The Best Cocktail Bars in Covent Garden

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Covent Garden is home to many of the best cocktail bars in all of London, with a wide variety of fantastic venues that guarantee an excellent time, whatever the occasion. So here are the very best cocktail bars in Covent Garden that cannot be missed.

The Best Cocktail Bars In Covent Garden

For a time that will not be soon forgotten about, the Winter Garden Cocktail Bar at Rules is highly recommended, being one of the best-kept secrets in all of Covent Garden and one of the best cocktail bars in the area. The atmosphere and drinking experience at this little-known gem is so charming that it has to be considered one of the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden.

This exquisite cocktail bar offers visitors a chance to experience a taste of elegant relaxation, which makes for an unforgettable drinking experience through its stylish decor and fantastic cocktails. The classically beautiful interior, with luxurious red seating and classy yet understated furnishing, makes anyone feel at home. The atmosphere this generates will convince all who walk through the door that the Winter Garden Cocktail Bar is one of the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden before they have even taken their first drink. Truly the Winter Garden Cocktail Bar is fit for a king, an indisputable fact as Edward VII himself privately dined there with his mistress, and since then, the Winter Garden Cocktail Bar has retained its reputation for class and elegance.

If you want more proof that the Winter Garden Cocktail Bar is one of the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden, look no further than the head of its bar team, legendary barman Brian Silva, a man who has proven himself to be a master of his craft. Brian’s incredible ability to craft the perfect cocktail solidifies this as one of the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden. What’s more, there is an exclusive opportunity for a cocktail masterclass from the master himself, Brian Silva, teaching bar techniques and learning to make the cocktails of your own choosing. This class only holds up to four people at a time, demonstrating what an exclusive opportunity this is that cannot be missed.

The reputation the Winter Garden Cocktail Bar has earned over the years as one the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden, and one of its best-kept secrets has been more than earned and should not be avoided.

Elevating the cocktail experience both literally and figuratively, Radio Rooftop stands proudly above Covent Garden, offering panoramic views of the London skyline. As the sun sets and the city lights up, there’s hardly a more mesmerising spot to sip a meticulously crafted cocktail.

Stepping into Radio Rooftop, it’s hard not to be captivated by the sleek, contemporary design. Glass balustrades offer unobstructed views, while plush seating encourages lingering conversations. Ambient lighting creates a trendy and intimate vibe, perfectly complementing the urban chic aesthetic.

The drink menu, curated by expert mixologists, is an adventurous take on classic cocktails with a few delightful surprises. The “Midnight in Paris”, with its blend of gin, elderflower, and champagne, evokes the romantic spirit of the French capital. Another standout is the “Covent Garden Spritz”, a homage to the locale, which combines Aperol, prosecco, and a hint of rosemary, capturing the essence of a British garden.

But it’s not just the drinks that are the highlight. The attentive service, the gentle hum of background music, and the unbeatable views converge to make Radio Rooftop a bar and an experience, placing it at the top of Covent Garden’s must-visit list for cocktail lovers.

The Best Cocktail Bars In Covent Garden

Grind has had several successes throughout London, from Shoreditch to Whitechapel. This ever-expanding and excellent chain of restaurants, cafes, and bars has, thankfully for all cocktail lovers out there, an exquisitely charming cocktail bar in their restaurant in Covent Garden. Though many may go for the espresso bar and restaurant, the cocktail bar convinces people to stay at the Covent Garden Grind. When experiencing this cocktail bar, you are also experiencing the height of Covent Garden’s exciting atmosphere, which won’t be soon forgotten. You will take away many great feelings from the Covent Garden Grind, from relaxing to thrilling, you know you are at one of the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden.

If there is one thing which all Grind’s have in common, it is that they provide an excellent environment, which always feels alive and vibrant. Despite the vibrant atmosphere, the Covent Garden Grind never betrays the feeling of culture which Covent Garden is known for. This is perfectly reflected in the Grind’s decor, which possesses a charmingly quaint aesthetic, complete with wooden furnishings and minimalist style. The result is a bar that lends itself to relaxing and sociable, whether you are enjoying an espresso in the morning or a cocktail in the evening. Truly the atmosphere of the Covent Garden Grind is made for enjoying a cocktail, the vibrant and electric atmosphere should not be wasted. Anyone who goes to the Covent Garden Grind will enjoy a spectacular social experience.

You don’t simply enjoy a cocktail bar for the environment, but for the cocktails themselves, thankfully, with the Covent Garden Grind, you are spoilt for choice. The pride of one of the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden is the Grind Espresso Martini, the Grind’s signature cocktail, taking prominence in their evening menu. This cocktail should not be missed, adding to an already great espresso, vodka, ice, and sugar syrup for something very special. Along with this Grind classic are a terrific variety of experimental coffee cocktails, such as the Hot Flat White Russian and Irish Espresso Martini. These are all fantastic beverages for any cocktail lover, including many cocktail classics, from fruit cocktails to Bloody Mary’s. This variety makes this Grind a welcome addition to the Covent Garden cocktail bar scene, adding a wonderful and vibrant charm to the area.

The Grind has once again proved that when it comes to cocktail bars, they offer some of the best throughout London. The addition of the Covent Garden Grind has added something special to Covent Garden, and should be visited by everyone eager to explore the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden.

The Best Cocktail Bars In Covent Garden

For a cocktail bar, which transports you back to the heyday of Victorian London, there is nowhere better than Mr Fogg’s Tavern and Gin Bar. Mr Fogg’s offers a variety of venues within London, and none are better than the tavern and gin bar in Covent Garden. Offering a uniquely charming Victorian-styled tavern, Mr. Fogg’s grants everyone who enters a truly new and exhilarating experience like you’ve never seen. Mr. Fogg’s delivers a fantastic Victorian-style venue and a selection of cocktails that perfectly complement this excellent old-fashioned tavern. Mr Fogg’s Tavern and Gin Bar offer a one-of-a-kind experience which solidifies it as one of the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden, an experience which is unique to all who go there.

Mr. Fogg’s has added a great flavour of character to Covent Garden through their tavern and gin bar, which is exuberant and fun, creating an infectious charm. The walls are covered in a wide array of fascinating memorabilia to be enjoyed whilst drinking. On top of this is a good old-fashioned cockney sing-along which adds to a delightful atmosphere which never dies down. If there is one area that Mr Fogg’s Tavern and Gin bar does not fail in its charm, the Victorian aesthetic which Mr Fogg’s commits to is all-encompassing and, thus, never feels like a gimmick. The truth is that the aesthetic is a loving tribute to a bygone time that visitors of all ages can enjoy. Cocktail bars like this are a rarity, and Covent Garden is fortunate to have one, making it one of the area’s very best.

Named in honour of one of Jules Verne’s most famous characters, Phileas Fogg, who travelled the world in eighty days, Mr. Fogg’s Gin Bar offers you the opportunity to taste cocktails worldwide. Mr Fogg brings the fictional adventurer to life by allowing you to drink the exotic cocktails Phileas Fogg would have experienced on his journey. The diverse options deliver a wide range of intriguing cocktails that give you a taste of all nations. For Japan, you are offered the Physician’s Sencha-national, the UK, Wicca Cauldron Cure, USA, The Rehydrating Remedy, and India, A Dose for Your Doshas.

These are all terrific cocktails and just a fraction of the incredible palate-pleasing drinks which make Mr Fogg’s one of the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden. With themed cocktails from The Netherlands, Haiti, the UK, Peru, the USA, Greece, Italy, China, and Turkey. The result is a cocktail bar that makes you feel like you are on a great international adventure, much like Mr Fogg.

You cannot do better for an incredible Victorian experience than Mr Fogg’s Tavern and Gin Bar, which delivers a fantastic all-encompassing experience not soon forgotten. Topped off by a diverse range of internationally themed cocktails, this cocktail bar earns its name, as Mr Fogg’s Tavern and Gin Bar feels like a true adventure. Image source

The Best Cocktail Bars In Covent Garden

The perfect blend of lively and relaxing comes to you courtesy of Blind Spot Bar, a cocktail bar that knows how to set the class tone. This internationally-themed speakeasy offers an unbelievably unique range of cocktails worldwide. The options are wide enough to explore the menu for hours, never becoming board with the fantastic choices before you. The drinks aren’t the only thing which makes Blind Spot Bar amongst the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden. The atmosphere they have created ensures you’ll enjoy yourself until closing time. Brilliant live performances aid this, and DJs play a first-rate variety of music which never fails to impress.

What makes the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden so superb is their ability to be enjoyed for as long as possible, luckily, Blind Spot Bar achieves this with great ease. From Monday to Saturday, Blind Spot Bar is open from 5.00 PM until 1.30 AM, and if you are fortunate enough to be a hotel guest, until 3.00 AM. This means there is plenty of time to relax and get into the mood, which is easy thanks to a fantastic array of music. Tuesdays are a real treat, as they showcase outstanding live performances from various backgrounds, primarily showcasing pop, rhythm and blues, jazz and swing performances.

Fridays and Saturdays liven up thanks to talented DJs who play a superb range of classics from the 80s and 90s, R&B, and house music, which take you happily into the early morning hours. The sheer enjoyment that can be had here will easily keep you there until closing time without regret.

The cocktails, however are the main attraction of Blind Spot Bar, and they are breathtakingly good. Blind Spot Bar takes you worldwide with the brilliant cocktails on their menu, proudly presenting a range of cocktails from Thailand, Malaysia, Hawaii and Venezuela. Patrons are truly spoilt for choice, a highlight being the Speakeasy Cocktail Tea which is perfectly complemented with a delicious cake. The British Empire’s tea trade inspires the cocktail bar, therefore the international feel is perfectly curated around that. As a result, Blind Spot has a wide range of cocktails from 25 countries.

These cocktails are perfectly crafted to exquisite detail, made perfect by choosing nibbles from the same country as your cocktail. This attention to detail makes Blind Spot Bar one of the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden, as there is an endless option of excellent cocktails for various tastes.

There is something for everyone at Blind Spot Bar, great music and spectacular cocktails from around the world. With such a wide variety of riveting choices, this cocktail bar is a highlight of the Covent Garden cocktail experience.

The Best Cocktail Bars In Covent Garden

The Cellar Door is not a typical cocktail bar, hidden beneath Aldwych Street, with an old-fashioned vibe that takes you back to the feel of 1930s New York speakeasies and old German cabarets. The cosy atmosphere within this vintage cocktail bar is infectious, thanks to stellar entertainment from live music, secret DJs, and lively performances, including cabaret and drag acts. Top it off with an exquisite variety of cocktails to be enjoyed, this intimate yet vibrant cocktail bar is one of the very best in Covent Garden.

What makes The Cellar Door one of the best cocktail bars In Covent Garden is that it is not a typical bar, with entertainment that can rival any cocktail bar in the area. The cabaret and drag performances are second to none, and they are just a small part of the entertainment, including comedians and live music every night, from 9.00 PM until 1.00 AM. These performances are beyond fantastic and help create that 1930’s vibe beautifully. The Cellar Door also includes a secret DJ, meaning you can play the music of your choice between sets, another facet of how this bar makes you feel at home.

As an extra treat, on the occasional Saturday and Sunday, The Cellar Door transforms into a cinema featuring a short silent comedy classic from Chaplin and Keaton, followed by the main feature. These can range from cult sensations such as Eraserhead to classics like Casablanca, guaranteeing a terrific night of entertainment. The Cellar Door has so much to offer everyone who goes there, both entertaining and relaxing, as it transports you back to the excitement of 1930s New York-era speakeasies.

This subterranean gem has all the classic cocktails you could ever ask for, with the Cellar Door going for a classic 1930s aesthetic, they have ensured all the favourites are on their menu. The stellar list of cocktails includes such classics as the Moscow Mule, Collins, Singapore Sling, Daiquiri, Brandy Alexander, Manhattan, and many more. The list of classics which can be tasted here is seemingly endless, and each is an absolute treat for the taste buds as you get to explore many of the best cocktails from the 20th century, including the Vesper Martini, the signature drink of James Bond.

To improve things, they will give you an option of preferred gin, vodka, rum, scotch and brandy, and bourbon, which helps personalise your perfect cocktail. This added detail helps to create the perfect and relaxing drinking experience. There is no better way to enjoy a wide variety of excellent entertainment than by having the perfect cocktail brilliantly prepared for your perfect evening.

The classic 1930s speakeasy vibe created by The Cellar Door makes it one of the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden. The classic drinks have an excellent variety in taste, and the overall atmosphere created by endlessly fantastic entertainment creates this vibe, which is undeniably brilliant and unmissable. Image source

The Best Cocktail Bars In Covent Garden

In the cultural heart of London is The Covent Garden Cocktail Club, part of The Covent Garden Social Club, this fantastic and exclusive cocktail club is situated beneath the theatre club. The local adds to the sense of culture, which is more than earned, taking you back to an era when the bar was still a greenroom for performers, which allows for a laid-back feeling. This results in a relaxing drinking experience with a sense of quaint charm.

Anybody who loves the theatre will be automatically attracted to the Covent Garden Social Club, which is vital as you must be a member, or theatre patron, to enter Covent Garden Cocktail Club. This cocktail bar may be exclusive, but it is worth the exclusivity as the Covent Garden Cocktail Club is on the best Cocktail Bars. Upon entering the Covent Garden Cocktail Club, the exquisite decor takes you immediately aback with its old-fashioned leather seating which completes the aesthetic of an old gentlemen’s club. This takes you back to a bygone era, specifically the 1920s and 30s when you could just sit back and enjoy your drink in peace and quiet.

This is exactly what you get at the Covent Garden Cocktail Club, a very laid-back experience which allows you to shut out the outside world and discuss the theatre. This is the benefit of being so closely tied to the theatre, as you can enjoy a good play and follow it with one of their magnificent cocktails, relaxing as you muse on your time at the theatre. The early twentieth-century aesthetic allows for that extra feeling of experiencing a post-play drink as was done then, which makes for an undeniably charming time.

The relaxing atmosphere of the Covent Garden Cocktail Club, which can best be described as charming, is compounded by brilliant music, which can vary from soul and jazz to classical, which makes you feel effortlessly relaxed. The bartenders always make you feel right at home and are meticulous in creating your perfect cocktail, a particular recommendation being Blood and Sand, a classic of the 1920s and 30’s. The mixologists at The Covent Garden Cocktail Club are true professionals, always able to keep your sense of taste wanting more.

This attention to professionalism solidifies this as one of the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden. The bartenders and management have pulled out all the stops to make sure you have the most relaxing experience in this undeniably charming cocktail bar,

The Covent Garden Cocktail Club marries the culture of the theatre and the simple enjoyment of attending a cocktail bar perfectly. Allowing for a very relaxing drinking experience as you listen to great music in a charming setting while drinking a brilliantly prepared cocktail. Do not let the exclusivity of the London Cocktail Club scare you off, as this is a worthy addition to the cocktail scene in Covent Garden, one of the best and most relaxing areas.

The Best Cocktail Bars In Covent Garden

One of the most unforgettable cocktail bars in Covent Garden is The Escapologist, located in Seven Dial, this brilliant taste of cocktail magic brings you all the excitement and energy of the late 19th century. This exceptionally run and authenticity-themed venue feels like it is truly hitting the right notes of highlighting the adventurousness of the 19th century, as seen through the works of Rudyard Kipling and Robert Louis Stephenson. The atmosphere created at The Escapologist invites intrigue, making this a cocktail bar which is constantly fascinating. Topped off by a plethora of classic cocktails which will keep you happy until night’s end, making this one of the absolute best cocktail bars in Covent Garden.

The Escapologist has brilliantly created their own exciting backstory, lending the bar a sense of mythology. They have crafted the story of Baron Von Took, a scandalous fiend who fled to London only to find himself sent to the gallows. Upon taking his final drink in one of Covent Garden’s brewhouses, he escaped and became a legendary partygoer who drank alongside all the greats of Victorian culture. By creating this myth, The Escapologist is creating a spirit to inhabit that of a late 19th-century party atmosphere with a roguish charm.

The bar is terrifically successful at inhabiting this atmosphere, being styled as a Victorian men’s club, which gives the bar a sense of authenticity whilst never feeling inaccessible. The Escapologist is inviting, as the fun party aura the cocktail bar radiates is unbelievably infectious. The venue is spacious, which is brilliant if you want to make a reservation for friends, family or work events. Making a reservation at The Escapologist is more than worth it, as all who go are guaranteed to have a spectacular time, this is a cocktail bar designed for the ultimate social experience.

There’s no better way to have the ultimate social experience at one of the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden than to make sure you party like it’s 1899 with some great cocktails. The Escapologist has everyone’s favourite cocktails, such as the; Pornstar Martini, Long Island Ice Tea, Toasted Popcorn Sour, Strawberry Tiramisu, Mexican Butterfly, and many more exquisitely tasting cocktail classics. Of course, the theme of The Escapologist is the 19th-century party, so naturally, they have many of the best cocktails perfect for anyone looking to create a party vibe. These party classics include the; Love Potions NO.10, Hidden Guilip, Club Tropicana, Sink the Pink, Lemongrass Collins, and more exciting cocktails, which will help create that party vibe.

These wonderful cocktails help bring this vibrant cocktail bar to life. If these incredible cocktails were not enough, The Escapologist helps improve what would already be a great night thanks to their pizza menu, which offers deliciously tasty options for people of all preferences. From vegetarian and four cheeses to meaty and spicy, the pizzas here are truly a treat that will cap off the perfect night.

The Escapologist can certainly be called a cocktail bar of great character thanks to the 19th-century party atmosphere which it has created and is impossible to escape from. This bar has an entirely fun vibe, so it is undeniably one of the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden. A cocktail bar which not only creates an excellent vibe but delivers you the best cocktails to solidify your night of enjoyment.

The Best Cocktail Bars In Covent Garden

The Savoy in Covent Garden is well known for being one of the best hotels in London, so it only makes sense that it would be home to one of the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden, the American Bar. This distinguished cocktail bar has been one of Covent Garden’s very best since 1893; and is Britain’s oldest cocktail bar. Thus the American Bar is a cocktail bar with a true legacy of excellence, a legacy it more than meets up to in the present day.

There is no doubt upon entering this award-winning cocktail bar that, you in one of the most highly regarded in Covent Garden, thanks to a high-quality staff who create the finest cocktails in the country. Beyond the excellence of the cocktails, the American Bar always has the best music from the last decade, reflecting the music-inspired cocktails, creating a relaxing and stylish atmosphere which cannot be beaten.

The American Bar might be the most acclaimed cocktail bar in Covent Garden, being awarded the Best International Bar Team 2016 in Tales of the Cocktail and Best Bar in Europe at the World’s 50 Best Bars in the same year. The following year he won the World’s Best Bar in the World’s 50 Best Bars and was named Best Bar in Tales of the Cocktail in 2018. This demonstrates exactly the high calibre of cocktail bar the American Bar is, taking great care in retaining a high standard of excellence. The standard of excellence on display can be seen by the undeniably incredible menu, which contains The Savoy Songbook, which pays homage to some of the world’s most legendary musicians.

This unbeatable menu contains 20 cocktails inspired by 20 great songs. These fantastic cocktails include; Sun, Sun, Sun, inspired by George Harrison’s Here Comes the Sun, Dreamer, inspired by Frank Sinatra’s cover of Blue Moon, and Moonlight Kiss, inspired by As Time Goes By, featured in the legendary movie Casablanca. These are stunningly creative drinks with flavours that surprise and delight the taste buds and perfectly match the music inspired by the cocktails. This menu must be tried by anyone looking for the perfect evening, it has helped retain a legacy lasting almost 130 years.

Of course, a great drinks menu must be complemented by an equally great atmosphere, the cocktails consumption is aided by terrific live music, which is played every evening. Appropriately, the music is the best of American Jazz, playing throughout the night, ensuring you feel at ease. The atmosphere becomes effortlessly stylish as you sit back and relax to wonderfully tasting cocktails, complemented by brilliantly performed music, which allows you to shut out the outside world. The American Bar at the Savoy is not the only American Bar in London, but it is its oldest and, as a result, has a higher standard to meet, needing to be as brilliant as it has always been. Fortunately, the staff at this wonderful cocktail bar have ensured that all patrons get into the relaxing spirit as they immaculately prepare the perfect cocktail.

The American Bar being one of the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden is an indisputable fact, the awards and acclaim this cocktail bar has gained over the years have been truly earned. Through a cocktail menu that is masterfully inspired, they have ensured anyone who tries even one of their legendary cocktails will never forget what they have tasted. This is a cocktail bar run with style, making for an extremely relaxing experience for anyone who walks through the door and is not to be missed by cocktail lovers anywhere. Image source

The Best Cocktail Bars In Covent Garden

For a cocktail bar that makes a statement look no further than Blame Gloria, which invites you to have a fantastic evening. The brilliantly inventive mixologists at Blame Gloria offer you fantastic old classics with creative twists and cocktails of their own invention, which never fail to impress the taste buds. The Cocktails are just a part of what makes Blame Gloria one of Covent Garden’s most quirky and creative bars. This is the perfect cocktail bar for anyone looking for a party that is the height of fun, Blame Gloria is inspired by the idea of the perfect party, which is exactly what you get as soon as you enter. An evening at Blame Gloria is not soon forgotten, and the cocktails and late-night partying will encourage serious thrills.

Blame Gloria can be best described as vibrant, the venue is stricken by a wide range and beautiful mixture of colours which brighten up the decor. The various patterns and colours of Blame Gloria range greatly, from neon to floral, no one can say this bar isn’t aesthetically beautiful. These aesthetics are important to a bar such as Blame Gloria to strike the right mood. Fortunately, they have stricken the exact right tone. This means Blame Gloria has the right amount of party atmosphere for anyone, being vibrant and exciting whilst not overly superficial.

Blame Gloria will also hook you up with reservations in private areas, ensuring an unforgettable fun time, whether it be a birthday or corporate event, you will surely have a great night. This includes deluxe cocktails and cakes for birthdays, perfectly tailoring your evening. It is possible to hire the entire venue any time of the year on any day of the week, whether for parties or a quiet lunch. This is truly a cocktail bar with its customers in mind, making it one of the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden.

You stay to enjoy yourself at a superb cocktail bar such as Blame Gloria for the unbelievable cocktails. The mixologists are true miracle workers, creating some of the most fascinating tastes you will experience in all of London. Classics we all know and love, such as the Porn Star Martini and the Long Island Iced Tea, take on new flavours you never knew you needed. This gives these beloved cocktail classics a whole new personality, which is just a fraction of the personality Blame Gloria has to offer. Of course, they have their own cocktails, which need to be tried by anyone getting into the mood of this enthralling cocktail bar.

One of the prime examples of their unique cocktails is Gloria’s Sour, made from Midori melon liqueur, fresh lemon juice, black pepper syrup, fresh mint and egg white. This is just one of many fantastic cocktails Blame Gloria has to offer and should not be missed. They are also a part of the bar’s identity, being creative and fun, which sums up Blame Gloria perfectly. If you want a taste of something new and exciting, Blame Gloria is a place your taste buds and sense of excitement cannot miss out on.

All of the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden are anything but boring, and for a cocktail bar which is the antithesis of boring Blame, Gloria is a venue which must be explored by anyone who hasn’t yet discovered it. Striking that perfect balance of fun and creativity creates a party atmosphere rivalling any great cocktail bar. The fun doesn’t begin or end with the atmosphere but with the cocktails themselves, which are beyond fantastic. The cocktails embody everything great about Blame Gloria, an unforgettable evening created through brilliant attention to detail.

In the heart of Covent Garden, Lady of the Grapes is a testament to the power of storytelling through cocktails and wine. More than just a bar, it’s a narrative – celebrating the often-unsung heroines of the wine world: women winemakers.

The interior resembles a rustic French wine cellar, with wooden beams, exposed brick walls, and shelves lined with an eclectic collection of wines. Soft lighting casts a warm, golden hue over the space, while the intimate seating encourages close conversation and shared discoveries.

While the wine list is undoubtedly the star – a curated selection highlighting female-produced vintages worldwide – the cocktail offerings are equally compelling. Drinks like “The Vine Whisperer”, which blends fine wine, brandy, and herbal notes, pay homage to the intricate winemaking processes. Another must-try is “Grape’s Legacy”, a cocktail that fuses gin with a hint of grape and elderflower, celebrating the essence of the vineyard.

Yet, what truly sets Lady of the Grapes apart is its ethos. Every glass poured is a nod to women’s resilience, creativity, and passion in the wine industry. It’s a bar that offers impeccable drinks and weaves a tale of empowerment, making each visit a toast to excellence and inspiration.

Delve deep into the recesses of Covent Garden, and you’ll find Freud Bar, an institution in London’s cocktail scene. Its name, a nod to the famed psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, hints at the bar’s enigmatic and intriguing atmosphere, where conversations run as deep as the drinks served.

Upon descending into this underground gem, the immediate ambience balances industrial chic and bohemian charm. The raw concrete interiors, juxtaposed against the warmth of wooden furniture and eclectic art pieces, create an edgy and inviting space.

The cocktail list at Freud Bar is nothing short of cerebral. Drinks are crafted with precision and creativity, each telling a story or evoking an emotion. “The Dreamcatcher”, for instance, is a luscious blend of mezcal, lavender, and honey, transporting drinkers to a realm of smoky dreams. The “Id & Ego” is a playful mix of gin, elderflower, and fresh cucumber, perfectly capturing the dualities of the human psyche.

Beyond the impeccable cocktails, the vibe of Freud Bar captivates. With its low ceilings, intimate corners, and ambient tunes, it’s a place where the boundaries between conscious and subconscious blur, making for an unforgettable and almost therapeutic night out in Covent Garden.

Amidst Covent Garden’s tapestry of bars, Vyta emerges as an elegant ode to Italian flair and sophistication. Drawing inspiration from the glamorous 1950s dolce vita lifestyle, this establishment feels like a slice of Rome in the heart of London.

From the moment patrons step in, it’s clear that Vyta is a masterclass in design. Polished terrazzo floors, rich wooden panels, and plush velvet seating combine to evoke the timeless beauty of mid-century Italian design. Golden accents and strategically placed greenery add to the air of understated luxury, making it easy to imagine oneself in a Fellini film.

The cocktail list is a tribute to Italian craftsmanship. Classic concoctions are given a contemporary twist, like the “Roman Negroni”, which fuses traditional gin with a hint of blood orange and rosemary. The “Vesuvius Fizz” is another standout, combining limoncello, prosecco, and a touch of raspberry, capturing the vibrant spirit of southern Italy in a glass.

But Vyta isn’t just about the drinks. The ambience is characterised by a gentle hum of conversation, punctuated by the clink of glasses and the soft melodies of Italian classics playing in the background. For those seeking an evening of Mediterranean allure without leaving Covent Garden, Vyta is an undeniable destination.

The best cocktail bars in Covent Garden are worth any cocktail lovers’ attention, as they all offer premium top-quality cocktails and atmosphere, being very diverse yet equally brilliant in their own special ways. These cocktail bars are the greatest for many different occasions and moods, making them stand out among the best in all of London.

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