Best Champagne and Oyster Bars in London

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A few things speak luxury louder than the combination of champagne and oysters. A timeless match, these two delicacies harmonise excellently, bringing freshness and uttermost indulgence to any meal. The best champagne and oyster bars in London know how to cherish such a combination, offering only the freshest and tastiest oysters along with top-tier bottles of Champagne

Explore the ocean flavours of oysters and the bubbly feeling of champagne. Dwell in these restaurants’ intricate designs and decor, and enjoy the rest of the menu, which is just as delicious as the starters.

Bentley’s Oyster Bar and Grill

Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill is a restaurant that offers some of the freshest seafood in London. Pairing Champagne with fresh oysters for lunch is not bad, especially when you can pick from six different varieties and indulge in those refreshing sea flavours. The restaurant has been around for over 100 years, always enchanting customers with excellent service and food.

The restaurant shucks over 1,000 oysters daily, so we know they must be good. Rock and native oysters take over the entire first page of the menu, and you can order them single or by the dozen. Aside from the oysters, you need to have, as a starter, the baked scallops with garlic and butter and the spiced foie gras with Sauternes wine on a brioche bun. 

Even though Bentley’s focuses on seafood, there are also plenty of meat and game seasonal dishes.  Chefs serve Himalayan salt-aged steak with pepper, and the parmesan gnocchi comes with truffles. On the first Sunday of each month, enjoy the Beef and Oyster Club. Pay a fixed price and savour a starter, main, and dessert dish with wine pairing.

J Sheekey Atlantic Bar

Best Champagne and Oyster Bars in London

J Sheekey is a restaurant in the heart of Covent Garden that has been serving delicious seafood for over 100 years. It specialises in fish, shellfish, seasonal game, and of course, oysters. With a late-victorian charm, J Sheekey has five connecting rooms decorated with pictures of 20th-century actors. It used to be the favourite place among theatre performers, who would come over for oysters and champagne after a performance. Today, it still holds its theatrical flair and reputation among industry workers. 

The restaurant’s oyster selection is at the top of the a la carte menu. Order from a wide variety of species, like Lindisfarne, Jersey, Carlingford, Rossmore Native, or mixed oysters served with spicy boar sausage. You can get famous house combos like the six Jersey oysters with a glass of Henriot Brut or Moët Grand Vintage 2013. J Sheekey only serves the best champagne to harmonise with its fresh oyster and other seafood. 

The cobalt blue and pink façade of the restaurant is a powerful contrast of colours that expresses the flair of the place. The terrace follows the same colourful explosion, while the interior has a more serious, down-to-earth palate and decor. 

Claude Bodi Bibendum

Claude Bosi Bibendum Restaurant is housed inside the Michelin House. Here, you can find the restaurant, bar, and oyster bar, each with its particular offer and design. Mosaic flooring and tiles take over the design.  The oyster bar is on the ground floor of the house. Although it specialises in shellfish, it also serves other dishes, pleasing everyone who decides to visit. 

Outside dining options take guests to an al fresco patio in front of the building. Taste Scottish mussels and crab linguine. Indulge in fresh native lobsters and oysters paired with glasses of champagne. The sky, and ocean, are the limit. The oysters, from six different species, come with shallot vinegar. This is undoubtedly one of the best champagne and oyster bars in London, which you can prove from your first slurpy taste. 

The Claude Bosi bar is also on the ground floor, right by the oyster bar. Here you can taste cocktails and coffee all day long, trying house specials or sticking to the classics, prepared to perfection. At the restaurant, on the first floor, you can find stained glass windows that shine light over the cobalt blue velvet carpet on the floor. White walls and light grey chairs elevate the elegance and simplicity of the decor. 


Best Champagne and Oyster Bars in London

Scotts is one of the best champagne and oyster bars in London. The restaurant works with the market’s finest fish, shellfish, and seasonal game in the posh neighbourhood of Mayfair. It opens midday and is the perfect spot for a Sunday brunch blend of oysters and sparkling wine. As a matter of fact, that’s their speciality. 

The place was initially opened as an oyster warehouse in 1851 and is one of the five oldest restaurants in London. Today, Scott’s is one of London’s most luxurious and glamorous venues, hosting movie stars, politicians and famous writers. It was here that Ian Fleming discovered the dirty martini, shaken, not stirred, which later inspired his famous character James Bond’s cocktail preferences. 

Order from the rich selection of oyster species on the menu. Lindisfarne Rocks, Ostra Regal, Jersey Rocks, and Gillardeau oysters are available examples. Taste the tempura-fried oyster with ponzu aioli and pickled fennel for a unique flavour. Pair it with a glass of  Perrier-Jouët Blanc de Blancs N.V., a premium champagne that dances in your mouth. Aside from oysters, find caviar, shellfish, raw dishes, lobster, fish on the bone, and various cuts of meat. 


Seabird has one of London’s longest oyster lists. It is perfect for those wanting to taste different varieties of this luxurious food. A rooftop restaurant in Southwark, Seabird delivers unique dishes inside a glamorous environment. Mediterranean-inspired plates take over the menu, and city views complement your experience. 

Find Spanish and Portuguese influences on the dishes, and pair your fresh food with some of the most premium champagne bottles in the market. With a sea-to-table philosophy, Seabird works with the freshest seasonal ingredients possible. The oyster menu always features native seasonal options and many rocks choices. Find popular choices like Lindisfarne, Ostra Regal, Jersey No.3, and many others. The list is extensive, and you may want to try everything. 

Find an all-day menu with other delicious food options and a brunch menu that blends ocean flavours with breakfast classics. Sparking wine options include Cava Brut Nature NV from Spain, Classic Cuvée from England, and Grand Brut NV from France. The list is carefully curated to harmonise with the oysters, and you won’t be disappointed. During oyster happy hour, you get special prices on the unit, along with €7 martinis. 

The Oysterman Seafood Bar and Kitchen

Best Champagne and Oyster Bars in London

The Oysterman was the project of two friends who started hosting premium oyster bars at weddings and events. In 2016, they decided to open their restaurant, specialising in the British isles’ finest and freshest oysters and seafood. Today, their venue sits among the best champagne and oyster bars in London. 

Here you can find daily fresh oysters that are served individually, and you need to check the blackboards to see which options will be served. Aside from that, there are many different options for dressed oysters. Taste oysters marinated in pickled cucumber and green apple, jalapeño and dill, spicy buffalo sauce and kosho, and other options. These flavour blends grant you a unique taste in your mouth, something you won’t find anywhere else. 

After indulging in a mix of oysters and champagne, you can also order from the a la carte menu. Try the langoustine bisque risotto with cornish mussels, basil sauce and garlic chives. The place is fresh and bright, just like its food, with plenty of natural light coming in and shining over the dishes. A light colour palate explores exposed bricks and charcoal white walls, with wooden furniture and an exposed kitchen where the oysters are open and dressed.

St Pancras by Searcy Brasserie and Champagne Bar

Best Champagne and Oyster Bars in London

St Pancras by Searcy invites you on an aesthetic journey back to the golden era of European rail travel. Unwind in the restaurant’s velvet booths and order a glass of champagne from their expensive collection. The “press for champagne” bottom on your table allows you to order as many as you’d like. Obviously, it needs to come with some oysters for you to have a downright luxurious experience. 

Order caviar to upgrade your meal, and taste the seafood dishes from the kitchen. Taste rock oysters bathed in Mignonette sauce, lemon and tabasco. Blend their fresh flavours with the bubbles of the champagne and let the experience take you back to the late 19th century. 

The design of the place, inside a train station, follows the urban and classic decor of when rail travel was at its peak. The island bar is surrounded by booths and small tables close to it. The small, open space matches the intimate and delicate proposal of the menu. Whether you’re taking a train or just came by to taste from one of the best champagne and oyster bars in London, one thing is sure: your experience will be unique, fun, and mouth-watering.

Randall and Aubin

Randall and Aubin is an Anglo/French Brasserie specialising in seafood and champagne. Open since 1996, the restaurant is a well-known institution, hosting celebrities and food lovers who come to enjoy fresh oysters and a juicy steak. Working with seasonal products and local suppliers, the restaurant constantly innovates its menu, always serving flavourful and creative dishes. Under its glittering disco ball, you can enjoy unpretentious luxury, champagne, and over-the-top humour. 

Here, the old and the new merge to create uniqueness. 18th-century chandeliers glitter next to a disco ball, and daily specials is written on a chalkboard under the marble bar. Order from the a la carte menu, and don’t miss the shellfish platter. Succulent and fresh oysters come with Dorset crab, shrimp, clams, mussels, and whelks. With a bottle of champagne by your side, this turns into the perfect meal. 

Caviar, grilled fish, and roasted meat also decorate the menu. The french onion soup is a house favourite, and the blend of french and British food is something comfortable and edgy all at once. Dine inside a small and intimate space with a friendly and lively staff. Dwell on the presentation of dishes and melt over their flavour. 

Chiltern Firehouse

Chiltern Firehouse is a London restaurant focusing on seasonal and healthy eating. With American inspiration in the dishes, decor, and overall accent of the place, this venue makes you feel like you’ve walked into a 1950’s colonial house in the southern United States. The place’s vibe already hints towards its rich seafood selection, especially oysters. 

The old firehouse still holds the fireman’s poles and the wall tiles intact. The panelled white walls complement the Victorian environment of the place. The dining room has black and white tiles on the floors, supporting the light wood furniture and elongated black marble bar top. Burgandy-leathered booths surround round tables, and circular lightbulbs dangle from the ceiling with warm lighting.

Start your meal with 1/2 dozen oysters and a glass of Moët & Chandon. Since the fresh flavours of seasonal oysters, let them balance out with the bubbles from the champagne. The mains include house specials like the forty-eight-hour chicken with citrus marinate or the hot-smoked trout salad with fennel, spring greens, apple, and green goddess dressing. The entire menu works to promote healthy eating with fresh flavours and ingredients.

The Oyster Shed

Best Champagne and Oyster Bars in London

The Oyster Shed sits on the riverbank of the Thames. It is one of the best champagne and oyster bars in London because it blends water views with fresh seafood and high-quality bubbly wine. As a matter of fact, the restaurant won the National Pub & Bar Awards 2022 for Best Pub in the City of London. With a bright interior and spacious environment, The Oyster Shed makes you feel luxurious and free, sitting in an elegant pub-like ambience. It is the perfect place to eat while looking at the Tower of London and the Shard. 

With a British-inspired seasonal menu, The Oyster Shed delights all guests with a seafood-driven approach. The oysters come with lemon and red wine shallot vinegar, highlighting the ocean flavours inside the shells. The daily selections bring the freshest options to your table, exploring popular species like the Atlantic Edge, Whitstable, and Killough Bay oysters. The cooked oyster platter comes with Rockefeller oysters seasoned with herby butter, crispy bacon, and golden breadcrumbs.

It is an unpretentious but elegant space, with a large terrace that captures the warm weather river breeze. The turquoise-blue bar contrasts with the wooden floor and industrial ceiling. The tables are placed by floor-to-ceiling windows, where you can observe the river from its northern bank. 

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