Best London Clubs on a Wednesday

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When in London, we feel like we want to party every day of the week. Many nightclubs have unique offerings and luxury treatment for A-list individuals. From celebrities to business owners to influencers, there’s elite nightlife and the correct place to find it! In the middle of the week, sometimes we need to party. Sometimes we feel like breaking a move on the dance floor and drinking elegant cocktails. So, to be surrounded by top-tier service and people, here are the best London clubs on a Wednesday.


Best London Clubs on a Wednesday

Libertine is a reference for quality and luxury when it comes to nightclubbing. If you want to do it on a Wednesday, that’s when they hold some of their best parties. The club has been in the center of exclusive nightlife in London for quite some time now. It offers exuberant service to its members, clients, and celebrities who decide to pop up for an evening.

This is where celebrities come to party, so don’t be surprised if you spot Drake, Rihana, Steve Aoki, or Leo DiCaprio having a cocktail at a lounge right next to yours. Libertine is the classic nightclub environment. It has a dark interior illuminated by blue, purple, and red lighting. Bottles of Champagne sparkle with fireworks. Tons of people dance to house music, played by some of the best DJs in the industry. 

The club is open almost every day of the week. Each day a new DJ showcases their talent for the public to dance all night long. Elegance and luxury are the dress code for Libertine, and comfort to bounce on the dance floor for a long time. Enjoy cocktails and shots that will fire you up, and check the line-up to see who’s playing this Wednesday.


Pay a visit to Tabu and experience Tokyo nightlife without leaving Mayfair. When talking about the best London clubs to go to on a Wednesday, you cannot leave this one out . Tabu opened in October 2021, founded by a group of people who reinvented the London VIP club scene. Black and white walls and decor shine under red led-light, with Japanese manga art covering the bathroom walls. 

You’ll notice the bright lights over the staircases leading you downstairs as you enter Tabu. Neon street lights on the walls complement the design and its laid-back, back-street vibes. The club has two floors: LVL UP is a lounge bar where you can taste some of the best cocktails at Mayfair while listening to house music. Go to LVL DOWN and find the back-street-alley designed club, transporting you to the underground club scene of Tokyo. For a while, you’ll forget you’re in London.    

Celebrities and London’s elite all hang out at Tabu. Come listen to R&B, hip-hop, and some of the world’s most famous DJs today. Book a table and enjoy exclusive seating behind the dancers, who perform all night long. Graffiti covers the walls, and magazine cuttings are glued to the pillars. Everything makes you feel like you’ve entered Asia’s authentic and exclusive back alley club.

The Box 

Best London Clubs on a Wednesday

The Box defines itself as a “theater of varieties”. The instructions are simple: the door opens at 11 pm, and you should arrive no later than midnight. The show starts at 1 am. Ladies and gentlemen are expected to look their best when attending The Box. This means wearing your best attire and making sure to look elegant and luxurious for what’s about to come. Inside, find a Brunelesque- styled environment, which has been around since 2007, offering one of the most unique experiences in London. 

The place occupies a three-level building. One floor works as a reception, and the other two are where performances and magic happen almost every day of the week. Here you can find a full-service facility. They serve dinner (some of the best burgers and fries in the Soho) with cocktails and unique performances by the talented crew. 

The Box is where erotic and exotic combine. The club is made up of small stages surrounded by an explosion of red velvet curtains, hazy mirrors, and a Brunelesque cabaret vibe that excites everybody. Live music and acrobatic shows take over the stage, and the provocative dress code in The Box makes it probably the most unique club in London. To its core, it is privileged entertainment, one of the most exclusive clubs you can attend. 

Cirque Le Soir

Cirque Le Soir has some of the most VIP clientele in the world. It is definitely one of the best London clubs to go to on a Wednesday. Their motto is “If you don’t know, don’t worry,” because you will be impressed. The club is a refined environment with extravagant entertainment, cocktails, performers, and people. Find clowns dressed up like boxers, fire performers dressed in lingerie, and individuals with freaky and impressive talents, offering you a unique night out. 

The dress code is “dress to impress.” This means heels and dresses for ladies and smart, stylish attire for gentlemen. Cirque Le Soir serves London’s finest crowds, so fitting in is essential if you want to be part of the royal treatment. The club is open almost every day of the week, hosting different themed parties and inviting some of the trendiest people in the music industry to perform. 

Inside you’ll find the classic club environment. Red and blue lights shine upon the dance floor, loud music plays all night long, and VIP tables indulge in tip-tier bottle service. Drink a bottle of Jay-Z’s Armand de Brignac or watch a mariachi play some music to your table, take shots by the bar and probably bump into a celebrity. You never know what you’ll find – but don’t worry.  

Cuckoo Club

Best London Clubs on a Wednesday

Entering the Cuckoo Club is like being transported to another galaxy. The place’s interior is already worth the experience, where purple hues illuminate the environment and invite you to join in a memorable and psychedelic night. The club, which spreads over two floors, offers velvet seating and mahogany decor. Luxury takes over the design with eclectic decor and mirrors, fluorescent plants on the ceiling, and plenty of space to sit or dance all night long. 

On the ground floor, you’ll find Cosmos, which taxes inspiration from the stars and galaxy above. Enjoy Mediterranean dishes while sipping on eclectic cocktails and listening to live music. On the lower floor at The Garden, find an Alice in Wonderland-inspired space – it feels like you’ve walked through the looking glass into a parallel universe. 

Find themed nights almost every day of the week. On Wednesdays, find tequila and a live band as you enjoy dinner at the Cosmos. Move to The Garden afterward for hip-hop sets and cocktails. Order a bottle of some of the best spirits in the world, from Belvedere vodka to Tulchan gin, dance to the sound of some of the best DJs in the country, and enjoy a night out of this world. When talking about the best London clubs on a Wednesday, this is one of the main options.

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