Drama Park Lane – Drama Guestlist & Drama Table Bookings

Drama Park Lane - Guestlist & Drama Bookings

Drama Park Lane is one of the clubs pushing the boundaries of the London nightlife. Sensually self-indulgent, the Drama guestlist is the place to be for a high-end, entertaining night out in London. Located on Park Lane and neighbouring the Hilton Hotel, Drama Park Lane is the definition of the sophisticated club scene, making Drama guestlist and Drama table bookings useful in assuring an exciting night out. Occupying the venue in place of Whisky Mist, we are confident of the club's success.

Drama is a high end boutique nightlub located next to the Hilton Hotel Park Lane. It features a regularly-updated array of artwork on the walls and an exclusive crowd on it's guestlist.


The décor of the club alone is set to captivate its guests, with gold, banana scented wallpaper and an entire wall made up of (Japanese) Manek-Neko Cat figurines. With champagne served from neon shopping trolleys, its quirky and colourful interior is complimented by its wide-ranging music styles, from House and Techno to Rock-Chic, ensuring the enjoyment of those on the guestlist and table guests. Enhancing the experience even further is the Gold Room, a unique and personal room where you can book your table, receiving VIP treatment and intensifying the experience of your night.


Drama Park Lane has been created by the team who brought you Cirque Le Soir and Mahiki, which is a huge indication to the success and popularity of the club. With a capacity of up to 300, and being in the heart of Mayfair, Drama Park Lane is the place to be for elite partygoers. The clubbing experience offered to guestlist and table guests is truly unique, especially those looking for something slightly more bold and intrepid. Be sure to book onto a Drama table or onto the Drama guestlist to experience the “hedonistic and chaotic” club that is Drama. A night at Drama is going to be loud, impressive and of course, dramatic.

Drama Guestlist, Table Prices & Table Bookings


Drama Entry Price

Entry is a standard £20 fee. ID is required. All entry is at the discretion of the door.

Drama Table Prices

Drama tables start at £1000 for a standard table. VIP tables from £2000. Mixed groups are required for table bookings and there is a £20 entry fee for each guest.

Drama Dress Code

Smart and elegant dress code. No track suits, beachwear, shorts, flipflops, sandals. Management reserves the right to refuse entry for inappropriately dressed guests.


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Open: Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday
Closed: Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday
Drama - 35 Hertford Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 7SD | Guestlist@capitalalist.com | +44(0)2072052245



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