Best Cocktail Bars in London Bridge

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London is a synonym for classic and quality cocktails. Birthplace of the gin and many drinks derived from it, the city excels in creating timeless flavours and names in the hospitality industry. In London, you will find some of the best cocktail bars in the world — a mixture of modernity and tradition, where everything is prepared with transcendence and impeccable craftsmanship. Here we will introduce some of the best cocktail bars by the London Bridge, in the city’s centre.

Taste classics like negronis, sazeracs, and dry martinis, or adventure into house classics that carry unique aromas and tastes. Dwell into the interior design of these venues, and indulge in the elegance of their decor.

Nine Lives

Best Cocktail Bars in London Bridge

Nine Lives is a hidden gem that blends modern design and ethos with classic cocktails and flavours. It is a small neighbourhood bar that aims for zero-waste operations, working with locally sourced and selected ingredients in the bar and kitchen. The drinks at Nine Lives are created with attention, and the talented staff carefully chooses every component and element. 

The venue takes pride in its music selection. The sound systems are incredibly modern, and the soundtrack mimics the laid-back vibe of the place – rich and warm. The decor follows the “tropicalifornication” aesthetic, making you feel like part of an elegant American spring break or a sunny Saturday afternoon on the west coast. 

Inspired by Mexican cuisine, the taco truck on the outdoor patio serves fish tacos, guacamole, and many flavours that match Nine Lives’ 70s southern California vibe. The food is fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced. Taste cocktails like the Soprano Spritz, a balanced mixture of Tanqueray No. TEN, Dry Sherry, Velvet Falernum, celery, and coast Soda. Harmonise your drinks with vegetarian No-Fish Baja tacos made with beer-battered banana blossom marinated in soy and lime.

Nine Lives is one of the best cocktail bars in London bridge regarding flavour and the environment. Sit back in a beach-style chair and enjoy the warmth of London’s summer.

Gong Bar 

Gong is a lavish bar inside The Shard Hotel, one of the most luxurious accommodations in London. The restaurant makes it into the ‘best cocktail bars in London Bridge’ list because of its unparalleled elegance. Divided into different chambers, the bar features a cocktail room, champagne bar room and swimming pool. It is all highly intimate and unique. Gong is named after the Chinese architectural element that interlocks wooden brackets. You can see this feature inside the bar, a crucial part of its interior design. 

The bar is perfect for late-afternoon drinks, where you can see the sunset through the windows, which cover entire walls. Located on the hotel’s rooftop, Gong offers fantastic views of Londo’s panoramic. The menu straightforwardly explores sustainable ingredients. Each cocktail is half a pair, sharing some component with another (much like Gong in Chinese architecture, uniting two elements).  

Taste fresh sushi dishes along with your food, and taste set menus of salmon teriyaki, yakitori or yasai. The cocktail list features creative house mixes, like the 24º In Blue, made with Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Discarded Cascara Vermouth, Empirical Plum I,  Angostura Bitters and coconut. All dishes are Japanese and Chinese-inspired. 

Hide Bar

Hide Bar offers great drinks using local spirits and influences from different parts of the world. At the same time, they explore the London drinking culture with greatness, paying particular attention to products brewed, distilled, or fermented in the city. Sourcing locally, the bar provides you with a regional and global experience all at once. 

The drinks menu starts with a “build your own G&T” deal, where you choose from five high-quality gin brands and then from five tonic flavours. Draught cocktails include negronis, espresso martinis, and London mules. More complex and house-made cocktails carry unique blends: the London Fashioned Appetiser is a mix of Bimber Apogee XII whisky, absinthe, curacao, Sacred rosehip cup, and bitters. The beer and wine list are also expensive, and the spirits list showcases the regions of London they came from. 

The food menu changes seasonally. Hide Bar offers amazing burgers, like slow-cooked pulled pork sandwiches with homemade apple sauce and tangy coleslaw. You can find small plates to share, like Halloumi with lemon honey and chilli flakes or Pinchos Morunos pork skewers with smoked paprika aioli. 

Your entire experience will be delicious — that we know for sure.

Aqua Shard Bar 

Best Cocktail Bars in London Bridge

Also located at The Shard Hotel, Acqua Shard is where you’ll find some of the most fantastic food and cocktails in London Bridge. Since it is on the 31st floor of the hotel, the bar offers impeccable views of the city and a breathtaking panoramic of the sunset. The walls are made entirely of glass, so you never miss the sight of one of the most lively cities in the world. Low tables and chairs are spread across the wooden dining room, with plenty of space between them. A fresh environment takes over Acqua Shard, and you can enjoy late-night cocktails and impeccable food here. 

The cocktail list is divided into the elements: water, earth, fire, and air. Each of these categorises the main essence of each cocktail. The Clipper, a fire cocktail, is made with asparagus-infused  Don Julio Blanco, dry sherry, beech-smoked pineapple, roasted hazelnut, Earl Grey, grapefruit, and sesame. Its smokey, sweet and sour flavours are perfect for those seeking something unique. The High Cup cocktail, from the air category, is light and herbal. Taste Whitley Neil gin, Pimms No.1, KLEOS Mastiha, berries, cucumber, tonic aromatised with rosemary and basil. 

There are cocktails to attend to every taste and preference.

Prosecco House

Prosecco House is a bar where clients can taste, buy, and learn more about prosecco. It is one of the best cocktail bars in London Bridge because, aside from stocking DOCG Prosecco, it also offers unique and creative drinks. DOCG Prosecco is the best prosecco from the Veneto region in Italy. Here, you can taste different sparkling wines and learn more about flavour profiles and aromas. 

While sipping on bubble wonders, guests can also enjoy some nibbles. Gorgonzola chunks, Italian Artichoke hearts, and Parma ham are some options. You can also get charcuterie platters, matured cheese in prosecco wine, and small mozzarella cheese balls. Look at the cocktail menu if you’re not here for the prosecco alone or have had enough glasses for one night. House cocktails are all made with sparkling wine as well. Taste the Zenzero Fizz with ginger liqueur lime juice and PH Prosecco. The Silver Angel is a little more elaborate, carrying vodka, passion fruit puree, Crème de Peche, apple juice, and PH Prosecco.  

Aside from those, you can order classics like the negroni, dry martini, and Moscow mule. No matter the drink you choose, you will have a unique and fun experience exploring Italy’s most famous sparkling wine.

Call Me Mr Lucky

Best Cocktail Bars in London Bridge

Call Me Mr Lucky is a bar inspired by Roy Sullivan, a man who survived after being struck 7 times by lightning. Here, people toast friends, family, and good fortune with incredible horse drinks and a thoughtful selection of beer and wine. Find those teenage-movie lemon wedge Jell-O shots and enjoy the nightly happy hour!

Taste cocktails like the house-famous Dragon Margarita, made with tequila, Cointreau, lime, and house-made dragon fruit syrup served with a pineapple lightning bolt. The Melon Love Songs Later is a mix of jalapeño infused tequila, cachaça, Aperol, house-made watermelon syrup, lime, and mint served with a slice of pickled watermelon. 

The Get Lucky, or Dice Trying cocktail is at the end of the menu. It is a sweet blend of Ketel One Vodka, Chambord, crème de Peche, orange juice, and cranberry. Once you order this drink, you can roll three dice. Roll 2 6s and get the drink for free. Roll 3 6s, and there are shots for everyone in the bar. 

The bar has dark lighting and colourful neon balls hanging from the ceiling, adding a psychedelic aspect to the whole place. It is a sensory explosion, and you will certainly feel the energy of luck taking over you.

Vinegar Yard

Vinegar Yard is a mix of cocktails, food, art, and a flea market — perfect for those warm summer afternoons when you want to have a great time with friends. With an open courtyard and plenty of space to move around, this is definitely one of the most unique and best cocktail bars in London Bridge. The place remains just as packed during the winter, with huge tents and outdoor heating. 

The flea market operates on the weekends, and you can purchase jewelry, home decor items, and clothes you won’t find anywhere else. Grab a table, look at the extensive drinks and food menu, and get ready to start the fun. Vinegar Yard is famous for its draught beer selection, rotating from local London brewers. There are also plenty of creative cocktails, wines, and spirits from around the world. 

Sit at an outdoor picnic table and order from the different food stands around you. Indian-inspired burgers, Italian and Asian street food, neo-Neapolitan pizzas…. there is a taste for everyone. Indulge in the art installations by Joe Rush. Using scrap metal and discarded tools, the artist creates mechanical and mutant works that take you to a Mad-Max reality. 

Whiskey Ginger

You can find a bespoke cocktail bar next to the famous Borough Market, with a Road 66-ish ambience and decor. Decadence is part of the vocabulary here, and the venue blends elegance and design with hot dogs and burgers. Whiskey Ginger specialises in whiskey, with a selection of over 50 different bottles of the spirit. 

Brick walls and exposed beams highlight the laid-back energy of the place. The takeaway menu is built based on classic American road trip dishes. Order a 21-day aged beef burger with cheese, onion, cherkin, lettuce, and the house burger sauce. The marinated fried buttermilk chicken burger is ideal if you want to try something different. It comes with a sriracha and garlic mayo that should win awards. 

Cocktails explore the woody essence of whisky, letting the spirit shine above all else. Every drink here is creative and well-prepared, respecting the flavours and aromas of the whiskey used. The hot dogs here are picture-perfect, with plenty of toppings and sauce to make your mouth water just at the sight of it. 

You can sit on the outdoor patio during warmer months and enjoy a meal of succulent burgers, pork buns, and whiskey sours. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Quarter Bar and Lounge 

Quarter Bar and Lounge is one of the best cocktail bars by the London Bridge. It is located inside the London Bridge Hotel but has its own entrance. Here, find a day-time venue and night-time haunt, perfect for the elegant crowd who wants to sip on quality drinks inside a luxurious venue. 

Grab a business lunch while listening to soft and relaxing music and lounging on velvet chairs. Sit by the bar on a stool and learn from the talented bartenders as they prepare unique and delicious cocktails. As the hours go by, watch the place evolve into a lively after-work drinks destination.  

All Quarter Bar and Lounge cocktails are made with fresh and local ingredients. Because of that, you will experience seasonal wonders that come and go. Taste creative drinks like the Lady in Pink made with vodka, cranberry and champagne reduction, and bubbles. More complex cocktails, like the Simnel Cake Sour, are made with brandy, Amaretto, Kamm & Sons, egg, orange,  lemon, and cinnamon. 

As you sip on your cocktails, taste dishes like the caramelised maple syrup glazed duck breast on a bed of asparagus and coriander risotto. The quinoa, sweetcorn, and kidney bean stuffed peppers are mouth-watering for vegetarians.

Sky Pod Bar

Sky Pod Bar is a captivating and photogenic destination and one of the best cocktail bars in London Bridge. Located on the 35th floor of the beautiful Sky Garden, this venue is an all-day drinking and dining space. A rooftop with panoramic views of London, this is the place to catch a mesmerising sunset with a cocktail in your hands. Glass walls and high ceilings let plenty of light in. The open space allows for ventilation and immersive greenery. 

Taste signature cocktails like the Tyme For a Drink, with Havana 3yr rum, Havana Especial rum, Giffard Poire, Kings Ginger liqueur, pear puree, lime juice, and salted caramel. Beer, cider, wines and champagne also decorate the menu, and Moet cocktails upgrade the experience. 

Find a breakfast menu serving toasties and English muffins. For lunch, sandwiches like the roast turkey, crispy bacon, sage and onion stuffing, and cranberry mayonnaise are inside a baguette. Dinner serves bar foods like Cumberland pigs in blankets with a mustard mayo dip. Share a roast pumpkin with chestnut mushroom, spinach masala, pilau rice, and garlic naan. Allow a blend of cultures and flavours to take over the kitchen and surprise your palate.

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