Not many people can honestly say that they enjoy their job. But we love our work. At Capital A List we believe in having fun and we love to party. And everyone who works with us is encouraged to do the same. We have a number of positions open within the firm which all require differing skill sets. But all demanding pre-requisites of holding a social, charasmatic and popular persona! If you believe you can fit in with the team simply apply below.

Marketing Intern

If you love marketing and you are bored to tears of the actual prospects out there in the working world then we may be able to help. Social media and web marketing are very important to us and we are always keen to innovate new ideas from our in house team. Making tea isn’t an internship. Handling live projects, making decisions, and being part of a great team is. All we ask is that you work and play hard, bring some fresh ideas into the studio and prove what it’s got to become a full time team member!

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Social Media Intern

The internet is a wonderful place. In the Capital A-list studio we embrace the internet with a passion. We believe ourselves to be one of the most competitive companies in our arena and the true battle is via the web. Most of our projects are top secret so we would rather not spill the beans, but to apply to a dynamic and fast growing team send us your application!

*Strong knowledge of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram vital

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Getting paid to party is great, especially if you are surrounded by friends. If you’re constantly the one organising nights out for you and your friends, getting everyone grouped together, sorting the meet up time, dragging them across London and handling the door staff then this is the job for you. We provide full training for our promoters (previous experience is not required but of course will be advantageous) as everyone has to start somewhere.

You can get the complete club promoters guide here

Email us at, call us on 0207 2052245 or apply below:

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