Bonbonniere Guestlist & Bonbonniere Table Bookings

Bonbonniere Guestlist & Bonbonniere Tables

Bonbonniere Guestlist & Bonbonniere Table Bookings


Bonbonniere Guestlist & Bonbonniere table is a new name among the elite nightclubs of London and predicted to be the center of the golden nightlife.The club is equipped with the latest technology, there are the best sound and lighting equipment. Faberge Egg interior thought out each small detail and element of decor as well as architecture creates a special fashionable nightclub atmosphere. The best club promoters along with worldwide known DJ’s and celebrities creates the musical atmosphere of the club.
Ambitious entertainment project Bonbonniere is an exclusive space that combines the best music and stylish design.  The interior is inspired by the infamous Faberge Egg which paints the perfect backdrop for a priceless, timeless, and exquisite experience, created by the famous makers of The Armani Hotels. The DJ Booth in a Faberge Egg shape located in a center and framed by mini Faberge eggs displays a unique style of that luxury place. From the first day of  work of the club founders set out a goal to keep pace with the world’s musical trends. You should feel on your own the kilowatts of sound and dance under the best HOUSE, Hip-Hop and RnB sets,played by the best DJ’s. In addition to all elegance and uniqueness of the club, you can always become a part of the theme party, which would make your night unforgettable. The main thing is that you never know what will come to organization’s mind for coming week and whether you should be weared like a witch or like the celebrity from 90th. Bonbonniere guestlist and Bonbonniere table bookings ensure a great blend of the best service, regular theme parties, luxury atmosphere, extremely sexual dancers, and worldwide popular guests and DJ’s.

What’s The Dress Code?

Like  most of the VIP members clubs in London, Bonbonniere guestlist has a really strict dress control. You should meet the high fashion standards and look neat. Female must be wearing high heels and male smart shoes. The one thing that you should be aware about Bonbonniere is that the guestlist policy allows just the best looking people inside, therefore getting past the door girl is not easy job, so make sure to be looking your best so that you can be lucky enough to get inside.

How Much is Entry Price?

Normally females do not have to pay for the entrance before 11.30pm,  however girls who did not enter before that time are required to pay 20 £ door fee. Male entrance fee is 20 £ no matter what time of the night. Its is not our rules, just a club policy,  but at least you can be sure that Bonbonniere guestlist and Bonbonniere table parties and discos fully meet the concept of a ‘cool London club life’.

What are the Drink Prices?

Bonbonniere has a wide range of delicious shots, cocktails and VIP beverages with the prices vary from 15£ up to 1000£. All depends on your personal preferences and the budget u have. However, despite your income, if you were lucky and got inside, than you should definitely try the world’s most luxurious and exquisite cocktail in a Swarovski encrusted Fabergé Egg replica, which consists of two bottles of Imperial Collection Russian vodka, Jeroboam of Armand de Brignac champagne, Luxardo maraschino cherry liqueur as well a side of beluga caviar. Moreover, this unique blend is served with a delicate diamond necklace, which makes it even more attractive and desirable.


Bonbonniere Guestlist, Table Prices & Table Bookings


Bonbonniere Entry Price

Bonboniere allow complimentary entry or £10 for ladies before midnight on the guestlist after which there is a £20 door fee.

Bonbonniere Table Prices

Beer from £6.50, wine from £42.00 for a bottle, cocktail list available inside Tables start at £1000 for a standard table. VIP tables from £2000.

Bonbonniere Dress Code

Dressy with ladies in high-heels


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Open: Friday – Saturday
Closed: Monday – Wednesday – Thursday – Sunday
Bonbonniere 201-203, Wardour Street, London, W1F 8ZD | | +44(0)2075938050


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