Luxury Cinemas in London

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Going to the movies is usually a simple and casual thing to do. Grab the popcorn and pick a film you’d like to watch. However, there’s always the option to upgrade your experience in London. The city has dozens of elegant and unique cinemas to explore. Of all the possible options, there are the ones that come out as the best Luxury Cinemas in London.

Snack on refined foods and bring cocktails and wine bottles into the screening room. Indulge in impeccable service. Relax on oversized and comfortable sofa-like chairs. Enjoy some of the best sound systems in the world and immerse yourself into the reality of the movie you’re watching. 

Everyman’s Cinemas

We’ll kickstart our list with Everyman’s Cinemas. This is not just a single venue but a collection of 14 units spread across London. Every single movie theater from Everyman’s has its original design. They are all in different buildings with intriguing architecture and layouts so that it will be a new experience each time. Inside, find big and comfortable sofas and armchairs, delicious food and drinks, and impeccable service. Out of all the venues, the Screen on the Green in Islington is one of everyone’s favorite.

Blankets, pillows, and velvety seating await you. Order a glass of wine or maybe a warm cup of tea so you can relax and enjoy those dramas. If hungry, go for the juicy burgers or build your sundae.  You will be so impressed by the service, wine coolers,  and architecture that you may miss some movie scenes. Laying back on those cozy sofas will transport you to a new world of comfort and luxury. 

The first Everyman’s Cinema opened up over 100 years ago, and it is still a reference for luxury in the cinematic world. 


Curzon is, by far, one of the best luxury cinemas in London. It is probably the finest cinema building of the post-war period, with an intricate and elaborated interior. Built on 1912, the theater is a reference for quality art films, and you will always enjoy what is on display. It has one of the largest screens in the UK and even two royal boxes.

Here, you can watch art films, like imported Dramas from France and Indie movies from artists all over the world. Indulge on 19th-century classics. It is ideal for those who like to merge culture and class. Sit at a Royal Box and order champagne. Lounge by the bar while you wait for the movie to begin and order drinks and snacks. Enjoy the public wifi as well.

The mood lighting and evocative decor make this a unique experience. The seats are super comfortable and spacious. Watch comedy shows and music performances aside from the films. You can become a member of Curzon and have access to movie previews, talks from some of the industry experts, and exclusive screenings of the newest movies available to the public.

Electric Cinema

Electric Cinema feels like you’ve just entered a fancy theater. It opened its doors in 1910, and up to this day, it still retains its retro vibe. Although the technology and service have adapted, the theater holds an old-fashioned aura. The oval ceiling has a victorian decor and red elements ornamenting it. Red curtains cover the screen in the front of the room. Once you’re seated, they will open, and you can enjoy the show. 

The movie theater is on Portobello Road, probably one of the oldest ones in London. They also opened a unit in White City, carrying the same extravagance as the original. Here you can relax on spacious leather chairs with footstalls or lay on one of the six double beds in the front. It is the perfect spot for a classy first date. Extravagance is part of service, food, and drinks. Order cocktails from the bar and a full-on dinner.  We’re talking crispy duck leg with lentils, for example. 

You can also book the entire place for a private event, where you can fit up to 103 people and enjoy a lounge space with food and drinks. 

BFI Southbank

The BFI Southbank is one of those luxury cinemas in London offering a healthy mix of options. While you can still enjoy the latest hits in the cinematic world, you can also find cult and indie movies here. Enjoy classics like The Godfather and watch Marlon Brando in other exceptional performances. Aside from film, they also host festivals, retrospective events, and Q&As with essential people in the film industry. 

You can follow their season’s program and learn about cultures and film. Each month they explore a different genre or culture and how they are represented on the screen. From Indian women to Reggae in Jamaica, here you will learn about the universe of cinema and how it portrays the world. 

The BFI Bar and Restaurant is also perfect for a bite before or after the film. During the summer, you can enjoy their terrace and cool off with cocktails and refreshing foods. The theater has unique views of the Thames river and the Waterloo Bridge. There’s also the theater’s library, where you can learn about the moving image through their extensive collection of materials.

Film & Fizz One Aldwych

Luxury Cinemas In London

Whenever we travel, there are always those days when we are too tired to leave the hotel and do anything touristy. That’s why the Film & Fizz cinema is so unique. Located inside the 5-star One Aldwych hotel, this theater is ideal for those who are exhausted and can find quality entertainment without going out on the street. Enjoy the latest hits in the cinematic world, or go for seasonal classics like Frozen during Christmas. 

A small movie theater only fitting thirty people, Film & Fizz by One Aldwych is an exclusive experience. Aside from the movie, the ticket includes a chilled glass of Grand-Cru Champagne, sweet or salty popcorn, and a three-course meal at Indigo, the hotel’s restaurant. Let the sommelier suggest wine pairings and enjoy an after-movie dinner. It is the perfect date night for those who want a romantic and entertaining evening. 

You can opt for the Film & Fizz One Aldwych Overnight experience, where, aside from the screening and dinner, you get a night at the hotel and breakfast the following morning. Tank about a romantic escapade, huh?

Archlight Cinema

Luxury Cinemas In London

One of the main aspects of Archlight Cinema is its high-tech sound system. Inside Dolby Atmos surround sound theaters, you will immerse yourself into the experience of the movie you’re watching, with sound-proof design on the walls. The theater is located in the Battersea Power Station district. Overground trains will travel above you, and you won’t hear a thing. 

The theater is strategically placed in one of the most intriguing areas of London right now. This urban project is packed with exciting restaurants, architecture, and art – there are lots of things to do and see both before and after the movie. Once inside, indulge in food and drinks from the snack bar – cocktails, like negronis and old-fashioneds, come in small bottles. Wine and champagne bottles, homemade popcorn, and sweets are also available. Relax on the reclining seats and place your snacks on the individual tables in front of you.

During July and August, Archlight Cinema hosts outdoor screenings for those who want to enjoy the fresh summer breeze at night. An opened, six-acre space in Power Station Park, right in front of the Battersea Power Station building.

Backyard Cinema

The Backyard Cinema is a whole experience within itself. Maybe you don’t even need to watch the movie to have the time of your life. Firstly, they have bean bag seats, and you can’t get much more comfortable than that. Secondly, the theater is always themed – find old curiosity shops and Christmas lights at the end of the year. Maybe feel like you’re at the beach walking on the sanded floor in the summer. Sip refreshing cocktails while you do that in the Miami Beach theme. Soak under sunlight while watching one of the latest hits in the theaters. Each time, a whole new experience. 

After the movie, enjoy the street food and bars Backyard Cinema has in their courtyard. Immerse in the thematics of the place. Taste the Backyard Pizza and grab a cocktail at the Studio Bar. Try an Argentinian sandwich. 

In some of the thematics, there are live performances before the movie, and you embark on a unique adventure until arriving at your assigned seat before the screen. Instagramable and interactive sets are always part of the deal.

Bulgari Private Cinema

Luxury Cinemas In London

A few things speak luxury more fluently than the Bulgari brand. The Italian brand for jewelry, watches and other extravagance products marks the meaning of elegance. So, when the brand opened its hotel in London, it needed to go the extra mile to stand out as an exclusive experience. 

The Bulgari Hotel Private Cinema consists of a single screen and 47 seats inside a private room. They display many movies with modern and advanced sound and vision systems. You can pick from the hotel’s film library, which contains over 300 titles. Choose anything from an old classic like Casablanca to a modern film still in the theaters. 

Designer walls surround comfortable leather chairs. Velvet floors allow for the perfect acoustics of the place. One can host business presentations, press announcements, and movie premiers here. 4K resolution takes over the screen, and video conferencing is powered up by potent capabilities. You can also watch sports and play video games. Grab a cocktail at the outside bar and relax into a luxurious experience at the movies.


Luxury Cinemas In London

Genesis first opened its doors in 1848 as a music hall. After much remodeling and repurposing, today it is one of the best luxury cinemas in London. Aside from screening some of the most popular movies today, the theater also holds many different events and seasons. The Fragments season explores inclusivity in film, showcasing movies by underrepresented and marginalized voices. There are also Q&A sessions with some influential voices in the film industry, where you can learn more about their work and style. 

Upstairs from the movies, you can find the Kitchen. It is a place serving pizzas, nachos, and sweet potato fries – perfect for snacking during the movie. The Bar Paragon, right next to it, offers cocktails and hosts events. Live music performances, poetry reading, and free movie screenings are available. There’s also the Grindhouse Café, where you can grab a hot cup of coffee or tea, munch on a freshly baked pastry or panini, and chat with friends before the day begins. 

Genesis has a bar inside the theater room. So you can get up at any time during the movie and top your wine glass. Here, find large and cozy sofas with blankets and small tables in front for you to place your snacks.

Picturehouse Central

Picturehouse Cinemas has movie theaters spread all around the UK. In London, you can find many different units, all with their unique design, movie schedule, and a vast array of events, festivals, and Q&As with influential people from the film industry. Out of all the Picturehouse theaters, we decided to focus on one of the most beautiful ones in design.

Picturehouse Central is more about the hall and outside amenities than the screening rooms. Walk in and find a red-velveted staircase leading you downstairs. The theater rooms have comfortable, red chairs that face a large screen. On the ceiling, lightbulbs hang low and shine a golden light over your head. You can pass by a small convenience shop on the way down the stairs and purchase snacks for the movie. Aside from screening today’s popular movies, they also have special events with international, independent, or artistic films.

Stop by the first-floor restaurant and savor modern and western Korean foods. Grab pre-movie snacks, taste the sweet and spicy Bao buns with bulgogi pork or jackfruit, and sip a cocktail. There’s also the exclusive member’s bar for those who want to enjoy the most premier experience possible.

Best Luxury Cinemas in London

Here you have found some of the best luxury cinemas in London. Grab cocktails, some snacks, and sit back on highly comfortable chairs. Indulge in the latest releases in the movies, or enjoy some of the classics. Watch live performances, comedy shows, and Q&As with influential people in the industry too!

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