – the luggage room. Today, it is one of Mayfair’s most charming and intimate bars, its past cleverly woven into its present.

Its champagne offerings are carefully curated, featuring a delightful mix of established houses and lesser-known gems. From Taittinger to Billecart-Salmon, the selection truly celebrates the finest bubbles. A standout is the Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé, known for its remarkable depth of flavor.

The food menu complements the champagne perfectly. Try the Lobster Thermidor Tart and Hand Dived Scallop Ceviche. They have been specifically designed to harmonize with the refined effervescence of their champagnes.

The bar has a unmistakable 1920s glamour and an extensive selection of champagnes. The Luggage Room offers an unforgettable journey into a time when luxury was a way of life.

The Donovan Bar

The Donovan Bar in the refined Brown’s Hotel offers a unique champagne experience. It marries British tradition with a modern, stylish vibe. The bar’s interior design is an ode to 1960s London. It features beautiful black-and-white photography by renowned British photographer Terence Donovan, sultry low lighting, and plush seating.

Brown’s Hotel, established in 1837, is steeped in history and grandeur, being the first-ever hotel in London. Donovan’s resident bar carries this legacy while carving out a unique identity.

Regarding champagne, The Donovan Bar impresses with selections featuring famous houses such as Pol Roger, Krug, and Bollinger. The bar also offers an exclusive Billecart-Salmon Brut Sous Bois for discerning enthusiasts, taking the champagne experience a notch higher.

The food menu mirrors the exceptional standard of the drinks. Try the truffle croquettes and caviar served with traditional accompaniments. Every dish is meticulously crafted to accentuate the flavors of the champagne.

What sets The Donovan Bar apart as one of the best champagne bars in Mayfair is its blend of historic charm. It offers a perfect setting for both intimate gatherings and celebratory occasions. Sipping champagne here is about immersing yourself in an atmosphere of sophistication and timeless class.

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