The Best Cocktail Bars In Kensington

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Known as the Royal Borough, Kensington is a go-to place when looking for a night out. Below is a list of the best cocktail bars in Kensington which we are sure you won’t be disappointed by. 


The Best Cocktail Bars In Kensington


Launched in September 2016 in London’s prestigious nightlife scene, is Alberts. Based on Old Brompton road and usually a private member only club, its recently opened doors for a limited amount of time to non-members too. Also known as The Royals' favourite members club and a hotspot for countless celebrities, Alberts aim is to revive the atmosphere of Kensington’s once famed old world glamour. Extending over three floors the club offers various services, on the first floor consisting of an all-day restaurant and bar, on the second a private events room and spectacularly on the third floor, a penthouse champagne bar which is perfect for any occasion. The atmosphere  flourishes between English charm and Italian passion by being flooded with geometric patterns, deep velvets and brass tones.

Whether it be for a glass of bubbly, a deep aromatic red wine or a classic, well mastered cocktail this dime is worth visiting whilst you can and certainly one of the best cocktail bars in Kensington. If you’d like to raise the bar, the shots and ‘to the point’ selection is one to keep an eye out for. Ranging from, Tequila Smile, The Godfather, Chow Chow, to even Cheese Cake, Apple Pie and a shot called Oaxaca Rocket…the list is beyond belief.



Famous for being the location of the Rollings stones ‘Beggars Banquet’ album cover in 1968, the luxurious Bar 190 in the heart of London is the place to sit back and enjoy a nice cocktail whilst paying tribute to the rock ‘n’ roll vibes of the Rolling Stones. Situated in the The Gore London – Starhotels Collezione, the lavish furniture and original wooden boudoir décor stand out in the bar, all surrounded by memorabilia and prints on the walls from the night itself.

Not only does the bar have a notably large range of spirits, whiskies and rums, the creative cocktail dominates the scene with its large variety ranging from classics to botanical and citrus infusions. There are also special cocktails named after the famous stars and artists linked to the musicians such as; Purple Rain, Sympathy with the Devil, Gin’s N’ Roses and One night in Marrakech. You can also purchase some tasty snacks with the bar food menu. The octopus, potatoes and paprika is one of our favourites!


The Best Cocktail Bars In Kensington


On Fulham road, hidden away behind a secret door in the Italian Restaurant ‘Goat Chelsea’, is the small and intimate members only bar, Chelsea Prayer Room. From Thursday to Saturday the doors open to both men and women seeking a classy, dimmed lit setting for a late-night drink. In the den, you’ll be seduced by the cosy, confidential atmosphere and breath taking scenery. The booze-filled lookalike study reminds me of a Victorian guilty secret with dark brown leather chesterfield sofas, oak bookcases filled with various spirits and a back-wall of a stunning, scenic mural, not forgetting a jazzy soundtrack to compliment the latter.

Within this hidden gem, the first thing you’ll notice is that most of the spirits are presented in vintage medical bottle adding to the attractive style. The cocktail menu is variety of traditional classics with exceptional twists and intoxicating names. For whiskey lovers, “The Gentleman’s Sour,” is one recommended trying. With a blend of whisky, Tennessee honey, apricot, lemon and egg white, this signature drink served with crushed ice is a must try at what we consider one of the best cocktail bars in Kensington!



Originally launched as a gourmet hot-dog hang out in 2014, Dirty bones off Sloane square has gradually evolved its reputation to being an existing restaurant, one of the best cocktail bars in Kensington and private lounge. Open seven days a week including happy hour running’s, the entertainment thrives with pinball machines and a converted photo booth, completed with a live DJ scene giving the environment a quirky and fun retro feel. The atmosphere is so inviting and waiters add to the ambience by being cheerful and engaging too. This New York inspired haven aims to bring the best of The Big Apple over to our very own London!

If you are not tempted by a juicy gourmet burger, homemade mac and cheese or even the famous chicken and waffles, I’m sure undoubtedly one of Dirty bones inventive and playful cocktails will take your fancy. The never-ending drinks menu delivers a diverse selection of cocktails with the addition of low alcoholic options too. Served in a rocks glass, ‘Mutt’s Nuts, consisting of Woodford Reserve Bourbon, apple, cinnamon, infused maple syrup and Angostura bitters is like drinking up America all in one. If this doesn’t woo your boat, the ‘Uptown Spritz,’ with gin, Aperol, Campari, lemon, grapefruit bitters and ginger ale will for sure add that tang which is missing.


The Best Cocktail Bars In Kensington


On the corner of Old Brompton Road in South Kensington lies a stylist and boisterous street bar named Eclipse. It’s been a late-night local favourite since opening its doors in 2002 and is very well established within the charming borough. It is not just nice; it is delightful as inside there is a perfect balance between comfortable low-slung lounge seating and an outside terrace which is ideal throughout the summer months. If you’re looking for an all-round night out there is also an intimate and vibrant nightclub in the basement where you can dance the night away.

Bar staff are known for preparing a variety of delicious renowned cocktails. Fresh fruits also play a significant role in the menu and some of the drinks are even served in the fruits themselves. One of the signature best-selling cocktails is known as the ‘Eclipse Martini,’ consisting of fresh watermelon, Kettle One vodka and kaffire lime leaves, which is served in an elegant glass with a piece of the mouth water watermelon itself. Whilst sipping away on the summer terrace, there are also some tasty Mediterranean and Asian nibbles to compliment your order.



With a name like Evans & Peel Detective Agency, you might be thinking what the…? Detective Agency? Yes, on the skirts of Kensington lies arguably the most interesting bar of them all. The secretive and discrete bar has a decorative interior creating a Sherlock Homes Impression. Customers feel like they are in a game of Cluedo with book cases in every corner, old glass cabinets, original bricked walls and wooden furniture to add to the scene. When entering the premises, guests are given a menu which reminds me of a detective case load. They call it the ‘Gentleman’s code.’

Not only is there a food and snacks menu, the tipping point for this phenomenal bar is within the drinks. Each beverage is distributed in a section, either the Moonshiners (illegal distillers), Bootleggers (the smugglers and distributors) and finally the Special Cases (rare vintage). Adding to this suspense, there is; the Case: name of the drink, Bounty: price, Profile: key elements and Notes: detailing what exact spirits are in the drink itself. The whole atmosphere feels like a surreal fantasy and is worth seeking a night out for, especially if you are looking to have some mystery fun!



Located in The Kensington Hotel and greeted by the inviting sounds of a lively atmosphere where people are having fun is K-Bar which is one of the best cocktail bars in Kensington. Launched in 2016 and inspired by the atmosphere of a gentlemen’s club this warm and inviting space is known for serving the finest, luxury cocktails within the Royal Borough. Whether it be early evening or returning from a night out this top- notch venue is the right place to go too.

Guests are welcomed by quality hotel customer service, with the addition to the impressive bar front interior. Deep grained oak lines the space which is nicely complemented by royal blue and racing green upholstery, dimmed lighting and modern polished brass back bar display. The high standards are set with deluxe, expertly mixed cultural cocktail menu ranging from the likes of Italy, Spain, France, Germany and many more. The ‘Foot of the Mountain’ is one to try. Made up from Amaro Di Angostura, Ketel One, La Penca, Rose and Hazelnut, this cocktail imparts a tart cherry, tannin, dried flowered infused delight.


The Best Cocktail Bars In Kensington


In the heart of Kensington lies Ricco Lounge and club. Open four days a week this stylist and chic Art Deco is an inspired space for both the cultured and creative, licensed until 3am. The venue is simply gorgeous and the service by the staff are very accommodating too. Guests are greeted by a unique and classy layout of jade and reddish coloured sofas, dimmed lit lighting and blacked out walls, giving a jazzy feel. Adding to the elegant interior, there is a stage to watch live music and a house DJ who for sure brings the vibes of the evening.

Moving on to the drinks, Ricco’s skilled mixologists have learnt to embrace classic cocktails, adding a sense of unique Ricco spirit too. Depending on what takes your fancy there is no doubt that the drinks menu will fulfil your desires. Make sure you try, ‘Black Ricco.’ The unique combination of Whisky, Crème de Cassis, bramble jam, various fruits and flowers, not forgetting cracked black pepper is just one of many too good to be true.



The Botanist is an iconic bar and restaurant based in Sloane Square. Not only does the venue serve a modern European menu, they have also come a firm favourite for champagne, masterful mixology and signature botanical cocktails. The seven day a week busy hotspot is a good environment to start your night, especially because customers can watch their drinks being made. With a colourful flowery exterior and an interior adorned with various hand painted Sloane’s Caribbean illustrations, not forgetting the breath-taking pewter bar, this near ideal setting is a perfect retreat for a long over-due catch up with friends or family.

If you’re a fan of a good quality Mojito, ‘You Say Sage I Say Mojito’ is one to die for. Consisting of Pampero Blanco, Wray and Nephew, Lime and a hint of fresh pineapple this refreshing, fruity option is just one on the list of many! There is also the ‘Piscochio Manazana Sour,’ which is an aromatic blend of La Diablada Pisco, Green Chartreuse, Manzana Verde, lemon juice, pistachio syrup and egg white. An adventurous treat that is bespoke that’s for sure! If cocktails aren’t your cup of tea, there is also a variety of aged rums and whiskey to try.



With a name like Zuaya you know it going to be exotic! Discovered by Spanish twins Alberto and Arian Zandi, this impressive hidden gem not only gives customers a Latin American dining experience but more recognisably an upscale cocktail extravaganza too. Situated in Kensington high street and drawing inspiration from Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Peru, the venue is adorned with hanging plants and flowers, shades of browns and beiges, dimmed lighting with the addition of golden accents. The bar oasis is home to velvet plush seating, surrounded by sounds of either a live jazz band or DJ to add to the refreshing vibrant atmosphere at one of the best cocktail bars in Kensington.

Whether it be choosing an option from the extensive bar menu or seeking the expertise from Zuaya’s mixologists or sommelier, you’ll be sure to find your perfect drink. Guests are enticed to sit back, enjoy ambient sounds and have a wonderful evening. The drinks menu conveys a unique flavour experience and allows customers to discover something complete different. ‘Anejo Huichol’ is exclusive to Zuaya and is a masterpiece combining Mezcal reserves. Mezcal is a distilled spirit made from Agave. If you like to be bold, come and immerse yourself with this wild Mexican spirit!


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