The Definitive Guide To The Best VIP London Clubs 2016

With so many new clubs popping up in the world’s high end clubbing capital London, it can be hard to know which are the best VIP London clubs to spend your night out whether it’s for a special celebration or to impress some clients. 2015 saw the launch of a few new clubs that have become huge names in the London club scene including Tape, Charlie and Drama Parklane. There are many other clubs that have been around for years and are still as popular as ever including Maddox, Mahiki and Libertine. Luckily for you we’ve compiled our definitive guide to the best VIP London clubs which covers both Mayfair and Chelsea and includes something to suit all tastes.


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The Definitive Guide To The Best VIP London Clubs 2016

The Best VIP London Clubs 2016 – Mahiki Review

We all know that sometimes life’s a beach, so why not take some time out to relax and enjoy a selection of delicious cocktails or party hard celebrating your birthday at one of the best VIP London clubs, and Mayfair’s very own exotic, “Polynesian paradise” – Mahiki! If you and your friends fancy something a little different from the standard London night out, then say aloha to this extraordinary Mayfair island, located on Dover Street. With guests referring to the two-floored tiki hut as the “ultimate tropical party haven,” Mahiki has a renowned reputation for its original and relaxed, yet fun atmosphere. Decorated with a stylish, tiki themed bar, shell shaped lamps, totem poles, surfboards and bamboo walls, Mahiki sure doesn’t hold back on making their guests feel like they are partying in paradise at one of the best VIP London club. Despite the regular gloomy weather in London, the sun is always shining at Mahiki where party goers are invited to warm up their night with after work dinner from 6pm onwards, offering diners a mouth-watering Thai cuisine, before the real party gets started, continuing on right up until 3am. For those celebrating a birthday or simply looking for something a little more extravagant, guests can expect to be dazzled by Mahiki’s treasure chest, one of the best VIP London club’s’ original specialities.

This glamourous treasure chest rocks up ashore filled with an ocean of Mahiki grog, brandy and peach liqueur, topped off with a bottle of Moet & Chandon, ready to give your night that extra special wow factor. Whilst dancing the night away with a vibrant, young professional crowd, ranging from regular Royal appearances made by Prince’s William and Harry, along with exclusive celebrity guests such as Rihanna, Pixie Lott and Paris Hilton, you can also expect to have a fun filled night sipping fresh, fruity, cocktails out of whole pineapples and frozen coconut shells, alongside taking shots off one of best VIP London club’s very own tiki shot surfboard, with the average cocktail prices ranging between £8.50 to £9.50, and Mahiki sharers starting at just £18 for the Ciroc infused ‘Lovers Cup’. As the night unveils, the dimly candlelit booths and tiki bar transform into a wave of fun, with dj’s turning up the vibe with a mix of RnB, HipHop, commercial house and much more in the Aloha Party Room!

Mahiki boasts a more relaxed door policy (something that is rare in London’s nightlife scene), allowing guests to enter the tropical jungle hassle-free before 11pm. It can be a little more difficult to enter the club after 11pm, due to the long queues and high demand for this unique Mayfair nightclub, therefore it is advisable that guests arrive early and queue up before 10:30pm to increase their chances of experiencing a magical night at Mahiki, one of the best VIP London clubs. Entry is at the discretion of the door staff, and as the club is one of the best VIP London clubs, guests should unquestionably, dress to impress, and bear in mind that the club is 18 and over only. If you do decide to visit Mahiki, please remember that the club operates a very strict ‘No fur’ policy, so whatever you do, do not wear any fur! Entry for Mahiki is set at a desirably, low fee of just £15 after 11pm for ladies (free entry for ladies before 11pm), and £15 for guys all night, with prices remaining the same all week, whether you visit on #MahikiMondays, #TikiTuesdays, or #FurFreeFridays. If you feel like you want a taste of this Polynesian paradise, then why not head down to the island of Mahiki, and join the other tiki lovers for a night of tiki mayhem.

The Definitive Guide To The Best VIP London Clubs 2016

The Best VIP London Clubs 2016 – Drama Review

Known as London’s most flamboyant nightclub, Drama Park Lane, formerly known as Whisky Mist, is the perfect location for those party goers who are looking for something wild, quirky and out of the extraordinary. Having only recently launched their new project in October 2015, Drama has been a huge success in London’s nightlife scene for the trio behind this current most talked about Mayfair venue, where parties including the Givenchy after party have been hosted. The so-called “chaotic utopia of hedonism” was created by the masterminds behind some of the best VIP London clubs, including Mayfair’s paradise island, Mahiki – Nick House, and the world renowned Cirque Le Soir’s, Ryan Bish and Tom Berg. Walking into Drama is like walking into a life sized kaleidoscope. The club instantly blows your mind with a sensory explosion of sights, smells and sounds, along with an incredible array of colours. The cutting-edge designs consist of walls covered in moving Maneki-Neko figurines (Japanese cats), banana-scented, scratch and sniff wallpaper, and amazing confetti cannons, guaranteeing that guests will fall in love with this club instantly. Of Course the drama doesn’t stop there. Even better, clubbers can expect to receive their champagne delivered in eccentric, LED neon, supermarket trolleys by waitresses providing the best service in town. It’s no wonder why Drama has made its mark as one of the best VIP London clubs.

For those looking for a touch of extra entertainment on their night out, Drama is the perfect place to be. With spectacular performers dressed in fetish clothing and PVC outfits, showing off their talents above the house Dj @djprincecharles’ booth, nothing can beat this unique, best VIP London clubs’ partying experience, where clubbers can expect to dance the night away to the sounds of RnB, HipHop,Commercial, Electric and House party mixes from 10pm til 3am, every Thursday to Sunday where the crowd is always down to get dirty! Are you enticed by the sound of the one of a kind, gilded Ace of Spades bottles? If so, then you need to make your way down to the gold room at Drama to experience only the best VIP service and a night filled with drinking fit for a king. As one of the best VIP London clubs, Drama also boasts a great range of drink prices, with a bottle of beer starting at just £5, spirit mixers from £14 and £250 for a bottle of champagne. The glam, Mayfair nightclub also celebrates its very own drag and gay night each Wednesday with the unique night hosted by the infamous #Dramaqueen, Jodie Harsh, so for those looking for something different to the ordinary night out in Mayfair, with a similar vibe to Soho, then join in with the weekly Wednesday night Drama for London’s most luxurious gay night in town, at one of the best VIP London clubs. Drama is also renowned for its flagship Sunday night service, where party goers worship Hip Hop and electronic music for a rare, London Sunday night party – a great way to end the week with a ‘Happy Ending’ and good vibes at one of the best VIP London clubs.

If you’re partying at Drama, just know that you’re definitely going to be partying with celebrities. The fresh project of the Mahiki and Cirque Le Soir’s collaboration has been a huge success amongst those celebs who also fancy a bit of Drama themselves, attracting big names such as Nicole Scherzinger, Lindsay Lohan and Jasmin Walia to the sophisticated club scene. Drama offers guests great table booking prices, starting from £500 minimum spend, to guestlist options and the ability to hire out the venue with a capacity of up to 300 guests. The guest list option allows ladies to join in with the Drama at one of the best VIP London clubs for free before 11pm, with guys paying the standard admission fee of £20 all night. Drama operates a strict 18 and over door policy, with a strict dress code of smart and glam – ladies pull out your sexiest dress and high heels, and guys get those smart shirts and shoes at the ready. It is highly recommended that you turn up to the door in your best party attire, and arrive early to avoid long queues due to the clubs reputable status as one of the best VIP London clubs, and of course, be ready to face the Drama.

The Definitive Guide To The Best VIP London Clubs 2016

The Best VIP London Clubs 2016 – Tape Review

Tape is most definitely one of the best of London’s VIP clubs, and is the most talked about nightclub, recording studio and private members club all combined into one, tailored for those working within and interested in the music and fashion industry. With regular live performances by the likes of Trey Songz, Jess Glynn and ASAP Rocky and frequent appearances from iconic celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Lewis Hamilton and Alesha Dixon, guests can be sure to enjoy a night of music mayhem at Tape. Despite it’s recent launch in late August 2015, the Hanover Square nightclub, with a desirable status as one of the best VIP London clubs, has been extremely popular amongst the music industry’s elite. Boasting a great crowd and already having experienced some remarkable performances from both the talented existing, and up and coming artists, this club is something in the London music scene that is not to be missed.

The tastefully decorated nightclub is designed to attract only the most creative artists and guests, with a unique musical theme, bar backdrop, resembling an army of trumpeters, disguised amongst a set of bright lights. The spacious dance floor is surrounded by the sleek interior, consisting of articles from world renowned musicians, such as Kurt Cobain’s jacket, Chuck Berry’s original guitar and a handwritten poem from Elvis Presley himself. When visiting Tape, party goers can expect to tune in to an extensive range of music, from Hip Hop to Deep House, and very often even live performances from 10pm right up until 3:30 am. Clubbers can also head down to Tape for a session with numerous guest performances regularly attracting the best artists from around the world, ranging from the likes of Sean Paul to Future and Jess Glynn, so head down to one of the best VIP London clubs, for an exclusive session of musical madness. The Hanover square venue holds up to 250 guests in the main club area, with the grammy award winning producer, Dallas Austin’s, inspired neighbouring recording studio, Little Tape, holding up to 150 guests. Little Tape also acts as the private members club, where all of the instruments used by the musicians can be found, and the members regularly meet up to discuss and share their mutual musical backgrounds. This private members club is perfect for those musicians that are looking to hang out with other professional artists, where different types of memberships can be purchased according to Little Tape’s member selection categories.

So if you’d like to share your love for music with other passionate artists, then get onto the Tape guestlist for free entry (ladies only) before 11pm, with guys paying the standard £20 entry fee all night. Alternatively, table bookings are also available at Tape, with the minimum spend starting at £500. This popular nightclub holds a strict 18 and over only policy, along with guestlist only entry, and the regular Mayfair dress code of smart, sexy and elegant. So gentlemen, grab your blazers, smart shoes and slick shirts, and ladies slip into your finest dresses and slip on your high heels, to “turn up, tune in and take over” the one and only Tape nightclub.

The Definitive Guide To The Best VIP London Clubs 2016

The Best VIP London Clubs 2016 – Bonbonniere Review

Located just down the road from the luxury department store Selfridges, at the heart of London, this high-end nightclub is most certainly one that is not to be missed. Adding to the capital’s collection of luxurious nightclubs and the list of the best VIP London clubs, with its prestige interior and premium service, Bonbonniere opened its doors to clubbers in November 2014, and has since attracted the best of London’s party fanatics. The Bonbonniere brand is internationally renowned, boasting nightclubs worldwide, including venues in New York and Mykonos, and has also been awarded the “Best New Nightclub” at the London Club and Bar Awards, since first opening in late 2014. Immediately after entering the prestigious nightclub, party goers can feast their eyes on an unique wall encrusted with candy jars filled with heaps of confectionary, and for those with a sweet tooth, don’t worry, you can be sure to enjoy the large variety of complimentary candy throughout the night.

Of course with Bonbonniere pulling out all the stops, the luxury candy treats do not stop there. Guests can expect to gorge in fluffy, pink candy floss, freshly made for party goers right from the beginning up until the end of the night, contributing towards the club’s title as one of the best VIP London clubs. Bonbonniere’s interior theme has been produced by the talented team of creators behind The Armani Hotel, predominantly focusing around the historical, Russian Fabergé egg, with the dark walls embellished in intricate Fabergé egg designs, and the ceiling illuminated with a contemporary, cross-hatched LED lighting system, along with an unconventional, Fabergé egg DJ booth. The impressive nightclub, as one of the best VIP London clubs, is also divinely decorated with shelves of mini-Fabergé eggs, all of which are accompanied by plaque’s with the names of the VIP clientele to whom the ornaments are dedicated to. Bonbonniere has proudly hosted many events for numerous internationally renowned brands, as well as fashion events for acclaimed names, with a just a few of the brands including Nars Cosmetics, Toni & Guy and CNN. The exclusive nightclub is at the top of the list for London’s social scene, and since its opening has attracted a fashionable crowd of A-listers, including the likes of Adriana Lima, Nicole Scherzinger and Snoop Dogg, to name just a few of the best VIP London clubs’ guests.

Partying at Bonbonniere means a night of crazy partying, with music mixed up by a list of outstanding international dj’s, from 10pm up until 3am, so why not join in with the #HipHopTuesdays, #BoutiqueDeBonBon Friday’s or even #BonBonSaturday’s, for a memorable experience of HipHop, RnB, House and commercial mixes at the one and only Bonbonniere. It is recommended that guests jump on the guestlist before arriving at the club for higher chances of entry on any night of the week, as queues tend to tail round the block for this extremely popular nightclub. Entry is free for ladies before 11pm, and £20 for gentlemen all night, however it is recommended that you arrive early to avoid queuing at this popular, VIP London club. Bonbonniere operates a strict 18 and over only policy and I.D is required at the door. The club engages in a very strict dress code, only the smart, the elegant and the classy will be permitted to enter Bonbonnieres luxury club nights, so it is highly recommended that all guests dress smartly and look glamorous when attending one of the best VIP London club night, as entry will be at the discretion of door staff.

Tonteria Guestlist

The Best VIP London Clubs 2016 – Tonteria Review

Tonteria nightclub is certainly not a place for the faint hearted. If you’re ready for a night of Mexican madness, tequila infused cocktails and mouth watering tapas, then you and your friends need to head down to Tonteria, one of the most original and best VIP London clubs. This Sloane square nightclub is renowned for its impressive tequila selection, where guests can enjoy the spirit on the rocks, in their cocktails or frozen. It is known by many party goers as London’s very own tequila paradise, with its most highly acclaimed drink being the ‘Reserva De Alma’, costing an extortionate £5,000 per shot! If that isn’t enough to make guests go loco at this VIP London club, then they’re sure to be amazed by the Tonteria Express, a unique toy train that delivers guests’ tequila shots right to their tables.

Tonteria also boasts very original interior designs, ranging from hammocks hanging from the ceilings, Mexican themed hand painted tiles and indoor plants decorating the spacious dance floor. For those who don’t fancy swinging on the hammocks at this exceptional, best VIP London club, there are eleven tables and booths available to pre-book, and the nightclub also offers guests early evening sharing cocktails, and tapas for a delicious pre party meal. Clubbers can also expect to enjoy their night, dancing alongside talented performers dressed in latex attire, live lucha libre wrestlers (both inside and outside the club), and astounding fire-eaters throughout the night. This great, Mexican themed nightclub also offers fantastic birthday shows for those looking to celebrate their special night in London, making it one of the most outstanding and best VIP London clubs around.

Guests who visit this tequila island can be sure to party with the royal likes of Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton, as well as celebrities including Leonardo Dicaprio, Justin Timberlake and Cressida Bonas, making the venue the ultimate celebrity party haven. Tonteria brings the Mexican mayhem to London, and has emerged as a result of the collaboration of the creators of both Whisky Mist and Mahiki, guaranteeing clubbers a fantastic night out in London’s best party scene, at one of the capital’s most unique nightclubs and best VIP London clubs. So if you’re tequila crazy then grab your sombrero and get ready to rumba at the infamous tequila bar every Monday to Saturday, from 11pm until 3am, with a great mix of RnB, Commercial, Hip Hop and Latino music, by some of London’s best djs, including Dj Charles Prince and Max St Croix. Tonteria operates an 18 and over only age restriction, with a strict dress code, therefore guests will only be granted entry if they are dressed smartly and look glamorous. So señhoritas in high heels, and Señores in presentable shirts and smart shoes. Ladies receive free entry before 11pm and gentlemen pay £20 entry all night, for the best, Mexican fiesta in London

The Definitive Guide To The Best VIP London Clubs 2016

The Best VIP London Clubs 2016 – Geisha At Ramusake Review

The list of the best VIP London clubs would not be complete without the night that transforms the everyday London nightlife scene, into the highly popular, Japanese themed evening, known to party goers as Geisha at Ramusake. This magnificent private members club offers its guests a unique experience, with the club taking a step away from the ordinary night out and tearing a leaf out of London’s new, chic and innovative nightlife scene, bringing the best of Tokyo to South Kensington, with late night Japanese fine dining, daily Japanese performers and Geisha resembling hostesses.

This culturally enlightened venue has been tastefully decorated by the original creators of Whisky Mist and another one of the best VIP London clubs, Tonteria, to fit in with the prestigious, neighbouring clubs that surround Ramusake, in London’s most prominent clubbing scene, South Kensington. Geisha at Ramusake flaunts an elegant interior, with a dimly lit dining scene, creating a tranquil atmosphere, accompanied by contemporary led cross-hatched ceiling lights for the after party, when the venue turns into a snazzy nightclub. The club interior is based on a classy, dark mahogany theme and the room is dominated by a table-bordered, spacious dance floor, allowing guests to party with plenty of room. Having only have launched in June 2015, Geisha at Ramusake has been the talk of the town, known to many as one of the best VIP London clubs, and offering an out of the extraordinary, pre party dining experience, with a fusion of Japanese and all year round festive dining, leaving guests hungry for more as the night unveils. Guests can also expect to start the night off drinking a fantastic selection of cocktails, infused with rum and sake, from fascinating, large, dragon heads, served by beautiful waitresses dressed as traditional Japanese geishas, providing only the best service and ensuring that all of their guests have a great night at one of the best VIP London clubs. Whilst diners come to finish indulging in the exquisite selection of traditional Japanese delicacies, guests are transported from Japan to London, melding the relaxed atmosphere into an upbeat party scene, with dj’s turning up the vibe and enticing the crowd to join the party on the dance floor, with a tasteful mix of RnB, Commercial and Hip Hop music pumping through the crowd of one of the best VIP London clubs.

As a Mayfair favourite, and one of the hottest celebrity hangouts, Geisha at Ramusake has opened its doors to many renowned names such as Prince Harry, Alexa Chung and Kate Moss, luring in an incredible crowd at every one of its great Geisha at Ramusake nights, hosted regularly every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night, from 10pm right up until the early hours of the morning, so expect to party hard at one of the best VIP London clubs. The door policy is strict for Geisha at Ramusake nights, therefore all guests should get their names onto the guestlist before heading out for the night and make sure to stick to the standard, high-end VIP London club’s dress code, and turn up dressed smart and elegantly. The over 18’s club entitles ladies to complimentary entry before 11pm and gentlemen pay the set entry free of £20 all night. If the sound of pretty geisha’s, dragon head cocktails and a Japanese themed night is something that appeals to you, then head down to Geisha at Ramusake this week (Wednesday, Friday and Saturday only) and check out what all of the fuss is about.

The Definitive Guide To The Best VIP London Clubs 2016

The Best VIP London Clubs 2016 – Mason House Review

With its convenient, central location and low key reputation, Mason House never fails to attract the best crowds in London town, with celebrities such as Jay Z, Beyonce and Maria Fowler being spotted at the exclusive venue. The club is amongst the best VIP London clubs, and is submerged amidst the vaults of The London Palladium, in Oxford Circus, formerly known as Movida. This renowned Mayfair club is run by the owners of Chinawhite and is inspired by the freemasons, with the interior created by international designer, Ludovic Messager, who is also known for his work at the Titty Twister Club, one of the top clubs in Paris’ nightlife scene. The principal theme of the club has been designed to resemble a traditional, Masonic temple, taking clubbers back a few centuries to where the theme originates from the Argyll Street residents of 1737 who were predominantly Masons. When initially entering the Mason House, one of the best VIP London clubs, guests are instantly greeted by the ancient, gothic theme, with an array of mirrors embellishing the walls leading down the staircase and into the main dance floor area.

The walls surrounding the black-and-white chequered dance floor are plastered with numerous portraits of prominent Masons, and a large neon feature wall, adding a splash of colour to the theme of the club. The victorian style theme is further enhanced, at one of the best VIP London clubs, by the crystal chandeliers which are dimly lit, along with the luxurious, tyrian purple, leather seating which surrounds the room and ends where the religious resemblance begins, with portraits of various Mason’s protected behind iron bars, and encompassed by candles of devotion. Party goers, however, almost instantly come to the realisation that the Mason House is anything but a temple, with the sounds of RnB, Hip Hop, Eclectic and Commercial House tunes flowing through the bare, brick walls, shaking the chandeliers and getting the party started every Thursday to Saturday night from 11pm up until 4am. As one of the best VIP London clubs, Mason House has earned its prestige reputation as the first club to bring Ibiza dj’s to Mayfair, with an unrivaled lineup of dj’s, for example The Martinez Brothers, Solomun and Guy Gerber to name a few. Despite not having a resident Dj, Mason House entertains guests with regular appearances from international Dj’s, guaranteeing clubbers a great night out.

If that isn’t enough to entice you to try a night out at Mason House, then you’ll be sure to be amazed by the club’s exclusive, additional area, ‘Room 33’. This feature is one of the elements that enables the Mason House to be a part of the exclusive clubs collection, and one of the best VIP London clubs, as this is an alternative dance floor for guests, with access through invitation only, and can only be found by those who are lucky enough to discover the secret door entrance. Mason House is strictly 18 and over only, operating a guestlist only entry policy, and has tables available for booking each club night, so be sure to get on the guestlist early as this tends to fill up pretty quickly. As per all Mayfair clubs, Mason House operates a strict dress code, with ladies required to wear high heels and gents in smart shoes and shirts, ready to party in style. Entry for ladies is complimentary before 11pm and gents pay a cover charge of £20 all night. Entry is strictly at the discretion of club staff so remember to dress to impress as only the best looking clubbers will be permitted entry.

The Definitive Guide To The Best VIP London Clubs 2016

The Best VIP London Clubs 2016 – Kensington Roof Gardens Review

At Kensington Roof Gardens, clubbers are invited by Sir Richard Branson to enjoy a night of partying at his private members club, with stunning views and a great selection of champagne and cocktails, whilst overlooking South Kensington High Street from this hidden gem at 100ft high. This club is without a doubt one of the best VIP London clubs, and has been intricately designed to leave guests in awe of the perfection that consists of a collection of plush rooftop gardens. The three gadens each parade their own, unique theme, including an authentic Spanish Yard, an English Woodland and a beautiful, Tudor Courtyard, where guests can walk amongst the palm trees, water fountains and outdoor heaters, and around the gardens using the paved footpaths to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings.

If you’re looking for something a little more extravagant, exclusive and sophisticated in the South Kensington nightlife scene, Kensington Roof Gardens ticks all of these boxes and should definitely be your number one option to enjoy a night out at one of the best VIP London clubs. Not only will you be partying with a great crowd of both young professionals on a Friday night and a more mature crowd on Saturday nights, but you’ll also be dancing alongside the club’s famous four, also known as Bill, Ben, Pecks and Splosh – the resident flamingos! So if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to party with a group of flamingos on an outdoor terrace, then bring your friends over to Europe’s largest roof gardens to find out. As one of the best VIP London clubs, Kensington Roof Gardens has its guests partying hard every Friday and Saturday night from 10pm up until 3am, with dj appearances from international party rockers such as Groove Armada, along with resident dj’s including Dj Dan Browne, Dj Jed Pearson and Dj Duncan James to mention just a few. The two separate rooms accessible to all clubbers offer a selection of music, from R&B and Hip Hop to House and Commercial, catering for all party goers and ensuring that guests have a great choice of music to enjoy whilst showing off their moves on the club’s spacious dance floors. With the various VIP rooms in the club, a delicious outdoor barbeque, and a continuous stream of great lineups all year round, celebrity appearances are a given, with the likes of Sienna Miller, Jade Jagger and Jasmin Walia partying at the glamourous venue and enjoying a great night out with London’s most fashionable crowd.

Of course guests can only revel in these lavish, rooftop parties if they are dressed well and look glamourous. As the club quite simply puts it ‘no effort, no entry’, therefore it is advisable that guests adhere to the strict dress code, so ladies pull out your best dancing heels and gents, iron those shirts and polish those smart shoes to get the party started this weekend at Kensington Roof Gardens.

The Definitive Guide To The Best VIP London Clubs 2016

The Best VIP London Clubs 2016 – Raffles Review

For party goers wanting to experience an unrivaled night of opulence and exclusivity at one of the best VIP London clubs, Raffles is as good as it gets. Operating as a private members club, with very strict guest access and guestlist access only available on the weekends, Raffles is anything but your typical London nightclub. As one of the only Chelsea nightclubs to hold a late night license, Raffles is popularly recognised for staying open until 6am throughout weekend club nights. When stepping into this VIP venue on Kings Road, clubbers are offered the opportunity to get to know a little more about the history of the club, with a large bookcase holding hundreds of “who’s who” printouts placed at the entrance, informing them of the clubs successfully lengthy history, and how it has managed to gain its reputation as one of the best VIP London clubs. Only the best VIP London clubs offer their guests a selection of the highest standards of alcohol, with Raffles being one of the top London clubs that enables clubbers to indulge in the profusion of exclusive liquor that is majestically arranged behind the bar.

The club’s professional mixologists also offer guests an impressive assortment of cocktails to pump the energy into their night, leaving party goers thirsty for more. The main room in the club is sophisticatedly dark, with cosy, plush pink seating booths bordering the contrastingly bright, lit up dance floor, where guests can dance under the snazzy, mirrored ceiling. The spacious dance floor is elegantly centred around a raised, mirrored platform with bright led lights reflecting off it to add to the party atmosphere of one of the best VIP London clubs. Celebrity guests at Raffles include a list of the rich and famous, such as Vivienne Westwood, The Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton, with an impressive addition to the list, Her Royal Highness herself who has also attended this prestigious club, making Raffles undeniably one of the best VIP London clubs. Weekly dj’s at Raffles vary regularly, with the popular club attracting international dj’s to host their exclusive parties, entertaining guests with a mixture of RnB, Commercial House, Party Anthems and Electro tunes weekly from Tuesday to Saturday, starting at 10:30pm and ending in the early hours of the morning, at 6am on weekends.

This over 21’s Chelsea based club imposes a strict dress code, with the club refusing entry to guests wearing any sports wear, and those who have not dressed smart, sleek and stylishly. The entry fee is standard for all non-members, at £20 up until 3am and £30 thereafter. If you’re ready to splash the cash, feel daring enough to try your luck at entering one of the best VIP London clubs, and want to party with the capital’s most elite crowd, then get your name on the weekend guestlist at Raffles to experience one of their highly eminent club nights.

The Definitive Guide To The Best VIP London Clubs 2016

The Best VIP London Clubs 2016 – Project Review

For those with a sophisticated side, Project is sure to please. As one of the best VIP London clubs, Project never fails to impress its guests, with stylish and contemporary interior that has recently been put into place during the club’s 2015, multi-million pound refurbishment, aligning Project with many of the other top, VIP Mayfair clubs. Conveniently located at the heart of London, just off Oxford Street, this award winning, classy club is primarily dominated by private seating areas, each with their own cosy, separate, leather sofa section for increased intimacy and privacy for those guests looking to have a great night with their friends. The popular dance floor is highlighted by the neon, led lights that brighten up the club, creating a fun and vibrant atmosphere, whilst contrasting the surrounding, sleek, dark interior. The room, being one of the best VIP London clubs, is further illuminated by led lit columns situated around the dancefloor, adding style and a splash of colour to liven up the dancefloor vibes, whilst complementing the large, led display screens placed around the dj booth.

Since first opening its doors to London’s most elite clubbers, Project has wowed partygoers with live performances and dj sets from the likes of Calvin Harris, Dj Rosta and Robert Sanchez, making the crowd go wild each and every club night. Project’s speciality music is primarily a super mix of house tunes, pumping up the vibe and infusing energy into the clubs great party scene. Doors at one of the best VIP London clubs, open every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at 11pm and stay open until 4am, making the centrally located nightclub a popular destination for a glamourous night out downtown. At the bar, a premium range of champagne, vodka and cocktails await as clubbers select their preferences from a Kindle like, light up menu, and indulge in the best VIP London club’s impressive, edible (or drinkable), 24 carat ‘Gold Mojito’ at a mere £14 per glass. The service at Project nightclub is zero to none, with waiters and waitresses providing guests with fast and efficient service, and ease of communication as they helpfully wear white braces as a part of their uniform, which can be spotted easily from anywhere in the club when the uv lights reflect off them. Clubbers should be warned that they are likely to be brushing shoulders or taking selfies with celebrities if they’re visiting Project nightclub.

Holding a superior position within the list of the best VIP London clubs means that Project nightclub is a hot celebrity hub, and attracts some of the world’s biggest names to party with them. Celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Tulisa Contostavlos and Nicole Scherzinger, to name just a few, have been photographed visiting Project, alongside a very affluent, wealthy party crowd. If you’re enticed by the sound of this high-end, contemporary nightclub, and are willing to queue for an indelible night, then jump on the guestlist now, as this popular destination operates guestlist only entry, to allow only the best VIP London clubbers into their exclusive club. As one of the renowned Mayfair clubs, Project expects guests to dress at their best, with entry being at the discretion of door staff, and the club policy of 21 and over only applying to all guests. So if you’re heading to Project for an unforgettable experience, be sure to dress the part to avoid disappointment on the night and ladies, please remember that the club strictly does not accept flats.

The Best VIP London Clubs 2016 – Cafe De Paris Review

Extravagant is an understatement when it comes to Cafe De Paris in Soho. If you like the sound of an exclusive, celebrity experience, live entertainment and circus performers, then this gorgeous, old theatre venue is the place for you to party this weekend. As one of the best VIP London clubs, Cafe De Paris offers its guests a sensational night at the heart of the West End, with a spectacular, unique and timeless interior, retained from the original theatre decor, making the night one to remember in this extremely glamorous nightclub. Cafe De Paris is known for its burlesque shows, and entertains its guests on the spacious dance floor, overlooked by the dazzling, crystal chandelier that is encircled by led lights illuminating the centre of the room.

Clubbers also have the option to join in with the fun on the second tier of the club, where party goers can visit the balcony that overlooks all of the action happening below, on the dance floor of one of the best VIP London clubs. The main stage is set at the top of the dance floor and is surrounded by a set of stairs, where the clubs showgirls and performers entertain party goers, showing off their professional skills. The remaining dance floor area is bordered by opulent table booths, available for private bookings by those who are looking for an night with extra special, VIP treatment and a great view of one of the best VIP London club’s dance floor. Of course when talking about Cafe De Paris, clubbers instantly think of the unrivaled list of celebrities that visit the club every weekend, all year round, causing Cafe De Paris to throw some of London’s biggest and best parties. Clubbers can be sure to be partying alongside many A list names at Cafe De Paris, as this VIP club turns into a celebrity playground every Friday and Saturday night from 10:30 pm until the early hours of the morning. The popular celebrity hangout has welcomed members from the casts of The Only Way Is Essex and Made In Chelsea, in addition to some of the hottest celebs such as Rihanna, Akon and P Diddy.

One of the elements contributing towards Cafe De Paris’ status as one of best VIP London clubs is the bespoke birthday arrangements that are available to its guests, making the club the perfect venue to celebrate your birthday, along with the desirable hospitality that ensures clubbers have a great night when partying at Cafe De Paris. House dj’s include internationally known names such as Dj Tony Madden and Dj Charles Prince, playing all of the latest Hip Hop, RnB and Commercial tunes, getting the party started every Friday and Saturday night. As one of the best VIP London clubs, the centrally located venue operates an 18 and over only policy, with entry being more probable on a prebooked guestlist service, so get your names on the guestlist before your weekend night out arrives, or book yourself one of the plush tables to celebrate in style. Please remember that the door staff permit only the finest guests to party with their celebrities, so ladies pull out your little black dresses and high heels, and gents, polish those smart shoes and grab your pressed shirts for a night of sophisticated partying at one of the best VIP London clubs, Cafe De Paris.

The Definitive Guide To The Best VIP London Clubs 2016

The Best VIP London Clubs 2016 – Libertine Review

One of London’s hottest picks is the lush Libertine, situated centrally in Fitzrovia. Formerly known as Chinawhite, Libertine has successfully managed to retain many of the club’s elite party crowd after its relaunch, becoming one of the best VIP London clubs, and is still to this day a very popular party scene for many international football stars and worldwide celebrity icons, with names such as Rita Ora, Tom Cruise and Kendall Jenner making regular appearances at this chic and fashionable nightclub. The classy club, being one of the best VIP London clubs, is known to have hosted some of the capital’s most prestigious parties, including the London Fashion Week after party in 2016, making the club without a doubt, one of London’s most popular celebrity hotspots.

If you’re looking to party somewhere with contemporary, tasteful and futuristic interior, then Libertine ticks all of these boxes. This nightclub definitely deserves to be crowned with the title for the most sleek and stylish decor on the list of the best VIP London clubs, with a state of the art laser and lighting system, along with confetti cannons, disco balls and a 50ft led screen dominating the club’s main wall, projecting previous party pictures and videos, whilst setting the vibrant atmosphere on the main dance floor. With a large capacity of up to 575 guests, Libertine is divided into four main party areas, with one of the sections being the ‘Reason & Mankind’ bar and lounge. Guests can quench their thirst at this relaxing and intimate, yet entertaining bar, with a fantastic selection of cocktails and champagne, along with a desirably friendly and fast bar service. What better way to get the night started at one of the best VIP London clubs? In addition to the three main party areas is the room that only the VVIP guests are lucky enough to see. If you’re looking for an extremely exclusive night out, and are willing to empty your pockets, then Libertines very own VIP room is something that you need to see. As one of the best VIP London clubs, Libertine does not expose the exclusive features of this VIP room, however the club boasts its secrecy as the room is located behind closed doors, with a concealed entrance, and offers only the most prestige clubbers the ultimate clubbing experience.

The venue opens its doors as one of the best VIP London clubs, to party goers at 10:30pm every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and even Sunday, with some of London’s best Dj’s, starting off the night playing a great mix of R&B, Hip Hop and Commercial House throughout the night. The club’s demand is extremely high, and Libertine operates a guestlist only entry policy, as it is highly renowned as one of the best VIP London clubs, so it is advisable to book your names on the guestlist as soon as possible to avoid disappointment on the night. As per all of the best VIP London luxury, members only night clubs, Libertine operates a very strict dress code, and only the best looking clubbers will walk through the club’s doors. It is therefore highly recommended that guests wishing to party at this 21 and over only club, follow the smart and sexy dress code and dress to impress to experience an exclusive night of entertainment. Although Libertine has a reputation for it being difficult to get past the door staff, once you’re inside the club, you’ll be quick to notice that all of your efforts were certainly worth it and guests can be sure to have a superb night out at one of the best VIP London clubs.

The Definitive Guide To The Best VIP London Clubs 2016

The Best VIP London Clubs 2016 – Montezuma Review

One of the newest additions to the list of the best VIP London clubs is Montezuma, concquering Chelsea’s clubbing scene since its relaunch in December 2015. The underground spot was formerly known as ‘The Harrington’, and was originally opened by The Rolling Stones. This stylish cocktail lounge and bar is located at the heart of the area of the rich and famous, just five minutes away from South Kensington tube station. The club has been named after the last Aztec emperor, with the interior in the main club reflecting this ancient, yet timeless theme. Adhering to the traditional, high-end club theme of many of the best VIP London clubs, Montezuma has been sophisticatedly decorated, with plush, leather table booths surrounding the centralised dance floor, and a raised Dj booth overlooking clubbers as they enjoy the entertainment from some of the capital’s hottest Dj’s. The primary Aztec theme dominates the walls and the bar panels, with a contemporary twist added by the multicoloured, led lights that illuminate the entire club.

With a capacity holding up to 175 guests, Montezuma is a small yet intimate venue. Clubbers are left wanting more every weekend, as one of the best VIP London clubs plays host to a variety of the most entertained Dj’s, mixing up a selection of Hip Hop, Commercial House and R&B every Thursday evening through to Saturday night, from 10pm until 3am. Montezuma most certainly deserves its position in the best VIP London clubs as it offers guests an astonishing champagne show, brought to party goers at the beginning of the night by the club’s stunning waitresses, and followed by the sensational, live drummers, allowing clubbers to experience an unrivalled start to their night. This cocktail lounge promises to please, with a great team of mixologists serving up a storm, ranging from affordably priced beers, a large variety of cocktails and mocktails, along with a desirable range of champagnes, making sure that clubbers glasses are always full.

Guests are also sure to be impressed by the fantastic service at this club, as one of the best VIP London clubs, Montezuma has nothing but the best staff, offering a night of fun, fast and friendly service. Being one of the best VIP London clubs, means that Montezuma operates an over 18’s only age restriction and strict dress code. Only the well dressed guests will be able to enter the club at the door staff’s discretion, so as the drill goes, dress smart and elegant and you will be fine to enter the emperor’s party haven. Weekends tend to get very busy at Montezuma and the club fills up very quickly, therefore it is advisable to jump on the guestlist to avoid rejection at the door on the night and arrive early.

The Definitive Guide To The Best VIP London Clubs 2016

The Best VIP London Clubs 2016 – Maddox Review

For those clubbers that are looking for a serious night of partying, come and join in with the fun at one of the best VIP London club’s, Maddox. With long queues extending round the block every weekend, Maddox is an extremely popular venue to party at every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, holding a reputation for being one of London’s most chic, classy and costly clubs. The award winning club is conveniently located in Mayfair, between Bond Street and Oxford Circus stations, and just a stone’s throw away from many of the other best VIP London clubs, including Tape, Bonbonniere and Libertine to name just a few.

Maddox regularly attracts the best of London’s clubbing crowd, with a highly diverse crowd, reflecting the increasingly international culture of the British capital. Successfully holding a place on the list of the best VIP London clubs means that Maddox opens its doors frequently to a wide array of stars, some of which include, Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams and Paris Hilton, making the club one of the celebrities’ favourite Mayfair clubs. Guests can also expect to be partying alongside a very fashionable crowd, with many of the club’s regulars being some of London’s top models. Many guests enjoy their night at Maddox, starting off early, with exquisite dining at one of London’s top restaurants, on the second floor of the club, before the house Dj’s turn up the vibe, lifting the mood and keeping clubbers dancing on their feet all night, enjoying some of the latest R&B, Commercial and Hip Hop music. This beautiful club has some of the most intriguing and intricate interiors. From the moment that guests step into the club, right up until the end of the night, they are certain to be left in awe of the opulent decor that has contributed towards the highly recommended reputation of Maddox, as one of the best VIP London clubs.

When entering this premium night club, party goers of Maddox, listed as one of the best VIP London clubs, are led down the illuminated stairwell and into the main dance floor area where the cutting edge room design never fails to amuse. Clubbers dance the night away around the comfortable, luxury, leather booths and VIP tables that are situated around the frame of the main room, and are brightly lit up, adding that extra special touch to the flamboyant theme of the night club. The atmosphere at Maddox always promises to please, with party goers heading down to the dance floor right from the start until the end of the night, guaranteeing guests to have a great night at this exclusive Mayfair club. Passing through the door is a known challenge for many guests, and entry for clubbers is very limited to retain the exclusivity of the club, therefore it is recommendable that guests make an effort with their appearance to gain access into one of the best VIP London clubs that is always highly demanded. The venue also operates a strict 21 and over, members only policy, so if you are not a member, you will be refused entry at the door, and the club also offers its guests table bookings for every club night. So become a member today to experience an exclusive night at Maddox members club.

The Definitive Guide To The Best VIP London Clubs 2016

The Best VIP London Clubs 2016 – The Box

If guests are lucky enough to make it through this hedonistic heaven’s wooden doors, they will instantly feel as though they have been taken out of this world and into another dimension. As club goers enter one of the best VIP London clubs, based in Soho, they are greeted by ladies dressed in tightly fastened basques, and are ushered down a dark hallway, up the spiral staircase, and through the double doors entering the main club, where party goers no longer have to contain their excitement. Inside one of the best VIP London clubs, guests are greeted by an antique, Victorian themed club, dimly lit to set the atmosphere for the erotic entertainment that is performed upon the stage until the early hours of the morning. The walls are tastefully plastered in rich, ruby red wallpaper, adorned with beautiful, glitzy mirrors, and the room is framed with timelessly fashioned table booths, where only the most prestigious guests can afford to enjoy the views. For those who are looking to splash the cash and lighten their pockets, The Box promises the most lavish service, with table bookings starting from £1,500 and ranging up to a steep £3,000.

The club, with a reputation for its uncensored, sexual excess, is set over two floors, allowing clubbers to enjoy the risque performances from a bird’s eye view, whilst overlooking the overwhelming reception on the dance floor, filled with dwarf acrobats, supermodels and professional dancers. On the second tier of one of the best VIP London clubs, party goers come eye to eye with the promiscuous, aerial hoop gymnasts, enjoying their astonishing acts throughout the night. Guests can also cater to their desires in the VIP room of the club, with invitation only access, where ‘anything goes’ and X-rated parties take place nightly behind closed doors. As described by the creator of this notorious party spot, Simon Hammerstein, The Box is a place of “mystique, mystery and sexual openness”, and is most certainly not for the faint hearted or the narrow minded. Earning its position as one of the top, best VIP London clubs, The Box reaches the peak of sophistication and has definitely been the most phenomenal nightspot in London for many years now. The club was initially introduced to London’s party scene as the sister club of NYC’s original nightclub, and has since thrilled, amused and occasionally even shocked party goers. The jaw dropping performances have blown clubbers mind, and the exclusive reputation has attracted an extensive list of supermodels, some of Hollywood’s biggest names and even British Royals, including Prince Harry and Princess Beatrice. Guests can expect to rub shoulders with some of the hottest celebrities, including Emma Watson, Jude Law, Kate Moss and Keira Knightley to name just a few.

Champagne bottles available from behind the bar or with table bookings, range from £140 and soar up to a dear £20,000 for guests looking for a serious night of hardcore partying. Guests can also enjoy the exhaustive list of cocktails that mirror the club’s erotic theme, with mixologists stirring up cocktails from the infamous ‘Between the Sheets’, to the mouth watering ‘Dirty Lady’, infused with a mixture of cognac, Moet and gin with a slightly costly starting price of £70, but it’s more than worth it. The Box welcomes clubbers through it’s doors every Wednesday to Saturday night from 11pm, entertaining its guests with saucy Burlesque shows starting at midnight and continuing on with the fun, drinking and dirty dancing up until 3am. As one of the official best VIP London clubs, The Box plays host to world famous Dj’s each club night, entertaining party goers with a large variety of music, from Hip Hop to Dance and Commercial House. So, are you ready to sin?

If you think you’re daring enough to partake in this extravagant, sensual night, at one of the best VIP London clubs, then be prepared to queue for entry, and hope to be worthy of the stringent door staff’s selected few. The Box operates a very strict over 21’s policy, with entry being permitted to only the most stunning club goers, so if you’re lusting for a night full of surreal encounters, at London’s most explicit party, join The Box guestlist ahead of your night out. In accord to the strict dress code, it is recommended that guests pull out their best outfits (black tie and glamourous dresses are encouraged), to party in style. Due to it’s extremely exclusive reputation, as one of the best VIP London clubs, The Box operates a strict no camera or videos policy, so make sure you cherish your night while it last.

The Definitive Guide To The Best VIP London Clubs 2016

The Best VIP London Clubs 2016 – Charlie Review

With the rise in the number of private members clubs in Mayfair, Charlie Berkley Street has been voted as one of the best VIP London clubs, since its recent opening in September 2015. The one million pound refurbishment has transformed the address that was formerly known as Funky Buddha, to one of the West End’s most quirky night scenes, encompassed by many of the best VIP London clubs. Mayfair’s latest night spot has been inspired by the 1920’s most reputable British comedian and filmmaker, Charlie Chaplin. As per his fun and vibrant charisma, the nightclub, created by the masterminds of some of the best VIP London clubs, including Toy Room and Project, honours the legend through reflecting his admirable character in its interior designs.

The club, being a favourite on the list of the best VIP London clubs, is very distinct in comparison to its neighbouring venues, with a pool table, several fireplaces and modern art adorning the bare walls. Sap green, leather booths are placed in the centre of the club, allowing party goers to enjoy the entertainment around them, and the main club is surfaced with a funky, monochrome flooring, adding a retro feel to the party. The hot night spot is most certainly no stranger to state of the art lighting systems and flashing lasers, with the led ceiling fixtures acting as contemporary chandeliers, and lights alternating between a variety of vivid colours to set the atmosphere. Charlie also commemorates the iconic comedian with a light installation fixed upon the wall, with one of his famous quotes ‘a man’s true character comes out when he’s drunk’, a statement that is most definitely attended to by the club’s professional mixologists at the bar. Members will be left dancing all night to the sounds of world class Dj’s and a selection of the top releases, with stunning, professional dancers flaunting their moves each night.

Club goers can also expect to engage in encounters with an array of famous names at one of the specially selected, best VIP London clubs, and should be aware that the club is generally known to be heaving every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, at #HowaboutCharlie, with doors opening at 11pm until 3am, so be prepared for a night full of entertainment. With its eminent location, Charlie only entitles the best looking guests into its club, and those who have not made an effort will be refused entry. The strict dress code is implemented each club night, and entry is at the discretion of door staff, therefore cannot be guaranteed. The over 18’s club operates a guestlist only entry policy, therefore put your names on the guestlist before arriving at the club to avoid any issues at the door. As once said by the legend himself, ‘a day without laughter is a day wasted’, so gather your party and give Charlie a go, for a fun filled night at Mayfair’s latest and most exciting club.

The Definitive Guide To The Best VIP London Clubs 2016

The Best VIP London Clubs 2016 – Toyroom Review

On the list of the best VIP London clubs, Toy Room remains unrivalled with its promise to deliver the best experience for those party goers who love a bit of Hip Hop and R&B. Clubbers will without a doubt find themselves dancing involuntarily to the latest and best beats of Hip Hop and R&B tunes, with the club previously hosting performances from Hip Hop worshippers, including Wiz Khalifa and Tyga. Toy Room also has the likes of Nicole Scherzinger, Jessie J and Lindsay Lohan paying frequent visits, attracting a very high end, glamorous and professional crowd to the nightspot. Guests are likely to feel at home when partying at the Toy Room, with the small but intimate dance floor and only 12 seated table areas available to book.

The elegantly panelled walls, and carefully placed sketches of Hip Hop legends also add a warm ambience to the club, along with the comfortable, brown chester couches and large lampshades, giving the club a luxurious, living room feel. Bordering the room are glowing, orange, led lights reflecting upon the walls, creating a fiery atmosphere and adding class to one of the best VIP London clubs. Toy Room promises the finest service in town, with the boutique nightclub providing clubbers with fast, friendly and professional members of staff, to ensure their night is enjoyable throughout. The Swallow Street venue also supplies club goers with an enticing selection of reasonably priced drinks, something that not many other Mayfair clubs have on offer, and is definitely something that will make sure the party animals have a night to remember at one of the best VIP London clubs.

Come and join the club’s 4ft, teddy bear mascot, and ladies ‘man’ Frank, who has earned his reputation amongst London’s club goers, partying with A listers every Thursday to Saturday, from 11pm until late. Due to the club’s high status, as part of the collection of the best VIP London clubs, Toy Room strictly does not operate guestlist entry. It is advisable that guests, with groups in particular, make table reservations for the night that they wish to attend the club, otherwise door staff will mostly certainly refuse access to the club. The dress code at Toy Room is slightly more lenient than its neighbouring clubs, however it is recommended that clubbers still adhere to the general, smart and elegant, Mayfair dress code. Since originally opening Toy Room Mayfair, in 2014, the club’s huge success has encouraged owners to expand internationally to Mykonos and Dubai, making the brand, now a world famous name, and more than just one of the best VIP London clubs. So why not try out the Toy Room in Mayfair this weekend, before travelling further a field?

The Definitive Guide To The Best VIP London Clubs 2016

The Best VIP London Clubs 2016 – L8 Review

If you haven’t already checked out this After Hours Club, it’s never too late, as the club’s motto goes. Located between a number of Mayfair and South Kensington clubs, this Victoria based venue caters for those who really are looking for a serious party. L8 nightclub combines the ingredients of all of the best VIP London clubs, to create the perfect recipe for an after party. Since first opening its doors in October 2015, L8 has experienced an incredible reception of party goers, with the club filling in on what London’s nightlife was missing out on, and rapidly making its way on to the list of the best VIP London clubs. This unique, niche, offers a whole new dimension to London’s clubbing scene, and has proved to be increasingly popular amongst the capital’s party fanatics. Holding up to 350 guests, L8 definitely has more than enough room for clubbers to party hard until the early hours of the morning.

Acting as one of the most popular and best VIP London clubs, L8 attracts club goers who simply aren’t ready to hit the sack, offering London’s only luxurious after party, from 3am right up until 6am, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning. The club is home to party crazy, nocturnals, and L8 clubbers can expect to be enjoying their night, or morning rather, with a full house, as this London favourite tends to fill up very quickly. With its generous floor space, the club offers a large number of VIP tables, spread out across the room to allow clubbers to enjoy their night within their own, private area. Luscious, plum, velvet couches accompany the VIP tables, where guests can sit down and relax, if all the dancing gets a bit too much. The main room is dimly lit, with the few lights primarily focusing on the raised Dj booth at the front of the dance floor, where some of London’s best Dj sets play, including Kevin O’Leary.

Overall, the club generates a moderately relaxed and laid back atmosphere, more so than the other members of the best VIP London clubs, enabling clubbers to let their hair down ahead of the weekend, and enjoy the music til the sun rises. As you can imagine, this one of a kind clubbing hotspot operates a limited guestlist, and offers party goers the option of booking a VIP table. If you’re looking to head to L8 this weekend, then jump on the guestlist fast, as it is known to get fully booked, often weeks in advance. The dress code is still strict, as the club aims to maintain its exclusive reputation through the party goers that it allows through its doors. If you think you’ve got the stamina to party until 6am, then you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be the last man standing at this, quite literally, L8 club. So come and check out the new addition this weekend…As they say ‘it’s better late than never’.

The Definitive Guide To The Best VIP London Clubs 2016

The Best VIP London Clubs 2016 – Bodo’s Schloss Review

Bodo’s Schloss is amongst the list of the capital’s best, purpose themed venues. Brought to party goers by the city’s most innovative club owners, and the creators of Mayfair’s paradise island, Mahiki, this unique club infuses a taste of the Austrian Alps in to the best VIP London clubs nightlife scene. The popular ski lodge resembling venue is located just off Kensington High Street, and is most definitely hard to miss, with its grand entrance catching the eyes of all passers by. As guests queue for entry, they are greeted by snow covered, pine trees and a wooden, chalet style entrance, setting the Alpine theme right from the very beginning of the night. Inside one of the best VIP London clubs, party goers are embraced with a warm welcome, and a pleasurable encounter with Bodo’s friendly members of staff, all dressed in lederhosen outfits to fit the part. The club instantly radiates a fun and cosy atmosphere, with a traditional, Austrian theme dominating the room’s decor. At the bar, those who fancy a tipple are served off of tree trunks that have been sophisticatedly recycled, accompanied by a classical fireplace and an essential, Austrian cuckoo clock.

Traditional, gingham patterned tablecloths further enhance the theme of the club, adding to it’s traditional, cabin log appearance, whilst setting the perfect scene for schnitzel lovers to eat until their hearts content. Adding to its title as one of the best VIP London clubs, is Bodo’s Schloss’s other Austrian, ski themed artifacts, including real ski sledges adorning the wooden walls, old Austrian signs and its extravagant tree trunk ice buckets, made from real wood. With an award winning drinks menu, Bodo’s Schloss never fails to please. After an enjoyable night of indulging in the traditional, Austrian cuisine that Bodo’s Schloss has to offer its guests, clubbers then go on to experience why Bodo’s drinks are award winning. For those who enjoy experimenting, or simply like to try something a little different, ‘Bodo’s Bobsleigh’ is a must. This mouth watering, sharing cocktail is brought to one of the best VIP London clubs’, party goers in a fascinating, sleigh shaped drink vessel, and serves up to 8 people. Another one of the clubs quirky cocktails, and one for the rum lovers, is the famous ‘Ski Boot’ sharing cocktail, which quite literally, is served in a ski boot, giving guests an extremely unique, and fun drinking experience.

For those who are looking to party hard or sit back and enjoy the good vibes from their cowhide table booths, clubbers can enjoy the music at one of the best VIP London clubs, brought to them from London’s top dj’s, who play host from inside a retro, old ski lift, every Monday to Saturday night, after the exquisite, pre party dinner, from 11pm until late. The door staff at Bodo’s Schloss are not pretentious, however, as one of the best VIP London clubs, they do expect guests to dress smart and elegantly. As the club has a very high demand, it would be silly not to get names on the guestlist before arrival to increase chances of entry, and remember that the club operates a strict, over 18’s only policy. As you can imagine, this club has got all of the ingredients that you need for a fantastic night out at one of the best VIP London clubs, from outstanding service to delicious drinks, great music and an amazing party atmosphere. What more could you need for a cool and original night out in Kensington? Why not check out what all the fuss is about for yourself?

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