Posh Vegan Restaurants in London

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London is a city where you can find dining opportunities for every diet. Here, vegetarians and vegans can find a home in the embrace of restaurants that understand how to prepare complex meals that meet their customers’ dietary restrictions. From beyond burgers to power vegetable bowls, vegan people can feel comfortable and well attended to. Some of the best posh vegan restaurants are located in London.  

Here, you can find some of London’s best posh vegan restaurants. Some serve an entirely plant-based menu, while others work with animal foods and are renowned for their vegan dishes.


Posh Vegan Restaurants in London

Choosing plant-based meals is the best way to save our ecosystem and the animals that co-exist with us on earth. What we eat today will impact the world tomorrow. With that in mind, Alexis Gauthier decided to elevate French cooking to a plant-based level. Gauthier is a Michelin-Starred restaurant in Soho that understands our choices’ impact on the world. 

At Gauthier, you can savor a new concept of fine dining that is light in composition and refined in taste. Developing a fresh take on French gastronomy, the head chef applies classical cooking techniques to her dishes, using no animal products. The result is the world’s primary sustainable gastronomic restaurant with an incredibly low carbon footprint. 

Order the Grand Dîner tasting menu and surf through the 8-course menu of plant-based dishes. Find a crisp butternut tatin with cardamon, miso, and white chicory. Taste a creative juniper game celeriac with pumpkin, pear, and red wine. Finish off with an apple and caramel dessert. 

Dine in a bright environment, where the white walls and white tablecloths highlight the small golden decorations and the plants on the corners of the dining room. The interior design of the restaurant reminds you of nature’s purity and harmony. It shows us how we can choose to preserve it with the food we eat.  It is one of the best posh vegan restaurants in London.


Purezza is a vegan pizza place in London. Here you can find some groundbreaking vegan cheese with the exact consistency and flavor of natural mozzarella cheese. With wholegrain sourdough, the pizzas here are thin in their core and have a thick crust, charred to perfection. Purezza started as a dream to make traditional Italian food more sustainable. They work with plant-based ingredients that mimic some of the most emblematic elements of Italian cooking, without compromising flavor and texture.

Purezza is the first vegan pizzeria in London, opened in 2015. With a menu that is 95% gluten-free, the restaurant attends to people with many different dietary restrictions. It always manages to serve plant-based foods that taste and melt precisely like the real deal. Over the years, it has won awards such as the National Pizza of the Year, Best Vegan Restaurant in the UK, and the World Pizza Championships. 

Aside from the pizza, Purezza also offers small plates that embody the best Italian food. Find ciabattas that are baked daily with fresh ingredients and gluten-free dough. Burgers, lasagna, smoked meatballs, mac & cheese, and roasted potatoes are just some of the dishes offered by the kitchen.


Posh Vegan Restaurants in London

Farmacy challenges the assumptions of modern eating. With a kitchen that supports local producers, every ingredient plays a role in the flavor and aroma of the dishes served. This means they work with organic dishes, with the vast majority of the menu being plant-based. Here, you can eat like nature intended you to— experiment dining with innovative and nutritious foods that celebrate biodynamic farming. 

Find an a la carte menu for lunch and dinner and a brunch menu for those lazy Sunday mornings. There are also cocktails, high tea, and a kid’s menu with meals lighter on the palate. Meals are prepared in-house, with 100% organic ingredients, most of which are picked from the restaurant’s farm. Taste the creamy beetroot hummus with roasted chickpeas and seasonal vegetables. As a main dish, try the pad thai salad with roasted tofu and rainbow vegetables, or maybe go for the falafel waffle, mac n cheese, or coconut curry. 

Freshen up with house cocktails like the Strawberry Field Forever, which blends sapling vodka, fresh strawberries, lemon, rose syrup, violet, and lavender bitters. Order sparkling, red, white, and orange wines, all organic. Unwind inside a bright and spacious dining room, where you can feel small elements of nature decorating the place. Let the charm of Farmacy, one of the best posh vegan restaurants in London.

Holy Carrot

Bill Granger Granger & Co Pavilion Rd Chelsea

Holy Carrot is an all-day, vegan dining spot that cherishes ethically sourced ingredients and seasonal produce. Here, everything you try tastes exactly how it’s supposed to, and all flavor combinations highlight the best part of each element on the plate. Serving gluten-free, sugar-free, plant-based dishes that celebrate nature without adding preservatives and additives. 

The menu at Holy Carrot is inspired by global gastronomic excellence. This means that the chefs in the kitchen draft inspirations from different cultures around the world. They combine techniques and aromas to create something unique, natural, and guilt-free. The main dining menu includes creative small plates. Try smoked aubergine carpaccio with black tahini sauce, pomegranate, mint, and lime aioli. Larger dishes include plant-based versions of classics like Shepard’s pie, prepared with braised black beans, black lentils, chestnut mushroom, and thyme gravy.  

A house famous is the Holy Buffalo Wings, made with crunchy Oyster mushrooms, ranch dressing, and gem heart tempeh bacon. The Sunday brunch menu is also unique. Find smoothies, coffee, tea, and dishes like apple and cinnamon pancakes, truffled scrambled tofu, or grilled heritage tomatoes. 

Also, try out the Holy Bar and its mesmerizing drinks inside a place with an interior design that blends the worlds of Salvador Dali and Neverland. 


Posh Vegan Restaurants in London

Wave is a blend of different expressions of minimalism. The philosophy can be seen in their plant-based cuisine, interior design, homeware shop, and overall lifestyle. Their specialty is brunch foods and coffee-shop classics, with a warming house touch to the menu. With cooking focused on nutritious vegan foods, Wave is the place to come to when you want to eat healthily and unwind in a welcoming place. It is one of the best posh vegan restaurants in London.

Have their all-day brunch and taste caramelized banana pancakes, avocado toasts, and toasted muffins with scrambled tofu served with kale, hollandaise sauce, and sesame seeds. Smoothie bowls and shakes complement any meal you’d have, especially if served with pastries like chocolate or almond croissants, banana muffins, and cookies. 

Relax is a spacious and bright coffee shop. Order a salted coffee, turmeric latte,  or peanut butter hot chocolate during colder days. Try the breakfast brioche, with slow-roasted sweet cherry tomatoes. They also make vegan cakes for delivery, so you can choose to celebrate any special occasion with a delicious and light vegan cake. Chalky walls surround light wooden tables and chairs and all the greenery that decorates the place. Shop for house decor and homeware made with vegan materials as well.

The Gate 

The Gate was one of the first vegetarian restaurants in London— at least one of the first to serve incredibly delicious and well-prepared foods sourced seasonally from local and sustainable farmers. The restaurant is a creation of Michael and Adrian Daniel, two brothers of Indo-Iraqi descent who wanted to explore the flavors that brightened their childhood. It has a menu that drafts inspiration from Jewish, Indian, and Arabic cuisine. The Gate soon became the go-to restaurant for vegetarians who wanted mesmerizing aromas and flavors in their food. Now it has three different locations in London. 

In the a la carte menu, you can find aubergine teriyaki, filled with soy-infused Shiitake mushrooms, wasabi marinated tofu, roasted red peppers, and served with a warm noodle salad, pickled ginger, and mango salsa. And this is only one of the options. Taste beetroot, mascarpone mousse, homemade gnocchi, avocado, mushroom ceviche, and many other creative and tasteful dishes. 

The brunch menu served on the weekends, embodies the classics of brunch foods, with most dishes prepared with all plant-based ingredients. Banana and berry pancakes, coconut yogurt, and avo toasts will decorate your breakfast table on a Saturday. 

Stem & Glory

Posh Vegan Restaurants in London

Stem & Glory shares its passion for flavor with the world by creating unique plant-based meals. Each plate at the table is a colorful work of art, all aromatic and made with fresh ingredients. With a location in London and one in Cambridge, this is a vegan restaurant with a solid claim to sustainability and health. 

Order the Asian bowl for lunch and taste courgettes, lemon and coriander carrots noodles, edamame beans, and Asian slaw topped with crispy tofu, crushed cashew, and Asian ginger dressing. Find small plates like turmeric hummus and barbecue cauliflower wings. Larger plates include a plant-based burger, “fish” tacos, and a warm and comfortable pumpkin ravioli dish. 

Stem & Glory also has a pizza menu that showcases vegan alternatives to classics like Margherita, sausage, and marinara pizzas. Order from the extensive list of wines or try classic cocktails like Bloody Marys, Cosmopolitans, and Negronis. For dessert, try the raspberry cheesecake or the avocado, chocolate, and hazelnut tart. You will be surprised how vegan alternatives to everyday ingredients are tasty. Enjoy your meal inside a calm-colored space with white tables, chairs, and walls decorated with slight nuances of greenery and blue.

222 Vegan Cuisine

222 Vegan Cuisine specializes in plant-based, nutritious and fresh foods. The chef’s attention to his customers allows you to make any special requests necessary. Here, you can taste vegan versions of classic British and international foods. This is one of the best posh vegan restaurants in London with an extensive menu and a small and well-curated wine list. 

Try cauliflower and polenta bakes as a starter, served with pistachio and a fresh olive tapenade. For your main dish, order the Egusi, a traditional African dish made from pumpkin and melon seeds, served with a house salad and a choice of organic brown rice or oven-baked chips. Another popular option is the oyster mushroom and spinach raclette. It comes with spinach and tofu cottage cheese on a roasted potato, all topped with a creamy, vegan sauce. 

Dine under the care of Ben Asamani, the head chef, and experience his plant-based blend of flavors and traditions. For dessert, go for maple-roasted pineapples with vanilla ice cream, or maybe the banana cake with a shot of espresso. Order smoothies and milkshakes to harmonize with the food and organic wines to complete the meal.


Posh Vegan Restaurants in London

When all vegan restaurants were only serving brownish and stale foods, Mildreds came along to offer vegans and vegetarians dishes that were highly flavorful, with colors that decorated the plate and place. The first Mildreds opened in Soho in 1988, serving plant-based, colorful, and tasteful foods. Over the years, it has spread through London, with six locations around the city. 

The all-day lunch and dinner menu serves internationally inspired foods. Everything is crafted with the special attention and care of the kitchen staff. Try small plates like the roman artichoke panelle, a Sicilian herb chickpea fritter with roast pepper pine nut cream. The spinach gyoza comes with a delicious bright daikon pickle and an orange lime ponzu. You can order shitake tempeh or plant-based chicken kebabs for the larger dishes. The Kiri Hodi is a house favorite, made with a Sri Lankan coconut curry leaf sauce, kadhai masala sweet potatoes, green bean sabzi, carrot achar, cashew coconut, pea basmati, and mint chutney.

Aside from the lunch menu, you can also order from the weekday or weekend brunch menus. Try blueberry coconut porridge, banana pancakes, and vegan scrambled eggs, aside from various other options.  

Unity Diner 

Unity Diner is a vegan diner and cocktail bar serving some of the best plant-based burgers in London.  The restaurant aims to show people they don’t need meat or dairy to have a posh dining experience. By serving vegan dishes that are delicious and creative, the menu has managed to make a name as one of the most famous posh vegan restaurants in London. Here, diners can sense the power of vegan food, not only in aspects of flavor but also noticing its impact on the world.

With a bright and spacious atmosphere and a friendly staff, Unity Diner manages to please all of those who choose to dine under the care of its kitchen. The restaurant is a non-profit, where all the money goes towards animal rights works. Everything is sustainable, from biodegradable coffee cups to plastic-free materials. 

On the menu, find crab cakes, prawn tempura, calamari rings, drumsticks, and fried corn. Taste lobster roll and pork steak, and don’t miss out on the house beyond burger, with tomato chutney, gouda cheese, and aioli. Have ice cream waffles for dessert, or try the jammy doughnut smothered in chocolate, raspberry sauce, whipped cream, and cookie crumbles and topped with ice cream. 

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