The Best London Clubs On Monday Nights

Why not party like a real Londoner in one of the best London clubs on Monday! I mean let’s be honest. Nobody likes Mondays. However in London, Mondays aren’t necessarily the worst. Instead of settling in with a cup of tea in front of the TV, why not make the most of what London has to offer on a Monday night? Tonteria and Mahiki host the best parties on Mondays which are really worth dragging yourself out and starting your week with a bang! So whether you’re about in Mayfair or Chelsea, you definitely won’t be disappointed on a Monday night.

best London clubs on Monday

Mahiki club is well known as the number one celebrity hangout, as you can bump into a famous face there every night of the week. Mondays at Mahiki is definitely becoming the most popular Monday night in London at the moment and it’s the place to be if you are looking for  the best London clubs on Monday. This tiki themed club is located on Dover St. in Mayfair, literally a minute away from the Buckingham Palace. The crowd on a Monday night ranges from 18-21 as every student must come here to experience the infamous Monday madness.

You will feel like you are on holidays with tropical lush sea scenes and glowing blue lights. Topped with the mix of great music and tropical cocktails, this definitely will make your Monday night extraordinary. It would be rude to leave Mahiki without trying its best selling cocktail: the massive Treasure chest, made up of Moet and Chandon champagne, peach liqueur and brandy, served with fruit on top. It comes with many straws, so you can enjoy the drink with your friends at the same time – sharing is caring!

Get down early dressed your best, as the queues are long – a lot of young people want to step into this exotic paradise to escape Monday night blues.

best London clubs on Monday

Tonteria is also one of the best London clubs on Monday. Monday nights at Tonteria is quickly becoming one of the main nights in Chelsea. Some call Mondays the new Saturday in Chelsea and as Mahiki has proved in the West End, Londoners love for Mondays is nearly unsustainable.

Based in Sloane square the glamorous but extremely fun Tonteria club never fails to give you a Monday night to remember. Students from all around London get down here to experience the MUERTOS MONDAYS madness inspired by the Mexican Day of The Dead ( Dia de Muertos). It has extremely entertaining and electrifying vibe produced by the amazing shows, including jaw dropping outfits worn by the staff and R’n’B and Hip Hop tunes played by great DJ’s throughout the night. So why not grab a frozen Margarita and watch some Mexican wrestlers, instead of the cup of tea and TV on a Monday? And maybe if you’re lucky, your drink will be delivered to your table by a toy train! And if you haven’t guessed already, the tequila selection here is unmatched!

If you’re looking for an unforgettable start of the week, Tonteria is definitely one of the

best London clubs on Monday.

Tonteria operates a very strict door policy so to avoid disappointment, dress to impress. If you don’t look the part and adhere to the strict dress code, you could be refused entry.  
So who said Mondays have to be boring? Hop off the Monday haters bandwagon and get the most out of the best London Clubs on Monday! Whether you will chose to spend your Monday night at tropical Mahiki, or attend the crazy Mexican fiesta at Tonteria, you can be guaranteed a night you would never forget. So why not kick start your week with a little bit of madness at one of the best London clubs on Monday? 


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